Auditioning for Stardom: President Obama and First Lady Michelle

The Obamas think they’re celebrities instead of public servants. They appear on late night talk shows, shaking their booty and crooning slow jams with Jimmy Fallon, luxuriating in fundraisers with Hollywood’s elite, golfing with Tiger and of course presenting Oscars. By the looks of it, President Obama and the First Lady seem to enjoy mingling with celebrities more than doing the jobs they’re supposed to.

Instead of staying in Washington to work out a deal with Congress to avert the sequester, which was Obama’s idea, Obama jetted off to play golf with Tiger Woods in Florida during the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend. With ten days before the sequester hysteria March 1st deadline, one would think Obama might remain in Washington to hammer out a compromise with Republicans.

Yet, with the sequester clock four days away from ringing it’s bell of “harm,” Obama hit the road, like a rock star. He appeared in Newport News, Virginia to adoring crowds, predicting doom and demanding Republicans find a solution for the sequester, as it he has nothing to do with the process of governance. That’s how he rolls. And his wife isn’t standing still swooning over his celebrity.

Michelle Obama is chasing her own stardom. When America thought the Obamas’ stars couldn’t rise to new heights of poor taste, Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, popped up at the Oscars via satellite from the White House to present the best picture award to Agro. It looks like the First Lady’s second term agenda may focus on  paying back Hollywood for helping elect her husband to a second term.

Remember the $40,000 a person plus fundraisers hosted by George Clooney, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and Sarah Jessica Parker? Or Obama’s campaign video bursting over with female celebrities who gushed over Obama the defender of women’s free birth control.

Michelle Obama is not a celebrity and neither is her husband. He was elected by the people to serve this great nation not himself or his personal desires. What made the First Lady’s Oscar appearance trite, “frivolous” and insensitive was that it did nothing to help Americans struggling in the worst economic recovery in 80 years. The job of the First Lady is to champion issues that affect all Americans like healthy eating and childhood obesity, not an awards ceremony that benefits a scant percentage of Americans.

Two days before the Oscars, Michelle danced the “Dougie” with Jimmy Fallon and declared that “was so much fun.” The First Lady needs to focus less on her own stardom and having fun and more on issues becoming of a First Lady such as the epidemic rate of 73% black babies being born to single mothers. Wouldn’t it be great if Michelle Obama championed character building programs for young girls like the one offered by the  Best Friends Foundation which teaches girls to delay sexual activity until after high school and focus on going to college.

For that matter Michelle could take the same message of self-esteem to young boys, particularly black boys who are incarcerated at a rate six times that of their white peers. Best Friends Foundation has a character-building program for boys too. While she’s at it, why doesn’t Michelle Obama add marriage to her second term platform? The First Lady has a strong marriage and is the product of a strong marriage. She knows first hand how important being raised in a family with two parents is to a child’s future.

Ever since President Obama was elected the country’s first black president, he and his wife have viewed themselves as special, somehow above it all, including past presidents. Of course the mainstream media fueled the Obamas’ obsession with themselves and the media continues to do so to this day. But after four years, going on five, of the unemployment rate stuck above 7.5% and our debt (76% of gross domestic product) at the highest level since 1950, it’s time for Obama to start governing for real and the First Lady to rub the stars out of her eyes. Neither was brought to Washington to become famous.


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18 Responses to “Auditioning for Stardom: President Obama and First Lady Michelle”

  1. Clearly citing the OPs information plenty will accept it because it’s accurate so it’s nice finding a guy that’s posting it for us to think about.

  2. I woudln’t want to sound like a typical liberal but our administration has to go.

  3. shane says:

    I think everyone is missing her point. they are well known “leaders” not Hollywood superstars. They act and socialize as if they are the most famous rapper and or actor. They were voted in office to do their job. They should keep the oval office as an honor, not a stage. when I look at past presidents, they did not have to use their power to be hanging with Hollywood nonstop. They need to get off talk shows and talk to the American people with grace. I don’t see any other political figure using their name to this extent. It’s a shame the office has now been watered down. CBC… you hit it right on. If the president wants to talk to us a press conference is the way to go. Mrs Obama needs to realize she’s a leader not a superstar. I hope the next election dignity and honor will be earned back to the oval office.

  4. natalie says:

    I just think this post is stupid I get so sick and tired of ignorance why are you criticism the what if they appear on things alot..they also set examples for african americans little children, its nothing wrong with being a black conservative but of you are so negative liberals this and that..have you even noticed that more african americans are enrolling in college african americans were the highiest enrolled in 2008 but you people like to hold the black race back my parent are both secure and ive never heard them.imtimade the black race such as this lady i mean youre suppost to be uplifting african americans but then again it doesnt matter because you conservatives will continue to lose and be a step behind..#obama2012 how did the results make you guys feel?? lol

  5. Debra says:

    Well done. So very glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Vogue magazine’s cover highlights an article on how the Obamas are “inspiring” America. I must be missing something.

  6. Scott says:

    @James – that is terrific! But maybe it should be a drone carrier!

  7. james says:

    If you think CBC panties are in a knot with this trivia wait until the Navy names an aircraft carrier the USS Barack Obama, she is really going to have a stroke

  8. Sam Gunning says:

    Trash article, James? Just because Crystal has the temerity to challenge the endless fawn-a-thon the MSM has engaged in regarding the Obamas? Or is it because she had the nerve to point out their continuous pursuit of the spotlight? And it does mean a significant deal. If the President spent as much time and effort pursuing solutions to the nation’s problems as he does making talk show appearances, attending Hollywood fund-raisers, taking numerous trips on his incessant “Blame Game Marathon” across the country, magazine interviews, etc., our economy would be far better off. What’s wrong, James? Didn’t CBC show the proper amount of blind, mindless worship of all things Obama for your tastes?

  9. Noel says:

    I was joking, of course, when I said: “Get over it…”.
    But the definition of a celebrity is: A well-known person.

    I hear your frustration and I’m with you on that.

    The Presidency has become a vehicle for stardom. If Marco Rubio is elected the next president, he will become a star, just like Obama, and his name will resonate around the world as the first Latino President, and so on.

    There used to be a time when individuals were glorified for scientific and technological achievements. But now they are glorified for having been voted into power. That trend must have started after the installation of Communism (1917 Russian Revolution) in Russia. For if one looks at Time Magazine Person Of The Year List since 1927:
    one observes the domination of that list by social activists.

    Thomas Edison died in 1931 and yet he’s not on that list.
    Nikola Tesla died in 1943 and yet he’s not on that list.
    Albert Einstein died in 1955 and yet he’s not on that list.
    Steve Jobs died in 2011 and he is not on that list.
    Instead we have Obama on that list.

    That says a lot about the time we live in.

  10. Rockerbabe says:

    Last time I looked, most of Hollywood was and remains American; FLOTUS does associate with Americans, that’ her job. I doubt her 2 minute appearance at the Oscars via teleconference was a problem. The writer seems to have a real issue with the Obama and it sounds personal to me. The Obama are not responsible for the mess in DC; that was here when they came and some form of it will be here when they leave. As for the fiscal issues; the GOP has not intention of working with Obama no matter how agreeable he get with them. Those idiots are too worried about being primaried to seriously try and work out a deal with the POTUS. I think the writer should eat some chocolate and chill.

  11. james says:

    Black History Month has come and gone and CBC has graced us again with a !trash article that means absolutely nothing

  12. JEFF TURNER says:

    Very good points.

    The thing that is so dangerous for our Country is that the media is so totally in love with everything Obama they no longer function as a check on the government, but are cheerleaders for the Obama’s. The Obama’s are nice, good, interesting and smart folks, but the media must be a check on the government for our Country to function correctly.

    What if the media had been in love with Richard Nixon, and covered up all of the Wateregate. That would have been terrible for our Country. Now the media will do literally anything to cover for the Obama’s. Very bad for our Country.

  13. Noel says:

    But, CBC, they were “brought to Washington to become famous”.
    They are celebrities.
    They are special.
    They are above it all.
    And Obama’s job is signing bills. Get over it…LOL.

    Looking forward to your next article

  14. Musashi says:

    Great post Crystal. You check out a woman at She is a black conservative like yourself. Heck maybe you could add her onto your page. Many blessings.

  15. Scott says:

    The movie stars are getting legitimacy from the Obamas. So what?

    Why don’t we focus on issues – you know being taxed and regulated to death, bankers getting bonuses for running the banks into the ground, physicians getting rich keeping people sick, too many illegals in the country to count while we keep the educated ones out – you know, things that matter.?

  16. LD Jackson says:

    Did I miss a memo somewhere? Were the Obamas anointed King and Queen of the USA? That’s what they act like and your post highlights that. Humility is not one of their strong points and it shows in their everyday lives.

  17. Ruthlessma says:

    It’s shameful how big their egos are.

  18. Pam says:

    No end to the ego in that family.

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