Obamacare benefits: Your plan is cancelled

The Obamacare plan is simple:  Your plan is cancelled.  Your new plan will cost more and deliver less.

Obamacare boils down to the good health coverage you can’t keep, plain, simple and true. No matter how many ways our spin master in chief President Barack Obama wants to try and lie about, the goal of the law was never about you keeping the plan you like. It was about forcing you out of the lower cost plan you like into a government mandated higher cost exchange. That is forcing you to buy more healthcare than you will consumer to pay for people who were uninsured and can’t afford insurance.

It should be called the Affordable Care Act for some and the Unaffordable Care Act for many.

Democrats are throwing around the word health insurance subsidy like it’s free money. A federal subsidy amounts to nothing more than a Robin Hood scheme where higher earning, hard working Americans’ money is going to pay for others’ health insurance and care.

Hard working people are shelling out after tax income in the form of higher premiums as well as higher taxes under regime Obama. That sounds like a screwed up, wealth redistribution system.  At least one liberal news outlet had the guts to admit what conservatives have warned for the past five years.

The Washington Post wrote:

“If the poor, sick and uninsured are the winners under the Affordable Care Act, the losers appear to include some relatively healthy middle-income small-business owners, consultants, lawyers and other self-employed workers who buy their own insurance… .

Others are upset because they don’t want coverage for services they’ll never need.”

Why does a 26-year-old male or 60 year female need maternity coverage? To pay for the millions of sick people who now have access to health insurance coverage but can’t be charged higher premiums because they are sicker. So guess who pays the higher premiums? The healthier and younger people. Obamacare was built upon one giant lie. Obama promised his universal healthcare plan would get all Americans coverage or at least cover 30-35million people. He was emphatic “if people liked their health insurance they could keep it.”

But the law created minimum standards of coverage, which really are maximum standards of coverage, because it forces Americans to buy more health insurance than they need or want. Obama knew full well when the law was passed that people’s plans, which didn’t include “maximum amount of benefits” like maternity, insurance companies would have to cancel their plans for non-compliance. Last week in a speech delivered Boston, the birthplace of Romneycare, Obama said people’s plans were canceled because they were “substandard” and people could now shop around for a better deal. How is paying more for more healthcare than you need and won’t use a better deal?

Currently, an estimated 19 million people who pay for individual polices in this country could ultimately have “ the plans they like” cancelled because the government is telling Americans it knows best what “we the people need and want.” As insurance cancellation letters pour in by the millions to individual policyholders, irate people who want to keep the plan they like are being told by paternalistic liberals, “go to the exchange and find a plan.” To which people respond, “I don’t want to go into the exchanges.”

Obama and his cohorts were keenly aware his scheme of the government takeover of  healthcare wouldn’t work unless he forced people into the government run exchanges.

Yet the president’s grand scheme may very well fail. With healthcare.gov, the online marketplace for Obamacare, more inoperable than operable, young and healthy people won’t waste time trying to signing up for coverage. That’s exactly what’s happening, older people are signing up for the exchanges

The young will pay the meager penalty of 1% of income in 2014, along with previously insured individuals whose rates tripled when their old plans were cancelled. Bottom line is people will wait to get sick before signing up for Obamacare because it’s “more affordable” to go without coverage.

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