GOP should follow Palin’s lead on inclusion

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Talking about race neither makes a black person a victim nor a white person a racist. It’s called a discussion and something conservatives need to do more of.  Recently, a white female twitter follower of mine got agitated on twitter because a black male follower tweeted at me the GOP was being run by a minority of “angry white men.” He added it wasn’t good for growing the party.

The woman tweeted:

“Really? America was built by similar “angry old men” you are referring to. I don’t care for your wordage.”

I tweeted “those same white men like Jefferson and Washington had black slaves build this damn USA. U understand that?”

She tweeted I had a 150 year old chip on my shoulder and “At some point you have to move on.”  Then a white male follower accused me of engaging in “racist claptrap.” How is talking about ALL American history, including slavery, racist?  Too often when blacks bring up the painful history of American slavery, conservatives tell us “to get over” or accuse us of engaging in victimhood. It was okay for the woman to bring up the fact old white men founded America but it wasn’t okay for me as a black woman to remind they did off the backs of slaves.

There was nothing in my tweets demanding blacks be treated like victims today because of the wrongs inflicted upon blacks in the past.  Yet when I raised the fact that for over 100 years white Americans used slaves as free black labor to amass wealth and build structures like the US Capitol, the White House, Monticello, Mount Vernon and many others, I’m told to get over slavery.

Interesting when whites praise Civil War heroes they call that “American pride” but when blacks talk about former slaves turned abolitionists like Harriet Tubman, Dred Scott, Frederick Douglass or Sojourner Truth, we’re told by white conservatives “to get over it.” I’ll get over the ugly history of American slavery and segregation when our country can move beyond praising the Confederacy and states’ rights used to uphold separate but equal Jim Crow laws before passage of the Civil Rights Act.

There’s no honesty in white washing American history. Conservatives need to stop being defensive and afraid to talk about race, it’s called the conversation of inclusion. How are we going to grow the party, if we can’t engage in difficult conversations? It doesn’t mean sacrificing party principles but recognizing one race and gender shouldn’t represent or control the GOP. America isn’t a monolithic nation and political parties shouldn’t be.

Sarah Palin gets it. Endorsing candidate Katrina Pierson, who is running for Texas’ 32nd Congressional seat, Palin wrote she’s tired of the “permanent political class in D.C. [that] won’t listen. So, let’s start putting our efforts behind good new candidates.”  Pierson is challenging incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions in the GOP primary. Many in the party believe Sessions, who has held the seat since 1997, “owns it” and no other conservative should challenge him simply because he’s been re-elected so many times.

I know I sound like broken record but by the year 2050, America won’t be whiter it will be browner with minorities representing over 50% of the population. The GOP will continue to lose more national elections until it embraces and looks like the changing face of America and that’s at every level of the party from candidates and operatives to leadership.

Palin didn’t endorse Pierson because she’s black but she didn’t ignore or dismiss her either because she’s black, which is what the GOP establishment has done with many candidates such as Erika Harold running for Illinois’ 13th Congressional seat. In fact, the Illinois GOP and the RNC refused to give Harold access to the GOP data center or “voter vault” because she like Pierson is challenging an incumbent in the GOP primary.

Evidently, the “establishment” considers it heresy for a black woman to dare challenge an old, white, male incumbent. As we all know, the GOP lost the 2012 presidential election because Mitt Romney couldn’t come close to winning the minority or woman vote even though he won a record 60% of the white vote.  Last time I read the US Constitution, it didn’t say anything about white, old men owning Congressional seats. Those seats belong to “We the People.”

“Katrina Pierson is an emerging leader and important voice for the future of the grassroots conservative movement,” wrote Palin in her endorsement on Facebook.

I couldn’t agree more with Palin that as a black woman, and conservative, Pierson is the future of the conservative movement. Pierson believes in protecting our individual freedoms and liberty, “limited government, fiscal responsibility and the rule of law.” The GOP should follow Palin’s lead and realize the future of conservatism isn’t cookie cutter candidates.




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24 Responses to “GOP should follow Palin’s lead on inclusion”

  1. Yholt says:

    Who are the blacks?

  2. Franklin says:

    Wrong again, tyler boy…..

    blacks are whiners……about everything…..

    Not really surprising now….

    all the black males in america are gay…….

  3. Tyler D says:

    Yeah Frank I’m sure most “Blacks” feel like Republicans can kiss their butt. And I’ll let you in on a little secret most Blacks don’t want to join your GOP and the only ones begging to join are like our friend Crystal here who wants you to know she is not like the other Negros she is special… The rest of us understand the GOP is the party of White racists.

  4. Franklin says:

    Voter suppression?

    the only voter suppression I’ve ever seen is when the democratic bus driver doesn’t show up to drive lazy blacks to the polls or when the polls don’t supply blacks with walmart scooters to get them from the door to the voting booth and back.

    Blacks need to stop whining about republicans not kissing their butt and begging them to join the party. If you want to be in the republican party. Just register.

    There are plenty of black republican candidates all over america running for all manner of positions at all levels of government.

    Find one you like and go volunteer. Nobody is stopping you. Put up some money, put up some time. That’s what makes you a member of a party. Not waiting until somebody kisses your butt and begs you to join.

  5. Mike says:

    Karina is my kind of patriot. She’s got my support.

  6. Autonymous says:

    that goes for anyone who is a prejudiced right-wing nut too, of which there is all-too plenty. not helpful.

    reminds me of CB radio use, thru which some drivers basically annoy everyone else on the airwaves, just to be remembered for annoying everyone.

  7. Autonymous says:

    some of us peeps come here to find something hopeful and to possibly help…

    but if we come off as ignorant about the topics in our responses on this blog site, it’d be nice if the angelic democrats/liberals/socialists/non-judgmental/liberated-ones who feel they have all the answers and are so well-adjusted to society, could kindly explain in their special, concerned soft voices what illuminating and healing processes they’d like to offer to their “adversaries” here, who are also Americans like themselves, in order to facilitate remedies.

    but noooooooooo….

  8. joe yingst says:

    To say that America was built by old white dudes on the backs of black slaves is preposterous. It is most certainly true that the south’s predominately agricultural economy was built through slave labor, but the north’s robust industrial economy was built by European lower class whites. If what was built in the south was so great and represented what America was, then the south would have won the civil war.
    what was built in the south was a rotten shell; ruled by a corrupt entitled class descended from a corrupt aristocracy from England.

  9. Huh?.. says:

    And we’re still listening to Palin because………

  10. Victoria says:

    I just have a question, I’ve noticed Black people who are Republican always title themselves as “Black Republican” (I.e. twitter), why is that the case? Why is it important to put Black in front of Republican? It’s already obvious when we see your picture. So many people say that there is diversity in the GOP but if you have to title yourself that you’re a Black republican, in my opinion you’re proving the opposite.

  11. Tyler D says:

    Oh Crystal, looks like the GOP’s great Black hope is getting tripped up becasue she was accepting Government assistance while volenteering to work for Ted Cruz. How long can you continue to let these wingnuts use you as a shield so they can lie about being racist? Just look at the comment section your dealing with some far out people here.

  12. truevoice4real says:

    Where did Obama say that he believed in the theory of evolution and yes , Black people were the first people to receive the breath of life from God Almighty…Crystal hates being Black and does everything in her power to attack and degrade Black people..Self-hate is a very hard disease to overcome and some Black people take that madness to their grave…By the way , if racism happens to you can on Crystal or any other Black conservative to fight on the front line with you…???…Didn’t think so..

  13. Truth says:

    Zarat: Obama referred to himself as a “mut.” He also believes in the “racist” Theory of Evolution which argues that Blacks were the first race of people to evolve from Apes, and Whites are the last. Which means that Blacks evolution peaked thousands of years ago as a sub human race of people. So I guess Ted Nugent is right and Obama accepts it because he believes that he is a “mut” and that humans evolve from Apes. So what is the problem? You Black Liberals are just free slaves owned by the White Liberals, gays and Ant-Christian Jews. You have the nerve t try to shame Crystal. She is more black than all you Black Liberals. She has stood up to Gays who seek to steal our legacy, Jews who exploit us and use us as a shield to advance their agenda, and White Liberals that keep blacks in poverty!

  14. James says:

    any time anyone refers to all white guys who are conservatives as “angry white men” you’re being the racists you claim to abhor.
    White men have been responsible for more philanthropic programs and contributions than every other demographic put together. they’ve also been responsible for the invention and creation of more innovations that every person on earth benefits from than all demographics together as well.
    However, they don’t run around touting these facts, but are regularly slammed by these same demographics for having not done enough, or done it perfectly, or because (I suppose) they haven’t given away all the wealth they earned with their innovations and died paupers,or something.
    Perhaps after decades of being blamed for every ill on the face of the earth, they are getting sick of it, and THAT is why some are now angry.
    However, in the eyes of all other minorities and women in general, they should just shut up and take it, right?

  15. wes says:

    “Having a racist POTUS isn’t helping matters any…..”


    But having a resident troll is great for building dossiers

  16. Noel says:

    Ted Nugent called Obama a “sub-human mongrel” and a communist.

    Ted Nugent’s rhetoric indicates that he could be or is a racist.
    Obama’s rhetoric indicates that he could be or is a communist.
    Both deny or pretend to be not what their actions indicate them to be.
    Both are despicable, so there!

    Racism is an ugly form of collectivism.

  17. Kathy M says:

    I see. It is all about race, all the time. Perpetual victimhood and a useful crutch to boot.

  18. Franklin says:

    Having a racist POTUS isn’t helping matters any…..

  19. Autonymous says:

    yes Pam, it should be a non-issue. but it isn’t, sadly. 🙁

    and it’s a problem even in those northern euro countries that have great PR regarding this topic… but which no one likes to admit.

    i like what Dr Carson said a few days ago about opportunities for (in this case) children who show initiative and promise regardless of income background. so, instead of filling quotas, actually taking promising minds and help develop them.

    my problem is – what do we do with the non-starters? all races have those… lord knows i have them in my immediate white family. this is exactly why i am always interested in helping to figure out this difficult issue of ANY KIND OF DISCRIMINATION.

    my family members on the father’s side lack mental constitution and motivation, going back generations. they are not BAD or EVIL people. i also have bi-racial family members. same applies there… they are not BAD or EVIL. all these folks’ problems stem from one mistake —-> poor example of an adult who cannot establish order in the household. period.

    i have one member who lacks mental constitution and YET is able and so does work 100% of the time that this person is given employment, which has been consistent for almost 40 years of employment. that’s a pretty friggen exceptional record for only having a HS diploma from the 70’s.

    we need a game plan for those who do not care very much for paying attention to a subject, like working several hours in a day on a consistent basis. my dad would have been better off, and so the rest of my siblings. and so the rest of the country, would we have a game plan for those who feel they’re incapable of working.

    that’s a start… the rest who have motivational ability must find a suitable level of respect and equal opportunity in all endeavors they choose to undertake in life. that part we ought to have gotten down by now. that’s the easy side of all this, imo.

    so close, yet so far.

    RON (yup)

  20. Patriot4 says:

    Crystal….enjoyed your appearance and the discussion on Huckabee. There are many solid, conservative blacks in the Republican Party who realize how the dimwits have used ‘racism’ to further their agenda. Republicans and conservatives have ALLOWED them to use it because we have not reached out and presented our message to all races and ethnic groups. Our candidates must take the message to ALL the people and show them how they will benefit from conservative principles. We MUST illustrate and explain our plan for the future for all Americans. We need more discussions like the one on Huckabee….wisdom will come when we truly seek it. Our country must be restored and every individual has a part to play. We CAN do this together!

  21. Pam says:

    Agree with the two above. Allen West is a great patriot, and I wish he were back in office. Mia Love looks like a great candidate; Niger Innis would have my vote. Other great candidates are Susan Martinez, Bobby Jindal and Kelly Ayotte. Don’t forget Gov. Scott Walker, and Maro Rubio, We need strong conservative voices. Color? Gender? A nonissue.

  22. Autonymous says:

    yes, enjoyable segment on Huckabee, Crystal.

    i don’t know if i disagree or agree with this topic, but i think it’s because i hear so much talk on racism and inequality, esp on cable news programs, that it seems it’s done more for agitation and ratings. on CNN and MSNBC, it’s definitely about agitation. but on Fox, it’s more about defending themselves.

    this defensive role sucks.

    to me, after a while, it just gets annoying b/c everyone seems to be looking for a way to inject race into any conversation… and not particularly for actual debate either. it’s more for effect, be it clever or angry.

    good on Sarah Palin for seeing and promoting new talent for the movement. i used to think she was a whack-job. these days i believe she actually has integrity.

    i don’t care who becomes a minority so long as integrity, particularly the integrity of liberty and of our Constitution, doesn’t become a minority and disappears altogether.

  23. Roca says:

    Thank you for blogging about this, Crystal. The GOP must be more visibly inclusive and endorse more black, latino and women candidates in the future. Great job on FOX this weekend!

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