Hillary’s Being Trumped along with the GOP

The only Republican candidate who’s able to get more media coverage than Liberal Empress Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump. There’s a reason why Trump is surging. Because conservatives are tired of the GOP (white boys) establishment ignoring them.

Maybe if the Republican Party spent more time trying to be inclusive of all conservatives – and people for that matter – instead of propping up the same tired old candidates and hiring the same old good-ole-boy network of mostly white male operatives, people wouldn’t be making a mad dash toward Donald Trump.

I don’t agree with what Trump said about McCain in the least. It was inappropriate. McCain is indeed a war hero, but he’s also a guy who’s been in Congress for decades too long. He is a classic example of why we need term limits.

But when it comes to immigration and calling out crony politics, Trump is spot on! He says what few Americans are brave enough to say – at least out loud. I think it’s funny how he has the money to say and do whatever he wants. And that’s what scares the GOP establishment. They CANNOT control Trump! Great news for this blogger!

I am so sick of the Republican Party not listening to the little guy. Trump’s got your attention, now doesn’t he? Yes, it would be disastrous for the GOP if Trump runs as an independent. The party may as well kiss its White House chances goodbye. But then again, you reap what you sow.

By the way: this doesn’t mean I’m voting for Trump. But oh, how I wish there was a black Republican version of Donald Trump, running for president with enough money to upset the GOP establishment’s apple cart (along with its network of political pundit robots).

Why Was Carson the Only GOP Candidate to Speak at Minority-Filled DC GOP Event?

IMG_0372Republican presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson won the DC Republican Party 2016 GOP Straw Poll at a reception held July 20, 2015. It’s not surprising since Carson was the only Republican 2016 candidate to accept the group’s invitation to speak at the reception, which was brimming over with minorities.

Since 2012, Republicans have talked about the party’s desperate need to win over minority voters in 2016 or face a third strike out at getting in the White House. But when it comes time to walking the minority outreach walk, most GOP wannabes are stumbling.

Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio managed to send some campaign stickers and signs to the event. Where was Senator Rand Paul, the self-purported king of black outreach this cycle?

It’s disappointing and frankly insulting that none of the other 14 GOP candidates could make time to speak at the DC GOP event—in Washington, DC—where there were lots black voters. I guess they were too busy campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire where largely white voters will decide who wins the GOP primaries, but who aren’t numerous enough to help the GOP nominee win the general election.

Kudos go the DC GOP for choosing to hold the event at the Wonder Bread Factory in DC’s historic Shaw neighborhood, where the 1960s riots occurred and many blacks still live today. A VIP reception for $250–donors began around 6:00pm. People were ushered into a room where Carson, wearing white gloves, sat at a black table with three cameras pointing at him. He appeared to be in the middle of filming a political ad.

Deana Bass, Carson’s press secretary, told guests to quiet down then moved everyone to the other side of the room where we couldn’t see or hear what Carson was doing. Later another campaign staffer showed Carson’s wife Candy something on his smartphone and revealed Carson was playing the game “Operation” in the other room. The campaign operative said smiling that Carson told him “it was easier than performing surgery.” Thus, the white gloves.

After filming wrapped, Carson emerged and engaged in thoughtful conversation with the 15 or so VIP guests. He said he received a standing ovation from Al Sharpton’s National Action Network when he spoke about the hazards of having babies out of wedlock among other topics.

I give Carson credit for showing up where other GOP candidates won’t– to ask blacks for their votes. I was little baffled when Carson insisted that if the GOP wants to win in 2016, it really needs to focus on the 30 million (white) evangelicals who stayed at home. The path forward to the White House for the GOP isn’t winning more white votes. Carson should ask Mitt Romney, who won more of the white vote than any candidate since 1988, but lost the election because Obama won the minority vote.

Carson’s 30-minute keynote speech to a crowd of about 100 was engaging, thoughtful and at times funny. Growing up in a Detroit ghetto, Carson described how his mother worked three jobs, leaving at 5:00am and returning at midnight, to provide for him and his brother. When eating Raisin Bran, he joked he had to be careful not to eat the roaches, which found their way into the cereal box. From beginning to end, Carson talked about how a good education was critical in his escape from poverty and remains the foundation for success in life. He mistakenly said that “DC should have school choice,” which it does.

“An inner city is the exactly the place the Republican Party should be,” remarked Carson as he talked about his own struggles growing up in Detroit with sirens, gangs and murders.

Republicans need to take their message of prosperity to blacks in urban cities, run by Democrat politicians, whom blacks continue to elect at their own peril.

“Democrats have long had the opportunity to govern the African-American communities. It is time for black families to hold them accountable for the results. And I’m here to tell you that it’s Republicans, not Democrats, who are truly offering black Americans the hope for a better life for themselves and their children,” said presidential candidate Rick Perry at a July 2, 2015 National Press Club speech.

But Perry wasn’t at the DC Straw Poll reception where real black voters could hear his message.

Overheard at the Liquor Store: Hillary’s Worried about Jeb


John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, has already decided that Governor Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee for president. Here’s why I know.

While shopping at  Magruder’s of DC yesterday evening around 6:30, I overheard parts of a lengthy—20 minutes– cell phone conversation between Podesta and someone— about Hillary’s campaign.

With an earpiece dangling from his left ear, Podesta told the person on the other end there were two things he was most concerned about. The first was being “outgunned” in money by Jeb Bush; second that he was worried about the “psychosis of the media . . .which is something we created.” He added with a humble chuckle – and I’m paraphrasing – that they certainly couldn’t complain about the media’s coverage of Hillary because it was something of her campaign staff’s own making.

Presumably, Podesta meant the liberal media’s unyielding obsession with his Queen Hillary. I think he’s worried the media’s non-stop coverage of Hillary may make her go mad. Let’s hope so.

Like me, Podesta was stocking up on adult beverages of wine and the like. Dressed casually in jeans, green t-shirt, and running shoes, he walked the store aisles, chatting away about the presidential campaign. Seized with curiosity, I couldn’t help but follow Podesta around, eavesdropping. He made it very easy, already blabbing like a cocksure White House Chief of Staff, AGAIN. (Podesta served as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff when he was president.)

Pondering some California vintages, Podesta spoke disparagingly about a man named “Larry.” Could he have been talking about Larry Cohen, outgoing president of the Communications Workers of America, with whom Hillary locked horns over the fast-track trade agreement? Either way, I’m certain Larry’s ears were burning.

Podesta quipped at one point, “Let’s face it– our strategy always seems to work.” Then he told the person he was chatting with that “they [Hillary’s campaign team] had spent all weekend talking about strategy.”

It seems Jeb represents a clear and present danger to Team Hillary. My advice to Jeb is to keep playing it cool and rational, like he’s done with the Confederate flag and Donald Trump. One of Jeb’s biggest threats to Hillary is his command of the Spanish language and ability to connect with Hispanic voters. Jeb should start speaking in Spanish more—in stump speeches, interviews and debates.

Jeb (and the other 15 GOP candidates) should limit his media interviews like Hillary’s been doing. If he must do an interview here or there, Jeb should consent only to request from conservative press –just as Hillary did when she cherry-picked CNN to do her first “unserious” interview. Fewer interviews means less ammunition for the liberal media to use to harpoon Jeb, should he become the 2016 GOP nominee. Let’s face: the verbal bullets are going to fly from Republicans at one another starting August when the first GOP debate is scheduled.

Watching Podesta push his cart into the parking lot and load up his hooch into his Ford Focus, all I could do was smile. If Hillary’s own team is having doubts about her inevitable presidency, Jeb needs to give Hillary more than just something to worry about; he needs scare her!

As I loaded my own purchases into the car, I couldn’t help but wonder what all his booze was for. Maybe for the “informal, intimate get-together for…labor leaders” at his house tonight (as reported by Politico). Or, maybe Her Majesty’s campaign staff needs a stiff drink…






I’m a black American woman – can I support the Republican Party?

*First Published in The Telegraph July 10, 2015

It took a white supremacist, who loved the Confederate battle flag, to claim the killing of nine unarmed blacks in a church, for Republicans in South Carolina finally to realise the flag is a symbol of hate not heritage. Now South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley has signed a bill permanently to remove the flag from the state Capitol. But this turn of events is nothing for the Republican Party to celebrate or for which to congratulate themselves.

Despite the fact that the bill passed with majorities in both chambers of South Carolina’s legislature, more than two-dozen Republicans voted against removing the flag.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signs a bill to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state house grounds

As a black Republican woman, from the South, I find it morally repugnant that 150 years after the Civil War ended, 21st-century Republicans are still defending slavery. Because that’s exactly what supporting South Carolina’s or any state’s right to fly the battle flag means. The Civil War began because Southern states seceded from the Union, refusing to abandon their slave economy of whites using and abusing their free black human labor, owned as property.

Slavery in America, which lasted far longer than in Britain, was an abomination. So why did the Republican Party, which is in desperate need of minority voters, not come out in fierce opposition to the flag two weeks ago, when the topic erupted?

Dylann Roof, the alleged Charleston Killer holds a burning US flag

Instead, Republicans in South Carolina, and several Republicans running for president, remarked the decision was South Carolina’s. Some Republicans went as far to say the Confederate battle flag was an issue of South Carolina’s heritage. What they really meant was part of South Carolina’s white heritage, because I don’t know any black person in America who feels that way. How out of touch can the Republican Party be?

When I see a Confederate battle flag, all I can think of is slavery. When I see an American flag I think of pride. For a party that lost the last two presidential elections because its candidate couldn’t appeal to minority voters, Republican handling of the flag debacle has cemented public perception that the Republican Party is the racist party for old, white men.

And the timing couldn’t be worse leading up to next year’s 2016 presidential election. The irrefutable fact is that, whoever the Republican nominee is, he or she cannot win without making sizeable gains among the Hispanic, black and female vote. In 2012, Republican presidential Mitt Romney won 60 per cent of the white vote, more any presidential candidate had amassed since 1988. But Romney lost the election to Barack Obama because he couldn’t win the growing number of minority voters in America.

The Confederate battle flag debate shows how far America still needs to travel in race relations, sadly. And sadly, it’s the Republican Party that’s in bigger trouble. The Grand Old Party of President Abraham Lincoln fought to end slavery during the Civil War. Yet, today’s GOP seems to be fighting on the wrong side of the race war.

If the GOP continues to pander to its dwindling base of extremist, out–of-touch white voters, it certainly will lose again in 2016. Racism will never go away in America (or anywhere for that matter); but it can diminish over time through open discussion and changing demographics. If it doesn’t start acting and sounding like the party of inclusion it purports to be, however, the GOP may very well be headed toward extinction. I’m not sure what a conservative black woman is to do.


Black Celebs Defend Cosby: Rape Ain’t Nothing

Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Cosby

The way black celebrities are defending Bill Cosby in the face of new evidence proving Cosby gave a woman Quaaludes to violate her sexually, you’d think rape is okay if a black man like Cosby does it. According to Whoopi Goldberg, Faizon Love, Raven-Symone and Phylicia Rashad, “proof,” and the allegations of rape by nearly 50 women, isn’t enough to destroy, a good black man– “a legacy” –like Cosby.

Through a legal request for a court to unseal documents from a 2005 lawsuit against Cosby, the Associated Press obtained a deposition in which Cosby admitted to giving a woman drugs– essentially to rape her. The woman, who filed the lawsuit was Andrea Constand, the operations manager for Temple University’s women’s basketball team. Until the allegations surfaced last year, Cosby served on Temple’s board of trustees.

In the sworn deposition, under oath, Cosby was asked by one of Constand’s attorneys:

“When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?’

“Yes,” Cosby answered.

During the same deposition, Cosby described a similar incident in Las Vegas with another woman.

“I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex.”

Coming from Cosby himself this is more than proof. His own admissions demonstrate a pattern of behavior—that of a serial rapist, which corroborates all the allegations women made last year.

Yet proof isn’t enough for liberal feminist Whoopi Goldberg. The co-host of the View, a show anchored by and for women, Goldberg asserted:

“I know it’s a shock, but you actually were innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven a rapist.”

Uhm, I’m curious how Goldberg defines rape–like Bill Clinton defined sex during the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Does a woman need to be not drugged in Goldberg’s mind to be a victim of rape? How many more women will it take (200) in order for them to get Goldberg to believe them over a black man, who used his celebrity to rape women?

Then there was actress Raven-Simone, who played Olivia on the Cosby Show. As the newest addition to the View, she said she owed her career to Cosby, so to Cosby she would be true, facts be damned.

“. . .he’s the reason, I’m on this panel [The View] in the first place, he gave me my first job.”

The message to female View viewers from Raven is that rape is permissible when committed by men in power. I guess the next thing The View co-host will defend is domestic violence by rich NFL players.

Phylicia Rashad, who played Claire Huxtable to Cosby’s Dr. Huxtable on the famed show, advised America last year:

“Forget these women. What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy.”

No, what sane women and men are seeing is the mind-boggling defense of a deranged man by you and other blacks. Why? Because Cosby is black and treated you well and didn’t rape you?

The most grotesque defense of Cosby came this week from black actor Faizon Love. Instead of worrying about “THAT BULLS” of Cosby raping women, Love tweeted blacks should be worried about the nine people shot in the church in Charleston. He launched into a string of tweets laced with the word “N—ggas.”

One tweet which showed Love’s rationalization of Cosby’s behavior and disregard for black women.

In Love’s eyes, Cosby’s black accusers were black women getting what they’ve deserved throughout history anyway. What’s a few more black women being raped by Cosby matter?

The public take down of Bill Cosby isn’t a black, racist thing. It’s a wrong thing. What’s sad is any person, black or white, who isn’t disgusted by Cosby’s behavior. The “spineless monkeys,” as Love characterized some blacks on twitter for denouncing Cosby’s actions, are really people like Love himself who support rapists.

Gay Pride Only: Where Has America’s Tolerance Gone?

Interestingly, the White House lights itself up in gay pride colors Friday night, but President Barack Obama would never bathe the White House in the light of the Holy Trinity, a symbol of Christianity. Obama also didn’t light up the people’s house in black to honor the nine unarmed black parishioners assassinated by a racist man in God’s house of worship in Charleston, South Carolina.

Just as the Confederate flag doesn’t represent all of America, neither does the gay flag. States like Washington shouldn’t fly the gay flag over its capitol any more than South Carolina should fly the Confederate flag over its statehouse.

I find news organizations like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post changing their avatars on twitter to rainbows, in obvious support of the Supreme Court’s ruling that gays have a constitutional right to marry, offensive. These news outlets, among others, don’t even fake objectivity anymore. Facebook also is pushing this gay agenda, offering users a rainbow filter to add to their profile pictures.

Another egregious display of political bias is government entities like the DC Public Schools and School Chancellor Kaya Henderson changed their avatars to the gay pride rainbow. This is the same DC public school system that teaches gay tolerance to Kindergartners. Parents are the only ones who should be having these types of discussions with their children–not teachers. Last time I looked, gays weren’t the only tax-paying residents living in the District of Columbia.

The same gay and liberal Americans extolling the SCOTUS ruling would have a hissy fit if public schools were allowed to bring prayer back into the classroom or God forbid– teach Christianity. Yet, many of you believe it’s okay for teachers to teach grade-schoolers about homosexuality, not Christianity. There are more Christians than gays in America– but go figure!

Gays do not represent the majority in this country. Not by a long shot; and don’t compare gay rights to the plight and horror that blacks endured during slavery and segregation in America. Bruce Jenner (or is it Caitlyn?) never had to suffer being shackled in chains like a slave, or drink from separate water fountains, or attend inferior schools because he’s transgender, gay or whatever sex he decides he his on a particular day.

I respect your right to love whom you want, but you must likewise respect the rights of others who don’t agree with your desire to marry–because of their religious or moral beliefs. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you must be married to be considered an equal American to everyone else. I believe God loves all his children but being gay isn’t the “norm” in society. It if were, we would all be gay and heterosexuals would represent 3% of society, not the 97% they do today.

Don Lemon recently observed on CNN:

“Political correctness has become dangerous. We have to stop looking for reasons to be offended. . . Not everyone is going to — or should they have to agree with you. In fact, it’s better when people don’t agree with you. That’s how we learn. That’s what conversation is really about. It’s not supposed to be an agree fest.”

I agree but will be curious to see if Lemon practices what he preaches, particularly on this topic. I’m confident I will receive serious backlash for sharing my unfiltered (pun intended) views on gay marriage. But stifling other people’s free speech through intimidation isn’t American. Tolerance is a two way street–not the tyranny of the minority over the majority.