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Romney Turned Obamacare from Tax into Gaffe: No Formula for Winning

Friday, July 6th, 2012

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional as a tax with the pivotal vote of Chief Justice John Roberts, the politician. Despite Obama campaigning it wouldn’t be a tax on the middle class, that’s exactly Obamacare is. According to the Congressional Budget Office, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, “three quarters of those who pay the mandate tax will make less than $120,00 a year” and those people need jobs not more taxes.

Instead of coming out like every other Republican under the sun and agreeing it’s a tax, Mitt Romney’s campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said Romney agreed with president that it’s a penalty not a tax. Then Romney reversed himself July 4th and said it was a tax. Well duh! In a scathing editorial on the goof up, the Wall Street Journal noted “he [Romney] offered no explanation so the campaign looks confused in addition to being politically dumb.”

Romney can ill afford any more mistakes like this. Don’t forget earlier this year, in March, Fehrnstrom infamously declared Romney’s strategy from the primaries to the general would be akin to an Etch-a-Sketch, one in which Romney would just shake up his campaign and start over.  Maybe Romney needs to shake things up and start cleaning house because these sophomoric mistakes reinforce the perception he’s silly putty on the issues. Rupert Murdoch agreed tweeting, “Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to bat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful.”

Another big Achilles heel for Romney is Romneycare. “The tragedy is that for the sake of not abandoning his faulty health-care legacy in Massachusetts, Mr. Romney is jeopardizing his chance at becoming President,” wrote the Wall Street Journal. In an appearance on CNN in March,  I discussed the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on Obamacare and said the same thing that Romney would have to admit his signing the individual mandate into law in Massachusetts was a mistake in order for him to be credible on the topic against Obama.

The time has come for Romney to step out of the sand and take an aggressive stance on the issues and take the fight to Obama not throw in the towel like Senator John McCain did in 2008 for fear of being called a racist.  Since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, no president has run for re-election and won when unemployment is at 7% or above. Now isn’t the moment for Romney to blow that trend. Since Obama took office the jobless rate has been persistently stuck at 8% or above for 40 plus straight months, despite the fact Obama has spent $5 trillion in three and half short years. That’s more than what President George W. Bush spent in eight years in office.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t repackage Humpty Dumpty aka President Obama into a leader in another four years because he has no record to run on. If he’s given more time, Obama will drive the country further into this black hole of economic misery. But we need Romney to convince us he’s the better man.  It’s all in the message. So, let’s “shake it Romney,” there’s no time to waste.

Obama: Lost President, Desperate Candidate

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

 This is the worst of times for President Obama.  He’s a president on the ropes, up for re-election in the worst economy since the Great Depression with no  successes to run on and a Supreme Court who may rule this month his signature initiative Obamacare is unconstitutional.  And just when you think Obama can’t step into any more proverbial poop . . . well, he does.

With nothing left in his arsenal and desperate to save his job, Obama has resorted to pandering to black voters, whom he largely  has ignored during his presidency, and petty attacks on Mitt Romney. Obama is losing ground with black voters among the 95% of blacks who voted for him in 2008. Outraged over Obama’s support of gay marriage, the Coalition of African American Pastors said they would not support him in 2012.  A new poll found Romney would get 20% of the black vote in North Carolina if the election was held today. What does Obama do to keep blacks happy? He launches a slow jam radio ad  this week with a deep voiced black man urging blacks to show Obama “We’ve got your back.”

The ad is insulting on many levels.  Not only is it void of any message but the subtext is all Obama has to do is throw blacks an ad filled with R&B music and blacks will vote for him because he’s black. The ad is particularly repugnant when you take it’s words to heart. With black unemployment at 13.9% and in 2011 the jobless rate was at an historic high of 16%, the highest since 1984, black wealth plummeting compared to whites, more blacks plagued by foreclosures, it doesn’t look like America’s first black president “has your back.”

But Obama had even more laughable moves this week. Because Obama can’t give the American people a reason to re-elect him, other than his worn out 2009 excuse he needs four more years to get us out the of mess he inherited, he has turned his attention to personal attacks on Romney.

During a recent speech in Philadelphia, Obama said Republicans and Romney’s campaign message could be fit in a tweet: “Things aren’t as good as they should be and it’s Obama’s fault.” The inconvenient truth is Obama refuses to take responsibility for his presidency and the bad economy is a result of his failed policies and therefore his fault. Obama is full of excuses like the big bad Republicans. Reagan and Clinton managed to get things done with Congresses controlled by their opposing parties.

Democrats enjoyed a supreme majority during Obama’s first two years in office and what do they have to show for it? Zero economic growth, $16 trillion in debt, US debt downgrade, historic unemployment, $1 trillion plus deficits, etc.

Obama added in his Philadelphia rant, “They [Republicans] ran up the tab and are trying to pass off the bill to me.” No, Mr. President, you came into office and inherited $10 trillion in debt then ran the tab up yourself on a failed $800 billion stimulus, $80 billion in auto bailouts, $1.7 trillion Obamacare, and more.

Attending all those fundraisers, 160 to date, seems to be distracting Obama from his day job of running the country because it’s been “Junius Horribilis” for Obama, as described by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. The month looks a little like this: Walker victory, Bill Clinton’s support of Bain Capital (can we say Romney’s “stellar” performance at Bain) and extending all the Bush tax cuts, weak jobs report, national security leaks to reporters, Attorney General Holder mess, and the list goes on.

But after three and half years long years of sucking up to the Commander- in- Chief, the liberal news media finally seems to be ready to acknowledge Obama’s failures. As Milbank admitted, “In Washington, there is a creeping sense that the bottom has fallen out and there may be no second term.”  No, Dana many of us realized Hope & Change bottomed out a long time ago but we’re glad you’re gaining consciousness to this reality because Obama’s presidency can fit into one tweet with #characterstospare: Failure.

Saint Santorum Sails Away with Louisiana Primary but Looks Zanier by the Day

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Rick Santorum won the Louisiana primary but is looking zanier by the day,  as he can’t control the stream of consciousness erupting from his mouth. The killing of Trayvon Martin dominated news coverage last week leading up to the Louisiana primary, relegating Santorum’s win to its rightful place of a footnote in Saturday’s news cycle.  Only 20 delegates were awarded proportionally anyway in the contest. While Santorum boasted his Louisiana win was a vindication of his campaign, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rick Santorum has become a polarizing candidate, reinforcing negative perceptions the Republican Party is obsessed with bedroom issues such as abortion and ultrasounds over pocket book issues like creating jobs and gas prices. Santorum won Louisiana like the other Bible belt primaries he won in Alabama and Mississippi because Louisiana is saturated with evangelical Christians, who respond to his message of allowing one’s religious beliefs to drive policy.

Louisiana wasn’t a game changer because Santorum can’t win for two reasons. First, Math matters and he’s trailing Mitt badly in the delegate count, (Romney has more than half the number of delegates needed to get secure the magic number of 1144) and second, Santorum is only appealing to a small audience of evangelical Christians. The combined formula will not hand him the nomination in Tampa. As G. Terry Madonna, a Santorum observer described him, “he is in a box that he doesn’t seem to be able to get out of because he keeps narrowing his message and going back to his demographic, so he is limited.”

In contrast Romney continues to win in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio and most recently Illinois demonstrate he can win across all groups: men, women, Tea Party conservatives, Catholics, and different incomes. True, Romney hasn’t been able to woo evangelicals and win in the deep south but curiously an AP exit poll found most voters believe Romney would be a stronger candidate against Obama than Santorum. Exit polls in other southern states also revealed electability was an important factor to voters. I believe many evangelicals continue to vote for Santorum because it’s like going to a confessional it makes them feel good but they know in the end voting for Rick won’t win him the nomination. If Romney gets the nomination, in the end, evangelicals will support him.

Examples of Santorum’s out of touch message are numerous. Instead of talking about job creation, Santorum told people of Puerto Rico during a campaign stop there that they need to make English their official language before the gain statehood. Well, Congress should declare English the nation’s official language before we start telling states to do the same thing. Then there was Santorum’s comment that John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech assuring voters he wouldn’t govern with his religious beliefs as a Catholic made him want to “puke.” Let’s not forget his comment about birth control being harmful to women. Women whether pro-choice or pro-life are smart enough to ascertain what’s harmful to them and don’t need Preacher Rick telling them what choices to make. What turns many Republicans away from Santorum is his obsession with social issues which isn’t what this campaign is about.

Enter Ann Romney who explained to CNN’s Piers Morgan during a recent interview, when women approach her on the campaign trail they aren’t concerned about issues like contraception, they’re concerned about jobs. That’s exactly what Romney is talking about on the campaign trail along with Obama’s failed record of government over reach and massive debt. Aside from trying to peddle the ridiculous notion that you don’t need to raise tons of money to run for president (Obama raised $700 million in 2008 and won), Santorum showed his real tragic flaw as a candidate when he said Romney is just going to be Obama lite so we may as well stick with what we got. No Rick, while Romney needs to unequivocally reject Romneycare, he is no Obama and doesn’t believe drowning the country in regulations and higher taxes will create jobs.

But during a visit this weekend to Wisconsin, Santorum punctuated his desperation and unfitness to serve as the GOP presidential nominee when he said Romney is “the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama.” In making this, Santorum cast himself as the biggest flip-flopper in this race, who will turn on one of his own and thereby the party to save his sinking ship. What conservative in their right mind would trust Rick now? Saint Santorum is preaching to a small choir of conservatives and the rest of us are tuning out his sermons. Bye, bye Rick, you will be denied the nomination!

The Road We’ve Traveled: Obama’s Film of Fiction Narrated by Tom Hanks

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

President Obama’s new campaign video “The Road We’ve Traveled” is enough to make any thinking, breathing American puke. The nearly 20 minute mini-documentary, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, is more fiction than fact, more fantasy than reality. Hanks tries to emotionalize the presidency of Obama asking viewers if they remember electing the nation’s first black president or the country on verge of economic collapse. (Eye-roll here)

The entire video seeks to seduce voters into re-electing Obama based on his character and unique story over his failed record of presiding over the worst recession since the Great Depression. Tom Hanks asks “How do we understand this president and his time in office? Do we look at today’s headlines?” This line will likely arouse laughter from viewers because Americans understand this president’s time in office as one of failure, which is why since last year Obama’s job approval ratings job approval ratings consistently hovered below 50%. Although Hanks would like us to be blind to the headlines, Americans read daily about the unemployment rate being above 8% for the past three years.

This sappy video tries to play Americans for fools. Describing Obama’s first meeting with his economic team in Chicago to discuss the country’s economic crisis, Communications Director for Obama’s re-election campaign David Axelrod exclaims, “There was a screen set up for slides but we might as well be watching a horror movie.” No most Americans would say the horror movie has been the one they’ve been living for the past three years under Obama’s presidency: $15 Trillion debt, virtually no hiring or economic growth, and $1 trillion plus deficits, etc.

This video paints a picture of a helpless President Obama. Hanks voice turns dreary and foreboding “Not since days of Roosevelt had so much fallen on shoulders of one president. And when he faced his country; he would not dwell in blame or idealism.” Obama ran for president of the United States. He knew what he was getting into and it’s an outright lie to say Obama didn’t blame anyone for the situation he stepped into. Obama has spent his entire presidency blaming George W. Bush and Republicans for his inability to lead America out of this recession.

Hanks waxes on about Obama’s record of success/relentless spending like the $800 trillion Recovery Act, which did nothing to create jobs. Several minutes are sucked up talking about how critical it was for Obama to spend $80 billion to save the US auto industry, oops I mean union jobs. Then Hank declares “Obama knew he couldn’t fix the economy if he didn’t fix healthcare.” He should have focused on fixing the economy rather not passing $1 trillion Obamacare which killed jobs, rather than created them.

Of course the video paints Obama solely responsible for the Navy Seals capture of Osama bin Laden, this is the only time during he’s presidency he’s taken responsibility for something. Note Vice-President Biden’s emphasis “this was his decision.” What’s left out of this narrative is it was Bush’s enhanced interrogation techniques that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder condemned that enabled CIA to get information from an al Qaeda operative that Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan.

The most outrageous fiction in video is Hanks listing his record of success: Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, 3.5 million jobs created (no mention of the 6 million lost during his presidency) but Hank declares Obama’s successes “which changed the way the world sees us.”  That’s true enough. Obama’s policies have made the world see America as weak and broken.

Finally, Hanks notes: “Time and time again, we would see rewards from tough decisions he had made.” I guess Hanks is talking about the rewards of high unemployment, foreclosures and broken dreams Obama has given the American people? Watching this re-write of Obama’s record, which you think will never come to an end, Hanks finally pleads with viewers during the last minute “So when we remember this moment and consider this president, then and now, let’s remember how far we’ve come. And look forward to the work still to be done.”

Someone tweeted me “when I think of Obama, I feel like a battered spouse who has everyone fooled that our relationship is great when it’s not.”

Despite Hanks desperate attempt to portray Obama as a great president, many Americans, remember how much they’ve suffered under this weak, misguided president and they aren’t going to give him four more years to do more “work.” Game Change the book describes (pp.26-27) David Axelrod, Obama campaign advisor, “Axelrod was known for being interested less in policy than in softer qualities of character and biography. His central gift was a grasp of the power of narrative—his ability to weave his candidates beliefs and background into an emotionally compelling bundle.”

You don’t elect a President based on emotion; you elect that person based on his or her ability. The American people have had enough of the Obama narrative and aren’t going to fall for this fairytale a second time around. As producer of the HBO movie Game Change combined with his acting ability, Hanks is good at spinning tales with a leftist bent. But what both Hanks and Team Obama should recognize is Americans aren’t stupid and whether they’re watching a movie or living through the presidency of Obama, they can always separate reality from fiction.

Bill Maher’s Toilet Mouth Exempt from Obama & Democrats’ Standard of Decency

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

When Rush Limbaugh exercised his 1st amendment right to free speech and criticized Sandra Fluke for whining about paying for her birth control pills, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media pounced. Granted Rush used some harsh words to describe Fluke, but that was his first amendment right. What’s despicable is the hypocrisy exhibited by Democrats and President Obama who don’t apply this same standard of decency to left wing comedian Bill Maher, who on a daily basis says things more offensive than Rush ever has.

Could it be because Bill Maher is a huge supporter of Democrats and just gave $1 million to Obama’s Super PAC Priorities USA? Maher repeatedly utters vile, disgusting things which go well beyond the point of decency and all we hear is crickets from Democrats and the liberal news media. Maher mocked Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who prays before games with the following tweet on December 24, 2011 “Wow, Jesus just f**ked #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.”

There were no calls for Maher to be suspended from HBO and President Obama didn’t feel compelled to phone Tebow to comfort him after Maher assaulted his religion. Obama could have used that as a teachable moment to stand up for Christianity and freedom of religion.

Of course, there’s Maher’s vile comments about Bristol Palin in 2011, when he said:

“In Bristol’s new memoir Not Afraid of Life – working title, “Whoops, There’s a D*&+ in Me” – Bristol claims that the night she lost her virginity she had accidentally gotten drunk on wine coolers that she didn’t know contained alcohol and then blacked out and didn’t remember a thing. Oh, the Palins. I tell you, the shit doesn’t fall far from the bat.”

Maher has also mocked Sarah Palin relentlessly and repeatedly called her a “dumb twat”   and a “cunt.”  During his March 2nd broadcast, Rush said if Obama really practiced  what he preached, that is being the decency police, he would demand his Super PAC return the $1million Maher donated. Later that evening on his show, Maher responded and said he can say whatever he wants because unlike Rush’s radio show, “I don’t have sponsors. I’m on HBO.” But as News Busters pointed out, millions of HBO subscriptions like me pay Maher’s salary so it is the same standard of decency should be applied to his toilet mouth.

Rush commented: “Bill Maher and some of his comments make me look like Romper Room, a choir boy. So will Obama be giving back Bill Maher’s money?”

Unless I missed it, Obama didn’t express outrage over Maher’s insults against Bristol or Sarah Palin. Furthermore, he’s refused to respond to a letter from Concerned Women of America demanding Obama  tell his Super PAC to return Maher’s “filthy” money. White House Spokesperson Jay Carney explained to USA Today, “As for Maher’s PAC contribution, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama has nothing to do with Priorities USA, and can’t legally tell it what to do.” But White House staffer and campaign officials will headline Priorities USA fundraising events, yet Obama has no influence over the PAC? The take away: it’s okay to vilify and degrade Republicans but don’t you dare do it to Democrats.

In President Obama’s March 6th press conference , where he tried to upstage GOP Super Tuesday contests, Obama said the reason he called Sandra Fluke “is because I thought about Malia and Sasha, and one of the things I want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about . . . I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way.  And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

Obama added: “We want to send a message to all our young people that being part of a democracy involves argument and disagreements and debate, and we want you to be engaged, and there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve you being demeaned and insulted, particularly when you’re a private citizen.”

It seems Obama wants to teach his daughters the political double standard of decency—that it’s okay for conservative women and Christians “to be demeaned and insulted” but not their liberal peers.  Bill Maher is an odious pig with whom Obama doesn’t seem to have a problem being associated. Now, that’s a teachable moment for the history books.

Obama Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Terrorists

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012


In CNN’s Arizona Republican presidential debate, Newt Gingrich commented that under Obama’s presidency, “if you’re America’s enemy, you’re safe.” Newt  added “I believe this is the most dangerous president on national security grounds in American history.”

Newt is absolutely right. For more than 11 months, Syria has been embroiled in a bloody, civil war, where over 6,000 people have been killed by President Assad’s orders. What has the Obama administration done? Virtually nothing but stand back and try to work through the useless body called the United Nations where China and Russian vetoed the UN Security Council’s resolution condemning the violence in Syria. Where was the Obama administration calls for Assad to resign months ago?

While Syria burns, the terrorist nation of Iran has been ramping up threats on its intentions to become a nuclear brandishing regime that would not only take aim at American but said it wants “to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” Again the Obama administration has been slow to act, only recently hitting Iran with economic sanctions. Remember this was the same president who said nothing about Iran’s 2009 rigged elections which allowed President Ahmadinejad to remain in office.

Obama seems to be coddling our enemies more like they are our friends. After jacking up our debt to $15 trillion in three short years, Obama thought now was a good time to build a $750,000 playground at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp (GITMO) so terrorists would feel comfortable. According to military police, the new soccer field was built because that’s the sport of choice for most of the detainees and because they deserve to be rewarded for crimes committed against the United States. Detainees are granted 20 hours a day access to the field.

It’s also worth noting, this soccer field will compliment the already existing indoor recreation field and outdoor field because evidently, the Obama administration feels a terrorist’s well being is a terrible thing to waste. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he “wasn’t aware of it.”  I guess the next thing American taxpayers will be paying for is spa treatments for detainees at GITMO.

Moving on, remember when Attorney General Eric Holder hatched the brilliant idea in 2009 to give the madman behind 9/11 Khalid Sheik Muhammad and his gang of four co-conspirators a civilian trial in NYC. After Mayor Bloomberg and city residents said “hell no, you won’t” Holder backed off with his tail between his legs and said these terrorists would be tried in military courts.

Ever bent on treating terrorists with kindness, this week Obama  issued an order which would allow civilian investigators to handle US terrorism cases bypassing military custody.  Thanks to the White House’s insistence, the Defense Authorization Act of 2011 grants Obama the right to waive the military detention requirement for terrorists accused of plotting against America. Looks like a slippery slope toward civil trials to me.

President Obama gives terrorists at GITMO a $750,000 playground and apologizes to Afghans for US soldiers burning the Quran but doesn’t demand President Karzai apologize to the US for the Americans soldiers killed by Afghans. Something is very wrong with America, the land of the free and the brave, rolling out the red carpet for terrorists and being more concerned about protecting their freedom, civil liberties and feelings than those of the American people or more importantly our soldiers fighting and dying for us. No wonder America’s enemies feel safe these days.