Thug Life: Who’s your daddy? Apparently, no one

If blacks would stop acting like thugs, maybe people would not call them thugs.

Also published in the Washington Times Communities, January 9, 2014

Maybe if blacks would stop killing each other, having babies out of wedlock and basically acting like thugs, people wouldn’t call them thugs.

In a bold move to show residents, the pathology of violence they encounter and who is perpetrating the crimes, the Omaha Police Officers Association posted a video of a “local black thug” spewing profanity, sexual and violent laced language at a toddler.

Mr. Thug was so proud of his video masterpiece, he posted it on Facebook and his black friends cheered him on.

Liberals and some liberal blacks have expressed disdain for the Omaha police in posting the video, claiming it stereotypes blacks and the man’s behavior is an anomaly. But the opposite is true. In DC where I currently live and witness frequently uneducated blacks calling each other and their children the same sorts of heinous names.

I have never seen white people talk to each other this way, much less their children. While black activists and liberals can try to pretend, we all know hip hop and rap glorify and extol this exact thug culture, using the very same offensive words in their music. So let’s stop pretending.

Truth isn’t politically correct. Facts can be inconvenient to those who want to live in a society which doesn’t offend people. But we need to start offending people with the truth – like the Omaha Police Officers Association did – about what’s keeping blacks as a race economically enslaved to a cycle of poverty and government dependency.

The ugly truth is blacks, who represent a mere 13% of the population, are committing  most of the violent crimes in America and 55% of federal prisoners are black. About 54% of all homicides are murders of blacks and according to the Justice Department data from 1980 to 2008, “blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide.”

Looks like the face of the thug life is black, not white!  And the Omaha police were correct, “soak this in. You are literally watching ‘the cycle’ of violence continue right in front of your eyes.” Police treat the symptoms of the disease, which is the utter destruction of the black family.

In 1964, Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Lyndon B. Johnson, observed in his report The Negro Family: the Case for National Action, “the family structure of lower class Negroes is highly unstable , and in many urban centers is approaching complete breakdown.”  At the time about 24% of black babies were born to single mothers compared to 3% of whites.

Moynihan further observed, “The steady expansion of this welfare program, as of public assistance programs in general, can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the negro family structure over the past generation.” And things have only gotten worse for blacks since.

When 72% of black babies today are born into fatherless homes, they have no example of loving parents to emulate. These children born to mothers without husbands generally don’t graduate from high school and turn to a life of crime—thuggery.  Growing up being called repugnant names that any mannered human being wouldn’t call their pets much less their children, these children grow up into thugs and repeat the cycle.

As the Omaha police noted, this pathology is “a powerful cycle the police alone can’t stop” in Omaha or any other city. It’s time our country reform it’s welfare policies and stop rewarding women with housing, food and money for having babies without fathers and start punishing the men who impregnate them.

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50 Responses to “Thug Life: Who’s your daddy? Apparently, no one”

  1. Karen says:

    Read “Culture of Trauma: Slavery and the Formation of the African American Identity” by Ron Eyerman. Ironically the very party that seems to care so much for the African American community is the party that has them right under their finger, by enslaving them to liberal handouts. She has every right to be Conservative and she’s one step ahead if her black brothers and sisters by being so. More power to you Crystal for being a revolutionary leader in the black community.

  2. Liberal says:

    Niggers like to put the blame on others don’t they? Funny how you conservatives like to blame liberals for everything. Which makes you niggers!

    Oh, let’s blame welfare, not the lack of jobs that come from republicans sending all our jobs overseas and creating slave labor in America through their wonderful desire to “deregulate” everything.

    Let’s blame Obama for trying to get healthcare and birth control, to cut down on the number of babies being born to single mothers because some conservative douche didn’t want to take responsibility for the kid he created, all while he tries to talk about how he’s the moral majority.

    Yep, I hate niggers and their excuses. But republicans are more to blame for our nation being a ghetto than liberals ever will be.

  3. remy says:

    “Maybe if blacks would stop killing each other, having babies out of wedlock and basically acting like thugs, people wouldn’t call them thugs.

    well, when that was happening they were called niggers, so you are right there.

  4. CHerkeysix says:

    Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians are missing the most important flaw in current inner city black culture. If the Congress of the United States had purposely wanted to disembowel the black family, they could not have done a better job than they by did creating and fomenting the programs established in the 1960′s. These programs not only eliminated the need for pregnant black women to have a husband, but unequivocally made it a foolish and irresponsible economic decision to ever seek one. The governments unintended consequence was granted and marriage in the inner city in the last 50 years has gone from the expected to the rarity.

    Not all children raised by one parent are going to turn out badly. However, when you have over 70% living under this condition, most with a single parent who left home as an adolescent not fully socialized with a loving mother and father, then the odds of a successful child becomes slim. I think whites have ignored this condition because of fear of being called racist and blacks have ignored it because its hard to tell their fellow blacks that it is better for them as a society, and as an individual not to take these ruinous so called benefits.

    If you conservatives want to get the attention of a black voter address this problem. Announce its existence, the consequences of its existence, the reasons for its existence, and the ways that our society can correct it. For many, its too late, but for the very young, they can be saved if we work to return the culture to valuing the family consisting of a committed man, a loving woman and their precious children.

  5. Mike says:

    @ Most Everyone,

    The majority of the folks here need a good thesaurus. If you want to be taken seriously, drop the gutter talk and express yourselves like educated adults…if you don’t have an education, fake it. If all you have is the “race card”, you’ve got nothing of substance to whine about. So, quit whining and be the man or woman God intended you to be.

  6. Mike says:

    Great article…the responses underpin your words. What’s even more sad is the liberal left’s ambition is to keep this segment of society uneducated and violent in order to preserve the voting block. Love your work.

  7. Muhammed says:

    It is great that Obama is the first black president of the USA. But because he is so ineffective, and way in over his head, he will
    most likely be remembered as the worst president to this date. It is a shame that Colin Powell was not the first black president. He could have accomplished so much.

  8. George says:

    Willie Mack says:
    January 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm
    This video is blown out of proportion. One African American 3 year old doesnt represent the African American Family. The media and the GOP are so sad.

    Perhaps the video is an exaggeration Willie and I would love it to be so.
    But the kind of tripe that spews out of True and Ronalds mouths will not convince me otherwise. Their language and personal attacks would serve to strengthen any preconceived notions I might have. It’s impossible to discuss these types of issues with them without it becoming a swear fest.

    Please don’t let yourself get that way.

  9. Willie Mack says:

    This video is blown out of proportion. One African American 3 year old doesnt represent the African American Family. The media and the GOP are so sad.

  10. Autonymous says:

    i’m so glad i rent enough space in your head RR-isa-B for you to know who i am. thank you for proving how important and relevant i am :) ’twas the best compliment ever. and if you’re someone i know personally, which i won’t say here, then that’s even more awesome… :)


  11. darwin says:

    Read my lips. I offer no excuses because there is nothing to excuse. You don’t show me any GOP policy that is directed towards blacks or anyone else. Simply because most of the illegal aliens come from Mexico does not make wanting to secure our border “racist”. I mean Mexico is directly to our south. Makes sense they would be “brown people”.

    All you have is some comments that that if I wanted, could be rebutted by comments from democrats. That’s a senseless exercise in roundabout futility.

    I find it odd that you scream the GOP is racist yet the fact that the democrats treat everyone according to their ethnicity, or gender, or sexual orientation doesn’t bother you. To democrats you are not an individual but a black democrat voter. That’s all they want you for. Same with every other group they’ve put people in.

  12. darwin says:

    truevoice4real: “And stop it with the “we can’t afford” bullshit…If the stupid GOP would stop trying to stop anything that can help the country we can afford damn near anything…”

    If show you how much we really spend vs how much we take in, and how much we borrow would you at least consider that what you’ve been told is a lie?

    Tax revenue – 7.0 billion
    Social programs – 0.8 billion

    Tax revenue – 43.5 billion
    Social programs – 4.4 billion

    Tax revenue – 99.8 billion
    Social programs – 27.8 billion

    Tax revenue – 192.8 billion
    Social programs – 49.6 billion

    Tax revenue – 517.1 billion
    Social programs – 244.6 billion

    Tax revenue – 1.03 trillion
    Social programs – 519.5 billion

    Tax revenue – 2.03 trillion
    Social programs – 1.6 trillion

    Tax revenue – 2.16 trillion
    Social programs – 2.07 trillion

    These numbers don’t reflect how much we actually spend or how much we borrow.

    Starting to understand? We’re spending almost everything we take in on social programs. We’re taking from one group of people and giving it to another. This is classic Marxist redistribution of wealth, and some democrats are now calling for a guaranteed income whether you work or not.

    The government has no money. It produces nothing, it sells nothing. Every cent it has it has to take from people or borrowed. The bigger the government gets, the more programs they create the more money they need. They can only take so much from the “evil rich”. Soon they’ll come after everyone else. They already have with Obamacare. The middle class is being hit to pay for subsidized insurance for others.

    Anyway, there are a number of places one can look at budget numbers to get a true idea, including

  13. darwin says:

    I make no excuse for anything. You simply don’t provide any evidence except some odd comment here or there. There is no inherent policy in the GOP platform and hoping the GOP is racist doesn’t work.

    I could easily find racist comments by democrats, or blacks, or anyone and provide them here but what does that prove?

    There are two ideologies here. One is essentially Marxist and the other wants true liberty restored. One wants to control people, what they say, what they do, where they live, what they drive, what they eat, when they die.

    The other wants people to have the freedom to do whatever they want and reap the rewards of their own hard work, not have the government take it. This ideology relies on those that are successful to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. For years the successful in this country built our schools and built our hospitals. The other ideology wants you to do only what they want and they will build everything with your money then take credit for it. They want you so dependent on them you will keep voting for them no matter how bad things get. When they get enough power voting will no longer matter.

    I’ve asked you several questions in the course of this … “discussion”. Please answer them if for my own curiosity if nothing else.

  14. darwin says:

    By the way … Russians would be surprised to find out they’re European.

  15. darwin says:

    No, what Schlafly was saying was that amnesty is the wrong road to travel just to cater to illegals. She’s saying they don’t come from countries that have a limited government and a history of liberty so those things aren’t that important to them.

    Voter ID is not suppressive. Many states have voter ID and have had it. Like I said before you need ID to get any taxpayer funded benefits so saying it hurts poor people or minorities is just stupid.

    Why don’t you just explain why people shouldn’t prove who they are to vote but have to prove who they are for everything else they do?

    Do you know anyone who doesn’t have ID?

    No, I’m not afraid of “brown people” … I’m half “brown people”. The GOP isn’t afraid of “brown people” either. The worry is people coming here not only don’t understand the rationale behind the formation of the US they simply don’t care because they’ve never experienced true liberty, nor do they understand it. It’s not in their core of experience or understanding. People like that will tend to vote for socialization because it gives them stuff (until the state runs out of money, like Greece and Spain). When you create dependency on government you create a voting bloc, which is what the left has done. Now every election democrats scream the GOP wants to take your welfare away and people fall for it everytime.

  16. darwin says:

    Well look, Nazi’s were socialists. I’m not a socialist, so I think you’ll need a new description.

    I think you’re running out of bullshit about the Tennessee TP. You’ve run it into the ground with absolutely no evidence of anything except some quotes by people who either hate white people or are committed to lying to further the left’s agenda.

    Plus, you excuse the actions and words of the NBP Party. There’s no excuse for what they say and what they stand for. They stand for everything you accuse white supremacists of standing for. That in itself exposes you. You’re a mindless bot stoked to rage by white leftists and black radicals. They read your ranting’s and laugh while they pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

    There is no connection to the GOP and white supremacy except in your muddled mind.

    Look brainiac, you don’t even know what the deficit is much less anything else about the economy. All you’ve done is repeat liberal talking points. Also, please define “income inequality”.

    What regulations am I talking about? I dunno, name something you can do that isn’t regulated, taxed or controlled by the government these days.

    As far as disputing your facts please read my comments. You have no facts to dispute. You have conjecture, hyperbole. and projection.

    So Spaniards are Europeans. Hmmmm … you know what that means right? Many “Hispanics” are European also. You know … Spain? Hispaniola? It was the Spaniards that first came to the New World. Central and South America is inhabited by “Hispanics” of European descent and indigenous peoples. Descendants of the Aztecs, Mayans and other tribal groups. So I guess I’m really “Hispanic”! Yay!!!!!!! Now you can’t call me racist!!!!!!!! Plus dickhead offends me and it’s not nice to offend minorities.

    I’m really interested to know what the hell “income inequality” is so please explain.

  17. darwin says:

    Schlafly has a point. You don’t understand the principles of limited government either. If you did, you wouldn’t be the idiot you are.

    You never told me why you think millions of poor and undereducated people flocking here is a good idea. Also, it that the general consensus of the black community as a whole? That we should allow millions of people to come here without skills or education? How would expanding our entitlement roles affect not only our annual spending but our ever growing national debt?

    Expand please, if you can … or maybe you’re only capable of repeating leftist propaganda. You’re pretty good at copying and pasting bullshit.

  18. darwin says:

    Dear truevoice4real,

    I went to all the Tennessee Tea Party websites I could find and I was hard pressed to find anything that reeks of the white man trying to hold the black man down, water down the history of slavery or anything else you rant about. It appears all your information is hyperbole and conjecture fomented by liberals and racist blacks in an attempt to stoke your hatred and anger against anyone who might be against the left’s agenda. I’d say they’ve succeeded.

    In addition, finding white supremacists and trying to tie them to the Tea Party is akin to tying the New Black Panther party to all blacks. They want to kill whites and all white babies so I have to assume you want to as well since that’s apparently how your game is played. Why do you want to kill white babies?

    It’s also apparent that you’re extremely ignorant. You attempt to tie Russian mafia to racism because what … Obama won’t kick them out? I mean he’s only been in office six years now. How about Mexican drug cartels? Is Obama keeping them here because he’s racist?

    I for one, would be happy if Obama kicked out all criminals. I don’t really care what color they are unlike you.

    What I don’t understand is why you support millions of illegals here. Not only do they suppress wages and they take jobs. This affects employment for Americans. I don’t get why you prefer illegal aliens over American citizens. If legalized they will be able to apply for taxpayer benefits. We can’t afford what we’re providing now much less adding 30 million people.

    We spend virtually all taxpayer money on social programs and have to borrow or print money to run the government. In the long run this will devastate the nation … either by sudden economic collapse, high inflation or both.

    All liberal policies are unsustainable. The right wants fiscal responsibility, a smaller government and less regulation to allow the economy to expand. What the left is creating … what Obama is creating … is a central authority which is essentially controlling not only business but everything you do. There is virtually nothing you can do anymore that isn’t taxed, regulated or controlled by a enormous central federal government.

    Back to racism. Maybe we should start at the beginning because I don’t think you have a fucking clue what racism is. You use it to excuse everything … including the devastation brought upon all American cities by democrat policies. It’s hilarious you blame the right for liberal policies.

    All you seem to know is what the left tells you and as I’ve mentioned before you don’t care if it’s true or not because it’s what you want to hear. It’s what you want to believe. You will never be anything more than a vessel for hate and failure if you continue to segregate everyone by ethnicity. If you would ever take the time, and have the courage to think beyond your propaganda you would understand what the left is doing. Only by dividing and creating hate can they succeed. Simply look at history. We’ve been going left for almost a hundred years now. We are almost a socialized nation. Why aren’t things better? They take 40% of what the rich make, then they take state tax, then property and business taxes. We have social programs out the ass. We have unemployment insurance, we have programs for this and programs for that. Why aren’t things better? We should be in utopia by now.

    As far as having a black man in the White House … are you saying I would love everything he’s done if it had only been done by a white man? I’m Spanish/Irish by the way so I think I’d only like it if a Spaniard was in there.

    In closing, I think you’re full of shit, hate, stupidity and overflowing with racism. You are the fucking problem, not the solution and the left thanks you.

    P.S. I forgot to tell you that everything the democrats have proposed and have done over the decades can be found in the Constitution of the Soviet Union. Do you know what the Soviet Union was? Anyway, everything from Social Security to free education to “equality” is in there. They’re basically reinstituting the Soviet Constitution here.

    Yeah, it’ll be great. Equality and stuff. We’ll all be poor, but what they hell … everything will be free!!!!! Utopia!

  19. Elvoyce Hooper says:

    I pray you keep telling the truth. One test is that of ad homonum arguments where they attack you instead of the facts you present. Unfortunately our people, black people, are so prone to these type of arguments.

  20. miles says:

    Hey Pam youre just another meth smoking white trash racist. And by the way Jesus was black.

  21. miles says:

    CBC aka COONINGBLACKCHICK…..hehehehehehehe

  22. Pam says:

    Hey RRIAB – Actually independently wealthy with two jobs and own my own home.

    And you bore me.

    And by the way, Jesus was jewish, not black.

  23. @urinelcakes says:

    Great post, truth is truth regardless of race. The comments above are not surprising.

  24. darwin says:

    Dear truevoice4real,

    Stop copying and pasting ridiculous quotes. Either give me the links so I can judge the veracity of the source myself or stop pasting.

    Secondly, I tire at your attempts to come across as someone knowledgable when all you’ve shown is that you’re good at repeating propaganda. I questioned earlier if you’ve ever had an original thought. I think I have my answer.

    Try writing a comment that articulates your views, and why you think that way. Stop repeating garbage that either has no basis in fact or has been twisted and contorted to fit your crazy ass propaganda.

    Here’s a tip: Instead of believeing everything your read from radical far left websites why not research the Republican Party and Tea Party on your own? Go to their websites, read history and form an educated opinion instead of the bullshit you put out here. Stop hating everyone and understand that unless we stop the divisiveness created by the left solely for the reason of collapsing this nation it will fall … and what follows won’t be pretty.

    Use reason instead of hate. Read, listen, learn.

  25. darwin says:

    “The tea party is racist because THE TEA PARTY IS RACIST”

    ^^^ Unfortunately the mental midget that wrote this actually believes it. What a nut.

    Liberal policies have virtually destroyed city after city yet they say “It’s the Republicans fault!!!!! They’re racist” and morons like truevoice4real believe them.

  26. Pam says:

    @RRIAB – Figure it out. You would be the last person I would want to like me – and you are the last person I would listen to. Which, whether or not you realize it, is the POINT of this blog. Now just to spew vile rudeness, but to try and REASON (any idea what that is?) through a problem and maybe change minds. (If the other person has one, of course.)

    I like reading this blog because of her point of view and it makes me think. I read your comments (and from others like you) and I see no rational though. Why would I be convinced by anything you say? Why would I care about your point of view? There is no reason, no thought, just nastiness. If you think you can drive me away, you are wrong.

  27. George says:

    @ true

    So, where were we ?
    I submit that you are a racist. I seem to remember a quote along the lines of judging a person by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.
    What the heck difference does it make what color I am ?
    I knew Dr. King, and frankly he would be ashamed of you and the way you talk.
    As would Jesus.

    And you have conveniently not answered my question of:
    “I confess that I did not follow Mr Thugs Facebook postings, but I guess he got a lot of “right on brother” support. No offense intended, I said it tongue-in-cheek.

    Are you ok with that ?
    Did you, or do you, support or agree with him and those that support him?

    And why is it that you are trying to change the subject from the “The Thug” to Nazis, Arryan (sp) supremecists, white racists, and voter suppression. Though that is a stretch.
    Would you please try and stick to a topic until we beat it to death.

    I had not heard of any of the examples you gave so I looked up the 1st two. Quite a pair and I hope that they leave the gene pool very soon. They are promoting the kind of hatred that I sense in you and reagan.

    I am sure that without too much trouble I could drum up equally disturbing examples on your side. In fact a personal experience comes to mind when I was approached and pretty much threatened with death by a black panther.
    How about the lovely anti-semitic Charles Rangel with the Hymies.

    I have no place in my world for either of those thinkers.

  28. foosrock! says:

    Why all the insults and disgusting language when posting comments?. This illustrates the point CBC has made with this article.

  29. darwin says:

    truevoice4real says: “Ask these so-called Frederick Douglas republicans about the racism in the GOP ala their current voter suppression drive and their attraction to white supremacist groups and of course the ultra racist tea party…In order words lets deal with some current events…”

    You really are moronic. ID is required for everything today including receiving welfare and other taxpayer funded benefits but when it comes to proving who you are when you vote you scream like a stuck pig. If voter ID is so suppressive then so is proving who you are to get food stamps, rent a car, rent an apartment, fly on a plane, get a passport, get unemployment insurance, get a job or thousands of other things that people do in their daily lives that requires ID. You want the ONLY thing you don’t have to use ID for is voting. That’s pretty downright dumb.

    Stop reading leftist propaganda and use what little brain you might have left. You think the Tea Party is racist only because the left says so. You think voter ID is bad only because the left says so. Do you ever have an original thought of your own?

  30. humanity says:

    The truth is the truth, if all we know if violence, cursing and drugs it starts to become normal the reality. Many of us have been expose to this at very young ages, but some of us make a choice to not follow the norm. If our minds are saturated daily with “thug life” we take on the role. But when we are exposed to other elements of life we can expand our thinking and state of being.
    We are not poor because we want to be poor, we are poor because we have not mastered the tools to be rich. But the tools we have mastered are detrimental to society, but to the “thug society” it is acceptable.

    We can criticize the thug father, but the truth is murder, drugs and cursing did not start we “thugs” it started with racism.

  31. Pam says:

    Yeah, Ronaldreaganisabitch, I’m talking to you. Don’t you mean man to woman? You are crude, rude, and foul mouthed. What’s your point?

  32. James says:

    I love people who think for themselves! Just because your African American dosen’t mean you have to go with the flock. Your brave! Your strong! Your beautiful! Keep it up:)

  33. Mr. W. H. Braden says:

    Thank you for telling the truth. I’m sad. The Black community has lost a lot of respect. Please do not read any posts passed words that trash you. You are a brave woman, I know your heart hurts when you see the decline in the family.

  34. BuckeyeSam says:

    truevoice4real, RONALDREAGANISABITCH:

    Where does your hate originate?

    You should consider the material coming from the Frederick Douglass Republicans. Open your mind and leave the plantation.

  35. Pam says:

    Free speech is one thing – rudeness is another. And you have trivialized the concept and right of free speech. Sure, you can say pretty much anything you want, but your language reveals that you have nothing important to say.

  36. Pam says:

    Thank you, George. I seldom read the comments because of the foul language and needless and repetitive name calling. Nothing is added to the discussion by this rudeness.

    I do NOT defend the KKK, or the thug mentality that is demonstrated by this video. Children are damaged (equally) by both. How is society benefited by either? Or by the name calling, for that matter?

  37. miles says:

    Too bad the kid don’t have good parents like Malia and Sasha Obama.

  38. George says:

    I guess my main complaint with you and Ronald is your ceaseless slamming of CBC. I don’t understand it.
    Is it her train of thought of: Mr Thug video–>>>her column–>>>Ergo all blacks are like this ?
    Is this what you are saying is disrespectful of the black community ?
    I confess that I did not follow Mr Thugs Facebook postings, but I guess he got a lot of “right on brother” support. No offense intended, I said it tongue-in-cheek.

    Are you ok with that ?
    Did you, or do you, support or agree with him and those that support him?
    Frankly, I don’t want to read the kind of dreck that spills from his or his supporters mouths.
    It is that attitude that causes me to think that there is no hope that we will ever get along.

    Hold on a second. Can I find an example of gangsta crapola right here in this thread. Hmmmm, how about this.
    January 14, 2014 at 11:07 pm
    I see big mouth goose stepping Pam is back from her annual trip to Hades. As usual she has added nothing to conversation, she bitches more than crystal the white man’s bed wench.

    @Autonymous aka Ron, we know who you are so your punk ass can stop hiding by your fake name.

    Quite the gentleman is Ronald. Just stop it already.

  39. George says:

    @truevoice @Ronald
    The link to the stats will work, but you will need to work with it.
    I did not ignore your link, I was just weary of typing those numbers.
    What is it you are trying to say with the KKK link ? That there is equally bad behavior on the white side ? I agree with you but it does no good to illustrate bad behavior by pointing it out in others. Is your point that it’s ok for Mr. Thug to pound on his kid like that since Mrs. KKK does something equally as egregious ?
    Frankly, I did not watch the video of Mr. Thug as it makes me furious to see kids being verbally whipped.
    So, would you stand up to Mr. Thug and tell him to back off ?
    Are you saying that Mr. Thug is not representative of black society ?
    And what’s with jumping on CBCs case ? When did you stop treating ladies with courtesy ?
    Are you saying that it’s ok to be black like Mr. Thug ?
    Have you been witness to behavior like his before or is it uncommon ?
    Would you agree/disagree that Mr. Thugs kids will likely grow up to be just like him ?

  40. Adam F. MacAdam II says:

    Crystal, You have more moral courage than anyone I have heard of in a very long time. I admire your adhesion to the truth at any cost and the insight you have as to what is really needed for genuine change and improvement. I know you care about our whole community. It shows. Because of your leadership, others will certainly follow and we will have a better world.

  41. Indigo says:

    To CBC. You are right on target. What you said just in this blog post alone contains more courage and relevance than all the leftist so-called civil rights leaders and pundits combined, with all their nauseating victimizing verbose rambling and race card playing. In this and recent post by you I noticed among the comments that type of mean, vicious low-life trolls. They moved LaShawn Barber to disable her comments years ago. They “sprayed” the blog comments of bookerrising, which seems to be gone now. But you go girl! Bill Cosby got lambasted, and Ben Carson got called the usual names, for telling it like it is. Things must be said and not silenced for any hope of turning around 50-year old problems.

    The all black neighborhood I grew up in in the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s had about ¾ of the homes with both a legal father and mother. Today, it is closer to ¼ of those homes. There is not enough money to pay me to be a stooge clown reporter like the lamestream news anchors are. Because I would tell the truth about welfare replacing active fathers, knockout nongames, criminal descriptions, and links between untrained drugged children and criminals they become. Then I would be fired and banned, which would be fine because I would have my dignity.

  42. Autonymous says:

    @truevoice4real: okay, i watched that video… i appreciate your pointing it out that there are some extremely dangerous people out there in the US (but also everywhere)… unfortunately. bad people belong to all political groups and are part of practically any group.

    this is exactly the kind of example to emphasize the importance of family unity, so that good people do not fall into the cracks of life. no amount of community will help without family bonds, people who have built lives, homes, and businesses as part of their local roots system. otherwise, there is nothing to protect anymore… people lose the will to survive, much less succeed. you cannot cunduct meaningful life in comradery with your internet-cafe friends and expect them to protect you and care for you when trouble comes or when you get old or ill. nor can the state do that for so many fragmented society members either.

    perhaps some people cannot get along with family members, but the parent-child relationship has definitely deteriorated… disrespectful kids come from families with no disciplinarians. we can have this chicken-and-egg argument all day long.

    still, no one has an actual plan of action or one that has actually shown success… plenty of money spent on it, tho. how much more? what is needed, besides finding whose fault is what? let’s say all these moms got a place to bring their kids for daycare – by personal cab ride – and given simple work to do while their kids played in a supervised room. or they get to finish school while their kids are babysat during class? would that be the answer? this, in exchange for the support of government? what success rate would you give that? tell us what plans would work. be specific.

    if you want to compete against the idiots raising KKK children, send your kids to school and make sure they do their homework. where did that KKK mom get her money to send junior to school? why is her support group worrying you, if you can be better than that? go out and prove it, then. be better. we are expecting nothing short of everyone trying their BEST.

    believe it or not, i am actually trying to help make some of you folks understand – no one is going to save you but you. why keep expecting uncle sam to do it since he hasn’t done it yet? it’s like believing in the Wizard of Oz.

  43. Shel says:

    oops,you’re pointing

  44. Shel says:

    The video of this little baby is probably one of the most disgusting videos I’ve seen in a very long time. This video is just another example of how morals and respect have gone down the tubes, and not indicative of the behavior of all Black people. I’m a Black conservative on many issues, but I take offense at the way your pointing your finger, by posting this one-sided article, at the Black community for the behavior of a couple of thugs. If you and others would do your reasearch, you’ll find that criminality is common amongst people in poverty. I’m not condoning violence, but when you make a correlation between violence and poverty, it’s easier to understand the hopelessness and survival mechanisms to cope with the lack of necessities.

  45. Autonymous says:

    @George: I think the posters (who are regulars, if you look further) are either being paid to comment or are just stupid people with no jobs, ranting their pretend-equality rants at Crystal. You know, that kind of equality that tries to elevate the retarded so they won’t feel suicidal, but instead make them homicidal, insomuch that they keep killing each other off. Unfortunately, it got so out-of-hand (popping out babies faster than they can kill each other) that it has become an even worse epidemic. Best thing to do is keep giving them enough money to stay where the fuck they are. This is the only reason to vote liberal, and falls right in with what LBJ said 50 years ago, btw… right, you white libtards?

    Sorry, but that is what the libtards-in-charge are NOT telling you. What was that famous quote from President Johnson? Come on now… you know what he said.

    Look for yourselves… how many white libtards, such as professors for example, buy a house or rent an apartment in poor neighborhoods – besides a foreclosure to rehab with historic-building or urban-renewal grant money, then posing for pictures in the media to prove how much they’re “helping?” And who is buying up Detroit now? Self-hating white “community-building” 20 & 30-somethings, laughing all the way to prosperity on your bleeding-heart dimes? How’d they get so lucky to be commandeering the cause??

    Anyway, so what did you want to do about it all? How will you dummies fix this poverty problem? Are you gonna give them jobs? Such as what? Let’s hear it. What could they possibly contribute to society? What would YOU hire them to do?

    Exactly… nothing. So, keep sending them more money and hope they stay out of YOUR neighborhood by telling them that it’s the OTHER people holding them down… how conveniently COWARDLY of you white libtards!!! Just get Walmart and McD’s to pay $15 an hour, and all of a sudden, you’ll be just fine with Walmart and McD’s again, right? (You hate big-box imports and junk food… unless they paid well enough, that is. How is it that you libtards can’t make up your minds whether to be pro or anti-consumerist?)

    BTW, there are tons of broken families out there, all races. They are equally useless. One such family is in my own bloodline. They couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. But they SURE DO KNOW HOW TO FUCK AROUND AND MAKE MORE BABIES. Thanks Dad. You are why this world is f’d up… you liked to fuck, all right, but hated to work for a living. And lucky for you, welfare was there for all of your kids, and so far, all your grandkids, and most likely by now, your great-grand-kids.

    So, there you go, libtards. Maybe one of you will eventually call for childbirth regulations. If it’s done by a libtard (hopefully a woman) in office, it’s sure to be happily accepted. But then there wouldn’t be a scary class to use against the public-at-large and all those programs employing our brilliant overseers of problems, all of which never get fixed but always seem to get worse…

    Oh, and did you all happen to see the idiots standing in line to buy $500/oz weed in Colorado? Opium Wars will now be on our shores and become the #1 “Made in USA” bumper crop. China is laughing. I saw these potheads on TV – they look like the unemployed, yet they have the money to buy weed, iFarts, and 4G subscriptions.

    Thank goodness for crowd-control, right?

    There is definitely a war on something – it’s a war on logic. Let’s see your resumes, you dumbshits. Pony them up. Who’s YOUR daddy paying your way?

  46. George says:

    Truevoice, let’s try some facts then, the only ones that I can see in your post other than the attacks on CBC.
    If you did a little more research then you would see that the highest rates of out of wedlock births – as well as divorce, teen pregnancy, and STDs – are higher in the Bible Belt
    End quote:
    From the CDC site about unwed births for 2010 and I picked Kentucky as bible belt, Texas as home state and DC as predominantly black

    Total White Black Asian
    UM 5019 591 4251 167
    M 4146 2697 1095 346

    UM 22966 18663 4091 170
    M 32818 30494 1393 871

    UM 163648 130200 31134 1818
    M 222470 190437 16348 15000

    UM 1633471 1102095 458637 42069
    M 2365915 1967220 177788 204817

    I hope I got the numbers correct yet I hope they are wrong because these show that the number of black kids born out of wedlock are scary.

    Where did you get your numbers because I would like to check them.
    This is where I got mine:

  47. Pam says:

    Facts, not name calling, will change people’s minds.

  48. George says:

    Sweet Holy Jesus CBC. Please ignore and don’t let these types of remarks get you down. I want to let you know that I admire you and your strength of character.

    I am still shaking my head at the vitriol.

  49. Indigo says:

    To CBC. You are right on target. What you said just in this blog post alone contains more courage and relevance than all the leftist so-called civil rights leaders and pundits combined, with all their nauseating victimizing verbose rambling and race card playing. In this and recent post by you I noticed among the comments that type of mean, vicious low-life trolls. They moved LaShawn Barber to disable her comments years ago. They “sprayed” the blog comments of bookerrising, which seems to be gone now. But you go girl! Bill Cosby got lambasted, and Ben Carson got called the usual names, for telling it like it is. Things must be said and not silenced for any hope of turning around 50-year old problems.

    The all black neighborhood I grew up in in the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s had about ¾ of the homes with both a legal father and mother. Today, it is closer to ¼ of those homes. There is not enough money to pay me to be a stooge clown reporter like the lamestream news anchors are. That includes Pelley, Sawyer and Williams, with their meaningless facial expressions. Because I would tell the truth about welfare replacing active fathers, knockout nongames, criminal descriptions, and links between untrained drugged children and criminals they become. Then I would be fired and banned, which would be fine because I would have my dignity.

    from comes this:
    “The KKK killed 3446 Black People in 86 Years. Black on black murders surpass that number every six months.”

  50. miles says:

    Sorry mammy CBC but your still not invited to GOP party. But I heard they were hiring servers. hehehehe

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