Trump his own worst enemy

First published August 23, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Who’s in and who’s out with Donald Trump’s campaign seems like a new version of the reality television show “Survivor.”

Less than three months before the 2016 presidential election, Republican nominee Donald Trump reshuffled his team again. Several months ago, Trump dumped campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for Paul Manafort.

Last week, Trump dismissed Paul Manafort, the veteran Republican strategist, who tried to tame Trump, amid negative press about Manafort receiving over $12 million in lobbying payments for pro-Russia leaders in Ukraine.

Trump replaced Manafort with anti-establishment Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as his new campaign manager and named Breitbart News’ Chairman Stephen Bannon as CEO of his campaign. The problem with this latest staff shuffles is their polarizing nature.

I’m a fan of the ultra-conservative site Breitbart, but naming Bannon with no political experience head of Trump’s campaign won’t put the tattered GOP back together again or lift Trump’s miserable poll numbers.

To quote the New York Times, which I never do, Breitbart called Bill Kristol, the conservative commentator “a renegade Jew” and advised female victims of online harassment “to just log off” and “stop screwing up the Internet for men.”

Conway is just as anti-establishment as Bannon. In her decade of polling experience, Conway has worked for controversial, losing candidates.

In 2010, Conway worked for Tea Party conservative Christine O’Donnell, who lost her bid for the Senate because she talked about “dabbling in witchcraft.” In 2012, Conway worked for Todd Akin, who ran for Senate and lost when he doubted if victims of “legitimate rape” can become pregnant.

It’s questionable whether Trump’s new dream team can attract independent or traditional Democratic supporters like blacks, Hispanics, Asians or women. There’s no doubt he’ll need them to win the White House.

Recently, Trump began asking blacks for their vote, reminding them that their allegiance to the Democratic party over the past 50 years hasn’t been a success.

“What do you have to lose? You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs; 58% of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?” Trump said at a Michigan campaign stop.

In hiring Bannon and Conway, Trump seems headed down the road of a colossal loss — not victory. He seems to want to surround himself with the “the Amen corner” — a choir of yes men and women, instead of staff who can help transform him into a winning presidential candidate.

From the start, I — like many others — admired Trump’s unconventional candidacy and appeal to average Americans outside the marginalizing bubble of the GOP establishment. But now Trump’s incontrovertible behaviour is getting old. After his staff dust up, a new Trump said he “regrets saying the wrong things.”

So maybe he should act like it — not for a day or even a week, but for the remainder of the campaign.

Trump’s pugnacious and pugilistic personality is his own worst enemy — not the liberal mainstream media or his ever-shifting campaign team.

Perhaps if Trump would start acting like he wants to win instead of lose in November, his poll numbers against Hillary would be up by 20%.

The problem with Team Trump is Trump.

Black College Students’ Racist Roommate Ad

First published August 16, 2016 in Frontpage Magazine

Thanks to the Black Lives Matter mob, now it seems to be politically correct and okay for black students to discriminate against white students. Three black students at Claremont Colleges in Southern California posted a “roommate wanted ad” for their off campus house on Facebook

The catch was that only people of color need apply. In parentheses, the ad posted by Kare Urena, noted “POC only,” which meant whites weren’t welcome. When other students complained on Facebook about the post, Urena wrote:

“It’s exclusive I don’t want to live with any white folks.”

Now imagine for a moment if a group of white college students had done the same thing? They would make national headlines non-stop for days, as the liberal media lambasted them as racists. In fact, this did happen when a group of white college students at the Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tried to create a white students union. Students formed the group in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which they felt was a “terrorist group” that promoted white hate.

The school’s chancellor and the media condemned the Illini White Students Union. According to the group’s original Facebook page, the group was created to promote “White Pride and a safe place for White students.”

When white students want to create safe spaces to express their views, they’re right to free speech is condemned as discrimination, racism and intimidation. But when three black college students decide to advertise for a non-white roommate, liberals say this is their right and warranted in the name of social justice.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Urena, a 20-year old junior and one of her roommates, Sajo Jefferson, a sophomore defended their non-PC ad in a statement.

“We live in a world where the living circumstances of POC are grounded in racist social structures that we can not opt out of. These conditions threaten the minds, bodies and souls of people of color both within and without the realms of higher education. We are fighting to exist.”

I’m struggling to understand what these students are fighting for? Blacks have equal access to the same education as whites. Many would argue that affirmative action policies give blacks an advantage over whites when it comes to getting accepted to colleges.

“There are at least 361 four year colleagues in America that offer degrees in African American Studies, according to Peterson’s, an authoritative website on higher education for parents and students. Based upon my own casual review of multiple schools’ websites, it appears the faculty teaching these programs are overwhelmingly black, about 80 to 90 percent. Each of the nation’s Ivy League schools, where more than 86 percent of the faculty’s campaign donations go to the Democrats, has a department of either African American Studies or Africana Studies, the new lingo for black. In the interest of equality, shouldn’t Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Princeton, Penn, Dartmouth and Columbia offer “white studies” majors? They don’t because that would be considered racist, but the Democrats in liberal academia are quite comfortable serving up “black studies” to black students,” I wrote in my book Con Job.

Black studies departments are nothing more than a liberal pandering tool for elite colleges to placate black students ever-present racial grievances.

“How many white students do you know who have majored in black studies? The name itself turns any white student away,” I write in my book Con Job.

“The curriculum in these classes is laughable. Perusing the various coursework offerings at the nation’s Ivy Leagues, I couldn’t believe students were earning credits toward degrees for these classes. As you can imagine, the courses are steeped in all things race and racist,” I wrote.

Excuse me if I just can’t see the “racist social structures” these black college students claimed justified their discriminatory housing ad.

But if three white students ran an similar advertisement for a white only roommate, black students would have protested and demanded the college president suspend the students. As one student pointed out in response to the Facebook post, “housing segregation is illegal.” Indeed it is but when it comes to discrimination it appears that black Americans get a free pass in the name of social justice and safe spaces.

Another student noted, “I think that a POC-only housing policy is about as clear-cut an example of prejudice as one could find.”

Me too. Liberals may choose to limit racism to “whites only” but its offenders come in all races–even black.

Time for Trump to think before he speaks

First published August 10, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Donald Trump’s campaign feels like it’s in perpetual damage control — and it shouldn’t be.

It’s time for Trump to start acting like the GOP nominee who vanquished 16 competitors and wants to win the presidency, not generate shocking headlines.

A day after a calmer, more presidential-sounding Trump gave a scripted, detail-focused economic speech, he took 1,000 steps backwards.

At a campaign stop in North Carolina Tuesday, Trump suggested legal gun owners become assassins of his competitor instead of voters.

Trump said that the only way to stop Hillary Clinton, if she’s elected president, from appointing federal judges hostile to legal gun ownership might be to threaten her at gunpoint.

“Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment. By the way, and she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people maybe there is, I don’t know, But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day,” Trump declared.

This remark was even jaw-dropping for Trump’s supporters. Fox News showed video of a Trump supporter at the rally gasping and saying: “Whoa.”

During the 2008 campaign, then Democrat senator Hillary Clinton said she was remaining in the presidential nomination race in case her competitor senator Barack Obama got assassinated. Hillary’s remarks were just as crash as Trump’s.

But the problem, as someone told me, is that Trump “puts his foot in his mouth about eight times for every one time Hillary does. He has to abandon the comedy routine.” And I agree. Trump’s gaffes are too numerous to rehash here but his most recent was his verbal lashing of the Khan family, whose son was a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq. Then at a rally in Iowa, he said he wanted to hit some of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention.

“I was gonna hit one guy in particular, a very little guy. I was gonna hit this guy so hard, his head would spin, he wouldn’t know what the hell happened.”

What made Trump a winner was his unconventional candidacy, which is now his biggest liability. Polls have Hillary leading by wide margins of almost 10% or more after Trump’s latest joke.

Trump needs to think before he speaks. Seriously, I mean like using his head before he opens his mouth.

I have been a Trump supporter and I won’t vote for Hillary. But unlike some of my fellow conservatives who want to excuse everything Trump says as merely unfiltered and not politically correct, Trump is going too far. Every other day it seems he says something that his campaign staff has to defend with a straight face.

A great way to avoid having to explain, defend or clean up reckless and careless remarks is for Trump not to say them in the first place. My advice to him would be to put some more thoughts into the words coming out of his mouth, like studying up on issues and developing scripted talking points on policy positions.

The days for winging it as a presidential candidate are long over for Trump. Voters want a leader to show discipline, and no matter how awfully crooked, corrupt and narcissistic Hillary is, she will say and do anything to get elected. And yes, this includes sounding and acting like a leader, which is something that Trump could use more of in spades.

The New Demands of Black Lives Matter

First published August 4, 2016 in Frontpage Magazine

Tenacious in distorting reality and inciting violence against police, the Black Lives Matter movement is at it again. Not satisfied with forcing colleges like Harvard, Yale and Princeton to remove “head master” from professors’ titles or change building names they deem racist, BLM recently issued policy demands.

The six demands include:

  1. End the war on black people.
  2. Reparations for past and continuing harms.
  3. Divestment from the institutions that criminalize, cage and harm black people; and investment in the education, health and safety of black people.
  4. Economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure our communities have collective ownership, not merely access.
  5. Community control of the laws, institutions and policies that most impact us.
  6. Independent black political power and black self-determination in all areas of society.

That’s an exhausting list of mostly nonsense. What’s strikingly absent from this list of racial grievances is any acceptance of personal responsibility from blacks. Instead they demand action from the government to fix generational problems of their own making.

BLM can start ending the “war on black people” by telling black people to stop having babies out of wedlock at a rate approaching 75%. This has led to blacks, who represent a mere 13% of the population, committing over 50% of homicides from 1980-2008. According to the Justice Department over this 30-year period, blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicides.

Promoting marriage among blacks, where two parents raise a child, would be a great way to prevent blacks from being incarcerated at a higher rate than whites, which addresses demand #3. When you’re not incarcerated, you can get a job, start your own business and achieve “economic justice” in demand #4. Curiously, blacks already hold local, state and federal offices as Democrats and therefore already “control laws, institutions and polices,” as BLM demand #5 states. The problem is that black Democrat elected officials in cities like Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago aren’t promulgating policies that help blacks.

“Most urban areas in the United States like Baltimore, where crime and unemployment rates are high, have been government by Democrats for decades. Baltimore hasn’t had a Republican mayor since Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin in 1967. During those decades of so many American cities being run into the ground by Democrats, blacks have become poorer, more violent, and further banished to ghettos thanks to their undying loyalty to the Democrat Party at the ballot box. In 2015 Baltimore’s mayor, city council president and prosecutor were all Democrats,” I observed in my book Con Job.

This brings us to BLM demand #6. If BLM wants blacks to have “independent political power in all aspects of society,” perhaps the group should start encouraging blacks to stop voting exclusively for the Democrat party. Demand #3 asks politicians to invest in education for blacks. Republicans support school choice programs like charter schools which disproportionately help blacks. Democrats oppose these programs.

In the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by police officer Darren Wilson, the directionless Black Lives Matter movement was born.

It started with a hashtag on Twitter. Then the group moved to protests, forcing President Barack Obama and Democrat presidential candidates to acknowledge the movement as legitimate. Facts were always ignored. In March 2015, the Justice Department concluded in an 87-page report that “the facts do not support the filing of criminal charges against Officer Wilson.”

“Michael Brown’s death, though a tragedy, did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of Officer Wilson,” US Attorney General Eric Holder explained.

Brown wasn’t a gentle giant but a giant thug, who stood six foot four and weighed over 200 pounds. He robbed a convenience store before confronting Wilson and reaching inside his police car to grab his gun. Since Brown’s death, there have been other isolated incidents of police officers shooting black men that the media obsessed over.

Freddie Gray was another. After Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby filed charges against six officers involved in Gray’s death, none were found guilty. After a mistrial and three acquittals, in July 2016, Mosby dismissed charges against the other officers. This reveals how weak the cases were to begin with but it made good headlines at the time for liberals seeking to placate blacks.

In 2015, the Washington Post found that only 4% of blacks were victims of fatal shootings by police. Black men are profiled more than white men because they’re committing a disproportionate amount of crime. The DC Police Department’s twitter feed is rampant with suspect descriptions of B/M (Black male). And if wearing hoodies is a fashion statement, why are they the uniform of so many black criminals?

If black lives matter so much, perhaps black men should stop annihilating other blacks with guns. In 2015, black gangbangers shot Tyshawn Lee, a black nine year old, who was walking to his grandmother’s house. It’s not rhetoric to talk about the staggering amount of violence plaguing the black race that’s not perpetrated by racist cops. While Obama, Democrats and Black Lives Matter demand that police take responsibility for bad policing, where are the demands that blacks confront their own problems?

It’s all about power for the Clintons

First published August 1, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Nothing Hillary Clinton has done since 1992 has been spontaneous.

When she accepted the Democratic party’s nomination for president, Hillary didn’t disappoint, or moreover, let down her facade.

Let’s put aside the historic moment of it all that Hillary is the first woman to earn a party’s presidential nomination. The liberal media has pounded that into our heads as the sole reason to vote for her.

But the victory photo of Hillary, a would-be president and standing next to her husband and former president Bill Clinton, really shows what last week’s convention result was all about — power.

For nearly 40 years, Hillary has been fighting for this moment — staying married to a serial philanderer in order to gain political power.

She reminded Americans in her speech that she’s a career politician with a long resume and no achievements — except getting rich off her public service.

“Now, sometimes the people at this podium are new to the national stage. As you know, I’m not one of those people. I’ve been your first lady. Served eight years as a senator from the great State of New York. Then I represented all of you as secretary of state,” she boasted.

Her acceptance speech — like her career — was as calculated and sterile as her career. There were no new details in the speech. Like a broken record, Hillary promised free college, paid family leave, and affordable child care.

“We’re going to pay for every single one of them. And here’s how: Wall Street, corporations, and the super-rich are going to start paying their fair share of taxes,” she said.

It’s funny that Hillary is promising to get tough on the Wall Street firms who paid her $250,000 for speeches and helped make her wealthy. Besides that point, you can’t tax the rich enough to pay for all this free stuff unless America becomes a socialist state verging of bankruptcy.

Chelsea Clinton, like Bill Clinton a few nights before her, humanized her mom and tried to make people like her — something that Hillary has not done a good job at.

Recounting what a great mother Hillary was to her, Chelsea said that Hillary “never, ever forgets who she’s fighting for.”

But that’s just it in a nutshell: Hillary and her husband have always been fighting for themselves.

From 2001-2013, Bill Clinton received $105 million for 542 speeches. He created the Clinton Foundation to enrich the Clintons and their friends and ultimately to serve as a super political action committee to help elect Hillary president.

Then, of course, there’s the rogue private email account she used as secretary of state to avoid public accountability and scrutiny of her job.

The Clintons seem to be uniquely privileged public servants. They engage in seemingly lawless behaviour, and unlike the rest of us, the Clintons are rewarded with historic nominations and presidencies — perhaps not once but maybe even twice.

Democrats playing race card – again

First published July 26, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Democrats promised that their coronation, I mean convention nomination, of Hillary Clinton was going to be an uplifting affair.

Yet watching the first night of the Democrat National Convention felt like it was 1964 all over again. While Michelle Obama declared in her speech “when they aim low, we aim high,” Democrats pulled the entire deck of ugly race cards all night long.

Then like now, Democrats stoked racial division to win votes and political power in America over the last half century. The only difference was then there was a white Democrat president. In 2016, we have a black Democrat president.

Listening to Sen. Cory Booker yell that it was time for Americans “to rise up,” one wouldn’t think we had elected a black leader almost eight years ago.

The night’s theme was how racially divided America has become — curiously, under the first black president. Between the boos yelled by Bernie Sanders supporters, it felt like riots might erupt at any minute on the convention floor as Sen. Elizabeth Warren ranted that Donald Trump was campaigning to divide America based on race, religion and gender.

“But ask yourself this. When white workers in Ohio are pitted against black workers in North Carolina, or Latino workers in Florida, who really benefits?” Warren said.

Democrats benefit from identity politics, not Republicans. It’s the classic playbook that Barack Obama used. In 2008 and 2012, Obama played the race card and won with historic levels of black voter turnout. And he’s used race throughout his entire presidency as a political weapon.

So there’s no surprise that according to the Washington Post, more than 6 in 10 adults say race relations in the U.S. are bad. That’s 63% compared with 48% earlier this year. It’s probably not helpful when you have the first Black president of America praising black lives and blasting blue (police officer) and white lives.

But blacks who voted for Obama at rates approaching nearly 100% have been left with nothing but higher unemployment, crime and less prosperity than whites.

So, it was no surprise that Michelle Obama gave a fantastic speech Monday at the DNC in Philadelphia, stoking the rage of racial division that swept her husband into office.

“I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters — and all our sons and daughters — now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States.”

Curiously, Michelle didn’t mention that while her black daughters were on the White House lawn playing, her husband was inside plotting ways to exploit race to win battles. He blamed his inability to negotiate and cut deals with a GOP Congress on his race and rushed to defend black men killed by cops before the facts were in.

In addition to making amends with Hillary in Philadelphia, Michelle should have praised her husband for being an example to her daughters and kids everywhere that blacks are truly equal. But talk of equality does drive Democrats to the polls today.

White president Lyndon B. Johnson and black president Obama are both Democrats who capitalized on race to win. And to borrow from Michelle’s words, “that is the kind of president that Hillary Clinton will be.”