Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie – Oh, how the mighty may fall

This article was published  January 24, 2014 in the Washington Times Communities.

If you believe everything you read, Hillary Clinton is already President of the United States-in-waiting and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the GOP’s predestined 2016 nominee.

Does this sound like 2012 or 2008 all over again?

Hillary thinks she’s owed the Democratic nomination because she’s a Clinton and has held every political office under the sun: first lady of Arkansas, FLOTUS, senator and secretary of state.

Of course if she never married her philandering husband Bill Clinton, she never would have achieved any political stardom.

She’s all but anointed herself Queen, I mean, the 45th President of the United States of America. Politico reported she and her team of advisers already have an enemies list of Democrats who didn’t support in 2008 — or who otherwise crossed Queen Hillary.

Instead of arrogantly settling in to this “front-runner status” yet again, Hillary would be wise to remember the mighty do fall, America isn’t a monarchy. The best-laid plans can always go awry like they did in 2008 when Senator Barack Obama burst onto the scene and stole the nomination from Hillary.

Rather than building her own enemies list, Hillary should worry about the number of lists she’s on after the Benghazi debacle. While Secretary Clinton angrily asked members of Congress during a Hill hearing, “What difference does it make?” how four dead Americans died in Benghazi, Libya, the fact is it matters very much.

Her petulant remark in 2013 doesn’t demonstrate the leadership, tenor or tone Americans and the world expect of a president.

Speaking of leadership, Gov. Christie doesn’t demonstrate it either. In a nearly two press conference expressing modest culpability over the bridge gate scandal, he spent more time talking about himself than anything. He didn’t come off as contrite.

Describing why his senior aides closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge to stick it to Democratic Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie in his reelection, Christie said he took full responsibility for his staff but doesn’t micromanage people.

That doesn’t sound like a person who wants to become president, allowing people to freelance.

Christie also displayed his usual arrogance and bullish personality, mocking the Fort Lee mayor, traffic studies and a few other things during his monologue:

“Mayor Sokolich was never on my radar screen. . . . I wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of a lineup.”

“I probably wouldn’t know a traffic study if I tripped over it.”

“I am not a focus-group-tested, blow-dried candidate.”

Fish rots from the head down and Christie’s staff behaved the way they were allowed to behave, suggesting Christie created a culture where his employees thought bridge gate was something they could get away with.

Bridgegate is even more amusing when viewed through the prism of Christie’s “I’m a better GOP than everyone else” speech during the Republican National Committee’s 2013 summer meeting.

Christie said:

“We need to stop navel gazing. There’s nothing wrong with our principles. We need to focus on winning again. There’s too much at stake for this to be an academic exercise. We need to win and govern with authority and courage.”

For someone who spends a lot of time telling America how great he is, steeped in Bridgegate, Christie looks more like the president of the class rather than President of the United States.

Hillary and Christie may want to hit the pause button in their political ambitions and not count their presidential eggs before they hatch. A lot can happen in two years.

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7 Responses to “Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie – Oh, how the mighty may fall”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your post didn’t need that tidbit and I’m shocked that you wrote it. This isn’t a woman thing, but it’s tacky, tasteless and unfounded. Who knows what she would have been without Bill Clinton. If memory serves, she does have a head (with a full functioning brain) on her shoulders. Diminishing others is not what we (all people) should be about.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Just saw an clip from you on Fox and thought I would wander over to your site to see what it’s about for myself. And, once I saw this post, I’m kicking myself for coming over and checking it out. You see, I’m neither liberal or conservative. I believe what I believe and it’s more complicated than either of those boxes. I was encouraged to hear you say that women work for things other than health insurance. I thought to myself, ‘maybe this chick gets it’, and then I read the one line in your post about Hilary Clinton — you know the one where you say she wouldn’t have any political significance if it weren’t for Bill Clinton. Shame on you. You just did to her, what you said the VP did to all the hard working women. To slight her accomplishments is mean-spirited and petty. Think about that next time. #throwingshadeonothersdoesn’tmakeyouright

  3. Roca says:

    I hope a lot DOES happen in two years. I do NOT want to live through a Hillary presidency. I’ve been harping about Obama coming from out of nowhere and stealing Hillary’s spot since it happened but the hopefuls on the left are still gung-ho about Hillary being the next president. I sure do hope the GOP can pull a rabbit out of their hat or the democrats nominate another fresh face.

  4. Tom A says:

    Something to remember here, 2 years is like an ice-age in a political cycle. I live in California… which means I spend a lot of time in traffic jams. Whenever Prez O flies in to pander to Hollywood libs, all of West L. A. is a nightmare, but nobody holds it against him.

    Abuse of power? Christie was way ahead in the polls; didn’t need an endorsement from Fort Lee. I don’t think Floridians, Buckeyes, Texans, etc. will give a flyin’-fig about a New York traffic jam a year from now. It doesn’t matter how much fuel the left-stream media pours on this, it’ll eventually run out of steam. Benghazi, however, that one will haunt Hillary for a while.

  5. Autonymous says:

    “Watch me do it” is where i think Christie mis-stepped. He declared that in his speech after he won a 2nd term as NJ Gov.

    Politicians are always scheming.

    I like Christie, but revenge is NFG… though i’m sure it goes on all the time in govt, cos it goes on all the time in business, in family, and in social groups in every society. Kinda expecting too much of people to want saints in public office when you can’t get into office by not knowing all the right people… no matter HOW equal the playing field may seem, ever. Unless it’s by lottery.

    Or referrendum… which is how some countries do it. Imagine fewer positions of gum-flappers, oh my! But then everyone would need to know the issues and vote multiple times perhaps a year.

    It’s much easier to lead people around. If only they’d lead us in the right direction… (and some have a heavy-handed way of doing it, which is not popular in the 21st Century for myriads of reasons, though not all well-thought out.)

    But also, what would media do in the event of more self-governance??? Couldn’t they just blast us with discussions of the issues? Wouldn’t they get an equivilent amount of advertisers? Wouldn’t the 24/7 campaign business go bust? Wouldn’t the sense of sport (US versus THEM) die??

    These and many other questions may never be answered.

  6. Wayne says:


    I liked your blog post.

    I really hope Hilary has a 3 AM wake up call and decides she is just not ready for a real 3 AM call as President. She did terrible when she was called before and during Benghazi.

    We need better leaders in America ….

    Thank you,


  7. Bob English says:

    Instead of taking “what difference does it make” totally out of context, why don’t you print what Mrs. Clinton actually said in the context which she said it??

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