RNC Black Outreach: Reports, Talk, and Pics with Actress Stacey Dash

Every time I think the Republican National Committee is going to give me a break and not do something insulting, they give me another reason why neither I nor any other conservative should have any confidence in the RNC. While RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has done nothing, I repeat nothing, but talk for six months about how he’s going to attract more minority voters to the party, he thought he would keep up the charade at the RNC’s spring meeting in Los Angeles.

In a move meant to pander to blacks, the RNC invited black actress Stacey Dash to its meeting, to pose for pictures with Priebus. I guess Priebus wanted to prove he’s down with brown people. As a reminder, Dash supported Mitt Romney for president in 2012 and was attacked by black liberals for endorsing him.

Dash tweeted:

@REALStaceyDashExcited to meet @reince tonight with my partners @patrickmillsaps & @ashleybellr at @GOP #RNC #GOP pic.twitter.com/t02KSuFBbV

Dash calls Patrick Millsaps, former Newt Gingrich 2012 chief of staff and Ashley Bell, 2012 former Romney aide her “partners” so she knows them. But it’s unclear why Dash was meeting with Priebus because the RNC is doing ZERO to take the conservative message to black voters. There’s no evidence of any grassroots outreach effort to urban cities where large populations of minorities live or incorporating minorities into the RNC’s media surrogates’ program. Dash is stunning and was celebrity eye candy for conservative men to drool over at the RNC’s Reagan Library dinner Friday night, April 12, 2013. Consultants were downright gleeful to meet Dash.

Patrick Millsaps tweeted:

“Patrick Millsaps ‏Looking forward to meeting with @Reince with friends @REALStaceyDash & @AshleyBellR tonight at #ReaganLibrary. @GOP pic.twitter.com/1OW2a6bjF3

Ashley Bell, who also attended the RNC spring meeting in LA along with Millsaps because the RNC can’t get enough of Romney consultants, tweeted his enthusiasm in meeting Dash with a photo:

“@Ashley D. Bell @SharonDay great seeing you today at the Reagan Library! @REALStaceyDash @PatrickMillsaps #rnc #tcot #bcot pic.twitter.com/jitIOgNpSp

What were all these consultants doing at the RNC’s spring meeting? Getting paid by the RNC to run their same game plans for losing candidates as they did in 2012?

RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer, who unapologetically told me during a meeting in 2012 he had no blacks working in the RNC communications or political departments, tweeted this about meeting Dash:

Sean Spicer ‏@seanspicer 12 Apr Very cool to have Stacy Dash at @GOP dinner at Reagan Library – @jameshohmann is clueless pic.twitter.com/FwnO9ARx45

Gee Whiz! Spicer thinks it’s cool to snap photos with a black actress but apparently very “uncool” to hire any blacks to work in his department at the RNC or use blacks in its surrogate program. Until now.

I recently lunched with newly hired RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, son of Juan Williams, tasked with “coordinating” the RNC’s new outreach plan to minorities. I’m guessing Spicer finally checked the black box, now counting Raffi as the lone black hire in his department I asked Williams how the $10 million budget Reince announced to support the outreach plan would be allocated. Williams told me he didn’t know because they wouldn’t let him see the budget. I also asked him “What’s the plan for black outreach?” He explained he was in the process of writing it.

Shocked and amazed I told him I thought that’s what the 100 pages of Growth and Opportunity Project report was. “No,” Williams said and told me the RNC wants him to write a plan for every activity he proposes. I looked at him dumbfounded and said, “So, it will be June before you guys do anything?” No response.

Instead of inviting Stacey Dash to cocktails at the Regan Library, Reince and his band of consultants should have asked Dash and some other prominent black Republicans like Allen West, Senator Tim Scott, Mia Love and Dr. Ben Carson to take the conservative message to the predominately black neighborhood of Compton in LA. The RNC could have hosted an open house with lunch at a church, community center or library inviting blacks to learn more about conservatism. But that would actually mean doing something.

In a recent Daily Caller article on the Romney campaign paying digital advertising firm Targeted Victory $94.5 million to produce ads which helped Romney lose, the writer sums up the problem facing the GOP. “There’s a new culture war brewing in the GOP: Claims vs. results.”

In another tweet about his “friends,” Bell tweeted:

Ashley D. Bell ‏@AshleyBellR 12 Apr

@REALStaceyDash @Reince @PatrickMillsaps together the future is bright for our Party & Nation. Stay tuned everyone! pic.twitter.com/d2MQ3fJM9h

I have a feeling we’ll have to “stay tuned” until 2016 to see any future changes from the RNC. Priebus and others seem to be happy recycling consultants, who have a track record of working with losing candidates. Pictures say a thousand words and so does a 100-page report called the Growth & Opportunity Project. No conservative should hold his or her breath the RNC is going to do anything different than it did in 2012. Time to do things ourselves.



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20 Responses to “RNC Black Outreach: Reports, Talk, and Pics with Actress Stacey Dash”

  1. Basically going thru the above content many will accept this because it is true and its nice finding a person thats posting stuff on this on the internet to see!

  2. class of fitness says:

    I’ve notice that black republican women, are speaking up for the GOP. more than Black female Democrats?

  3. marcus says:

    Dear Liberal Slave Master:

    This letter is in regard to the slavacrats better known as black democrats that you harbor on that vast plantation. We are well aware that the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves, but there are some who refuse to leave due to dependency they are not able to provide for themselves. We know for a fact that your strategy has rendered them helpless and they are considered victims according to your liberal laws and ideology. But we know the strategy is to control them by providing them a minimum livelihood, keep them uniformed about the world around them, and institute a system of slavery through the prison system. We know as a fact if you keep them dumbfounded and appeal to their emotions they will follow like sheep led to the slaughter. White Liberal Slave Master we know this as a fact, you have conditioned the slavacrats to look towards the hills for help, Capitol Hill that is and not our Lord and Saviour which our help comes from at all times. You have embedded in them an ideology which tells he or she is a victim and anybody outside this vast plantation is a racist. These slavacrats will be force to endure what is to come when the piper has played his last tune on the United States economy and will require payment. White Liberal slave Master when we cannot pay the piper, Will you run to save your stocks, bonds, and bank accounts or will you abandon those lowly Negros on that vast plantation that you so love to fend for themselves? Make no mistake that time is coming. Also, inform truevoice we know it was him that stole our stud chicken named Wille. I gathered some men in the night with our laterns and followed the chicken blood drippings to a slave shack, we entered the shack, we raised our laterns to identify those in the shack. To our suprize, there laid truevoice fast asleep on his cot with chicken feathers and blood around his mouth with a big nigger smile, as we went around the cot, we saw our stud chicken laying on the floor half eaten by this black beast. We took truevoice from the cabinet and summoned the rest of the slaves to watch this chicken theif take 40 lashes to who was in control.

  4. truevoice says:

    In the words of Herman Cain , Newt Gingrich , Bill Clinton and of course George Clinton…”I’d hit that”….

  5. miles says:


    What does CWC mean? And everybody knows these racist birthers don’t care about minorities. Even their bootlicking black conservatives know it.

  6. Shawn says:

    I have no problem. We could do a lot worse than Stacey Dash.

  7. Scott says:

    @miles certainly has achieved the height of cleverness with his last comment. Really thought we were discussing the comments of CBC not the idiot Republican party.

  8. miles says:


  9. Jinsky Jean-Pois says:

    The defeat of the Republican presidential nominees in the 56th and 57th presidential elections signals the demographic shifts in the nation. For instance, in the 2008 presidential election AZ Senator John S. McCain, III was defeated by 365-173 in the Electoral College. The demographic data derived from exit polls indicated the ethnic voters of color, young voters, female voters, plus low to moderate income voters favored then-Illinois Senator Barack H. Obama, II. Another indication of this was the actual voter participation rate by the identified partisan affiliation. The actual 2008 voter participation rate by partisan affiliation index was a seven percentage point advantage favoring Democrats or (D+7): 39 percent (D), 32 percent (R), and 30 percent (I). Moreover, the racial composition of the actual electorate was a definitive factor for the defeat of the 34th Republican presidential nominee. The Anglo to non-Anglo voter composite ratio is 74 percent Anglo to 26 percent non-Anglo in 2008. As a result, the voter demographic shift in the nation emphasizes the principal reason that the Republican presidential nominees were defeated by depending on older Anglos as the 90 percent of the total general election voters in the GOP campaign coalition.
    The 2012 presidential election results should generally invoke a response from the Republican Party. In the beginning, various political operatives and strategists within the Republican Party erroneously presumed a Romney-Ryan landslide ticket victory. Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove presumed that the 2012 electorate was more conservative, more religious, older, and Caucasian. This was not the case because young voters (Millennial Generation), the female voters, ethnic communitarian voters of color participated in the electoral process with a Democratic partisan affiliation index of six percentage points or (D+6): 38 percent (D), 32 percent (R), and 30 percent (I). Furthermore, the actual voter participation rate perpetuated the negative outcome in addition to the actual preference vote. The actual national voter participation rate was 57 percent according to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate in total and was 28 percent for ethnic voters of color whose preference vote was 81 percent for the Democratic presidential ticket. Moreover, the response to the 2012 presidential election results should signal that the sole Caucasian electorate is always inadequate. The fact that the Republican presidential ticket did not earn more than 18 percent of the non-Anglo ethnic vote is corrosive. With all of this in mind, the Republican Party should be cognizant generally of the 57th presidential election results to discern how this party exists as a national party.
    The rendered verdict in the 2012 presidential election was negative for the Republican Party. In initiating this discussion, it is imperative to decode the demographic data from exit voter surveys. According to the national exit poll data, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney with non-Anglo voters by an 81-18 margin=D+63, which is determined by calculating non-Anglo racial groups: (93*13%+71*10%+73*3%+58*2%)/28 , younger voters by 60-37 margin=D+23, with Afro-American voters by a 93-6 margin=D+87, with Asian voters by a 73-26 margin=D+47, with Latino voters by a 71-27 margin=D+44, and with voters of other races by 58-38 margin=D+20. In continuing this discussion, various national elective offices were lost by the GOP nominees. The presidency and U.S. Senate majority was retained by the Democratic Party by winning seats in Massachusetts and Indiana. In concluding this discussion, the public relations status with the GOP was toxic. The language used by variously nominated GOP candidates alienated female and non-Anglo voters. Of course, it is rational for one to deduce that the 2012 presidential election was negative for the Republican Party.
    There is a legitimate strategy for the GOP to win the presidency in the 2016 presidential election. First, the GOP should acknowledge that the Reagan electoral coalition is dead. The 2012 electorate is more demographically diverse than the 1980 electorate and will continue to evolve to be more diverse based on the evolving demographic profile of this nation. The Republican Party will be irrelevant nationally as a political party if it does not expand the base for electoral preference from younger, female, and non-Anglo voters in addition to low to moderate income voters plus secular voters. The McGovern Coalition should now be considered the ascendant coalition because since 1972 it was based on multi-ethnic, younger, and female voters by the progressive movement. Furthermore, the GOP should adopt a universal precinct strategy to contact and solicit more voters from the demographic groups carried by the Democratic Party. The universal precinct strategy should be adopted to solicit younger, female, non-Anglo and Anglo college graduates in addition to the low to moderate income electorate. Lastly, the next GOP presidential nominee should not conduct a content free campaign. Mitt Romney conducted a content free campaign that solely focused on attacking President Barack Obama mostly rather than discussing results oriented public policy initiatives. Mitt Romney engaged in tactics that justified the perception as an out of touch corporate plutocrat with the average American citizen. Thus, this rubric could be a template for executing a future presidential campaign.
    The exponential demographic evolution in this nation will relegate the Republican Party to a permanent minority party if the present electoral strategy does not adapt to the evolving demographic profile of the United States. Initially, one could rationally deduce from the twenty-third decennial census (2010) that the national demographic profile is projected to become a majority-minority nation by the middle of the 21st Century (2042). The United States Census forecasts that Caucasians will no longer be a national racial majority after 2040 when the nation attains majority-minority status with a racial plurality. The term majority-minority status refers to a geographic jurisdiction whose Caucasian population is less than 50 percent of the total population. Next, one could observe that various municipalities, counties, and states have majority-minority status based on the derived twenty-third decennial census data. The States of California, New Mexico, Texas, and Hawaii have majority-minority status. States such as Maryland, Georgia, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Louisiana have Caucasian populations of less than 60 percent and therefore Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas could become permanent Democratic strongholds when Caucasians are no longer the majority of the population (majority-minority status) and/or electorate. Eleven percent of the counties of the nation have majority-minority status and another seven percent of the counties would transition to majority-minority status by the 2020 census. The majority-minority counties vote Democratic in presidential elections. All territories of the United States that don’t vote in general presidential elections such as Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico have majority-minority status. Presently, the 13 of the 40 largest metropolitan areas have majority-minority status. Children of color are the majority in the ten states of California (55), Nevada (6), New Mexico (5), Arizona (11), Texas (38), Florida (29), Georgia (16), Hawaii (4), Mississippi (6), and Maryland (10). By 2019, non-Anglo children or ethnic children of color will be majority of the total child population in the nation. But most conclusive is the demographic profile of this nation. By 2015, more than 50 percent of the children will be non-Anglo ethnically. As a result, the exponential evolving demographic national profile should not be disregarded or ignored by the Republican Party or otherwise the repercussions would be incurred by the party itself for permanent minority status.
    The Reagan electoral coalition is extinct based on the evolutionary demographic shift in the nation. In initiating this conversation, racial voter composite ratio in 1980 is different from 2012. In 1980, the racial voter composite was 88 percent Anglo to 12 percent non-Anglo and in 2012 the racial voter composite was 72 percent Anglo to 28 percent non-Anglo. In continuing this conversation, the gender voter composite ratio in 1980 is different from the 2012 electorate. The 1980 gender voter composite ratio was 51 percent male to 49 percent female and the 2012 gender voter composite ratio was 53 percent female to 47 percent male. In concluding this conversation, the race, age, and gender demographic group defined as the Reagan coalition is contracting within the GOP. The Reagan Coalition is 90 percent Anglo, male, rural, working class and Evangelical Christian. Consequently, it is appropriate to conclude that the Reagan Coalition is extinct.
    The 2016 presidential election will be a demographic voter test for the Republican Party. The first indication of this is the electoral preference of the voter demographic groups. If the next GOP presidential nominee earns the same or lower level of support from the demographic electoral groups as in 2008 and 2012, then the party will be relegated to minority status. According to Ronald Brownstein of the National Journal, the reelection formula for President Barack Obama is 80/40 with a racial voter ratio of 74 percent Anglo to 26 percent non-Anglo. The formula is 80 percent of the non-Anglo vote and 40 percent of the Anglo vote was sufficient and 81 of the non-Anglo vote and 39 percent of the Anglo vote was allotted to President Barack Obama with a national racial voter composite ratio of 72 percent Anglo to 28 percent non-Anglo according to exit polls. If the next GOP presidential nominee earns a greater level of support from the various demographic electoral groups than in 2008 and 2012, then he/she could win. In 2016, the racial voter national demographic projection is that the racial voter composite ratio is 69 percent Anglo to 31 percent non-Anglo and will be 66 percent Anglo to 34 percent non-Anglo by the 2020 presidential election. The next indication of this is duly nominated candidate’s electoral coalition. If the next duly nominated GOP presidential candidate has an electoral coalition that is 90 percent Anglo in an approximately 40 percent non-Anglo nation, then he/she would lose the general election to the Democratic presidential nominee. If the next duly nominated GOP presidential candidate has an electoral coalition that is demographically diverse that is 80 percent Anglo and 20 percent non-Anglo as a ratio of total general election voters, then he/she could win the next general election thereby defeating the Democratic nominee. I would suggest 20-29 percent of the Afro-American vote, and 40-49 percent of the Asian-Pacific Islander vote and 40-49 percent of the Hispanic vote as a national benchmark for the next nominated GOP presidential ticket. The final indication of this is philosophical public policy positions espoused by the candidate. If the GOP candidate espouses extreme philosophical positions, then he/she would repel key voter demographic groups to ensure that the Democratic candidate wins the general election. Otherwise, rational public policy positions would defeat the Democratic nominee. Consequently, one could conclude that the 58th presidential election is a demographic test for the Republican Party.
    The electoral process should obligate the campaign strategy to focus on the diverse geographic populations. The first instance that comes to mind is soliciting for electoral preference in the general election occurs. Electoral preference could be attained when persuading the electorate with a multitude of communicated messages. Second of all, it is imperative to educate the general public about how a candidate shall govern if he/she were elected. Voters are capable of deciding which candidate to support in the primary and general election by being educated. Last of all, the dialogue in the candidate debates should be substantive for healthy discourse that the general public would listen to. The dialogue in candidate debates should be substantive and would refer to public policy positions and governing on the behalf of the general public. This would yield one conclusion that the diverse geographic population centers in the nation should be contested and solicited for those residents’ vote to win general election campaigns.
    If the Republican Party is relegated to the status of a permanent minority political party that is regional, then a multitude of factors would destine the GOP for that status to therefore no longer exist as a national political party. In initiating this discussion, one reason that the GOP could be a permanent minority political party is that the current base coalition of the party is contracting, not expanding and therefore does not represent the evolving national demographic profile. The present GOP base coalition consists of older Anglo males residing in rural areas of the nation whose religious affiliation is Evangelical Protestantism who represents 90 percent of the base coalition that votes in primary elections. In continuing this discussion, another reason that the GOP could be relegated to minority status is that the present electoral campaign strategy is not compatible with the evolving demographic profile of this nation. The United States Census forecasts that the national demographic profile will more ethnically diverse with majority-minority status after the fifth decade of the 21st Century. The current electoral campaign is preponderantly attentive to Caucasians who are older Evangelical Christians and male who reside in rural America. To conclude this discussion, a probable final reason that the GOP could be relegated to minority status as a political party is that the present electoral campaign strategy is not compatible with the geographic residency profile of this nation. The voting precincts in the rural area of the state are inadequate for electoral victory. After this election, the GOP will have to reflect on future success strategies. All of this together means that if the GOP does not modernize to diversify as a political party to adapt to the evolving national demographic profile, then the Republican Party would no longer exist as a national political party and therefore would be relegated to a regional party with rendered permanent minority status in the nation.

  10. Noel says:

    I don’t answer rhetorical questions. Especially ones full of baseless rhetoric.

  11. Noel says:

    Well said.

  12. Crystal,

    While this is another great article, I take issue with the part about the Republican Party not doing more to reach out to minority voters. In my humble opinion, that statement sounds like something a liberal black person would say. However, the answer to this issue is simple: Black people need to put together their issues and have a lobbyist speak to the Republican Party. We can’t expect the Republican Party to just wait around and take care of our problems. We can’t sit around waiting on Jesus to solve the problems that plague our community. There’s a guy on Youtube who talks about this. If you get a chance check out his channels: 5723Michael and David Carroll. This guy tells it like it is.

  13. Novanglus1 says:

    “In a move meant to pander to blacks” Isn’t this pretty much what democrats have done that gets them 85% of the vote…Put Obama on the ticket and it rose to 98%

  14. BuckeyeSam says:

    Priebus and the RNC are simply beyond stupid.

    They have so much time to begin making inroads with some wonderful conservatives who happen to be black.

    This is like watching a bad accident happen from 50 yards away. You see it all, but you can do nothing except shout warnings.

    Priebus has to be a progressive operative.

  15. Scott says:

    Very well said workerbee!

  16. WORKERBEE says:

    I have to agree, that I am disappointed as well with the RNC. There seems to be a lot of show and a lot more talk, in the last decade at least, since I’ve started to pay some attention to more politics.
    There are three parties in this country. Democrats, Republicans and REAL Conservatives (Black, White or any other color) . It’s too bad that REAL conservatives (Dr. Ben Carson) have to be lumped in with the idiot Republicans. Their (Repub’s not Conservatives) only mission, job, ideas, fortay, whatever label you want to give it, is re-election.
    When the RNC does a “Show and Tell”, like they did with Miss Dash, It’s fooling no one.

  17. miles says:

    Wow a black actress who poses nude in Playboy is the new black face now! priceless.

  18. miles says:


    Dude why do u like being up in peoples asses? lol. In America we have a choice and we choose to vote democratic. Sorry if you don’t believe in choices for blacks. But then again you’re a angry white boy with penis envy. And in your zeal to procure black votes for the racist birther party you insult blacks on here daily. What has insulting and calling blacks names done for the gop? The gop lost the Jewish vote and the Asian vote. Even Asians hate you.

  19. Stop your hating, Daren! Ms. Dash is a class act, which is more than I can say for the class-less Kerry Washington. Kerry goes around acting proud to be the white man’s Jezebel mistress. Just take a look at her filmography. That is, whenever you’ve had the time to remove your head from the asses of your white liberal slave masters in the Democratic Party. Peace out, yo!

  20. Rick N says:

    I think it’s appropriate to add Stacey Dash to the political mix. The GOP needs to show that “everyday” people, including those who are sexy, provocative and do not fit the old political mold, are equally freedom loving people.

    The GOP also needs to speak at a language level that everyday people can understand. It’s a compliment that most GOP thinkers are very educated and speak at a college language level. However, most people communicate at a 6th-8th grade language level.

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