Sad to see Trump Defend the Indefensible

First published August 19, 2017 in the Toronto Sun

Nearly eight months into his fledgling presidency, President Donald Trump seems to be committed to no one but himself and his perverse ideas of what makes America great.

Exhibiting his hallmark brutish behaviour, Trump doubled down in his defense of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

“There is blame on both sides, and I have no doubt about it,” Trump declared angrily, in a freewheeling, impromptu press conference Tuesday.

Answering questions from reporters, Trump blamed the tragedy in Charlottesville on “the alt-left,” rather than on the neo-Nazi, who plowed his car into a crowd of people, killing Heather Heyer.

“What about the alt-left that came charging at the, as you say, the alt right? Do they have any semblance of guilt?” Trump barked in reply to a reporter’s question.

Certainly there were counter-protestors (some who engaged in physical tactics), including Black Lives Matter advocates, at Saturday’s white nationalists rally. But they didn’t kill Heyer or injure 19 other people.

Please note: I have roundly condemned the Black Lives Matter Movement, particularly in my book Con Job, for the violence that group has caused, including the deaths of Dallas police officers in 2016 by one of their sympathizers.

The thing is, there is no “alt-left.” But the alt-right exists: they’re the white supremacists, who also happen to be hardcore conservatives…the same mob which rejects any Republican who supports inclusion, by labeling them as ‘cuckservatives.’ During the 2016 presidential election, these racists felt very comfortable taking off their hoods and supporting Trump.

And what’s indefensible is for the President of the United States to defend these groups in any way!

In response to Trump’s deplorable behaviour, CEOs began fleeing his White House business councils. First to take a moral stand was the black CEO of Merck, Kenneth Frazier, who stepped down from the American Manufacturing Council.

Of course Trump’s response was to insult Frazier on Twitter:

“Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!”

Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison said this, in a statement about her resignation from the White House’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative:

“Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible and are not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in Charlottesville.”

As Trump’s councils were fast becoming councils of one, the president pulled the plug — on Twitter of course.

Yet, Trump wasn’t even getting started with his insults and unyielding resolve to behave like a spoiled toddler…okay, maybe a teenager.

In a litany of tweets the morning of Aug. 17th, Trump praised the glory of the Confederacy.

“Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. You…can’t change history, but you can learn from it. Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson — who’s next, Washington, Jefferson? So foolish!”

I agree that we should not set a precedent by tearing down monuments; because we’d have to start destroying everything built by slave hands: Monticello, Mount Vernon, the White House, Congress.

But neither the Confederacy nor its history was beautiful for blacks. And it’s beyond immoral to see our president defending a time in America where whites owned blacks as property and fought a bloody war to keep that right.

Is Trump trying to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain or make America racist again? He’s quickly insulting his way to one of the worst presidencies in history…and quite possibility something unfathomable.

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8 Responses to “Sad to see Trump Defend the Indefensible”

  1. Hey,
    1. Trump is not entirely wrong about Charlottesville. A tiny group of retrograde retards and a disturbingly larger group of unrepentant maoist red guards rumbled like street gangs. These idiots deserve each other.

    2. You are an incredible hotness. (Ewww, creepy!)

    3. Post more blogs.

  2. JEFF TURNER says:

    Crystal, I agree with you on just about everything, but you missed the mark on this one. Trump was defending “free speech”, and there were good people scattered among the skin heads and white supremacist and other goofballs. There is a “alt-left” and it is made up of Antifa and Black Lies Matter and other goofballs. The anti-white, appointed mayor is a disgrace, he called for the Lee statue to come down, told the police to stand down, and indirectly caused the death of the young woman. Sorry you missed the mark. Keep trying, please.

  3. david brainerd says:

    LIAR! There is an alt-Left. This kind of shit you’re spewing will breed racism. Because you’re proving that black women (not black men) cannot be trusted by conservatives. Wait…no this will fueld hatred of women. Plenty of conservative black men can see the truth here. But as usual, bitches be stupid.

  4. Vapor says:

    “Trump doubled down in his defense of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.”- BS
    I’m no Trumpist & I didn’t vote for the man. He did say both sides were wrong. That is correct, they’re both evil.
    People NEED to stop being so thin skinned. Oh-oh, is that being bigoted by thin skinned people?

  5. David says:

    It’s sad to see you miss the point so badly. President Trump, if Western Liberty survives, will probably be seen as heroic for his comments and stance by history. Antifa is Marxist, so first off, if you want a moral equivalency, just look at the number murdered and lives ruined under Antifa ideology. I’ll side not with extremists, and neither should you, and neither did President Trump. What President Trump did side with is the principal of preservation of freedom of expressed thought, known to you as the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights. This is paramount to a enlightened civilized society. Did it escape you why the United States founders wrote the 2 most important concepts to a free society in order of importance in the Bill of Rights? No matter how bad the expressed thought, it’s protected speech. Antifa sought to deny people their Constitutional rights with the use of violence at a rally the demonstrators had a permit to be at. Antifa then became the worst kind of tyrannical oppressor. And yes, they are from the left. At the lowest common denominator, did President Trump not stand up for the values that make America great? Get back on ideological principles please.

  6. axolotl says:

    Nothing to coment about politics, but…
    Conservativeblackchick? Really?
    You have no prognathism, no broad nose, no curly hair, no black skin. You are no black, hardly even seen as mulata.
    For me you are a simply a tanned White with black features

  7. Px Freddy says:

    So many words for such a flawed premise. Trump DID condemn “NAZI”. What bothers you is he also condemned Antifa. For good reason. They have been courting war. They finally got what they were courting. Not to mention the fact that the leader of the Tiki Torch brigade was an ex-Occupy Wall Street leader. Does that pass the smell test? If it does for you then I suspect your olfactory nerve has gone dead.

    Interesting how now Pelosi is now condemning Antifa. Georgy Soros (the true LITERAL NAZI collaborator) must have pulled the plug on Antifa for one of his puppets to criticize them.

    Appears you bet on going with the crowd and lost.

    And Trump again has just spoken the engineer’s truth. ( Engineers are overly truthful and blunt to the point of being entertaining and rarely wrong )

  8. Dave says:

    The Alt-Right had a permit. Antifa and other far leftists did not. The police were told in advance to stand down. The police did not separate the Alt-Right from the communist far left. The gathering was pronounced illegal. The police forced the right and left to mix by making sure the right was lead into the existing path of the left. A melee ensued. If you ask me, it seems like the Charlottesville government did nothing to protect the free speech of the Alt-Right, which it had sufficient advance notice of, and which the Constitution guarantees. It comes down to the notion that free speech is meaningless if the most repugnant speech is not protected. Generally socially acceptable speech is allowed in every society, including North Korea and Iran. It is the supposed guarantee of extremely controversial speech that separates the United States from pretty much the entire rest of the world. It would be a shame to de facto lose it because of people’s feelings.

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