Diagnosis GOP: Critical Condition

We’ve learned the Republican Party has been admitted to Hospital USA and is in critical condition after being slammed in the rear end by the Democrat Party in the 2012 presidential election. The diagnosis for recovery is poor. The party is on life support. It’s white voter count is dropping fast and the party appears to be unable to boost it pool of brown, black, beige and female voters to help it regain strength in future elections.

The near fatal accident was caused by Mitt Romney’s epic loss of the 2012 presidential election, despite the odds in his favor of an awful economy and historically high unemployment. Romney lost the woman vote by double digits to President Obama (44%-55%) along with the black, Hispanic and youth vote. Caught up in the euphoria of winning 60% of the white vote, 78% of the evangelical vote and 52% of the male vote, Romney lost control of the Republican party on the political freeway, came to an abrupt stop, resulting in the collision with the Democrat party.

The doctor called in the Party’s guardians and explained the old drugs “weren’t working” and offered a rarely used, risky treatment to revive the Republican Party. With a grave look, the doctor suggested a transplant of new faces and voices into the soul the GOP.

Listening to the doctor’s recommendation, the white and mostly elder men gasped in disbelief. After some consternation and talk amongst themselves, the party leaders agreed to the try the treatment. They turned to the House Republicans who elected Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA) as House Republican Conference Chairwoman. “Whew,” the men uttered with a heavy sigh, thinking all now would be well.

But the doctor warned, “Making McMorris part of the leadership team and the highest ranking woman among House Republicans will help the party regain consciousness but it’s only a short term fix.”

“What do you mean?” howled those in the establishment who were present, Haley Barbour, Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Ralph Reed, Rush Limbaugh, Gary Bauer and Mitt Romney, “You said all we needed was new blood.”

Casting a troubled look at the men, the doctor revealed that a scan of the Republican Party’s brain revealed it was suffering from a reality disorder called “voter denial” which has resulted in a serious “image problem.”

The doctor explained the party and Romney had failed to see the American electorate was getting browner not whiter.  “The GOP will need serious treatments to begin seeing 28% of American voters are minorities and the number is growing. Never again will the party be able to win elections by just going after the white vote,” said the good doctor.

“No, that’s not true,” Romney interjected. “President Obama won because he focused on giving targeted groups a big gift —so he made a big effort on small things.”

“You’re not living in reality that’s the problem,” replied the doctor. “Obama exploited the minority, women and youth vote with empty promises but you ignored those groups because your world view their votes didn’t matter. Therefore, you are system of the party’s illness.”

Panic stricken and trembling with fear, the men pleaded with the doctor, “How does the Republican Party get better? How do we win again?”

“Sit down,” said the doctor. They obliged.  The doctor gave the grim diagnosis. The problem he said is the GOP keeps running losing candidates, focuses too much on wedge issues like abortion and defining person hood and doesn’t bother growing the party beyond white people.

The doctor recommended an intense treatment plan for the Republican Party, gathering binders full of conservative minority and women resumes and diversifying the ranks of Hill, campaign and RNC staff.  As for candidates, the doctor advised the party to start thinking outside the box, recruiting candidates to run for state and national offices, who look more like the changing face of America.

“If you’re serious about getting the party back on its feet,” declared the doctor, “you old white guys will open up the club’s guardianship to new blood. You’re literally killing the GOP with your image and tunnel vision.”

They grimaced as the words sank in and a long silence followed. The doctor couldn’t tell if they were willing to go forward with the treatment or let the party die a slow death. He waited for an answer.


The moral of this melodrama is change must come the Republican Party or as my father warned, America will find itself governed by one party. We don’t need to change our message but we need an image evolution and we need different messengers and to start talking to different people. The GOP is good at making our message boring and angry but not exciting and sexy.

The GOP has been on the wrong “trajectory” for years but only after Romney’s epic failure are Republicans having their “oh, crap” moment. What’s laughable is the very people like Newt Gingrich, Ralph Reed and Haley Barbour, who said the party needs “a very serious proctology exam” and must be more inclusive are the same white men who’ve been in power for decades and done nothing to change things.  To borrow from Mitt, “what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working.” Maybe it’s time for the Republican Party to change the people in the driver’s seat.


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49 Responses to “Diagnosis GOP: Critical Condition”

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  2. miles says:

    wont post

  3. miles says:

    why dont CBC call out the racism in the gop? If u cant do that its hard to take you seriously. Youre no better than a STEPPIN FETCHIT…just dress better

  4. tcarey says:

    Ahh, another “Conservative” who believes that we should just become like the democrats so we can “Win again”…

    To the conservative black chick who publishes this I ask a question?

    What disqualifies a candidate in “Her” view. Would she support a candidate who is openly racist? How about one who is openly pro Palestine? How about one who is pro sexual inversion marriage? How about one that is in favor of infanticide? What is the disqualifier for a RE-publican?

    Reading this blog post she says that we must be willing to kill children so that we can win. How many children should we sacrifice for power? 1 or 100 or 100,000? How about only any child she gets pregnant with?

    Thinking like hers is why the RE-publicans have lost the last two presidential elections and why the RE-publican party needs to just die, as they seem to be in favor of death anyway.

    What national politics has become because of the liberals masquerading as conservatives is nothing more than a spectator sport. Rooting for the Redskins is great and is not wrong or immoral. It doesn’t matter what RG3 believes personally or what he does off the field. He is on your team so you root for him to win. This is the same philosophical state of the RE-publican party. It doesn’t matter what the candidate believes or has done in the past because he is on your team so you need to root him one and vote for him.

    And this Pseudoconservativeblackchick is part of the problem with the RE-publicans.

  5. http://madamenoire.com/186754/first-black-female-nascar-driver-tia-norfleets-seeking-support-to-breakdown-barriers/ Peace and Blessing Empress Crystal Darling! How are We Feeling today SisterLove? So You wanna be The Tia Norfleet of The G.O.P.? Go for whatchu’ know! I saw Your Grace on C-SPAN and You can do it if You put Your Beautiful Mind to it! Bless Up! 1!

  6. CW says:

    I suggest sexy blazers. Conservatism: represent!

  7. WalkerColt says:

    He who raises his voice first loses. TRY NOT TO USE CAPITAL LETTERS. It’s just plain silly.

  8. truevoice says:

    @walkercolt…You want numbers how about these numbers..When President Obama took office the country was losing over 700,000 jobs per month…Now the country is adding jobs for 31 straught months..When Bush took office the country had a budget surplus…When Bush left office the country had the biggest deficit in history..What’s interesting is that your numbers are proof that the country needs more revenue , less spending and more cooperation…BUT..Let’s be honest , we all know that the GOP hates President Obama because he is a man of color…That is a fact that some Black conservatives have a hard time dealing with..Why is that…???..Now Obama received around 30% of the Black conservative vote – down from 50% which Obama got in the last election – but Obama still got some votes from Black conservatives. Therefore some Black conservatives can see the racism from the GOP but most Black conservatives are in a “slave menrality” and remain silent on the racism from the GOP…Here’s a fact that you can see right on this site..A white conservative stated that “American Blacks are the most racist group of people on the planet” and not one Black conservative stepped to this racist fool and corrected him..They didn’t even give the usual right wing parroting line about white democrats from the 50s and 60s…This is why Black conservatives have little or no respect in the Black community..Now let’s be honest once again , democrats are not free from racist practices , however at this time the GOP is the most racist political party in the country.White supremacist groups support the GOP…white supremacist candidates for political office are in the GOP…This is somethig that Black conservatives should be VERY VOCAL ABOUT…But instead most Black conservatives scream about Obama and parrot right wing lies about Obama…Now be honest once again…look at what the GOP has done in the last 4 years since Obama has been in office..The racist tea party , the voter suppression , the record setting filibusters , the constant lies , were all a factor in Obama getting re-elected..Why do Black conservatives support these obvious racist actions…???..Why are Black conservatives “ok” with one Black member of the GOP congress.in the year 2012..!!!….I asked a question concerning this fact and the response I got was “when have you voted for a Black republican”…WTF..??..Like it’s my fault or the fault of Black voters that Black republicans are not electable..Maybe Black conservatives need to look in the mirror more then putting blame on a Black electorate..Maybe Black conservatives should be honest about the lack of support from the GOP when it comes to allowing Black republicans a seat at the political table..And “rent-a-knee-grows” like Allen Keyes , Lynn Swan , German…I mean Herman Cain do not bring any serious Black candidates to the voting electorate..And until white conservatives move past their racfst attitude , Black conservatives will never get more then 2-3 members in congress…Just ask Mia Love…This is my point…

  9. WalkerColt says:

    No numbers = no facts. You are confusing professing your perspective against measurement and accounting. Yelling ‘hoorah’ for my side is something anyone can do with abandon. However, I will give you facts.
    In the 2012 budget (which ended on Sept. 30th), the central government spent $3,796 Billion. Total revenues collected was $2,469 Billion. Our revenue was only adequate to cover Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The remaining $1,327 Billion (-$3.635 Billion per day) was all deficit spending. That means there was no money left for welfare, unemployment, environmentalism, defense, civil service, transportation, the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, immigration, nor even to pay our fat-cat politicians in Washington DC. And that’s a fact.

  10. Franklin says:



    thanks for proving me right.

    but, I already told you it was a fact.

    your racism is equal to your childishness.

  11. Franklin says:

    American Blacks are the most racist group of people on the planet.


    Dispute this “fact”.

  12. Franklin says:


    once again,

    Tunnel vision will always hamper your view.

    Your “facts” are selective not representative.

  13. WalkerColt says:

    Facts can be measured and accounted. Everything else is just a rumor.

  14. Franklin says:


    Tunnel vision will always hamper your view.

  15. Brandon says:

    BTW> You’re still ignoring the fact that there’s a difference between running and winning. How many Black Republicans have you voted for?

  16. Brandon says:

    Even more egregious, and something you ignored, is the Democratic party’s penchant to race bait un order to drive a racial divide in America.

    It’s funny that you mention a bunch of Republicans without starting the racially charged comments they made. It’s easy to make a claim without evidence. Where’s the evidence? On the other hand, I can point out to you many racially charged comments made by Democrats.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed the Republicans wanted to bring back Jim Crowe laws. Joe Biden said the Republican party wanted to put Black people back in chains. Andre Carson said the Tea Party wanted to hang Blacks from a tree while Maxine Waters said they could “go to hell”. Al Sharpton race baits weekly on MSNBC; so, too, does Chris Matthews. You, yourself, displayed a level of racism which neither shocks nor surprises me. Neither party has a lock on racists; it’s just that the Democratic party gives them a soapbox to stand on. But they’re totally not racists. Allegedly.

    If any party is racist it’s Democratic party. They supported slavery, ran one of the lawyers in support of the defendants in Brown v. the Board of Education for president a few years earlier (it might have been vice-president), were the main opponents of the Civil Rights Act and continue to pay the race card (they’ve switched from fearmongering to win the White vote to fearmongering to win the minority vote). And they’ve been effective at it, too, to the detriment of our country.

    I would much rather vote for the party which emphasizes independence rather than dependence. I would rather vote for the party that speaks to all Americans (yes, Romney did try to reach put to Blacks but he was derided by Blacks for doing so) rather than the one who divides us.

    I work 37.5 hours a week. I don’t get food stamps. I don’t get government assistance. I live within my means. I believe that working hard is the key to success and that it’s no one else’s fault if you fail to progress in life. For many of the people I live around, this isn’t the case. In fact, many are proud that they are on the government dole and they rationalize it away based on slavery (which was abolished about 150 years ago) or the “White man keeping them down”. These people vote Democratic because Democrats tell them what they want to hear. I don’t care if it’s politically incorrect to say, it’s true nonetheless. I know it, you know and every Black person who votes Republican knows it.

    It is not us with the slave mentality. We’ve, and I’ll be blunt, escaped the liberal plantation. At least, I know I have. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fight years of Democratic indoctrination so it’s been hard trying to get other people odd the plantation.

    As I said on the other thread, I don’t fault Republicans any. They can do all the porch they want. Minorities, especially Blacks, will be the ones who ultimately decide whether to listen or not.


  17. Brandon says:

    Republicans do not hate minorities any more than Democrats hate White people. If minorities overwhelmingly vote Democratic, it’s because Democrats do a good job at creating dependents and race-baiting.

    For example, let’s look at affirmative action. Republicans, as well as myself, believe in race blind policies and that people should progress in life base on their qualifications. Democrats believe that affirmative action is needed because those in decision making roles are inherently racist and/or sexist and would base their decisions on outward appearances rather than on merits. As most of us know, affirmative action benefits minorities than it does Whites. Democrats, to their credit, have successfully framed that fact as proof of not only racism in America (if America wasn’t racist/sexist, then affirmative action policies would have no effect), but as proof that the Republicans want to keep minorities from “moving up so to speak”. So Blacks support the Democratic party because they’ve painted themselves as bring “for” minorities while Republicans are against them. Meanwhile, the more likely fact that the reason Blacks don’t “move up” (poor grades in school, a lack of education, no marketable skills, etc.), are swept aside. As a result, as a race, we become stagnant and dependent on the Democratic party to fix things for us. Of course they don’t, and won’t, beside they’d lose a great talking point. This is true of any economic issue. Democrats tell us it’s not our fault and they’ll make it better, but they never do. Republicans, on the other hand, say it’s our responsibility to better ourselves, but somehow that makes them racists.

  18. Brandon says:

    Thank you for proving my point, albeit rather inelloquently and much to the chagrin of your past English teachers.

    Your post is a giant non-sequitur. I happen to live in Sanford, FL (the place where Trayvon Martin was killed), which is fairly Black and heavily Democratic; my family are all Democrats; my friends are all Democrats; the members of my church congregation are all Democrats (I cannot count how often Obama’s name comes up); my coworkers are all Democrats; and so on and so forth. It’s nigh on impossible to be Black in the U.S. and not be deathly familiar with the mentality. Hell, I used to share it when I was younger. To somehow a suggest I should ask people why they act the way they do, think the way they do and say what they say is laughable. Why should I ask them anything? It isn’t like I don’t already know. I’m constantly around said people and listen to the comments they not only make about Republicans, but about me as well.

    Now it’s interesting you mention a “slave mentality”; I don’t think you know what that is. There seem to be three “truisms” in the Black community.

    -White people want to keep minorities “in their place”.

    -Republicans hate Black people.

    -Blacks cannot get ahead without the government intervening in some form (i.e., assistance programs or affirmative action).

    These are all functions of the “slave mentality”. Blacks have bought into the lies so much so to the point where “we” seem to content to support those who promise us the most riches. Democrats have done an exceptional job convincing not just Blacks, but minorities in general, that only by voting Democratic can minorities hope to attain the same achievement as Whites. Don’t tell me this isn’t true; a ten minute talk in a Black community will prove this yo be true (you will undoubtedly hear how Republicans don’t do anything for Blacks whilst Democrats do).

    As a Black conservative, I wholeheartedly reject those “truisms”.

  19. Siegrid says:

    It seems the Republican Party platform of ‘keeping America American’ aka White american isn’t working out to well. And I agree with you when it comes to the Dem’s, yes Democrats recognize that non-whites exist, but I don’t understand what the hope-change-forward platform accomplished or actually plans to accomplish? I guess it’s the idea that someone who’s a non-white male can be president, and that america is for everyone, not just the 53% Romney..

  20. Brandon says:

    Btw, I don’t understand how you blame the GOP for not fielding more Black Congressional leaders. What about Allen West? I guess the fact that he lost his reelection campaign to a Democrat must mean the Democrats are racist, correct?

  21. Brandon says:

    Being a Black conservative, I can say this. It’s not the Republican party which is racist; it’s the Democratic party which is.

    I’ve yet to be meet with any disparaging comment by a Republican. I’ve been called everything from a traitor to an Oreo to an Uncle Tom to a sellout to a house nigger and other such racial epithets by Democrats (generally Black Democrats).

    The Democratic party race baits (it wasn’t a Republican who claimed that a certain segment of the population wanted to bring back Jim Crowe laws or hang Blacks from a tree) and makes overly racist comments (it wasn’t a Republican who claimed Obama had no Negro dialect), yet they are constantly given a pass.

    It’s BS and it’s about time someone stood up and called them on it.

  22. UraFecalLiberal says:

    Brilliant, committed, strong. CBC is a natural leader. Very impressive. Right stuff.

  23. George says:

    Well, being part of what seems to be a maligned group, I would like to make a few comments.
    73 year old, white male, conservative and republican ever since Jimmy Carter. At that time my definition of the difference between democrats and republicans was that democrats were for the white hats (US Navy reference), whereas republicans were for the officers.

    I enjoy this blog as I admire and appreciate CBC’s perspective, and I think the comments seem to be more realistic (?), heartfelt, and closer to my way of thinking.

    So here I go.
    To borrow from Mitt, “what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working.” Maybe it’s time for the Republican Party to change the people in the driver’s seat.

    Agreed, the steering committee seems to have driven us off a cliff and I still don’t know why. I don’t know what was wrong with the message or candidate. In my opinion, Mitt Romney was a mediocre candidate who would have made a great president. The right person with the right skills at the right time. To my thinking the greatest problem facing us is fiscal, and Romney has shown that he is good at fixing those kinds of problems. His social values are also to be admired.

    Rodolfo Tenorio says:
    November 16, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I think the Republican party is dead.

    Changing the faces will not call people to the table, look at Mia Love, a brilliant beautiful woman who lost; Marco Rubio, smart well spoken, couldn’t even deliver Florida.

    The ticket is “The New Republicans” embracing Libertarian values and including all the new faces of America.

    Partially agree. What a shame and loss about Mia Love. I think we need to rebuild the republican party with, dare I say, younger faces. I think voters will take a look and see old, uncool, white guys and vote no automatically.
    Kristine says:
    November 17, 2012 at 1:06 am

    Mostly agree Kristine though I hate to throw out some degree of wisdom just because it’s buried in an old white skull.
    Please don’t give up the fight.


    We are not racist at least no more so than you are if that’s saying anything. I resent being called a racist. Herman Cain was not a joke. He is to be admired and he inspired me.

    Gwen Southerland

    Hear, hear.

    And the post that really made my blood boil:

    Michelle says:
    November 21, 2012 at 4:42 pm
    Republicans lost because they hate everyone.

    Baloney, balderdash, and Bull Stuff.
    Now enough before I explode.

    Sorry for my rant folks.

  24. Anon says:

    Dumb black bitch conservative really? You’re just as stupid as thesavvy both of you have been brainwashed to no end! Go bleach your skin dumb ass bitch.

  25. WalkerColt says:

    Rodolfo struck a nerve with me when he stated “Reality doesn’t much matter”. There’s a lot of merit to that simple phrase and Rodolfo is correct. When our media openly sides with power, we have lost our voice and debate has died.

    So I ask you an ethical question: “When is it right and proper to shoot the messenger?” (“never” is not the right answer)

  26. Rodolfo Tenorio says:

    I read from someone here that Democrats are the only ones obsessed with abortion, I agree, I also agree that Democrats are the ones who always bring race into the mix, they are also the ones who bring gay marriage. We need to understand that reality doesn’t much matter; the socialist democrat party has convinced people tat they will rescue them from the evil Republicans and we have to overcome this lie and be successful. Can we also agree that we are all Americans, can we forget the hyphenated names like African-American

  27. Chris Rankin says:

    You all can do whatever you want with the Republican Party. I resigned this year and became a pro-life conservative. You can kid yourself all you want about abortion, but I will never support any candidate that is not strictly pro-life. Being a socialist will not send me to hell, but condoning abortion will.

  28. Worldview says:

    Okay a second point.

    I’m tired of those saying ‘Old, White, The Republicans bad candidates etc…’.

    It has nothing to do with any of those. I’m considered old by most people. I’m White. I am NOT a Republican but an Independent. I live in Massachuset and vote for candidates of either party.

    Maybe how I vote should be taken seriously by the Republicans. I look at the candidate for the office.

    Do they speak to my issues of conserving money, leave the gov’t out of my life as much as possible, protect those who need it without giving so much that there’s no incentive to want to work or play by the rules and make the best available use of resources (whether by private or gov’t) to continue the success of the economy to help people.

    It’s that simple to me. Any candidate who can meet all those gets my vote. If none meet all, than the one who comes closest wins!

    Bottom line – You Have To Vote and have to hold those you vote for accountable. Writing to my Rep or Senator if I don’t like how they voted on something isn’t a problem for me. You can vote them out if they don’t match what they said they’d do.

    Unfortunately, when you have a state like mine where the mentality is such that a Senate Seat ‘BELONGS’ to one K. Family, will do anything to get it back and it’s a Presidential Election Year, be prepared to fight with all the resources available. You Don’t Give Up ONE State which the Republicans did more than once.

  29. Worldview says:

    The biggest problems for the Republican Party is:
    1) Who controls the Media?
    2) You don’t have a candidate who stops campaigning from Hurricane
    Sandy on to election day!
    3) You can simple ignore whole voting blocks.

    Lots has been pointed out here where & why the Republicans failed, but in truth they had valid points. Unfortunately, the majority of voters don’t listen to ‘your points’ just because the candidate had a different letter after their name.

    That problem is never going to go away. People are ‘Die-Hard’ or ‘Yellow-Dog’ or ‘Tea Party’ or whatever. They refuse to listen and learn unless it’s felt in the ‘pocket book or Tax season’.

    But then that feeling of being mad is forgotten by the time of the next election.

    What has been suggested being done by the author of this blog is correct. It will take offering a real alternative to the Democratic ‘give-away free’ mentality. But, that will only work if the party can show that they care for the other voting blocks and not by sound-bytes only!

    A grassroots rebuilding of the Republican Party is needed and TODAY has to be the start date – not tomorrow, not a month or year – Right Now.

  30. Franklin says:

    In order to get the Turd vote in America….

    Republicans will have to jump in the cesspool….

    I prefer to not swim with the Turds….

  31. minellimu says:

    Again you are not looking beyond your politics. So your are suggesting that repubs continue to promote conservative policies??? Just superficially change the image of the messenger, but continue their message against immigrants and the poor, against women and personal liberty against non Christian religious beliefs and personal choices in regards to family planning, against universal health care, against education, but for blazing guns against other countries?

    I for one think that both parties working together is the answer not sabotage the ruling party so that they fail in order to get yourselves back in power.

  32. AceDTW says:

    The race lines present in both parties is a complicated matter. There is nothing inherently “white” about conservatism. Blacks and Hispanics are traditionally very religious cultures and socially align on the “right” side of things. Gay Marriage and other social issues taken up by the Liberal side of the coin are met with a lot of resistance in these communities.

    While writing a paper on Globalization and its effects the economy of post war Detroit. I came to the realization that the greatest crime against minorities was restricted access to free market capitalism. In the north, blacks were just as racially segregated as in the south. The big difference was that is was an economic segregation. Blacks were essentially herded into city neighborhoods, designated only for blacks and would meet violent resistance should they decide to move in a white neighborhood.

    Black neighborhoods still flourished, products and services provided the black communities with nearly all the same amenities as white neighborhoods. The problem was expansion, millions of blacks would migrate north for work and these small pockets in most major cities became over crowded. Tensions between blacks and whites over housing even lead to rioting. Black businesses started to feel pressure from the outside world, product suppliers would increase prices and restrict products from black stores.

    These factors eventually killed off black neighborhoods from the prosperity and independence provided by capitalism. By the 1970’s we see most black communities are entrenched in violence and poverty like never before.

    So, today we have a young group of black men and women who have no idea what Capitalism is. They have no idea how the free market can benefit them or provide for them. So, when you speak about it in the media, blacks don’t hear the same message. When you talk about taking away Obamacare, they ask….well what are you going to replace it with? They have no idea the ramifications of government excess and could care less.

    So, when you speak of these things….your almost automatically speaking to a mostly white audience. Because our educational system for black children has failed. On the College level, liberal ideology is dominant and is very attractive for most young people.

    Unless conservatives find a way to fight fire with fire, all is lost. lets get more kids of color to enroll in conservative colleges. Lets fund K-12 education, both private and public and make sure that conservative ideologies are equally respected in the classroom. Media clips are not enough to educate people on complicated ideas.

    The counter message is very simple as another commentator noted. I will provide you free health care if you vote for me, you can’t beat that in the media based world we have now.

  33. Michelle says:

    Republicans lost because they hate everyone. When you, according to your posts feel every OTHER American is beneath you, is a “taker” believes empty promises (like the ones Mitt spouted) then you lose national elections. Thank GOD Republicans will continue to lose because they do not believe it is their hateful policies, not any thing Obama “offered” that led to their defeat. Everyone in this country is not rich, does not own a business or has inherited wealth. When the Republican party can acknowledge that White no longer has might and that ALL Americans are decent people, then we can have a conversation. Until then, Enjoy your HATE. It looks good on you!

  34. WarrenMA says:

    I agree that there is some work to be done to bring more diverse people into the GOP. That being said, I also think that there is a ‘false’ impression that the GOP needs to stop focusing on ‘wedge’ issues. ((abortion, gay rights/marriage, etc.) It was the press and opposition that focused on these issues, because they can be used as a ‘wedge’ to divide people from the stated position and platform of the GOP. All you need to do to prove this is to look at how many times a GOP candidate was asked about these issues, while the DEM candidate was ‘assumed to be on the right side’ of these issues and were rarely of ever asked by the media about these issues.

    No candidate ‘ran’ on these issues, per se, and mostly they ran on issues on that should have mattered to most people. ( lack of jobs, looming federal debt, etc.) And they still lost!

    Part of the reason that the GOP lost so badly is because they have bought the lie that they should run as far away from these issues as possible. The mainstream GOP abandoned any candidate that dared speak up or stand up for the very things that they claimed they supported. This back pedaling caused the conservative base of the GOP to go ‘luke warm’ and can be seen in the LACK of turn out for the GOP candidates.

    The black and brown people who do need to become part of the mainstream of the party share the same ‘conservative’ values with those who stayed home. (if not they would not be Conservatives they would be Progressives) This means that even if you got them into the party, and had access to their votes it would not have helped. They would have stayed home too!

    The GOP needs to decide if it is going to be the party of conservative values ,all of them, some of them or none of them.

    If they won’t champion the so-called ‘wedge’ issues, and help people to understand why these issue matter, they they are just DEMOCRAT LITE. No real Democrat or real (Conservative) Republican will ever vote for DEMOCRAT LITE. That day is gone, and the GOP needs to wake up and smell the coffee!

  35. WalkerColt says:

    Two children were running for class President; Johnny Noble and Cute Suzy. They both had twenty minutes to give a speech. Johnny stood and gave good proposals on how to make class better for the students and the teacher. Then Cute Suzy stood and declared, “Everyone who votes for me will get free ice cream!” That was all she said. That was all she had to say. The teacher tried to prompt her to say more but she crossed her arms and simply repeated, “Everyone who votes for me will get free ice cream!” and then she sat down. The teacher took the votes and Johnny only got one vote, his own. Cute Suzy won the election. Nobody got ice cream.

    So long as Americans vote for free “stuff” from Cute Suzy, we will be on the road to decline. Things will never get better. Promises cost nothing. Results must be won with hard work. Nobody likes work. Everyone wants something for nothing.

    Karl Marx said, “Democracy is the pathway to Socialism”.

  36. Franklin says:


    Let them suffer enough and maybe they’ll wise up.

    …Or maybe they won’t.

    The country being involved in an on going war took a back seat to student loans during the election…..

    Nope….they won’t wise up…..

  37. Brandon says:

    When Big Bird, abortion, binders, bayonets, birth control, Tomorrow, revenge and the rest of that garbage wins out over jobs and the economy, THEN THE PROBLEM ISN’T REPUBLICANS; IT’S THE ELECTORATE!

    If the GOP wants to pander to the least educated among us then I won’t vote for them. Truth be told we’ve reached a breaking point in this country. If Obama is what the majority of Americans want, let them have him. Let the Democrats enact whatever fiscal policies they want. Let them wreak havoc on the economy. Let them get whatever they want. And let the people who voted for them get hit with a hard dose of reality, for it’s the only real hope we have. Absent that, we’re not going to out-Dem the Democrats. Outreach won’t work, either. Let them suffer enough and maybe they’ll wise up.

    …Or maybe they won’t.

  38. Franklin says:

    To Ron,

    When the POTUS tells voters to vote for “REVENGE”…..Not….Who you think is best qualified, not what plan you think is best suited, not even what promises you will help you most……but….”REVENGE” !!
    And, the parasite press, voters, and other elected officials in the country ignore it and blow off such a statement….

    It’s a hell of a lot more than the election process, the government, and political parties that are broken and corrupted.

    The American people as a whole has become totally depraved, willfully ignorant and utterly foolish. Oblivious of their destitute condition of their mind, body and spirit.

    The American people are no longer Americans in heart, mind and actions.

    “America” is no more……

    What now is in place is The Divided States of America. The Land of the “Has Been’s”. The most foolish group of people on the planet.

  39. Franklin says:

    To Ron,

    When the POTUS tells voters to vote for “REVENGE”…..And, the parasite press, voters, and other elected officials in the country ignore it and blow off such a statement….

    It’s a hell of a lot more than the election process, the government, and political parties that are broken and corrupted.

    The American people as a whole has become totally depraved, willfully ignorant and utterly foolish. Oblivious of their destitute condition of their mind, body and spirit.

    The American people are no longer Americans in heart, mind and actions.

    “America” is no more……

    What now is in place is The Divided States of America. The Land of the “Has Been’s”. The most foolish group of people on the planet.

  40. Jw362 says:

    My diagnosis is that the majority of Americans are too stupid to be allowed to vote!

  41. John Smith says:

    It is the Democrats who are obsessed with abortion and the other issues

  42. ron says:


    America is in critical condition
    the election process is broken
    the govermnet all parties are totally corrupt

  43. Franklin says:

    There is PLENTY of blame to go around in every direction.

    But, to simply say it’s the old white men’s fault is to over simplify the overall problem that this election has exposed.

    The “America” people have been conned for years…..And, the American people have sat back and allowed themselves to be conned.

    This election, as was, the previous Pres. election was about Race, minorities, the foolishness and ignorance of the American people.

    The election was about the person obama and the lack of understanding of American voters.

    All the so-called issues that were supposed to be the driving issues of each group of voters will not be solved by a POTUS. I don’t care how much a President promises.

    These issues have to be won or lost in the House and Senate races. In which a sizable number of voters have absolutely no interest.

    These races are not as exciting, fun, charismatic and hyped by the parasite press propaganda enough for American voters.

    Democrats and Republicans alike that scream for change continue to send the same old people back to Congress.

    Voting for a FUNDAMENTAL change in the way America operates is not a smart thing to do.

    When America no longer operates in the manner that got America and it’s people to the place of Freedom and Prosperity….America will no longer product that effect.

    The people that illegally and legally came to America for it’s way of life. Will no longer see that end result with FUNDAMENTALLY changing how America operates.

    The problems in America are a direct result in the laws upon laws that have been added to the fundamental way America operates….

    AND….the ignorance and indifference to Congressional elections and what Congress has been pulling the past 45 years.

    The American people have failed NOT the fundamentals of the way America operates.

    The Fundamentals IS the Constitution…..Change this and you no longer have the America that everyone wants.

    obama’s goal and purpose is to change America into something that will not produce the results that have always been so desireable and sought after.

    When anything goes off in the wrong direction whether a person, a company, a nation, a society, a community. The first thing is to go back to the fundamentals.

    If the fundamentals were wrong there would never have been great results to begin with.

    obama’s America will not produce the results and place that Americans want to live and others want to come.

  44. Scott says:

    Raised a Republican, I long ago realized they had a closed view and catered to the radical religious right, instead of true Goldwater Conservatism. (giving my age away!) I became a Libertarian. Michele Caruso-Cabrera said it well in her book “You Know I’m Right” Social Liberal – Economic Conservative.

    We need to find the best way to fight the insidious evil that is Democratic (socialist) intrusion into our life. It is about time the debate became page 1 material.

    I vote for abandoning the Republican mess and embracing the Libertarians (and updating defense ideas for them.)

  45. Personally, I wish we could get rid of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. He’s ruining the Party…people think all Republicans are like him. Furthermore, as an African American, who is a Republican, I would never, ever, consider being a Democrat or a member of that party. Folks MUST remember that it was the Democrats who were the slave owners that fought to perpetuate slavery, and were the practitioners of legalized segregation in America. Even in the segregation of schools, it was Democratic governors who stood in the door of the schoolhouse and said that Black people were not worthy of an education. It was the Republicans that set our Black asses free; please Black people remember that.

    Also remember that Bull Connor, the commissioner who sic’d dogs and fire hoses on Black people marching for civil rights, was a Democrat too. And like it or not, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his family were, and some still are, Republicans. Dr. King was admonished by President Lyndon B. Johnson, to change his political affiliation to Democrat because he (Johnson) did not want a Republican to get any credit for the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

    Many of my people believe that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat. It blows my mind to see our people languish in so much ignorance about Republicans. The Democratic Party has managed to take advantage of their ignorance by being deceptive and dishonest with the African American community.

    As to the Republican Party “reaching out,” they don’t have to. The Republican Party is a party for whomever shows up to join up. I became a Republican at the age of majority when the vote finally came to the citizens of DC in the 1960s. I have no regrets. Are there unsavory characters in our party, indeed, but they are not reflective of the Republican Party, merely, hangers-on who have no place else to go!

    Gwen Southerland
    Proud Black Republican
    Washington, DC

    PS, If you have a problem with my choice of affiliation, in a free country, then I need not say where you may assert your comments.

  46. shwn says:

    The GOP is dead.And when did the racist Republican party have a first black man to run for President.Oh you mean that joke herman cain.Obama ran before herman.He wasn’t really running for president that was a joke.

  47. Rodolfo Tenorio says:

    You are right. People need to become familiar with the “New Republicans” and I know exactly who can help spread the word. It is you young lady! Cheers! Love your way of thinking.

  48. Kristine says:

    You are so very right! But will the Powers That Be even listen?? I cringe looking at the decade of parading around old white men coiffed with their plastic hairdos, red ties and flag pins. I am at the point now where I’m embarrassed to tell people I’m a Republican, though I suck it up and do say something. But I feel I’m a REAL Republican, not part of the right wing plague that is consuming this party. WE had the first black man who ran for President. WE appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court. It makes me so angry that the DNC has hijacked OUR narrative and history and twisted it so they now define who the GOP is and was.

    Most people I know nowadays are moderate. Fiscal conservatives/social liberals. As in, it’s no one’s business how consenting adults live their lives or how they choose to share them with each other. Most of this country is middle-right, yet we are now in a spiral of defeat that will continue if these old white men continue to be the poster boys for the GOP.

    They need to go away. Retire. A lot of them need to stop talking. “Legitimate rape”?? God knows the difference and a woman won’t get pregnant when she’s raped?? Who gave these idiots a microphone? Oh, the voters. So horrifying and shameful.

    Why did we allow the DNC to label us as people who hate the poor? It happened long before Romney’s 47% crack. Why does the GOP not rise up and shout that we want to assist the poor and “disenfranchised” succeed? We want them to get off welfare and food stamps and STOP the cycle that happens when the children of welfare recipients grow up to be recipients themselves. The GOP wants you to go to school, learn a trade, work hard. As the paraphrased adage goes, we want to teach people to fish, not just toss ’em one can of tuna. The DNC wants to increase “entitlements” in order to keep the poor down. They prefer hand outs to a hand up.

    Ugh. Sorry. I know this is ridiculously long, but I HATE that my party, the party that used to be about individual liberty, small gov’t that stays OUT of people’s lives (and that includes the lives in the bedroom), and the party that had a higher percentage of votes for the Civil Rights Act than did the DNC, has now been reduced to aging Ken dolls and religious zealots.

  49. Rodolfo Tenorio says:

    Enjoyed your article a little bit of spice to make a few boring issues more palatable.

    I think the Republican party is dead, I have always voted republican. When I think about the Republican agenda, I see an unsustainable agenda, too heavy on social and moral issues and way too light on fiscal matters.

    Changing the faces will not call people to the table, look at Mia Love, a brilliant beautiful woman who lost; Marco Rubio, smart well spoken, couldn’t even deliver Florida.

    The ticket is “The New Republicans” embracing Libertarian values and including all the new faces of America.


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