Thug Life: Who’s your daddy? Apparently, no one

If blacks would stop acting like thugs, maybe people would not call them thugs.

Also published in the Washington Times Communities, January 9, 2014

Maybe if blacks would stop killing each other, having babies out of wedlock and basically acting like thugs, people wouldn’t call them thugs.

In a bold move to show residents, the pathology of violence they encounter and who is perpetrating the crimes, the Omaha Police Officers Association posted a video of a “local black thug” spewing profanity, sexual and violent laced language at a toddler.

Mr. Thug was so proud of his video masterpiece, he posted it on Facebook and his black friends cheered him on.

Liberals and some liberal blacks have expressed disdain for the Omaha police in posting the video, claiming it stereotypes blacks and the man’s behavior is an anomaly. But the opposite is true. In DC where I currently live and witness frequently uneducated blacks calling each other and their children the same sorts of heinous names.

I have never seen white people talk to each other this way, much less their children. While black activists and liberals can try to pretend, we all know hip hop and rap glorify and extol this exact thug culture, using the very same offensive words in their music. So let’s stop pretending.

Truth isn’t politically correct. Facts can be inconvenient to those who want to live in a society which doesn’t offend people. But we need to start offending people with the truth – like the Omaha Police Officers Association did – about what’s keeping blacks as a race economically enslaved to a cycle of poverty and government dependency.

The ugly truth is blacks, who represent a mere 13% of the population, are committing  most of the violent crimes in America and 55% of federal prisoners are black. About 54% of all homicides are murders of blacks and according to the Justice Department data from 1980 to 2008, “blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide.”

Looks like the face of the thug life is black, not white!  And the Omaha police were correct, “soak this in. You are literally watching ‘the cycle’ of violence continue right in front of your eyes.” Police treat the symptoms of the disease, which is the utter destruction of the black family.

In 1964, Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Lyndon B. Johnson, observed in his report The Negro Family: the Case for National Action, “the family structure of lower class Negroes is highly unstable , and in many urban centers is approaching complete breakdown.”  At the time about 24% of black babies were born to single mothers compared to 3% of whites.

Moynihan further observed, “The steady expansion of this welfare program, as of public assistance programs in general, can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the negro family structure over the past generation.” And things have only gotten worse for blacks since.

When 72% of black babies today are born into fatherless homes, they have no example of loving parents to emulate. These children born to mothers without husbands generally don’t graduate from high school and turn to a life of crime—thuggery.  Growing up being called repugnant names that any mannered human being wouldn’t call their pets much less their children, these children grow up into thugs and repeat the cycle.

As the Omaha police noted, this pathology is “a powerful cycle the police alone can’t stop” in Omaha or any other city. It’s time our country reform it’s welfare policies and stop rewarding women with housing, food and money for having babies without fathers and start punishing the men who impregnate them.

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57 Responses to “Thug Life: Who’s your daddy? Apparently, no one”

  1. George says:

    Willie Mack says:
    January 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm
    This video is blown out of proportion. One African American 3 year old doesnt represent the African American Family. The media and the GOP are so sad.

    Perhaps the video is an exaggeration Willie and I would love it to be so.
    But the kind of tripe that spews out of True and Ronalds mouths will not convince me otherwise. Their language and personal attacks would serve to strengthen any preconceived notions I might have. It’s impossible to discuss these types of issues with them without it becoming a swear fest.

    Please don’t let yourself get that way.

  2. Muhammed says:

    It is great that Obama is the first black president of the USA. But because he is so ineffective, and way in over his head, he will
    most likely be remembered as the worst president to this date. It is a shame that Colin Powell was not the first black president. He could have accomplished so much.


    @ Ron when I want your opinion, I will buy you a brain and then ask for it until then keep your punk ass mouth shut

  4. Mike says:

    Great article…the responses underpin your words. What’s even more sad is the liberal left’s ambition is to keep this segment of society uneducated and violent in order to preserve the voting block. Love your work.

  5. Mike says:

    @ Most Everyone,

    The majority of the folks here need a good thesaurus. If you want to be taken seriously, drop the gutter talk and express yourselves like educated adults…if you don’t have an education, fake it. If all you have is the “race card”, you’ve got nothing of substance to whine about. So, quit whining and be the man or woman God intended you to be.

  6. CHerkeysix says:

    Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians are missing the most important flaw in current inner city black culture. If the Congress of the United States had purposely wanted to disembowel the black family, they could not have done a better job than they by did creating and fomenting the programs established in the 1960′s. These programs not only eliminated the need for pregnant black women to have a husband, but unequivocally made it a foolish and irresponsible economic decision to ever seek one. The governments unintended consequence was granted and marriage in the inner city in the last 50 years has gone from the expected to the rarity.

    Not all children raised by one parent are going to turn out badly. However, when you have over 70% living under this condition, most with a single parent who left home as an adolescent not fully socialized with a loving mother and father, then the odds of a successful child becomes slim. I think whites have ignored this condition because of fear of being called racist and blacks have ignored it because its hard to tell their fellow blacks that it is better for them as a society, and as an individual not to take these ruinous so called benefits.

    If you conservatives want to get the attention of a black voter address this problem. Announce its existence, the consequences of its existence, the reasons for its existence, and the ways that our society can correct it. For many, its too late, but for the very young, they can be saved if we work to return the culture to valuing the family consisting of a committed man, a loving woman and their precious children.

  7. remy says:

    “Maybe if blacks would stop killing each other, having babies out of wedlock and basically acting like thugs, people wouldn’t call them thugs.

    well, when that was happening they were called niggers, so you are right there.

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