What Is Wrong With Black America?

I’m not for any life being lost to wrongful murder: cop, black, white, brown, etc. But blacks must STOP IGNORING AND EXCUSING THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

The black race has a pathological problem with homicides and violent crime. Not my opinion, but according to facts which I write about at length in my book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division.

Hip-hop singers like Jay Z, Snoop Dog, music mogul Russell Simmons and yes, Beyoncé too need to shut up and sit down. They expressed their outrage over the shooting deaths of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana, and talk about black lives matter all the while getting filthy rich selling songs with lyrics like “fuck the police, nigger, bitches, hoes, screwing, etc.” Seriously? Seriously?

Here’s the cold hard truth on blacks, and I refuse to call them my people because they aren’t. This black thuggish, underclass is killing and being killed by each other. Let’s cut the pretending. Hard working and or educated black people know very well why they live in the suburbs or nice neighborhoods away from “our people.”

Because you’re afraid and don’t want your kids exposed to that violence and lifestyle of fatherless households. If the hood is so great, why don’t more hardworking, law-abiding blacks live and raise their black families there? Because your black lives matter.

Blacks represent 13% of nation’s population and here’s our claim to fame.

According to the Justice Department, between 1980 and 2008, over a 30-year period, black people committed 52% of homicides.

In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31%.

All this emanates from 72% of black babies today born out of wedlock. More black babies are born to fatherless households then to married ones. This leads to the glorious welfare momma syndrome, which Democrats love perpetuating. Black young women, who don’t work, keep having illegitimate babies and are rewarded with government money to live in cesspools of gang and drug and gun-infested public housing. I devote an entire chapter in my book to the breakdown of the black family and how Democrats reward this bad behavior by protecting this pathology by opposing REAL welfare reform.

And don’t tell me it’s because of racist economic oppression. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t die for blacks to have all this FREEDOM, affirmative actions, set-aside programs implemented by Richard Nixon for federal and state contracts, school desegregation and minority small business loans. And God knows what else for blacks to keep whining. Is racism still alive and well? Hell, yes but you work hard, take advantage of opportunities and excel. Blacks haven’t done that. Affirmative action has made us dumber. Blacks still don’t graduate college at the rate of whites.

As my parents have often lamented, before 1964 in many ways blacks were better off. They only had a 23% out of wedlock birth rate and they weren’t nearly as violent or broken down economically as a race. Blacks owned businesses then and they had more pride.

If black lives truly matter to blacks, then we need to teach and advocate for some huge reforms that start with personal black responsibility. No one can fix our black problems. The deaths of the men in Louisiana and Minnesota were sad and awful as were the deaths of five white Dallas cops who were trying to protect and serve. Cops aren’t hunting down black men like savages. Sorry, it’s just not happening.

According to Washington Post investigative data, in 2015 of the 990 people shot dead by police, nearly 500 were white and 258 were black. Any life taken by gun violence is a tragedy. In a nation with over 300 million people, this is hardly an epidemic.

Blacks are hunting and killing each other like savages with guns. But Blacks are also destroying their race with other pathologies. Police couldn’t do anymore damage to blacks than we do to ourselves on a daily basis. Then we have the nerve to ask whites, Democrats, the government–anyone but blacks ourselves to clean up our mess.

I’ve had Enough! Enough!

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28 Responses to “What Is Wrong With Black America?”

  1. conservativeblackchick says:

    This is an Awesome story. So glad you posted it.

  2. RE: “What Is Wrong With Black America?”

    “All this emanates from 72% of black babies today born out of wedlock. More black babies are born to fatherless households then to married ones.”


    It is not just the little guy or gal who are the blame for destruction that exists in the Black community.

    There are university educated Black thieves, crooks, the sleazy, the greedy, and/or the truly inept, in business suits who hold positions of influence as elected officials, social workers, probation officers, lawyers, you name it who have done far more harm, yet these individuals receive a free pass to continue the same.


    “Should a law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery like yours truly, Michael Lofton and/or other law abiding U.S. born Black men, women, and/or children, approach Congresswoman Waters, 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark “Little Napoleon” Ridley Thomas, 10th District LA City Councilman Herb Wesson, etc., etc., for redress for serious atrocities of government gone awry in Los Angeles County, all of these individuals play games of deceit, betray the Black community, make it plain he,she, and/or they, have no intention of upholding her “Oath of Office” to competently represent law abiding U.S. born Black men, women, and children whose Constitutional rights have been violated by government.”

  3. Gregory, I as a black man, would have voted for Giuliani in the 2008 election had he not quit! I, as a homeless teen in NY in 1987, saw first hand how he cleaned up NY!!!

    Look at us now! With an almost 80% bastard rate our biggest problem now is Spiritual! It is no longer racism! If racism was the problem then how was I able to have the success I had with my construction company with no degree! Taking on some challenges that engineer’s wouldn’t touch such as building a basement inside a mall during graveyard shift in OK City in 2000 when I was only 32! And later that year getting a Letter of Recommendation from the City of Dallas for an airport my company poured to perfection in one day!! (See on my website)

    My loses my first five years in business came from two black contractors to the time of almost $500,000!

    Lets stop blaming whites for our self destruction and our social impotence and see these problems for what they are! WE NEED GOD!!!!

  4. Crystal, I love the people on this thread! As a black man with no degree, I made a resound decision in 1995 to quit pro sports in Germany after 8 years of American football there, and return to Garland with a German fiance’. We moved into my parents house in 1996 when I began working for a small concrete paving company as an administrator. I wanted to show my newlywed the American Dream so when the company I worked for folded at the end of 1996, I drive down to Austin armed with two $5000 credit cards I had saved and incorporated my company, Onych a Industries Corporation, on Dec. 27, 1996, as we had just been approved for a small two story house in North Garland. I WAS 28 and Viola 20.

    The dream I envisioned quickly became a nightmare after I entered into a big contract in mid 1997 to procure sidewalks for the City of Dallas for a local black engineer who need my company to fullfill his MBE quota. I WAS exited when I billed him for $268,000 in two months after hiring 8 subcontractors under my company! However, my exitement turned to peril when he decided not to pay me $220,000, maxing out my three credit cards!

    WHITE MAN (WOMAN) to the rescue! With maxed credit cards I limped into 1998 when I received an invitation to bid on an $80,000 parking lot. I would have to qualify for my first Surety Bond at age 29, with no degree an maxed credit cards as a black man with no degree with only a Ford Probe automobile! I would have to convince an All white bonding agency that I am legit!!
    When they saw that they researched my claim and discovered the black engineer had over $500,000 in claims from other sources! He was blackbalked from ever getting bonded again at age 55! My bonding company approved my bond and failure was avoided!!!! Thanks to MLKs dream coming true!!!

    My company grossed $446,000 in sales in 1998 and my wife and I traveled to Cancun at the end of 1998! Opening the door to the American Dream! Our company grossed $2.5 million our first five years!!!

    There is a lot more to this story, but make sure to click on “Our credentials” on my website to see me getting an award at George Bushes 2004 Annual Presidents Dinner!

  5. Mike says:

    4367 shootings in Chicago alone last year but blacklivesmatter…read that number again 4367

  6. Victor says:

    Crystal, I saw you on TheBigPicture RT (Russian Television). Your repudiation of Bill O’Reily’s “slaves were well fed” comment was refreshing. Your comments about your skin tone being the result of America’s slave-rape history were also on point. However, your writing here in this blog belies those comments. How is it that you recognize the origins of your light complexion but fail to identify the source of the ill that plagues African descendants in the US? I am curious about your book Con Job,but if it is as surface level as your comments here, I’ll have to take a pass. I have to ask if this Conservative Chick schtick just an act, like so many others making a buck off their political opinions? Also, does your book point out that while the Democrats invented racism, the Republicans proudly picked up that mantle in the 60’s and have carried it quite well for the past 50 plus years? Lastly, like you, I take note of the fact that black people lead all other demographic groups in many negative statistical measures. I would, however, pose this question for you: Why is this? Is it that black people are inherently inferior to whites and others, or is it something else? Now I must ask that you not simply say it’s a result of Hip Hop, Jay Z, Beyonce, or “Black Culture”. Those responses don’t go deep enough. I ask that you look in the mirror and remind yourself again how you got that light complexion. Contemplate deeply on that light skin and how you got it, and all that came before, and after that light complexion was initially cultivated. Therein you will find the answer.

  7. Jen bishop says:

    Thank you for your truth and honesty.
    My husband and i often joke that ppl find it odd that im the more conservative one in our marriage thus my husband being a white ret.Oakland P.D.O. and im a black women.
    As parents of 3 children..our oldest 25yr male 21 daughter and 8 yr old male..i can assure you they have been raised to respect themselves and others since theyre still alive we must ne doing something right.

    I felt that during RNC the moment David Clarke came out blazing that my voice my frustration was being heard. And im learning more of you and i wanted to share my appreciation and support.
    I hope more black women will open thier hearts and minds and educate themselves on these matters that hinder our great country

  8. Ray says:

    America has many problems, but we can walk and chew bubble gum. Let’s attack the problems not each other.

  9. Ray says:

    We spend too much time lumping people into categories. It is not a matter of Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matters or White Lives Matter. Everyone knows that “All” Lives Matter especially those concerned. No rational person wants to see the police under attack. The concern when we see shooting by scared and insensitive police is “Safety for All with Justice”. Everyone wants to be safe, but we want to see justice when injustice is done.

  10. Jim cook says:

    I grew up in the 1950-1960s I had many black freinds and I never saw a drive by shooting and yet we fought like brothers and sisters . Not because we were diferant but because we were told that blacks were stupid and dirty,and they were told that the man was all about beating them down. Who told us this ,it was teachers ,not fireman or cops,not our mothers . I grew up in what politely was called colored town. I ate with then fought along side of them and also against them. But when we see each other now 50 years later I see no hate just a smile as we share our past. Yet their grandchildren makes remarks who,s that old white. Their reply an old freind . So what happened .white girls created as many problems as most. Making it their mission to take the black guys ,creating a hate between the women. The white men wern,t all that happy either. A lot of this was it was because it was new. Now blacks create more problems for there selves than most blacks do to them. The biggest difference I see is blacks in the 1950-60 had values that has disappeared with welfare ,lack of jobs ,and is just fine for the blacks to have 6-7 kids with differant fathers ,thus those working pay the bills . Yet still no body’s happy because those that have a job invest in the future and don,t feel the pain of not working and living in the projects. What’s the answer? It’s not ,Hilary,Donald or Bernie. Start back at church and befriending those who are willing

  11. DJF says:

    I totally agree!

  12. Sheri says:

    Where has this site been…or rather, where have I been? I’m so tired of black leftist blogs always whining about being victims and yet no one talks about the pervasive violence in black communities. When someone does mention it they get attacked and called “coon”, or “boot licker”. Thank you for this. You have a new follower

  13. Thara says:

    Thank you for saying this; I thought I was the only Black person on earth who sees this. I don’t deny we still have problems but I cant get away from the feeling that most of them are caused by and should SOLVED by …ourselves.

    I should be a stereotype right now, if you only knew my backstory. But somehow I am not. My life should have been a disaster; it wasn’t.

    MY father was in the Navy, then the Merchants Marines his entire working life. My mother was a housewife who had significant mental health issues. She didn’t drink or have a drug habit but was mentally ill. Don’t let anyone lie and say that medication is the answer for that. They only work if you can afford and take them. My dhildhood had some good moments and a lot of sad ones.

    I’ve never understood why in one breath we say we want better education and schools but a nerdy Black/African American child often finds themselves bullied nearly to death. Indeed, to “fit in”, excelling in school discouraged by the ones it would help the most.

    I speak from experience.

    The other thing I don’t get is why we complain about the police but don’t want to step up, become officers and foment change from the inside. That’s painting yourself into a corner.

    It’s easy to blame everyone else for your lack of whatever it is you feel you should have. Blaming is easy. It’s looking at yourself and taking responsibility for your own life that’s hard.

  14. Noel says:

    Again, I appreciate that Washington Post link about data on people shot by police in 2015. I am shocked to find out that more whites than blacks died at the hands of police. One doesn’t get that feeling from the news coverage on TV.

    Today 3 officers were killed in Baton Rouge and the TV media is shocked. Maybe if the media hadn’t been fanning the flames this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if the media also covered incidents of whites being shot by police there would be less of the feeling that black men were hunted by police. The media is part of the problem and so is leftist ideology.
    We are being conned, Con Job, your book is right on.

  15. Franklin says:

    This is exactly why so many white people don’t respect blacks or pay any attention to their whining about blacks being killed by cops…..

    When the black community stops segregating themselves into the “black community” and begins to be honest with themselves about themselves they will get the respect they crave…..

    When blacks start marching and protesting the crime and killing in their own neighborhoods….

    when blacks begin to call out the dividers, race baiters and instigating entertainers and sports people….

    blacks need to turn all their white hatred and bitterness against the crime in their own families and neighborhoods…..

    when your son indulges in a life of crime and drugs……

    don’t get mad when they end up in prison or getting killed by a cop……

    what did you think was gonna happen……

  16. Karen Goodman says:

    And where in HELL do black people get off telling other black people that they should live in this damnnation that they’re living in…

  17. Justin says:

    Why is it that BLM laments the lack of opportunity for blacks in industry, yet when a black man/women makes it to the middle class through hard work he/she is labeled an “Uncle Tom” or sell-out? The reason is that the mind-control doesn’t work when blacks become self-dependent and escape the illusion of systemic oppression. He then becomes a danger in that he may become a whistle-blower against the establishment which has destroyed the black community on purpose – through destructive culture, indoctrination, psychological manipulation, and peer pressure. Blacks are encouraged to truly sell out by joining the lowest levels of organized crime, street gangs, and when they do they participate in the destruction of the entire black race, or at least those who do not make it out of the ghetto.

  18. Karen Goodman says:

    I am sooo beyond pissed w/ my own people. There is just so much to say about all of this. And I am so sick.and tired of everytime that you cut the T.V. on more of it is shoved down our throats. I am an individual before I am a color. It is apparent to me that these black people want a pass for everything in life, which, is NOT fair because everyone else is expected to contribute to society. Lastly, I want to say that just last week, a black male was shot and killed, by another black male, about two weeks ago a black male was shot, by another black male, as he was leaving school and there are plenty more incidents. In all cases, I NEVER heard of outrage or protests from the black-lives-matter idiots/anarchists. It amazes me that you never here the EVIL Al Sharpton and Obama denounce or even bring up the black-on-black crime that’s going on. My thought is that most of these gang members/thugs/criminals are a part of the black-lives-matter liars.

  19. j e says:

    Sadly, many crimes (especially child abuse and rape) are under-reported in predominantly black neighborhoods; this, coupled with the pervasive code of “no snitching” means that crimes are often not solved in these areas and thus more criminals are still free on the streets and able to engage in predatory behavior.

  20. Karen Goodman says:

    Satan has the black community America, by the reigns and he is dragging them to depth of hell but they are continuing to blame other people. Please, please wake up!!!

  21. Karen Goodman says:

    Here is another fact, most black people are too busy blaming and trying to change everyone into believing thier lies that they are not focused on what THEY are doing or NOT doing. They don’t realize that with this EVIL way of thinking, that they are only isolating themselves.

  22. Karen Goodman says:

    Oh! And I must mention the disgusting way that women and girls are having babies out of wed-lock, to gain a welfare check. I’ve realized that they’ve made it into a “business”. There are probably girls and women who don’t even want children, but have them for the welfare check. I work, Listen up, I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR HOPELESSNESS ANY MORE…YOU ARE STEALING FROM PEOPLE THAT WORK HARD EVERY DAY. NOT only that, these same women have bums for boyfriends that encourage women to have their kids because then he lives off of the welfare checks and instead of trying to work, (forget the sob-stories), will get an EBT card. SO, I’ve begun to say to a lot of people, WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, THERE AREN’T ANY WHITE PEOPLE OVER YOUR BED TELLING YOU NOT TO WORK AND NOT TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING OF YOUR LIFE…STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES…

  23. Karen Goodman says:

    Praise GOD that more black people are realizing the LIE that they’ve been telling themselves for A VERY LONG TIME. They. Continue to whine and point fingers so that they can keep getting “free stuff”, which, if they weren’t so dumb, would know that they are stealing from us working class folks. I’ve said it once before, it takes a VERY small mind to label everything as racism. It’s ridiculous to me that all othetethnicities or communities are striving, but the black community, AMERICA, continues to point fingers and not take a look at what’s REALLY going.on in black
    neighborhoods all over. The crime rate is huge, and bytheway, I still live in the inner-city because I want to be anexample. The drug problem is HUGE, I can step outside on any day and see the heroine addicts nodding on the streets. Sexual promiscuity is ridiculously high that black men, it seems, has no type respect for black women, never the music that is out there. Jealousy and envy towards one another is huge, in the bible, those two are DEADLY sins, what about GENUINELY being happy seeing someone succeed. And there are PLENTY MORE ILLS IN BLACK AMERICA CAUSED BY BLACK PEOPLE. AND I MUST REITERATE THAT THE POLICE ARE NOT THE BIGGEST THREAT TO BLACK PEOPLE. BLACK PEOPLE ARE A THREAT TO BLACK PEOPLE..PLEASE WAKE THE HELL UP AND STOP LYING TO YOUSELVES!!!!

  24. Denise says:

    I am 100% with you. I just cannot express how done I am with the black left. And it gets worse every day. People pretend that they don’t get it, but it’s all a deflection from the shame that would arise if people looked internally.

  25. foosrock! says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, but am too afraid to voice such an opinion on other blogs for fear of the anger and ostracism.

  26. Robert Hickey says:

    Crystal, once again you make so much sense. It’s a shame more folks don’t heed your sage advice and warnings. When crime waves are being committed by ARMED 13 yr olds, there is a problem! If they don’t get killed or incarcerated in some fashion – they’ll turn into ARMED adults and the cycle will perpetuate.

    This is truly sad for America. It is also sad that a lot (not teen crime wave) of the problems here are condoned by the people at the top. HUH? How is that helping…? We’re in big trouble.

    You’re #1 Fan

  27. Ms. Wright,
    Thank you for your voice of reason.
    I think the NYC police under mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg saved more black lives than any other organization in US history since civil rights. Baltimore and Chicago should adopt their tactics of aggressive and active enforcement.
    I haven’t had a chance to start reading ‘Con Job’. Do you discuss ways to take back our inner cities?
    Love to all,

  28. Richard says:

    You are exactly right. It seems the only black lives that matter to Black Lives Matter are ones killed, unjustifiably or justifiably, by police. It’s easy to draw that conclusion when black people kill other black people at a rate some 30 times higher than cops killing black people, and yet, Black Lives Matter is completely silent about that horrifying epidemic.

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