Obama is America’s first Black POTUS, may be America’s Worst

Obama has always believed he's something bigger than he is. He’s no Lincoln, no extraordinary POTUS. Not now or ever.

Barack Obama is a terrible president who just so happens to be the nation’s first black president. His first trip abroad as president in 2009 was to Cairo to give an apologist speech to the Muslim world for America’s greatness and might in fighting terrorism. He bullied Congress into passing his $800 billion stimulus package, which didn’t stimulate anything, but has instead kept unemployment above 7% for the past five years.

Obama recently chose Iran over Israel and agreed to allow Iran to keep its nuclear program under promises it will stop uranium production. In exchange, the US will ease economic sanctions on the mullah run nation, which sponsors terrorism against America and promised to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth.

How can we forget after two years of avoiding any action on Syria, Obama asked Congress to vote on whether the US should take military action, effectively absolving himself of responsibility.

Then Obama outsourced America’s foreign policy to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who negotiated a deal with Syrian President Assad to turn over his weapons of mass destruction to the United Nations. This further removed our Commander in Chief from the responsibility of leadership of world’s greatest super power.

Does this read like the resume of a great president? No.

Yet, it wasn’t until the calamitous rollout of Obamacare, exposing the lies he told the American people in order to get the bill passed, that people are finally allowing themselves to see the real Barack Obama.

His approval ratings in the past month have tumbled to the lowest of his presidency with 55% of Americans saying he’s doing a bad job. A whopping 63% of Americans think Obama “fumbled” the launch of Obamacare.

Yet Queen Bee of Talk TV, Oprah Winfrey would have the world believe all those people polled are just a bunch of racists who “disrespect” Obama only because he’s black.

That is a lie.

What many people have known about Barack Obama since his first year in office was that he wasn’t capable of the job. He was a novelty, a celebrity, a president in name only. Conservatives criticized him openly but for liberals it was,  “the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it,” as Winfrey said in her BBC interview.

Yes, politically correct liberals and the liberal dominated mainstream media whispered about Obama’s shortcomings for a long time, but their collective white guilt invested too much in electing America’s black president to admit defeat. Blacks elated to have finally gotten the first black in the White House were equally determined to ignore how blacks suffered under his administration with high black unemployment and diminished wealth.

Blacks vowed “to give Obama a pass” because of the color of his skin.  So, forces united and pledged to make Obama a two-term president no matter what.

Obama’s worshippers silenced Obama’s critics by accusing them of being racists. A docile mainstream liberal aided and abetted the progressive cause, propping up Obama’s  every misstep from a lousy economy his entire first term (it was Bush’s fault) to the Benghazi lie (it was a spontaneous protest which killed four Americans before it was a terrorist attack).

Then of course the most irresponsible reporting came during the 2012 election, when the media declared Obama needed another four years to turn this country around. Unlike his predecessors, who were held accountable to their records for re-election, Obama got a free pass on accountability and in many ways it is because he is black.

But the unveiling of Obamacare was just too big a failure to ignore, even by democrats who supported it, the media who gushed over it and voters who twice voted for its creator. Thanks to the Unaffordable Care Act, Obama’s supporters are finally seeing the incompetence beneath the man’s personality. They see what Obama’s critics have said since 2009.

This president isn’t up to the job.

The problem is Obama has always believed he’s something bigger than he is. He’s no Lincoln, no extraordinary POTUS. Not now or ever.

Too bad this great reveal didn’t happen in 2012. But that was by design too.

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33 Responses to “Obama is America’s first Black POTUS, may be America’s Worst”

  1. Noel says:

    The economy, capitalist economy to be precise, is the social system of the division of labor under private ownership of the means of production. It is not a person or a thing but a process caused by the interplay of the actions of individuals cooperating under the division of labor. The economy is driven by the value judgments of these individuals. @usmanbey1

  2. Noel says:

    The United States is facing serious economic problems….
    Anyway thanks for the discussion, we will continue some other time.

  3. usmanbey1 says:

    So an economy is a person? Kind of like Corporations are people?

  4. Noel says:

    In reference to the stimulus, whether it is delivered by Democrats or Republicans:

    I can’t help conjuring up the image of a person (economy) that has collapsed due to bad habits (government programs) and must be chest-pumped, resuscitated, stimulated back to life. Sure they’ll come back to life if their illness hasn’t progressed far enough. But if that person doesn’t quit those bad habits, they will collapse again and again (needing a stimulus each time) until the time when they won’t be revivable. Survival is possible only if they go “cold turkey”. So in the long run the stimulus doesn’t work if the bad habits are not done away with.

    The point is healthy economies don’t need to be stimulated. And healthy economies are those that are free of government intervention.

  5. Noel says:

    @ (R)bitch, stay away from the crack pipe.

  6. usmanbey says:

    Conservative black freak, when are you going to post an article or even give a passing acknowledgement of the late African and World icon, Nelson Mandela? You run your mouth so much about “freedom” and liberty, yet a black man that is considered one of the World’s greatest figure in the fight for true justice, freedom, and equality for all people passed away, but your white man’s house maid nature has prevented you from using this lousy medium of yours to honor his legacy.

    I suppose you are either waiting on your massas to give you the go ahead instead of risking the crumbs you pick off the floor under massa’s table. Even that repulsive neaderthal, Rafael Cruz, and a few other white supremacists in the Senate and congress, have spoken kind words and eulogized Nelson Mandela. What is a black freak like you waiting for? If some of your white masters have ventured to go there, what are you so afraid of, you crumb eater?

  7. uptownsteve says:

    Why are you progressives even acknowledging this nonsense. The so-called “worst President in history” has been bitch slapping the GOP and Uncle Tom porch monkeys for 5 years now both at the polls and in Congress and all they can do is scream, throw tantrums, obstruct and look for fake scandals. They’re clowns.

  8. James says:

    @truevoice4real – You should not be surprised by comments by low self esteem people like Franklin. Conservatives like Ronald Reagan believed the U.S. had no business hectoring the South African government over apartheid. Senator Jesse Helms (R–N.C.), the Senate’s then leading race-baiter, took the Senate floor to filibuster on behalf of the racist and pro communist apartheid government of South Africa.

    Helms was an old pro at using the filibuster: he had launched a similar one three years earlier against establishing a national holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was joined by like-minded conservatives including noted segregationist Strom Thurmond (R–S.C.) and wanna be segregationist Phil Gramm (R–Texas) in voting against the bill’s final passage.

    Over in the House, Representative Dick Cheney (R–Wyo.) joined the minority in opposing the Anti-Apartheid Act. In earlier battles over South Africa, Cheney had denounced Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and argued against his release. Darth Cheney has never said he regretted voting the way he did. In fact, in 2000, he maintained that he’d made the right decision.

    Republican moderates deserve credit for having the courage to go against Reagan in passing the Anti-Apartheid Act. Though denounced by conservatives for their actions, they held firm. As a result, the United States directly contributed to the liberation of millions of people from one of the world’s most oppressive regime.

  9. Noel says:

    and Franklin is a ….RACIST

    Truevoice is right about you.

  10. Franklin says:



    blacks can not govern….

  11. Noel says:

    What’s your take on China’s stance towards the U.S.?
    I mean, how do you think the U.S. should compete with this “anti-labor, anti-environment” country? Do you think the U.S. will ever be able to pay the debt it owes China?

  12. James says:

    @CBC you missed another golden opportunity to write a positive piece about the 50th Anniversary of Rosa Parks Taking a Stand For Freedom, with the passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela you are now offered another path to redemption, by writing a positive piece.

    As we in the African American community celebrate the life and times of Nelson Mandela, let’s not forget the fact that he went into prison on trumped up charges as a terrorist, and the ANC was demonized by the right in this country and across the world. (I see you Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.)

    The right has never apologized for their support of the apartheid regime in South Africa, and I suppose that makes sense. Why should the white minority with all that power and wealth cede it to a poor black majority with left leaning political views? The republican party of today greatly resembles the National Party of South Africa from 1948. Same goals.

  13. James says:

    @ truevoice4real and RONALDREAGANISABITCH, keep it 100, you are on point.
    @CBC you missed another golden opportunity to write a positive piece about the 50th Anniversary of Rosa Parks Taking a Stand For Freedom, with the passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela you are now offered another path to redemption, by writing a positive piece.

    As we in the African American community celebrate the life and times of Nelson Mandela, let’s not forget the fact that he went into prison on trumped up charges as a terrorist, and the ANC was demonized by the right in this country and across the world. (I see you Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.)

    The right has never apologized for their support of the apartheid regime in South Africa, and I suppose that makes sense. Why should the white minority with all that power and wealth cede it to a poor black majority with left leaning political views? The republican party of today greatly resembles the National Party of South Africa from 1948. Same goals.



  14. LoveRightWingers says:

    This is the exact kind of unsubstantiated, illogical, and mindless diatribe that hurts the conservative cause. It’s why the TeaParty and the rest of these lunatics will hurt any chance a republican has of winning the presidency. Americans aren’t this dumb and are for the most part turned off by this nonsense.

    So keep it up. The crazier the blog the better chance a democrat has of winning the next presidential election. Can’t wait to see ya’lls head explode when Hillary wins in 2016.

  15. Pam says:

    @truevoice4real – Obamacare (still defending it?) is loaded with regulations, including the mandate.

    Coal has been regulated almost out of existence (Which is the biggest laugh- do you really think the electricity for your car comes from wind power?)

    The EPA has gone mad with regulations. Last lead smelter closed.

    I don’t defend apartheid – it was evil. But the country is still going to hell in a hand basket. And tying JFK’s death to Israel makes you a crackpot. And a racist. No matter which way your hatred is directed.

  16. Franklin says:

    obama’s legacy…..

    The worst Potus in the history of the country…..and…

    the biggest LIAR Potus in the history of the country….

    Even the convict Mandela avoided that LYING obama…..

  17. Pam says:

    Goodness Gracious, Truevoice (even your name is a lie) your true colors are showing. Anti-Semitism is racism on its face and at the core!

    So that means you are a racist, and I never have to consider your opinion on anything.

  18. Truth says:

    Pam Is An Idiot!

    The Jews are some of the most racist people in the world. They stole Thomas Edison’s motion picture device and used it to control the United States with Propaganda. They portray themselves as victims and portray everyone else as evil. They are not victims in the US. They are oppressors. Marlon Brando was right about them. Farrakhan was right about them. And David Duke was right about them. They are the primary advocates for lumping homosexuality into the same class as being a descendant of slaves. They are using black people to advance homosexuality because as you can see in the Bible, they are wicked. That is why God gave their gift to the Gentiles through Jesus Christ. That is why they hate Christians and want to destroy us. But the word of God says they will fail!!

  19. Pam says:

    It went down. So what? That just meant that I was able to buy more stock. If you recall, there were a few other factors. Like the bust that followed the tech boom. The Twin Towers. The war. BTW, I bought BP at $29 after the disaster. It’s now at $46. I love the stock market.

    My comment about your idiocy concerning Israel did not publish. So here goes. “All the problems in the Middle East are caused by Israel” ties with the Stupidest Statement of the Year with “a competent Biden administration.” Last I checked Israel didn’t blast the Towers, or blow up passenger planes, or strap bombs to their children, or stone their women to death, or shoot female students in the head. All Israel does is refuse to lay down and die.

  20. Noel says:

    Again, (R)bitch, a.k.a. Daren, you keep on revealing to us the sewer in which your mind lives. Oh what agony you must be in! You’ve got psychological issues. You exhibit PSYCHOLOGICAL PROJECTION.

    You project onto other people:
    what you are; a pea brain; stupid and clueless.
    what you do; “monkey see monkey do”; including the unseemly sexual acts you mention so often.
    where you’ve been and still are ; in special ed.

    Where did the special ed. thing come from? Unless you’ve had the experience of being a special needs student. Your behaviour seems to indicate just that.

    BTW, Reagan is not a bitch, you are! Even the name you use is a pyschological confession of your projection. You are not worthy of intellectual discussions.

  21. usmanbey says:

    Under this ‘worst’ President, the stock market is so robust and corporate profits are at the highest they’ve been in decades, yet you degenerate beasts would find other excuses for such positives rather than credit the guy at the top. If it the opposite was the case, then it would have been Obama’s fault. You poor souls should be pitied because your lives are so miserable. Each day you wake up, you find more garbage to vilify Obama on so your slave master pimps on fox and HLN news might find some use for you. You are an opportunistic political whore. What you do is one of the oldest scam in American politics…which is a black face bashing all things black to the enjoyment of racist whites. There is money in that shady business. When was the last time they had use for your miserable black ass on HLN news since that Satanic Zimmerman got off with murdering an innocent black kid?

    Are your opinions ever sought on any intelligent issues, foreign affairs, business, or national politics? Is it not only on controversial race news discussions that they invite you and put you on the panel to spew your self loathing gibberish to the delight of white imbeciles? What other substantive panel discussion is your presence sought after? Crumb eater!!!!!

  22. Pam says:

    The highlight of my day (and it is really early) is seeing a Biden administration “competent.” ROTHFL!

    So far as your “First Amendment rights” – demonstrate what caliber of a person you are by name calling, but it doesn’t further your argument.

  23. Noel says:

    1). Daren,……….. “Monkey see Monkey Do!”.

    Really? wouldn’t that be describing your behaviour, Daren?
    Didn’t you start calling yourself RONALDREAGANISABITCH after you SAW another commenter call himself DARENISMYBITCH? (LOL).

    2). Calling people on the Right “commies”, so now the people on the Left are capitalists?

    3). Calling people “half breeds”, you are insulting a major portion of the U.S. population including the president himself.

    Use your brain, man, smarten up! And that’s my last response to you.

  24. Noel says:

    Incoherent and irrational indeed.
    And stupid; he keeps insulting people by calling them “half breeds”.

  25. Truth says:


    “The problem is Obama has always believed he’s something bigger than he is. He’s no Lincoln, no extraordinary POTUS. Not now or ever.”

    Hey Crystal I love those words. You are spot on. Like I said. He was nearly 50, and his greatest accomplishment in life that he and his supporters talked about was that he had been elected the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Now that’s sad. He couldn’t even brag about having a government job as a US Attorney or something. He was almost 50 and still talking about law school. That shit is too funny!

    To the RONALDREAGANISABITCH CLOWN: Your President Obama is a “half breed.” He is a 1/2 White Kenyan African who stole the legacy of the slaves to advance a homosexual agenda. I can’t wait for his McGreevy speech (“I am a Gay American.”) At least Crystal does have real slave blood. She is an authentic black, unlike Obama. Everything about him is a FRAUD!

    OBAMA does care what Crystal thinks. She is on TV and radio. She is the most prominent black conservative in America today. Don’t fool yourself clown. Baby girl rocks!

  26. Pam says:

    Your incoherent ill-mannered foul-mouthed drivel is actually comical – you don’t know me, you don’t know my marital status, you don’t know my age, and you don’t know the God I worship. The market loves to buy and sell, not Obama, and the day he leaves, and we get a competent president my investments will BOOM.

  27. Noel says:

    Like that comment, Pam. So accurate.

  28. Pam says:

    The stock market is the most robust part of the United States. Why? Because of capitalism. People need to buy and sell in order to survive. The best thing a president can do is STAY OUT OF THE WAY. And if Obama and his clowns would just STAY OUT OF THE WAY, the economy would boom. But, he has attempted to take over a sixth of the economy, and his unstimulating stimulus has loaded debt and regulations on the market, and slowed down the recovery.

    The worst part about the delusional economic policy of the Obama administration is what is yet to come. Flooding the market with cheap money, increasing the debt, destroying the medical industry is a piper that future generations will have to pay. He is an evil stupid man.

  29. James says:

    @CBC black conservatives that I know, the ones with an IQ over 5 think that is the best President in history and their stock portfolio is the proof in the pudding. Under Obama, the S & P 500 has has jumped 120 percent and stocks are up over 108%.

    In 2000, at the end of Clinton’s administration, the Consumer Confidence Index was at a record high 140. By January, 2009 this index had fallen to an historic low of 25.3. Comparatively, when Reagan took office at the end of the economically weak Carter years the Confidence Index was still at 74.4! Today this measure of how people feel about the country is still nowhere near 2000 levels, but it is almost 3 times better than 4 years ago.

    By all measures, President Obama has outperformed every modern President. The easiest comparison would be to President Reagan, whose economic performance was superb.

    Reagan had the enormous benefit of two major factors: 1. a significantly better economy than Obama inherited, even if afflicted by inflation, 2.and his two terms coincided with the highest performing demographic years of the Baby Boomer generation.

    Today’s demographics have shifted dramatically. The country is much older, with fewer young people supporting a much larger near-retirement age group. This inherent demographic fact makes creating economic growth monumentally harder than it was 30 years ago.

    Few people think of Reagan as a stimulus addict. Yet, his administration’s military build-up added $1trillion of stimulus to the national debt ($2.3trillion adjusted for inflation) – the opposite of what is happening during the Obama years. Many like to think that it was tax cutting which grew the economy, but undoubtedly we now know that this dramatic defense and infrastructure (highways, etc.) stimulus had more to do with igniting economic growth. Reagan’s spending looked far more like FDR than conservative Herbert Hoover!

    Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt during his tenure, creating what today’s Congressional austerity advocates might have called “a legacy of unpayable debt for our grandchildren.” But, as we saw, later growth (during Clinton) resolved that debt and created a budget surplus by 2000.

    Under Obama the stock market has soared to new heights, this truly a big story clowns in black conservative and teatard GOP circles don’t dare talk about. For the Record Reagan and Andrew Johnson are the worst presidents in in history.

  30. Franklin says:

    May be the worst?

    He he he he he ha ha ha…..

    Absolutely…….NO doubt about it……..the WORST!!

    A total screw up…….

    and….the biggest LIAR in the history of politics in the entire U.S.

  31. Pam says:

    Hey with the Iran deal, he just out Chamberlained Neville Chamberlain. I’m sure he is looking for another Peace Prize. More dishonest than Clinton (both Bill and “What does it matter? Hillary) and more incompetent than Carter. I’ve said it since 2009. Don’t let the door him you on the way out.

  32. kekeak2008 says:

    This is spot-on. Liberals think with their hearts, not with their heads. I’d say the vast majority of President Obama’s critics aren’t racist at all; just calling him out on stuff. This is the same stuff Liberals would do if the president had an “R” after his/her name. He isn’t a good president at all. Let’s get past the novelty of him being the “First Black President” and actually hold him accountable for everything he’s done. The list is seemingly endless!!

  33. Noel says:

    Well said.
    The man won’t be able to seal his record as president like he did his academic performances, now will he? Too bad for him.

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