Hillary loved fake news — until she lost

First published December 11, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Hillary Clinton believed (and bathed in) all the fake news that CNN and other liberal news outlets churned out 24/7, in anticipation of her inevitable victory.

That’s why it was so hard for the old girl to face her supporters on election night and admit defeat.

Why? Because she was utterly stunned by her loss.

So, it would seem rather odd that Hillary’s now whining about fake news, and blaming it for her colossal humiliation.

“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Hillary insisted in a speech at a ceremony for retiring Sen. Harry Reid.

Why yes, the spread of fake news does have consequences as do the perpetrators and propagandanistas of said fake news — like CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times. Hillary ate up this fake news back when they all predicted she’d clean Donald Trump’s electoral clock! She smiled like a Cheshire Cat that got the canary (kindly forgive the mixed metaphor), devouring the avalanche of biased headlines. “The more fake news the better,” she purred, as she ready herself for the Oval Office!

Now, in her dejected state, Hillary is demanding that news be reported objectively, and that Congress do something about fake news.

Does Hillary, the tolerant liberal, want Congress to regulate or ban free speech? How very, er, Russian of her.

“This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk — lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs, contribute to their communities.

“It’s a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly,” demanded the deluded Democrat.

Hillary was trying to conflate her loss with the recent incident where a mad gunman stormed Comet Pizza in Washington, D.C. Inspired by a fake news story that alleged Hillary and some of her campaign cronies were operating a child sex slave business in tunnel under the restaurant, he drove six hours from North Carolina intending to mete out some twisted vigilante justice.

No one was hurt.

But nothing is putting lives at risk as much as the epidemic of fake news coming from news outlets like CNN, which incites race wars by calling Trump and his supporters racist, nativist and xenophobic. CNN never met the shooting of an “unarmed black man” by a (white, most of the time) police officer that it didn’t like and exploit in order to get ratings — all the while stoking violence and rioting.

There have been allegations that the Russian government was behind the propagation of false news stories during the election, to help Trump win. But fake news was happening long before Hillary ran a second time and failed to break the last glass ceiling. Consider: The Onion — a top purveyor of fake news. Further, conspiracy theories are pushed all time on social media sites, blogs and alternative news sites.

The liberal media produced non-stop fake reporting to rig the election for Hillary. And they’re still at it — like junkies who can’t give up their addiction.

“Reports by CNN that I will be working on The Apprentice during my Presidency, even part time, are ridiculous & untrue — FAKE NEWS!” Trump tweeted in response to “news reports.”

Hillary lost because she was a fake candidate concerned with one thing: herself.

And voters didn’t buy the phony headlines emanating from Hillary’s comrades in the liberal press.


Mexican Drug Cartel Spotters Have Invaded Arizona Mountains

Illegal aliens are invading America — from the inside out, and bringing drugs into the country. Yes, President Elect Donald Trump was right: Mexico isn’t sending us their best. They’re helping spread the scourge of addiction! So-called spotters for the Mexican drug cartel sit atop mountains in southern Arizona, along the Mexican border, to help drug smugglers move their drugs into America. And, our friendly federal government — which knows about it — has decided to sit on its hands and do NOTHING.

A spotter location is called a Listening Post/Observation Post (LP/OP). According to data compiled by Rosemary Jenks, Director of Government Relations, NumbersUSA, from law enforcement agents from four separate federal agencies, there are more than 70 foreign LP/OPs operating in Arizona — as in Arizona, USA.

“No one wants the American people to know there’s an invasion force sitting on top of our mountains,” Rosemary Jenks, Director of Government Relations, NumbersUSA.

Jenks has made several trips to border stations in Arizona since 2005, and describes an horrific scene: Paid, armed and supplied with food by the Mexican drug cartel, these Mexican spotters climb up mountains on US territory, and camp out for two weeks at a time — to act as look-outs for US border patrol agents.

These foreign spotter-spies have blankets, guns, batteries, radios and radio repeaters to alert one another (and the smugglers) about US border patrol agents. Since a guy gets lonely on top of a cold mountain, the cartel even sends hookers to the mountain top every so often. I guess even spotters need love.

“You basically have a paramilitary positions overlooking [America’s] transportation routes for drug smuggling, and the US government is doing nothing about it. You can bet if it were ISIS, we would do something about it, explained Congressman Steve King (R-IA).

Can you imagine ISIS taking over US mountaintops, and law enforcement shrugging it off as if to say “Hey, there’s no law against hanging out on a mountain!” Well, that’s basically what President Barack Obama and his dutiful Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson have told Immigration & Customs Agents to do: look up to the Mexican cartel drug spotters and wave.

About 80%-90% of the drugs consumed in America come from Mexico. Not only isn’t Mexico sending us their best — our neighbor to the south, coupled with America’s refusal to enforce the law, is helping the Mexican drug cartels get very rich in the process. And, oh yeah, they’re harming Americans in the process. Maybe Trump just needs to make the cartel pay for the wall and build it.

King, who sits on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration & Border Security, is pro-law-enforcement and a fierce opponent of illegal immigration. In an exclusive interview, he explained to me that spotters date back to President Bill Clinton, only now there’s more of them.

In 2009, Rep. King and Jenks from traveled throughout southern Arizona, from Bisbee to Organ Pipe National Monument, and everything in between from the border up to Phoenix. And oh, what they saw! The pair traveled with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in a Blackhawk helicopter, for a surveillance over the mountain range where they saw firsthand the invasion of America by illegals.

After landing on one of the look-out posts, King and Jenks saw blankets and caves where the spotters hide when they hear helicopters. During one flyover, King described hearing lots of radio chatter among the illegal-alien spotters as the helicopter drew near. As the helicopter hovered over the mountaintop, they could see the spotters scrambling down the mountain, or scurrying like rats into holes or caves.

“How much lawlessness is accepted by our law enforcement?” King asked rhetorically.

America’s new normal is that we now tolerate invasion of our homeland by employees of the Mexican drug cartel. During the 2009 trip to Arizona, King and Jenks met with the Shadow Wolves in Sells, Arizona. Shadow Wolves are the Department of Homeland Security’s only Native American drug-smuggling patrol unit that monitors the 76 miles of land shared by the Tohono O’odham Nation and Mexico, along the southern border of Arizona.

King and Jenks explained to me that the Shadow Wolves are eager to remove the spotters, but ICE won’t let them. Wait, what? Our federal government has access to highly-trained and successful officers who are willing to remove foreign occupants from our mountaintops…but refuses to do so. Yet another example of how Obama has turned our immigration laws into a political football.

The Shadow Wolves make James Bond look like a pussy…galore. Since October 2006, the 15-member Shadow Wolf unit seized over 31,000 pounds of marijuana, and was responsible 43 criminal arrests of smugglers. Using a method called cutting, Shadow Wolf officers search for any kind of physical evidence (footprints, tire tracks, thread, broken twigs, clothing) to capture Mexican drug spotters.

Meantime, King says a US Border Patrol agent told him,“I love this job. I punch in for an 8-hour shift. I love to catch illegals, deliver them to the station and go out an catch some more. Those people who think they want to come here and make a difference, wash out because nothing changes.”

It’s time something changes. America’s sovereignty begins and ends at controlling and securing our borders.

“The US has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” bluntly observed Mr. Trump. He was right, and this must stop.

Deplorable liberal media glorify anti-Trump rioters

First published November 11, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Someone should tell the New York Times that Donald Trump won the election, not Hillary Clinton.

Rather than reporting Trump’s stunning victory and upset, the rigged liberal media machine glorifies the anti-Trump rioters. Emblazoned on the front-page of the New York Times on Thursday was this incendiary headline: “DEMOCRATS, STUDENTS AND FOREIGN ALLIES FACE THE REALITY OF A TRUMP PRESIDENCY.”

Below this the sub headline of the lead article written by Patrick Healy and Jeremy W. Peters was even worse: “Grief and Glee as an Administration Once Unthinkable Takes Shape.” Notice the liberal propaganda is in full effect, referring to a Trump presidency as “unthinkable.” To many conservatives and Democrats, particularly blue-collar union workers who never voted Republican until they voted for Trump, the prospect of a Clinton corrupt presidency was unthinkable.

But the broader point is that in the face of Trump’s historic win, the elite liberal media is shamelessly doubling down on the very bias that helped elect Trump. In brazen fashion, the Times has become a rag of anti-American, leftist trash, ripping Trump in a way that looks like the publication isn’t honoring the results of the election.

Some of their op-eds include: “Girls Can Be Anything, Just Not President” and “America Elects a Bigot.”

This is exactly why Trump won. Because for the first time in many decades, Americans refused to be brainwashed by the media and voted for the person they felt was most qualified for the job. The 2016 presidential election was very much the people’s election. Hillary didn’t win not because she was a woman, but because she was a horrible, untrustworthy, self-serving, corrupt candidate under FBI investigation.

By far the most grotesque display of the liberal media’s entrenched hatred of the right and our Constitution’s first amendment right, is their collective post-election coverage of Trump protesters. Since the early hours of Nov. 9, when it was clear Trump won, liberals have hit the streets from D.C. to New York protesting.

And the liberal media has turned them into martyrs of a noble cause, giving them the press and the airtime that they should be devoting to our new president. The Washington Post, CNN and others are cheering on these protesters with wall-to-wall coverage. It has been reported that a Hillary supporter even tried to kill a helpless dog because his owner was a Trump supporter. Utterly disgusting, reprehensible behavior. We all know that if the roles had been reversed, and Trump had lost and his supporters hit the streets like these liberal maniacs, the media would call them un-American racists.

And the liberal hypocrisy is even more sinister. In its Nov. 10, editorial “Denounce the Hate, Mr. Trump,” the Times has undergone a complete lobotomy, alleging most of the protesters destroying America with hate are Trump supporters.

“There are many more reports pouring in of verbal and physical harassment of Muslims, Latinos and other members of minorities. Though not all are verifiable.”

To the contrary, what’s “verifiable” is the liberal media has lost its mind and any shred of credibility it has remaining. Reports of anti-Trump protests are pouring in from across the country (Seattle, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Atlanta, Providence, R.I.) and being reported with gusto by the liberal press.

In Portland, Oregon, anti-Trump protesters engaged in violent riots, smashing windows and attacking police.

Protesters in Los Angeles shut down parts of a freeway. In Chicago, supposedly tolerant liberals shut down Michigan Ave. The freak out in New York City hit the tune of 100,000 people or more. Of course, CNN took great delight in saying Trump won so it’s his fault, he doesn’t care about the riots.

How about the news media demand Hillary quell her riotous liberal mob? After all, wasn’t it her surrogate Michelle Obama who screamed that “when they go low, we go high.” I guess what she meant was if Hillary lost, liberals were given a license to go highly violent.

This is the America that the liberal media is celebrating and stoking: Violence against our President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Liberals truly are the nation’s basket of intolerant deplorables. God help America when the foundation upon which she has thrived for over 250 years — freedom of speech — is threatened by the media, the very people who profit from it and are supposed to be its greatest defender.

Trump presidency a real and present possibility

First published November 5, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

Donald Trump could actually win this thing, to the liberal media’s dismay.

Two weeks ago, after the final debate, the pundits and the polls killed off Trump’s candidacy for what seemed like the 100th time since last year. Everyone, including me, had resigned themselves to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

But oh, what a difference a second FBI investigation into Hillary’s use of a private email server while secretary of state makes. Hillary’s double-digit lead against Donald has crashed to a four-point lead or a dead heat in polls.

Even liberal-leaning, Trump-hating news outlets like the Washington Post and CNN have been forced to admit the electoral college is turning in favour of Trump.

According to CNN, Hillary’s path to victory has dipped below the 270 electoral votes needed to win on Tuesday.

And liberals everywhere, like HBO’s Bill Maher, are literally losing their minds over the possibility of a Trump presidency.

Maher opened his show on Friday throwing this hissy fit on Trump winning the election:

“It’s not f—ing funny. There is a slow-moving right-wing coup going on. Media, do your f—ing job! Report on it!”

Even President Barack Obama campaigned in North Carolina for Hillary, accusing Trump of being a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer. But all these dirty tricks to rig the election in favour of Hillary seem to be backfiring badly.

Blacks aren’t flocking to Hillary like they did to Obama in 2008 or 2012, which has put Hillary’s campaign into panic mode. Of the 37 million early and absentee ballots that have been cast, black voter turnout is down nationwide, especially in critical swing states like Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. This isn’t good news for Hillary because blacks, like Hispanics, tend to vote early and Democrat.

While many blacks are afraid to say publicly they will vote for Trump, I predict Trump will get more black votes than people think.

The biggest surprise yet is Trump is leading by three to five percentage points in Ohio, a state that Obama won twice. Trump is winning among older white voters in the state, even some Democrat union workers who’ve lost manufacturing jobs to companies moving out of Ohio overseas.

Also worth noting is that a Republican presidential nominee has never won the presidency without winning Ohio.

Other states, like Arizona, are leaning Trump and New Hampshire — typically a Democrat leading state — has moved to the “toss-up” column. Reuters reported that the Clinton Foundation acknowledged it accepted $1 million from Qatar while Hillary served as secretary of state without telling the State Department — even though she promised the foundation would stop accepting donations from foreign governments while she was secretary.

Could it be that Americans disdain crooked, self-serving Hillary who has always and will always put her interests above America’s? We’ll find out in mere days.

How Donald Trump could win the final debate

First published October 18, 2016 in the Toronto Sun

As Donald Trump readies himself for the third and final debate, he should make a promise to himself not to run off at the mouth about petty issues that won’t win him voters.

There’s still a chance for Trump to perform well in the election that is, not as Saturday Night Live script material, if he can find a sliver of discipline.

Despite the barrage of sexual harassment claims against him from women near and far, the latest Rasmussen poll found Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by only two points, 41% to 43% — a statistical tie. However, a Monmouth University poll released Monday showed Clinton leading Trump 50% to 38% in a four-way race with Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

But in critical swing states like Virginia, Clinton leads Trump by 15 points and in Florida she leads Trump by four points. While the polls are swinging in many directions, the point is with less than three weeks to go, there’s more at stake in this last debate for Trump than Clinton.

First and foremost, Trump needs to tame his temper and not fall for Clinton’s bait. She will certainly throw his problems with women in his face and maybe even drop new allegations we haven’t heard.

Trump should expect this and pivot away from the subject by talking about his success at employing women across his companies and his childcare plan. What he shouldn’t do is get agitated, snort like a bull about Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs. When you live in a huge, breakable, glass house, it’s probably not wise to throw stones at someone who lives in a smaller one.

There’s a treasure trove of information in WikiLeaks hacked e-mails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta that demonstrate the candidate’s true nature. It’s clear from those e-mails that she’s a woman who will say and do anything to get elected. While Trump doesn’t like to prepare for debates, he should literally memorize some of the most egregious e-mails.

For example, one email sent by Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman advised her to lie and deny that she ever sent classified information through her private e-mail while serving as Secretary of State.

Brian Fallon, the spokesman, wrote other top campaign officials in an Aug. 22, 2015 e-mail debating a statement Hillary would make on her use of an e-mail server in her home, spokesman Brian Fallon wrote: “Our position is that no such material exists, else it could be said she mishandled classified info.”

In the second debate, Trump’s best moments was when he assailed Clinton on her use of a private e-mail as Secretary of State to deliberately conceal information from the American people. He should continue to pound her on this point.

“Newly released documents from the FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server indicate a State Department official proposed a ‘quid pro quo’ aimed at getting the FBI to cover up classified emails discovered on Clinton’s server,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Instead of circling Clinton around the debate stage like a shark, Trump needs to circle the issues repeatedly with the precision of a shark coming at his prey. What Trump should do on that stage is channel some serious focus and calm.

But, then again, Trump never seems to do what he should.

Black History Museum Discriminates Against Clarence Thomas

First published October 10, 2016 in Frontpage Magazine

America’s new black history museum apparently likes to discriminate against black conservatives. There is no exhibit in the museum dedicated to Clarence Thomas, America’s second black Supreme Court Justice and first Republican black justice.

“The National Museum of African American History and Culture is the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture,” notes the website.

The irony of a museum devoted to chronicling the abuses against blacks — from slavery to segregation — excluding one of their own is a deplorable attempt to rewrite history. It makes you wonder what else the curators are black-washing from our history.

Among the “more than 36,000 artifacts” collected, the museum’s director, Lonnie G. Bunch III, could set aside only a sliver of room, and that was to smear Thomas. The museum spotlights Anita Hill, who famously accused Thomas of sexual harassment during his 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings before the Senate. Hill is included in an exhibition about blacks in the 1990s that “features testimonies trumpeting her courage and the surge of women’s activism that ensued,” wrote the Daily Signal.

Many people who worked for Thomas when he was Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), where Hill alleged the harassment occurred, also discredited Hill’s claim at the time.

Bunch noted on the museum’s website that “there are few things as powerful and as important as a people, as a nation that is steeped in its history.” What he meant was the distorted history he chooses to make important.

Like him or loathe him, Thomas belongs in that museum. Born into poverty in Georgia, Thomas was raised in the segregated south by his grandparents and experienced racism by whites. Despite the odds, he graduated from Yale Law School. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan appointed him chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where he turned around an agency in fiscal disarray — with negligent accounting and a history of not enforcing equal opportunity laws.

While black Democrats want to mock Thomas as an “Uncle Tom” or “Lawn Jockey,” he boasts a better record of improving blacks’ lives than President Barack Obama.

In 1983 as chairman of the EEOC, Thomas negotiated over a $40 million settlement in a discrimination lawsuit against General Motors. About $10 million went to fund scholarships at historically black colleges and universities, as well as other schools such as the University of Pittsburgh and Yale. Grants also were given to the Society of Women Engineers, the National Urban League, Inroads, the National Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and the Minority Leaders Fellowship Program of the Washington Center.

While working at the Department of Education, Thomas disagreed with the Reagan administration’s decision to support Bob Jones University when the IRS revoked its tax-exempt status because of racially discriminatory polices, including a ban on interracial dating. In 1992, the Supreme Court was waiting to hear an appeal of the case by the school when Reagan’s Justice Department, which first asked the court to hear the case, decided not to pursue it.

“Like most blacks who worked in the Reagan administration, I supported the original IRS decision and was shocked when the Justice Department backed down and let the university off the legal hook. This made us feel like non-entities within the administration, and exposed us to scorn and ridicule from without,” wrote Thomas in My Grandfather’s Son.

Thomas’ long opposition to affirmative action also comes from his life experience. He wrote in his book that he felt he had been tricked by being made to mention race on his application to Yale.

“As much as it stung to be told that I’d done well in the seminary despite my race, it was far worse to feel that I was now at Yale because of it.”

In a tweet I made referencing how “awful” it was for the black museum to leave Thomas out of its exhibits, Fox Business News host Charles Payne tweeted:

“Thomas is personification of MLK dream-achieving success through hard work & content of character ‪@Oprah please fix this.”

Oprah Winfrey contributed $21 million to the museum. I refuse to call it by its full name, because this is America — and blacks haven’t been from Africa since the 17th Century, when they were forcibly brought here as slaves. But it’s sad that people have to ask a celebrity like Oprah Winfrey to tell the museum to do its job, not politicize it.