Messiah Obama Turns 2014 Winter Olympics into Sexuality Games

The Olympics apparently is not about sports competition, at least according to President Obama.


*Also published in Washington Times Communities

Anyone who thought the Olympics was about sports competition among nations apparently was wrong, at least according to President Barack Obama. Just like he has tried to reinvent America off her throne of greatness, Obama uses the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia to remake the games into a forum on gay rights. To protest Russia’s passage of laws this year banning the adoption of Russian babies to gay couples and public discussion of gay rights and relationships within ear shot and eyesight of children, Obama picked two openly gay athletes to headline the US delegation to Sochi.

Tennis great and gay activist Billie Jean King and Olympic women’s ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow, who is also openly gay, will join Olympic figure skating medalist Brian Boitano, who is rumored to be gay, as part of the delegation.  The rest of the delegation includes Olympic speed skater medalists Bonnie Blair and Eric Heiden, former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors.

What’s wrong with these laws? Russia has a right to pass any laws it wants. Many people in the United States not only oppose gay marriage but gay couples adopting children because they worry about the long term effects on children.  Moreover, while the gay lobby has scared 97% of heterosexual America from speaking the truth, many straight people will tell you quietly they don’t want to see public displays of a gay lifestyle shoved in their face for shock value, which many gays in America do to make a statement.

Topping off his gay skewed delegation, Obama decided neither he, First Lady Michelle Obama nor Vice President Joe Biden will grace Sochi with their presence. Boo, hoo! I’m sure Russian President Vladimir Putin and the rest of the world could care less about Obama’s gay antics and snub of the 2014 Winter Olympics. After all, for ever other country, the Olympics is about sports not sexuality.

Where is black America’s outrage over Obama’s largely white and gay US Olympic delegation? Blacks represent 13% of the US population compared to gays, who represent a slim 3%, and over 90% of blacks voted to elect Obama twice. For their slavish, messiah-like devotion to the first black President of the United States, where are the blacks in Obama’s largely gay and white delegation to Sochi? Nabors is the only black in the delegation.

Obama’s delegation mirrors his domestic views. He continues to ignore black Americans politically, doing zero to address their problems of greater unemployment, crime, and lack of education compared to whites.

Over and over in situations like the Olympics, Obamacare, Syria, and Iran, Obama demonstrates how unqualified and small he is for the job of President of the United States. Yet in the face of failure upon failure, it is astonishing how the left continues to prop Obama up. ABC News star Barbara Walters professed to CNN’s Piers Morgan that she thought Obama “was going to be the next messiah.” Because he is black? The color of his skin is the very reason Walters, the mainstream media and other Obama sycophants refuse to hold this president accountable to his record like his predecessors.

A few days ago, I jokingly tweeted: “If Obama said he was Jesus, the mainstream media would say, thank you Jesus.” I was right.

Instead of insulting Jesus  Christ and elevating Obama to a pedestal to which he will never belong, liberals like Walters need to see him for the petty man he is.





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14 Responses to “Messiah Obama Turns 2014 Winter Olympics into Sexuality Games”

  1. facebkwallflower says:

    Great Article. Here is an article that compliments your words. (First time to your site; Kudos.)

  2. miles says:

    You Sambo conservatives takes COONING to new heights! Hey CBC you don’t talk for black people. Its safe to say that if Rush Limbaugh {a pedophile}/kkk/ sarah palin agrees with you then you’ve lost all credibility with sane black people. HAPPY HOLIDAYS…HAPPY KWANZZAA …and Jesus was black too but dont say that in public or the kkk/gop will get you!

  3. miles says:

    I rather follow President Obama than a fag named jesus. jesus was a grown man and never had sex with a woman, yet you ignorant Christians say he was heterosexual? yeah right. if jesus waS straight then so is RUPAUL…THE SLAVEMASTER TAUGHT U KNEEGROWS TO WORSHIP A FAG, NOW YOURE ON HERE RAILING against the black president for sending fags to represent America event though your savior is a faggot…OH THE IRONY. slave massa would be proud of a NAPPY HEADED NIGGER GAL like you!


    @Miles well said, it is funny that it is the clowns on the right who refer to POTUS as a Messiah, when we all know they worship the shit out of Reagan’s ass.

  5. Franklin says:

    lil b!tchy boy obama and his drama queen attitudes…..


    Franklin did you not use to date Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris, and you can’t wait until Texas allows same sex marriage, so you and your guy cant tie the knot.

  7. miles says:


    its not my fault god made u “short”….is that why u hate black men?

  8. Wow, people just can’t get off the race card and talk about the REAL issues. Name calling doesn’t help. Libs are pushing this agenda into a real Sodom & Gomorrah issue-where men shouldn’t look at women & I guess vice versa. Obama judges are now overruling millions of voters by declaring ssmarriages legal. Aids started in the WHITE-LIBERAL homosexual community/in Nancy P.’s San Fransicko. Liberal whites destroyed the blk family to get blks back on USam’s plantation. When we collapse financially due to all this debt Dem’s have saddled us with maybe the name callers will finally SEE that this isn’t a race issue-it’s a HUGE MATH problem that will crush us all regardless of color. And blks losing out BIG TIME to illegal aliens-the new racists who R actually targeting blks-ck out YouTube & see how they hate blks and R killing them in CA.

  9. Jay from Philly says:

    Vladimir Putin may be homophobic and a tyrant, but it still seems like he loves Russia and wants to put Russia first. All President Obama has to offer is a kind of vague cosmopolitanism that the bourgeiousie left loves but makes America look weak.

  10. Autonymous says:

    I imagine there are still some Obama fans out there that feel he would do so much good for America and for the world if only his keepers and handlers wouldn’t threaten him with death, or something… LOL!

    Yeah, Obama definitely would NOT take a bullet for you libtards. You hear that? NEVER would he EVER take a bullet for you libtards.

    Your Prez feels he is above dying for anyone or anything.

    Not very messianic… not to mention, not even very patriotic, in the eyes of his own nation’s military (be it the USA or wherever he is really from) while acting as their Commander in Chief. Sounds a bit cowardly, no? At least JFK took a bullet for us.

    Lame as a duck, from the start. Big-talking, anti-Bush man, he. Just wanted to make history. Period. (To use a favorite word of his.)



    @Ron aka Autonymous you are punk who hides behind a keyboard like that fag Steven Laboe, you clowns on the right are the ones who call Obama the messiah, boy has he delivered, the stock market is hot, the Dow is over 16K at 7K when he came to office, unemployment is down, and now over 6 million American have health insurance, so get off his tip

  12. Franklin says:

    such bitterness from the black community because the first black prez. is gay…..

    get used to it….

    the majority of black men in america are now gay…..

    when black boys say “swish” now…..they ain’t talkin’ bout no b-ball….their talkin’ bout their daddy…..

    he he he…..

  13. miles says:


    Dude you sound like a confused rambling petulant racist cracker jealous of the confident black president. what are you ranting about anyway? Now go play in the street or smoke your meth pipe. TOODLES!

  14. Dave says:

    Hey Miles, if that’s your real name….You sound like a racist black man by you comments you make. I am keeping it civil, however if you continue you anonymous rants, I will light you up with nastiest language you ever heard. You are so jealous of Ms Wright you can’t stand it. Because she does not support the inept President you figure by saying all this foul stuff justifies you getting back at her. This lady is so classy, she even lets you publish your foul comments. Ms Wright so far of you you could not catch he in your lifetime.

    Go Ms. Wright, there are millions behind you!

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