Jobs, Sandy, Playing at President and Election 2012: Why Mitt Can’t Wait

What’s clear about the past four years is President Barack Obama hasn’t done anything to improve the US economy. When Obama was elected unemployment was 7.6% today it’s 7.9% and has been at or above 8% his entire time in office except two months. He’s been a colossal failure, full of promises of hope and change, signifying nothing but misery as evidenced by the October jobs report.

The Labor Department’s October Jobs report revealed the unemployment rate increased to 7.9% in October up from 7.8% in September.  So the decline in the jobless rate in September, touted by Democrats as a sign of recovery, was what economists and conservatives predicted a fluke, no pun intended.

Even worse, the jobless rate for black Americans climbed again to 14.3%, which demonstrates while Obama has failed all Americans, he really doesn’t have black Americans’ backs. This begs the question why any Americans and particularly blacks would vote for him again?

Obama may have inherited a mess in 2009 but he has made it worse with his irresponsible spending and hardened refusal to embrace Republican ideas on tax, healthcare and entitlement reform, economic stimulus or debt reduction. Obama has put the country on the path to financial ruin with $16 trillion of debt, gnawingly high unemployment and wants four more years to give us more of the same.

What exactly has Obama been selling for the past four years do Americans want four more years of?  Obama’s no growth economy, joblessness or his race?

Last year the Obama campaign released a radio ad with a baritone black man proclaiming” “We have to show the president we’ve got his back.” Why? Obama has shown he doesn’t have anyone’s back, black, brown, white, or other, but his own.

The shameless way Obama capitalized on Hurricane Sandy to score votes revealed he’s main concerned now and always has been Obama and saving his neck.  As columnist Charles Krauthammer observed, Obama couldn’t wait to get photo-ops of him in the White House situation room deploying, I guess, the utility crews who will restore power all over America.” The burden of disaster response falls on state governors not the White House.  But “you would think he might want to use the situation room and had convened high-level people during the nine hours our people were under attack in Benghazi,” added Krauthammer. Benghazigate and four dead diplomats doesn’t help Obama get re-elected but Sandy does.

But Obama stooped to a new low to conquer the presidential race when he toured Sandy’s destruction with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Romney supporter, who gave a keynote speech at the RNC Convention. Christie was right his priority after Sandy was to the people of New Jersey not politics.  So why was he so quick to jump in a plane with the president and be pimped into photo ops?

Prior to Sandy and Christie’s POTUS op, Rasmussen Reports showed Romney leading Obama in the national pools, now the race is a tie. Not only was Christie’s appearance bad optics for Romney but it also made the NJ Governor look like an accomplice to Obama’s con of the American people.

Obama has been “playing at the president,” as Krauthammer described his reaction to Sandy. I would go further and say Obama’s been “playing at commander in chief” for the past four years, like he’s acting a role in a movie. It’s time we elect a leader like Mitt Romney who has experience creating jobs in both the private and public sector, as a businessman and a governor and who is willing to take responsibility for his plan. As opposed to Obama, who instead of creating jobs, has only served in them and who will only take responsibility for his re-election campaign not his presidency. Time for change. Time for leadership. Time for Mitt Romney to be elected President of the United States November 6th.



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39 Responses to “Jobs, Sandy, Playing at President and Election 2012: Why Mitt Can’t Wait”

  1. aavpeb says:

    A good book to read is The Universe Bends Toward Justice
    by Obery Hendricks
    I recommend people read this It might show you a different view of why you will want to be conservative or not

  2. Jonathan Bridges says:

    I agree w/Canuck87(11/10/12). Crystal you have your reasons for being a Republican. As an American you have that right. Hopefully you & people who agree w/you, will take Canuck87’s advice and expand your horizons and choice of facts and sources. Then when you are critical of POTUS Obama & other Democrats, hopefully it will be easier to understand the why and what of your comments/thoughts.

  3. Stephen Boone says:

    please remove any and all comments I have made to your website. I will not make any more. Thank you.

  4. OK. I give up. First you “moderate” my comment AGREEING with you. Of course, you don’t delete the absurdly offensive comments of other people. When I mention this you say I am repeating a comment. You are very confused.

  5. I usually don’t worry about when somebody decides to “moderate” my post as in “delete it”. I can’t imagine what I said about this article that, incidently, I AGREE with that was so “off topic” or perhaps “offensive” that the blogger felt she had to protect the public from me. However, when I see Willie Lynch’s comments calling the blogger about a dozen patently offensive names followed by 20 All Cap lines repeating “down goes Romney”… I really wonder. Perhaps I wasn’t offensive enough? OR is this a FAKE “conservative Black blog” or what? Certainly THIS comment won’t ever see the light of day either so I guess I’m just going to take my offensive self on down to the co’nuh ah is.

  6. Franklin says:

    Ha ha ha ,

    Hey willie…

    How’s life in the lower 47% ?

    Do you get a government debit card or you still using Cash America to cash your checks?

    Willie IS obama’s America.

  7. Canuck87 says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Republicans just don’t look at facts. Right-wingers in general base their opinions on coffee shop talk and anecdotal stories about such and such a person in Lincoln, Nebraska or Biloxi, Mississippi. This is why the media is said to have a left-wing bias. Because journalists, much moreso than everyday voters, look at the facts. The fact is that Massachusetts did not want Romney as President. Why can’t Republicans say, hey, if the state in which he was governor says he’s not good for the country, why do we want this man as President? Romney cancelled his supporters’ credit cards in the middle of the night, immediately following his loss, leaving them to pay for their hotel bills and pay their own way home. Romney wranglers at a rally in PA kept supporters corralled in like cattle, not allowing them to leave despite near freezing temperature. Paul Ryan went with his family to volunteer at a soup kitchen and showed up late. He sprayed a few pots and had a few pics taken to look good in the media. George W. Bush’s wars cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars and put the United States into a financial hole that might just be impossible to dig out of. Numerous Republican candidates said terrible and completely ignorant things about women re: rape.
    Republicans call Obama a socialist, a Marxist, a Muslim. He is none of those things. Look up the definition of socialist and Marxist. Obama is not even close. As for him being a Muslim, he’s a Christian. That’s a fact. Look it up. There’s nothing wrong with being right of centre politically, but at least know what you’re talking about and check facts and look up figures and read a variety of sources. You can’t just watch Fox news and listen to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly. Try reading a little more. Watching a few documentaries. Expanding your horizons. If you’re still feeling Republican after all that, then by all means, keep voting Republican and supporting the GOP. But at least be informed.

  8. Kartman says:

    First time that I’ve seen anything from Willie Lynch. How have you been Will? Tolerant as always. Good to hear from you.

  9. Brent says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I live in Canada and after hearing you speak on CBC radio this morning; I was surprised at your support of the Republican Party. The Republican platform itself appears to be nothing short of regressive on a variety of issues from women’s reproductive rights, to health care, and overall supports a mandate beneficial mostly to the white, upper-class demographic. You say that the Republicans need to revamp their “old white guy” image–which is true, yet aside from their image it’s the policy that needs to change, and the policies of Republicans are currently those most prevalent among “old white guys.”

    You bring up the issue of unemployment rates stating that under the Obama administration there is now a fluctuation of between 7.9-over 8% unemployment compared to a rate of 7.6% when Obama first took office. Without Obama’s bailouts, which were heavily criticized by Republicans, this rate would have continued to rise and would likely be even higher than today. When he took office four years ago many people forget that Obama was presented with a ship steaming full-speed ahead into the abyss. It was the Democrats who have been able to slow this process yet not completely prevent the ensuing disaster and fallout which continues to this day. In this sense, part of Obama’s job-creation strategy was to prevent further loss of jobs, a fact that I’m sure many auto-workers will attest to.

    You state that the way Obama handled the Hurricane Sandy disaster in a way that was “shameless” and meant to “capitalize” on an opportunity to secure more votes?? I wonder what people’s opinion would have been had their president continued to campaign as though nothing was happening? Obama did what any president would have done—Democratic or Republican—and that is to console his nation and send a message of hope. Had Hurricane Sandy occurred six months ago there would have been minimal, if any criticism in the way the President handled things and the issue would not have, in any way, been relevant or blog worthy.

    At a time in history when developing nations lack women’s rights, health care and social services, the U.S.—supposedly one of the most progressive of all nations—is polarized. As candidates gave their nomination acceptance speeches, this polarization was blatantly clear. The mass gathered to listen to Obama was a multicolored mosaic, while Romney was faced by a monochromatic crowd with dated, archaic values and distorted vision of what type of leadership is required to move a nation forward.

  10. Doris says:

    Romney/Ryan lost Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire. Can’t win their states, how can they win the rest of the country?
    How Obama won? Let me break it down
    Romney lies did not work- jeep, welfare requirement lies
    GOP voter suppression did not work- it made blacks & Latinos so mad,
    They came out in record numbers
    Disrespect of Obama-birthers like the Donald made dems even more mad they came out in droves to teach GOP a lesson
    Wanting to repeal obamacare – 9 mill Latinos will benefit from it, they love and want to keep obamacare
    Romney says he will repeal dream act- don’t need to tell u what Latinos think about that.
    Romney will appoint Supreme Court judges who will repeal roe v wade – that rallied women around Obama
    All the crazy nuts talking about rape – thank God they all lost- this REALLY turned women off.
    Final point-GOP underestimated dems. Said we were not enthusiastic, said our crowds were not as big as theirs, said minorities were not gonna come out like in 2008. But david axelrod and the Obama team knew all along we were going to prevail. Lesson – u can spend millions and millions but it won’t make u win. Romney can’t believe that for once, there is actually something he can’t buy – and that is OUR VOTE!

  11. minellimu says:

    I only wish you would take a holistic view of the situation in America. You lose those who are truly looking for solutions when you refuse to consider the realities of what is ailing your country and the world at large. You are suggesting that the economy is bad because of Obama. Others suggest that the economy is bad because of Bush. I don’t believe either statement to be true because the American president does not have that much power. Have you considered that your kind of democracy could be one of the many reasons contributing to the demise of the American empire? What about greedy commercialism, what about labour unions. What about the transfer of wealth to foreign entities through outsourcing etc? Whether conservative or not, when you stand in one corner and accuse the other without actually looking at the real problems plaguing your country, you lose credibility.

  12. Tony says:

    Good Luck Haters… now you can spend all your negative energy trying to find a (real), candidate to put up there for the vote… next time…
    Congradulations to our President of the USA….

    and yes, I’m a Republican who not only voted for OBAMA, but I brought 316 other republicans with me… from battleground states. I hope you all just keep drinking the cool-aid… so we can win the next election too… lol oh yeah… and I’m white too…. lol

  13. MelissaT says:

    I don’t know why Obamabots are so hostile here. Your candidate won, why are you being so nasty? I guess free speech is for me, but not for thee!

  14. the unit says:

    I won’t say it again even though third time is the charm.

  15. the unit says:

    Anyboby like Willie is chained and never gonna taste the freedom and opportunity this country allowed, not gave, but allowed to achieve. How vile to write such nasty words to anybody. You wise up?…of course not. You lost the the best, so I wish you not find it.

  16. MelissaT says:

    Wow, so much hate against Crystal on this site. And I thought Republicans and the conservatives were the hateful ones.

  17. the unit says:

    How ugly you are Willie. You good at attack. You Hutu or Tutsi? You better join smart conservative chick. Nothing to do with color or Republicans. You never got out of chains and you and yours won’t at your rate. I too through with Republicans, but smart conservative chick of whatever color…I on board.

  18. Gary says:

    I dont agree exactly with the comment above in detail but there needs to be a balance of racism on here. I am sure you (the owner of this site) will become irrelevant to the GOP as you were before 2008.
    And to all of you fake ass Christians on here spewing hate……..SMMFH.

  19. Magda says:

    Everyone should look at when this all started….not when Obama was President. Maybe Bush??? Oh yes. The truth hurts. Obama was and is doing his job. It’s not only Black people it’s all people that lost jobs. But this sure isn’t and wasn’t Obama’s fault.
    And for Romney, if Massachusetts didn’t want him back!!!! Why should he be President?

  20. Willie Lynch says:

    I said I wasn’t coming back to this site again. Crystal wright had so many people on her ass that I didn’t feel like I needed to be here anymore, but this is too juicy. I’ve got to rub this in to this aunt jemima ( ain’t ya mammy on the pancake box). This slave master’s wynch of a bitch, dick eating, asshole licking, piece of shit. Don’t ever tell anyone you’re black. You nigga bitch there is nothing black about you or the rest of you republican niggers. Being black is more than just a color. What you and the rest of your slave masters need to do is pack up your little hefty bags and find you another country to live in.This country is taken! Take all of your racist and bigoted views with you. We’re not going backwards. We’re going “FORWARD”. So goodbye you nigga bitch and by the way: DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY,DOWN GOES ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Noel says:

    America’s fate is sealed: The worst is yet to come.

  22. Franklin says:

    Like I said before….

    Americans have become the most foolish group of people on the planet.

    Americans didn’t lose their country…..they gave it away.

  23. cheryl x brown says:

    Thank you to everyone who went out and voted today. Only by voting can we make our presence felt.

  24. Jonny Canuck says:

    BTW the generals told JFK US military involvement would not be needed, he told the generals that was good, because under no circumstances would he authorize US military involvement. The generals lied to him, but he did not lie to them.

  25. Jonny Canuck says:

    Perhaps you should look north of your border for a model of how it should be done, the only reason the crash or ’08 affected us at all is because the USA is(or at least was) our biggest trading partner. We don’t have entire neighbourhoods boarded up with no-one living there, in fact I believe it only took the edge off the housing boom. What we do have is “socialized” health care, gun legislation, no death penalty, shorter prison sentances and less crime. Up until 1996 the only western democracies without “socialized” healthcare were USA and Apartied South Africa, President Mandela changed that. Your not even in the late twentieth century! Get with the program!

  26. […] Conservative Black Chick: Why Mitt can’t wait […]

  27. the unit says:

    By the time Bay of Pigs happened and Cuban Missle Crisis…I and classmates had been going to school for years with our school designated as bomb shelter. Heck we had fellow famous for farting in class…and the laughter that followed made us worry the walls would come crumbling down. Alway heard we would hear classified details after 50 years, nothing yet. Though surely would hear where fellow got his gas !

  28. Franklin says:


    I mention JFK because he is looked upon as one of the democrats popular idol presidents and to point out the difference between the obama era agenda and the JFK era agenda.

    Sacrifice and service vs gimmie and vote for me.

    Not to discuss the merits for or against JFK.

  29. There’s something to be said about embracing black conservatism. However, I would suggest that black conservatives act without allying themselves with white conservatives…the interests are just competing on a fundamental level.

  30. ron says:


  31. ron says:


  32. Ian says:


    I”m from Australia. Just saw you on TV. Congratulations on your courage and a fantastic blog!

  33. Balladeer says:

    “Playing at being president” is right. Barack Obama is an embarrassment and a failure. Another great article, Crystal!

    If anyone is in a mood to laugh a little at my recent look at the false deities of American liberalism, including Obama and Che Guevara, you might enjoy this post til we can actually vote on Tuesday –

    I’m a regular visitor here, so I’m not spamming. If linking is not permitted please keep my positive comment about Crystal’s column and just delete the link.

  34. cheryl x brown says:

    I agree that this president has got to go. He is also forcing green energy which would be ok, but to do so, he’s attacking and shutting down coal and oil exploration. I would like to see some nuclear plants built. There’s been one in Zion IL for years with no problems. I can’t afford a newer green car and my older one can run just fine, but not if I have to pay $7 a gallon. I don’t live where there’s good bus service so I have to drive to work every day. Obama throws road blocks in the way of businesses for his great green vision of America. But he isn’t the one buying the gas every day so I wish he’d back off and let America find it’s own oil.

  35. Monica says:

    Noel, it’s happening! And people from all over the world will chant USA, USA!
    Franklin,let me, please,desagree with you this time: the mass of disinformed people is simply not big enough to elect this Obama-starring-in-Obama guy again.
    The pollsters are humans, with families and weak points and fears…
    The same with the media…far lefties have no God and principles and their only weapon is to instill fear in citizens bones.So everyone starts to lie and pretend,just for avoiding punishment.
    Go on to get an example of ‘free speach’ concerning CNN and to find out why they protect this administration.

    I guess, the hard part will follow after the elections.Tremendous work to return the pride, the work habbits and the self confidence in those hit by bamma phones, food stamps and humiliation.They are the first emergency,in 4 years they have time to improve their lives and have a different opinion.

    God Help USA!

  36. Franklin says:

    America is truly in a sad state of affairs. And, the sadist part is most Americans really don’t care.

    Crystal is exactly right !! Playing President.

    obama is the biggest con job to ever hit the American scene.

    obama “played around” for 4 years and now that his job is on the line….he’s working his butt off.

    I am amazed and sadden at the same time that so many Americans, black, white, brown, yellow, would allow themselves to be conned by a Santa Claus president.

    President John (Democrat) Kennedy’s most famous line in his most famous speech, first inaugral speech, said; “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

    President obama says; ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you…….what do you want in return for your vote….what is the price of your vote.

    President Kennedy asked young people to join the Peace Corps to go through out the world helping others.

    President obama asks young people to join his campaign and vote for him.

    171,000 added in October….171,000 in the entire country! and,this is what obama calls “real progress”…..and, the people cheered!

    obama has accurately accessed the majority of Americans…..they are foolish or stupid.

    I personally believe Americans have become the most foolish group of people on the planet…..
    because of what they have allowed the Leadership (politicians) of America to get away with and the damage that they have done to America.

    America is in such a sad state of affairs because the people have become such lousy citizens.

  37. Noel says:

    Yeah, Monica, and I long and hope to hear the cry:
    “USA!…USA!….USA!”, after the election results are anounced.

  38. Monica says:

    It will be President Romney, landslide!
    And I wish, from deep heart, that all those people like the ‘Obama phone’ lady to get a chance for a job, for dignity and self-esteem.
    I’ d volunteer to help and encourage these ladies to find and keep a job.They are as able to do it like everybody else but they just don’ t know or they’ ve lost hope…
    Crystal,the air force one coat and Christie won’t change the outcome…
    Look at the crowds for RR and look those of Obama.The military doesn’t give him credit anymore.Benghazi scandal is just starting and other scandals will follow.Even the WH insiders start to wisthblow about the weird things and weird Valerie Jarett, the revengeful…
    They have lost and they know.
    We will celebrate America on Tuesday, by eleven o clock.
    I can’t wait for you,debating Begala or other perplexed leftie people!
    You rock, Crystal!

  39. It is still unbelievable to me that so many Blacks in this country, including friends of mine, have lost jobs and remain jobless because of Obama’s economy and insist on Voting for him again because “Romney is for the rich folk”! I am sick and tired of how people keep on living in a state of complete ignorance that they can’t see the facts in front of their faces. Time for a Change!

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