E.W. Jackson All Wrong for Virginia GOP

Any conservative, who thinks E.W. Jackson winning Virginia’s 2013 Republican Lieutenant Governor nomination is a good thing, needs to have his head examined. A former marine, lawyer and minister, Jackson has made incendiary remarks about gays, blacks and Democrats, which he said “I do not retract anything that I said.”

This “firebrand” won’t help the Republican ticket of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for Governor and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General in a state that has become more purple than red and in which the race for governor remains rancorous and tight. Jackson referred to gays and lesbians as “sick” and “perverted” people and compared homosexuality to pedophilia. Defending traditional marriage is one thing encouraging hate is another.

Jackson assailed Democrats for being “anti-God” and said Planned Parenthood “has been far, far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was.”  Blacks who choose to have abortions do so willingly. Blacks like Emmett Till who were tortured, lynched and murdered by the Ku Klux Klan had no say in their deaths. There is no comparison between the two and I don’t understand how a black Republican like Jackson could make such a comment.

Slavery and the Civil Rights movement was one of the worst times in American history. Democrats and Republicans diminish the historical significance of both using such preposterous analogies. But when black Republican’s like Jackson make these comments to woo black voters, it does the opposite. Blacks tune out conservatives like Jackson as loony.

Telling black liberals they are slaves on a plantation or any derivative there of doesn’t make blacks want to hear the conservative message of economic empowerment through education (school choice), less taxation and less government. I’ll say it again, conservatives need to end the slave talk. Talk about the Democrat Party’s history of fighting for slavery, segregation and secession and how even today Democrat policies keep blacks in segregated, failing public schools and falling down America’s economic ladder.

Jackson’s excuse for his offensive comments was he made them as pastor of Exodus Faith Ministries, the church he founded but now as a candidate he vowed only to about jobs and the economy. But Jackson is still the same person. As a native Virginian, born and raised in Richmond, I know something’s wrong when the Richmond Times-Dispatch, one of the most conservative paper’s in the country, is daily deriding Jackson as a right wing nut.

“Note to aspiring Republican politicians: When Ken Cuccinelli says you have gone too far, you might want to take a few steps backward,” wrote the Richmond Times-Dispatch May 24, 2013 editorial page.

The GOP ticket should be unified in its message. Instead Jackson is an unwelcome distraction causing more harm than good. Cuccinelli has been mum on his running mate. Pictures of the three GOP candidates convey a chilliness  between Cuccinelli and Jackson. For conservatives who need their memories jogged, after decades of Virginia voting Republican in presidential elections, President Obama won Virginia in 2008 and again in 2012. Mitt Romney lost because he lost the minority vote to Obama. Looking at these results, not to mention Tim Kaine’s victory over George Allen in Virginia’ 2012 Senate race, one would think Republicans in the state would learn their lesson and nominate candidates to attract not repel more voters.

As political analyst Larry Sabato said “Cuccinelli brought this problem on himself.” Cuccinelli successfully got the Virginia GOP to change the nomination rules from a primary to convention to ensure his victory over Lt. Governor Bill Bolling for the gubernatorial nomination before Bolling decided not to run. Fewer conservatives voted in the convention than would have voted in a primary. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reminded readers, “Jackson came in fourth in a 2012 primary for the Senate and probably would have fared about the same this time around.”

In a May 28, 2012, letter to the editor, John Bloom, E.W. Jackson’s Newport News, Va. coordinator wrote “Jackson is a uniter.” (More like a divider my mother laughed.) Describing how Jackson bested seven other candidates for the Lt. Governor nomination, Bloom gushed, “Something special was happening.” I’d argue disastrous. Nominating a candidate who has a record of preaching hate toward Americans isn’t going to win the GOP votes in Virginia or anywhere.

I’ll say this again for thousandth time, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election for many reasons but one was Romney’s “willful neglect “of minority voters. Republicans need to lean in to more Americans with compelling candidates. Jackson isn’t one of them.

During a recent visit to a Virginia women’s Republican club, a few white conservatives mentioned Jackson to me, assuming I would like him because he’s a black conservative like me. I didn’t know who Jackson was. But what I find ironic is the same Republicans blasting black liberals for only voting for Obama because he’s black expect me to do the same with Jackson. Candidates matter and I don’t vote on race.

Many Republicans still believe they can win elections ignoring the black vote. Blacks and whites make up the largest proportion of the electorate. Latinos are trailing both groups because many are in the US illegally and ineligible to vote. In 2012, for the first time blacks voted at a higher rate than any other minority group.

Aside from the Jackson fiasco, I have read precious little about Cuccinelli taking his message beyond Virginia’s white electorate. With polls showing an exceedingly close race between Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe, every color vote will count in Virginia. Have Virginia Republicans learned any new tricks? If Jackson is the best they’ve got, then the GOP is more doomed than I thought.



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34 Responses to “E.W. Jackson All Wrong for Virginia GOP”

  1. Trixie Saylor says:

    Hey CBC U r scary! I have been watching u on dr. drew the last few nites. u need 2 chill out as u r makiing urself look like an immature cry baby when some 1 has an opinion diffeerent from urs or does not agree with ur opinion & u freak out & cop a nasty attitude. whats up with that. what makes u right & every 1 else wrong? also u r treating the other people on the panel with such disrespect including ur black sisters it is appalling. u r a legend in ur own mind honey. in the big picture of life u r irrelevant. Perhaps some couseling from 1 of the therapist on the panel would b beneficial as well as some xanax or valuim or something along that line. good luck. a conservative white chick married 2 a hot black man

  2. wes says:

    Well, I was hoping for a reasonable debate, but it appears as though you are too busy or uninterested. For what it is worth, you seem to have all of the answers for TODAY. However anyone who is goal oriented knows that one must indeed plan for tomorrow. I think you are a wise person. However you may be intoxicated from the GOP Kool-Aid. If you are interested in sobering up, the waters of CSPAN offer much more information than I ever could and they do it without shading the truth. It is just raw info, although they do bring on guests that indeed have opinions.

    Franklin said that a person who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. Then again, he never heard of a thermonuclear warhead. I used to think mankind was too smart to set off a nuclear exchange. Then I saw how debt ceiling talks went.

    In response to a poignant concern of yours, I do not believe you are “white or an Uncle Tom” simply because you do not believe as I do. Categorizing a person sometimes saves a person from having to type a lot of words summarizing one’s beliefs, but often is counterproductive because erroneous assumptions are made from those categorizations and must be subsequently corrected. If you think you are white then chances are society sees you that way because I’m quite certain if society sees you any other way, you’d find it difficult to think of yourself that way. “Uncle Tom” is an ad hominem that brings nothing to the discussion that will help the debate. Right now the topic at hand is ascertaining why ANYBODY in their right mind, who is numbered as one of the 99%, would choose to support the GOP. The dems aren’t much better and in some ways, worse. If you are of the top one percent, you could conceivably have an understandable reason to support the GOP (or the dems for that matter). If you can articulate any reason to support the GOP other than they are the “lesser of two evils”, I’m all ears. The lesser of two evils argument does indeed fall upon deaf ears because I categorically reject the notion that the lesser of two evils is good for the nation. As a voter, we need a choice between good and bad, not bad and worse. A choice between bad and worse is not a real choice in my humble opinion, although many on this blog think voting for bad is good for the nation. I think that is a nonsequitur.

  3. john doe says:

    EW Jackson is not encouraging hate. He is speaking the truth and the truth never needs to fear Satan and his people. Perhaps it is you who proclaim to know God who should go and read hebook of Leviticus. God says their behavior is “worthy of death” and they are an abomination to him. Conseravtives don’t need fake watered down supporters who only seek to advance themselves!

  4. truevoice says:

    @ dumb ass mojo…

    “When the towers fell down, Bush said, “They hate us for our freedom”.
    your quote

    911 was an inside job…can you dispute the facts I posted or are you like those other two chumps Noel and Marcus when faced with the truth….

  5. wes says:

    I have four axioms for reasonable debate:

    1. Capitalism is the best economic system.

    2. Unbridled capitalism leads to revolt.

    3. Change can cause more problems than it fixes, so it makes sense to try to look at all sides of an issue prior to implementing a change.

    4. History offers likely outcomes when we try something that was tried in the past.

    The left and the right seem to overlook these things as they obfuscate, spin and outright lie about things. Socialism will inevitably collapse under its own weight, so pretending that it will work doesn’t do anybody any good in the long run even though it might solve some problems in the short term. Deregulation is a strategy to undo something somebody at sometime thought needed to be regulated in the first place. If a labor union isn’t working right, it doesn’t mean we don’t need labor unions. That would be like saying, the government is working right so we don’t need a government.

  6. wes says:

    @ Goodmojo
    I truly would like to fix the problems. The only way I know to do this is to remove all of the distractions (I called them lies in earlier posts) so we can solve real problems by coming up with real solutions. If you can admit that both dems and reps lie so much that honest debate is difficult, then we can at least discuss the matters intelligently and hopefully reach viable solutions even if we can’t implement them. On the other hand, if you want to approach the debate like others in this forum that the GOP is the only solution to a government gone wild at the hands of the democrats, then we are truly wasting each other’s time.

    As I stated before, I am more interested in what you say than from where you come. However since you feel like we are outnumbering you, I will state for the record my premise. Most would call me a social conservative and a fiscal liberal. I am spiritual but not necessarily religious. In fact God is my number one focus and if it weren’t for the fact that I need to provide shelter for my family and me, He would be my ONLY focus. I am an American first. However I realize the prudence of pragmatism. Idealism works better in philosophy than it does in day to day life.

    This nation was founded on ideas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it lives up to those ideas. In my mind, the whole purpose of studying history is so we don’t repeat the mistakes made by previous generations. I’m not saying the repeal of the glass-steagall act single handedly caused the financial meltdown near the end of the Bush administration (Congress approved that repeal and Clinton failed to veto it), but it did play a part. We can’t make progress when one party or the other is confusing the public with wild notions. You know as well as I do that some people think we can continue to spend money that we don’t have because the government can just “print more money”. When the towers fell down, Bush said, “They hate us for our freedom”. This is no time to blame one party or the other when there is a certain amount of collaboration that the media is doing a fine job of concealing, when it should be revealing it.

  7. GoodMojo says:

    The Black race can’t afford most of you anymore.

    I say this because there seems no circumstance in which you will distribute responsibility where it rightly belongs, with each individual.

    Also, many of you seem to be of the opinion that just because you outnumber me here, that somehow makes you correct, or establishes the veracity of your claims. Neither is true. We should all be glad that it is not. We are between 12% and 13% of the US population. If what some of you imply so vehemently, that “might (in this case, greater numbers) makes right” is the way of the world, WE Blacks in the US are not only wrong, we are DEAD wrong.

    There are so many of you spouting Democrat talking points that have been burned into to your brains, the thought of you overcoming them would seem to be a pipe dream at best. They haven’t worked anywhere in the world, why would they work here?

    For the cheap seats:

    Equality does not mean everybody has equal stuff. It means that everyone has a choice in how they conduct there lives. As usual among groups that have a angry bent, many here seem to have a lot of “crab-in-a-barrel” wealth envy, and seem to be waiting for some event, or law, that will somehow make all behaviors equally productive. It’s not going to happen. A pattern of good choices will trump a pattern of bad ones ten times out of ten.

    If you do what prosperous people do, you chances of getting what prosperous people get goes up. It’s not guaranteed, though. If you do what broke people do, you chances of getting what broke people get goes way up. That’s not guaranteed either, but it’s close. If prior generations of your family leaned one way, or the other, that can certainly affect your starting point, but you are STILL responsible for what YOU do, and what YOU don’t do. I admit: Any controversy on this point truly vexes me.

    Some of you also seem to think that something that is inherently bad for Black people is somehow inherently good for some other people. Rich people as a group, gain nothing from the poverty of the poor. White people as a group gain nothing from our self-enslavement or our self-destruction. Just as evil is distributed liberally (pardon the humor) throughout all the races, so it is throughout the socio-economic classes.

    It’s late, and I’m tired now By the preponderance of evidence, my last five statements tonight will fall on deaf, or angry ears, but here goes:

    1) You should thank a rich person when you see them, for the rich have paid the development costs for virtually every product you use.

    2) You should thank our ancestors, the ones who were truly downtrodden and oppressed, for allowing us to stand on their shoulders to live the way we live today. Neither the Klan, nor “the Rich” have the power over your lives that you do.

    3) You should thank the founders of this country (humanly imperfect though they were) , for imagining and establishing a government that at least early on, fostered an individual freedom unknown in history. Anywhere.

    4) That individual freedom fostered an economic juggernaut that is now second to none, bringing more wealth, more prosperity to the masses than has been known in human history. Anywhere.

    5) The systems we live within, require the able-bodied and able minded to participate in them. They require we be knowledgeable and engaged. Many years have passed since those points could dependably be made in our school systems. Many years have passed since those points have been dependably disseminated through popular culture.

    In closing, I implore you all to dig beyond the superficial, and to not take conventional “wisdom” at face value. Most of you seem really sharp, even though MY studies in the past 12 to 15 lead me to believe differently. I have no interest in insulting anyone, but I know among some any dissent is seen as an insult. I can’t do anything about that.
    However, I know you all see the things I see, and am reasonably sure they distress you the same as they do me.

    Though troublemakers represent a minority of our population. They get a majority of the attention. In some ways, this has served to normalize trends and behaviors that cannot be condoned in a healthy population:

    – Our children are killing each other at an elevated and alarming pace.
    – Acts of criminal behavior have become too common, among us.
    – Too many of our men are being locked up (due to criminal behavior).
    – A man CANNOT be a proper father while locked up (repeatedly).
    – Our women too often are left to raise our children without fathers.
    – Our children DESERVE to have a family history of good choices.
    – Too many our children believe they have no say in their futures.

    Arguing has become boring, and it never has been really productive. I don’t want to needlessly antagonize anyone , but I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I would rather discuss real ways to address THESE problems though, and I truly believe teaching the blame game to our children, AND to our adults; is like throwing anvils to drowning people.

    Let’s not do that

  8. miles says:

    GOOD MOJO… IS JUST ANOTHER white boy posing as a black…he hits all the racist talking points laid out to the feeble minded morons who watches Fox News

  9. wes says:

    Goodmojo wrote: “There is nothing bizarre about a decrease in taxes raising revenue, if you factor “human nature” into the equation. Lower taxes stimulate economic activity, economic activity increases the tax base. If you favor an income tax, which we have, you will draw more money in taxes from 500 workers, that you can from 315 workers.
    You don’t collect any taxes on the 185 people who are not working, and in many circumstances you are paying tax money out to that 185. This necessarily saps money from other functions. That’s not bizarre, it’s math applied to the way real people act.”

    When you respond in this way, it is difficult for me to enumerate the lies the GOP tells. For example: One of the lies is that they want to get our fiscal house in order. When you listen to the GOP, you get the impression that spending the future generation’s money is a no no. I agree that this is indeed bad policy. However the GOP can get away with their lie because their base buys into the other lie that lowering taxes raises revenue. This magic that you call “factoring in human nature” is the faulty premise that makes the GOP appear to be the party of fiscal responsibility.

    If cutting taxes raises revenue, then let’s get the maximum return mathematically possible and cut them to zero and then wait and see how much revenue that policy raises when that economy really gets rolling. It’s a fallacious argument. The only way to get fiscally responsible is to raise taxes and cut spending. However the GOP knows that raising taxes is a bad way to get votes, so they act like it’s a bad idea. When GW started two wars and forgot to pay for them and then Obama came along facing a credit freeze when everybody was looking at the money, it appeared that Obama was spending money like a drunken sailor. Obama was in fact spending money like a drunken sailor, but most of the debt that piled up since the Clinton/Gingrich time was spent while Bush was in power, not Obama. The spending is out of control. I really do understand that. However a solution to that problem is not cutting taxes, because that solution increases debt and having to pay the interest on that debt causes more spending and in turn more debt. However since the GOP base believes the magic of cutting taxes to raise revenue, when the GOP throws that fiscal responsibility crap on the wall, it sticks.

    As you correctly pointed out, with your comment regarding the 185 people who are not working, you can’t get blood from a turnip. If half of the people have the money and the other half don’t, if you want to raise revenue you are going to have to tax the half that has the money. In a nation that 98% of the wealth is in the hands of the top 1%, to me it doesn’t seem prudent to figure out the best way to tax the other 99% of the people. It’s like going fishing in the Dead Sea because it is closer to you when you know ahead of time that 98% of the fish are in the Sea of Galilee. Do you really want to give up all of that valuable fishing time and gas money driving up to the Sea of Galilee? I would.

  10. wes says:

    Hey Scott!
    I saw part of CBC’s love festival with Joe Madison on CSPAN and thought I’d check in here and see how things were going. I’m trying to find out if Goodmojo is all about his principals or all about getting the GOP in power.

  11. Daren says:

    Not sure how you were able to garner with that little pea brain of that I inferred that whitey or the Eurasian- Americans were keeping me down me or that I was crying the victim game. I guess that just part of your Grand Old Politburo indoctrination. It is a well known fact that African American CONservatives are incapable of independent thought. The only go think you and your kind are good for is to regurgitate mister Charlie’s drivel, Punk Mojo you do that extremely well.

    African American conservatives like to say; Progressive Black folks don’t go around crying “woe is me”. We are way too busy trying to put in the work that’s needed to better our lives and our community. Let being a mentor with 100 Black Men, being an active in the Big Brother program, mentoring kids from inner city in Junior Achievement, I could go on. When you start giving back to the community, then come back and talk to me, otherwise shut the hell up.

    Oh by the way the one of the meaning for the word Mojo is Curse, how appropriate.

  12. wes says:

    “Despite dishonest media coverage to the contrary, our economy is not producing jobs. History and economics have shown proven ways to entice job creation. None of Mr. Obama’s policies, thus far has included any of them. Black people are suffering the highest levels of joblessness ever. The “labor participation rate” is at the lowest level ever. Does Mr. Obama hold any, any responsibility?”

    Yes, he does hold responsibility. However I doubt that I hold him responsible in the same way that you do because you imply that things would be different (better) if we put a GOP president in his place (I believe you used words like “lesser of two evils” somewhere in your response). Anyway, regardless of why you blame him, I blame him because he supports the multinationals in a way that allows them to make the most profit. That works out great for the multinationals, but it doesn’t work out that well for the American laborer. The human nature, of which you so eloquently speak, says that I, as a multinational, won’t pay for labor any more than I have to do so. The situation that Obama is getting blamed for and seemed to happen on GW’s watch with the housing bubble bursting, is more Clinton’s fault than it is Bush or Obama. Clinton sent the jobs overseas with the help of both dem and rep Senators (the House voted for it too but constitutionally, they had no say in it). I blame Bush and Obama because they did nothing to fix what Clinton did (they probably made it worse by passing more trade deals). Yes Obama is responsible and should be replaced. The pertinent question is are you going to replace him with somebody who continues to do what the lobbyists financially force him to do, or are you going to replace him with somebody who will fix the underlying problem???

  13. Scott says:

    @ Wes and GoodMojo
    Thanks for the intelligent comments and discussion. I had almost given up.

  14. GoodMojo says:

    Hi! Wes,

    Thank you for a reasoned response. I haven’t gotten many.

    I would first invite you to enumerate the “lies” of the GOP.

    Second, I would declare I am more conservative than most “Republicans” today. I vote (R) more often as the lesser of evils, and I rarely have a vote I feel really good about.

    I’m pressed for time right now, but I will answer a couple, and get back in a couple of days.

    I believe that in the end, human nature will rule the day, unless committed people fight to embrace the positives of that nature (Love, honor, and honesty, humility, love, nurturing, selflessness, etc.), and fight to overcome the negatives of that very same nature (hate, envy, selfishness, violence, arrogance, etc.)
    I believe we all possess both the positives and negatives, and it is our mission to govern ourselves toward the positives, while knowing we will sometimes falter.

    *As human beings, we are conditioned to take the “easy way”, though that way may be less productive, perilous, or evil.*

    The “hard way” often has more long-term rewards, though getting to them may come at great costs in the interim. “Wide path” vs. “Narrow path”. We owe ourselves and those in our influence a trip down the narrow path.

    Since the tendency toward dominance over others is a human trait, sometimes fighting against those individuals will be required to preserve your own autonomy, your freedom to order your own steps.

    Because I believe this, and history bears this out, I also believe war is sometimes necessary, because leaders of nations are subject to those same desires. When the leader of a country has designs on dominating other countries, some or all; war may be the only way for the other countries to preserve their sovereignty, that freedom.

    Do you believe if I don’t believe precisely as you believe I must be White or and Uncle Tom? I’ll be interested to see.

    1) I believe GWB did what he thought was best at the time, and that every major intelligence services in the world thought Saddam had WMD’s. Many of his own generals were sure of it because they had seen them, and they had been used against the Kurds in the North. Waiting for one UN Resolution after another to be flouted to move may have helped obscure those constant convoys into Syria (Now suspected of having and using WMD’s… I wonder where they came from.)
    When for once, will Obama be asked to answer for his own actions, and choices? Bush hasn’t been POTUS since 1200 hrs, January 20, 2009. Obama has had the job ever since. At every turn, he or his media seek to lay blame anywhere else, but at the feet of the guy in charge. I cannot think of another leadership position, from Scoutmaster past Head Coach, through CEO, that a person can blame everyone else when things don’t go right and keep his job.

    I live in TN, home of the UT Volunteers. The football program was left in a compromising position a few years back by Lane Kiffin. Derek Dooley took over from him, but after three years, when Dooley failed to produce, he was fired. Everyone understood why. Coach Dooley was a fine man, but was not getting the job done. He was hired to have the answers and produce positive results. So was Mr. Obama. He said he knew what to do, and he was hired to do it.

    Now in your comment, you implied you were testing me. Now here’s one for you: Despite dishonest media coverage to the contrary, our economy is not producing jobs. History and economics have shown proven ways to entice job creation. None of Mr. Obama’s policies, thus far has included any of them. Black people are suffering the highest levels of joblessness ever. The “labor participation rate” is at the lowest level ever. Does Mr. Obama hold any, any responsibility? If what he has proposed has not worked, is he responsible to change course? Is 1598 days (Over 700 days with majorities in both houses of Congress.)in office not enough to see (Positive) results.

    There is nothing bizarre about a decrease in taxes raising revenue, if you factor “human nature” into the equation. Lower taxes stimulate economic activity, economic activity increases the tax base. If you favor an income tax, which we have, you will draw more money in taxes from 500 workers, that you can from 315 workers.

    You don’t collect any taxes on the 185 people who are not working, and in many circumstances you are paying tax money out to that 185. This necessarily saps money from other functions. That’s not bizarre, it’s math applied to the way real people act.

  15. wes says:

    Interesting post. You sound like somebody who is way too intelligent to fall for the GOP lies I hear (not that the dems are any more honest). So let’s see how you deal with a few items:
    1. Do you believe the Iraq war was a far greater “scandal” than anything the GOP is complaining about Obama? I’m not happy with Obama but Clinton and GW Bush didn’t set the bar very high.
    2. Do you think every time you cut taxes you increases revenues or do you believe that under certain circumstances something bizarre like that can happen?
    3. Do you think the patriot act is unconstitutional?
    4. Do you think using drones to shoot down us citizens before they do something the president will regret is unconstitutional? (I know this is an accusation of Obama but the GOP [except for Rand Paul] seems to be more in love with this than the dems are). Obama is only using what Congress gave him the authority to do (he should have vetoed it)
    5. Do you think having Guantanamo open makes us safer or generates more terrorists?
    6. Do you think a society that has 98% of the wealth in the hands of the top 1 % is healthy or unstable?
    7. Do you think Obama has been given a fair chance? In terms of a color blind society I agree with you in that we have come a long way. I am 59 and things are much better than they were in the ‘70s. However to date, nobody’s been to the mountain top and seen the promised land but MLK. Before Obama got elected, I proclaimed to everyone I saw that this country isn’t ready for a black president, and as far as I can see my prediction was right. The only reason he got re-elected is because the GOP couldn’t nominate. Romney’s campaign was all over the place and the only votes he got were from the “anybody but Obama” crowd.

    It doesn’t really matter to me if your black or white. It just messes with your credibility if you are white and posing as a black person. Personally, I am more interested in what you have to say than from whence you cometh. There are valid reasons for anybody in today’s USA to want to be conservative. I get that. What I don’t’ get is the idea that the GOP lies are better than democrat lies. Both parties are in perpetual campaign mode and bought and paid for by the special interests. They get away with it because the media is also paid for…

    I’m waiting to see if you sound like a conservative or a GOP talking point repeater to me.

  16. GoodMojo says:

    As an aside, MLK was a Republican. Verified by Dr. Alveda King.
    The Democrat Party was the party of Slavery, The KKK, and Jim Crow.
    Everywhere Democrats have held power, ghettos and wastelands develop, while the CBC lords over their districts.

    Every two years a bunch of them tell their Black constituencies, things are going to get better.

    Every two years the same po’ downtrodden black folk fall for it and think they will get better schools, more jobs close to home, etc.

    Every two years the majority of the people in “the hood’, who are good people, think that someone else will solve their problems.

    Those problems: The minority of people who are hostile to the solutions to *their own problems*. The people who have no money for food, for rent, for good schooling, but somehow come up with money for guns and drugs.

    Every two years they send the same corrupt and incompetent reps back to Congress, and wonder why the GOP is keeping them down.

    Will any of you ever tired of watching them suffer, and do something constructive? How about this for a start: Stop picking out individual racists from among a group of many millions of people, because it doesn’t help the people who need help; and it is patently dishonest.

    Several of you seem quite content to bash those you think imply “all Blacks are…” Fill in the blank. Yet, you are anxious to paint millions of people for the actions of a few. That might be hypocritical, ya’ think?

    Try some truth: You don’t get good results from bad choices. I’m beginning to fear some of you are incapable of internalizing that. It’s getting boring.

  17. GoodMojo says:

    None of that.

    I’m just a Negro (If that is really so important to you) who has lived a life in the real world. The world where all the negatives above exist (racism, crackers, etc.), but they don’t have the power to control me the way they did during the times of my ancestors.

    My paternal grandfather did not start school until he was 20 years old, because he was busy working the fields. He became a college educated schoolteacher and agriculturalist. My grandmother was also a schoolteacher, but had grown up unimaginably poor by today’s standards. My father had to walk to school because Blacks could not ride school buses. When he got to school, they used hand-me-down textbooks with whole sections torn out of them, because the real racists with power and authority over them decided there were things like math and sciences they didn’t want “nigras” to learn.

    My mother’s family grew up in another Southern state, but had a somewhat better time of it growing up. Her parents were not educated people, but my grandfather raised 7 children working as a “Driver”. He drove anything with wheels: Trucks limos, cars for what ever reason, like that. Again, they were poor in a way very few can even contemplate today. Proud story: He died in what is believed to be in his early 70’s, asleep in the taxicab he had owned for the last 20-plus years of his life. He came from less than nothing, and died as a businessman. Another true story: A neighbor of theirs, predictably a Black man, was found with 6 bullet wounds in his head. The police called it a suicide. Nothing else was said, or done. There was no power for Blacks to wield against the system, because racist Whites had all of it.

    I have experienced occasional, isolated, racism, and expect to experience more before I am done. Nothing on that level, though, and have experienced less as the years have progressed. I believe racism will always, always, ALWAYS be with us

    So what?

    I grew up being “The first black kid”, to do a lot of things where I grew up. I began school the year AFTER the local schools were desegregated. I was not allowed (by my family) to feel inferior, and I was not allowed to give an inferior effort.

    Since it was just the second year of desegregation, some of the Black teachers were teaching alongside the White teachers for the first time. My grandparents were retired schoolteachers they knew all too well, and between my parents, my grandparents, and those teachers, slacking in class was not an option. Misbehavior in class was not an option.

    Quickly, the White teachers (Who by the way, were very nice) recognized that they were treating me just like the other kids and I was outperforming many of them and was competitive with the rest. (My parents did not tell me this until years later.) I’m sure some of them had long-developed prejudices that this ran afoul of, but they never let me know if they did. That was the FIRST grade.

    Eventually, the novelty wore off, but at no time was I allowed to fail without consequence, and at no time was anyone allowed to hinder my development. I came from a civilized home, and behaving otherwise always resulted in multiple episodes of corporal punishment, at school and at home.

    Most (not all) of the White kids did not really act any differently around me. Again, I’m sure some of them came from households where racism was the rule, but that rarely came up. I was performing on par with them on the playground, and in gym class. I was already in “The First Reading Group”, and was one of the best readers in that group.

    Bottom line: I refuse to equate what relatively minor slights, injustices, and outrages I’ve been subjected to, to what our ancestors saw. I am not trying to re-fight the same battles they did. I don’t have to: They won theirs! I believe it is time to go out and win ours, but the primary enemy is “us”.

    I write this to try to explain some truths I have learned:

    Most people younger than 40, don’t know how good they have it.
    Most people over 70 should be proud of themselves for how good WE have it

    No one gains from being absolved of responsibility for their actions.

    No one gains, when the consequences of poor choices get too soft, or worse yet, get rewarded. As a group, we are plagued by the poor choices of a minority of citizens. Still far too many, but a minority. Why would a majority of people be required to wreak havoc? In my mind, that defies logic. In my observation, that just isn’t true.

    History is a record of how people usually act in given circumstances:

    1) Most can be depended on to take “the path of least resistance.”
    2) “If I can get $300 for doing little, why do a lot for $600?”
    3) “If I do something wrong and can sidestep the blame… Cool!”
    4) Only really sick people like seeing others suffer, many people want to make excuses for the suffering, even if it’s not good for the sufferer.
    5) It has become ‘verboten’ to question the life choices of anyone, even if those choices have resulted in a mess others are expected to clean up.
    6) Often, innocent children are born into a mess created by their parents, who could have done better, if the previous statement were not true.
    7) Since that statement is true, the innocent children still grow into adults who are responsible for their actions.
    8) We are seeing consequences of decades of accountability dodging.
    9) It will get no better, until more of us wake to our responsibility to address this moral lapse in our community.
    10) So many are hostile to that idea, it may never happen.

    When I was younger, I was a liberal thinker. I did not know what “conservatism” meant, and I did not know what “Republican” meant. I was pro union, I was pro minimum wage. I always thought the job should pay me more money. I was always thinking, “this company”, or “that rich guy” needed to pay more taxes.

    That was early in my work life, and before I understood business, and well before I understood human nature. Now, I have learned things I was not taught in school.

    Whether we like it, or not: “We are all accountable for our own choices”.

    I’ll check back in a couple of days to observe your (As a group of commenters) continued hostility to your own accountability.

  18. James says:

    Breaking News – John McCain’s son John “Jack” McCain married Air Force Captain and African American Renee Swift on Saturday. Mitt was invite the Palin’s were not. CBC there is hope for you after all.

  19. wes says:

    @ Franklin – Franklin said: “If this guy were a democrat….

    everything and anything he says would just fine….”

    Believe it or not, some of us respond to what is being said rather than who is speaking. I watched Bill Maher this week and one of his panelists simply said what he thought and that seemed to drive Maher crazy because Maher couldn’t decide whether he was “with him” or “agin him”

    It’s probably why we can’t get anywhere today. Too many people are trying to pick sides instead of dealing with facts. Does it really matter that much which party is trying to do you the most harm when the facts indicate that both parties have sold you out? Nobody in their right mind wants to bend over for one party because the other party doesn’t use lubrication.

    Bill Clinton sent the jobs overseas and the GOP helped him do it. Now each side is blaming the other because there are no jobs and we are supposed to buy that you know what? No. Some of us are actually paying attention.

  20. uptownsteve says:

    truevoice sez “However you live in the right wing stereotype of Black people since most Black people work , most are not in jail , most finish high school and most exprerience racism…” It’s amazing that these people can casually spew this garbage and swear they are not Uncle Toms…..or white racists.

  21. uptownsteve says:

    E.W. Jackson actually fought AGAINST housing desegregation in Virginia. He’s a buckdancing clown but a typical black Republican. And some folks question WHY black America rejects the GOP? It’s very obvious why to me.

  22. uptownsteve says:

    Of course you have it all backwards. The GOP is all wrong for black people. And conservatism makes negroes crazy.

  23. BCollins says:

    This is why although I am conservative, I WILL NEVER be a member of the republican party

  24. robert (slydog) gordon III says:

    I am a Black Born Again and a Black conservative male from the Chicgoland area. I was very impress with Crystal Wright comments on CNN I watch on Sunday night June 01, even though I miss part of the show but was interested about the Black Conservative Chicks views. When I read about E W Jacksn he doesn’t seem to appear hateful. I also belive that the homosexuality is a sick perverted lifestyle but i have never treated gays with disrespect because I’m also a sinner, Also I believe thanks to Margaret Sanger abortion clinics like plan parenthood still targets Blacks and poor people since it began. And I hate to generalize but any of these far left liberals are very much anti christian but I still learn to stomach them

  25. GoodMojo says:

    Just as I suspected: You’ve got nothing. Is your under achievement “all White peoples'” fault? Maybe it’s just one more thing you can blame on George W. Bush.

    Are the Eurasians keeping you down? If so, what are you going to do about it? Insult them? Rob their stores? Lower their property values maybe? At 13% of the population, a “hostile negro takeover” is less than eminent.

    If you can, tell me why I am wrong in my beliefs. Show me the fault in the assertions I have made (You know, the one’s you have yet to respond to.), and use some concrete examples. Try to avoid typical Leftist claptrap. Tell me that’s not all you know.

    William F. Buckley is dead, and the world turns. He has no power over me, or you. Don’t blame him, conservatives, “Whitey”, or anyone else for your station in life.

    This part of the modern conservative movement, can observe that years of “anything goes”, Leftism has left every segment of our society weaker. Constantly eluding, diverting, of obfuscating individual responsibility has left us with… well… You.

    For all I know, you could be quite an accomplished person. I certainly hope so. Unfortunately, that would not preclude your serving as an enabler, of those who make so many poor choices early, it’s improbable they can recover. Then you join them in claiming their lot is someone else’s fault, and clamoring for those “someone elses” to give up some of what they have achieved, to help alleviate their distress. And, they better be happy about it, or they are “raaacist”! Or, they are “Uncle Toms”.

    I say again: “I believe in the full equality of Black People who choose to be equal, and then govern themselves accordingly.”

    You may have heard of read the phrase, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal…” I totally live by that. I recognize though that all “choices” are not equal. That too is self-evident.

    Lastly, my butt is strictly “exit only”. And Black.

  26. wes says:

    It is one thing to be conservative. It is another thing to be “GOP”. The GOP is no more conservative than the dems are for black people. Its all about the money. Politicians are sort of like used car salesmen. They will gladly sell you a pig in a poke as long as when all of the dust settles, they wind up with more money in their bank account.

  27. miles says:


    Youre just another ignorant cracker pretending o be black…SMH

  28. GoodMojo says:

    Daren says:

    May 29, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    “I do not know who is spew more BS Half Breed or this anegrophobia suffer BadMojo”

    Daren… (Tsk, tsk…) Are you one of those? Are you incapable of thinking past your own victimhood? Do you expect great results from sloppy, or trashy decision making? Do you make excuses for the heathen behavior of your neighbors or friends, while wondering why they never catch a break? Are they doing the same for you?

    I am a Conservative (That’s right: Capital “C”). That means I believe in the full equality of Black people who choose to be equal, then govern themselves accordingly.

    I believe in real men who manage their johnsons, and treat their sexuality as the gift from Almighty God that it is. I don’t believe in “men” who have five kids by three baby-mamas, in different parts of town.

    I believe in real men who finish high school and/or learn a trade, with the intention of being self-supporting, and an asset to whatever community they inhabit. If those same men go to college, to increase their value in the marketplace, all the better. I don’t believe in “men” who are hostile to education, quit school or refuse learning while they are there, then pitch a b—h because the only jobs they qualify for are at the bottom of the wage scale, and they have little chance for advancement.

    I believe in men who know how to treat women, and think enough of themselves to pick quality women, such as those who have shown the self respect and the self-discipline to prepare themselves in a similar fashion.

    I believe in men and women, who have disciplined themselves to be ready to marry and prepare to deliver what all their children deserve most of all from their parents: A Godly, stable family led by two parents with a history of overall good decision making, equipped to raise the children to hopefully repeat that pattern.

    I believe, if you know someone really needs something, you help them get it for themselves, if that’s within your capability. I believe men are responsible to not only assist the weak, but to help them become stronger. I believe men are not only responsible to protect the innocent, but also to teach them how to defend themselves. I believe men protect the unborn, the handicapped, the orphans, and the widows.

    I believe in men acknowledging and expressing when they see a wrong, and intervening, if they are capable. I don’t believe in men making excuses for shiftless, irresponsible, vulgar, counter-productive, dangerous, or illegal behavior. I believe men brace up their neighbors, and do not take advantage of their hardships.

    I believe men take people who need the assistance, to get a photo ID, and then take them to vote of they need that. They don’t whine about BS “voter suppression”. They know if someone is not smart enough or not aware enough, to secure a photo ID (even when they’re free), they probably lack the necessities to cast a responsible vote.

    Bishop Jackson came from a broken home and foster care. He served this greatest of nations, he worked hard and he worked smart, and what he has achieved should be an inspiration to anyone who could be capable of being inspired. Given your use of the “half-breed” pejorative (strong evidence of low character), I suspect there is little chance you are reachable. Insults are a ham-handed tactic of unsophisticated thinkers, anyway. Be better.

    If you are not, sir: “The Black race can’t afford you no mo'”.

  29. Franklin says:

    If this guy were a democrat….

    everything and anything he says would just fine….

  30. miles says:

    E.W. is just another dumb KNEEGROW bigot being used by bigots.

  31. GoodMojo says:

    Ms. Wright,

    I generally enjoy your columns and we often agree. This time however, I must take exception. Bishop Jackson’s words would not be incendiary were they not true. We as conservative Black citizens, spend too much time and effort trying to protect the feelings of other Blacks mired in behaviors of consistent failure. We have got to stop this.

    The GOP for it’s part, has embarked on a similar path of consistent failures despite a superior plan and message at their ready. If the GOP continues to follow their path of “lukewarm” conservatism, it may find itself in the “dustbin of history” and perhaps deservedly so.

    As for the (euphemistic) abortion analogy, “Blacks like Emmett Till who were tortured, lynched and murdered by the Ku Klux Klan had no say in their deaths.” – C. Wright
    The innocent lives extinguished via infanticide (aka abortion) had no say in their deaths either. The sheer numbers of children, especially Black children, who were exterminated, or had their lives and dreams diminished by the political and social Left dwarf the relevant numbers of Jim Crow Klan activity, and is on going.

    We as Black conservatives have a duty to hold ourselves, and everyone else, accountable, including the so-called Black Community and the GOP. We all need to “man up”. Our solutions are available, but will not be easy, especially if we are all expected to tip toe around the feelings of people engaged in self-destructive behaviors, nearly guaranteed to keep them, and their progeny poor, and dependent.

    Thank you for your voice.


  32. James says:

    Breaking News – Virginia based Smithfield Foods now owned buy the The Communist Party of China (aka Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd.) These god fearing flag waving Americans sold out this country for a mere 4.7 billion dollars, I guess republicans do put money over all other things.

    Here is the funny thing about this deal. The idea is to raise hogs here, ship them to China to be processed and send it back here? If so, this is another industry which will off shore operations to reduce the need for US meat packers. But unlike clothing, what comes back could endanger the health of millions of people. There are already some issues with our food supply chain as it is, without wondering how well will China inspect this meat at processing time.

    This transaction should not be approved and laws put in place to prevent any transactions of this kind. It is bad enough that this country has off shored all its manufacturing, but also selling off how it feeds itself goes one step too far. It is one thing to import food stuffs from another nation to improve product choices, but is is quiet another to import a fair portion of our food supply or allow someone off shore to control such a portion.

  33. James says:

    E.W. Jackson is the best and brightest of the African American conservatives of VA, he should represent the GOP ticket well. His selection speaks volumes on the IQ of the VA GOP.

  34. I.T. says:

    As always Crystal, I really enjoy reading your blogs & watching you on television. ALL political parties need to STOP comparing issues facing the black community to what our ancestors went through…NO COMPARISON! I think it would have been more beneficial if E.W.Jackson made the arguement that PP’s mission when they started was to abort as many black babies as possible. E.W.Jackson and others who use these analogies fail to realize that liberals (mostly black) will use this as ammunition to call them the usuals; sell-out, Uncle Tom, the N-Word, etc. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before black americans are taken seriously as a voter from both policital parties.

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