How can the GOP woo minority voters when it insults them?

Rosa Parks

Originally published in The Guardian December 3, 2013

They still don’t get it. Over a year after Republican nominee Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election because he failed to win minority votes, the Republican National Committee is still acting dumber than ever. How can the Republican National Committee woo black voters when they insult them? In celebration of the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in segregated Montgomery, Alabama, the RNC tweeted:

RNC ‏@GOP 1 Dec

Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.

First off, racism isn’t dead. Not even close. Maybe the RNC is living under a rock and should read about recent incidents where Macy’s and Barneys appeared to accuse customers of being thieves, just because they were shopping while black.

Second, perhaps the RNC needs to understand the difference between racism and segregation, the latter being what Rosa Parks helped end. Moreover, she certainly didn’t do it alone. She, along with hundreds of other “freedom riders” and Civil Rights activists like Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers, helped end segregation – not racism – in this country.

This tweet, in all its ignorance, reveals that the RNC thinks so little of blacks that it won’t even bother to learn an accurate history of the Civil Rights movement. I bet you would never see the RNC make such a mistake about President Lincoln and Civil War history.

Moments later, the RNC clumsily issued a correction tweet, but the point is they didn’t care enough to get it right the first time.

RNC ‏@GOP 1 Dec

Previous tweet should have read, “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism.”

In March 2013, after months of navel gazing and party consternation over its lack of appeal to minorities – who will outnumber whites by 2050 – the RNC issued it’s Growth & Opportunity Project report (pdf), promising to increase minority voter engagement and narrow its voter deficit. The report found, to no black Republican’s surprise, that “minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them”. I wonder why? Telling black voters racism is dead may have something to do with it.

The Growth & Opportunity Project declared:

Instead of driving around in circles on an ideological cul-de-sac, we need a Party whose brand of conservatism invites and inspires new people to visit us.

Yet nine months later and counting, one would never know that the RNC is engaging in any kind of “new outreach”. In fact, save for the few token “hires of color” at the RNC, it looks like it’s the same old narrow minded, out of touch, stuffy old white man’s party it’s been for the past 30-plus years.

RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, has made some appearances in predominately black communities like Harlem and Detroit, but that’s not going to win over black votes. Blacks want to see themselves reflected in the face of the party, but the only the face that keeps popping up is consistently white.

The Michigan GOP is opening up an African American Engagement Office in Detroit, and invited Senator Rand Paul to headline this week’s event. That’s an admirable step. I’m a huge fan of Paul because he is taking the conservative message to minority communities and doing in earnest what the RNC won’t. But in a city like Detroit where 97% of blacks voted for President Barack Obama, the party would have been smart to invite some prominent black Republicans like Allen West, Senator Tim Scott or Congressional candidate Mia Love to join Senator Paul. That would make sense.

Better yet, perhaps if the RNC and its state chapters would include blacks and other minorities in the conversation from the start, it wouldn’t need all this phony and superficial outreach in the first place.



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11 Responses to “How can the GOP woo minority voters when it insults them?”

  1. Franklin says:

    No body wants american blacks until they stop being “slaves”….

    If you just want to be “wooed”….

    go back to al sharpton and the NAACP…..

    they’ll take all the money you can get your hands on…..

    dump the ego and join in…..


    @truevoice4real tell that cheap trick cunt racist Franklin again, it did not hear you. Nixon started it and Reagan completed the GOP racist play book, to insult minorities at every turn.

  3. Jack says:

    in 2005, then rnc chairman ken mehlman apologized to the naacp
    on behalf of his party, for playing the race card since the 1960′s.
    it was a moral thing to do but, the repubs are not about to change
    their ways. they have had a ton of success bashing minorities.
    just look at fox news, rush and all of the other radio jocks.
    racism in the republican party simply will never go away.
    it’s in their dna.


  4. Franklin says:


    somebody woo me….

    i’m black and I can’t do anything for myself….

    please woo me……I need to feel loved…..

    I’ll worship you if you woo me and give me a ride to the polls to vote….

  5. JJP says:

    The GOP is destined to be an extinct political party; they are irrelevant to the growing segment of the population. In the VA Gubernatorial Election, 89 percent of the Cuccinnelli electorate was Caucasian versus 54 percent of the McAuliffe electorate was Caucasian. The racial composite of the Democratic Party is 60 percent Caucasian and in the Republican Party is 90 percent.

  6. miles says:

    when the average gop voter thinks like Franklin, we know theyre nothing but a bunch of bitter insecure racist white men….FRANKLIN IS A PRIME EXMAPLE…hehehe

  7. I always wanted to vote Republican so this time I voted for Ken Cuccinnelli and he lost I remember weeks before the election there stood Terry McAuliffe at a press conference with a back ground behind him with the only word WOMEN and I said to my wife that Cuccinnelli could get some conservative democrats votes if at his next press conference he have a back ground behind him saying “Women, Men and Children” they never did, that when I realized now the republican is always two steps behind the democrats. Just as the republican use to divide us by race now the democrats are dividing us by gender and the republican can’t seem to capitalize on it.

  8. Judy says:

    RE: CONSERVATIVE CONSTIT. BLACK VALUES Q. Do we want those in office fostering 1) ED EQUALIZER TRAINING, trade schl, charter & hm schl choice, vouchers, no revisionist hist or union propagandist or ped-ophile teachers, 2) FREE MARKET sm, big buss & investm INCENTIVES to create jobs, 3) FAMILY VALUE leaders who stand up for them instead of out-of-the-norm alternative lifestyle proponents, cronies, Sharia, 4) PHOTO ID w. legal name & b certif app forms by mail for P.O. deliv or drops to end fraud, 5) skin-in-the-game only ENTITLEMS & health care vouchers for poor to keep do-nothings & bored off sts 6) CLOSED BOR-DERS, no amnesty, no laws w.out 60 votes, read on internet, discussion.

  9. Judy says:

    RE: CORRECTION FOR JUDY Dec. 24th comment

    Perhaps photo-fingerprint pick up voter ID card applications available at post offices with picture taken there would be better?

  10. Republicans need to sponsor Milton Friedman’s school voucher plan for D.C., and call it the D.C. Civil Rights Act for Equal Educational Opportunity.” It’s really simple:

    “An educational voucher of reasonable size, though less than the current government spending per student, that was available to all students regardless of income or race or religion and that did not prohibit add-ons or impose detailed regulations on start-up service providers would end up helping the poor more than a charity voucher — not instantly, but after a brief period as competition did its work.”

  11. Dink Newcomb says:

    I am here because of your blog’s title in a spirit of openness to listen to what you have to say. I am NOT picking through, looking for things I can quarrel with.
    However, re Shopping While Black or profiling. I am a very large, long bearded, long haired, hard working white male who normally dresses in rough blue collar clothes– all of these things are largely for economic/simplicity reasons and not in any attempt to emulate or demonstrate being part of any particular group (bikers, in this case) or to create an image. I have had my share of “profiling” and it is annoying but my experiences have typically been short and cordial because I was courteous and well spoken. Indeed, the few occurrences the were ugly were the result of black cops (most certainly, only a few black cops) who were not able to get beyond their prejudice at my appearance. Even then, I was able to write it off to their repugnance to crime and kept my loose lips in control.
    When black crime abates to reasonable levels I would suggest to you that things will improve dramatically. I can’t imagine that you would deny the existence of the small percentage of Black Americans who drive the crime statistics through the roof.
    Profiling is what is also referred to as watchful alertness by those who wish to stay safe. Lots of poor whites and white teenagers are subject to the same scrutiny.

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