Racism today is all in the hustle

Racism will never go away. As long as people look different, bigots will always find a reason to hate others. But today it’ s harder to know what true racism is because we’re too quick to call everyone, everything or organization racist. I agree with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ recent remarks Americans are more sensitive to race today than they were during the Civil Rights Movement.

Speaking to students at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Thomas, who is often maligned by the liberal media for being black and a Republican, lamented:

“My sadness is that we are probably today more race and difference-conscious than I was in the 1960s when I went to school. To my knowledge, I was the first black kid in Savannah, Georgia, to go to a white school. Rarely did the issue of race come up. Now, name a day it doesn’t come up. Differences in race, differences in sex, somebody doesn’t look at you right, somebody says something. Everybody is sensitive. If I had been as sensitive as that in the 1960s, I’d still be in Savannah.”

During the Civil Rights Movement, blacks fought to end racism in America and now many people, particularly blacks, are fighting to keep it alive. Self-appointed “black leaders” like  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made handsome livings accusing companies of racism and demanding hush money be donated to their organizations whether the accusations are true or not.

Sharpton is particularly adroit at making money off hustling lies in the name of racism. Sharpton encouraged Tawana Brawley to accuse white men of raping her even though he knew Brawley was lying. In 1988, People magazine referred to Sharpton as “a disgrace.” Today, Sharpton works as a well-paid MSNBC host.

Before George Zimmerman was arrested by the Sanford, Florida police for allegedly killing Trayvon Martin, Sharpton and Jackson, among others, accused Zimmerman of being a racist, who killed Martin because he was black. This racist hype pressured the Florida State Attorney Angela Corey to bring charges against Zimmerman, which the prosecution could not prove in court.

Unfounded claims of racism have created a lucrative market for lawyers and others. Martin’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the homeowners association for the neighborhood where Zimmerman lived and Martin was killed. Without admitting wrong- doing, the homeowners association settled with the Martin family reportedly for over $1 million. Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump was paid legal fees for filing the suit and representing the Martins in the Zimmerman trial.

Some blacks go hunting for racism where there isn’t a remote possibility it exists. During the 2012 presidential election, MSNBC host  Toure Neblett accused GOP nominee Mitt Romney of engaging in the “niggerization” of President Barack Obama when Romney referred to Obama as running an angry campaign. Neblett lept to the conclusion Romney’s remark was racist because Obama was black and “an angry black man” is a racial stereotype.  But the president is black and did run an angry campaign.

As Shelby Steele writes in his book A Dream Deferred, post civil rights, blacks in politics, business and academia have enriched themselves by playing the race card. “If you give a black problem a racial cause, you can turn the business of solving it into a monopoly for blacks,” notes Steele.

After passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, black studies departments at colleges like corporate diversity programs proliferated in America to provide jobs for blacks and inoculate organizations against discrimination lawsuits and from being called racist. Nearly every major corporation has a diversity department populated by blacks. Black studies departments create jobs at colleges for black professors like Princeton Professor Cornel West. One of West’s books is Race Matters. To be “intellectually honest,” West should say race matters to keep him employed.

You’ll never see a white professor teaching black studies. Why? Black professors teach other subjects why can’t people from other races teach black studies? Black history or literature can be taught in existing history or literature departments of colleges. There’s no need for “black studies” because they aren’t a study.

Liberal news organizations enjoy suggesting something or someone is racist too because it boosts ratings, which increase advertising dollars. Steele observed: “For blacks, racism is power. For whites it is vulnerability.” Many of my white friends tell me daily, they are careful not to criticize Obama in certain public forums or discussions for fear of being called racist.

For blacks like Sharpton, Jackson and West, who’ve made a handsome living off shaming whites as racists, what have they done to help solve the problems plaguing blacks? Blacks aren’t graduating from college at the rate of whites despite affirmative action programs over the past 40 years. What has all their discussions on race over decades done to address the higher incarceration rates among blacks? More than 50% of blacks are in federal prisons but blacks represent only 13% of the population? What have these “black leaders” done about the 72% of out of wedlock black birth rate? Nothing.  Yet their race baiting pays the bills and that’s all that matters.


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27 Responses to “Racism today is all in the hustle”

  1. Bitterball says:

    It took me until this year to realise that racism is not just prejudice but white supremacy. It’s a system, not just an individual action or belief. It’s the idea that other human beings are subhuman. Ever notice how less than 100 white people die in a terrorist attack everyone goes nuts, but when millions of poor brown people die and it’s just a statistic? If you’re not white and not connected to a group white can use to prop up an argument you’re a non-person.

    Even now, as brown Muslims flee from wars created by western imperialistic foreign policies they’re considered invading savages. Never mind what Christianity teaches, conservative defenders of Christian civilisation don’t give a damn what Jesus teaches about compassion, love, mercy or even restitution and justice. Because they publically pay homage to sexual purity none of that other effeminate Christian teachings matter. They will go on and on about how God is punishing them for abortion or homosexuality but they don’t think that God may punish them for genocide and colonialism.

  2. Wendy says:

    Everything you have, said ,fact and opinion falls on every race because America makes it so…you are no better…. you see the faults and problems of certain individuals which every race has many(time has proven that)…they prey on the angry to make a name for themselves. But you have fallen short as many others have, People (American especially )feed on the problem and create more because they don’t want a solution….I guess they like the misery. Divide and conquer many great leaders have known this trick even before Christ. I too as An American have fallen into the hating of others because of the history of their race, the decisions of our ancestors and how it affected my race, but I had to learn and understand a bigger truth. We the people need to understand it’s not about I or me….but we need to see where to find that common ground. and you don’t glorify the problem. And to comment on one of you readers replies I believe you will make it big, it is always those who Separate to deceive for personal gain, those who believe pointing out the problems are more important then lowering their pride and look at the who story. …..those who do not hope or believe or have faith in a greater good…can never see what they truly do. So I hope you can hear my word and I do believe one day we as Americans will work as one and my faith grows daily as I see the next generations work together, hear the voices of tomorrow wanting to see a far better world then you give strength too. Good luck with your movement and God bless.

  3. Blacks BUTCHERED MY PARENTS I HATE YOU AND YES YOUR ALL RACIST AS A DEMOCRAT I WANT OUR NEXT PRESIDENT TO END YOUR WELFARE LINK CARDS EVERY THING….see White slavery in Africa…from 1530 to 1780…..(web 200 years of white slavery in America, more whites was slaves, not you..Shipped and Owned by africans, biggest slae owner..Mexicans Latino Indians..Less than 2% of whites had slaves..More Mexican Indians blacks, Mexicians had blacks for slaves not whites..THATS a LIE!!…they had both of us for slaves…WEB ((((BLACK SLAVERY In MEXICO)))))…BLACK SLAVERY In SPAIN>…White history month from Nov to DEc……***WHITE SLAVERY MONTH, from NOV to DEC…..Whites are in genocide world wide, now who is really racist month from , March to April….YOUR FRAUDS..RACIST…RACE CARD THROWING……web BLACK MURDERS…you blacks are the number 1 killer…, You blacks lyinch more people every 6 months than KKK did in 86 years…We need more illegals..Your rude pushy and racist…WE ALL KNOW IT TOO… HOPE ILLEGALS MEXICAN LATINO KEEP KILLING YOU.. BECAUSE YOU DON”T JUST LYINCH WHITES YOu BUTCHER US TOO..Ps Hey how does it feel to know, us Mexican Latino had more blacks for slaves HAAA..GOD your all killers frauds cons..

  4. Greg says:

    As much as I have to agree with your writing about the reallity of Black Ameica and race, remember their is always two sides of every story, and what disturbs me about black conservatives is the energy they use to try and dispell racicm in America, but seem to ignore the realitys that it still exist becuae may that’s condusive for acceptance in the White Dominated Consertive World.. You spoke of Pres. Obama running an “angry campaign”, that’s bull – but do you remeber the Race Driven campaign Republicans ran ? Rick Santorums remarks, Newt Ginrich & others trying to appeal to theire base – making blacks synonimus with foods stamps & welfare because they know whites mostly see us in that context. Tell both sides of the story – Liberals & Conservatives are either exploiring or targeting monirities for political and economic gain. We live in a real White America who is fearful about having a Black President in the White Hose, not so much becase of his policies but because he does not look like them that symbol of superiority is fading for them, at least they think it is – lets talk about that as well.

  5. Very well written.

    However, I believe that you made a misstatement: “More than 50% of blacks are in federal prisons but blacks represent only 13% of the population?” You probably meant to say that the federal prison population is more than 50% black, not that more than 50% of blacks are in federal prisons.

    Keep on ignoring black racists like “James,” keep on thinking for yourself, and keep on writing!

  6. Franklin says:

    American blacks are just way to racist.

  7. Noel says:

    The issue is Socialism versus Capitalism. Not the White community versus the Black community.

    “Every racist has ‘lots of black friends’…..”.
    I guess every KKK member chills out with black people.

    I seem to see posts laced with profanity disappearing mysteriously. I wonder why.

  8. CD Smith says:

    Ironically, black conservatives that are most prominent in the media today are aligned with most of what Marcus Garvey and Malcom X had enspoused decades ago. The major difference is the “defense” of American culture which make black conservatives “suspect” in the eyes of most blacks. This crop of black conservatives should examine a better way of communicating why conservative principles are better for indiviuals and the nation or face certain obsurity.

    Bening Black and Conservative. (Available on Android)

  9. James says:

    The America ideal of racial progress is measured by how fast I become white – James Baldwin

    CBC I must say with your willingness and egarness to standing in front of a low information white audience and validating their racist assumptions has been your ticket to the fast track to popularity and political opportunity amoung the racist GOP crowd.

    Few things thrill a white racist more than a black woman like you who agrees with them. Every racist has ‘lots of black friends’ and being one of those black friends offers benefits, wow and do you have many of these idoits as friends.

    Black conservatives willingness to accept a humiliatingly subservient role in a Republican Party that wants them to perform like circus animals or sit outside the process, alienated and disempowered theirr standing in the black community. You and your kind are nore than agents in the preservation of white cultural supremacy. SMH and shame on you!

  10. mjhawkeye says:

    Samantha says she had A professor who taught Black History. Really, Samantha, you had ONE professor, just one. You write like an angry Black woman. Why don’t you take a seat and shut up–and learn something.

  11. Michael says:

    Isn’t racism a form prejudice?

    And, if the Tea Party is racist, then explain this:

    We’ll always have haters in world, people who just hate other people, or hate groups of people, based on what-ever they want to base their hate on, race, religion, nationality, culture, or whatever! If you hate Repubs, or you hate Dems, or you hate people in the Tea Party, or you hate libs, then you are just a hater, without any real understanding of what exactly it is that you are hating. Hate is actually based on fear, fear of someone or something you don’t understand.

    Love doesn’t require understanding. I can honestly say that I love all people, a brotherly love, even to my enemies, no matter what they look like or believe.

    It doesn’t need to be real, but imagine,
    what if everyone felt as I do, now what “A Dream” that would be!

    If anyone says anything negative about Obama, they are immediately defined as a racist. If you talk about race baiting, then you are also race baiting. Does this actually make sense to anyone? People say that Repubs are racists, that the Tea Party is racist, and all old white guys are racists. Isn’t this prejudice?

  12. jay bley says:

    50% of blacks are in federal prison? What kind of crazy stat is that?

  13. CD Smith says:

    The problem with the conservative movement is lack of personal involvement in the communities that really need to be shown how to make the correct choices to improve their lives. I have not found anyone in the conservative movement at this point that have been able to articulate what it means and it can empower individuals to reach their full potential unlike liberalism.


  14. Noel says:

    On the one hand:
    @Rekoman above critisizes Crystal for writing about racism, asking her why her
    “blog posts deal with the same subject matter – racism, racism and more racism….Now, all your subject matter is race this, racism that, race-baiting liberals, racist RNC, and so on and so forth…”
    and advises her not to write about it.

    But on the other hand:
    @Jack insists, even dares Crystal to write about it some more; he wants a black repub to denounce racism in the RNC; ted nugent.

    @Jack, maybe you should ask @Rekoman if Crystal, a black repub, has dealt with the “racist RNC” in her subject matter before.

  15. James says:

    @ Rekoman, great posting and so true. Hopefully Crystall want delete your post, she has been doing that lately to people who do not bow down to her.

  16. Tyler D says:

    Wingnuts are so freaking funny. When one of your conservative friends messess up racially the first person they seak out is Rev Al or Jackson to forgive them on behalf of all blacks…. I.E. Don Imus but otherwise it’s business as usuall, picking on Sharpton and Jackson and never mentionioning the white race pimps like Limbaugh Hannity and Beck.

  17. Noel says:

    “How telling it is that this chick will write a piece about racism being a hustle yet she does the same thing she accuses others of doing.”

    Crystal makes an observation about these self-appointed
    “black leaders”. She observes them doing something; race hustling, and writes about it.

    By your logic writing about race hustlers also makes her a race hustler?

    BTW, by blogging here, Crystal is making contributions to society;
    she gets people like me and you having a conversation on this blog; discussing issues of the day.

  18. Hap Stone says:

    Great Article – and of course the “skin merchants” are present as they always are … to which your article speaks – while on one hand Sharpton pockets his hustle proceeds so do True V and Sammy – get their own shake down kick back in some way or they wouldn’t so it.
    Few things come to mind:

    “You hate the President cuz he’d black” always on the chat – well he isn’t black … nor is he an American Negro but he’s close enough … apparently …to be marketable – or so said Sen, Reid.

    I guess it’s an honorary “title” issued and revoked at will …

    The NAACP – Now refuses Black Americans membership … now thats racial harmony in progress !! One can just imagine America’s Dr. MLK marching in the street out side todays any NAACP convention chanting” Set my people free !!”

    George Zimmerman – white hispanic as opposed to a blue green red Hispanic … how does that work !!? Is that a DOJ or Obama Executive order we have yet to read !? White Hispanic – wth !!?

    Margaret Sanger: On blacks, immigrants and indigents:
    “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”

    ( Sanger …. despised abortion. She denounced it as “barbaric” and called abortionists “bloodsucking men with M.D. after their names.”)

    Margaret Sanger Award Recipient; Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi

    Al Sharpton … ” and all them greek homos !!” oppps gee – don’t talk that way anymore

    Paula Deene ?? – crucified …

    Miss CB Chick – please keep writing – keep speaking out – Thank You !!

  19. BrooklynChickLovesLiberty says:

    Great article, Crystal. Thank you.

    And don’t let the idiots like “truevoice4real” get to you. He’s a slave stuck on the Democrat plantation and he doesn’t even know it. There’s not much you can do for that level of dumb.

  20. BrooklynChickLovesLiberty says:

    “”You’ll never see a white professor teaching black studies.””

    I actually had a white professor for a black lit class once.

  21. Noel says:

    I don’t agree with you on this one; Crystal is right. She’s got guts and brave to go against the grain like that. And it’s commendable of her to tackle this subject and point out these race hustlers living large on the plight of black people. Because most t.v. personalities are afraid to point this out.

    The situation is the same in Africa where the leadership lives large on foreign aid meant for the people and in North American Indian reservations where the chiefs live large at the expense of their people.

    “When a crazy white kid shoots up a shopping mall….we should dismiss that because he was a troubled youth…. ???”

    That’s not accurate, Truevoice.
    There are also black people that have gone on a killing spree. They too have been rendered “troubled”, just like their white counterparts.

    “When racism happens to Black people….who can we call to help us fight racism?”

    Don’t call known race hustlers like Sharpton etc. There are plenty of good high-profile people, black and white, who are willing to help fight racism.

    Don’t call Ghostbusters either, LOL.

  22. kekeak2008 says:

    Crystal, Thanks for this great article. I couldn’t agree more. Racism will always remain a problem in this country because we can’t have an honest discussion about it. If everyone’s a racist, no one is a racist. You hit the nail square on the head!

  23. Truth says:

    Great article Crystal!!!

  24. Rekoman says:

    Ms. Wright,

    If your desire is to bring attention to a few race-baiting liberals that most Americans don’t even pay attention too, including African Americans, then why do you most of blog posts deal with same subject matter – racism, racism and more racism.

    When you first started this blog, your writings were fresh and informative. Now, all your subject matter is race this, racism that, race-baiting liberals, racist RNC, and so on and so forth …

    The problem with your now angry diatribes is that you have fallen into the same trap as most people who have divided the entire country into liberal and conservative camps. Spread your wings outside of Washington, D.C., and you will find that people are a lot more complex than that.

    I submit to you that most Americans don’t give a rat’s ass if you are liberal or conservative, as long has you treat them honestly and fairly. And in recent years, I haven’t met a liberal Democratic and conservative Republican politician at any level who wouldn’t sell his or her own soul for a few pieces of silver.

    And the next time you pick up your pen to write another rant about a racist liberal or the token-driven Republican Party — my advice would be “just leave it be.”

  25. RON (yep) says:

    i wrote a long diatribe i was going to post on your previous blog article. it was regarding wtf happened after the civil rights movement. problem is, i can’t answer that question besides using speculation. some people were put on a rationed life-style, and a stigma soon followed. it’s now self-perpetuating, and luckily (for the radicals), spreading to every demographic of American life except the wealthiest. this now makes poverty mainstream. this makes a great case for hating wealth. worse is that it makes a great case against individualism as well. very sad.

    i agree that what is happening, not only with race, but with religion, nationality, the overall America-belongs-to-the-indigenous (but we all can stay so long as we torture ourselves over it) and all sorts of social & economic issues run along the lines of sensationalism and provoking people for the creation of income and prestige for the top provocateurs.

    that’s what today’s American radicalism and terrorism is all about, i believe. hey, it’s certainly a great living for some, of course. who wouldn’t join in if that’s all they’ve got for a skill-set? but for the mass followers, they are expected to protest on the streets and fill the internet with long-winded university-professorish idiocy for free. and right now, many peeps have got all the friggen time in the world and ISP connections galore to do it with.

    meantime, i know lots of these people can’t even get along with their own family members. but that doesn’t stop them from insisting they can fix their neighbors… for a salary.

  26. Samantha says:

    How telling is it that this chick will write a piece about racism being a hustle yet she does the same thing she accuses others of doing. Also, you are incorrect. I had a professor at an HBCU that taught Black Studies, and no one had a problem with it. So Crystal what would you being (besides the nothing you do all day) without your race baiting. Also, who gives a damn about what your parents did or didn’t do. I find it funny that you can slander everyone but yet you are not doing anything to contribute to society. Please have several seats and shut up already.

  27. Crystal,

    Your truthful, incisive writing will ensure you never make it big. You make too much sense and folks don’t really want to hear (or read) the truth. I appreciate your calling it as you see it and saying what needs to be said. None of he hi-dollar race-hustlers will ever do that! It would end their game and the incomes they’ve come to count on instead of working. YOU ROCK!

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