Obama Wants the Privilege without the Accountability of Being the First Black President


President Barack Obama enjoys the celebrity and uniqueness of being America’s first black president but loathes the accountability that comes with the job. Since day one, Obama has cried racism as the cause for his inability to work with Republicans in Congress or basically get anything meaningful done in five years of his presidency.

The very thing that got Obama elected, his race, is the very crutch he continuously uses to eschew criticism for a job poorly done. So, it was no surprise to read in the New Yorker’s sweeping interview with the president that he blames the failures of his presidency on racists.

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President,” said Obama.

Granted there are and will always be white people who will never get comfortable with the idea of a black president.  But the reason why Obama’s approval numbers have tanked to a record low of 39% is because whether he’s black, white, gray or purple, he’s turning out to be one of the most ineffective presidents in modern times.

What the American people don’t like the idea of is a president who thinks public relations, giving speeches, media interviews and excoriating the political opposition is  leadership. America is arguably in the worst shape of her history at home and abroad since the Great Depression.

At home our unemployment rate has remained persistently high and the only reason it’s dipped below 7% is because millions of Americans have given up “hope” they will ever find a job. The labor participation rate, which measures the number of people who are able to work, is at 62% the lowest in 35 years. Obamacare, the president’s signature legislation, which Democrats in Congress passed without a single Republican vote, is turning into an unaffordable, un-implementable nightmare for many Americans that the administration is unilaterally postponing portions of the law monthly it seems.

Rogue nations like Syria and Iran are dictating  how America, the defender of democratic principles, should treat them. Allies like Israel have given up on us defending them against an Iranian nuclear attack. Our standing in the world has diminished because Obama would rather negotiate with our enemies than stand on principles of freedom and greatness.

In the very next breath of the New Yorker interview, Obama acknowledged his race was also the reason many people, including the mainstream media, have given him a free pass on accountability.

“Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folk and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black President.”

In both elections, Americans of all colors voted for Obama precisely because he was black. In 2008, the vote was historic for whites and blacks. Whites finally felt comfortable with a black candidate who had all the right credentials (education, family, US Senator) to become president. Voting for Obama allowed whites to absolve themselves of pent up white guilt from the pain of slavery and segregation whites had inflicted upon blacks for centuries.

Remember Democrat Senator Harry commented the country could elect Obama because he was “light skinned . . .with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one,” (Game Change, p. 36). Then presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden observed January 31, 2007 in a New York Observer article Obama “was the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” (Game Change, p. 336).

Blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama both times (over 90%) because they wanted to finally elect then re-elect black president for the first time in history. Despite Obama’s first term disproportionately impacting blacks with higher unemployment and diminished wealth than whites, black Democrat politicians and celebrities like Tom Joyner told blacks they had to vote for Obama again in 2012 because he was the country’s first black president. For that reason alone he deserved a second term. Former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver admitted race was a factor in the CBC not holding Obama to the same level of accountability as they would a white president.

While Romney won 60% of the white vote in 2012, more than Senator John McCain in 2008, many white liberals along with other groups voted for Obama again in 2012 because they believed Obama needed four more years to do his job because he was black. Can anyone imagine the same thing being said about a white president like President Jimmy Carter? Give him more time to make things worse?

The New Yorker article reveals a president coming to terms with the reality of his failed presidency. Obama shows us while he’s willing to pin his failures as a president on his race, he’s unwilling to take responsibility for his presidency for the same reason. How ironic Obama chose the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday for the story’s publication. King fought and died for blacks to stand as equals to whites in every facet of American society. Yet Obama stands cowering from King’s dream.






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22 Responses to “Obama Wants the Privilege without the Accountability of Being the First Black President”

  1. terry says:

    My first visit and I want to thank you for your clarity and common sense. Please ignore the deluge of ad hominem attacks posted here.

    You say that the Labor Participation Rate is 62%. Where does that come from? That means that 38% of the able-bodied adults in America are unemployed? Wow, that is stunning.

    Have you seen where Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have compared black youth unemployment in the 50s with the 40% unemployment of black youth today. They attribute that deplorable situation to the Minimum Wage, not racism. That keeps black teens on the street, idle, alienated, and enterprising with crime, which continues to grow (despite the statistics) yet is less and less reported. (Women do not usually report their second and third rape. Taxi drivers do not report their second and third stick up.)

    Yet, our President (who is the president for ALL the people) caters and kowtows to the unions that funded his campaign by espousing an increase of the Minimum Wage. That pushes jobs overseas and undermines our national security.


  2. Carabec says:

    The CBC is a thoughtful intelligent person Her race is neither an asset or detriment. I speak as a person who refuses to be defined by race age or gender

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve observed that most of those who put the bad-mouth on Crystal are usually the ones who find an intelligent and beautiful black woman a real threat because it disturbs the contentment of mediocrity that’s being reflected back at them in the presidency.

    Executive Orders are usually the tool of choice when the arguments of the President’s ideas or legislation is against the better sense of those who oppose it.

  4. miles says:

    @Darwin aka IGNORANT CRACKER

    You’ll always be what you are now; a petulant racist cracker masquerading as a intellect. Like the leaders of your birther racist party.

  5. darwin says:

    Dear truevoice4real,

    The only “little stupid punk bitch” here is you … and maybe that miles clown.

    Try reading for comprehension next time instead of flying off the handle bleating about a man of color. The only ones who ever mention “color” are you and the other idiots trained by the left to be their moronic attack poodles.

    Microbrained fool.

    Hey, in your next comment let’s see if you can use “nazi” at least twenty times. Ten to one you have no idea what a “nazi” is … white liberals told you to say it so you do. You do everything white liberals tell you to do doncha? Thinking hurts … hurts real bad. Poor attack poodle.

  6. darwin says:


    Executives Orders are supposed to be used to help the president manage departments under his authority. They’re not to be used to legislate from the Oval Office. EO’s are subject to the same Constitutional burden as legislation that emerges from Congress. As I said before, legislating from the Oval Office is nothing more than dictatorship … and I don’t care who does it … democrat or Republican. It’s gotten out of hand.

    Presidents in WAR TIME have issued EO’s precisley because as Commander in Chief they have that authority. That’s why Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was issued as an EO.

    FDR also issued an EO interning American citizens simply because they were of Japanese and German heritage.

    It would be nice if for once, you took the time to do a little research on the matter instead of copying and pasting from pyschotic left wing sites. It would also be nice if for once you could articulate why you hate everyone that doesn’t bow at the altar of leftism as you do.

    Stop being so gullible and stupid.

  7. darwin says:


    One does not have to be a constitutional scholar to understand the basics of how our government works. In fact, one doesn’t even have to be a high school graduate … especially in this day and age when the world’s info is at your fingertips.

    Since you obviously have access to the internet and therefore information … please use it.

    Stop being a propaganda sponge.



  8. miles says:

    @dumb ass Darwin

    wow youre another ignorant “constitutional scholar” I see. Don’t you have to at least graduate from high school first? But Sarah Palin is the intellectual leader of your party so any fool who looks to her as a leader cant be taken seriously. u fucking idiot!

  9. SeaBee says:

    I have never seen a website for Conservatives to share facts packed with Racist Liberals. How about you go back to your little science fiction section of the internet, and allow the grown ups who know what they’re talking about to discuss politics the right way.

  10. darwin says:


    Stop lying you fucking idiot.

    Also, bypassing Congress is illegal. When the president assumes more power than authorized and supersedes Congress we no longer have a Republic, we have a dictatorship.

    Again, get your head out of your ass and stop lying you fucking propagandized simpleton.

  11. miles says:

    @ Reagan

    youre right shes not even a real conservative. All she does is cut and paste articles that appeals to only the lowest of the low ignorant trailer park non voting racist. Her articles are about as deep as a puddle of piss.

  12. miles says:

    The COON BITCH says blacks who vote for a black man is racist, yet its ok for Blacks to vote for whitey. this gal is a intellectual gnat!

  13. miles says:

    he hehehehehehehehe….the COONING BLACK CHICK gets no love from here white conservative massa’s…..AND SHE TRIES SOOOOOOOOOO HARD. But the gop have no respect for boot licking niggers like her no matter how long she weas her weave and grovel on her knees.

  14. miles says:

    @dumb ass truth

    Another white boy pretending to be black. did u say anything when Bush used your dumb ass? now go do what little racists like u do and watch your kiddie porn! toodles ,,,,lol

  15. Tim says:

    Keep preaching the truth CBC. Those who don’t have the facts on their side will continue to have no response except nasty slurs hate speech.

  16. Truth says:

    Tom Obama rarely cries racism himself. He gets his surrogates like Oprah Winfrey to cry racism for him. Franklin, I don’t consider him black because he is not a descendant of African slaves in America. He only used us and our legacy to advance himself. Of equal importance is the fact that if we accept him as black, it will be impossible for an authentic black to ever get elected because of Obama. He is a complete failure. He can’t govern. He uses Executive Orders to bypass Congress. He has more people on food stamps than any other modern President. His policies have gotten Americans killed in Benghazi. He pushes homosexuality and drug use because he is in fact a well-educated “degenerate black.” He is a total fraud.

  17. darwin says:

    Damn miles, you’re an idiot.

    Go here: usa.gov … there might be a government program for idiots. Remedial education, training, brain transplants. Something that might help you.

  18. miles says:

    What do white conservatives call black conservatives? NIGGERS. …hehehehehe. What do black conservatives call white conservatives? BOSS! hehehehehe…

  19. miles says:


    NICE ARTICLE U CUT AND PASTED….the gop still think youre just a ignorant mammy no matter how many hateful articles you print about blacks. toodles

  20. miles says:


    It must galls u insecure little dick racists that this black man has beaten the racist GOP twice!..hehehehehehe….Osama Bin Laden hates the president almost as much as the gop does….hehehehe…

  21. Franklin says:

    the obama experiment has clearly proven that blacks can’t govern….

    even gave the guy a second chance and all he showed was that blacks LIE….

  22. Tom says:

    “Since day one, Obama has cried racism…”

    Really? Can you cite a few examples of PBO crying racism? The entire article appears to be about what OTHERS have said and not what Obama has said.

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