Republican convention sure to be full of drama

First published July 11, 2016 in the Toronto Sun News

What will happen at the Republican Party’s nomination convention in Cleveland is anyone’s guess.

One burning question is will presumptive nominee Donald J. Trump select from a shrinking slate of candidates to become his running mate. More people — including Senators Joni Ernst and Bob Corker — have bowed out of consideration than shown interest.

Winning the GOP nomination with 14 million votes, more than any Republican presidential candidate in history, Trump knocked out more than a dozen contenders.

But many country club elite Republicans refuse to accept Trump as the party’s democratically-chosen nominee. They’re planning a coup to unseat the Donald at next week’s convention.

At this stage in the presidential election cycle, nominees usually head to their respective conventions for the pomp and circumstance of their party’s official anointment. In recent memory, this has meant no drama.

But Cleveland may turn into one big reality TV show with more plot twists and turns than anyone could imagine.

Sen. Ted Cruz, one of Trump’s most bitter rivals, agreed to put down his sword and speak at the convention after a private meeting with Trump.

“Sen. Cruz and Donald Trump had a good meeting … There was no discussion of any endorsement,” Cruz’s spokesman Catherine Frazier said in a written statement.

It’s no wonder — during the nomination battle, the two got down and dirty with one another. Trump dubbed Cruz “Lyin Ted,” implied his father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and said Cruz’s wife wasn’t as pretty as his spouse, Melania.

Cruz called Trump a “serial philanderer,” “pathological liar” and “narcissist” — among other unsavoury names. What Cruz say will at the convention will have everyone on the edge of their sits, including, I’m sure, Trump.

Cruz may be playing yet another wild card. He could announce he’s running or endorse a dark horse candidate brought to the floor at the last minute. The Republican National Committee’s convention rules allow a candidate who has won at least eight states or territories to be put on the nomination’s first ballot. Cruz won 10 contests.

Some Republicans are pushing for an open convention to hijack the nomination from Trump. A dump Trump group, Delegates Unbound, is lobbying delegates to revolt. They launched a television ad, “TrumpWreck,” encouraging Republican Party delegates to “Choose your values, follow your conscience.”

This effort to undo the will of the people, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, would require the Convention Rules Committee to vote to unbind the delegates, allowing them to vote for any candidate they wish. Bound delegates are required to vote for the candidate who won their state primary or caucus.

All this drama heading into the convention doesn’t include the unscripted nature of Trump. In an election cycle that has been anything but predictable, fireworks are sure to fly in Cleveland — and right up to November’s election.

What Is Wrong With Black America?

I’m not for any life being lost to wrongful murder: cop, black, white, brown, etc. But blacks must STOP IGNORING AND EXCUSING THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

The black race has a pathological problem with homicides and violent crime. Not my opinion, but according to facts which I write about at length in my book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division.

Hip-hop singers like Jay Z, Snoop Dog, music mogul Russell Simmons and yes, Beyoncé too need to shut up and sit down. They expressed their outrage over the shooting deaths of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana, and talk about black lives matter all the while getting filthy rich selling songs with lyrics like “fuck the police, nigger, bitches, hoes, screwing, etc.” Seriously? Seriously?

Here’s the cold hard truth on blacks, and I refuse to call them my people because they aren’t. This black thuggish, underclass is killing and being killed by each other. Let’s cut the pretending. Hard working and or educated black people know very well why they live in the suburbs or nice neighborhoods away from “our people.”

Because you’re afraid and don’t want your kids exposed to that violence and lifestyle of fatherless households. If the hood is so great, why don’t more hardworking, law-abiding blacks live and raise their black families there? Because your black lives matter.

Blacks represent 13% of nation’s population and here’s our claim to fame.

According to the Justice Department, between 1980 and 2008, over a 30-year period, black people committed 52% of homicides.

In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31%.

All this emanates from 72% of black babies today born out of wedlock. More black babies are born to fatherless households then to married ones. This leads to the glorious welfare momma syndrome, which Democrats love perpetuating. Black young women, who don’t work, keep having illegitimate babies and are rewarded with government money to live in cesspools of gang and drug and gun-infested public housing. I devote an entire chapter in my book to the breakdown of the black family and how Democrats reward this bad behavior by protecting this pathology by opposing REAL welfare reform.

And don’t tell me it’s because of racist economic oppression. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t die for blacks to have all this FREEDOM, affirmative actions, set-aside programs implemented by Richard Nixon for federal and state contracts, school desegregation and minority small business loans. And God knows what else for blacks to keep whining. Is racism still alive and well? Hell, yes but you work hard, take advantage of opportunities and excel. Blacks haven’t done that. Affirmative action has made us dumber. Blacks still don’t graduate college at the rate of whites.

As my parents have often lamented, before 1964 in many ways blacks were better off. They only had a 23% out of wedlock birth rate and they weren’t nearly as violent or broken down economically as a race. Blacks owned businesses then and they had more pride.

If black lives truly matter to blacks, then we need to teach and advocate for some huge reforms that start with personal black responsibility. No one can fix our black problems. The deaths of the men in Louisiana and Minnesota were sad and awful as were the deaths of five white Dallas cops who were trying to protect and serve. Cops aren’t hunting down black men like savages. Sorry, it’s just not happening.

According to Washington Post investigative data, in 2015 of the 990 people shot dead by police, nearly 500 were white and 258 were black. Any life taken by gun violence is a tragedy. In a nation with over 300 million people, this is hardly an epidemic.

Blacks are hunting and killing each other like savages with guns. But Blacks are also destroying their race with other pathologies. Police couldn’t do anymore damage to blacks than we do to ourselves on a daily basis. Then we have the nerve to ask whites, Democrats, the government–anyone but blacks ourselves to clean up our mess.

I’ve had Enough! Enough!

Racist Armed Black Man Kills White Cops

I guess the Black Lives Matter mob is happy now. Micah Johnson, a 25 year-old armed black man said that he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” and he did. Positioned atop a garage in downtown Dallas, Texas, Johnson stalked and shot police officers, who were like sitting ducks, killing five and injuring seven more.

Roughly 100 police officers were assigned to protect people at Black Lives Matter  protest over the recent police shooting deaths of black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. The event attracted about 800 people.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown explained in a press conference said Johnson “triangulated the officers” in an “ambush-style” shooting to maximize the number of casualties.

Is anyone really surprised by this violence and tragic outcome? Over the last four years, from Michael Brown and Freddie Gray to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the liberal media — bolstered by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama — have cherry-picked young black men killed by police officers and lionized them. Before all facts are in or charges are filed, the headlines read Black man killed by white police officer or Unarmed black teen killed by police.

Where are the headlines: White Police officers killed by armed black men? Suspiciously absent from the headlines about stories on the Dallas officers is RACE. Yet, the Dallas police chief said race was the motivation for the killing.  The liberal mainstream media and Democrat politicians ignore race when whites are killed by armed blacks to perpetuate a false, comforting narrative to blacks.

Appearing on CNN panel discussion about the Dallas shootings, Democrat black commentator Angela Rye yelled that “rogue cops shoot blacks for sport.”

Rye like the liberal media and Obama forgot that in 2015 more whites were killed by police officers than blacks. According to Washington Post investigative data of the 990 people shot dead by police in 2015, nearly 500 were white and 258 were black. Any life lost to gun violence is a tragedy.

In a nation with over 300 million people, this is hardly an epidemic.

It is the stuff black lies are made of.

Obama lamented the recent shootings of Sterling in Louisiana and Castile in Minnesota:

“All of us Americans should be troubled by these shootings. These are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

Both shootings trouble me; however, they are not the norm. White police officers or cops generally aren’t the ones killing black men indiscriminately. Black men are killing and being killed by each other at an alarming rate that’s been going on for decades! I write at length about it in my book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division.

Blacks represent 13% of the population but according to the Department of Justice over a 30 year period from 1980-2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides.

Over the July 4th weekend, yet another shooting spree occurred in in predominately black Chicago and it wasn’t cops or whites doing the killing. Over 60 people were shot and the victims, like the shooters, were largely black. The same thing happened over the Memorial Day weekend. This killing rampage isn’t new. It’s been a common occurrence over the course of Obama’s entire presidency.

He’s from Chicago and he’s never given a press conference about it. Before Obama was elected president, I’m sure when he walked around poor inner-city neighborhoods at night in Chicago that it was NOT white men he was afraid.

After vilifying police for his entire presidency, Obama called the Dallas shootings “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” But Obama’s cop hating/pro-black rhetoric over the past seven years that has gave rise to these shooters to commit this “vicious” act. According to data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund, killings of police officers have increased 44% over last year.

It is too late for Obama to try to walk back the damage he’s done. The blood of 5 police officers, as well as the dead black men, is on his hands.

When I explained what had happened overnight to some older family members, they told me:

“Well I guess black people are sick and tired of white police officers just killing blacks for no reason,” one said.

“It’s certainly not right and I don’t condone it but you can understand why they did it,” another added.

No, I don’t understand “it.”  If law enforcement truly wanted to “kill as many black people as they could, cops nationwide would just spray bullets into inner cities. Blacks are doing a very good job of killing each in cities nationwide and don’t need any help from the police.  Are there corrupt, racist police officers in America? Yes. Are there racist thugs who hate and kill police officers? Yes.

If you don’t think cops protect and serve, let’s call for a 24-hour police retreat from America’s cities.  Then see how much your black life matters. Watch the black body count rise even higher. The perpetrators won’t be white.

Trump Sounds Presidential in Explosive Speech on Hillary’s Fitness for Office

Giving his most disciplined speech to date, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump assailed his Democrat challenger Hillary Clinton as unfit for the presidency. Trump offered substantive examples – from the economy to foreign policy – about how he would lead the country, in contrast to Clinton’s 32-year record of service to date.

“Hillary may be the most corrupt person to seek the presidency of the United States,” Trump declared in his 40-minute character assassination.

Leaving no stone of her political past unturned, Trump backed up his thesis with a litany of blistering, incontrovertible facts. Painting her as politician consumed with amassing power and wealth, Trump laid out example after sordid example of Hillary’s career of self-aggrandizement.

Her deletion of government emails while Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepting $25 million from Arab nations like Saudi Arabia — that abuse women and kill gays – were among the many facts cited by Trump.

As her challenger to the Democrat nomination, Bernie Sanders often accused her: Trump noted that Wall Street owns Hillary. Over the past two years, she received $21.6 million from Wall Street banks and other special interest groups for speeches “which she does not want to reveal to the public.”

“Together, she and Bill made $153 million giving speeches to lobbyists, CEOs, and foreign governments in the years since 2001.”

By supporting globalization and bad trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership and NATFA that take jobs from the US, Trump said Hillary gets rich “making you poor.” He promised to bring jobs by to America and the middle class by negotiating better trade deals and cutting America’s corporate tax, the highest in the world.

On foreign policy, Trump accused Hillary of being more wrong than right and unleashing ISIS into the world by promulgating President Barack Obama’s failed policies. From the disaster in Benghazi to the destabilization in the Middle East and civil war in Syrian while Clinton was Secretary of State, “Hillary Clinton’s tryout for the presidency has produced one deadly foreign policy disaster after another,” declared Trump.

On the home front, Trump threw dynamite into Hillary’s identity politics of lies. Hillary enjoys strong support and loyalty from blacks. Trump said Hillary’s advocating for Syrian refugees to enter the US not only threatens America’s national security, but also helps foreigners at the expense of black Americans who need help in our inner cities.

“For the amount of money Hillary Clinton would like to spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America.”

If elected president, Hillary pledged to go beyond Obama’s executive orders and grant carte-blanche amnesty to all illegal immigrants if Congress refuses to act.

“She can’t claim to care about African-American and Hispanic workers when she wants to bring in millions of new low-wage workers,” warned Trump.

The irony in the fact that Hillary is campaigning to become America’s first First Lady to be elected president speaks to the “rigged system” that Trump referenced.

As a businessman who created jobs and businesses, Trump isn’t bought by big donors, big businesses; therefore, he will “put the American worker first,” as he pledged in his speech.

Using Hillary’s extensive résumé of “public service,” Trump left many Americans questioning whether she has the temperament, judgment or integrity to be president. For the first time in his campaign, Trump leveled that narrative off his shoulders. Americans need to hear more words like this from Trump—sounding presidential—a campaign gamer changer.

Trump and his supporters aren’t to blame for violence

Supporters of Donald Trump are being heckled and attacked daily by liberals, particularly supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

And the liberal media blames the presumptive Republican nominee for attacks on his own supporters. It defies common sense and logic, yet the liberal media persists in perpetuating this lie.

Protesters hawk Trump rallies like maggots to rotting flesh, throwing eggs at his supporters, fighting with them, burning their hats and blocking their cars from leaving.

A recent Politico story was like so many others, blaming the protests on “Trump’s extreme rhetoric.”

Many conservatives find Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s disdain for the second amendment extremely offensive. We also find Sanders’ desire to turn America into a socialist state extreme rhetoric.

But conservatives aren’t trying to torch either candidate’s rallies. Trump has better things to do, like focus on winning the general election.

From the very start, Trump has run an unorthodox campaign and critics — even those within his party — treat his success with disdain. Many of the attacks on his supporters are occurring in so-called liberal blue states like California, where a Republican hasn’t won since 1988 when George Bush was elected president.

First, Sanders’ supporters shut down a Trump rally in Chicago in March by instigating fights and blockading supporters in parking garages. Trump cancelled the event to avoid more violence.

Last week, the scene outside a Trump event in San Jose, Calif., turned ugly and bloody. A woman was pelted with eggs and bottles. Another man was left with blood pouring from his ear after being attacked by protesters.

There has been little to no outrage by the liberal media over innocent people being attacked. In fact, there has been support for the protesters’ violence.

The scene in San Jose last Thursday looked like something ripped from the 1960s riots in Los Angeles. About 400 protesters surrounded the convention centre for the sole purpose of antagonizing and attacking Trump supporters.

“There was a little more than 250 police officers, many in riot gear, in and around the convention centre, including from neighbouring cities,” noted the San Jose Mercury News.

It wasn’t Trump supporters burning the American flag, hurling profanity and spitting in people’s faces.

“The most violent act captured by pool shows a Trump supporter walking alone and surrounded by protesters. He is sucker-punched by a man in a black T-shirt and goes to the ground. Then two people riding motorcycles approach the man and kick him as he struggles to get up,” wrote the Mercury News.

It’s no wonder that support for Trump continues to grow.

The real hypocrisy is we all know that if the roles were reversed, and Trump supporters were behaving like thugs trying to shut down Hillary and Bernie events, they would be called racists.

And the media would be giving the violence wall-to-wall coverage. What will it take — someone being killed — for liberals to condemn this violence? When will the media demand that Hillary and Bernie declare an end to the attacks on Trump supporters?

After all, this is still America, isn’t it? A country where we hold free and fair elections.

Self-serving Hillary’s making history – not much of it good

First published June 8, 2016 in the Toronto Sun News

America’s mainstream liberal media were just giddy Tuesday night when Hillary Clinton broke through that last glass ceiling.

You’d think she was being crowned Queen of the Democratic Party the way pundits and the headlines fawned and glowed over her. “Clinton Celebrates Victory,” read the Washington Post lead story above the fold in its print edition.

Forget that Bernie Sanders refuses to concede defeat.

After spending over 30 years working as a “government servant” and forging a second presidential run, Clinton finally won her party’s nomination. She made history in many ways.

“Thanks to you, we’ve reached a milestone, the first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be a major party’s nominee,” roared Clinton in a victory speech after she won New Jersey’s primary, effectively winning enough delegates for the nomination.

Clinton is also the first woman to use her marriage to a former president and philanderer to climb the rungs of political power. After being publicly humiliated by Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, she became the first First Lady to campaign and win a Senate seat. In turn, she used her Senate seat to launch her first unsuccessful run for the presidency in 2008 where Americans passed over her and made history with a black man.

Finally, Clinton also made history by becoming the first presidential candidate under an FBI investigation over her use of a personal server and email account while secretary of state. It’s also worth repeating that the State Department Office of the Inspector General found Clinton violated federal record keeping by using a personal email. In doing so, and deleting 30,000 emails she deemed personal, Hillary avoided accountability to Americans for whom she worked.

Yes, Hillary’s making history, and not much of it is good.

Scandal and conflict follow the Clintons and Hillary’s a chip off the old block. Her husband became the first president to undergo impeachment proceedings since Richard M. Nixon.

“They have made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favours, selling government contracts and I mean hundreds of millions of dollars,” said presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

After winning several more state primaries and punctuating his GOP nomination win, Trump gave his most impressive, cogent speeches to date.

“The Clintons have turned politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves!” he remarked.

How right he is. Both have spent their entire careers becoming wealthy off a life of public service. From books to speeches, the contents of which Hillary will not disclose, to the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Hillary have become multimillionaires whose net worth is nearly $100 million.

“Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into her private hedge fund. The Russians, the Saudis, the Chinese, all gave money to Bill and Hillary and got favourable treatment in return,” Trump added.

While Hillary was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received donations from foreign governments with interests before the U.S. government. In many instances, a corporation or foreign government would pay Bill Clinton for a speech and give money to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation at the same time, enriching the Clintons personal and charitable coffers.

As a woman, I have no issue with a woman becoming president of the United States of America. I have every issue with a self-serving woman like Hillary becoming president.