The Gay Takeover of America

What is happening to our country?  Gays, who represent less than 3% of our population, are trying to dominate our culture and society. Love whom you want. Love the one you’re with. People don’t really care. This is the message most people want to say but are afraid to because the LBGT (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay and transgender) community will verbally flog anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Between gay marriage, gay adoptions, forcing the Boy Scouts to admit gay scouts and scout masters, and lauding a rich NBA player for announcing he’s gay, the message is clear from gay America to the 97% of the rest of us. You will accept our lifestyle as mainstream. My response: “No I won’t.

Notice when anyone rejects this gay agenda based on religious beliefs or personal views, they are called bigots or mocked.  Appearing on Meet the Press May 5, 2013, Republican Newt Gingrich noted the Catholic Church is prohibited from performing adoption services in states like Massachusetts and the District of Columbia because the Church will only allow a married couple (by definition a man and woman) to adopt a baby. This is a perversion of societal norms all in the name of liberals forcing their political correctness down America’s throat whether her people have an opinion about it or not.

Liberals are eager to help the “gay lobby” with its takeover of America. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced March 29, 2013 plans to consider allowing Medicare to pay for sex change surgeries and invited public comments on the topic.  Later that day, HHS abruptly pulled the proposal. While the agency said it was due to “an administrative challenge” of Medicare’s 1981 decision not to cover such operations, it seems news coverage of HHS’ proposal had something to do with its about face. I doubt Republicans in Congress would think sex change operations were a good use of taxpayer money.

There’s more. The Senate’s “immigration reform bill” includes a gay couples provision. I’m sure Senator Marco Rubio, the mastermind of this amnesty effort, is elated about the development. Bowing to the gay strong-arming, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy will offer up the amendment, Uniting Americans Family Act, when the committee votes on the bill. The amendment  allows “foreign same sex partners” of legal US residents or citizens to come to America and get a green card.  Talk about a target for fraud.  What test will the government use to certify people are gay  and “permanent  partners” and NOT people posing as gay to game the system?

As if the bill didn’t have enough problems with its amnesty push for over 11 million criminals and 301 amendments, Senators thought let’s make it even more outrageous. Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy said he didn’t believe the gay partner provision will kill the bill. No, the immigration bill will die a slow death like the Senate’s gun bill did because it’s mired in mud.

Even though the jobless rate has stayed above 7.5% for the past five years and remains on track to be the longest period of persistent unemployment in 70 years, Democrats want to extend amnesty to as many people possible who aren’t even in the US yet. What’s next? Allowing relatives of foreign gay partners to come here too? The liberal logic is beyond nonsensical it’s downright comical.

No matter how many TV shows are produced about gay couples being married and raising children, or phones calls made by president Obama to gay athletes, homosexuality will never be the majority in our culture. I think it’s high time the 97% of the rest of heterosexual America stand up for the preservation of American society not the distortion of it.


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39 Responses to “The Gay Takeover of America”

  1. chagrin says:

    Miles said: “As usual the racist gop birther party loves to pick on gays, blacks, Hispanics, women etc…then they wonder why they lost last two elections.”

    Now look what your kind of bullshit has finally wrought. It is very evident that Republicans actually lost the last couple of Presidential elections not because the nation is full of people like you, but because those candidates presented themselves as moderate in a nation full of people who are sick of so-called moderation in our society making them feel less than free.

    The sad fact is that Trump is a poseur. He’s more like you guys than most of you seem to realize. But he won the primaries, and then the election, by tapping into the frustration and resentment many US citizens feel because of asshattery like the above article describes.

  2. nina says says:

    It makes me sick, that the sex group gays and lesbians and those that want to turn themselves into the opposite sex, say it’s discrimination against them, ( it’s against a group of people that want to mate with their own kind and turn children into their lifestyle, and worst,, stop comparing your SUFFERINGS to the blacks there is no comparison, you are not a race of people, you are a sex perverted group. Blacks suffered, and did nothing to DESERVE it , perverted sex group gays and lesbians i try to push your wanting to have sex outside of what is natural on the world to accept, and while the government spends money to support gay people so they can mate with each other in public, and gain access to our children in bathrooms,. ” the goverment should be fighting and pushing to save and stop the shooting of black children and INOCENT blacks and Hispanics, these are true discrimination issues that the black and Hispanic need to push for especially the blacks,. “” stop letting the lgbt sex group compare themselves with the black. Race” and push the media and governmental agencies to fight for the right issues,. And stop the ACLU that are. 89% gay people from using all the federal funding to fight for only their gay issues, to promote just their gay lifestyles, the government needs to stop the funding to the ACLU, until they can start using those federal funds equally to fight for everyone, ‘ not just ( every ) gay issue, while our black dead children, are put aside, to save some homosexual from going into a bathroom,. *** get real*** enough with federal funding of a homosexual groups sex demands,

  3. Zaray says:


    Noone cares what trannys look like. They care about the THOUSANDS of them who try to deceive them in bars and other places. Just so they can get there sexual thrill. No real man wants to make out with a man. Same with REAL WOMEN! Sell your perversion on the queen sites. I’m as white as can be. But I’m happy to see one lady who knows what she is. I have been assaulted by these queen woman wannabes just because I gave them food money when they were begging. They ATTEMPTED to kiss me. I was pissed. They are lucky I didn’t break their neck. Now go ahead and start preaching to me like every ungodly unbeliever who decides to quote the parts of the bible that suit them. Real men think trannys are disgusting! There are plenty of trannys in the world. Why don’t you stay with your own? NO YOU WANT CONVERTS PURE AND SIMPLE!

  4. Zy says:

    PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! This is NOT Rep vs Demoncraps, sorry spelling is off. This is THE MASONIC BROTHERHOOD vs all the human race!!! They only want to DESTROY the land they built. America was created to become the most powerful force on planet earth. This was done in order to bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER! Slavery was BY DESIGN. They used slave labor in order to do a few things. First, THE HEAVY LIFTING. Second, to create RACIAL HATRED! America’s eventual downfall. When the time was right, slaves would begin to be released. BLACK AND WHITE MASONIC BROTHERS would then publicly argue over race to HELP CREATE MORE HATRED. Communism was ALWAYS THE GOAL. They want ONE WORLD UNDER MAN NOT GOD. Islam and Catholicism are SISTER RELIGIONS!!! TRUE CHRISTIANITY, is NOT catholic! Jesus, was and IS God in the flesh. Neither Islam or Catholicism really care about Christ. Both care about CONTROL. POPE JOHN PAUL 2ND ADMITTED ISLAM WAS ITS SISTER RELIGION. Read revelation chapter 13 and the entire book infact. JOHN WARNED THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD OF MYSTERY BABYLON , MOTHER OF HARLOT RELIGION ON EARTH. From the CITY OF 7 HILLS/MOUNTAINS or ROME. The FALSE Bride of Christ that is really a WHORE spiritually speaking. Meaning they mix worldly NEW AGE doctrine with Christian doctrine. Such as IDOLS and praying to saints. Just to name a few. This church is just full of GAY priest. They forbid priest to marry. Read the NEW TESTAMENT regarding the FALSE CHURCH forbidding to marry!!!!!!!
    The Pope is called THE HOLY FATHER. This is blasphemy! Christ said. Call no man on earth your father. There is only ONE FATHER in heaven. It Was Obvious He Was Speaking spiritually. NO OFFENSE TO CATHOLIC PEOPLE. But you need to read the bible for yourself. This FALSE CHURCH will endorse THE FALSE CHRIST, known to Christians as ANTICHRIST. There will more than likely be more than just ONE!!!!! The bible actually says there will be a team of them. Quite a few headed up by at least 2 very important ones. Likely a political leader and religious leader called THE FALSE PROPHET. The men/man of sin or rebellion will agree on some type of contract/covenant, the NEW WORLD ORDER maybe? Peace plan maybe? GAY marriage maybe? All of the above maybe? Aliens/fallen angels are real and will play into this I think. The word ANTICHRIST means IN PLACE OF CHRIST in the original language. The popes title is VICAR OF CHRIST. The new age claims EVERYONE IS A POTENTIAL CHRIST. ISLAM TEACHES JESUS WAS THE CHRIST. BUT NOT THE SON OF GOD AND NOT GOD. All in All, these sister religions are very compatible. Both want to RULE THE PLANET. BOTH ARE BLOOD THIRSTY AND HAVE MURDERED TRUE CHRISTIANS by the MILLIONS!!! Both are compatible with ALL other world religions. All except TRUE CHRISTIANITY. WE ARE NOT SAVED BY WORKS BUT ONLY BY GRACE AND CHRIST BLOOD ALONE. We are living in the time of Christ SECOND COMING. He said it would be exactly like the days of LOT AND NOAH. In those days fallen angels/aliens had sex with human women Gen chapter 6. In those days the earth was filled with VIOLENCE/WAR AND TERRORISM. Last but not least. Those days were marked by SEXUAL PERVERSION, IN PARTICULAR “HOMOSEXUALITY.” God does NOT hate gays. HE HATES HOMOSEXUALITY!!!! The old testament is very clear. So is the new testament. Look at ROMANS CHARTER 1 as just one clear example. Christ did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it. HIS OWN WORDS not mine. The word of God is true even if the whole world disagrees and lies. Christ did die and did RISE FROM DEATH! I don’t care what muhammad said or anyone else. He was born long after the events and is just another ANTICHRIST FALSE PROPHET. The good news is, God loves everyone. Just change your mind/REPENT and come to Christ while there is time. JOHN 3:16

    PS. stop comparing slavery with being gay. That is BS. ONE IS A CHOICE THE OTHER WAS NOT!!!!! NEWSFLASH. SLAVERY HAS BEEN OVER FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. Blacks have ALL THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS. WHITE PEOPLE DIED TO GIVE THEM CIVIL RIGHTS. Obama is an abomination. Not because he is black. But because of his policies. Christians need to do as Christ commanded. TAKE UP A SWORD IF NEEDED! Before you tell me he said PUT UP YOUR SWORD, YOU BETTER READ THE BIBLE CLOSER. HE HAD TO BE CRUCIFIED. We are NOT commanded to let evil destroy our nation. Israel never was told to lay down!!! THERE IS A TIME FOR WAR!!! THAT TIME IS NOW!!! Our freedoms were born from BLOOD SHED , ALL OF THEM!!! They have been kept by BLOOD SHED up till now. Black people, if you love america. Then stand against Obama and for america! More importantly, STAND FOR CHRIST!!!!! GAY PEOPLE WILL REGRET WHAT THEY ARE DOING ONCE ISLAM HAS AMERICA. People could have stopped Hitler before he started ww2. But they chose to do nothing. WHAT WILL WE DO? A worse evil is here and not just Obama. What will we do? The next war will be NUCLEAR! TIME TO HAVE COURAGE AND FIGHT, NOW. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!! Z

  5. marvin says:

    I’m not gonna get on the religious too yet, but if being gay is so normal and natural, why can’t two men or two women produce a child. And why is Obama trying to turn the flag to a
    rain bow when our military fought and died under the red, white, and blue, I’m just saying

  6. Curtispac says:

    It’s reassuring to see that even black people can be bigoted pieces of crap. Glad to see that not all idiots are white pieces of crap. You prove that all sorts can be ignorant. We truly are created EQUAL!!!! USA USA USA!!!

  7. Genocidal says:

    Weird, first your ‘picture’ looks so incredibly White that I wonder why you name yourself “Blackchick”. Maybe its like the Spanish News where they feed propaganda to all the dark people…

    Anyway the fags won; I’ve yet to see a clear argument for homosexuality, that does not exclude obvious social experiments performed since the 1940’s, by rich white men.

    Democracy has never been about ‘the people’ – and anyone who believes and defends that lie is not worth speaking to, they must find out on their own.

  8. Vera says:

    Well,nit is official! Gays can legalize their union in all 50 states. Rest assured, they will not stop until they have totally taken over how Christians worship and school curriculum! We are in the hands of spineless cowards @ the Supreme Court! Pandora’s box is unleashed! Many will wish they were dead because the gay culture is a demonic one seeking to undermine Christian principle and to silence the opposition!

  9. Rena wells says:

    Dear Crystal Wright,

    I’m writing you today because I have some issues regarding your delivery in the media around Transgender individuals. I have no issue that you may not understand why someone would want to change their gender identification, what I do have an issue with is the hypocrisy you clearly illustrate on your blog seeing as you identify as a visible minority and a woman. What I am speaking about is discrimination.

    I’m a single professional mother of West Indian decent, born and raised in Toronto Canada, and I am raising 2 beautiful children on my own. My oldest has recently come out as a transgender female at the age of 8.
    What I want to discuss with you, and the reason I felt the need to write you is the fact that I don’t believe you totally understand what discrimination is.
    Discrimination is an act of suppression towards a group or people that inhibits them from obtaining basic human rights, dignity and acceptance. That’s my personal definition. If you would like a text book Webster dictionary explanation I have cut and pasted the reference for you:

    n. 1. The act of discriminating, distinguishing, or noting and marking differences.
    To make an anxious discrimination between the miracle absolute and providential.
    – Trench.
    2. The state of being discriminated, distinguished, or set apart.

    3. (Railroads) The arbitrary imposition of unequal tariffs for substantially the same service.
    A difference in rates, not based upon any corresponding difference in cost, constitutes a case of discrimination.
    – A. T. Hadley.
    4. The quality of being discriminating; faculty of nicely distinguishing; acute discernment; as, to show great discrimination in the choice of means.

    5. That which discriminates; mark of distinction.

    Based on the above definition I believe this clearly indicates comments on your blog and your recent CNN appearance as discriminatory:
    1. Crystal Wright @GOPBlackChick
    Caitlyn? Bruce in drag? You decide.
    2. You also retweeted this that Zoey Tur is mentally ill. You will find the image from your Twitter in the original letter I emailed you.

    Suppression of any group whether it be due to race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Discrimination breeds an underlying essence of HATE. How that hate is delivered can cause suppression that hinders an individual to live a free life that every human being is entitled to due to birth right. This eventually leads to death in grave circumstances.

    Considering you are a black woman I am appalled that you do not understand how derogatory comments towards a suppressed group continue to spread hate. Based on the definition I provided earlier, your social media posts hit all of those points.
    1. You clearly support the notion that Zoey Tur is mentally ill simply by redirecting and posting a hateful tweet.
    2. Your statement regarding Caitlyn Jenner hints at confusion, is there a possibility that it’s drag? This diminishes another human being’s life journey and authenticity.

    I’m sure there is more, however these 2 aspects is what sparked me to write this letter.

    If we go back and look at the definition of discrimination your social media actions clearly show you are insinuating Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman or she is simply in drag. This is diminishing another human beings freedom of speech and her personal authenticity which clearly indicates she is different from the human race. Your retweet illustrates that you believe Zoey Tur as mentally ill. Again marking and noting differences and causing segregation from the rest of humanity based on an assumption.

    I’m sure you know what it FEELS like when you are discriminated against. I know I do! Why would you condone and redirect hate to a supressed group who are forging forward for change very much like the blacks who were merely seeking basic human acceptance, dignity and rights? Do you not see how you are contributing to the discrimination by supporting and expressing more hate?

    As a black woman, how can you not have the empathy and compassion towards all supressed groups that face discrimination? Again it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it, what I hope you understand is what discrimination feels like when you are on the receiving end? For instance, being supressed and dissociated from the human race because of the mere fact that you are coloured or that you are a woman? This is hypocrisy! I’m pretty sure you already have an awareness of what discrimination feels like yet you continue to support discrimination towards the Transgender community! Transgender people are discriminated against because of their physical appearance (because most don’t pass as the presented gender).

    I am also a coloured woman, and over the years and into present day, we continue to fight against the hate. However, you seem to have forgotten exactly what it feels like when you are on the other side of the fence. Here are some similarities for you to chew on:
    • Blacks at one time could not get jobs. Transgender people have the highest unemployment rate
    • Blacks had difficulty finding shelter and homes and lived in poverty for many years. Transgender people are in the same situation due to unemployment and being shunned by family they have the highest rate for homelessness
    • Blacks were killed and murdered. Bullying in all forms pushes transgender people into suicide and because of this targeted hate this makes up the 45% suicide rates of Transgender Youth and 69% of Transgender adults.
    • Blacks were not accepted based on physical appearance (skin colour). Transgender people are not accepted based on physical appearance (passing as a certain gender)

    I simply used examples you could identify with. This isn’t a comparison, this is the end product, and these are the results when discrimination is pushed onto human beings within a supressed group. This is what happens when other human beings choose to feed hate instead of love against a fellow human comrade. You can find all of these similarities in all supressed groups over the course of history because hate contributes to the underlying deficit of life and amplifies the underlying force of hate. Hate continues to supress marginal groups of people and it will eventually lead to death until a mass force pushes back and says that it’s enough. Every supressed group has done this; unfortunately it’s very sad that people have to die before anything is done!

    So I ask you, which do you condone? Which aspect of life are you feeding to the public? You have a great stance to influence the human race. Which do you choose? Love or hate? Discrimination or acceptance?
    I will be posting this letter online.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you sincerely for your time,

    Rena Wells

  10. AvgBlackConservativeBoy says:

    I love this article! You can in no way compare the Gay agenda to Civil rights our people died and couldn’t even drink from the same fountains as the majority. We were brought here by force and you can’t hide or choose to be black. Homosexuals are doing wrong by comparing this.

  11. Nyrk says:

    God job to the author on getting to the point here. Gay people aren’t hurting society by being gay, they’re hurting it by insisting that gay be mainstream. If we teach our kids that gay is ‘kay, more will become gay. The gay ‘advertising’ we see in the media shouldn’t hurt older people (if you honestly have an ick reaction just don’t read) but it sure influences kids when they’re still young and unexposed. We have gay kids of younger and younger ages now, showing the effect of letting kids know. And, since kids go through phases where they prefer those of the same gender as friends, the gay rights advocators inadvertently (I assume) target an audience likely to change. It’s easier to love a friend you know better, right? The whole gay thing just bewilders me, wanting to tell kids, it’s not enough that people push for exposing kids to sex ed earlier in schools – Western countries should just restrict sexual things and kill the temptation once and for all. To those who say gay is not a choice- you’re right AND wrong – some are born gay for sure, but some DO become gay- and often ‘gay display’ is how. That form of bias shouldn’t be allowed – let kids sort themselves out when they become preteens – they’ll figure out then and it should be peaceful. Should be.

  12. AvgWhiteDude says:

    If we consider this issue from the perspective of human rights and freedom, gay people should have all the rights and privileges anyone else has. In the days before special interests, laws were made to protect people. Assume for a moment that this is still true: who is kept safe by prohibiting gay marriage?
    Many people will say ‘children.’ How are children harmed? Many happy kids has grown up in a gay home (many kids with issues have grown up in f*&^ed up hetero homes). There is no logical argument against gay marriage/rights/parades (well, maybe parades).
    People aught to be all fired up banning alcoholic and drug addicted marriages. These households screw kids up every day by the millions.

  13. Fuck You says:

    So let me get this straight, you’re a hypocritical Nigger who feels it deserves welfare, interracial marriage and equal right but since I’m just a sissy faggot who likes cock and I deserve to be persecuted? See this is why I hate niggers. Oh I don’t hate blacks just ignorant assholes, there’s white niggers too.

  14. Bayard says:

    So the civil rights movement had nothing to do with gay rights??? Search Bayard Rustin, as civil rights as it gets…

  15. Get rid of the queers says:

    Get rid of the Queers.

  16. whoodan says:

    Great article conservativeblackchick. Gays fight to align themselves with the civil rights movement of the 1960s is mind boggling. Their fight is in no way similar to the struggles/inequalities of blacks in america, yet they constantly state that they are.

  17. Bobby says:

    “In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represented more than 60 percent of the world’s Jewish population at that time, estimated at 15.3 million.” Wow, just under 2%, and someone didn’t accept our religion as mainstream, either.

  18. JW says:

    “Stand up for the preservation of American society?” The LGBT community IS apart of American society. The implication of a “gay agenda” “gay takeover” and that our society isn’t preserved or American if gays have influence is precisely the reason why there’s protest for their rights and life. You just talked about an entire community of people like they’re an alien lifeforce intruding your world. They have always existed in your world, and the fight won’t stop until people acknowledge and respect them as the human beings that they are. It isn’t some evil agenda to want to be treated like everyone else.

  19. Tucker says:

    It is going to be quite comical when the sky doesn’t fall, children’s brains don’t explode because they are so confused, and “god” doesn’t drown us all after we have had gay marriage for awhile. It amazes me how people seriously believe that families and children shouldn’t be protected because people are afraid of telling their children that gay people are real (it’s simple biology people, it’s not a difficult concept to hypothesize what would happen if every human were heterosexual with a need to procreate…but I guess it is a difficult concept when you believe “god” has given us an infinite amount of resources on our tiny planet). You all believe we should treat couples differently because you think the way they have sex is icky, yucky and “not real sex” and you don’t want to bake any cupcakes for their wedding and you want the govt to tell you that that is a ok because your holy book says that if you bake cupcakes for the gays you might as well have killed someone because either way its a one way ticket to the land of lucifer. Get over yourselves, the way everyone has sex is “icky yucky” and if I had a choice, I wouldn’t want t bake any cuppy cakes for your wedding; but I would, because I am a GROWNUP. Good riddance people! I respect you for having consistent views Ms. Wright. I do, however, feel that you sometimes try to mold your views to placate your party so that they can truly “accept” you. I find it to be quite a quandary that you can be educated (and I am assuming that you don’t have religious zealot) and still harbor such archaic views about the basics of human sexuality and sexual fluidity. Puritanical views on sexuality only hurt society and hinder progress in places far outside of the four walls of your bedroom. The Victorian era was a bad time for most and it’s time we ended it already!

  20. leka says:

    Thanks for nt showing my writings.Should be freedom of speech here.There are more the fruitcakes gays than 3%.8% of the men are the fruitcakes and the gays

  21. leka says:

    Dear Crystal.There are more gays than 3% may be 8% of the men are gay.There always be the people who put the blacks the women the fruitcakes down.The bible freaks say the bible ban gay act.The bible says also that the rich man have a difficulty to get to the heaven.The rich right wing the bible fraks Rebulicans do not get to the heaven.They will be the same place as the gays

  22. frank lindsey says:

    uptownsteve, is one truly ignorant fool. he should pull his head out the liberals butt, even Malcolm X read them years ago. if our elected officials would stand up , and do the right thing we would not even talk such depravity as gay marriage. they are weak people and will sell their soul for a vote. stay on the liberal plantation steve, like a good NIGGER. master will take care of you.

  23. Autonymous says:

    BTW, don’t your haters have a life? I keep seeing the same haters posting comments. Maybe they like you and are too shy to say, I wonder… wow. A hater fan club. Cute.

  24. Autonymous says:

    Dear CBC, I so love your blog. I can understand the legal issues regarding the LGBT community, and I can understand your side too. I agree that some social issues are being paraded as necessities so hard that it literally kills off other things already established in society (many which all walks in life use and enjoy). But you know what? They don’t care. In fact, they absolutley are resolute to continue tearing down society to get to the lowest common denominator (so long as they can keep their iCrap, of course). Sorry, but having been “born” queer myself (and actually I feel a lot of it was nuture, and questionably nature), I don’t feel I am entitled to everything regarding gender norms. I don’t think it’s okay to approach people to hit on them in a bar, for instance, if I don’t know their sexuality. (I don’t hit on people, at all really.) I cretainly don’t expect the Church to change their dogma. I CHOOSE to live my life a certain way, and I accept some things. But there are mature, adult gay couples who do have some very serious concerns regarding legalities in their relationship. I feel those concerns are legitimate (ie, responsibilities to children, pension benefits, last wills, POAs, etc). Civil rights, yes, but some things really go overboard that makes my head spin and ask myself, “what else will people want next to make them protest and carry on about?” But all these groups, I’ve noticed, have created a confederacy that I’m afraid we will have no defense against. Sadly, like all revolutions, after their righteous indignation has hit the fan and all there are left is pieces, then we’ll be expected to help put humpty-dumpty back together again. That’s their idea of success, remember… revenge. Lots of luck to everybody. Learn some Mandarin.

  25. Tim says:

    I agree im sick of gays

  26. Demei Greene says:

    Welcome to the homosexual jihad.

  27. revolutionist90 says:

    Hello CBC,
    this take-over just shows the moral depravity of the world and the rule of hypocrisy especially since many liberals “practice” moral relativism. The problem with this moral relativity is that many liberals end up practicing moral absolutes (which they criticize other people for having) in that everything is fine unless they disagree with liberal ideology in which they are called bigots.
    For the most part I think of it in this way: gay marriage is only something sanctioned by man/government. It is pretty well known that God does not bless this type of union and that marriage is a definition used within a religious context (holy matrimony). With that being said if gay marriage is legalized it is only for governmental purposes and anything else that goes into the religious realm is just a farce-it is not holy.
    I already know that if I every have children I am going to have to be very careful on which school I enroll them in…or maybe even start thinking about homeschooling.

  28. James says:

    Breaking News – One of Guatemala’s most brutal dictators has been found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity. On Friday, Jose Efraín Ríos Montt was sentenced to 80 years in prison

    Throughout the duration of the Ríos Montt dictatorship, his regime was the bloodiest on the American continent. Why did the world permit his brutality, and why did it take more than 30 years to successfully prosecute him? His genocidal campaigns, in full view to the world, were committed in real time.

    The simple answer is the actions – and inactions – of US President Ronald Reagan, the man who provided cover for every tin-pot dictator on the continent. A better answer is the preeminence of “America,” with its mythological foundation and narrative. The best answer is the actions – or rather, inertia – of the citizens of the United States of America. It is we who permitted the atrocities of not simply this dictator, but all the military dictators on the continent during that bloodthirsty era.

  29. Jeff Turner says:

    Very Well Said.

    Getting “gay marriage” will not stop the bitching and moaning and name calling from the LGBT community, all 3% (maybe, 1 or 2%), because gay marriage is not what many LGBT folks want. They want to have their lifestyle/behavior called “normal” by our society.

    Our society will send a terrible and totally confusing message to our children if our society ever tells them that the marriage of Adam and Steve is just as normal as the marriage of Mom and Dad. These are our children that have to produce the next generation if our species is to continue. No matter how many Presidents “evolve” on the issue and other important people insist that it is good for our society the LGBT lifestyle/behavior is not “normal” and it will never be.

  30. george chapogas says:

    i really could care less about who screws who. i do have a problem with benefits from the government for being married. it is not up to government or politics to dial in the culture one group or another wants. marriage is a fine institution and it should return to being a private personal arrangement. the constitution demands a census, not the status of it’s citizens.
    enacting gay marriage under the current laws concerning marriage will cost trillions and is hardly being discussed. that is my objection.
    so get government out of marriage and let people pretend to be whatever they want. it is called a free country for a reason.
    george chapogas
    Rivas Nicaragua but paying USA taxes and voting too.

  31. uptownsteve says:

    I swear that there is nothing dumber in God’s creation than a black conservative.

  32. miles says:

    As usual the racist gop birther party loves to pick on gays, blacks, Hispanics, women etc…then they wonder why they lost last two elections.

  33. […] Crystal Wright: The Gay Takeover of America – What is happening to our country?  Gays, who represent less than 3% of our population, are trying to dominate our culture and society. Love whom you want. Love the one you’re with. People don’t really care. This is the message most people want to say but are afraid to because the LBGT (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay and transgender) community will verbally flog anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Between gay marriage, gay adoptions, forcing the Boy Scouts to admit gay scouts and scout masters, and lauding a rich NBA player for announcing he’s gay, the message is clear from gay America to the 97% of the rest of us. You will accept our lifestyle as mainstream. […]

  34. miles says:

    Why do the racist birther party want to deny gays the right to marry?

  35. miles says:

    Why does the racist birther party want to deny gays the right to marry? This is the same party that wants to control a woman’s womb and suppress minority vote.

  36. James says:

    CBC, is this the character your father and are based on?

  37. James says:


    Could you tell us how Southern white racists and Blacks could be in the same political party? Last time President Lyndon Johnson signed civil rights for blacks, the entire South suddenly turned from solid Blue to solid Red over night. Mississippi whites just didn’t like the idea of Blacks having basic human Rights. So they all fled to the republican presidential candidate, Berry Goldwater, who was promising them to repeal civil rights for blacks. And guess what? He only won the Confederate racist states that are up to this day solidly Republican. What do you think of blacks like this woman here, Crystal Wright, or Clarence Thomas, who like to turn a blind eye to the Republican party’s deeply racist constituency? Are they some kind of masochists or self-hating? At least one respectable black republican, General Colin Powell, called out the party as the racist bigots they are, when he talked about ” dark strain of intolerance” within the party. Alas he was racially attacked by party spokesmen Rush Limballs and the likes, further confirming their racist mindset.

  38. Lee says:

    I don’t care what these people do either, just as long as it’s not constantly in my face and in my children’s face. Enough already! Duke university just announced the raising of its tuition rates to cover free sex changes for any student who wants one. Student loans and the interest that goes along with them are high enough already.

  39. Noel says:

    Yeah, you are right “The liberal logic is beyond nonsensical it’s downright comical”.

    How they aim to integrate the Muslim culture with the Gay culture in America is going to be interesting to watch. Assuming, of course, that the liberals are for a united and not a disunited country.

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