Media Appearances

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Fox & Friends-Fox News-1-23-17

Varney & Co.-Fox Business News-1-16-17

Fox & Friends-Fox News-12-21-16

O’Reilly Factor-Fox News-8-29-16

Varney & Co.-Fox Business May 5, 2016

Fox & Friends-April 21, 2016

The View-ABC-3-22-16

CNN-Smerconish Show-3-12-16

Varney & Co.-Fox Business News-February 20, 2016

Varney & Company-Fox Business-February 1, 2016

Fox & Friends-February 1, 2016

Varney & Company-Fox Business-1-29-16

Fox & Friends-January 11, 2016

CBC radio interview-12-1-15

Steve Harvey-Part Three-Clock Boy Ahmed-11-4-15

Steve Harvey-Part Two-Trump hate speech-11-4-15

Steve Harvey Show-Part One-11-4-15

The Nightly Show-Comedy Central-11-3-15

Fox News-Strategy Room-Carly Fiorina-9-17-15

Fox News Strategy Room-Obama on Texas Teen Clock that looked like a Bomb 9-17-15

CNN-June 2, 2015

Fox News-Howard Kurtz-3-8-15

Fox Busines News-Making Money with Charles Payne-Are Millennials too risk averse as investors?-2-16-15

Fox Business News-Making Money with Charles Payne-Investing in Drones-2-16-15

Fox Busines News-Making Money with Charles Payne-Do Lotteries Target the Poor-2-16-15


Fox & Friends-11-10-14

Varney & Company-Fox Business–8-21-14

Varney & Company-Fox Business-8-18-14



CNN-Out Front 5-23-14

Varney & Company-Fox Business-5-19-14

Varney & Company-Fox Business News-5-12-14

Varney & Company-Fox Business News-4-30-14


USA TODAY-GOP sets small goals for black voter outreach-4-14-14


MSNBC-3-22- 14

Huckabee-Fox News-Immigration-2-24-14

Huckabee-Fox News-How can GOP win?-2-24-14

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-2-21-14


Out Front-CNN-2-12-14

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-1-24-14

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-1-16-14

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-12-20-13

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-12-11-13

Fox News Hannity-12-10-13

Cavuto-Fox News-12-6-13

Varney & Co.-Fox Business News-11-27-13

Cavuto-Fox News-11-28-13

Varney & Co.-Fox News-11-4-13

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-11-4-13

Hannity -Fox News-11-1-13

Varney & Co.-Fox Business-10-22-13

Fox & Friends-Fox News-10-18-13