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Obama and Holder Pull the Race Card, AGAIN

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


Listening to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama address Al Sharpton’s National Action Network 16th annual convention last week, one would think Americans were living in the year 1964 not 2014. Holder pulled the race card blaming Republicans for criticizing him and Obama merely because they’re black.

Speaking prior to Obama, Holder suggested to the all black crowd that both he and the president had been treated badly by Republicans because they are black.

“It has nothing to do with me, forget that. What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?”

The fact is Holder has done a bad job as attorney general and unlike his fans within the black community like Sharpton, Republicans haven’t given him or Obama a free pass simply because they’re  the first blacks serving in heir roles. Remember Holder is the same attorney general who concocted the idea to give 9/11 terrorists a civilian trial in New York City, where the horror occur.

Holder refused to respond to subpoenas over the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious botched gun-running scheme and as House Speaker John Boehner said, Holder refuses to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal or what exactly happened in Benghazi. Why not appoint independent counsels to investigate both?

In his April 11th remarks to the National Action Network, Obama declared blacks are still “woe is me” victims whose voting rights are being infringed upon with 21st voter ID laws.

“But the stark, simple truth is this:  The right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act became law nearly five decades ago. Across the country, Republicans have led efforts to pass laws making it harder, not easier, for people to vote,” declared Obama.

How are laws that ask a person to verify his identity at the ballot box racist? When you go to the bank and cash a check, you have to show a picture ID and when you board a plane or enter buildings in major cities like Washington or New York City.

Obama alleged, “It is wrong to make a senior citizen who no longer has a driver’s license jump through hoops and have to pay money just to exercise the rights she has cherished for a lifetime.”  States with voter ID laws offer free state-issued IDs and many provide seniors with free transportation to places like the Department of Motor Vehicles that issue the IDs.

Democrats always love talking down to blacks, making the demeaning argument that blacks are disproportionately impacted by voter ID laws and somehow can’t get IDs to vote like whites. This is insulting.

Voter fraud does and can occur. When I voted recently in DC, I wasn’t asked to show an ID but just spout off my name and address. I could have just easily looked up a name and address in the phone book and voted as someone else.

Prior to the 1965 Voting Rights and before that during Reconstruction, it was racist southern Democrats who suppressed the black vote with literacy tests, poll taxes, death threats and lynchings. Even though Holder and his Democrat cohorts love calling voter ID laws the modern Jim Crow, we don’t see any of that today.

If the voter laws in 34 states are racist, why did black voter turnout surpass whites in 2012?

Why did black voter turnout exceed white voter turnout after Georgia, Indiana and Tennessee passed strict voter ID laws, according to  the US Census Bureau study “The Diversifying Electorate—Voting rates by Race  and Hispanic Origin in 2012.”

Finally, if today’s voter ID laws are truly racist why in 2013 did the Supreme Court rule the preclearance section of the Voting Rights Act was unconstitutional? In its ruling, the court said that voting rates for blacks in former racist southern states were not only equal to whites but in some states surpassed whites.

It’s not surprising Obama would misrepresent the facts about voter ID laws to Al Sharpton’s all black National Action Network crowd. Good old Al’s organization is nothing but a front group to help Sharpton line his pockets with profit all in the name of falsely accusing businesses, governments and people of racism.

If someone didn’t know which century he was living in and only heard Obama and Holder’s speeches, he wouldn’t believe America had elected the first black President of the United States not once but twice. That same person also might not imagine the country had its first black attorney general. Yet in the face of this reality, the dynamic duo of Obama and Holder keep misleading black Americans and distorting the strides our country has made 50 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law.

Mozilla’s CEO Resignation and the Gay Lobby’s Double Standard

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Gays are trying to portray traditional marriage as an alternative lifestyle and those who support it as evil. It’s beyond despicable that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, purveyor of Firefox, resigned from his newly appointed post last Thursday because the gay mob found out he had the nerve to . . .wait for it.  . . exercise his first amendment right and support traditional marriage. Oh, the heresy. The mob attacked Eich on Twitter for donating $1,000 to support California’s gay marriage ban in 2008.

When the proposal known as Proposition 8 was placed on the ballot in 2008, more than 52% of Californians voted in for it. In fact, black churches were instrumental in getting blacks, the majority of whom in California are Democrats, to vote in yes for Prop 8.

Apparently, in today’s 21st century America free speech is only reserved for gays and not straights or Christians. I won’t tolerate it anymore and I think it’s high time heterosexual, liberty loving Christians mobilize their traditional marriage lobby.

Everybody in America is not gay. About 3.4% of America’s population is gay. Nor does everyone support same sex marriage. Depending upon the poll, whom is being polled and where, findings can range from evenly split between those who oppose gay marriage and those who support it, to more Americans opposing it.

In statement, Mozilla Chairwoman Mitchell Baker said:

“Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.”

Freedom of speech doesn’t have to be qualified. It stands on its own and is our constitutional right under the first amendment. If Baker truly believed “you need free speech to fight for equality” in opinions, she wouldn’t have accepted Eich’s resignation. Eich didn’t donate money to the KKK or utter racial slurs. He simply supported traditional marriage.

Think about that for a moment. Traditional marriage or coupling between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation has been going on since the beginning of time. It’s normal and the mainstream lifestyle. Since when did traditional marriage become a dirty word and one’s support of it becomes a license for “a high-tech lynching” by America’s gay lobby?

During his Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas famously told the Senate Judiciary Committee he was a victim of “a high-tech lynching” because he was a black American who dared to be a Republican. In My Grandfather’s Son, Thomas recalls his testimony: “it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you, you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured. .”

If any of the 97% of the rest of America, who isn’t gay, refuses to acquiesce to the gay mafia’s bullying, the message from the gay lobby is “we will destroy you.”

Brendan Eich isn’t the first and won’t be the last example. About two years ago, the president of Chick-fil-A said he supported traditional marriage and the gay lobby went ballistic, demanding boycotts and apologies. Neither happened. In fact, sales of the tasty sandwiches soared and lines wrapped around restaurants across the country.

Interestingly, Leslie Gabel-Brett, Lambda Legal’s director of education and public affairs declared Eich used “his money to try to oppress and harm same-sex couples and their children.” No, he donated $1,000 to preserve traditional marriage. How is this harming same sex couples?

Gabel-Brett takes her irrational argument further.  She wrote Eich can “freely donate his money” (thanks for the permission slip to democracy).

“Under our laws, he is entitled to promote such views or actions, and other people are entitled to be outraged by them,” added Gabel-Brett.

But the difference Dear Leslie is that gays don’t believe we Christians and straight people have the same right to be equally outraged by your views and actions. That’s the fundamental problem with today’s radical gay agenda being pushed by organizations like Lambda, it demands others be tolerant of their lifestyle choices but they refuse to TOLERATE ours.

I grew up with two loving, gay uncles who just wanted to live their lives. They didn’t push their homosexuality onto the world nor did they try to change the order of nature by fighting for marriage or trying to adopt children. What they wanted was to live openly in society rather than in silence. They died before they could  enjoy this freedom gays now have.  But if they were alive, they certainly would be shocked and appalled by the gay lobby’s effort to force all Americans into its vice. Live and let live is what they would say.




Rumsfeld Comparing Obama to a Trained Ape Won’t Win GOP Black Votes

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Rumsfeld 'trained ape' comment stirs controversy

Republicans just can’t help reminding blacks why they should not consider voting for them, at least not seriously.  In a Fox News interview, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld compared President Barack Obama to a “trained ape” for his failure to sign an agreement with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai on the number of US troops allowed to remain in Afghanistan after 2014 to help with security.

“A trained ape could get a status of forces agreement.  It does not take a genius. And we have so mismanaged that relationship,” said Rumsfeld.

While I agree Obama’s retreat from the world stage has virtually neutered America’s influence globally in conflicts like Syria, Iran, and Crimea, comparing the first black president to a trained ape is just in the poorest of taste.  Since slavery, racists have compared blacks to monkeys, gorillas, apes and called blacks derogatory names like nigger, coon, and darkies. After Obama’s election, more than a few Republican politicians have compared him, his family, and other blacks to animals.

I don’t think the intention of Rumsfeld’s remarks was racist but he may as well have compared the president to a “trained darkie” because his comments sounded racist. A white conservative friend of mine observed, “It just sounds racist. That’s probably not what Rumsfeld meant but the president is black.”

“United States diplomacy has been so bad—so embarrassingly bad,” Rumsfeld said. That’s accurate and Rumsfeld comments on Obama’s foreign policy in Afghanistan should have been more in line with this tone. Instead he just said spoke without thinking about the implications of comparing a black president to an ape.

That’s the fundamental problem with many carrying the banner in today’s Republican Party. They are so dismissive of and out of touch with the race culturally, that people like Rumsfeld don’t understand why blacks would find such a remark offensive. Even if he didn’t mean it as racist.

Fresh off the heels of the Republican National Committee’s one-year anniversary of its Growth & Opportunity Project to attract more minority voters, Rumsfeld’s comment is more proof the GOP isn’t serious about inclusion or winning future presidential elections. Comments like his are just the distraction the media loves to report on instead of Obama’s failed leadership at home and abroad.

If Republicans and the RNC are serious about winning more black votes and future elections, here’s some advice. First, hire more people of color at every level across all aspects of conservative politics Congress, campaigns, think tanks, and political organizations.  If conservative politicians worked with more blacks, I suspect they would be less inclined to say stupid things that offend blacks in speeches or other forms of communications because the blacks working with them would tell them “you can’t say that because it sounds racist.”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his autobiography My Grandfather’s Son that he recommended President George H. W. Bush appoint “blacks to positions of responsibility than the race-related ones they’d traditionally held.” This is great advice for the RNC, which seems to believe blacks are only qualified to work in “minority outreach” positions at the RNC.

Second, if Republicans want to earn more of the black vote, the RNC and other groups should follow Senator Rand Paul’s lead and take the conservative message to places Republicans aren’t used to going like historically black colleges and universities. Paul has spoken Howard University and Simpson College.  The RNC also needs to be talking to groups like the National Urban League, the NAACP and other “so called” black advocacy groups.

The RNC won’t win over votes in one speech, and certainly won’t erase it’s long-standing history of making stupid remarks on race and culture, but it can begin to build and sustain a conversation with black voters. If blacks don’t hear from the GOP how voting Republican will improve their lives, then they will continue to vote over 90% Democrat, especially when our spokespeople make offensive and racist remarks.

Democrats won four of the past six presidential elections and they look poised for another victory in 2016 unless the GOP can stop putting its foot in its mouth and start doing some outreach.



Michelle Obama Kisses her Pastry Chef Goodbye

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses is throwing in the cookies and cream for a more healthful job in New York thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama’s green tooth. Apparently, Michelle’s obsession with the White House garden rubbed off on him. In 2009, Michelle directed the pastry chef to make healthier desserts. Who knew there was such a thing? I thought the whole point of desserts is to enjoy a tasty decadent treat.

The openly gay chef, who was first hired by Republican First Lady Laura Bush in 2007, (so much for Republicans hating gays), began substituting honey and fruit puree for sugar and butter as his new boss requested.  Yosses told the New York Times cooking this way inspired him to pursue a food literacy program for kids. In June, the pastry chef will move to New York where his husband lives.

Yet parting is such sweet sorrow. Yosses lamented, “I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs.” But his boss lady does.

All of America knows by now Michelle Obama prefers the Jolly Green Giant dancing in our heads instead of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Her Let’s Move anti-childhood obesity campaign, a good initiative, morphed into a war on food that taste good rather than portion control with exercise.  Fearing more regulation, companies like Dannon, Subway and Darden Restaurants pledged to partner with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, reducing the fat, sugar, and salt in their foods.

It’s rare for first ladies to wade into policy.  But Michelle Obama is sneaking in her attack on the food industry under the auspices of her Let’s Move campaign. In February, the first lady joined the Food and Drug Administration to propose changes to nutrition labels on packaged food, which will be finalized later this year. Never mind studies show consumers ignore nutrition labels and calorie counts for food choices listed prominently on menus.

What’s missing from the First Lady’s initiative is common sense and personal responsibility. When people are incentivized to eat healthy, they do. Many corporations offer wellness programs which reward employees with lower premiums for maintaining good health. Mrs. Obama should encourage these programs. More regulations on the food industry aren’t needed.

She also should have encouraged her husband, President Barack Obama, and Democrats to first tackle healthcare reform by pushing insurance companies to charge weighted premiums where healthier people regardless of age pay lower rates for healthcare in exchange for choosing to lead healthy lives. Rather than pushing for the federal government to dictate what food we buy for ourselves or our children, Michelle Obama should add portion control awareness to her initiative because eating too much of a good thing whether boiled potatoes or a mountain of plain rice can make you fat too.

This brings us back to Let’s Move, where Michelle Obama has put a much needed focus on the food served in US public schools, which is generally garbage. If the federal government is going to stay in the business of funding the National School Lunch Program to the tune of billions of dollars, I agree with the First Lady the government should demand schools serve kids healthier choices.

I’d recommend the Michelle Obama advocate that the US follow the French way, a balanced diet, using fresh food, portion control–dessert included. Not only does France feed kids healthier food for less than America does, but it also teaches kids to enjoy a variety of food that’s good for them where cookies and fresh vegetables live on the same plate in moderation.

CPAC saved the women for last

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Many Republicans remain puzzled why the party lost the woman vote in the 2012 presidential election and can’t seem to appeal to more women. Look no further than this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and you will understand why.  Watching speakers take the main stage the first two days of CPAC felt like an episode of the 1950s show Mad Men. With a handful of exceptions, all the speakers were older white men, which the Republican Party doesn’t need more of.

Come on guys, we can and need to do better than this. A recent CNN poll found more than 55% of Americans believe the GOP doesn’t understand women and that misunderstanding number jumps to nearly 60% among women. Republican nominee Mitt Romney lost the woman vote by over 10 percentage points to Obama, 44% to 55%.  Romney hasn’t been the only Republican with “women problems.” No GOP presidential candidate has won 50% of women voters since 1988 when President George H. Bush won the woman vote.

Reviewing these grim statistics, one would think CPAC would want to kick off its conference featuring powerful conservative women to attract more women voters and help us win in 2016. Despite the fact Republicans have more women elected governors than Democrats, none of the female Republican governors like New Mexico’s Susanna Martinez, South Carolina’s Nikki Haley, Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin or Arizona’s Jan Brewer spoke at CPAC.  However, numerous male governors and US Senators spoke.

I look forward to attending CPAC each year and appreciated being invited to speak on the well received panel March 8th, “Why Conservatism is Right for Women: How Conservatives Should Talk About Life, Prosperity & National Security.”

But half of politics is an optics game and to the outsider looking at the first two days of CPAC a person might think the conservatism is only for white males.  There’s nothing wrong with white males. They just aren’t representative of all of Americans or conservatives for that matter.

For the most part, CPAC chose the last day, March 8th, of its conference to stack up its women and minority speakers like Former Governor Sarah Palin and Dr. Ben Carson. Some would say CPAC saved the best for last and I think that could be true but after two days, many people leave the conference on the third day.

Conservatives and Republicans alike ask why do women keep voting Democrat when the polices of cradle to grave government dependency, The Life of Julia, do nothing to empower women economically? The reason Democrats keep winning the woman vote isn’t because their message is better it’s because they’ve got better messengers—women talking about women’s issues.

During the 2012 presidential election, Obama enlisted female celebrities to talk about the single issue of contraception. Besides his wife Ann, GOP candidate Romney had virtually zero women talking about the real women’s issues of economic empowerment, marriage, family and education. But the GOP did have a few Republican Senate candidates saying unsavory things about women and rape and as a result, ended up handily losing their elections.

Time and time again, we see the Democrats  “marketing to women,” using women to appeal to women.  And what does the GOP do? We see Republicans using men to lecture women about women’s health issues and “Sugar Daddy” government. Whether its food, clothing, or politics when a person or in this case a woman sees herself reflected in the face of a product, it makes her take a second look. We need women to take a second look at the Republican Party.

Democrats put women in leadership positions in Congress and the Democratic National Committee. Besides GOP Conference Chair Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers, how many women does the GOP have in leadership positions in the House? There has only been one female chairman of the Republican National Committee.

No one is asking conservatives or the GOP to give special treatment to women or minorities for that matter. We’re asking for the party “establishment ” to take off their white old male goggles and see the electorate for what it is—a richly diverse canvas of women and minority voters.  If we don’t start building bridges into these communities, Republicans can get used to losing the White House in 2016 and the foreseeable future.





Obama has ignored the fundamental collapse of the black American family

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Barack Obama

*Originally published in the Guardian March 3, 2014

On Thursday at the White House, President Barack Obama unveiled a new initiative, created through executive order and partnering with businesses and foundations to spend $200m (maybe) over five years, “to help young men of color stay out of prison, stay out of jail”.

What an aspiration!

“This is an issue of national importance,” Obama said of his My Brother’s Keeper program, aimed at black and Hispanic men. “It’s as important as any issue that I work on.”

What a wonderful realization for the nation’s first black President to acknowledge! And with the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis behind him, no less!

Sadly, the message to minorities – and blacks in particular – is that we blacks can’t be expected to take individual responsibility for our lives like our white counterparts … so the government has to do it for us. Blacks should find Obama’s assumptions more than disturbing. Young black men wouldn’t be wrong to find My Brother’s Keeper downright offensive. And everyone should realize that the first black president is not holding blacks accountable to the same standards as whites when it comes to parenting.

And parenting is the real problem here – not the often repeated media narrative of The Troubled Black Teenager upon which society inflicts so many ills , but the long overlooked and systemic problem of the broken black family.

The president knows the grim facts. “If you’re African American, there’s about a one in two chance you grow up without a father in your house – one in two,” he said in his announcement. “We know that boys who grow up without a father are more likely to be poor, more likely to underperform in school.” He went on:


As a black student, you are far less likely than a white student to be able to read proficiently by the time you are in fourth grade. By the time you reach high school, you’re far more likely to have been suspended or expelled. There’s a higher chance you end up in the criminal justice system, and a far higher chance that you are the victim of a violent crime. … And all of this translates into higher unemployment rates and poverty rates as adults.

What Obama conveniently left out of his narrow narrative is the root cause of the problems facing not just young black men but the American black family today: 72% of all black babies are born out of wedlock. Think about that: it’s an anomaly for black children to be born to parents who are married. And that’s where the overwhelming crime and economic malaise begins, among the 13% of the US population that is black.

Worse still, there is a direct correlation between kids born out of wedlock and higher rates of crime. According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Law and Economics, kids grow into adults who turn to crime precisely because of a lack of educational opportunities and parenting. And that is exactly the pathology being born out in the black race.

Over 50% of homicide victims are black, according to a 2014 study conducted by the Violence Policy Center, which characterizes the rate as epidemic. According to Justice Department data from 1980-2008, “blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicides”. More than half of all federal prisoners are black.

More blacks go through “stop and frisk” in New York City because more blacks are committing more crimes in the city – last year, blacks made up 74% of shooting victims, 74% of shooting suspects and 70% of shooting arrestees.

This is not a new problem. Back in 1965, when the illegitimate birth rate among blacks was 23.6% and counting, then-Assistant Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan presented a policy analysis to President Lyndon Johnson. He warned that the black family “is highly unstable, and in many urban centers approaching complete breakdown”, concluding that the federal government must enact policies that “bring the Negro American to full and equal sharing of responsibilities and rewards of citizenship.”

Nearly 50 years later, the black family has all but collapsed, while the federal government continues to reward irresponsible citizensip. And what of “equal sharing of responsibilities”? With less than three years left in his landmark presidency, Obama’s new plan still does the opposite of that, instead continuing to feed a mindset that blacks are blameless victims for problems of their own creation, yet owed America’s collective social justice as a remedy.

In his book of essays, A Dream Deferred – more relevant during the last week than perhaps any other since its publication at the same fading moment of the Clinton administration – the race scholar Shelby Steele writes how this double standard prevents blacks from gaining true equality in America:

In redemptive liberalism, others are responsible for the problems blacks suffer, and blacks are, in an odd way, responsible for preserving the weaknesses that keep others responsible.

Why won’t America ever see a government program that teaches white men how to live responsibly? Because society expects whites to take responsibility for their lives. Even the progressive black politics of a progressive black president seem to hold whites to a standard of excellence – and blacks to an all too familiar standard of inferiority. That kind of underlying assumption, Steele writes, inevitably leads blacks toward feeling “entitled to irresponsibility”.

“We all have a job to do,” Obama said on Thursday. “And we can do it together – black and white, urban rural, Democrat and Republican.” He should have told black Americans – directly – what Steele prescribes: that they “must be agents of their own fate”.

It’s not everyone else’s problem to ensure black and Hispanic kids go to school, stay out of trouble and finish high school. That’s the job of parents. And if Obama was really serious about fixing the troubles facing black men, from childhood all the way through to a crime crisis later in life, he would advance policies that reward responsible behavior, not more out-of-wedlock births.

Potential solutions could include making long-needed changes to Clinton’s 1996 welfare-to-work reforms by cutting off aid to mothers who have more than two children out of wedlock. And by punishing black men by putting them on probation for fathering babies out of wedlock and forcing them to do community service or other government work.

Obama could also work to establish so-called Enterprise Zones, long championed by Republican Jack Kemp, which give tax credits to businesses operating in inner cities and hiring people who live there as a way to reduce crime and poverty. Most importantly, Obama could start supporting – rather than fighting – school voucher programs, which undeniably help blacks escape poverty and crime.

“The worst part,” Obama said before those families of victims and business leaders and philanthropists, “is we’ve become numb to these statistics” because “we take them as the norm”. Well, they’ve been the norm for going on a half-century, and it’s about time the one man most compelled to lead compels blacks to act for themselves, to be keepers of our own individual destinies.