Obamacare benefits: Your plan is cancelled

The Obamacare plan is simple:  Your plan is cancelled.  Your new plan will cost more and deliver less.

Obamacare boils down to the good health coverage you can’t keep, plain, simple and true. No matter how many ways our spin master in chief President Barack Obama wants to try and lie about, the goal of the law was never about you keeping the plan you like. It was about forcing you out of the lower cost plan you like into a government mandated higher cost exchange. That is forcing you to buy more healthcare than you will consumer to pay for people who were uninsured and can’t afford insurance.

It should be called the Affordable Care Act for some and the Unaffordable Care Act for many.

Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/crystal-wright-conservative-black-chick/2013/nov/5/obamacares-explanation-benefits-your-plan-cancelle/#ixzz2kiuCWOsT
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