Trump surges as Clinton can’t seal the deal

First published May 20, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Morning, noon and night, all we’ve heard for nearly a year from the Republican Establishment is how doomed Donald Trump was as a presidential candidate.

Well, now Trump has not only won the nomination, but in numerous polls he’s tied with Hillary Clinton, and in some polls leads slightly against her.

It looks like it’s time for the GOPe, the party’s out of touch white elite groupies, to eat lots of crow!

Not only is Trump in a virtual dead heat with Hillary in key swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, but he’s also now tied with her in New Hampshire.

In an NBC/Survey Monkey poll released recently, Clinton has a razor thin edge over Trump, 48% to 45%. Candidate Trump is looking very winnable! Nothing, and I repeat nothing, the GOPe has portended about Trump or the 2016 election has been accurate.

The reality is that Trump is looking more and more like the only formidable candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the woman who’s in the fight of her lifetime can’t seem to seal the deal with Democrats. Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t going away, even though he’s behind. He won Oregon’s primary this week and has his eyes set on winning California to further embarrass Hillary.

“Well let me be as clear as I can be: I agree with you. We are in until the last ballot is cast,” Sanders said after winning Oregon.

Hillary appears to have won the Kentucky primary, but only by less than 2,000 votes, hardly a rousing win, and has amassed more delegates to eventually win the Democrat nomination. Yet Sanders’ refusal to acquiesce to the coronation she’s thirsted for over half her life exposes Hillary’s flaws. She’s a weak presidential candidate — before you get into the FBI’s email investigation, the Clinton Foundation or Benghazi. There is no way around this, a prospect over which Trump is just salivating in a head-to-head match-up with Hillary.

The more voters hear about Hillary Clinton, the more they don’t like her. The problem with her candidacy is that Hillary has left a trail of baggage in her three-decades-plus of serving in and campaigning for every public office under the sun. There’s really nothing left for her to reveal to voters that they don’t already know and dislike, which is why they don’t trust her.

While both she and Trump have the highest negative ratings of any presidential candidates in recent memory, Trump’s negatives are going down the more time wears on. Hillary’s aren’t.

As Hillary struggles to knock Sanders out of the race, Trump is uniting GOP support behind him. Even people within the GOP who expressed loathing for Trump are now supporting him because they want to win in 2016 and end Democrats’ eight-year stranglehold on the White House.

The woman who thought it was her time in 2008 to break America’s last glass ceiling was out-foxed by a black man. In 2016, she may be doomed by an old white man who wouldn’t give up the fight, and eventually beaten by a brash billionaire outsider unafraid of the fight.

It’s a simple choice for Republicans

First published May 15, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

The never-Donald Trump groupies are likely apoplectic as the list of endorsements from members of the Republican establishment grows exhaustively long.

Many of these supporters also were once Trump’s rivals.

The list reads as follow: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; former vice-president Dick Cheney; former Speakers of the house Newt Gingrich and John Boehner; Senators Orrin Hatch, Rand Paul and Tim Scott; former presidential candidate Bob Dole; former governors Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal; and Governors Nikki Haley, Chris Christie and Scott Walker.

There are probably a few I’m missing, but you catch the drift.

Even 2008 Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain aid he would support Trump. Yes, many establishment ducks are lining up in a row behind Trump — even those who vowed not to support him — except the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Unlike Ryan, these conservatives want to beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in November — not help her win. But Ryan thinks he’s king of the Republican Party or something and isn’t convinced yet that Trump is worthy of his anointment? I meant endorsement.

After a face-to-face meeting with Trump at the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C., Ryan doubled down.

He called Trump “a warm and genuine person” but said that the two “really don’t know each other.”

Ryan’s condescension was as thick as a Dairy Queen Blizzard. After reminding Americans what it means to be a conservative, Ryan told reporters:

“So the point of this … is we’re off to an encouraging start. It is important that we get ourselves to full strength so that we can win in the fall because the stakes could not be higher — but it takes more than 45 minutes.”

Correct, Mr. Speaker, it took Trump winning more contests than his 16 other rivals to become the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

Trump is not required to prove anything to Ryan. He proved himself to voters.

Did Ryan miss the fact that Trump won 10.6 million votes, more than any other Republican presidential candidate in history?

Any questions conservatives had about Trump look like they’ve been answered for everyone, including Trump’s opponents, except Ryan.

According to the New York Times, a presidential nominee has never failed to gain an endorsement from a house Speaker or majority leader from his party in modern times.

The politically-conniving Ryan demands Trump pass some invisible, elitist test to demonstrate his conservative credentials.

It looks like Ryan’s posturing is an effort to remain in the powerful good graces of the establishment to position himself for a 2020 run.

Once again, this elitist thinking is cracking up the GOP. Neither Ryan nor any other Republican is empowered to handpick the party’s nominee and demand the herd follow.

Prior to his meeting with Trump, Ryan quipped in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:

“We shouldn’t just pretend our party is unified. We can’t fake it, we can’t pretend. We have to actually unify.”

It’s not Trump’s job to warm up to Ryan but for Ryan to start faking it — or whatever he wants to call it — and unify behind the GOP nominee. People did for him and Mitt Romney in 2012 and Romney didn’t win nearly as many votes as Trump.

The choice is simple, either you want a Republican in the White House or you don’t.

Hillary’s Campaign to Be America’s Third Black President

First published May 6, 2016 in Frontpage Magazine

Hillary Clinton keeps getting blacker and blacker during this campaign.  Yes, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee is pulling the woman card, but she’s also pulling the black card –hard. Speaking to the NAACP, she told the all-black crowd that “ I get it.”  The “it” Clinton referred to was the trials and tribulations of being a black American.

“Imagine if white kids were 50 percent more likely to die from asthma than black kids. Imagine if a white baby in parts of this country was twice as likely to die before her first birthday than a black baby. Imagine the country and resources that would flood in to save those children. These inequities are wrong, they’re immoral, they’re un-American, and they have to end,” Clinton roared to the black audience’s delight.

The reason outcomes for black American children are so abysmal is because more black babies (72%)  are being born out of wedlock to teens who refuse to parent them!  No genius needs to tell anyone this is a prescription for a disastrous life. Blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate because they have no other example to follow but crime. What’s “wrong” is Democrats like Hillary keep condoning this “immoral behavior.”

“I want you to know that I get it and I see it. And it’s important that we have this conversation. For many white Americans, it’s tempting to believe that systemic racism is largely behind us. But anyone asking for your vote has a responsibility to see things as they actually are, not as we wish them to be.”

Hillary’s dog whistling for the black vote comes as no surprise. She learned it from her husband.  In 1992, Bill Clinton appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show and played the saxophone to show he was down with the blacks. It worked. Blacks voted for him and jokingly called him America’s first black president.

More laughable than Hillary’s blaming whitey for the black race’s ills is her relentless Democrat pandering to blacks. She declared — in exchange for the “black vote” — that she’d fix blacks’ problems. But we all know that’s a fairy tale.

All it takes is for Hillary to tell some black lies, pander that she’s one of them and deny that blacks are bystanders to their own problems. All the gun control and prison-sentencing-reform Hillary promises won’t fix anything. Blacks, like whites, must be held personally accountable for their pathologies. Otherwise, nothing will change.

“The aspirations that Democrats have for blacks are bleak—just stay out of jail and prison. Not a destiny any white Democrat would want for himself, but something that is enough for young black men,” I wrote in Con Job.

That’s the black magic that Hillary’s peddling to blacks in exchange for their vote. And blacks are lapping it up and rewarding Hillary with over 50% of the vote in the Democrat primaries.

“We cannot let Barack Obama’s legacy fall into Donald Trump’s hands,” Hillary exclaimed to her NAACP black homies.

As Democrat Representative GK Butterfield noted in his 2015 speech as chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, “Black America is in a state of emergency today as it was at the turn of the century.” And blacks have been voting Democrat that entire time and nothing has changed. Blacks have less wealth and are twice as likely as whites to be unemployed and commit more violent crime than any other race.

“Of all the Democrat Party’s constituents, blacks chronically remain the worst off, stuck in the status quo of government dependency generation after generation—while the Democrat Party continues to solidify its political power at our expense,” I note in Con Job.

Unless blacks like writhing in a perpetual state of emergency, I can’t see why voting for a Republican for president once in more than half a century is a bad thin

Off the wall!

Clinton voted in favour of walls before she started running for president

First published May 6, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Before she started running hot and heavy for president a second time, Hillary Clinton voted to build walls to keep illegals out of America.

Appearing at a Nov. 2015 town hall with Democrat presidential candidates Governor Martin O’Malley and Senator Bernie Senators, Clinton boasted:

“I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. Uhm, and I do think that you have to control your borders.”

This isn’t the only time that the Democrat darling and presumptive presidential nominee bragged about her record of building a barrier, which is another word for wall to you and me. In a “Democratic candidates Forum” Clinton had this exchange with moderator Jorge Ramos:

Ramos: Now, if you believe building a wall, what’s the difference between your idea and Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall with Mexico?

Clinton: … We do need to have secure borders. And what that will take is a combination of technology and physical barriers.

Ramos: You want a wall, then?

Clinton: No. We’ve already …

Ramos: You said that.

Clinton: Well, I voted for border security and some of it was a fence. I don’t think we ever called it a wall. Maybe in some places it was a wall. But it was aimed at controlling our borders.

That’s exactly what Donald Trump has been campaigning on for almost a year, that he will build a wall to secure the US/Mexico border. What difference does it make calling it a wall, fence or barrier? The idea is the same, to keep people from illegally entering the U.S., stealing jobs from Americans, suppressing minimum wage laws by working for less and killing Americans.

Lyin’ Hillary is very clever. Using the word “wall” was good for Clinton when she was a Senator voting for one, but now she’s running for president she calls it a ‘barrier’ to lull Hispanics into voting for her. For politically correct-obsessed Democrats like Clinton, words matter more than facts. Trump is undeniably associated with the word ‘wall’ and enforcing America’s immigration laws. So, Lyin’ Hillary decides to use a less offensive word like barrier to appease her Latino constituents.

When Trump says ‘build a wall,’ he’s called a racist xenophobe by Hispanics and the media. When Clinton says she’ll build a ‘barrier’ to keep out illegals she’s praised by both. No wonder polls consistently show voters think Clinton is a “liar” and “untrustworthy.” The presumptive Democrat nominee will say anything to get elected. When will the media focus on Clinton’s lies? I mean flip-flops.

Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton

First published May 4, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

From Day 1 of Donald Trump’s campaign, everything the privileged, exclusive white-wing of the GOP has predicted has been wrong, including that he can’t beat Hillary Clinton.

Trump won the Indiana primary Tuesday night, prompting Sen. Ted Cruz to drop out of the race and leaving the Republican Establishment with egg on their face.

Even Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus begrudgingly conceded that Trump is the “presumptive nominee,” urging party members to put down their swords and unite. Trump has amassed 1,041 delegates, only a few away from the 1,237 delegates needed to officially walk into Cleveland in July as the party’s nominee. He’ll easily do that with the remaining slate of contests.

It’s a scenario that shatters all those predictions about a Trump candidacy from the party establishment elite.

First, they howled that Trump was never gong to win the nomination. As he started winning contests, they scoffed that Trump wasn’t winning the majority of the votes. Then Trump won over 50% and 60% of the votes in five northeastern state primaries and won every county.

This wasn’t convincing enough.

The #NeverTrump gang crowed that Cruz would be their saviour in Indiana. Now, they’re predicting like fortune tellers that Trump is “completely unelectable.” He won’t beat Clinton and “we’ll never vote for him.”

Wishing it won’t make it so. Among the crowded field of 17 contenders that began this GOP presidential primary process, Trump is the only one capable of beating Clinton.

He’s unafraid to stick it to her and confront her with her problematic past. In the 32 years that Clinton has been aiming to be the first female president of the United States, she’s left a lot of baggage in her wake and Trump will be a formidable opponent.

“I haven’t devoted any time, effort, energy to Hillary yet. I haven’t started on that process because I’ve been focused on the nomination, which is probably wise,” remarked Trump. “With Hillary, I will be starting the process as soon as this is over.”

Aside from testing out labels for Clinton like “Crooked Hillary,” Trump will have a wealth of material to work with.

And I posit that Trump will challenge Clinton for the black vote. All he has to do is remind blacks that his Democratic rival will say anything to get elected. She says she’ll end the mass incarceration of blacks while the 1994 crime bill signed by her husband, Bill Clinton, was responsible for massively incarcerating more blacks than any president in history. Black lives don’t seem to matter to Hillary but black votes do.

A Rasmussen poll found that in a hypothetical match up with Clinton, 41% of voters would support Trump compared to 39% for Clinton. According to the poll, this is a complete role reversal. Clinton led Trump 41% to 36% in March. It appears the more voters hear from Trump on his policies and ideas, the more they support him.

This should make Clinton very nervous and Trump is just warming up.

Clinton taking risk with loaded gender deck

First published May 2, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

What difference does it make that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s a woman running for president? Nothing to the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump — and others.

A lifelong establishment friend of mine, who voted for Gov. John Kasich in Maryland’s Republican primary, believes Trump is the only candidate who can beat Hillary. My friend, a white male lobbyist, added that Trump isn’t afraid to attack Hillary because he has nothing to lose.

Trump will say what other candidates won’t because unlike career politicians, the billionaire can return to his lucrative job of running his business empire. After winning five recent state primaries, Trump blasted Hillary for having no record to run on but her gender.

“Well, I think the only card she has is the woman’s card. She’s got nothing else going. And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she would get 5% of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the women’s card and the beautiful thing is, women don’t like her.”

In 2008, Hillary pulled the gender card and asked voters to help her break America’s last glass ceiling. Instead, voters pulled the race card and elected Barack Obama the first black president. In 2016, Hillary is pulling it again.

Trump was right. If Hillary wasn’t a woman and her last name wasn’t Clinton, she wouldn’t be beating Sen. Bernie Sanders. Without her marriage to former president Bill Clinton, Hillary wouldn’t have run for president twice. In her 32 years of being a politician, Hillary’s record of success has been enriching her bank account through government jobs.

As secretary of state, Clinton racked up tons of frequent flyer miles and not much else but implementing Obama’s disastrous foreign policy. She’s winning the black vote in the Democrat primary by pandering to blacks — not with a record of doing anything for them.

The war on women begins and ends with Hillary Clinton. As many women love Clinton as despise her.

It’s no wonder younger women support Sanders. Hillary’s surrogate, Madeline Albright, said there would be “a special place in hell for women who don’t support Hillary.” In a TV interview, feminist Gloria Steinman verbally flogged young female Sanders’ supporters as merely supporting him to find husbands because his campaign attracts so many millennials.

Why did liberals and their mainstream media handmaidens go berserk over Trump’s comments? “Donald Trump’s Gender-Based Attacks on Hillary Clinton Have Calculated Risk,” declared a New York Times headline.

Trump treated Hillary like his equal.

After all, she’s campaigning that she can do a man’s job. Isn’t that what raging feminists and liberals want — for women to be treated equally in the work place and every other place?

Hillary’s the one taking a campaign risk with a loaded gender deck and giving Trump lots of ammunition.

“I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak,” Clinton told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

For nearly 40 years, Clinton allowed her husband to disrespect her as a serial philanderer. Nothing screams sexism more than a woman campaigning to be America’s first female president, while standing by her man for power and wealth.

How can Hillary speak with any credibility on women’s issues when she doesn’t demand respect from her husband? Equality starts at home.