Black like Me: Saida Grundy’s School of White Hate if a white male professor of “White American Studies” at Boston University, an elite private college with a whopping yearly tuition of $62,000 issued racist tweets like:

“In other words, deal with your black sh*t, black people. Slavery is a *YALL* thing.”

“Why is black America so reluctant to identify black college males as a problem population?”

“Every MLK week i commit myself to not spending a dime in black owned businesses. And every year I find it nearly impossible.”

First, the white professor in question would NEVER, EVER be allowed to teach White Studies at any college in America. But we all know this hypothetical professor would be fired immediately and his actions condemned as racist by the university and the mainstream liberal media. However, this same standard of indecency is not applied to black professors. Oh, no black professors in fact have a God given right, as part of an oppressed people, to say and teach whatever they want and use their race as an excuse for their bigotry and blatant racism.

Saida Grundy newly hired Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American studies, issued all the above tweets. Where I used the word “white” Grundy used the word “black.”


Grundy tweeted about white males being a problem after the University of Oklahoma incident when members of an all white fraternity were caught on camera singing a racist chant the fraternity would never accept blacks. Not only did the university condemn the fraternity’s actions as racist, but also expelled some fraternity members.

Boston University took no action against Grundy. Boston University President Robert Brown wrote in a statement that Grundy’s words merely “typecast” white people.

“I understand there is a broader context to Dr. Grundy’s tweets and that, as a scholar, she has the right to pursue her research, formulate her views, and challenge the rest of us think differently about race relations,” Brown added.

There was nothing scholarly about Grundy’s tweets. For the steep $62,000 price tag Boston University charges in yearly tuition, Grundy has obligation as a professor, responsible for shaping the critical thinking of young minds, not to be a racist and treat all students equally. She’s proven that she’s incapable of that at a college with 3% black student population.

Brown refused to call Grundy’s remarks racist, which is exactly what they were. Today, a black professor of African-American (Racist) studies and sociology can make bigoted statements about whites in the classroom and on social media suffer no consequences. Because that’s what liberals have come to accept as blacks’ place in academia.

Everyone knows regardless of color, creed or politics, there is no way in hell Boston University or any college in America would allow a white professor to teach White Studies. This would be tantamount to teaching white supremacy. Yet liberal bastions of higher education across the country have created African American studies departments, which are nothing more than affirmative action programs, for mostly unqualified black professors to teach white hate and black victimhood.

These professors teach useless courses viewing every aspect of society through a racist lens. Moreover, black students and their parents who are foolish enough to spend over $200,000 for a degree in AA studies are the biggest losers of all. Students graduate with a worthless, unemployable degree in a job market where blacks already experience higher unemployment than whites.

They only thing Grundy can teach us about “race relations” is professors like her don’t belong on college campuses and African-American Studies Departments need to be outlawed.


A Man’s Right to Parent: Loeb vs. Vergara

Women use men for stud service all too frequently these days. Sometimes women get pregnant to compel men to marry them. Other times they just want a baby. But one thing is for certain, when a woman decides a “stud” is no longer of use to her, our legal system allows her to not only shake down the father of her child for alimony, palimony and child support; but also deny him custody and visitation rights in the process. And the court of public opinion goes right along with it.

Men have no rights when it comes to their children–or in Nick Loeb’s case– his frozen embryos created with actress Sofia Vergara. The pair was engaged in 2012, froze four embryos and tried unsuccessfully through a surrogate to give life to two of the embryos. According to Loeb’s account in a New York Times op-ed, the couple split in 2014.

The couple signed a legal agreement stating the frozen embryos could be born only with both parties’ consent. “The form did not specify — as California law requires — what would happen if we separated,” wrote Loeb.

Loeb is fighting in court for the two remaining female embryos, of whom he is the father. He wrote hauntingly in the New York Times about a girlfriend in her 20s who had an abortion without his consent. He also wrote about struggling with fertility issues with his first wife, who was unable to conceive. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion and the liberal mass media is painting Loeb as the bad guy, the jealous ex who’s ruining Vergara’s career.

In a vicious interview, Today Show’s Hoda Kotb relentlessly attacked Loeb. “Do you want to have a baby or do you want to have her [Vergara] baby?” asked Kotb. Well, those embryos are Loeb’s babies and that’s the issue in a nutshell. People like Kotb and society view babies as property of mothers only but what about the fathers who equally create them?

Loeb responded by reminding Kotb “lives had been created.” But Kotb then insinuated that Loeb was trying to destroy Vergara’s acting career and is being a spoiler because Vergara is engaged to actor Joe Manganiello. Vergara, who appears in the sitcom “Modern Family” and is the highest paid actress working in television, is starring in her first major movie, “Hot Pursuit,” with Reese Witherspoon.

In an interview with Good Morning America , Vergara revealed what a superficial celebrity she really is and where her priorities are. She told GMA’s Amy Robach she was angry with the press for giving Loeb attention because: “He’s not an actor. He’s not a celebrity. It’s like, why? Why are they allowing him to do that?”

The press is giving Loeb attention because it’s “about being pro-parent,” as Loeb lamented.

Poor Sofia doesn’t realize you don’t have to be an actor (thank God) to be a parent! Sharing more of her selfish wisdom, Vergara added, “I don’t want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself and get press for this.” Really? Seriously? Did it ever occur to Vergara that Loeb wrote the op-ed to reveal how self-centered, small and immoral Vergara is behaving over creating life?

Loeb seems to have a genuine desire to be a parent to his children as much his ex wants out. I bet if the situations were reversed and Vergara was petitioning Loeb in court to bring to term those frozen embryos, Kotb and Robach would again take Vergara’s side. In an interview with Howard Stern, Vergara said a child deserves two loving parents. Vergara has a 23-year old son from a previous marriage, which she ended when her son was barely one. Being a single parent didn’t stop her from raising her son, but she wants to deny Loeb the right to raise their embryos.

Stern told Vergara a child needs a mother. Last time I looked a child needs a father too. It takes a man to help make a baby and men should have the same rights to parenthood as women. Society can’t demand fathers take responsibility for raising their children then allow women to shut men out of the child rearing process when it damn well suits them.

Black Thugs Can’t Be Swept Under the Political Correctness Rug

When will liberals and society at large stop making excuses for black people’s generational problem with crime?  In the final days of April, mobs of young black men looted businesses and burned down buildings in Baltimore in the name of Freddie Gray, who died mysteriously in the custody of Baltimore police.  Oozing with righteous ridiculousness, liberal commentators and politicians — one after another — justified the lawlessness.

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill applauded the riots. “I’m calling these uprisings and I think that’s an important distinction to make. This is not a riot.”

Hill may want to grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word uprising, which is a revolt to bring about a positive change — not an excuse for theft and destruction.  Martin Luther King, Jr. and other blacks engaged in uprisings — not riots — during the civil rights movement.

Other black commentators declared these black men had “no opportunity,” so they therefore had every right to turn to violence to get the attention of America “to fix the problem.”  We never hear the news media talk in those terms when white men commit heinous crimes, like school shootings or the alleged killings of “unarmed black men” in cold blood. No, reporters refer to those white individuals as demented monsters, criminals, racists, or all of the above.

What problem exactly is the collective-we supposed to fix? The problem of blacks acting like thugs and thuggin?  Even President Barack Obama admitted the truth (for once), calling the Baltimore rioters “criminals and thugs who tore up the place.” Of course many black liberals took great umbrage at his use of the word thug. Blogger Loren Victoria Burke observed we never hear the word thug used in reference to a white person.Baltimore riots: Angry mum smacks her son when she spots him about to ...

I would agree. Black people glorify thuggery in rap music, street culture and gang life. When was the last time anyone heard white people wholesale calling each other “nigger” or “bitch” or threatening kill each other in everyday discourse? As the old saying goes, if the shoe fits, then wear it.

In other remarks on the Baltimore situation, Obama declared, “if we really want to solve the problem, (of blacks living in poverty and violence) if our society really wanted to solve the problem, we could.”

We could if Democrats like Obama would acknowledge the REAL problem:  blacks having babies out of wedlock at a rate of 72% and refusing to raise them. And as Obama reminded us, “This is not new. This has been going on for decades.” Five to be exact. Yes, thanks to 50 solid years of Democrat policies coddling black adults as if they were children, and not holding them accountable to their actions. Crime has become the black man’s best friend — over work. And the nanny government has replaced the black husband in the black family.

I am so sick and tired of being told that as a black woman, I’m responsible for helping my community. The only person I’m responsible for helping is me. My black life matters to me.

Obama said solving America’s black problem falls on the shoulders of “the rest of us.” This is exactly what got blacks into this mess—a reliance on everybody BUT themselves (i.e. government and society) to fix their problems. Whose problem is it when blacks refuse to get married, use birth control, or abstain from sex and have babies they can’t afford? Whose problem is it when young black men break the law and blame it on slavery, white people or racist cops?

It’s painfully obvious by now that liberal government policies of apologizing for blacks’ bad behavior haven’t worked — nor will they ever. The reason more black men are incarcerated and committing more violent crime than any other group in the country is because society will not hold blacks accountable to their actions.

No one can save black America but blacks themselves. The status quo of criminality embedded in the black race will be disrupted only when black Americans as individuals act like their black lives matter.



No Media Outrage for Unarmed White Man Killed by (Hispanic) Police Officer

Do white lives matter to the liberal news media? On August 29, 2013, an unarmed white man, John Geer was killed by Fairfax County, Virginia police officer Adam Torres. The officer’s name sounds like he could be Hispanic. Yet Geer’s shooting death didn’t turn into a viral media sensation like the shooting death of Trayvon Martin that same year. Before the facts were in, reporters didn’t rush to judgment to come to Geer’s defense or refer to Torres as a “white Hispanic” or Hispanic for that matter. But they did in the Martin case—with gusto and speed.

The facts surrounding the case not only make Torres look guilty, but the Fairfax County Police of engaging in a cover-up. Geer, a 46 year-old father of two, was upset that day after his long time partner Maura Harrington told him she was leaving him, and moving out of their townhouse in Springfield, Virginia into an apartment. As he started throwing her things into the front yard, Harrington called police.

When Torres and another officer arrived, Geer met them at the front door, showed them a holstered handgun, said he would use it then placed it inside the door. Several officers on the scene and neighbors said Torres suddenly shot Geer who had his hands up at head level (in a don’t shoot position). “Fairfax police, uncertain of Geer’s condition, waited an hour” before giving him any medical assistance while his family begged for help, according to the Washington Post.


For 16 months, the Fairfax County Police Department refused to release the officer’s name or make any information about the case public — until earlier this year when a judge ordered the department to provide the investigative file to Geer’s family. Earlier this month, Fairfax County paid Geer’s family nearly $3 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Harrington.  However, it has been 20 months, almost two years since Geer was killed, and no charges have filed against Torres.

A day after the police department announced its settlement with the family, the Fairfax County prosecutor Raymond F. Morrogh announced it would convene a  grand jury to decide whether to indict Torres. I guess the county was finally shamed into doing what should have been done almost two years ago.

Why hasn’t CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and every other liberal news outlet expressed outrage over the handling of the case …given it wall-to-wall coverage and demanded justice for Geer? Could it be Geer was the wrong color to warrant outrage from the liberal media?

And regardless of the facts, liberals will always care more about an “unarmed black man” killed by a white man. If a victim and his or her assailant doesn’t fit that description, don’t expect the case to make headlines — much less garner outrage or a press conference from President Barack Obama.

In January 2014, Fairfax County’s prosecutor referred the case the Justice Department, which still hasn’t decided whether to file any charges.  After the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was quick to declare that the Justice Department would conduct investigations of both shootings to determine if either man’s civil rights had been violated, and if it would press its own criminal charges. But America’s first black AG showed no interest in getting to the bottom of Geer’s death.

The only lives that seem to matter to Democrats like Holder are black males killed by white men. I’ll be curious to see if America’s first black female Attorney General Loretta Lynch picks up where Holder left off, or decides to defend a colorblind justice system.


Long Die the Confederacy

Confederate flag supporters demonstrate on the nor

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and some are using it as an occasion to glorify the Confederacy. There was nothing glorious about General Robert E. Lee fighting to preserve an southern economy and culture built on whites owning other human beings, blacks, as property.

I loathe everything the Confederacy stands for including, so called “white southern pride.”  What exactly is that code for? Keeping blacks in their rightful place as property? A person has the right to fly a confederate flag and I have the right to lambast what it represents!  You exercise your first amendment right, I exercise mine. As a black woman, from Richmond, Virginia, I’ve seen too many monuments built to memorialize the Confederacy and viewed with disdain too many  Confederate flags flying high with impunity from people’s homes. A Confederate flag to blacks represents what a Nazi symbol does to Jews–hate and it makes me sick!

Some who lionize Confederate soldiers like Lee for waging a years’ long battle to keep blacks in bondage, as property owned and abused by whites, need to ask themselves how they’d like it if the roles were reversed and blacks owned them?  Black slaves in America were used as free labor by whites for  decades to build the wealth of many whites, whose generations enjoy that wealth  have  today. Blacks were raped, lashed with leather whips and killed by white slave owners in the South. That’s why black Americans come in so many varying shades of brown because of the children female slaves gave birth to as the result of non-consensual sex with their white masters.

Now, I don’t use slavery as an excuse for anything neither did my parents or their parents before them. But blacks never got paid for the work they did like building Monticello, Mount Vernon, the White House, University of Virginia, U.S. Congress, state houses, plantations, great mansions and other public buildings across the nation. You name it, black slaves probably built it. Nor did they get paid for making tobacco, cotton, and sugar plantation owners very wealthy.

No, I loathe the Confederacy and everything it stands for. Long die the Confederacy and long live the party of Abraham Lincoln, what used to be the Grand Old Party, which ended the abomination of slavery and enfranchised  blacks into the U.S Constitution where they belonged in the first place. I’d love to see  Republican candidates running for president in 2016 return to their roots of being the inclusive party of Lincoln, asking blacks for their vote in earnest, and demonstrating how Republican policies can help blacks excel more than the failed polices of Democrats have over the past 50 years.

Hillary’s Back . . . Hoping her Breasts Will Lead the Way to the White House

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Error’ Page Will Quack You Up

In a low-key tweet, Hillary Clinton announced she’s running for president AGAIN in 2016. This time, because “It’s your time,” she told Americans in a two-minute video. Time for what exactly? Time for Americans to check the “chick” box and elect the first female president? Americans checked the black box with Obama in 2008, electing him president twice — largely based on his race.

Now liberals are demanding — and screaming — we elect Queen Hillary president, based solely on that fact she has boobs. How about we check the qualification box this time and actually elect a candidate on merit instead of on gender guilt?

Any woman who is “Ready for Hillary ” needs her head examined. Hillary Clinton is no champion of women. First, she married a whoremonger, former president Bill Clinton. And she has stayed married to him for over 30 — purely for raw political power. Her resounding message to women is stand by your man at any cost because you can only rise to power if you’re married to a man  (even a low-down dirty scoundrel of a man).

Second, as Senator, Hillary paid her female staff 72 cents to the $1 she paid to her male staffers, and white men hold most of the top positions in her presidential campaign. Third, the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a “nonprofit” — is nothing more than a PAC for Hillary — actively and aggressively accepted tens of millions of dollars from nations hostile to women.  They include “Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei — all of which the State Department,” under Secretary Clinton’s tenure, were called out in its 2011 human rights report for violence against women and denying them equal rights.

For a woman who will build her presidential campaign on being an advocate for women’s rights…when you add up the facts, Hillary’s no champion of women and married to a man who doesn’t respect them. She’s a ruthless advocate for Hillary. She has achieved every political office under the sun thanks to being Bill’s wife, First Lady First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State.  But what has Hillary done?

Holding office isn’t a record. Her only accomplishments include: four dead Americans in Benghazi, because she didn’t have time as Secretary of State to read cables from Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other diplomats pleading for safety improvements to the consulate. While Secretary of State, she used a personal email account powered by a private server to avoid accountability, and took it upon herself to decide which government emails to destroy. She doesn’t think she should answer to anyone but Bill. That’s not American, that’s corruption.

Hillary wants to help Hillary ascend to the White House to perpetuate the Clinton dynasty. She doesn’t want to be a champion of everyday Americans, as she insisted in her campaign video. Hillary is bad for America, but Republicans must prove why their guy is better for America. It won’t be enough for the Republican National Committee to have a singular strategy of bashing Hillary, as RNC Chairman Reince Priebus keeps doing.