Republicans Got the Shellacking We Deserve

Today isn’t “good morning” in the GOP. President Obama won a second term. Republicans deserve the shellacking we got because the party of Lincoln is running candidates in 2012 like it’s 1860. Old white men just don’t cut it anymore and are not reflective of the changing demographics of the country. America is browning up not whitening up, as evidenced by the US Census findings that minorities will make up 54% of the population by the year 2050.

Americans didn’t buy what the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was selling because he was the wrong messenger for a growing ethnically diverse population. Whites made up 72% of voters in 2012 of which Romney won 60% but appealing to whites only wasn’t enough to carry him to the White House.  The diminishing importance of the white vote is evidenced by the fact Obama earned 38% of the white vote, five points less than he did in 2008, according to the Wall Street Journal and still won re-election.

It’s not the message Republicans need to change but the messengers who are selling the message. To his credit and the Democrats, Obama did heavy outreach to blacks, Latinos and Hispanics and it paid off. Obama increased his win of the Hispanic vote from 67% in 2008 to 69% in 2012, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. According to CNN, black voter turnout in swing states like Pennsylvania was higher than it was in 2008 and Obama earned over 90% of the black vote overall this election.

In contrast, Romney gave what amounted to lip service light to the Hispanic and Latino outreach.  Romney and the RNC spent millions of dollars in advertising to Hispanics, yet he failed to chip away at that voting bloc because people can tell when you don’t really care about their vote.

Even more insulting was Romney’s refusal to work for the black vote beyond giving an NAACP speech and announcing a Black Leadership Council, which amounted to nothing more than cosmetic wall paper. Knowing Obama wasn’t earning the black vote and blacks would simply vote for him because he was black, you would think Romney and the RNC would do more to take their message to black America.

A year ago, the RNC hired me to create a black outreach website to attract more blacks to the Republican Party. After near completion of the site in the late spring of 2012, Romney and the RNC killed the project, explaining they didn’t want to launch the site without putting outreach activities behind it. I agreed and recommended a slate of outreach activities such as town hall meetings at historically black colleges and universities in swing states such as Virginia and North Carolina. The RNC’s refused to fund any black outreach activities.

With unemployment at 8% or above for the past four years (except for two months),  crushing debt and anemic economic growth under President Obama, this election was the Republican presidential nominee’s to lose. (No president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt won re-election when unemployment was at or above 7.8%.)  Mitt Romney spent six years, six years running for president as a Republican and he lost because he was the wrong candidate who then won the nomination.

After receiving the Republican nomination, Romney then refused to run a 21st century campaign. He stuck with an insular “all (white) boys club” approach to running his campaign and strategy and it showed. From the Etch-A-Sketch comment by his top operative to another cursing out reporters to refusing calls from top Republicans to retool his strategy, Romney was an out of touch candidate, who deserved what he got but ultimately took supporters down with him. Running against Obama with the media swooning over the president in the background, Romney needed not only to be aggressive but also innovative. He was neither.

I hope Karl Rove and “the Republican establishment” are happy they rammed Romney down conservatives’ throats. There’s a reason he failed to grab the nomination in 2008 and win the election in 2012. Whether Democrat or Republican, Americans want to know where you stand on the issues, moderates don’t win elections.  But more importantly, what we learned from 2012 is the Republican Party needs to stop talking only to white people. It’s not working and won’t win the elections of tomorrow.

An example of the party’s backward thinking is the fact that the last time I inquired the RNC doesn’t have one black person working in its Communications department. Americans aren’t stupid. You reap what you sow.

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86 Responses to “Republicans Got the Shellacking We Deserve”

  1. Thomas Hockaday says:

    Furthermore, if the Republican Party think that raising up and supporting people like Herman Cain who calls other blacks “brainwashed” or Allen West who accuse other blacks of supporting the Democratic party for the sole purpose of getting more Food Stamps and bigger welfare checks, is going to cause a mass migration back to the Party of Lincoln, then they must be crazy! Sending “Ill-Will” Ambassadors with condescending attitudes to talk down to us or to play up the racist stereotypes about balcks on welfare and being lazy to predominantly white audiences (like Rick Santorum did in the Midwest) also will not help! To accuse the Dems of appealing to race when the Gop obviously does the same thing in appointing Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, sending Alan Keyes to oppose Barack Obama, showing more black faces at the Republican Convention than was on the floor, etc, only further aggravate the not so good relationship between most blacks and the party of the late Jessie Helms!!

  2. Thomas Hockaday says:

    Black Con Chick, I pray for the day when the Republican Party will own up to the Southern Strategy and its own part in alienating black and get off of the blaming the old guard black Civil Rights Leadership, the Liberal news media or the big Government giveaway promises of the liberal Democratic party. Let’s face it, the Republican Party used to be the great party of Abe Lincoln. It was the Abolitionist Party! The party that fought racism, the KKK and even up to Dwight Einsenhower was pretty much pro-Civil Rights. But as the Democratic Party shed its racist skin, even though it became progressive and liberal, all the Dixiecrats and racist Democrats found a home in one wing of the GOP! That wing produced the late great racist from my homestate of North Carolin, Jessie Helms and men like the Grand Dragon of the KKK, David Duke!

  3. ModerateDeen says:

    I agree with this article and I really like it.
    I am a young Black woman of moderate views. I agree with Conservatives on many fiscal issues but I agree with Liberals on social issues such as gay rights. I agree with Republicans on abortion.
    I believe that Republicans need to realize that America is changing culturally and getting more ethnically diverse.

    I hate to break it to you but I believe the far Right is dangerous and racist. They would do anything to make sure President Obama became a one term president because they can’t stand the fact that a Black man is in the highest office in the world.
    The Left isn’t any better either.

  4. Garcia, Richard says:

    Those fixated on race are the biggest racists, and I say this as a young man of color myself, an Hispanic man to be exact. I don’t have to be a “white, racist, right-wing tea-bagger” to point this out. Most racial agitators, if not, all of them pledge blind allegiance to the Socialist–, I mean Democratic Party.

    The political party that has done more to keep minorities dependent on government for roughly half a century, and goes to great efforts to rob women of their personal autonomy by dis-empowering them and classifying them by their “lady parts”, has always been the political party that uses the classic Marxist strategy of identity politics to divide people and create class warfare. The Democratic Party.

    Anybody that points this out is instantly vilified with the generic shaming tactic of being called a “racist” as a means of shutting down any civil debate. Civil rights leaders fought to eliminate race as a criteria so that generations of Americans would be able to live in a society that measures their merits, instead of placing emphasis on their skin tone, hair texture, or what is between their legs.

    We need to do them justice by looking at our real enemy residing within our government.

  5. TK says:

    Crystal (CBC)
    Hey- I saw your interview on C-SPAN with Brian Lamb- It was great to see an articulate spokeswman for the Conservatives. However, I am a liberal-Democrat (I wouldn’t consider myself a liberal though and have voted Republican in the past (Bush I, Dole.) I vote for either party-whoever I feel can begin to pull out democracy out of the clutches of gridlocked-corrupt Washington. So- I am an Obama supporter- but I listened to Romney’s message- and I agree that they deserve the shellacking that they got!
    I feel the right has alienated anyone who might ‘listen’ to their message and creed-due to their hateful beleifs about Obama’s birthplace -calling him an ‘undocumented worker’ and attacking trivial aspects o his wife’s spending etc..(all in the name of spiteful retribution of a popular/celebrity like Preisident and a supposedly liberal media who maligned George Bush).. I also feel the Dems won due to their organizing ‘Organizing for America’ efforts-with social media (polling early voters— utilization of facebook etc.. They actually crashed their computer system/network to see if they could re-activitate it ! Which they did!
    Anyhow-I do have some conservatve leanings and have some conservative social views (I am a Christian -but don’t allow my religious views overide my voting activity). However, I did find it interesting that the conservative Christians who may have alienated a Morman Democrat candidate- but in 2012 supported Romney- and continued to bash Obama for his ‘beliefs’ even though he is -a professing Christian! Along those same lines- it’s interesting how the ‘Black-Conservative Church’ seems support Democratic Candidates who are Pro-Life- Forgive me….since I’m a new reader of your site- I’m sure you have addressed this in the past.
    Anyhow- I will save some additional comments for later….. but I will check out your site again- (the Repubs should have utilized you more in their campiagn) .
    BTW – it’s nice to see a very attractive (39 yr.) ? woman – on C-SPAN?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-
    PS- Have you ever thought of being a guest on the Rachel Maddow- I’m sure she’d love to have you! Likewise – has she ever been a guest of yours?

  6. Jinsky Jean-Pois says:

    The candidate strategy for winning the presidency was disastrous for Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan. First of all, the campaign town hall meeting did not reflect the demography of the nation due to the fact it is not diverse. The demographics of the town hall meeting were Anglos males and females who are older. The demographic of the incumbent president’s town hall meeting were African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Anglo-Americans, and Latino-Americans, males and females plus younger and older voters. Furthermore, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not campaign in the Afro-American, Asian, or Latino neighborhoods. The fact that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not campaign in Afro-American, Asian, or Latino neighborhoods was detrimental for electoral success. Since the Anglo to Non-Anglo voter ratio was 72%-28% the Caucasian electorate preferred Mitt Romney by 59%-39% while the Non-Caucasian electorate preferred Barack Obama by 80%-18%. The 18-29 year of age electorate preferred Barack Obama by 60%-37%, the 30-44 year of age electorate preferred Barack Obama by 52%-47%, the 45-64 year of age electorate preferred Mitt Romney by 51%-47% and the 65 year of age and older electorate preferred Mitt Romney by 56%-44%. Most compelling is the candidate advertisements that were used to target the electorate. The advertisements were only based on the economic climate of the nation. Presidential campaigns focus on a multitude of themes impacting the nation. The failure of the Romney presidential campaign to discuss other issues was an ingredient for disaster.
    The existence of the Republican Party is challenged by the evolving demographic shifts in the nation, which would generally impact elections. It is important to note that the dialogue, campaign strategy, public policy initiatives, plus the duly nominated candidates have an impact. The results of adverse dialogue, campaign strategy, public policy initiatives, plus duly nominated candidates have perpetuated negative outcomes. Another indication of this is the favorability of the Republican Party, which also perpetuates a general recognition of public relations. The favorability rating of the Republican Party is less than the Democratic Party. Third of all, the preference vote of the various demographic groups was not generally positive for the Republican Party. The vote of the various demographic groups are favorable to the Democratic Party and therefore are not favorable to the Republican Party when 96% of African-American voters, 73% of Asian-American voters, 71% of Latino-American voters, and 60% of the younger voters preferred President Barack Obama (D) over former MA Governor Mitt Romney (R) for the presidency. Consequently as a result, the Republican Party should confront and therefore adapt to the evolutionary demographic shifts in the nation to ensure the viability of this political party.
    The 2012 presidential election results should invoke a response from the Republican Party. In the beginning, various political operatives in the Republican Party erroneously presumed victory for the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket with forecasted data. Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove presumed that the 2012 general electorate was more conservative, male, older, and Caucasian. Furthermore, the actual voter participation rate perpetuated the negative outcome in addition to the actual preference vote. The actual voter participation rate was 60% in total for the nation and 28% for ethnic non-Caucasian groups whose preference vote was 80% for the Democratic Party. Moreover, the response to the 2012 presidential election results should signal that the sole Caucasian electorate is always inadequate for electoral victory. The fact that the Republican Party did not earn more than 18% of the ethnic non-Caucasian preference vote should be deemed corrosive. With all of this in mind, the Republican Party should be cognizant generally of the 57th presidential election results to discern how this political party should operate to exist in the future as a governing political party with earned majoritarian status from the general public.

  7. Traci says:

    You (conservative “hate” chick) weren’t saying all this when Rev Al got in that ass!

  8. leo blount says:

    I was watching you on Cspan this weekend and like your twist on the tradition party of being a republican black chick. When Abraham Lincoln was president and was violently assassinated blacks in America were Republicans and during Reconstruction many Black Congressman and Senators were Republicans! Robert Perry the Confederate Ship Captain stole a ship he commanded in the cover of night and sailed up the Atlantic Coast to hand it over to the Union Soldiers and freed himself out of slavery! Later Captain Perry became a legendary hero for his brave act of bravery of disregard for his own life and later became a Republican Congressman and was the only black Congressman left after reconstruction since the nation had turned to segregation /Jim Crow/ Klukker practices of taking back the rights of blacks around the turn of the 20th century! this is why blacks moved their party affliation over to Democrats because the needs of blacks were not being met. I was born in Birmingham,Alabama and my grandfather in the 30s and 40s and my father was a republican until he died in 1971. I am a democrat but next election I am changing back my party affiliation of Indepedent because I am not happy with the two main parties since they have no relevance to black people’s needs! To get back to why I texted you is WHERE DOES THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GO FROM HERE?! Especially in 2016? How can the party become inclusive and not exclusive? I think this sould be your next article and should be your theme until the next election in 2016! Your comments would be most appreciated! Leo Blount

  9. Nonconservative black chick says:

    I’m far from being a republican, but I love what you have to say. I don’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying, but I think what you have said is well thought out. You’re not another black republican parrot pushing republican values for status.

  10. Nyte says:

    I am nt sure who wrote the above article, but Mitt Romney was not shoved down anyone’s throat. There was a primary and at the end of that primary Mitt Romney was the winner. All the money in the money in te world can make anyone vote for anyone else.

    He was candidate we chose. And having done so — should have supported him in any way possible as to ourconscience, sound judgement and make sense rhetoric.

    Sadly, our party sounded as though the world was all but on gthe road to armeggedon.

  11. EliteCommInc. says:

    I think the evidence is very clear, that Miss Coulter is experincing a shift in her rhetoric as it pertains to black citizens. it still needs refining, but on the whole, her rhetoric does not reflect a hatred of black citizens.

    There may be issues in that dynamic — but hatred — No.

  12. EliteCommInc. says:

    I vote for Republican candidates because of what I believ, not because my fellow conservatives say or believe things I may find objectionable.

    It’s one the traits ofintegrity. My feelings do not my political and life principles make.

  13. minellimu says:

    I am cringing as I read this. I don’t even know where to begin????
    I give up!

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi Crystall,

    I first heard about your blog while listening to a radio interview following the US election. I found your comments to be fascinating and decided to visit your blog.

    I am a Canadian and although I am not as intimately familiar with US politics as you, we Canadians are bombarded with US TV stations and hence US political news.

    I should mention that I am a 31 year old Caucasian man. Although I do not directly identify with any particular ethnic group myself, being from a younger generation, I see how they are shaping western countries such as the US and Canada. Not engaging these groups would be political suicide.

    Take for instance the Conservative Party of Canada. Although not connected to any political party in the US, they do offer an excellent example of how to engage ethnic communities.

    They are a right of center party that had spent 13 some years in opposition (we use the British Parliamentary system). Once forming government, they quickly adopted a plan to engage groups such as the East Indian community, Chinese, Ukrainian, etc. Although Canada is not home to a large black community, the principles behind engagement are similar.

    The Conservatives sent questionnaires to various ethnic communities determining what was important to them, engaged ethnic leaders and advertised in ethnic neighborhoods using their mother language. Additionally the Conservatives brought community leaders into the party, and helped many of them run as candidates.

    Of course this did not assure 100% of the votes from any community, the numbers of non-Caucasian/non-Canadian born supporters has risen substantially.

    Take for instance the Canadian election of 2011, the Ukrainian community, a long time Liberal Party base, voted strongly Conservative. Many people in this community held strong conservative values, but never recognized the Conservative Party as a vehicle to further their cause.

    Likewise many other ethnic groups in Canada hold socially conservative values and would align their values with the party if they recognized the party as supporting their interests/views. In my opinion many cultural groups likely don’t see how some of their values are actually conservative. It is the job of conservative leaning political parties to hit the grassroots of these communities as part of a national PR campaign. Any successful party must be representative of the all the ethnic groups that make up the country. Especially the ones who will likely vote for you.

    The overarching strategy for the Republican Party, in my view, should be to demonstrate the shared values between the Party and their target ethnic communities. I don’t know what mechanisms are in place in the GOP, but I would think that researching your target demographic would be a good start. Find out who among them are likely to support the GOP. I would think that religious leaders in the black community, for instance, would be natural allies for the Republicans. Doing your research to find out where these potential supporters live and find out what this cross section believes to be important. This would lend itself nicely to engaging the movers and shakers in this demographic. I think that this would build a strong foundation for a national PR plan.

    I am not arguing here that the GOP should only run black or Latino candidates, what I am suggesting that the GOP strategically chooses messengers (as you alluded to in your blog) that represent various voting groups. A white candidate may be what is needed to win the white vote, much like a black candidate may be needed to win the black vote.

    A presidential candidate for instance may not be both black and Latino, therefore the GOP must have the mechanisms in place to engage the other communities as needed. The get out the vote (GOTV) is vital in any campaign. In Canada, the Conservatives have successfully courted ethnic leaders and have even reached out to their home countries by having prominent members of the party travel abroad.

    This is just my two cents.


  15. Damani says:

    Fascinating comments.
    A question:
    What did you find compelling about what Ms. Wright had to say either on the TV show or in the article here?

  16. WalkerColt says:

    Wow! All of us seem to be “Lost in Space” since Romney lost. I’ll take a shot at an explanation and hope it helps someone, somewhere.

    First to the reparations argument. My best contribution to this country was in the Navy. We were intimidating the Soviet Union into a nuclear stalemate. Looking back at history (which is a bad mistake when you’re looking through the lens of your color), the old question was “How can you get rich without slaves?” In modern terms we’d be shocked at this, but before the invention of better forms of energy than men and mules, it was an honest question which is why slavery existed for tens of thousands of years and still does in the Islamic world today. If you follow the development of the steam engine and it’s spread, slavery disappears as industrial methods replace the stupidity of whipping people to work harder. The American Civil War is a classical example. The North had railroads and little need of slaves, and those States abolished the institution. Four of the original 13 colonies tried to abolish slavery and King George the Thrid vetoed those laws because England still had slavery. It’s in the list of complaints in the Declaration of Independence: “you have vetoed our right laws”. The South remained backwards and relied on a system which was fast becoming obsolete. If reparations could be paid, they should have been paid for those who had been born in slavery. Talking of reparations today is simply insane because we are so very mixed together. It would be a logistical nightmare. My deceased wife is a perfect example. Her ancestors were a free black woman and a white frontiersman who traveled into the Alabama/Missisippi territory to be married because of the race laws in South Carolina. And this was right after the War of 1812. My blood type and factors are such that if I was injured in Africa, the hospital would have to find a European tourist to give me a blood transfusion because no native of Africa would match my body’s chemistry. Who should I ask reparations from? Do I take a dollar from my right pocket and put it in my left pocket? This is a fruitless argument. Especially since the country is broke and can’t pay for such foolishness.

    Second, as far as labor and service goes from the African in America, I believe we’ve done more as soldiers and sailors and businessmen than as slaves for the economy of the United States. Slavery is a nasty and inefficient means of production. Only a fool would use it. If everyone in this country was to ask me to take them on as a slave, I’d refuse immediately, and not because of the immorality. With the right machinery and a gallon of gasoline I can duplicate the work of 63 men working by hand. That gallon of gasoline costs me $4. I cannot feed 63 men for $4. Remember that a human being can only put out one-tenth horsepower for 8 to 12 hours. That’s nothing compared to a nuclear plant which can produce 1.34 million horsepower 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 90% of the year and you’ll never hear it utter a single complaint.

    What bothers me most about the environmentalists and the mentality of Barack Obama is that they all seem to want to save the Earth by destroying the very resources that vouchsafe my personal freedom. What good does it do me to “save the planet” (ridiculous, childish, superhero, comic book nonsense) when you’re killing my job and flirting with bringing back slavery by shutting down powerplants? If you demand that I choose between a whip on my back or live with a smokestack, I’ll live with the smokestack and be thankful for it.

  17. Franklin says:

    Politicians, political party’s and the parasite press media has convinced Americans that their vote must be bought with some kind of goodies or benefits.

    Why continue to condemn the wealthy, big business and special interest for using their votes for trade offs when individuals are doing the same thing with their vote.

    Americans are just a dishonest as their politicians.

    Especially dishonest with their own selves.

  18. Good post. There are a bunch of African Americans like myself that tend to be center right, but the party seems to have no interest in going after our vote. I think a lot of them have come to believe this vote is lost, instead of trying to at the very least put a dent into the Dems, percentage of the vote.

  19. Wayne E. Carey says:

    Greetings Mrs. Wright.
    I have listened to you on cable as well as read some of your thoughts here and I would like your opinion on some thoughts I have. First of all, I can respectfully say I don’t agree with you on some issues. I hope we can have a useful discussion anyway. I have heard your comments on the state of blacks in the inner cities, how we have to take responsibility for our action, we can no longer blame white folks for our troubles, it’s up to us to do for self, etc. Is this more or less your point of view? If so I would like to offer this in response. While I do agree with all of the above, I am convinced this is an incomplete analysis of the situation. I think and believe it is most useful to look at our present situation in a historical as well as economic as well as structural context. History tells us that we (Africans as well as poor whites) were brought here to work , to create value while receiving very little , if anything, in return. This was the basis for the economic growth which led to the industrial revolution. I would reference Eric Williams work, Capitalism and Slavery for a most complete analysis of just where all this wealth came from. The wealth that this country accumulated went to the pockets of a very few people, relative to the general population. Not that some people didn’t work very hard, but by and large when we talk about large accumulation of capital, we cannot overlook so many years of free labor. Even James Madison boasted about how little it cost him to feed his slaves as opposed to how much they produced.
    I say all that because i would argue that it is virtually impossible to accumulate the amount of wealth that the “leaders of industry” did by their own labor, or even the labor of the next ten ordinary, free people they knew. So to go forward, most people, for most of our history have been confined to the lower classes. The middle class is a relatively new phenomenon, and was created for a specific group of people. Most blacks could not take advantage of the G I bill, education, etc. There were not enough schools for most of us, so education was denied to many of us.( I know you know about jim crow.) Yes, there was civil rights legislation later on, but look how hard it was to put that into practice. And let’s look at the Republican party, “The Party of Lincoln”. When this legislation was passed, the Dixiecrat s left the democratic party and took over the Republican party. SO, WHEN DID THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GO BACK TO BEING THE PARTY OF LINCOLN !
    To address our moral condition, I would argue that it is a wonder that there area any of us at all that have made it out from under the oppression. Look at soldiers coming back from war. The Armed forces are just now starting to look at ptsd as a legit condition. This is a condition that befalls people when under the stress of being in a warlike environment for just one to four, five years. I would argue we as slaves were under conditions just as bad if not much worse for at least 300 hundred years. Try to imagine the pathology passed down from generation to generation. This was, I believe, no accident. The supporters of slavery knew that they had to destroy the culture of the slaves in order to destroy our spirit so that we would keep on working for nothing. Destroy a peoples culture, and you destroy their spirit. Again I agree much of our problem is of a spiritual nature. Our churches have done a herculean task in holding our community together. So where was and is the great effort to remedy this? Yes, we can and must do as much as we can without outside help, however, I would not ignore the virtual war that has taken place against our leadership. Look what happened to those of us who started to amass a large following. They were either killed, put in jail or worse. Dr King had a sermon with him when he was killed called why america is going to hell.
    I closing I would say keep our feet to the fire as well as the powers that be, and to never criticize one without criticizing the other. I don’t want to excuse anyone. Thank you for your time. Keep The Faith!

  20. Ricky Greene says:

    Well if anybody thought that Republicans or “conservatives” or “tea partiers” or anybody else that took part in this debacle are going to go “Thanks, I needed that” and actually WAKE UP — nope, It ain’t a gonna happen like that. I still see the same, biggest mistake over and over again. One problem is that, for all the crying, wailing and knashing of teeth of the old media everybody continues to absorb and reuse their metaphors and rewrites of history, from the stone age through yesterday’s news. They watch “Fox News” an hour or two a day then absorb 6 hours of “entertainment” that relentlessly pounds “factoids” along with attitudes, language and “legal opinions” from people that aren’t policemen, judges, doctors, scientists or even soccer moms or school teachers, but PLAY THEM ON TV from which the mind unblinkingly accepts them as presented. There is no difference between a person put into a highly suggestible state by a hypnotherapist such as myself and someone staring at a TV show except one. The person receiving therapy KNOWS he is being given suggestions to his unconscious mind and both he and the therapist, if ethical, can be on the lookout for unexpected side effects.

  21. Republican on Welfare says:

    I am a conservative, republican voting, single parent, black female and I thought everyone would see through Obama’s lies. He lied in 2007 when he said that he was against same sex marriage, you could see it in his face the way he spit the words out and looked as though he was in pain when he said it. I thought everyone would find out about the eugenics social engineering that fuel’s Obama’s campaign and seeks to kill off all black people (check it out at maafa21 dot com). I thought everyone knew that the economy is in trouble because of the decline in our demographics and that the only reason why the dem’s are in favor of immigration is because they want to pull the wool over our eyes about our declining demographics that are part of their social engineering agenda. I guess I should have told everyone that I agree with Mitt that people, who like me are black single mothers, think that they are victims and I want a president who is going to hold me accountable and let me know that I can do it and I don’t need the government to hold my hand and make me be a faux success through policies that don’t work and taxes that make no sense either way because of our declining demographics. These things are all irrelevant because the Bill and Melinda Gates’ of this world hate all people of lower socioeconomic status and want to kill the majority of us off so they can do what they want without a majority of people stopping them and calling them irresponsible. Does anyone know how large Al Gore’s carbon footprint is? It is ENORMOUS! These people who are pushing their “green” garbage are the ones with the largest carbon footprint. I don’t listen to their lies anymore. I hope everyone else see’s the light soon. I will be working to bring this information to the masses. If the Republicans don’t want to pay us for our work to spread their agenda, we should do it ourselves and not worry about being paid because the people deserve to know what is really going on.

  22. RJ says:

    “Knowing Obama wasn’t earning the black vote and blacks would simply vote for him because he was black, you would think Romney and the RNC would do more to take their message to black America.”

    This really proves that you are not thinking for yourself. The majority of Black people are democrats. Are you not smart enough to know that.

    He earned our votes as we sat and watched this man be put down and ridiculed by your bigoted party. We watched as he handled himself with dignity. We watched as he accomplished healthcare, Lilly Ledbetter, the auto bailout. We watched him work and accomplish something despite the hatred.

    Blacks voted for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry in droves. I also wonder why you expect Latinos and blacks to vote for your party if they put a Latino or Black conservative on the ticket, yet you ridicule black people for voting for the President.

    If black people suddenly ran to the Republican party to vote for Herman Cain then you can say that they were voting for him because he was black. Because that would have been a complete switch.

    God have mercy. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  23. RJ says:

    Mitt Romney (and the Republican Party) lost because they are hateful bigots. Period. End of discussion. They need not reach out to people of color because anything they say will be a lie.

    I also cannot understand how black people like yourself are so willing to turn the other cheek to the outright bigotry and racism within your party. Also, if you cared so much about the Black community being overlooked by President Obama one would think that you would be equally outraged by the many hateful things your party does to the Black and Latino community. You must be a paid shill.

    Colin Powell has dignity and respect for himself. You do not.

    P.S. Please retire the tired MLK references when you speak about the pushback you receive from other blacks regarding your political affiliation.

  24. Walter says:

    Republicans never learn.Democrats know how to work the trenches. Sara Palin once said “Obama is nothing more than a neighborhood organizer”. Palin prooved how out of touch she was, in politics there is nothing more important that a good neighborhood organizer. Need I say more. Republicans should ditch the abortion issue, wait until you get the power to do something

  25. Franklin says:


    What I have observed is (and I hope I can say this correctly) blacks, as they have progressed in society, are making ALL the same mistakes and errors whites have made.

    They are shooting themselves in the foot just as whites have done.

    This is in every area of life not just political decisions.

    I suppose this means blacks and whites actually are equal…..

    Both Races screw up equally well….

  26. MGV says:

    I see what the problem is here. People base their view of the world on their myopic view of life. One person says he worked for the Democratic party and he heard nothing but racist jokes, and then worked for the Republican party but didn’t here those jokes. Yet, there are many Republicans nationally who had to resign from politics for forwarding jokes in poor racial humor.

    The point is your life is not the life of everyone else, and you can’t project your experiences onto the world. It may have been that those were just bad people at the precinct. Doesn’t make all Republicans good or all Democrats bad, or vice versa. Sadly you ignore the many examples of Republicans saying awful things and search out examples of Democrats. You can’t justify negative behavior of one party by comparing it too the negative behavior of another party.

    Secondly, people didn’t vote for President Obama cause they are lazy and want handouts. If we would truly look at the numbers, you would find that an alarming number of Conservatives are on welfare, but do not know it because they don’t understand how the government works. WIC is welfare, Food Stamps is welfare, Section 8 is welfare, medicaid is welfare. Many of the people that use these services think they come from state programs, that’s partly true, but they are also subsidized by the federal government with tax payer money. The biggest takers of these programs come from states that vote as Conservatives who traditionally have lower education, low wage jobs, and a higher poverty level. Which means many takers have voted for Romney, Bush, and Reagan. The party of freedom is using too much of government money in contradiction to their “values”. On top of that they lead the nation toward the bottom of the pack in poverty and education. The ten top poorest states are all “red states”, and of the states that received the most government funding per person, most are states that lean Conservative. Meaning conservative government has done little in their states to curtail big government spending and policies.

    Yes, I am black woman who voted for President Obama. In my 18 years of voting, he’s the only black person that has received my vote other than Ron Kirk as the mayor of Dallas. Yet, he’s not the only black to have run for office. Hillary Clinton would have gotten my vote if she won, and not because I am a woman. I have voted for three white men to be President, and no one ever accused me of voting for them because they were white. Democrats have carried the vast majority of black votes long before President Obama won the election. So to belittle their votes because some first time voters may have been excited by the prospect of a black President is silly. President Obama won more white votes in 2008 than any other President running on the Democrat ticket in recent history, and in this election he tied with Clinton.

    Lastly, America didn’t die because President Obama was elected again. If you truly believe in the decline of the Constitution then America died with LBJ, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, Nixon, Carter, and pretty much every President after the progressive tax, the Great Depression, wire-tapping, and World War 2. So silly calling people “goons” and attacking the core of who someone is because you’re wrapped in partisan sheep food. When people use words like that to reduce a fellow American, it tells me a lot about their ideology and their character. Sadly the thought has never occurred to many that their view of the opposite party may just be wrong. You don’t have to an enemy.

    *Sadly my comments keep disappearing, wonder why*

  27. Damani says:

    Whatever happened to the argument that Obama could not have been elected without white voters supporting him?
    A “great number” is still the double digit millions constituting the 38% or 43% (2008).

    More relevant, however, to the Repub’s future is the MUCH higher %age of younger white voters who supported and voted for President Obama. Not to mention Latinos and Asian-Americans.

    If Michael is not monitoring this site to see your response, I will be pleased to engage with you on the issues you raised and the questions you asked.

  28. Brandon says:

    That should say “but when elected they forget about minorities”.


  29. Brandon says:

    @Michael Benjamin

    With all due respect, what you typed is complete bullshit. The Democratic party cares about minorities insomuch as they’re useful for getting Democrats elected. Democrats serve up empty platitudes and play the race card, but when elected they don’t forget about minorities.

    Blacks as a group, for example, have voted for the Democratic candidate in every election since at least 1936. That’s before the “Southern Strategy” and when Democrats were pushing Jim Crow laws. Unemployment has been a big concern within the Black community since the 1950’s, yet Blacks still vote for the party of empty promises. Today, the Black unemployment rate is 14.3%– higher than it ever was under Bush– yet Blacks still overwhelmingly went for Obama. Democrats continue to rail against “school choice” when the majority of Blacks not only suffer from a poor public educational system, but support the ability to choose where one’s child goes to school. And so on and so forth with a host of other issues .

    The fact of the matter is that Democrats have created a culture where they can count on the Black vote “just because”. They are not judged based on their merits. As a Black man, I find this both sickening and startling. Blacks, and minorities in general, refuse to vote Republican because they “haven’t done anything for them” but, when you look at history, the question should be what have Democrats done for minorities?

    The answer to that is nothing. But the idea that Republicans “hate” minorities is so engrained into minority neighborhoods that reaching out is virtually impossible. This is the experience of ANY minority who has ever tried talking to their family or peers about why they should rethink their blind allegiance to the Democratic party. Unlike most people here, I don’t fault the GOP for not reaching out to minorities. You cannot reach out to people who don’t want to listen in the first place; it’s an exercise in futility.

    “President Obama had a message that appealed to a great number of white voters who set aside racial fears to vote their economic and social interests.”

    A couple of things here worth mentioning.

    (1) Obama received 38% of the White vote; the lowest of any candidate dating back to 1980’s. I’m not sure how you can argue that “President Obama had a message that appealed to a great number of white voters”.

    (2) Are you saying that Whites who didn’t vote for Obama did so because they’re racists and/or contrary to their “economic and social” self-interests? I ask, because that’s the direct implication of your post.

    “It’s that mentality that is undermining the American economy and selling out American workers to greedy transnational plutocratic interests.”

    Clinton signed NAFTA, which disproportionately affected the young and minorities, but he’s still considered to be “cool peoples”. Why is that?

  30. Miriam says:

    We know the issues. We know what we want out of a government. Why not start a conservative Black party?

  31. Funny, I don’t recall you voicing these criticisms on this blog or during any of your media appearances shilling for the GOP or the Romney-Ryan campaign.

    You spent all summer castigating President Obama and the Democrats for ignoring the concerns of African American voters. Meanwhile, you now allege, the same was happening to blacks within the GOP ranks.

    Face it, the GOP message is wrong and outdated. GOP’s Presidential messengers are wrong and outdated. GOP campaign strategies and tactics are wrong and outdated. The GOP’s whites-only message and campaign style is dangerously wrong and outdated.

    And neither is the problem, the shrinking white vote relative to the growing Hispanic, Asian and black vote. Whites still make up a significant and considerably important segment of the voting population. President Obama had a message that appealed to a great number of white voters who set aside racial fears to vote their economic and social interests.

    I’m glad that our CBC got “paid.” But like Karl Rove, you only seemed to be in it for the money. It’s that mentality that is undermining the American economy and selling out American workers to greedy transnational plutocratic interests.

  32. IndependentChick says:

    Interesting article from the NY Times:;jsessionid=5C878DE3945D6F8F863AE25DB21C9B91?f=19

    ”…Ralph Reed, the longtime Republican strategist and chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said he would redouble efforts over the next four years to recruit women, Latinos and young people as grass-roots organizers.”

    My question: why aren’t the Republicans redoubling their efforts to recruit Blacks?

  33. Franklin says:


    There are extremist is EVERY political party.

    It’s just that the media magnifies the Republican far right and ignores the democrat far left.

    The American parasite press is nothing more than a propaganda arm for a chosen political party.

    Americans join in with this practice rather than take action to stop this activity.

  34. You know, this non-sense about the left-wing propagating the “message” that “government wants to give you something” is a red-herring. The fact of the matter is that it’s not so much as the conservative message as the way its packaged and presented. True, there are some liberals who have an entitlement mentality, but tax breaks for “job creators” and anything-goes pro-business policies are just as much of a government giveaway. Republicans and conservatives would be a lot more appealing to black people like myself (and probably Hispanics) if they can purge their ranks of the extremist elements like Santorum, Bachmann, and the conspiracy theorists who are the elephants in the room of the GOP…that no one wants to acknowledge as such!

  35. Franklin says:

    America and it’s people are more screwed up than anyone is willing to admit.

    America is NEVER going to fully recover from the events of the last 12 years.

    It’s NOT POSSIBLE !!
    It would not be possible with TOTAL unity….there certainly cannot be any chance as a divided nation…especially with the LEADERSHIP of the nation being the chief promoters of division.

    What will happen, as most often happens when a solution cannot be found, is the people will get used to things as they are and think they are doing pretty good.

    They will be told they are doing good by telling them how bad it could be.

    BTW folks….returning manufacturing jobs and new technology do not mix.
    You can talk all you want about bring manufacturing jobs coming back…but, the manufacturing jobs that will return will not be what they once were.

    An employer doesn’t have to pay benefits and a weekly wage plus overtime to robots.

    The manufacturing jobs that will be returning will be mainly for robots….not people.

    America will never again be capable of providing jobs for all the people that want to work.

    Every politician in America has magically become a job creator…they ALL know how to create jobs….

    THAT’S BULLCRAP…..stop falling for it.

    America has become overpopulated just like every other country that the majority of the people are poor to destitute. America will suffer the same consequences as an over populated country.

    Poor people will always be sucked in and suckered by a Pied Piper.

  36. Bob Hofer says:

    Why do you have to place a race asterisk after everything?
    If you have any scientific or religious
    Knowledge , we are all from the cradle of civilization .
    Color is simply a trait acquired thru migration
    Since the beginning of time. How the hell do you
    Hold the trademark on “black” ?
    We are all from the same exact place, are all related, and although
    You may describe me as “white”, I am just as “black” as you.
    Blame conservative ideology for your political loss.
    Liberal human being.. Bob

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