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Notes from Newt on Earning GOP Nomination

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Over the past week, I’ve been receiving lots of hate mail from fellow Newt supporters about my comments on CNN that if Newt doesn’t win more than two contests, he needs to consider dropping out. Staff are jumping ship like fleas running from repellent applied to a dog. Newt’s campaign CFO Roberto Coquis left the campaign recently. Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, whose family has donated $16 million to Newt’s PAC, said he thought “Newt had come to the end of the line.”

As a pledged delegate for Gingrich in Washington, DC, who cast my vote early for him, I’m not happy Newt hasn’t been winning and that’s a fact. I still maintain Newt is the best person to take the fight to Obama. As Speaker, he brought Republicans back into the majority rule in Congress after 40 years of the isolation in political Siberia. Newt worked with President Bill Clinton to balance the budget, bring unemployment down to 4% and reformed welfare. His Contract with America, “Promises made. Promises kept” isn’t like the failure of Obama’s Hope & Change, Promises made. Promises broken.

But we need to ask why Newt isn’t winning races? It can’t be just because Romney is running a negative campaign. If Newt had more money, he too could run negative ads against Romney like he did in South Carolina when his campaign had money. Newt also failed to get on Virginia’s primary ballot. Whose fault was that, Romney’s? The truth is when one runs for POTUS one must have an organized operation which in turn helps a candidate raise money so the candidate can advertise against his or her opponents. That’s why Obama raised $700 million in 2008, won the Democrat nomination and won the presidency!

Here’s what some people told me:

Marsha:  I saw your comment about Newt Gingrich on CNN…
YOU are an EMBARRASSMENT to our party, AND to Newt! I cannot believe you are Newt’s DELEGATE! I truly wonder if you aren’t part of the Illinois/Chicago regime making us the #1 state for corruption! I’m SOOO disgusted with YOU!

Crystal: You need to be SOOOO Disgusted with Newt. Sorry you feel that way. Instead bashing me and his staff who are leaving him in droves. You should direct your anger at Newt, fish rots from the head down+I’m tired of his BS. He needs to act the candidate we all believe in a winner not a loser. Winners win and don’t make excuses why they aren’t.

Mata: Can’t polive you change your position from supporting Newt , you tretor, make sure that all that support Newt know about you i well tell as many people as i can.

Crystal: “Sorry you feel that way. I feel like Newt is traitor to his DELEGATES+SUPPORTERS who stick their necks out for him+then he runs haphazard, SLOPPY campaign. Your hatred should be directed at him.”

Mata: Go to hell

The main way the nomination process works is candidates compete in primaries or caucuses to win delegates toward the magic number of 1,144. Logic tells us a candidate needs to win races to rack up delegates. This isn’t rocket science but basic math. That said there are other paths to the nomination like a brokered convention. Newt’s new strategy is making himself a “big choice convention” candidate where he will win the nomination in a brokered convention, assuming Romney arrives without the necessary 1,144 delegates.

In a brokered convention, all the pledged delegates are released and can cast their votes for a different candidate but according to RNC rules, a candidate must arrive at the convention with at plurality of delegates won across a minimum of five states, which Newt has yet to do. Yet, Newt insists he will be the GOP’s Harding of 2012.

Anything’s possible and nowhere in the rules of  running for president does it say candidates must drop out of the competition. Rather than hating me because I point out Newt’s flaw as is lack of  organization, Newties need to demand Newt man up and become the candidate we thought he was. With the lack of more wins under his belt, I’m having a difficult time understanding how Newt thinks he can woo delegates with conviction to vote for him in Tampa. If he can’t achieve the basics of getting on ballots and winning, how can we trust him with being POTUS? Organization is more than 50% of the job.

If Newt is indeed the most qualified conservative in the race, why has Santorum and Romney won more contests than Newt? Of late, Newt declared Romney needs “to earn the nomination.” Sounds like Newt needs to do some earning of his own and less talking about winning the nomination.

The time is now for Newt to either rise up or stand down. Republicans need to identify a candidate soon to take on President Obama. Otherwise we’re squandering precious dollars needed to defeat the billion dollar man in November.  Obama is the problem and this is the GOP’s race to lose.

Is Money Mitt’s Ticket to Ride?

Monday, February 6th, 2012

If Romney was left to run only on his conservative credentials, voters would probably begin to see him as the emperor in The Emperor’s New Clothes, someone in desperate need of a personality and an authentic conservative mantle. In states where Mitt Romney doesn’t spend lots of money, he loses.

Santorum’s triple-header win of Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado last night was not only a “stunner” but proof positive conservatives are rejecting Romney as their “front runner.” While none of the contests awarded delegates, Santorum’s victories cast huge doubts again on whether Romney is the inevitable Republican nominee. In big states like Florida, money and organization are Romney’s assets because he has been unable to win over the majority of Republicans with his fluctuating record.

Santorum with four wins under his belt has vowed to press on as has Newt, who is banking on adding to his South Carolina win by picking up more southern states. It looks like Romney will have go after the two men with both barrels of cash loaded. Let’s hope his money last longer than his conservatism.

Romney and his Romney PACs bought his Florida win by spending $15.6 million in TV ads compared to the paltry $3.3 million Newt and pro-Newt PACs spent. This left Newt unable to defend himself against Romney’s avalanche of negative ads. (That said Newt is falling woefully short on organization and money. Failing to make it on Virginia’s primary ballot, Newt complained Virginia’s 1970 ballot access law was too onerous. He also said he would challenge Florida’s winner take all primary results. When you’re running for president, excuses are unacceptable.)

Romney’s spending in Florida replicated the same tactics he used in Iowa just on a bigger scale. This begs the question: is Romney trying to buy the GOP nomination because he can’t convince voters he can be trusted as a conservative?

Romney’s policies resemble Obama’s.  His 59 page economic plan would cut taxes for the middle class, families earning less than $200,000. In a recent interview Romney unplugged said:

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90%, 95% of Americans who right now are struggling and I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”

He then added: “You can choose where to focus. You can focus on the rich. That’s not my focus. You can focus on the very poor. That’s not focus. My focus is on middle income Americans . . .We have a very ample safety net. . .we have food stamps, we have Medicaid , we have housing vouchers, we have programs to help the poor.”

Compare this to Newt’s tax plan which would move all earners toward a flatter tax like the 15% Romney enjoys and Newt’s pledge to move people off of food stamps and into jobs.  Then ask yourself  of the two who sounds more conservative?

Aside from Romney’s economic plan,  the real reason Romney has to buy the GOP nomination is Romneycare, the Massachusetts healthcare mandate he signed into law, which he insists isn’t Obamacare. As Santorum said in a lengthy exchange with Romney during a Florida debate, “Romneycare is Obamacare.” Imagine Romney as the GOP nominee in debates with Obama, defending Romneycare in one breath then saying he wants to repeal Obamacare in the next. Tough sell!

Someone tweeted at me recently if our political reality were different and we had a Republican in the White House today instead of President Obama, we would probably see Mitt Romney on a stage debating Hillary Clinton in a race for the Democrat nomination. We know where Obama and the other Republican candidates stand on the issues but not Romney.

With a record like Romney’s, constantly seesawing from left to right, one understands why Romney is stuck in the middle of Santorum and Gingrich and why money may be his ticket to ride into the GOP nomination. It’s hard for voters to trust someone like Romney whose positions are like a box of chocolates– you just don’t know what you’re going to get. In a general election  this will matter, especially in wooing independent voters.

Newt Wins South Carolina & Romney Doesn’t Make History

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

A little over a week ago,  Karl Rove advised Republicans to wrap their support around Mitt Romney because it was pretty much a done deal Romney would grab the GOP presidential nomination.  “In an open race for the GOP nomination, no Republican has won both Iowa and New Hampshire, as Mitt Romney has,” wrote Rove. He went on to say South Carolina would be the last dance/chance for  several candidates like Newt Gingrich.

Rove also haughtily noted “a small membership committee does not govern the process. No group of power brokers can pressure others into uniting behind one candidate. Millions of primary voters and caucus-goers will select the GOP’s nominee.”   Well a truer word was never said. Despite all the liberal media’s wishful thinking and the likes of Rove and rest of the Republican establishment, South Carolina voters spoke and voted overwhelmingly for Newt Gingrich 40% compared to 27% for Romney. This was a landslide victory for Gingrich.

What a reversal of fortune this past week was for Romney. Rick Santorum was declared the winner of Iowa after a recount revealed he won more votes than Romney. Romney won New Hampshire. Then Newt took South Carolina. Three primaries so far with three different winners and Mitt Romney didn’t make history.

I’ve said repeatedly that conservative voters would decide who their GOP presidential nominee would be rather than abdicating the decision to  Republican establishment. Newt won South Carolina because voters aren’t stupid and debates matter. From the start Newt was a deft debater. Before his PAC received an infusion of cash from Sheldon Adelson, Newt dominated debates with brains and bold ideas to defend America at home and abroad.

There was never a question where Newt stood on the issues then Newt’s PAC Winning the Future got more money to combat Romney’s negative ads against him in Iowa and the game changed. Suddenly, what was good for Newt wasn’t good for Romney. Newt’s PAC ran a negative ad on Romney’s tenure at Bain and voters started questioning plastic Romney’s electability with more intensity.

Apart from these negative ads, it was Newt’s performance in the last two debates that sealed the deal for him with South Carolina voters. In an exchange with Ron Paul during the Fox News debate Monday, Newt showed he wouldn’t flinch over foreign policy issues. Newt disagreed with Paul that our enemies like Osama bin laden should be treated like a Chinese dissident and given shelter, adding bin laden was a terrorist and enemy combatant and should be treated as such and killing him was a good thing.

Newt also tore into Fox News Juan Williams, who as the only black moderator that night tried to play the race card, asked if Newt felt it was insulting to black Americans when he said blacks should demand jobs not food stamps and poor kids should perform janitorial jobs in their schools. Newt said  if poor kids worked in their schools, “they would be getting money, which is a good thing if you’re poor.”

Williams followed up with another racially charged question designed to make Newt look anti-black and asked Newt if he thought it was “belittling” to refer to our first black president as “the food stamp president.” Williams implied because Obama’s black he should be held to a gentler standard than white presidents and it’s somehow inappropriate to reference Obama and food stamps in the same sentence perhaps because more blacks per capita are on food stamps compared to the white population. Newt fiercely responded to rousing applause that he wasn’t going to play the politically correct game and said “the fact is more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in history.”

Then there was CNN’s John King, who opened last Thursday’s debate with more Newt bashing. (Do you see a theme here?) King asked Newt if he wanted to address an ABC News tabloid interview with his ex-wife Marianne in which she alleged Newt asked for an open marriage. Newt paused, smiled, stared at King and said “No but I will,” to thunderous applause. “I am appalled you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that,” he continued to which the crowd applauded more and gave him a standing ovation.

As Newt pointed out, for CNN to ask that question two days before the South Carolina primary was “despicable,” and appeared to be done to with the intent to tank Gingrich’s chances in South Carolina. But it didn’t work! Despite all the efforts made by the mainstream liberal media and the Republican establishment to prop up Mitt Romney, Gingrich is resonating with conservative voters of all types because his convictions on the issues shine through.

While the GOP party lords believe Romney is the safe bet, many conservatives don’t see him as the winning bet. During the last two debates he’s stammered and fumbled on releasing his taxes and defending his record at Bain Capital. Romney is looking and sounding less and less presidential and electable.

In winning South Carolina, Newt demonstrated he could appeal to women, men and the states broad voter base of social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, Tea Party supporters, and moderates. Exit polls also found South Carolina voters believed Gingrich was more electable than Romney. One thing is for certain, Newt changed the game and the people will decide who their nominee will be not a small club.

Gingrich/Cain 2012: GOP Dream Team

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

What about a Gingrich/Cain Republican presidential ticket for 2012? Lost in the news media’s obsessive and excessive analysis of the Perry/Romney feud and their poor performances during Fox News Channel’s GOP presidential debate was who the real winner was. Without question I think the one candidate who shined in his ability to communicate and offer solutions any American was Newt Gingrich. Gingrich’s performance in credibility and capability was nearly matched by Herman Cain, which got me thinking during the debate of a Gingrich/Cain ticket for president.

Admittedly, I was caught up in the rapture of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s candidacy from the start. But Perry’s disappointing performances, sophomoric responses and weak immigration policy, granting in state tuition to illegal immigrants in Texas among other things, has changed the landscape of the GOP race.

Many of you are thinking that’s a long shot but with Cain’s 37% win in Florida’s straw poll, I’m convinced they both are dark horses in the race. (Yes, I realize Herman Cain is black but I’m still calling him a dark horse, so get over your political correctness.)

In past debates, Newt proved he’s a deft communicator that doesn’t need a teleprompter (like Obama) to talk. During this week’s Florida tour de force, Newt didn’t disappoint either, proving as one person in my Twitter stream described that he “could mop up the floor in a debate with Obama” and he’s not afraid to lead. Gingrich articulates clearly how he would govern as president of the United States.

One of Newt’s best moments was when he answered how he would turn around the US economy. “Thirty-two years ago we were in the same place . . . A leader came along. He said when your brother in law is unemployed it’s a recession, when you’re unemployed it’s a depression. When Jimmy Carter is unemployed it’s a recovery. Nothing will turn America around more then election night when Barack Obama loses decisively!”

But one liners aside, Newt offered sound positions on nearly every issue from foreign policy to education. When faced with the question about extending costly unemployment benefits, Newt was wise in stating “people should not get money for doing nothing” and if Americans receive 99 weeks of unemployment training they should be required to participate in a jobs training program or some type of work for this money.

On dealing with the nation’s debt, Newt pointed to his experience as Speaker of the House in the 1990s when under his leadership the federal budget had a surplus. With respect to illegal immigration, Newt said we should have 100% control of our borders, mandate English as the official language and have a reliable E-verify program.

As president, Newt said he would end giving US aid to enemy states like Pakistan who shielded Bin Laden from the US for years before his capture and are a nuclear nation, declaring: “Our bureaucrats giving their bureaucrats money is a guaranteed step towards corruption . . . When you have countries vote against you in the United Nations consistently, you rally have to ask yourself why are you giving them anything.”

Regarding education reform, Gingrich agreed with most of the candidates the Education Department’s power needs to be radically reduced, even eliminated and proposed parents be able to receive Pell Grants at state level to choose where their kids go to school!

Based on what I’ve seen, Newt is looking like one of the most qualified candidate to be the GOP presidential nominee with Herman Cain coming in as a close second. Cain continues to put forth winning ideas for job creation, reducing the country’s debt and pulling the economy out of the toilet. Cain again talked about his-9-9-9 tax policy plan in the debate which proposes a 9% business flat tax, a 9% personal income tax and a 9% national sales tax. It would eliminate corporate, personal income, estate and capital gains taxes. “Unlike Governor Romney’s plan, my plan throws out the old one; he’s still hooked to the current tax code. That dog won’t hunt,” said Cain.

A defiant, plain spoken, passionate Cain also reminded Americans that Social Security was indeed broken and privatizing it with personal retirement accounts like Chile has done successfully over the past 30 years is a good solution. When asked which government agency he would eliminate, Cain said he would eliminate the “out of control” Environmental Protection Agency because “it has a regulation to regulate dust,” which becomes effective in January of 2012.

Besides out performing everyone else during the debate, Newt and Herman exuded the most passion for the job of President of the United States and offered sound solutions for pulling this country out of its economic malaise. Another tell tale sign, that a Gingrich/Cain ticket may be more than wishful thinking, is when the nine candidates were asked who they would pick as a running mate the majority voted for Gingrich or Cain. Governor Rick Perry couldn’t decide between the two “If you could take Herman Cain and mate him up with Newt Gingrich, I think you would have a couple of really interesting guys to work with.”

In the hypothetical game of naming a vice-presidential candidate, Cain said he “would play the game” and picked Speaker Gingrich. Gingrich coyly answered he “had no idea who he would pick as a vice- presidential nominee.” I think he’s got a good idea now. We’ll see what happens but in a GOP field of dreams Gingrich for President and Cain for VP look like a winning ticket.