How Feminism Killed Manhood and Femininity


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I regret not getting married when I was young. More specifically, I wish I had focused on the marriage factor, asking myself what I wanted more: a career or a family.

Unlike my mother’s generation where gender roles were uniquely defined and respected in America, the 1960s feminist movement and the offspring of liberalism has led to the death of masculinity in America today.

Gender roles have eroded to non-existence. Starting in elementary school, teachers are drowning boys in “sensitivity,” turning men into little ‘sissies’. “They are making a toxic environment for boys. Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters,” asserts anti-feminist Camille Paglia in a recent interview.

She is absolutely correct. These same little boys grow into adults who suppress their manhood to live in a politically correct prison with “no models of manhood,” adds Paglia.

Today’s modern man is afraid to tell a female colleague she looks pretty because he could be sued for sexual harassment. Just as the politically correct crowd has succeeded in turning America into a Godless nation where Christians like Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson are condemned for talking about their beliefs, America is also becoming a manless nation.

The 1960s feminist movement founders like Gloria Steinem distorted gender roles to create an industry of lies upon which they could build careers. In demanding what should not have required demanding, like equal pay and opportunity, they have given up so much.

The result is that many women in my generation, daughters born in the 1960s and 1970s, who want to be married aren’t because men demand we be their “super” equals. The 1980 Enjoli perfume ad for “the 24 hour woman” captures feminism’s destruction of manhood in modern society. Not only are women expected “to bring home the bacon” (work a highly successful job) and “fry it up in the pan” (cook), but also maintain a fit body, keep a clean house, perhaps be a mom and “never let you forget you’re a man.”

Whew, I’m weary just writing about today’s super woman.

My mother wanted me to have more “career” choices in life than she did as a woman growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Yet she certainly didn’t want my choices in men to be the casualty of my professional success. I was raised in a traditional household where my mother stayed at home most of her adult life raising three children while my Dad was the provider.

In many ways I wish I had her life because today’s American culture no longer celebrates men and women’s biological difference. Consequently, romance has been sucked out of dating.

As I’ve gotten older, dating has become awkward. Our masculine bereft society has made men believe they don’t have to act like men: pay for dates, open car doors and basically act chivalrous. You know woo a woman.

Last year I dated a man, who after few months, wanted to make a point of how much money he spent every time he took me to dinner. After giving him the kiss off once, I agreed to a dinner date. Reading the menu, he blurted out he was still looking for a job so I would have to go split the check with him.

This coming from a 40 something man, who just retired from the military and was receiving his pension and about to sign an offer letter for a new job. I looked at him speechless, ordered my meal and split the check. The next day I texted him, saying I can certainly pay for my own meals and that’s not why I go on dates.

Men go off to war, defend women and children against harm because they’re stronger. They are inherently providers. Women bear children, care for them and their husbands because we are naturally nurturers. It’s time for men to man up; women to be feminine again and America to reject the lies feminism is built upon: abortions and career women.

No one can have it all, especially women. You can’t be a millionaire CEO and great mom too without sacrificing something.

I’d happily exchange my “career” for the option to be barefoot and pregnant tomorrow if I could. What’s wrong with that? Women and men need to stop apologizing for our natural instincts.




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21 Responses to “How Feminism Killed Manhood and Femininity”

  1. Shelby says:

    I agree with you. I’m a nineteen year old girl and I want to be treated as a lady. Thanks to those feminists, I probably won’t ever that. The reason I’m not dating anyone is because the boys I know are rude. I hate being expected to be feminist because of this time and age. I want a husband, a real man, mind you, to support me. I want children and live a feminine life. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a lady like my mom and grandmother and that won’t ever change.

  2. Dan says:

    As a SWM (single white male), I can’t applaud you enough for this article. I’m 29 years old, physically fit, good looking (not being arrogant by any means..women tell me I am, but I’m humble), college educated, come from a stable family, etc. I just feel like I’m living in the twilight zone nowadays, and I’m lonely. Most of the women I meet just don’t do it for me due to feminist qualities. I’m a gentleman, very chivalrous, but still very manly. I have the demeanor, and look, of a hockey player. I don’t, and have never, bought into the modern day sissy boy deal. I just don’t understand what women see in “men” like that. I live in a big city in the north, and that doesn’t make it easy to find a girl at all. Everyone here is standoffish, closed off, and un-trusting. I still do land dates here and there. Most of the girls seem great, and then everything goes to hell after I find out she’s really just another woman that wants to control me, have her cake and eat it to (date me and other guys at once), or some other feminist type behavior. I’m old school. If you’re seeing a guy (and getting to know him), even if you aren’t “official” then you shouldn’t be seeing other guys. I wouldn’t do that to a girl I like, that I’m currently seeing. I think feminism encourages that type of behavior.

    I’m sorry, but most of today’s modern women just aren’t attractive, and I’m not talking looks-wise. There’s nothing attractive about a woman that speaks, or acts like a man. And that’s exactly what feminism encourages women to do.

    Women need to start thinking for themselves, stop following trends/media/TV, etc. Women have a mindset to follow the other herd of women. Honestly, don’t do it.

    In closing, no, I don’t want things to go back to the 1950’s, but I definitely think women have lost their charm, and they need to get it back. I’m not against women earning a living for themselves, getting educated, etc. But, please, act like a lady, and don’t act like a dude. Stop trying to control men, and make them your slave. There’s no need for this. Stop whoring yourselves around like a street walker. Feminism has all the women that buy into it, fooled. Most guys that love their women would take a bullet for you, remember that.

  3. Ann says:

    I admire your ability to express your concerns about women and the ideal of equality. I do believe, tho that feminism has been mis-labeled and corrupted, not so much by the women who received the right to finally talk and have opinions on everything known to man and actually act on them to change their own lives as well as others, but rather by the men who created the “sexual” idea around equality… and then viewed the activity they encouraged as a way for them to accuse women for the destruction of the “family”… and eventually the world! 😉 the need to subjugate women, regardless of color, or political affiliation is nothing new… As far as the word “feminist” goes, it is pretty well common knowledge now that it refers to anyone who believes women have a right to vote… male or female… its the brain we are trying to develop.

    Check out “One Billion Rising” if you would like to go deeper into the beauty of people caring about rights for women and not just the dating reality between men and women… men have had very hard working women getting them diner for centuries… and I was bare foot and pregnant…. probably like millions of women before me and women in other countries..

  4. David Sapp says:

    I meant to say not a great number of conservative black women. Sorry my bad. Keep up the good work.

  5. Mark says:

    Loved the article. Everytime a woman renounces feminism it’s like music to my ears. It’s good to know that some woman are waking up and seeing the bag of goods that they’ve been fed.

    You published a good article and I can’t believe you’re still getting hate from ignorant black people.

  6. Jill says:

    True voice and Miles you are really ignorant haters. Try to form an intelligent comment. Why do you read these articles ?
    Conservative black chick you are right on the money. I’m white. An attorney, have 4-daughters and I’ve always said that feminism killed women and men. Total disservice to men , kids, and us women. If you don’t know why there is no point in explaining it. Keep up the great work.

  7. Independent says:

    Feminism has gone way too far to the point where some women don’t even act like women anymore and wonder why guys are completely turned by them. If people would wake up and reject political correctness the world wouldn’t be so off the wall like it is today. Quite a few feminist activists don’t even act like women they act like men. While yes, women should be treated with respect, feminism isn’t about women to celebrate being women, in fact in some cases I think some of these feminist activists actually hate men and think that racist orginizations like Planned Parent Hood are a good thing. All one has to do is Google Planned Parent Hood racist history and they can see for themselves, it’s the extreme hard left liberals who claim to be tolerant of others who are actually the big racists. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of either party, that’s why I’m an Independent because I think both parties left and right have sold their souls and very few are left that actually care about what is best for the country.

  8. miles says:


    Dude you still trying to over compensate for the fact that you have a small dick? Typical conservative male trait!

  9. Autonymous says:

    I can’t figure out why libtards don’t just exchange their sweet gum-flapping jobs with one at McD’s or Wallyworld, since these lazy morons are so politically astute. Then they could effectively picket those jobs and get unionization over-and-done-with in relatively little time. But noooooo. It’s much easier (and pays better) to get on a publicly funded soap-box. Clueless? No. Greedy is more like it, and even worse than the people they accuse, because they can get away with it using public sympathy. (The same public sympathy that wanted Obamacare, but then dawned on them that signing up for it is what’s required for it to succeed, and so decided that paying the fine, which most will skip as well, is preferable. After all, failure will lead to single-payer.)

    You know libtards… they hate their mothers and fathers anyway. That is, if they even know their mothers and fathers. And I’m talking about the white libtards with the dads that don’t know how to fix a friggen thing in the house or on their cars. But these tards think they know everything about Black History. LOL. Have you seen their “homes” in the (mostly white) “cultural center” cafe-and-dog-friendly neighborhoods?? Most of them don’t know how to drag a rag over their furniture (made from found objects, like most of their kindergarden-type art projects).

    I feel sorry for them. Yes, this is exactly why they all need to wear helmets. The wildebeest wouldn’t want to mix their genes with them. Try getting a trucker job, ladies. They’ll hire you. They hired me over 20 years ago, before you libtards decided that America had a “war on women.” Hahahaha. But I understand. You ladies want the celeb-status jobs, not the actual man-work jobs. You wanna be CEO’s, not Joe-the-Plumber. Yeah, that’s backache work, I know. Not as glamorous as using a microphone on stage as a dildoe.

    Well, if there is any consolation, most of the libtards are going to be as useless during communism in America as they are now. So those of you who actually know how to manage people, start learning commie tactics (ie, lineleader qualities) because you will be needed to control the disappointed libtard “community” throughout the land. The joke will be on them. And don’t forget, most of your old-money libtard politicians had a big role in the China Opium Wars, like the Roosevelt family. They know how to subdue a nation. 🙂 Only this time, it’s our turn to be sub-dued. Have fun smoking that pot!! (Likely the real reason why there is 7% unemployment… it’s the quotient of those not arrested but can’t pass a drug test for work.)

    Anyway, just go back to your iFart screens… all is well. LOL.

  10. darwin says:

    “truevoice4real” … you’re an idiot. The TEA party asked businesses to stop hiring? Your capacity to ingest leftist propaganda is apparently infinite. You probably store it all in that empty cavity commonly referred to as your head.

    Conservative black chick … you’re right on target. Pacifying the natural aggressiveness of males is necessary to allow the spread of the disease known as liberalism.

  11. MattP says:

    Thanks Crystal for another insightful and interesting article. I concur that many traditional values which supported the traditional family unit in the past have been eroded with many tragic consequences. Your article insightfully addresses many of them from a sincere and personal perspective.

    I am 46 and in 2014 I celebrate 25 years of marriage to my wonderful wife. I still enjoy opening the car door for her and treating her as my best friend and eternal companion because she deserves it. I hope our three daughters find companions who treat them the way they have seen their mother treated.

    I am certain a wonderful young man will treat you with the respect, dignity and romance you deserve, Crystal.

    Kind regards, Matthew
    Sydney, Australia

  12. Big Ron says:

    Crystal, you’re right (no pun intended). I lived in another country for a few years, and it was so refreshing to get away from this asexual politically correct nonsense.

    You had to know that speaking the truth would draw out some of the haters, especially the illiterate ones. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

  13. miles says:


    When your idea of a real man is an old limp dick racist like Phil Robertson, then its no wonder you don’t have a man! I heard you was jealous of Michelle Obama because shes married to the most powerful man on earth and you cant get a man to take you out in public. But maybe you give off a lesbian vibe which is why you cant get a man. I suggest therapy for your bitter self hatred. BUT AT LEAST YA GOT PHIL.

  14. miles says:

    The mammy CBC cant get a man so she blames liberals. Priceless. And she longs for the good ole days of JIM CROW where women knew there place. Is this mammy so desperate for a man that she wants to go back in time? hehehehehe

  15. kayakbob says:

    “Last year I dated a man, who after few months, wanted to make a point of how much money he spent every time he took me to dinner.”

    Dear Crystal, I think you dated a guy, not a man. A man wouldn’t do that. Regardless of the term, you are better off without him.

  16. Pam says:

    And the individuals damaged the most by this are children. Deprived of a caring parent at home, kids are raised by TV, or a minimum wage babysitter, or worse yet, daycare (baby jails). They are given toys, electronics, and sports teams so tired parents at the end of the day, don’t have to interact with them. We have given up a generation to drugs, and gangs, and now have 30 year old boys without focus who think adulthood is “doing anything else you want,” and young women who were taught that sex is love resulting in fatherless, one-parent homes dependent on the nanny state.

  17. Jeff says:

    I grew up in the 60s. There were many examples of strong marriages on TV and in my community. Where are those examples now? The families on TV now have stupid men who are out of control. The Cosby show was probably the last show that presented a balanced family.
    I learned how to respect and honor women by watching my father and the men in my community. Unfortunately there are men out there who did not have good examples.

  18. David Dawkins says:

    Great article! Being honest and fearless, saying what you know to be true. I think that you are a intelligent, interesting, funny and of course a gorgeous woman. I would jump at the chance to date you or someone like you, and believe me… dinners would be on me because I am a gentleman.

  19. Ed says:

    You know I’ve been saying this exact thing for a while (my wife agrees with me too) but every-time i have a conversation with my liberal friends, they all give me the side eye.

    Men and Women are not equal. Period. Now in no way does that mean women should be treated like an underclass. We’re just flat out not the same.

    Sigh, unfortunately, I only see this progressively getting worse…

    Good post!

  20. alanstorm says:

    Careful – this could be considered “hate speech” by a leftie. Like truevoice, for example.

  21. uptownsteve says:

    Sorry Crystal, but roles have changed in the new millenium and chicks like you need to get with the program. Nobody is going to be paying for dates, opening car doors and kissing your ass while having to put up with your shit and smelling your stink breathed rants of conservative minstrelry. Smart contemporary women realize that today if you want a man to love, respect and protect you, that you have to respect, honor and love your man. Woman like you expect to be worshipped and pursued and you really don’t have it like that anymore. Brothers who have their acts together have options. Plenty of them in fact.

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