Gun Outrage in Black and White: Why Parents Matter


Young Black men are killing each other every day and the problem is particularly acute in urban cities like Chicago from which President Barack Obama hails. Yet, I haven’t seen Obama or the mainstream media shed a tear over the fact more than 50% of America’s murder victims are black and nearly all (85%) of those blacks killed are young men.

Nor do we see media or presidential outrage or calls for more rigid gun control laws when young black kids are heinously murdered like we do when the victims are mostly white.   Neither words nor God can explain the horrific mass slayings that occurred at Sandy Brook Elementary, Columbine, Virginia Tech University, Aurora and those to come in our future.

But why don’t we hear the same pain or calls for tougher gun laws from the mainstream press when Trayvon Martin was killed? Instead, the media immediately turned it into a racially motivated killing of a black boy by a white man yet showed no horror over the alarming rate of young black men who are both perpetrators and victims of homicides.

The homicide rate among blacks is beyond epidemic. From 1999–2002, among persons aged 10–19 years, the homicide rate for blacks was 10 times that of whites, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It gets worse; as of 2007, “black males age 15-34 were at the greatest risk of death by homicide.” Blacks seem to do a good job of consistently holding the highest homicide rates of any race in America.  Where’s the societal outrage over the reality that 55% of all federal prisoners are black though blacks only account for 12% of the population, as Shelby Steele noted.

The double standard the mainstream media shows toward its coverage of black vs. white homicides is beyond dishonest. When black Kansas City Chiefs football player Javon Belcher shot his wife Kassandra Perkins and then killed himself with the same gun, I don’t remember the news media calling for tougher gun laws. Why? Is it okay for blacks to kill?

At the Sandy Hook prayer vigil, Obama declared the nation isn’t “doing enough” to combat tragedies like Adam Lanza’s killing of 20 children and seven adults. He added “We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end.” Two things bothered me when I read the president’s remarks. First, America has never tolerated madmen or any man or woman killing innocent people. Never!

But secondly and equally as important, why haven’t we heard President Obama give a prayer vigil in cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baton Rouge where blacks are butchering each other with guns? In 2010, black males age 15-29 accounted for 3% of New York City’s population but 33% of its murder victims. When 7-year-old Heaven Sutton was killed June 27, 2012 by gang gunfire in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel pledged to do something about the city’s high murder rate. I’ve never heard Obama describe these killings of blacks as “an endless series of deadly shootings across the country, almost daily reports of victims, many of them children . . .their only fault was being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” as he described the poor souls of Sandy Hook.

What the media and the president seem to be saying is when black kids die, it’s not a gun control thing but a national disgrace we’ve come to accept as normal but when mostly white people are killed is reprehensible. Both are reprehensible and ending the cycle of violence has nothing to do with more gun laws. Homicides committed by young black men and white men like Adam Lanza have everything to do with a lack of parenting, personal responsibility and/or society’s mishandling of mental illness.

More young black men are becoming murderers because more young black men are increasingly becoming casualties of fatherless homes. According to the Brookings Institute, 73% of all black babies in America are born to single mothers compared to 30% of white babies, 50% of Hispanics and 40% of all kids overall.

Brookings found “more than 36% of the unmarried fathers had a prison record, five times the share of married fathers who ever spent time in prison.”  The study also found that boys born to unwed mothers experience more behavioral problems, such as engaging in crime, than girls.

When you don’t have a mom and dad caring for you, asking you if you did your homework or teaching you right from wrong, is it any wonder, young black men are becoming murderers?  A lack of parenting also is to blame for Adam Lanza’s killing rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School and others like Columbine and Virginia Tech.

News reports haven’t been able to confirm whether Adam Lanza’s mother and father ever sought treatment for his son’s mental illness. Nancy Lanza told babysitters never to leave Adam alone. But more importantly, Lanza’s mother was an irresponsible gun owner. Knowing her son was mentally disturbed, Nancy kept guns unsecured in her home, easily accessible to her sick child, which was utterly negligent.

We didn’t see these kinds of horrific shootings 40 years ago nor did we have the high rate of black men murdering each other. I think that’s because we had stronger families, lower divorce rates and virtually no outsourcing of parenting to video games and the Internet.

The rise in young male murderers isn’t about a need for more gun laws. Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, which didn’t stop Adam Lanza. Parents need to parent. Society needs to bring back shame in our culture and tell teenagers it’s not cool to have a baby. America also needs to do a better job of treating mental illness like a disease not a stigma. We can have a conversation about gun laws but Sandy Hook is about the skeletons in our culture we refuse to talk about.

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34 Responses to “Gun Outrage in Black and White: Why Parents Matter”

  1. hey dont fear please spread truth about war on terror LIE george bush LIE 9/11 = BIG LIE !!!!!!!!!

  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wes says:

    The GOP wants to take away a women’s right to kill her unborn children. Personally I don’t know of any racist policies the GOP harbors. In fact, I think they welcome everybody who wishes to vote against their own economic interests.

  4. jeff says:

    @truevoice, reall you are going to bring up nation of islam, the group of the belt way sniper, and known terrorist organization to the point that they are on watch lists. Farrakhan who was never investigated even after malcolm x’s wife told every1 he was in on the asasination. Jesse jackson who referred to a suburb as “hymietown”. Your heroes are crumbs. And as for zimmerman, learn the law. During a verbal altercation it is never legal to place your hands on some1 else. During a fight that was initiated in self defense, once a person is on the ground you are to walk away not smash their skulls into the even if zimmerman started it, martin being on top of zimmerman on the ground and smashing his head is illegal and is grounds for the stand your ground law. And what idiot punches a person who is holding a gun in plain sight? You logic is off. Most likely the gun was holstered or pocketed. Zimmermans back of head photos and broken nose prove assualt. Your emotions fail you. Also, calling some1 an “uncle tom” makes you racist. Just because some1 doesnt think like the rest doesnt make them bad.

  5. TexasModerate says:


    Give me SPECIFIC examples of racist policies advocated by the GOP. What rights have the GOP taken from women?

  6. Scott says:

    @truevoice what are you in favor of? who do you like?

  7. Lois says:

    Agree with your article, and want to add that…the death toll in Chicago –was the highest in the nation in 2012,
    — that they have one of the strictest gun controll laws in the nation,
    –that obama DID address a killing in Florida, which helped him reach his END GOAL of racial tension.

  8. Hello,

    Your article is right on the money! Another problem with parents today is that too many of them want to be “buddies” with their kids. That’s where the problem begins. Also, thank you for making the point about Obama not addressing the genocide being committed in black neighborhoods. Also, where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, and even Minister Louis Farrakhan on this issue?

  9. Jessica Arrington says:

    The gangbangers are third generation single welfare mother kids for the most part. They are not only killing one another, but they specifically target those boys who are either middle class, or about to escape the life that they themselves are destined to live.

    How often have we heard, “He was a good kid. He was on his way to college. He came from a good family?” I have heard gangbangers complain that they don’t have what kids in more stable neighborhoods have. They resent those with supportive families and fathers in the home. This is an issue that black Americans are going to have to face, in order that we adequatly protect our kids from the pathology of “the third generation fatherless.”

    The contributing factor are the hundreds of thousands of illegal alien gun running gangbangers in SANCTUARY CITIES! There is a correlation between the incredible rise in the numbers of hispanic gangs in our cities, and the number of guns in the hands of black gang members.

  10. Lee Beacham says:

    Black Chick,

    This is a D.O.J. web site with homicide statistics by race. It is a scandal that Obama and Holder are not using their short lived power and influence to make this widely known and discussed. There is a solution to the violence within the black poulation needed to be found.

  11. Vinny says:

    Well, you’re exactly right, of course. The breakdown of the family structure is a tragedy.
    I see one of the main problems is we aren’t allowed to engage in a problem solving debate and investigation lest we are branded racist or Uncle Toms. So here we are and here we remain.

  12. Wes says:

    Santelli gave birth to the idea for the tea party. Only he can say for certain if his idea was racially motivated. What bothers me the most about the tea party is that it is presented as a grass roots movement, but seems to be backed by plutocrats.

    It seems when people argue, we tend to argue with people instead of arguing facts. What I mean to say is that we pick sides, circle the wagons and when somebody we deem to be on our side, says something that is “not quite right”, we give that statement a pass … or when somebody we think is on the other side says something that makes sense, we find some innocuous statement to prove that the person’s overall statement is disingenuous.

    This country is going/gone broke and the tea party seems to recognize that. The problem is that the tea party appears to blame the liberals for this and think conservatives are the victims. The tea party can paint it any way it wants to, but the problem is corruption.

  13. Wes says:

    good post CBC

  14. Anson Asaka says:

    Your point regarding the media’s double standard has some validity. However, the Newtown massacre deserved all of the attention that it received from the media and the politicians for three reasons. The first reason is shear the number of people killed in a single incidence. The second reason is the number of children killed. The final reason is the complete senselessness of this horrific crime.

    Furthermore, I disagree with some of your conclusions. Why do conservatives want to blame any and everything for the violence except guns. In most of these massacres, the perpetrators use assault weapons. We need reasonable laws to prevent citizens from possessing assault weapons. Such weapons are not used for home defense or hunting. They are weapons of war.

  15. edward says:

    It is no mystery or surprise that inner city youths have a high mortality rate. That is the reality of life. When they can break out of the mold of violence and become a part of society then its a start of breaking out of that vicious circle of self destruction. The government is not the answer, if it was then the unemployment and homicide rate would be lower for inner city youths. When you get that down then maybe the prisons wouldn’t be filled by minorities. It has to start somewhere.

  16. Scott says:

    Ever been to a Tea Party meeting? I have and I have heard several black conservatives get cheered. It is the message, not the skin color. Let’s not even compare the level of violence in Tea Party vs Union demonstrations….

    I think the so-called liberal is racist!!! Keep those suckers dependent on government hand-outs and they will keep voting for the liberals. Keep them thinking they are black minorities, not free human beings. After all, they are too stupid to take care of themselves. Do not let him learn how to care for himself. A free and independent human is dangerous to the socialist world view, be he black or white or whatever.

    And I am not a member of the GOP, I am a conservative.

  17. Scott says:

    amazing distortion of facts and circumstances: you claim logic. Well logic does not always lead to the biological truth, especially without all the facts. I see Zimmerman as an over-zealous home-made cop who got in over his head. Stupid – probably – racist only he can tell. Note I am not calling it either way, so quit attributing that to me!

    Gates: as soon as he showed ID, the cop should have left.

    “You assume that whenever a Black person faces racism sonehow it is his or her own fault” – where did I say that?

    Why do you insist I am a racist with so little information? What makes it so clear to you? You have not heard me defend any racist activity by anyone. Perhaps you should look at facts and do a little less inferring.

    The more I hear from you and your strange world view, the more afraid I get for my children and grandchildren. Perhaps YOU should try more facts and fewer pre-conceived notions and try listening to what other people are saying rather than parroting your own closed party line.

  18. Dave Wheeler says:

    You can’t fix a First Amendment problem with a Second Amendment “solution”. If a gun was the actual “root cause” of any murder, be it mass or not, is the way a fragile mind sees it as a means to achieve their end. They see violence glorified in all forms of entertainment media…movies, T.V., video games. The biggest”ism” that threatens our country today isn’t racism, it’s judgemental-ism. Social media sites being used to relentlessly bully and blame. The constant message that if you don’t fit this “image” you have no value. Guns don’t cause people to withdraw and isolate, society does. Guns are the scapegoat and easy fix because our elected officials of both parties lack the brains and balls to fix the real problems. Poverty. Education. Crime. Drugs. A War on Poverty was declared in 1964, trillions of dollars have been spent to fund ineffective and inefficient policies and programs that haven’t worked and no where near adress the socio-economic realities of life today.

  19. Scott says:

    You seem preoccupied with RACE. I think it is still an issue with people; however, you seem to make it the only issue. It simply is not. Try living in an area 40-50% black (I live in the rural deep South) – it is just not the number one thought on most people’s minds. People here have learned that blacks and whites as a group are pretty much the same. There are lazy, dumb-ass people in both groups. And there are honorable, hardworking, talented people in both groups. Humans are judgmental: skin color is getting to be a less important criteria.

    You remind me how right my neighbor was while I was in the service (1967-71): He told me his father has taught him to be a man, not a black man. He sneered at the guy across the street who was preoccupied with “we are all the same under the skin.”

    Your saying “Zimmerman was racially motivated is a fact” is not made any more true by your constant repetition – it is your opinion. What if someone had broken into Gates house and the cop had not checked? That would have been racial, too.

    Re cartoons: there is nothing scarier than an impassive killer.
    Re the president: he speaks out whenever there is an opportunity to divide and demonize.

    I think CBC is “conservative” not GOP_Black_Chick. You are trying to hang conservatism for what a lot of the radical right seems to say. Progressives seem to want to gradually control more and more from the central government. And to control our thought and speech processes, too.

    This conservative wants opportunity and freedom for my grandchildren, not mind control with political correctness and not a labyrinth of rules which end up being implemented by bureaucrats who have no responsibility to anyone.

    I agree with CBC’s major premise. Parents need to take responsibility and raise their children. Our government to provide an environment where people of all colors are expected to act civilly. We need to quit making excuses for bad behavior and make it possible to find routes out of the cycle for all colors.

    Think about Obama: 1/2 black, single Mom who was poor. Yet he “made it out.” What was different in his environment? I suspect someone expected him to behave and to achieve…. I suspect it was his family……NOT the government.

  20. Autonymous says:

    I don’t think CBC is defending Zimmerman. I see how the media and public opinion roll with each other, depending on the divide. It was handled opportunistically – like many full-blown events which become media events are handled – any of these cases.

    Obama rolled with it. And I agree… Where has he been on the issue of gun violence before SH? Or any real issue, besides plowing through healthcare, saving the banks, and insisting that taxing-the-rich-will-fix-everything? (Hmmm? Why’d ya bother saving the banks, Mr Prez?)

    The “Great Divider” is reactionary, and at times, an instigator, it seems. I hope I am wrong.

  21. James says:

    CBC I would love to know when you plan on holding a prayer prayer vigil in cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baton Rouge, et al. Please keep us informed on your dates, don’t just talk about it be about it.

  22. Noel says:

    @ truevoice

    Let’s not look at things through the RACIAL lens, let’s look at things through the RATIONAL lens.

    Crystal is right; the mainstream media should bring everything into focus and then we can talk about “the skeletons in our culture we refuse to talk about.”

  23. Jeff S. says:

    Crystal, very striking post. It’s long bothered me that the MSM seems to be two-faced about gun violence outrage. More pointedly, mass killing like Sandy Hook make for ‘serious, somber thoughtful news’ and killing in urban areas; a statistic and an ‘if it bleeds it leads’ story. Young black men killing each other is apparently only good enough for a news lead but not a national conversation. This from the liberal MSM that purports to care about racial issues.

    This has long been under my skin.

    Another point I appreciated, “I think that’s because we had stronger families, lower divorce rates and virtually no outsourcing of parenting to video games and the Internet.”

    We recently reconnected with a friend of my wife’s. Her kids were the model for todays parenting outsourcing. They were quiet…to the point where they were antisocial and rude.

    I remember growing up being told, go over and say hi to ‘Mr. Johnson’ and all of that. Not so much anymore…parents want to be ‘friends’ with their kids and moreover, get their kids away from First -Person-Shooter games on the X-Box….

    So their’s that…

  24. Scott says:

    @truevoice – I am not answering the questions because I am not Zimmerman and do not know what was in his head, nor what happened that day. I am wondering how you do. If you believe the news media on either side, you need some reality lessons.

    I cite Larry Elder as he argues that people should stand up for themselves and make their own lives. That does lead to some conclusions that are not “Progressive” and therefore not PC. Maybe that is the fact you should cite.

    You seem(!) to be making straw man arguments to me. Why do you keep bringing up Reagan? I have not and would not. He is irrelevant to much of anything.

  25. cb says:

    @truevoice, thank you

  26. Scott says:

    @truevoice – you are not stating facts, you are asking loaded and leading questions, then hypothesizing the answers.

    Are you calling me a racist? you again have no facts for an opinion on that.

  27. Scott says:

    Let’s see, @truevoice knows what was on Zimmerman’s mind.

    And in his comment to me he calls Larry Elder an uncle tom.
    Another example of name calling as a debate technique. Damn, I think I liked liberals better than progressives, at least they tried to use logic.

  28. Definitely appreciative for women like you that are willing to stand up for the 2nd amendment. Hoping that we get more positive young females to become the changing face of the Republican party by the next election. We just did a bio on another conservative rising star over on our blog that I hope you will consider linking back to:

  29. dejkhbmkdd says:

    So all the civil liberties groups have bee hijacked by far left ideologues. news at eleven

  30. Noel says:

    Excellent piece! You summed up everything so well! It’s people like you that should be running the United States.

    You talk common sense, and not commie sense like the current occupant of the White House.
    Oh, no, I forgot this site is being watched by:
    ATTACK WATCH!!! Shouldn’t have said that.

  31. Scott says:

    Well said – morality is the issue and the societal standards which have been ignored.

    In the 50’s society was straight-laced and could be seen as stifling. McCarthy was a symptom. The 60’s rebellions threw the absurdity out – and unfortunately lots of the not so absurd.

    The baby-boomers have been in control ever since, loudly belittling those who don’t agree with them and calling them names without really addressing their arguments.

    We need the voices of Crystal Wright, Larry Elders, Juan Williams, and Bill Cosby as well of those such as Marco Rubio.

    We need them to keep calling for morality and conservatism without the idiot judgmentalism of the religious right (and FOX news). Please!

    We need them to plead that killing is wrong, so is stealing, so is bringing children into the world without guidance and love. I am grateful for Crystal’s column which gives me hope.

    How’s that for a rant by a 67 yr old white retired professional male???

  32. JEFF TURNER says:

    Good points.

  33. I usually do not comment on article written by secular writers but this one must be addressed. I agree with Ms. Wright about the disparity of concern between blacks killed by guns and whites who suffer the same fate. Crystal, the statistics mentioned in your article cannot be denied but your conclusion drawn from these facts proves that you are unaware of the deeper problem experienced by all humans. The problem is sin.

    Sin is the cause of eugenics (extermination of black people) watch Maafa 21 on Youtube; sin is the cause of hatred; sin is the cause of prejudice (prefer one over another); sin is the cause of murder; sin is the cause of lying; sin is the cause of immorality; sin is the cause of divorce; etc. Every topic mentioned in your article is directly related to the depravity or wickedness found in the human heart.
    God who created man (not in his current fallen state) and knows him says this about mankind:
    • “The heart is more deceitful than all else, And is desperately sick; Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9)
    • “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders…These are the things which defile the man…” (Matthew 15:19-20)

    The problem is that man has rejected God and refuses to glorify Him as God as revealed in scripture (Bible). John Piper writes in his book titled Let The Nations Be Glad: The Supremacy of God in Missions, “The biblical assumption of justice of hell is the clearest testimony to the infiniteness of the sin of failing to glorify God. All of us have failed. All the nations have failed. Therefore, the weight of infinite guilt rests on every human head because of our failure to delight in god more than we delight in our own self-sufficiency. The vision of God in Scripture is of a majestic and sovereign god who does all things to magnify the greatness of his glory for the everlasting enjoyment of his people.” (Piper 120-121)

    Yahweh has provided a solution for sin through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Yet, man refuses to worship or glorify Him even now, during this Christmas (means Christ worship) season. Man has outlawed His name, and replaced Christ-worship with idolatrous worship of Santa Claus, Rudolph, Jingle Bells, and the like. The reason why God took on human flesh was to reconcile men back to Himself and to forgive human beings of the multitude of sins mentioned in your article. Unless society acknowledges the One True God, and His Redeemer Jesus Christ we will only fall deeper in moral decay! More shootings, more discrimination, more immorality, more murders,…

  34. geecor says:

    I think there are at least three things different between a black male being murdered and Sandy Hook that generate the greater attention and hopefully action; the number of people killed, mostly 6-7 year old children, the protective effort of some of the staff, and the multiple shots into each child from a semi automatic large clip assult type rifle. Certainly this carnage can serve as a base on which to get some sanity on the ownership and use of guns.

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