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NY+NV: Obama’s Recipe for Losing in 2012

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

How many times must the American people prove to Obama they are fed up with his policies before he will get it? By voting Republicans into Congressional offices in two special elections this past Tuesday, Americans gave the president another punch in the gut. Bob Turner won the New York 9th District race, Anthony Weiner’s former seat and a heavily Jewish district. Obama won this district by double digits in 2008 but Jews showed him Tuesday they were not happy with his weak Israeli policies, notably Obama’s demand Israel revert back to its 1967 borders with the Palestinians. Former NYC mayor Ed Koch supported Turner and said Obama “threw Israel under the bus”.

What’s laughable is Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to proclaim with a straight face that “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats.” As Townhall’s Guy Benson , who did some astute reporting on the race noted, “New York’s Ninth Congressional District has been a very difficult district for Democrats to lose,” they’ve won the seat since in every election since 1923.

It also should be duly noted that Brooklyn Young Republicans under the leadership of President Russell Gallo and Vice-President Eugene Pevzner were instrumental in helping Turner win. They along with support from Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton led an aggressive “boots on the ground” effort in Brooklyn, reaching out to the Jewish community, registered Democrats, and inactive Republican voters. The GOP clearly used an ethnic outreach model to win this seat so Republicans need to stop shying away from targeting ethnic minority voters (which include blacks).

If the NY win wasn’t ominous enough for Obama and his cohorts, Mark Amodei’s victory in Nevada put the icing on the Democrat double whammy cake. While Amodei’s win may not be getting the media attention of Turner’s, it’s quite a big deal because Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District is one of the most critical swing counties in the nation. Washoe County is a good predictor on how the rest of Nevada will vote and Nevada has voted for every winner of presidential races except one since 1912.

But before Republicans took these victories, Obama was given numerous warning signs to change political course yet, he refused. Prior to Democrats getting their shellacking in last year’s mid-term Congressional elections, Bob McDonnell won the Virginia gubernatorial race, Chris Christie captured New Jersey’s gubernatorial race and Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s long held seat.

Americans voting Republicans back into power is a clear and direct repudiation of Obama’s reckless high unemployment, spending, taxing and debt agenda. Despite these major losses, President Obama refuses to focus on what the American people want: jobs, reducing the country’s $14 trillion debt and spending.

While Republicans called for budget cuts to fund the government’s 2011 budget, Obama insisted on tax increases on higher earners, those so called rich, individuals who make over $200,000 and couples who earn over $250,000. During the debt ceiling debate this summer, Obama again insisted on raising taxes on higher earners and refused to deal with entitlement reform then brazenly blamed the impasse on Republicans.

Apparently, the third time is the charm for our president. In September, Obama served up more of the same in his jobs bill, demanding Republicans “pass this bill now,” give him another $447 billion stimulus paid for by you guess it, MORE TAXES on the RICH. The top 5% of higher earners already pay their fair share in taxes to the tune of 50% of all taxes paid in this country. Obama’s Robin Hood jobs plan would eliminate mortgage interest deductions and other itemized deductions for the “rich,” raising their tax rate to 42% .

Taxing one group of Americans, many of whom are small business owners who create jobs, is a formula for killing jobs not creating them. Not to mention the fact that this is anathema to achieving the American dream. If you work hard, you should be able to keep more of your money not work to become a slave of the federal government. Not only are Republicans tired of this tax tune but more importantly the American people are also tuning it out. Obama’s approval ratings dropped to a new low of 42%, not to mention the fact that no president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has won re-election when unemployment is above 7%.

I think I hear Republicans singing “We’ve only just begun. . . to win.” Obama has pissed off Blacks by not addressing the black 16% jobless rate, almost double the national average. Now he’s pissed off the Jews. This is a recipe for how to lose in NY and in 2012.

Obama wanted what is arguably the most difficult job in the world and he got it. But the question remains when will Obama take responsibility for the colossal failure his presidency of hope and change has become and do something other than blame everyone from Bush, Republicans, the Tea Party, natural disasters and the kitchen sink for his shortcomings.

Weiner Undone and Politically Skewered by Dems

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Little Weiner finally decided to resign from office. When you are a Congressman and your name because publicly associated with a porn actress, photos of your erect penis and six different women, none of whom are your wife, you should probably resign. After three weeks of dragging his party and wife in the mud with his unseemly behavior of sexting and lies, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigned Thursday.

He apologized for the “embarrassment” he caused his constituents and wife. This should have been his script three weeks ago. The moment the photo of his underwear clad crotch, featuring his erect penis was exposed by the news media, Weiner should have come clean he emailed the photo over his twitter account. Then he wouldn’t be resigning in such a disgraced fashion– first having denied the charges, then admitting to them and haughtily refusing to leave office.

Instead he accused Andrew Brietbart, editor of of hacking his twitter account and sending the lewd photo. Brietbart first reported May 28th that Weiner sent the photo to a Seattle college student Weiner followed on Twitter.

But when Weiner said he couldn’t be sure with “certitude” the photo sent via his Twitter account wasn’t a picture of his “junk,” everyone knew he was lying. The problem with lying to the news media as an elected official is the press always finds out. One only need look back in time for examples (former South Carolina Governor Sanford’s lie about hiking and Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman”). Despite holding a tearful press conference, June 6th, admitting he was a mendacious, pervert, Weiner refused to resign.

As Weiner retreated from the public eye to seek “counsel” more embarrassing photos of Weiner erupted onto the scene and other women admitted receiving sexual photos. Weiner’s three weeks of shame not only knocked Democrats off their Mediscare tirade but read like a cheap romance novel.

Weiner’s behavior certainly wasn’t befitting of a member of Congress but if he was pressured to resign by President Obama, the most powerful Democrat, along with House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, why wasn’t Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) forced to resign over his scandal?

For 18 months Rangel was allowed to remain chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, which writes tax law while he was being investigated for tax evasion and other unseemly ethics violations. No Democrat or Obama for that matter called for Rangel’s resignation, even after he was censured by the House and found guilty of 11 ethics violations.

If resignation was good enough for Weiner, it should have been good enough for Rangel. Democrats made an example of Weiner because his story was sucking the air out their political agenda. It seems Democrats ethical standards change depending upon what direction the political winds are blowing. I guess Charlie was just lucky.