Not killing Obamacare would be epic GOP fail

First published March 21, 2017 in the Toronto Sun

Remember when Democrat President Barack Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress worked with Republicans to craft Obamacare? Neither do I.

Obama’s US$1-trillion deficit-distending Obamacare became law in 2010 without a single Republican voting for it – or anyone reading it – for that matter.

Obamacare is a social engineering, wealth redistributing nightmare that provides subsidized health care to a few at the expense of the many.

Hardworking Americans witnessed their health premiums double, triple and quadruple so they could pay for others’ ‘care,’ as they watched theirs being rationed.

But a new day has dawned in Washington, and payback is a bitch.

Republican President Donald Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress are following through on their pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare.

As expected, Democrats and their liberal media groupies are crying foul, warning that millions will lose coverage, and people will die. Liberals seized on the recent Congressional Budget Office report, which estimated that the GOP American Health Care Act would cause 14 million to lose insurance in 2018.

CBO also predicted that by 2026, about 24 million wouldn’t have insurance due to the GOP’s removal of the individual mandate to buy insurance, and changes in Medicaid eligibility.

Under the new American Health Care Act, Medicaid would be removed from Obamacare. Instead, states would be given Medicaid block grants to incentivize more innovative, efficient ways to offer health coverage to more people. But the devil is in the details. Buried amid the hyperbolic headlines is the fact that the CBO found that Trump’s version would cut the budget deficit by $337 billion over 10 years, cut taxes by $900 billion, and spending by $1.2 trillion.

Obama’s promise that we could keep the plan if we liked it … that was a big lie. For many, the Affordable Care Act made health insurance anything but. As a small business owner, I know.

In 2011, I paid $298 a month for my health insurance plan with a $1,000 deductible.

In 2016, I paid over $600 a month and was forced to cancel the plan I liked. My new policy sucks. I was forced to the only one offered by the Washington exchange – a single-payer system, which allows for ZERO competition. My current plan costs about $367 a month with a $5,000 deductible.

So basically, I’m not covered unless something catastrophic befalls me.

Please. Let’s not pretend that Obamacare is working.

The good news is the GOP plan replaces Obamacare with tax credits, tax cuts, deregulation and market-driven incentives.

Insurers will be able to offer different plans with different options at different prices.

It increases competition and reduces prices.

Despite the perfect storm aligned for Republicans to rid America of Obamacare, a mutiny has erupted within the GOP. Several Republicans are threatening not to vote for the bill because it doesn’t go far enough.

Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul want Speaker Paul Ryan to craft a bill that completely repeals Obamacare – and then replace it. Cruz is the same senator who quite memorably held up a government funding bill in 2012, demanding the repeal of Obamacare with his ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ stunt.

Reading the Dr. Seuss book on the Senate floor in an epic filibuster, Cruz’s one-man show of self-promotion turned out to be a dry run for his 2016 presidential campaign.

Republicans’ best chance to stop Obamacare’s bionic march toward socialized medicine is now.

Ryan’s plan may not be perfect, but with control of Congress and the White House, if the GOP fails to repeal Obamacare soon … it will be an epic fail, and this time, the egg will be on their faces.

Yes, Cruz and Rand, I’m talking to you.

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  1. Jimmie Edwards says:

    The House needs a new Speaker if anything is going happen. Ryan is still never-Trumper and will continue to slow any legislation that will benefit Trump. He is establishment all the way. If Republicans loose the House in 2018 it will be the fault of his feckless leadership.

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