Republicans Got the Shellacking We Deserve

Today isn’t “good morning” in the GOP. President Obama won a second term. Republicans deserve the shellacking we got because the party of Lincoln is running candidates in 2012 like it’s 1860. Old white men just don’t cut it anymore and are not reflective of the changing demographics of the country. America is browning up not whitening up, as evidenced by the US Census findings that minorities will make up 54% of the population by the year 2050.

Americans didn’t buy what the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was selling because he was the wrong messenger for a growing ethnically diverse population. Whites made up 72% of voters in 2012 of which Romney won 60% but appealing to whites only wasn’t enough to carry him to the White House.  The diminishing importance of the white vote is evidenced by the fact Obama earned 38% of the white vote, five points less than he did in 2008, according to the Wall Street Journal and still won re-election.

It’s not the message Republicans need to change but the messengers who are selling the message. To his credit and the Democrats, Obama did heavy outreach to blacks, Latinos and Hispanics and it paid off. Obama increased his win of the Hispanic vote from 67% in 2008 to 69% in 2012, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. According to CNN, black voter turnout in swing states like Pennsylvania was higher than it was in 2008 and Obama earned over 90% of the black vote overall this election.

In contrast, Romney gave what amounted to lip service light to the Hispanic and Latino outreach.  Romney and the RNC spent millions of dollars in advertising to Hispanics, yet he failed to chip away at that voting bloc because people can tell when you don’t really care about their vote.

Even more insulting was Romney’s refusal to work for the black vote beyond giving an NAACP speech and announcing a Black Leadership Council, which amounted to nothing more than cosmetic wall paper. Knowing Obama wasn’t earning the black vote and blacks would simply vote for him because he was black, you would think Romney and the RNC would do more to take their message to black America.

A year ago, the RNC hired me to create a black outreach website to attract more blacks to the Republican Party. After near completion of the site in the late spring of 2012, Romney and the RNC killed the project, explaining they didn’t want to launch the site without putting outreach activities behind it. I agreed and recommended a slate of outreach activities such as town hall meetings at historically black colleges and universities in swing states such as Virginia and North Carolina. The RNC’s refused to fund any black outreach activities.

With unemployment at 8% or above for the past four years (except for two months),  crushing debt and anemic economic growth under President Obama, this election was the Republican presidential nominee’s to lose. (No president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt won re-election when unemployment was at or above 7.8%.)  Mitt Romney spent six years, six years running for president as a Republican and he lost because he was the wrong candidate who then won the nomination.

After receiving the Republican nomination, Romney then refused to run a 21st century campaign. He stuck with an insular “all (white) boys club” approach to running his campaign and strategy and it showed. From the Etch-A-Sketch comment by his top operative to another cursing out reporters to refusing calls from top Republicans to retool his strategy, Romney was an out of touch candidate, who deserved what he got but ultimately took supporters down with him. Running against Obama with the media swooning over the president in the background, Romney needed not only to be aggressive but also innovative. He was neither.

I hope Karl Rove and “the Republican establishment” are happy they rammed Romney down conservatives’ throats. There’s a reason he failed to grab the nomination in 2008 and win the election in 2012. Whether Democrat or Republican, Americans want to know where you stand on the issues, moderates don’t win elections.  But more importantly, what we learned from 2012 is the Republican Party needs to stop talking only to white people. It’s not working and won’t win the elections of tomorrow.

An example of the party’s backward thinking is the fact that the last time I inquired the RNC doesn’t have one black person working in its Communications department. Americans aren’t stupid. You reap what you sow.

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86 Responses to “Republicans Got the Shellacking We Deserve”

  1. TSgt Ciz says:

    Sorry, I refuse to participate in ageism or racism. If the best person for the job is an old white guy, that is who I will support.

    If a purple infant is better qualified, then I’ll support them.

    Character and qualifications trump “ism”s.

  2. Crystal:

    I just saw you on CNN Headline News, and you are to be complimented for your comments. I am in reasonable agreement with much of what you said, along with your views in this blog post.

    The Republican Party needs to expel or otherwise deport the extremists in your Party so that it will appeal to a larger audience. I also believe that once the economy improves, struggling business owners and / or laid off workers who acquire jobs, will become more attracted to the Republican philosophy.

    I have a few other points which might be considered in terms of what the Republican Party needs to get back on track. I recognize that it is bad etiquette to insert a link on one blog to promote one’s blog. I will simply invite you, should you desire, to check out my blog.

    Nice job on HLN.

  3. Emma says:

    I have just visited this blog after watching the blogger interviewed by RandiCNN. I am resident (Non American) in the UK. I have followed the pre election events and activities of both parties right through the primaries, conventions and campaigns to the election night. I read your posts for 2nd and 7th November and laughed. Why the change of tunes? The same Obama bashed and lampooned by the Republicans is the same Obama voted in for a second term with victories in the popular and electoral votes. I think the outcome of the presidential election only reflects what many in America particularly among minority groups and around the world already knew about the way the GOP treated blacks, Hispanics and Latinos. When I watched Romney campaigns, there were hardly blacks in the crowd. Comments made by Mr Sununu about President Obama and on Colin Powell’s endorsement of President Obama further reinforced the racist nature of the GOP. The presence of Condi Rice and Colin Powell and a few others including Senator Rubio hasn’t really changed the image of the Republican party in the minds of Latino and black voters. Having elements like Mr Trump and others in the party including Romney himself who from my observation did not reach out to any of the minority groups except at a point when polls showed he was trailing really hasn’t done any good to the GOP. The ugly event at the University of Mississippi should not be dismissed. It is a reflection of what America is today (divided) a la what the GOP represents i.e. white supremacy dogma.
    America has changed along demographic lines and the GOP must recognise this change. The problem with the GOP isn’t their message but the way and manner they present the message. Having conservative ideologies about reproductive health isn’t a problem but when a member of the GOP refers to rape as an act approved by God, then there is a problem. I wonder why you have left it so late to raise the issue of subtle discrimination of black members and minority groups within the GOP fold even when the Romney campaign dismissed your efforts to organise outreaches to the black community. Gen Colin Powell saw the direction of the Republican party earlier and He was right.

  4. Damani says:

    RE: “It’s not the message Republicans need to change but the messengers who are selling the message. ”

    This is the blind spot that Conservatives have. Since I don’t think that the current crop of Conservatives – strongly influenced by extreme elements, including some in the Tea Party, in the GOP – have policies good for America,………..please proceed down the road to extinction. Let another, more representative party emerge.

    However, for the sake of discussion, Ms. Wright:

    Do you really think that IF either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio – as the standard bearer – said that illegals should “self-deport” and advocated an approach which would split up families already in the US, that Latinos would have voted for him?

    Alan Keyes and Artur Davis (for Ala Governor) did NOT attract the Black vote. Voters are, yes, influenced by the messenger, but MOST votes are based on the message.

    Keep kidding yourself that it is the messenger.

    Meanwhile, see my comments here: http://www DOT freedomsjournal DOT net/2012/11/05/republicans-and-democrats-did-not-switch-sides-on-racism/?utm_source=Freedom%27s+Journal+Master+List&utm_campaign=ef2ee1c59f-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email

    to understand that it is NOT the messenger. Regarding Black voters: It IS the message.

    Republicans have been talking for decades – LITERALLY – about the need to reach out to Blacks and Latinos (and recently women). If they sincerely wanted seriously to do so, they would have done so. Right? What’s stopping them: They are more interested, as Kevin Philips said, in the OTHER FOLKS’ VOTES.

    Although Repubs like to say that they don’t want to (or won’t) “slice and dice” the American people and appeal to “interest groups” or minorities, they do it all the time. The work you were contracted to do is evidence of it. On the site in March when I looked, they had a link to Latinos for Romney, but none for Blacks. (I see there is one now.) During one of the Primary Debates, they had a live TV link to a gathering of Latinos (definitely sliced and diced) and entertained their questions. Nothing for Blacks.

    Ms. Wright, Conservatives and Repubs are sending YOU a message just like they did when they trashed/ignored the work you did for the campaign this year.

    If they had a Black person like Michael Steele (as a messenger) tell you the same thing, would that really make a difference?

  5. slice says:


    What the hell do you mean, black people have a “what are you going to do for me” mentality when it come to voting for candidates? As a black woman, I find what you said just flat out ignorant and insulting as hell toward black people,and I don’t give a damn if you’re black,it dosen’t make what you said any less ignorant and frankly condescending as hell.

    I see enough ignorant racist comments on other sites from white folks claiming that black people only voted for Obama because he was black—as if NONE of us (including myself, which I did) bothered to check his record or find out who he was in order to decide whether to vote for him at all in the first place. Bottom line—the Republican lost because they spent more damn time trying to get Obama out of office/fighting against anything he tried to pass, instead of working with him for the good of this country, even at the expense of hurting their constituents. They also took the white vote for granted and made it clear that they didn’t give a damn about black folks or what we thought, or that they even tool us seriously as a voting bloc.

    Also, when a politician has the unmitigated gall to say, “I don’t want to give black people a handout, I want to give them jobs,” like Rick Santorum said, he basically was coming at black folks with some outdated,ignorant stereotype—there are 38 million black people in this country, and I know damn well a LOT of them work hard and pay our taxes, go to school/work and all of us aren’t sitting around on welfare–Newt Gingrich said something similar—well, it was pretty damn obvious that neither one of these arrogant idiots, let alone the GOP, had a clue about who black people are or how to even TALK to us without falling back on all the stupid stereotypes they have about us. And then they have the nerve to wonder why they can’t ever get enough black folks into the Republican Party in the first place.

    Also, at least 37% of WHITE people are on welfare in this country—funny how you NEVER hear any politicians telling THEM to get the hell off of it and find a job—IF they can actually find a job in this economy. Romney also didn’t win because he’s a rich white dude who’s never had to struggle for ANYTHING in his life, and so he couldn’t relate at ALL to the problems of regular people trying to hold on to whatever piece of a job they have before they get laid off, or who are worried/trying desperately to find a job before their last unemployment check come in,because there’s no guarantee that they will find before that happens. That’s why those 47% of voters he claimed were so dependent on the government that he said he flat out didn’t give a damn about voted AGAINST his arrogant behind!

    Also, since when the hell did SS, Medicaid,Medicare and having basic affordable health coverage become an “entitlement”? What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? Hello—the average person who spent 30 or 40 years in the workforce is entitled to the three things I mentioned because they PAID for it with the taxes they put into the system all those years they WORKED for it,dammit!

    All these crazy Tea Party nuts and Republicans running around screaming about how they don’t need the government for this or that, well, they WORK for the government just like anybody else, and I damn sure don’t see them complaining about the checks or benefits they work for! Let’s see them give some of THAT up if they hate the government so damn much,the bastards!

    Another thing—I’m tired of some of these damn conservatives thinking that their view and only THEIR view has to be the ONLY political view worth considering! This country’s big enough for BOTH liberals and conservatives, but since the Republicans hijacked the national political discourse, it seems like everybody’s hatred of liberals has just shot up sky-high over the last couple of years, as if everything’s THEIR fault,even though it’s the Republicans who laid the groundwork for the mess our economy is in today! All this hating each other isn’t getting us nowhere, and the 1% just sit back and laugh because they would rather see us go at each other’s throats because it takes the focus off the real problem—THEM and their greed and their lust for power, as well as depriving us of all ours as working people! Al right, I’m done, and I’m glad Obama won!

  6. Nick Athens says:

    Candidly we should stop letting social issues into the political arena. Concede everything and stop trying to force your values on others. Abortion and Contraception? Great. Only democrats use it any way. I like it that they kill their babies.
    Gay marriage great, but no sharing of beneifts unless you adopt a child. It is too late to go back and trying to put the genie back in the bottle is fruitless.

    Make an end run and be all about freedom. Freedom to succeed. Free form government control. Free to learn. Immigrants all know about suppression. sell freedom. Freedom to kill your babies, freedomto take drugs and ruin your life, freedom to succeed as well.
    Don’t let lifestyle preferences taek away fro the core value of entrepreneurialism. Give every unemployed person a spot in front of a government building to have a food cart.

    How about madatory public service, not military per se. Fast track way to citizenship synonymous with freedom. Quit peddling democracy rather peddle freedom. The concept of all you have to do is breathe to vote is flawed. You have to contriubute as well. I.e. work! hard time, unemployment? no vote that year i guess.

    Push hard on states rights, get the money from washington and keep it local.

    Bottomline, fighting MTV over social values while everything else is burning is a bad strategy.

  7. Cord says:

    As a white male, not old yet, I completely 100% agree with you. I heard a comment a few months ago where someone said, “they only do outreach to us at election time, every 2 years”. Maybe the outreach for 2016 in certain communities should start yesterday and candidate recruitment should start last week.

  8. the unit says:

    Every point of view is presented here. Why do we have to be stupid is as stupid is?

  9. Nancy in Michigan says:

    This is in response to G. Pitts’ post regarding name calling. You have really got to be kidding….not only has the left/Dems called the right/Repubs every name in the book, they have made accusations on their character that has not been done to them.

    My original candidate was Herman Cain until the left did the shred job on him. I also really like Allen West’s character and hopes his recount puts him back in office where he belongs. Agree with Franklin’s post that it wasn’t Mitt who lost the election, but the people and the party. First, too many people do not pay any attention to the news unless it effects them. Too many people only listen to the talking points and believe what is spoon-fed to them whether it is true or not. Perfect candidate or not, Mitt Romney has more character in his little finger than most of the left. His election would have started things to change already this week in the same way things are already going down hill with BO’s election. Have you seen the lists of companies laying off?

  10. Adam says:

    Romney was always a lame candidate to begin with, and the other potential R nominees were just as bad. Politicians of all stripes often get it into their overinflated egos that they are the elite of this country, and yet we keep getting the biggest buffoons to vote for. And they know they can get away with it because with no viable third party we’re stuck with the clowns they put up in the big two.

    You are definitely right that Repubs have not made the effort to show non-white groups and women that they don’t have to always vote Democrat, but I think are problem is much worse than that. I’m not yet 30 years old and pretty much all of my peers think very differently than I do about the role of government and what really causes change and prosperity in America. And I don’t see that core belief changing any time soon.

    It’s not that Reps are always right anymore than the Dems are, but with as divided as this country is there’s a growing mindset of America that’s very different from how it was initially formed. And until that changes it may not matter who gets elected to handle the mess.

  11. WalkerColt says:

    A big loss like this is not explained by small reasons like tax-payer funded birth control pills. Even your color or race is not an adequate explanation. I looked at the demographics carefully and found that Obama was re-elected by all voters under the age of 45.

    It isn’t just the end of the era of old, white men. It’s a paradigm shift to the young. The same people who smoked pot, fornicated for peace, and said, “Never trust anyone over the age of 30”, must now say, “Never trust anyone under the age of 40”. Because young people do not have the same perspective or even the counter-perspective that older Americans have warred over in a long forgotten past.

    If you were born before 1977, you’re a dinosaur. The future is firmly in the hands of the Gen X’s and Y’s and Z’s.

  12. Michael Foley says:

    1st, I am a 57 year old white guy. My initial involvement in the political process began in 1972, as a young, idealistic precinct worker with the Dallas County Democrats. Within 3 years it became clear to me that the “old white” guys running the show didn’t care much for anyone’s point of view, except their own. I was kindly shown the door… I grudgingly became more involved with the Texas Republican Party, which Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson had rendered impotent for decades. One of the 1st things I noticed was the absolute lack of racial jokes, and discrimination I had been around all my life. I had a ringside seat for the “rebirth” of the Texas Republican Party, and it was quite an education. Fast forward 30 years – My carreer/family/starting as business left little time for politics… until recently… Moving to tha Alabama Gulf Coast and changing our lifestyle has bought us more free time… In re- educating myself, I ran across Crystal Wright, among others, and it energized me – reminded me of a spirit I had witnessed in my home state. I won’t bother with rehashing the election – that’s for smarter people than I. But the RNC had better listen to to folks like Ms. Wright, and promote/replace positions of power with the Rubio’s and Ryan’s soon… oh, and quit hiring people to do a job, and then ignoring them… It’s bad business…

  13. IndependentChick says:

    I read this blog for the first time today, was impressed and agree with this post and have bookmarked the site.

    Obama received my vote. I didnt vote FOR his policies, but instead I voted against the white racists who continually called Black mothers ‘sows’, rigged a chair with a noose and and said they wanted to make the White House white again. That’s just mean and disrespectful.

    I voted for George W. Bush twice: the first time because I had strong conservative views and the second because I wanted him to clean up the mess that was created the first time.

    Although I have conservative views, i will not work shoulder-to-shoulder with people who hate me just because my ancestors came from Africa. I am a proud American, Christian, with a strong work ethic.

    I want to vote for a Republican candidate again. But until the Party changes its image and include everyone, I will continue to vote Democrat.

  14. Lawrence says:

    Not bad for a first approximation of what went wrong. However, I think you are missing a few key items. 1) Yes the messenger was terrible but you may reflect as to why he was CHOSEN to carry the torch. 2) Presentation is not everything, messaging counts but the message substance conveyed through actions (or as you perceived inaction) is that minorities did not count for the party.
    In any case, in a two party system, it is important that both sides remain competitive, I wish you luck in building a better republican party even though I am not a conservative myself, it would help everyone in the long run.

  15. Logan says:

    To G. Pitts: I am neither black nor American but your comment was so perfectly written, so heartfelt I’ve sent it to my son.

    To those who randomly throw words around – please look up the definitions of ‘socialist’ and ‘communist’, especially in a broader global context.

  16. Whatingodsname says:

    Noel, do you really believe that the present form of the GOP is in favor of a separation of state and economics? More to the point, do you really believe that such a separation is possible, and if it is (hint: it’s not), is it desirable?

    The only difference between what we call liberals and conservatives is: where to redistribute public funds, where to get such funds from, and random social issues. And even then it varies from administration to administration, even within the same party.

    The GOP is not against the redistribution of public funds…they’re just against redistributing it towards safety nets and health care. They’re perfectly happy increasing spending on the military industrial complex (which has little to do with actual defense of the nation, military pay, or VA programs), subsidizing businesses of their choosing (not that this is inherently bad…it’s actually a necessity in a complex corporate dominated economy), and lots of other types of spending.

  17. Looking at what little you say about your suggested “outreach program” it makes sense TO ME. It is similar to what I suggested to the RNC although my company strickly deals with promotional efforts in another field — entertainment. I couldn’t get anywhere with either the RNC or the candidates I contacted because I don’t have the sine qua non. Black, brown or at least biege skin. I mean how could I POSSIBLY know how to put a message in front of targeted groups of people unless I were the same race, right? That is why Salem and Kool cigarettes are both made by Black people, right?

    I came here looking for people of a certain mind set. I find mainly people repeating words and phrases they don’t understand. Not in every case. Let me say this. I am easy to locate. Good Day.

  18. Noel says:

    To KATINA and KIM.

    Did you read the comment left by WILLIE LYNCH on Crystal’s November 2nd article? What was that? You accuse me of name calling? Where is the logic? That Willie Lynch deserves to be called a GOON and more, ok? That’s an appropriate description of him, her, or it.

    I’m neither a Conservative nor a Liberal. I’m for separation of State and Economics, just like in the separation of State and Church. The government should never have begun to interfere in the economy in the first place. This goes back all the way to FDR with his Second Bill Of Rights, etc.

    Look at where America is today! Seeking salvation in socialist/communist policies, the same policies that got you in this mess in the first place. You betrayed the ideals in your Constitution.

  19. Todd says:

    Mitt’s excessive flip flops and outright LYING is what got him in trouble. Americans saw him as a phony person, who would say anything, to anyone, at any place, to get a vote – ANY vote! And like FOOLS, his supporters just ignored all this and continued to support Mitt out of their hatred and bigotry toward Barack Obama. In the end, it backfired on them. Now all the GOP loons are sitting around playing the blame game and licking their wounds. LOL! Classic. For a BLACK person to support such a party is completely mindboggling. The GOP does not care about black people, they are only interested in wealthy, rich, old, WHITE men, who in turn care only about their WHITE wives and children! There is no place for a moderate or minority person in the GOP. None. I’m curious to know what all you so-called ‘black conservatives’ are going to tell your grandchildren when they ask you to tell them stories about being alive to see the first (and probably ONLY) black President be elected and how did it feel to vote for him-??? What a disappointment it will be for your grandchildren when you tell them that not only did you *not* support America’s black president, but you publicly bashed him over social media. What a shame.

  20. DCM says:

    It is complex… but for a simple reason. People voted for Obama because of his skin colour. He has been a lousy president, but because he is black, he is back. The MSM backed him for the same reason. And Obama’s base is nasty. Some of the media guys like Chris Matthews give new meaning to the word “mean”. The most amazingly chaotic things have happened in the US [and elsewhere] as a result of the OWS movement, which have the backing of Obama, but it is the Tea Party that is called “Extreme”. What is good is called evil, and what is evil is called good. I am a 63 year old white male, and I can certainly see that out there in young and hip circles, that it is considered an affront to be “an old white guy”. All sorts of “isms” are afoot. I grieve for the US, because it is being changed, a molecule at a time into something that might not be viable in future.
    You can’t legislate away natural law, and the economic chickens will come home to roost. I fear though that the response to those returning fowls will be riots, instead of working together to overcome a common enemy.

  21. I have to agree with Nicholas Gunn that Yes, we need more minority voices and need speak to minority VOTERS regardless of who/what the candidate happens to be, BUT i also agree with the “Not conservative enough?” trope. Funny how we keep hearing that one over and over in spite of it not being true. Here is comes, “Reagan, Reagan, Reagan”. SCOTUS? Kennedy, Scalia, Rehnquist, O’Conner? One out of four ain’t bad? It ain’t good! Was that 25 million Mexicans he gave total amnesty to or 35? He kept pushing the deadline back and easing up the requirement on documentation till anybody who applied was accepted. Sorry, but even if we give you that one the people who have WON the Presidency since WW2 are Eisenhower, Nixon, Bush, Bush2…. The ONE absolutely no argument CONSERVATIVE nominee…. that would be GOLDWATER who went down 60 40 or very close to it. We could go back and pick up McKinley, Teddy R. and a couple of other downright LIBERAL Elephant candidates if you want but your main point was correct. Romney lost because he did everything but wear a hood and sheet.

  22. minellimu says:

    Your party will continue to lose elections. I can predict that because you even you do not have the answers. If you think that all you need to do is outreaches and hiring a token black will help the RNC, think again. It is much more complicated than this.

  23. Paula says:

    I heard you on the CBC program this morning as well and was very appreciative of what you had to say. Frankly, considering what the CBC is, I’m kind of shocked they even invited you on the show. I’ve also bookmarked your blog and will be letting friends know about it. I really hope the RNC hears you.

  24. I cannot scream loudly enough that you are right. At least 20 times I wrote “suggestions” to the Romney campaign to stop ignoring Black Americans. I BEGGED them to (what a concept !) to go into majority Black neighborhoods. Don’t go to some token church, I told them. GO TO A HIGH SCHOOL, A MIDDLE SCHOOL. I BEGGED them, “Could you just come to Dallas, TX and hold ONE RALLY during the State Fair????” It’s in the middle of South Dallas, but the crowd is of course mixed racially. At least it MIGHT attract a mixed crowd…. People walking by, you know?? Go on a RADIO SHOW?? A TV show?? ANYTHING???? I’m White, but have lived and worked in minority neighborhoods and worked with mostly Black and Mexican American co-workers much of my life. The Party I have whose WRITTEN Principals I believe and for whose candidates I have voted for 45 years treat those people as the “Other”. “THEY” most of “THEM” agree with Republican principals, but the party doesn’t ASK for their votes, doesn’t have the simple respect to TALK to AA or MA people about issues they way the do other groups. Imagine if they treated voters with Italian or German or Irish or ANY OTHER ethnic background as they treat Black Americans. AND it’s NOT JUST the PARTY, some nameless faceless “party” doing it. It’s the PEOPLE IN IT. People that need to wake up and smell the coffee. Or maybe the bacon. After all, it’s THEIR fat in the fire.
    Come by my place and visit sometime. Since Mom died nobody reads it.

  25. Shenu says:

    I DELIBERATELY drifted away from ALL forms of non-statist blogs, radio shows and websites, largely because I knew the kvetching and moaning would be in overdrive. To quote Johnny Mathis and Denise Williams’ hit song from back in the day, “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late”. It’s not helpful and it only makes non-statists look incredibly WEAK.

    For the record, I am an American woman of African descent and voted my conscience. I am a NON-STATIST, and not beholden to the traditional non-statist groups (Green, Libertarian, Conservative) and not registered with either of the two major political parties. I don’t NEED to be. I know who I am and what I stand for.

    However, the FACT is those who still hold to the principles of our Constitutional Republic “fell asleep” at the wheel and due to our (I include MYSELF) lack of vigilance, this is what we’ve got. The RNC has been mailing it in for YEARS, and since they doubled down on continuing to run unelectable candidates, they got their behinds handed to them, and are looking extra “wack” to the rest of the country, and they DESERVE what they got. I was especially incensed with how the RNC co-opted and derailed the initially organic and grassroots movement known as the Tea Party. Now even IT has become a joke.

    My question is, “what the hell did we expect after 30-plus years of statist indoctrination in the public schools, and about that many years or maybe a few more of INEFFECTIVE entitlement programs and steady, creeping infiltration into the other sectors of American culture?” These things have consequences and voila, HERE WE ARE!
    If I was a moocher, why would I kick out the guy who is giving out free stuff? Non-statists will nearly need to move heaven and earth to turn this crap around. I’ve made up my mind to make it through the best I can in these circumstances, have NO debt and stay prepared, but I REFUSE to whine, feel down or FEAR this new setup. I WON’T give Statists the satisfaction.

    Ms. Wright, I heard you on the CBC program “The Current” and I really appreciated what you had to say. I bookmarked your blog and WILL continue to read with great interest. Keep up the fantastic work!

  26. MelissaT says:

    I am a black, Independent prolife woman in a very liberal city. I also work in an office where 99 percent of my coworkers are Obama supporters; so are my family members. There are very few people who I can express my true feelings to. I sometimes feel very lonely and isolated.

    I admire you, Crystal, for your outspokeneness in the face of such hostility. I have bookmarked this site and will come here whenever I need moral support. I have your back!

  27. Christian says:

    Not to be mean or anything, but this sounds like you guys are playing The Blame Game and not The Responsibility Game. Oh, of course, Obama voters only voted for him because they expect to get free stuff from the government, yes, that must be it. Whereas Romney voters are true Americans who voted Republican for purely selfless reasons. Yes, that must be it.[/sarcasm]

    Set aside the Obama hate for a moment and focus on what the GOP promises vs what it’s actually promoting. As mentioned, they are very dismissive of non-white, non-Christian, non-hetero voters and doesn’t attempt to reach out to those voters at all. Several GOP members have said nasty things about rape and women’s reproductive rights.

    And Romney would have gotten the black vote had he been Democrat, because blacks consistently vote Democrat. That is not to see Obama being black didn’t help to energize the black vote, but if it were Obama vs Herman Cain I bet Obama would still retain much of the black vote because blacks vote Democrat. And that’s mostly because the GOP has never needed the black vote to win anything so they have never bothered to appeal to them.

    Romney lost not because Obama voters are lazy freeloaders who want free money and food stamps, but because the GOP has constantly ignored the facts about the changing demographics of the country and believed appealing to only older white men would be enough while belittling women, gays, and minorities.

  28. Doris says:

    Many of u republicans on this site are starting to get the msg. About the party not being inclusive. That’s a good start, but when I read comments like Noel’s who says people voted for Obama coz they wanted free stuff, I realize still many of u are in denial. There are millions of people who voted for Obama who are not on government help, didn’t u learn any lessons from Romneys 47% comment?
    Warren buffet, Collin Powell, bill gates, mark zuckerburg, bill Clinton and all the others who voted for Obama, did they want more free stuff?
    I honestly think Romney had a chance to win more black votes because they do have a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the country. But where he failed was after meeting with the NAACP he made that “free stuff” comment to reporters. I bet u none of the people in that room gets free stuff. But the comment turned them off so much, that if there was a chance they would consider Romney as a viable choice, that went out the window. As for Latinos, Romney was against whats important to them. He said he would repeal the dream act, said he would repeal obamacare, 9 mill Latinos will get healthcare through obamacare. They like it and don’t want it repealed.

  29. Brandon says:

    Republicans aren’t going to win the minority vote unless they give into the “What are you going to do for me” mentality that many minority groups have and start offering minorities empty promises and/or freebies in exchange for their votes.

    Assuming you really are a conservative Black chick, you should have found how ridiculous hard it is to even consider getting Blacks to vote for Republicans. I know; I’m Black, very conservative and I’ve tried arguing these things to no avail. When you try to reach out to other Blacks, the arguments invariably come down to “They ain’t done nothing to try to win my vote”. When you think about it. It makes sense. Republicans, and conservatives in general, believe that people should be self-sufficient. So while the Republican party hasn’t done anything specifically for Blacks, it’s not out of malicious intent, but rather out of ideology.

    Anyway, speaking only of Blacks, Democrats have been offering them sweet promises and the occasional hand out now and then that we’ve now had three generations (since 1936) of Blacks who have grown up “knowing” that Democrats are good and Republicans bad. This has led to a system where Blacks are simply tribal voters, seemingly dependent on the system that was supposed to help them, voting almost uniformly in lockstep for the Democratic party. There’s very little you can do to break that. The problem really isn’t an outreach issue. The problem is that many Blacks simply don’t want to hear anything which challenges the notion that they’re simply being exploited by the Democratic party for their votes and will dismiss the message (and attack the person).

    You can’t fight against that.


  30. Kim says:

    I find it remarkable that not one poster has pointed out that the Republican platform is being rejected by voters: a platform that thinks men have the right to tell women about their own bodies (and with very peculiar ideas on rape); that ignores the world’s best scientists’ opinions on climate change (ask New Jersey); that thinks it’s okay for multi-millionaires to pay less tax than the average working American; that thinks it’s okay for people to lose their entire life savings for the sin of getting sick. That’s what’s killing you. not how few black people are on your communications team. Your policies are out of date with the electorate. Thankfully, when I read comments like these, and particularly Noel’s, I know that the GOP will continue to be on the outside of the White House looking in.

  31. Pam says:

    Everything you wrote may be true, but bottom line, are we better off now with Obama free to do anything he wants for the next 4 years, or would we have been better off with Romney?

    Bottom line, we are screwed, and this country may not survive the next 4 years.

  32. Katina says:

    I totally disagree with Noel and Franklin. Noel, name calling is just not called for. As an obvious “goon” from 2008, I was looking to change my vote. Unfortunately, I did not get clarity but I did get called names for how I voted in the past! Even Mitt Romney accused everyone who voted for President Obama in the past of being a free loader! REALLY? I have ALWAYS worked and have NEVER received government assistance. I am black I pay 28% payroll taxes and I file and pay what I owe every year. I am an independent thinker! Please GOP and followers, stop posting negative stuff about President Obama and the “goons” that voted for him!!! Present a detailed plan about what YOU are going to do and take it to the masses! Just thoughts from another conservative black chick!

  33. Franklin says:

    bill is right. Romney would have to be black to get many black votes in this election.
    obama has accessed the new voters correctly. they don’t care about any thing that’s going on except the thing they need from government.

    In my city a local TV station held a meeting of college students at one of the local colleges.
    The talking head had short interviews with about 20 students. When asked what are the important issues in this election and what are your major concerns for the country at this time.

    Everyone of these students said….getting more student loans. They would vote for the guy that gives them more money for school.

    I can understand their concern about the cost of school. But, the country IS STILL in a WAR. Still 16 trillion dollars in debt. Still mired in high unemployment. Still operating with a dysfunctional government. Still have cities and States going bankrupt.

    But, these issues never came up….just student loans.

    America have got to face the reality about themselves. Americans as a whole are lousy citizens.

    BTW…only 2 out of the 20 students that would be voting the next day knew the name of anyone on the ballot other than Romney/Ryan and obama/biden. None of them knew anything about the other elections, candidates or issues on the ballot.

    I personally don’t believe there will be another white male elected POTUS. Perhaps a white female but, not another white male.

  34. Noel says:

    America has been dumbed down and has an addiction problem; laziness. They like free stuff.
    Romney once said “If you want free stuff, vote for the other guy.”
    Well that’s what they want. Romney did his best. And Crystal you did a good job, given the resources you had.

    Just look at one of the GOONS who voted for Obama; the one who left an obscene comment on your previous article (I think his last name is Lynch or something). The idiot thinks it looks bad on you, but in reality it looks bad on Obama.

    I for one cannot and will never admire a President elected by such people (goons). He was elected in the style and fashion of a Hitler or a Chavez.

  35. Stephen says:

    Its not the messenger but the message. Blacks are not going to vote for GOP economic policies designed to preserve the disparities of wealth originated by slavery through Jim Crow. Black are not as stupid as you might imply by suggesting its the messenger; that they did not reject the message itself.

  36. Katina says:

    I soooo agree with you! Right on from one conservative black chick to another!

  37. jlleblanc says:

    Thank you for your spot on statement. I knew Mitt could not win. We need a dynamic uniting group of people who know how to reach out, welcome and educate people of what it means to be free. HANDOUTS are not free. We have four years to get it together, that is if we don’t lose the constitution all together and have a dictator government. My problem is I do not know how to become involved. Any ideas?

  38. Bill says:

    This point forward the GOP does need to do more outreach to all minorities, including Asians whom you didn’t mention. However, no Republican candidate had any chance of getting more blacks this election cycle, not even had Herman Cain been the nominee so I don’t fault Romney for not reaching out to them and the end result would have been the same.

    As you know Allen West, who in the strictest sense of the term is “more Black” than Obama and he lost his race despite outraising his opponent 5 to 1. What more could the GOP have done for him?

    I did notice there weren’t many black Republicans running this cycle. The only 1 I know of is Mia Love and she lost. Last cycle there were dozens of them although only 2 won anything.

    There is a Youtube video of West holding a Conservative Black Forum and he hoped to continue it on a regular basis. I hope someone will continue it in his stead.

  39. Jay says:

    So what should they do about it?

  40. Jay says:

    So what should be done about it?

  41. Franklin says:

    You have no idea how much I have fought with Republican party leadership in Florida, the Romney campaign and Republican politicians in Florida. Marco Rubio’s office has turned a deft ear to the people.

    Republicans did not learn from past elections. Did not learn from Mccain and even obama and Hillary’s battle.

    They still don’t want to do the heavy lifting of campaigning. Still don’t want to go outside the sameo sameo campaign strategist they have always had.
    They refuse to hear or consider that someone out side of their close knit circle could give them any help.

    Romney was the right man for the job….obama the wrong man for the job. But, as I have tried my best to clue in the Republican party…..

    Democrats have a better organization with a better hands on approach.

    Romney did not lose the election….the Republican party and long time Republicans lost it for him.

    Just so you know….It’s not an All white boys club….just the white boys they allow in.

    the other white boys are just supposed to shut up and vote.

    When I say Americans have become the most foolish group of people on the planet….I don’t mean just democrats or obama groupies.

    I mean the American people as a group….this election from start to finish…top to bottom has proved me to be correct on that.

    Americans have not lost their country…they gave it away.

  42. Scott says:

    Some good insights, but… Romney postured early as a right winger and then went to the middle. Friends of mine told me they were afraid Romney could not control the radical right. So ultimately the radical right was what cost Romney the votes.

    I fully agree it is time for (us) whiteys to acknowledge the old days are gone, but it does not make our ideals gone. The GOP needs to be FOR women, FOR education, FOR free enterprise, FOR welcoming the latest immigrants (not just those from before the 1st half of the 20th century) and FOR reasonable regulation and control of the not always scrupulous businessman (or politician.) AND FOR helping the down and out. And ABOVE ALL for individualism and again for free enterprise.

    I think that would contrast nicely with the Democratic platform of “we need to take away from the successful ’cause some of us just can’t cut it.”

    Your comment on the racial make up of the communications is very damning. We need a new party.

  43. Nicholas Gunn says:

    I understand you think Romney lost because he didn’t make an outreach to the Hispanic and African American communities. I agree with you on that point. That being said do you think he lost because he wasn’t Conservative enough?

  44. Lauren says:

    CBC, I agree and disagree with your suggestions. Yes, we do need more minority voices and leaders in the Republican Party, as sad as that is to say – sad because whether someone is a white man or not should never be a reason to ignore and overlook his policies. However, is it really going to work in the long run? We’ve already got several up-and-coming minority leaders – Rubio, Davis, Love, Martinez, Jindal – and yet I can see that the media is already beginning to paint them as house slaves, wetbacks, house n***ers, you name it. They are never going to accept that a minority can be conservative, and so even if we do get more minority leaders or a minority as a nominee (which I think we will next election), the media will still relentlessly portray them as a) GOP puppets who are just a way to get more votes or b) sellouts to their race. How do we get around that? Do we just accept that it will happen and do the best we can to fight against the lies/stereotypes that the media casts on us? I’d like to hear your thoughts especially since you’re politically involved.

  45. Kimberly Rachelle says:

    I don’t agree with you on much of anything Crystal. I think your were often unnecessarily nasty, snarky and rude with some of the the things you posted on twitter, But this is absolutely correct. There was ZERO outreach to the minority voting block by the GOP. They spend elections completely demonzing an entire race of people — insulting them almost — and then expect to be able to say, ‘we know what’s best for you, vote for us’. It doesnt work that way. Mitt Romney seemed like some character stuck in the 1950s. From his hair, to his handlers, there was nothing about him that appealed to a changing demographic. He wasn’t relateable. If the GOP is to survive they are going to have to find some common ground, use young minority GOPers to reach out to other young minorities. Your idea about townhall meetings at HBCUs is a great idea. Until they (the GOP) start caring about ALL American’s they will continue to lose elections.

  46. MelissaT says:

    Hello, I am not a Republican, but I am a prolife, Independent black woman who voted for Romney. Yes, it’s “mourning in America.” Obama is a terrible president and its unbelievable to me that people would vote for him. But it is what it is.

    Your post makes a good deal of sense, but I think that reaching out to black people on the part of Republicans would be futile. They’ve written us off for a reason. Most black people HATE Republicans. Many of us really think that they are in the Klan and out to get us. Biden’s comment that “they want to put you all in chains” was taken quite seriously by black people.

    I admire for your courage in speaking out and standing up for your convictions, but I can’t see black people becoming Republicans in substantial numbers for a long time, if ever.

  47. G. Pitts says:

    How can you be aware of all these facts and still push the nonsense right along with them ?

    As a 50+ Black Man, who has watched the political and cultural climate of these United States within the last Thirty years, I have realized that my inaction to participate in the political arena has left my child ( now 34 yrs of age ) an America full of debt that is the accumulation of past administrations, up to and including the present administration.

    Life as an adult began for me in the mid 70’s

    The cost of wars, taxes, political corruption, financial corruption ( wall st. and banking ) jobs being sent overseas, S&L scandal, etc etc etc has created an America that is extremely hard for most and extremely profitable for those in the know.

    The cast of characters, going back to the Ford administration, is astounding, some are still in power today. Makes me feel that the Republican Party of my lifetime never cared for anyone other than those that profited from their deeds.

    This includes those Republican friends of mine, that have rowed the same boat as me.

    The Republican party has opened their arms to racism for a very long time which is just one small characteristic that forms ones personality as a whole.

    I am still considered to be 3/5 of a human being amongst our founding fathers.

    I have watched my Republican counterparts attack my President by calling him a Communist just as J. Edgar Hoover placed the same label on Martin Luther King

    I have heard Rush Limbaugh refer to our First Lady, as ” Muchella ”

    Have we no shame ? Are we so blind as to not see our past ? Are we so big and self consumed, that we cannot apologize, when we were wrong ”

    I love America and American people but I still have a problem when one of us ( U.S citizens ) place a higher value on our lives than we would dare someone, on Gods same earth, to place on theirs.

    I see intolerance towards ones religion if it’s not the same as mine. It just seems to be an extension of ones skin colour.

    That’s the Republican Party that I see. I cannot, with a clear conscience see myself joining forces with such a group.

    I follow your tweets, I admire your thick skin, just don’t understand the inability to not see 2 sides of every story

    I feel sorry for my son because this is the America he has inherited as a result ofme and my constituents that weren’t paying attention then.

    P. S. I am a small business owner and have been so for 26 yrs I understand the financial argument I don’t understand the messenger

  48. Antonio says:

    I have been telling my co workers this all day today, I know for a fact I am not the only African American in my circle with the values I have. However , my peers only look at the republican party in one way, and I can’t blame them because no effort was made to present an alternative. This should be a lesson well learned.

  49. msouth says:

    I hate trying to have a real conversation on twitter 🙂

    So, I’m just trying to imagine…black conservatives going into these cites and just giving the “are you better off? Is this getting you what you want?” speeches…I think it would also have required a real “here is the path out of this” that I never heard Romney articulate, so that was another problem I guess. But yeah, that could potentially have been very powerful.

    Personally I want the GOP to pretty much go libertarian. I don’t think they are that far away–not as far as they think by a long shot–and they could really steal a lot from the Dems directly that way, pick up the young, and if sold correctly you could definitely appeal to latinos with it at least in terms of friendly immigration positions, anti-regulation allowing them to start and run their own businesses easily, etc.

    But I ramble. Thanks again for this thought provoking piece.

  50. @mrjwhit says:

    Ok, I’m with you. I just wonder do we play into Dems wheelhouse of dividing America if we demand a non-white candidate for that sake alone? I loved Herman Cain, but I don’t think he was polished enough for the big stage and would’ve turned off many. HOWEVER, he would’ve done away with the “guilt” of not voting for the black guy or proving I’m not a racist.

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