The Stupid Party (GOP) and its Love of the Confederate Flag

Why does it seem more often than not that the Republican Party (my party) is on the wrong side of the debate? Instead of using the killing of nine blacks in Charleston, South Carolina as an opportunity to engage black Americans, the GOP takes time to defend the Confederate flag.

“The flag didn’t have a thing to do with what happened,” bellowed former Haley Barbour Republican National Committee Chairman and former governor of Mississippi. Coincidentally, Mississippi is the only state that uses the Confederate symbol in its state flag.

Dylann Roof is a white supremacist. He wrote a racist manifesto laced with bigoted rants about blacks, Jews and Hispanics, which he posted on his website. One the 60 photos glorifying the Confederacy he posted online includes a picture of him holding a gun and a Confederate flag. His love of the Confederacy and what it symbolizes, an economy and culture built on whites owning blacks, absolutely fueled his hatred of blacks.

Moments before Roof began firing on parishioners at Emmanuel AME church, he told the black congregation attending Bible study that night:

“You rape our women. You’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

Maybe Barbour wasn’t aware of this. Barbour didn’t recall segregation being that bad either, as he told a reporter for the Weekly Standard several years ago. To a good ole’ boy like Barbour, it seems blacks just make mountains out of molehills.

In response to Roof’s racist killing rampage, a twitter storm erupted online with the hashtag #Take it down (referring to the Confederate flag). Since 1962, South Carolina has arrogantly flown the “Stars and bars” at its capitol in Columbia.

Republican presidential Mitt Romney, who has consistently opposed the Confederate flag, tweeted his unequivocal denunciation of it:

Take down the #ConfederateFlag at the SC Capitol. To many, it is a symbol of racial hatred. Remove it now to honor #Charleston victims.

Many of the 2016 GOP hopefuls, who need minority votes to win the presidency, fell predictably back on the “states’ right” defense.

Senator Ted Cruz said he understands many people view the Confederate flag as a sign of “racial oppression” but added:

“I also understand those who want to remember the sacrifices of their ancestors and the traditions of their states . . .”

Those traditions the Confederacy fought to uphold during the Civil War were inhumane. The white male plantation masters owned blacks as property, used and abused them for free labor and raped female slaves

“This is an issue that they should debate and work through and not have a bunch of outsiders going in and telling them what to do,” remarked Senator Marco Rubio to reporters on South Carolina’s flag problem.

There’s nothing to work out! The Confederate flag is a sign of hatred.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who’s contemplating a 2016 run said:

“This is up to the people of South Carolina to decide . . .”

No, the war was decided in 1865 and the south lost—slavery ended. The Confederate flag is not the flag of America it is the flag of racists.

The only woman, Carly Fiorina, vying for the GOP 2016 nomination said she agreed with Romney “but it’s up to the people of South Carolina.”

What’s up with all the caveats and double talk? Rather than take up the mantle of Abraham Lincoln, America’s first Republican president, who fought to end the Confederacy, Republicans are pandering to the racist white vote, which won’t win them national elections.

This would be unbelievable if it wasn’t so repulsive.

Another presidential candidate, Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina boasted that flying the Confederate flag “is part of who we are.”

First, the Confederate flag is a symbol of division not unification like the American flag, as a friend told me. Second, Graham just sounds like a bigoted ambassador of the GOP, which isn’t good marketing for 2016.

Lastly, I’m disappointed it took public pressure for South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to hold a press conference Monday declaring the flag would come down. Why didn’t Haley take this action last week instead of saying it was an issue the legislature needed to decide? The GOP always has to be backed into a corner or publicly embarrassed before it does what’s right?

What was sadder was watching South Carolina Senator Tim Scott stand next to Haley during the press conference. Scott appeared visibly uncomfortable, biting his lip. . . and his tongue, saying nothing. Ironically, as the first black Republican elected to the U.S Senate from South Carolina since Reconstruction, Scott had to have been more than a little bothered by the episode.

What is wrong with the GOP? Republicans supporting the Confederate flag and continuing to ignore the black, Hispanic and Asian vote is a recipe for losers. If the GOP keeps this up, it may very well become extinct before 2016.

Democrat and Former CIA Director John Woolsey Calls Obama’s Iran Talks Delusional

(Paris, France)–“These talks are worse than worthless. Never have I seen anything close to a lack of willingness to cooperate, ” R. John Woolsey, former CIA Director under President Bill Clinton, remarked about the Iran nuclear talks. Joining a policy forum sponsored by the National Council for the Resistance of Iran in Paris June 12, 2015. Woolsey blasted President Barack Obama’s strategy with Iran as delusional.

“We are headed toward a world where Iran has a nuclear weapon . . .and the world changes even when the weapon is not sophisticated,” he added. The forum was a prelude to annual conference of the NCRI which advocates for democracy in Iran and an end to its murderous, mullah-led regime. This year an estimated 100,000 people, including politicians from around the globe attended this year’s June 13th conference in Paris.

A bi-partisan group of Americans spoke at the event. They included: former UN Ambassador John Bolton, former Governor Howard Dean, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, Phillip Crowley, former Governor Ed Rendell, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired General Hugh Shelton and many others.

It’s unclear if some of these former US politicians were paid to attend the event or merely had their travel paid for by NCRI, as was my case. While it was impressive to see the NCRI attract such a politically-diverse group of people, I suspect it would have more influence, if it was transparent about its funding and speaker fees.

Having participated in four different nuclear disarmament talks during his career, one of which he led, Woolsey knows more than a little about the topic. “Iran has done nothing of use or utility to those who want to stop their nuclear power,” Woolsey lamented–and he’s right. In the deal to be finalized June 30th, Iran will have everything it desires—no economic sanctions and most frighteningly: a nuclear weapon.

Other international diplomats shared Woolsey opinion this US lead deal with Iran, P5+1 (United Nations Security Council permanent members US, UK, China, France, Russia plus Germany), is not a good deal. Olli Heinonen, former Deputy Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government warned Iran has enough uranium production to fuel a weapon in a year. Moreover, he cautioned that under the framework deal, after 10 years, the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear capabilities are greatly reduced and . . . nearly non-existent after 15 years.

As for Iran’s claim it needs a nuclear reactor for the peaceful purpose of energy production, Heinone dismissed it as a lie because Iran has one of the world’s largest oil supplies. Russia, thanks to the Obama administration, now has largest stockpile of uranium in the world, which President Vladimir Putin could sell to his good friend Iran, even if it pretends to stop its uranium enrichment production.

Woolsey observed Persians invented chess, a game they’re very good at playing. The mullahs have successfully delayed the negotiations in order to keep building their nuclear arsenal. Everyone in the world knows Iran can’t be trusted as a “rational agent” except the Obama administration.

Allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon will empower it to order other nations around. Carrots-and-sticks, as the old diplomatic saying goes, is the best strategy when dealing with a nation’s enemies. You can’t negotiate with tyrants if you only offer them sweet carrots and no big sticks of force. Woolsey advised the only option in “negotiating with Iran” is for America to be prepared “to use force effectively and massively, with limited civilian casualties and double economic sanctions on Iran.”

Woolsey, a Democrat, remarked on his fellow Democrat, Obama, that his foreign policy of “hope” with Iran “was not a strategy.” Woolsey advised when you’re dealing with a “duplicitous and ruthless regime like Iran,” a US president or any world leader– for that matter needs to “get inside the head of the mullahs.”

“Something the Obama administration doesn’t excel at,” snarked Woolsey with a smile, as several in the audience, including me, chuckled. Woolsey may be a Democrat but that doesn’t mean I can’t volunteer to be head cheerleader for Team Woolsey.



Countdown to Iran Going Nuclear

Giving Iran a nuclear capability of any of kind—‘peaceful purposes’ or otherwise is a bad idea. And for the United States of America, who used to act as the world’s conscience, to act as the chief architect of negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran is an abomination.

“This is a bad idea. It’s a very bad deal,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech to the United States Congress on March 3, 2015. You know Bibi is on to something when bi-partisan members of Congress, not to mention Saudi Arabia, agree with him.

After missing two previous deadlines for a nuclear agreement, the US led negotiators, which includes United Nations Security Council permanent members Britain, China France, Russia plus Germany, announced in April they reached a “framework deal” with Iran. The deadline for finalizing this framework, built on an Iranian house of cards, is June 30th.

A deal that rubberstamps the mullah led Iranian regime of “death, tyranny, and the pursuit of jihad,” as Netanyahu described it.

Iran must “promise” to reduce the number of centrifuges used to enrich uranium into fuel for nuclear weapons from 19,000 to 6,000 and cut its stockpile of enriched uranium by 97%. The mullahs must also pledge (promise) to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to conduct inspections of its nuclear facilities, which it already declared military sites (where it builds nuclear weapons) would be off limits. Finally, if Iran “claims” it will do these things, all economic sanctions will be lifted. Easy peazie!

A little more than two weeks before the June 30th deadline to finalize the deal, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei must be salivating. Secretary of State John Kerry declared these restrictions will slowdown the time it takes for Iran to build a nuclear weapon from a few months to a year. But the deal boils down to “take Iran’s word for it,” trusting a murderous repressive regime, fearless in its quest for world domination won’t go nuclear. “If Iran cheats, the world will know,” Obama said. Not when Iran can lie about every aspect of this flimsy deal.

Iran wants carte blanche removal of economic sanctions and the US and world to butt out of its nuclear business no questions or inspections asked. What Iran wants, Iran gets with a US president Barack Obama determined to reduce America’s presence in the world.

No wonder most rational world leaders express grave concerns about this deal, if not reject it outright. National Council of Resistance of Iran will focus its annual conference “United Against Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism” held in Paris June 13, 2015 on the dangers of a nuclear armed Iran. Each year the conference draws lawmakers and dignitaries from more than 60 countries gather together to call for democracy in Iran and an end to its Islamic extremist regime that supports terrorism.

In April, NCRI President Maryam Rajavi testified before the House Subcommitttee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation and Trade on the rise in Islamic fundamentalism and ISIS. Mrs. Rajavi called Iran the “epicenter” of oppressive Sharia law in the Middle East. Under her leadership, NCRI alerted the world to Iran’s clandestine nuclear program.

As Obama looks forward to making history with a lawless regime, politicians across the political spectrum from the US, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa will meet in Paris to once gain sound the alarm on Iran. “China, Russia and Iran are taking advantage of American retreat to assert political and (perhaps eventually) military dominance over their corners of the globe,” argued the Wall Street Journal.

Notice China’s Supreme Leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladamir Putin are fierce supporters of the world’s most hostile regimes: Syria and Iran. Putin recently sold Iran anti-aircraft missiles. To quote Miranda in Shakespeare’s the Tempest, “O brave new world, That has such people in ’t!” We should all be afraid, very afraid of “the dangerous new world order that Mr. Obama is leaving his successor.”

Duggars In Deep but Double Down

Since when did “inappropriate touching” become the new word for molestation? In her two interviews with the Duggar family, Megyn Kelly of Fox News took great pains in avoiding using the word “molestation” for Josh Duggar’s reprehensible behavior of feeling up his underage sisters.

There is nothing defensible about patriarch Jim Bob and matriarch Michelle’s handling of their son’s behavior. He committed a crime, as a 14 or 15 year old not once but twice (that we know of). If I were Josh Duggar’s wife, I would be very concerned about him molesting their small children.

What was particularly disturbing is that Jim Bob and Michelle expressed more concern for Josh’s well being throughout the interview than protecting their four daughters whom Josh molested, one of whom was 5 years old. He also molested a babysitter.

As if scripted, Jim Bob and Michelle appeared to make excuses for his “doing some really bad things.” The parents repeated Josh touched mostly touched the girls “over their clothes” while they were sleeping and a few times under their clothes. So this makes it better? Making him look even more detached from reality, Jim Bob explained to Kelly he and Michelle shared their story with other parents who had said they too had similar experiences with their pubescent sons. As if it’s a normal part of growing up for pre-teen boys to fondle their sisters.

Kelly’s second interview of Jill and Jessa Duggar, whom were molested by Josh, and are both now married, was even more horrifying. They laughed off allegations their brother had any intent to harm them, and defended him. I felt sorry for them. The girls seemed like they’ve been utterly brainwashed, like members of a cult, to be subservient to men—in every circumstance—even as victims of molestation. The two repeated the same, scripted talking points as their parents. As victims, who claim their privacy was violated, why do an interview with Kelly? Yet, they granted a national television interview.

The sisters complained to Megyn Kelly their family has a right to a private life. Sorry, not when your parents allow TLC to pay them loads of money to air your dirty laundry in a reality TV show to the world.

Jim Bob and Michelle assured Fox’s three million plus viewers the girls really didn’t know what was happening; so that somehow made it okay. The parents said they took precautions to keep Josh-the-molester from their numerous daughters in a brood of 19. Kelly asked sympathetically what did about Josh. As Michelle cried, Jim Bob explained that after the second time Josh admitted fondling his little sisters, they sent him away to do construction with a man in Georgia. When Josh returned sometime in 2003, Jim Bob took Josh to the state police headquarters where Josh allegedly told his story to a State Trooper, who filed no charges.

As the years wore on and the statue of limitations expired, Jim Bob was busy putting his family’s private life up for sale to the highest reality-TV bidder. Their show premiered in 2008 on TLC, as “17 Kids and Counting.”

I certainly don’t think Josh’s sealed juvenile record should have been released. But instead of showing profound regret in their Fox interview, the Duggars doubled down. Sitting indignant in their kitchen on their thrones of high morality, both acted as if they were the victims of a left wing conspiracy. “It’s been an unprecedented attack on our family,” hollered Jim Bob. He and Michelle threatened legal action against the official who leaked the police report to the media. Where’s the Duggars anger over their daughters, the real people “attacked” in this case?

Republicans, like former Senator Rick Santorum and former Governor Mike Huckabee who embraced the Duggars, have remained silent in denouncing Josh and the family’s handling of the matter. It is similar to the party’s handling of rancher Cliven Bundy’s racist remarks. Sadly, my party continues to lose the credibility fight with Americans.

I’ve never watched the show and barely can keep track of the family members’ names. Nonetheless, fact the Duggars can procreate more than the average family and hold themselves up as model Christians doesn’t make them above accountability. The Duggars are not God.

Josh Duggar, the 27 year-old disgraced executive director of the Family Research Council, acted immorally along with his parents who tried to cover up his sin. They need to take responsibility their behavior, which isn’t Christian but rather a grotesque example of hypocrisy. I agree with Breitbart’s John Nolte. “It’s time to dump the Duggars.” Not only TLC, but conservatives as well.

Democrats’ Excuses for Black Crime Leads to Rise in Violence

Violent crime is increasing in America thanks to Democrat politicians placing political correctness (thou shall not offend the black man) above maintaining law and order in our country’s cities. Yes, the Ferguson effect has come home to roost. Thanks to the unarmed black-teen myth, police officers aren’t doing their job, for fear of being indicted.

From riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland, the message on high from President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder is clear. It’s never the black man’s fault, and police officers across the country better stand down. According to our nation’s first black president and his political handmaidens, like members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Al Sharpton, blacks are never to blame for any crime they attempt or commit, and all police officers are racist. (In 2014, murders of police officers increased 89% from 27 to 51; but blue lives don’t make the news.)

Well, criminals in predominately black cities across the country have received the message that they’ve been “given room to destroy.” The following is a tally of the uptick in violence over the past year in a sampling of cities across the country, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Atlanta: Murders increased 32%.

Baltimore: Gun violence jumped 60% in 2015 compared to 2014. May turned out to be the deadliest month of crime in Baltimore in over 40 years with 43 people killed. In a city whose population is over 60% black, the people who are harmed most are blacks.

Chicago: Shootings increased 24% while homicides jumped by 17%.

Los Angeles: Shootings and other violent crime increased 25%.

Milwaukee: Homicides increased by 180%.

New York: Shootings soared 500% in East Harlem. Murders increased in the city by 13% and gun violence 7%.

St. Louis: Shootings increased 39%; robberies jumped 43% and homicides 29%.

A Democrat Mayor governs every single one of these cities.

Black Americans and liberals know the names of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, and Vonderrit Myers, but refuse to acknowledge a few do not the many make. The reality is black men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violent crime in America.

According to Justice Department data, blacks aren’t being killed by racist white police officers; they’ll being killed by each other. Making up a mere 13% of the nation’s population, blacks are six times as likely as whites to be victims of homicides and seven times as likely to commit homicides. Over 50% of our prison population is black.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow issued several tweets May 21st with images of racist white police and the KKK harming and killing blacks in the segregated south during the civil rights movement. Each tweet asked: “Was this abt single parents and absent fathers?”

The difference between then and now is blacks are the ones killing each other, not racist whites.

In a 2013 Wall Street Journal article, Juan Williams observed that a Children’s Defense Fund report found 44,038 black children were killed by guns since 1979, which was “nearly 13 times more” the number of black people lynched over 86-years between 1882 to 1968.

Murders, shootings, homicides, robberies—these are just a few of the black man’s favorite things. As a black woman, I’m not happy about these statistics. My grandfather was a killed by a gunshot wound to his chest in 1970 by an armed black teen, who robbed his drycleaner’s and laundromat business. His tragic death saddens me profoundly, as does the wrongful death of black men like Eric Garner in Staten Island.

There are bad cops like there are bad people. There should be zero tolerance for both in cities across the country. But the greater problem isn’t a few cases of police use of deadly force against blacks. Until America begins admitting the shameful scourge of criminality affecting the black race, protesting and blaming police officers won’t change a thing.

Black like Me: Saida Grundy’s School of White Hate if a white male professor of “White American Studies” at Boston University, an elite private college with a whopping yearly tuition of $62,000 issued racist tweets like:

“In other words, deal with your black sh*t, black people. Slavery is a *YALL* thing.”

“Why is black America so reluctant to identify black college males as a problem population?”

“Every MLK week i commit myself to not spending a dime in black owned businesses. And every year I find it nearly impossible.”

First, the white professor in question would NEVER, EVER be allowed to teach White Studies at any college in America. But we all know this hypothetical professor would be fired immediately and his actions condemned as racist by the university and the mainstream liberal media. However, this same standard of indecency is not applied to black professors. Oh, no black professors in fact have a God given right, as part of an oppressed people, to say and teach whatever they want and use their race as an excuse for their bigotry and blatant racism.

Saida Grundy newly hired Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American studies, issued all the above tweets. Where I used the word “white” Grundy used the word “black.”


Grundy tweeted about white males being a problem after the University of Oklahoma incident when members of an all white fraternity were caught on camera singing a racist chant the fraternity would never accept blacks. Not only did the university condemn the fraternity’s actions as racist, but also expelled some fraternity members.

Boston University took no action against Grundy. Boston University President Robert Brown wrote in a statement that Grundy’s words merely “typecast” white people.

“I understand there is a broader context to Dr. Grundy’s tweets and that, as a scholar, she has the right to pursue her research, formulate her views, and challenge the rest of us think differently about race relations,” Brown added.

There was nothing scholarly about Grundy’s tweets. For the steep $62,000 price tag Boston University charges in yearly tuition, Grundy has obligation as a professor, responsible for shaping the critical thinking of young minds, not to be a racist and treat all students equally. She’s proven that she’s incapable of that at a college with 3% black student population.

Brown refused to call Grundy’s remarks racist, which is exactly what they were. Today, a black professor of African-American (Racist) studies and sociology can make bigoted statements about whites in the classroom and on social media suffer no consequences. Because that’s what liberals have come to accept as blacks’ place in academia.

Everyone knows regardless of color, creed or politics, there is no way in hell Boston University or any college in America would allow a white professor to teach White Studies. This would be tantamount to teaching white supremacy. Yet liberal bastions of higher education across the country have created African American studies departments, which are nothing more than affirmative action programs, for mostly unqualified black professors to teach white hate and black victimhood.

These professors teach useless courses viewing every aspect of society through a racist lens. Moreover, black students and their parents who are foolish enough to spend over $200,000 for a degree in AA studies are the biggest losers of all. Students graduate with a worthless, unemployable degree in a job market where blacks already experience higher unemployment than whites.

They only thing Grundy can teach us about “race relations” is professors like her don’t belong on college campuses and African-American Studies Departments need to be outlawed.