Right & Left Unleash Furor over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show but Conservatives: “Put a Sock in it”

Reaction from nut jobs on the right and the left to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 2013 performance has been beyond comprehension. There’s a problem in America when everyone from PETA to Laura Ingraham have displayed their jealousy of the singer by attacking her.

Sunday night Twitter largely was ablaze with praise for her performance, including myself. A sexy, leather clad Beyoncé, who reunited with Destiny’s Child, turned out a phenomenal performance and critics agreed it was one of the best half time shows ever! This was reinforced by the fact the Super Bowl 2013 drew the third largest number of viewers in its history.

Let’s return to the crazy talk against Beyoncé, which demonstrates how screwed up Americans have become and highlights the extremism taking root in our country. PETA condemned Beyoncé for wearing a leotard made of lizard, iguana and leather.

“We would take a bet that if Beyoncé watched our video exposes, she’d probably not want to be seen again in anything made of snakes, lizards, rabbits or other animals who died painfully. Today’s fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyoncé’s Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score.”

Ah, PETA focusing on the important issues of the day. Beyoncé’s outfit didn’t “miss the mark” neither did her performance. Last time I looked, this is America and she can wear what she damn well pleases.

Speaking of Beyoncé’s attire, her sexy leather costume and performance really ruffled conservatives’ feathers, sending their morality meters literally into the red.

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham tweeted:

“Very family-friendly dancing S&M by Beyoncé. What every girl shd aspire to. #waronwomen.”

Granted before I saw Ingraham’s tweet, I tweeted “Beyoncé channeling little S&M. Just saying not hating. #SuperBowl

But Ingraham’s tweet was loaded with ridiculousness because performances like Beyoncé’s are just that performances. There was no war on women as Ingraham tweeted nor did Beyoncé portray a negative image of women during her Super Bowl performance. Young girls do aspire to be Beyoncé : a very successful, married, black mom, who if anything is a role model for marriage, an institution Republicans adore. Beyoncé’s hit song Single Ladies warns men the way to keep a woman is to marry her by putting “a ring on it.”

What’s Laura’s real problem with Beyoncé? I don’t remember Ingraham demonstrating the same contempt and disgust for Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show which is broadcast to millions, featuring women in bras, panties and teddies, far less clothing than Beyonce donned at the Super Bowl. Does Laura think former infamous Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum isn’t a fit role model for young girls too?

But Laura wasn’t the only one sitting on her high horse calling Beyoncé’s attire and performance as an example of moral turpitude.  Some of my twitter followers, male and female, accused Beyoncé of looking like a “slut” and not wanting their daughters to dress like her.

@GOPBlackChick Okay. Politics aside, Beyoncé is a trashy whore,” howled one of my followers. Before I blocked her I tweeted Beyoncé is a happily married, mom and certainly no whore.

A male even tweeted at me that it was women like Beyoncé who brought out the lust in men. Uh, no the lust is there and men choose to act on it.

These haters were silenced when I reminded them entertainers don’t parent their children they do.  If people like Laura were so bothered by Beyoncé’s gyrating and feared for their daughters they should do two things.  Turn off their televisions and be a parent. I added if parents don’t want their 13-year-old daughters dressing like 31-year-old Beyoncé, they shouldn’t let them. But there’s nothing wrong or immoral with women dressing sexy.

Admittedly, I criticized Beyoncé for not singing live at President Obama’s second inaugural. It was poor judgment on her part because it showed a lack of respect for our democratic process but it didn’t mean Beyoncé wasn’t a great performer. PETA’s comment was certainly petty but not surprising.

But my conservative friends comments revealed what’s wrong with the Republican brand. Republicans spend too much time on things that don’t matter, blowing them out of context like Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance. Worn by an ice-skater, Beyoncé’s leather costume wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow from conservatives but when a powerful, sexy “independent” black woman wears such a costume, she’s a slut.

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance wasn’t a matter of national security. You either liked it or you didn’t. Conservatives need to get a grip, separate entertainment from politics and try bringing sexy back into the GOP’s message. I hear we need to more followers not haters.





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21 Responses to “Right & Left Unleash Furor over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show but Conservatives: “Put a Sock in it””

  1. Don Pelser says:

    Crystal – I am a new follower of your site. I have been including you in my daily news gathering. Your intelligent, beautiful and refreshing. On this issue however you lose credibility. YOUR moral compass is trully not pointing toward north. It is off a bit. CONSERVATIVE (emphasis not yelling) means to many of us just not on our spending policies. It means to have a moral conservatism as well. Ms. Beyonce does have many young women who would like to be like her. That is a problem for social Conservatives because when they watch the half time show those young women are not thinking to themselves…..look at that beautiful, talented, black mother up there. NO …they are thinking about how they would like to be idolized by a crowd like that. The truth is she did act like a decent mother and wife. She could have done much of the same show but been a bit more covered up and that would have done a lot for decency’s sake and would have reduced the negative comments toward her. BUT THAT IS NOT the thing that most bothers me. The fact that you expose your prejudice when you suggest people who say things against her performance are well in your own words…..”Beyoncé’s leather costume wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow from conservatives but when a powerful, sexy “independent” black woman wears such a costume, she’s a slut.”………. Well that statement is insulting! You are saying because I am a white socially conservative male who would not like his daughter to make a living dressing and dancing like a stripper that I am RACIST because I have conservative social beliefs. With statements like this you automatically alienate me as a supporter and make me doubt you have moved beyond your PERSONAL feelings of prejudice and into what Martin Luther King Jr was hoping for….. and that being where we judge a person on the “content of their character….not on the color of their skin.” I hope you see your own racist views in this. Very disappointing to her this from you.
    Don P.

  2. Suze says:

    First, thanks for a well thought out article, and so relieved to hear that a few democrats and minorities are starting to get wise to Obama. I was beginning to think I was living out the invasion of the body snatchers. You brought up why you thought that immigration reform was key item in this administration, even though will only exacerbate the unemployment situation for blacks, and I would suggest that it should be obvious; this administration is only interested in winning over the people it fears it still hasn’t got in its pocket for the next election. Hispanics have a memory of totalitarianism and are also culturally conservative, so they need to be won over by amnesty and “free stuff.” While the blacks are a sure thing. I really believe that the democratic MSM machine has done such a job spinning racist generalities about conservatives that only the most discerning individuals will have the strength to face that this president is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to African Americans since their first experience with slavery. It has heartened me that you at least are stepping up and speaking out.

  3. Shel Zahav says:

    I think you got this one badly wrong. The display was indecent regardless of what you (or Laura Ingraham) think of Victoria’s Secret.

  4. James says:

    CBC today is 2/15 so that means the month is half way over and you still have this crap about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show and nothing positive about Black History Month, shame on you.

  5. Josh says:

    Your critique of the right wing attack on Beyonce has more substance than your critique of PETA’s statement! I’m not an advocate of PETA, but you don’t actually engage with the issue on the level of rational debate at all, you merely dismiss it as irrelevant. Personally, I think there is probably something in both the right and left wing feelings of animosity directed at these types of performances, though highlighting this particular performance alone will mean that no meaningful sociological conclusions can be drawn. The question of the impact of the eroticised imagery that saturates popular culture on children is a pressing one, i feel, and deserving of far more sustained and nuanced reflection.

  6. Jeff Turner says:

    Very good points.

    Beyonce is what America is all about. She is a very good example for our troubled Country. Very good writing.

  7. Scott says:

    @Daren – yet, you feel the need to address me in the first paragraph. I think you are right, systemic change in conservative policies is needed. That will require different leaders. And different talking points. Thanks for the help!

  8. Scott says:

    @Daren – I on the other hand like to know what the ignorant masses think. Know your enemy.

  9. Scott says:

    @Daren – very melodramatic, with name calling and no logic. Yet still makes a very valid point.

    Constitutional “principle” is being misused and the conservative cause is being very poorly served. Surely a rational person could find a way to be constitutional and to protect women.

    Once again, poor selling of important ideas and missing the main point. Conservatives need to wake up before being so marginalized that they no longer matter. You just aren’t going to sell a lot of spices to a man who cannot afford a potato for dinner.

  10. jdf says:

    Pop culture is fleeting and of the moment. That is why true conservatives should see it only as a vehicle, not something as an indicator of state of the society. Eventually Beyonce and JayZ will get old, become grandparents and their grandkids’ generation will say “Beyonce who?”

    truevoice is a class A troll.

  11. southpaw says:

    One other observation – most of the sniping I heard was from female critics. The scene that plays out at a lot of Super Bowl parties is the men ignore the halftime show and the women tune in. If my Super Bowl crowd was indicative of the average crowd, halftime got more attention from the husbands and boyfriends than normal. Which is naturally brings out the usual comments and questions from the wives and girlfriends — “you think she’s pretty?” “I don’t like those shorts”. etc. So.. I think you can chalk up some of the comments to old fashioned jealousy.

  12. Jeff says:

    “But my conservative friends comments revealed what’s wrong with the Republican brand. Republicans spend too much time on things that don’t matter, blowing them out of context like Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance.”

    Pretty much true. Getting people to stop focusing on the small is hard. It’s like the pretty little shiny thing that distracts. There are sooo many more things to focus on than what Beyonce wore. If skin is such an issue, do parent stop taking their kids to the beach?

  13. Tobin Wrice says:

    CBC: I see you have a balanced soul side. On one hand got that right angle conservative side but deep down having the ability to discern entertainment, talent and what sells. Beyonce’s appeal has transformed pop culture, I don’t think your high archery really understands that. It is your job to help them, keep up the struggle. After watching my little sister grow playing with Barbey dolls only to find out when she got older she could not hang out with Barbey, and Ken looked down on her brothers, identifying with her mother and respecting her father as a role model molded her life. It is a shame that the majority of things today is left, progressive, right and conservative such a shame. Did Beyonces outfit effect voter registration, the debt sealing, immigration, gun control, the 2nd amendment, etc. have a nice. Go eagles!!!!!!!!

  14. southpaw says:

    CBC – I’m late to this party, but I thought Beyonce was entertaining. What’s not to enjoy? Beautiful women dancing in your living room is hardly the right time to bring up politics. Most kids aren’t watching, and I didn’t see anything I would have sensor end anyway. The Janet Jackson thing… Well that was a little uncomfortable and a surprise. But we all recovered from that too.
    Not sure why my fellow conservatives had a problem with the act or her., but there’s no shortage of more relevant topics to hit upon, before they waste time on this one.

  15. Sammy says:

    good article. nicely exposes the shrillness of right and left, especially the absurd invective of the moral right wingers.

  16. […] Crystal Wright, Right & Left Unleash Furor over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show but Conservatives: “Put a Sock in… […]

  17. James says:

    CBC you do realize it is Black History Month and it would be really nice to see if you had it in you to do a positive piece on the many positive contributions African Americans have made to this nation, instead of this nonsense on Beyonce. I do realize it is your mission to tear down the African American community, but just this once put that aside and do a nice piece on the many contributions of my people. For the record I am not just referring to the usual House Negro crowd e.g., Thomas, Rice, Powell, West, Elders, Davis, Cain, Sowell, Parker, Scott, and others members of the insane clown posse.

  18. ed says:

    I wasnt impressed with the show, but Beyonce seems to be a decent person who has talent and is athletic. The show was kind of boring to me.

  19. Scott says:

    Excellent: Beyonce is a beautiful and talented performer who appeared at the top of her game. Laura Ingraham is a retro nut.

  20. johnjohn says:

    Ok let’s even it out britney is a hoe too.lol

  21. Vincient says:

    I love your writing and am an avid CBC enthusiast. You handle your haters, distractors, and followers (who can be misguided at times as mentioned above) with grace and boldness. Very proud that there are young women like you in this world adding to the public debate, political thought, social commentary, and for respresenting another strong, positive representation of Black women.

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