Who Sunk Our Foreign Policy? Last Face Off Between Obama and Romney

President Obama is so wrapped up in being Obama, he can’t see that not having a plan for the next four years is a problem when you’re running for re-election.  During the final debate on foreign policy, Obama oozed with revisionist history of his record and added a theatrical element to his delivery, glaring at hole through Romney. Meant to be intimidating I’m sure, Romney responded to Obama’s stares and interruptions with calm and confidence, leaving Romney looking like the only adult in the room, as someone commented to me.

Romney described the debate and Obama’s re-election campaign well: “Attacking me is not an agenda.”  Throughout the 90 minutes, Obama resorted to his worn out, false attacks on Romney: tax cuts for the rich, Bain Capital shipping jobs to China and so on and so on.

When Romney cautioned the Navy is the smallest since 1917, Obama mocked Romney like a bullying teenager. “We also have fewer horses and bayonets, than in 1916 said Obama, so the question isn’t a game of battleship, it’s what are our capabilities.” Uhmm, for the past four years, Obama seems to have been handling foreign policy like it’s a game, without focus. Who sunk America’s foreign policy?

If anyone looked like he had a “reckless” foreign policy that was “all over the map,” it was President Obama. As Romney pointed out time and time during the debate, America isn’t safer under Obama’s presidency. “We can’t kill our way out of this mess,” referring to the killing of Osama bin Laden, which Obama seems to think defines a foreign policy strategy.

One of Romney’s strongest moments was his exchange with Obama over Israel and  the threat of a nuclear Iran. Obama declared the relationship between America and Israel has never been stronger and Israel is our greatest ally in the region. I’m sure this was news to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who all but pleaded with Obama to take a stand against Iran’s nuclear ambitions with the threat of military action yet Obama refuses.

In scathing clarity, Romney pointed out not only is Iran four years closer to building a nuclear weapon, Obama has never visited Israel. “You went to middle East, flew to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey Iraq and you skipped Israel and they noticed you skipped Israel.” Romney added that the relationship with Israel is so strained that 38 Democrat Senators sent Obama a letter telling him  he needs to repair tensions with our greatest ally in the Middle East.

From the beginning of his presidency, Romney noted Obama said  “he would meet with the world’s worst actors Chavez, Ahmadinejad,  and Kim Jong Il,” and couldn’t wait to give a speech to the Muslim world in Egypt, apologizing for America.

What would Romney do differently? He would go after the bad guys, as he said, but also show American leadership abroad with a comprehensive strategy that doesn’t abdicate decision making to the United Nations, particularly Russia and China. Among other things, Romney would stand with Israel and tighten sanctions on Iran and demonstrate unequivocally there will be consequences if Iran doesn’t end its nuclear ambitions.

After two years of witnessing President Assad butcher 30,000 Syrians and take no action, Obama declared in the debate “Syria must determine its own future” and said he was “confident Assad’s days are numbered.” Romney, on the other hand, called the crisis “a humanitarian disaster” and said while he doesn’t want to engage America in another war, we have to “take leadership.”  If elected president, Romney said he would work with our allies and arm the insurgents to topple Assad because Syria is the only partner Iran has in  the region and is arming Assad to gain strategic control in the Middle East.

In the face of his failed record, Obama retreated back to domestic policy and talked about the critical importance of “nation building here at home.” Of course this is code for more spending. I thought the $800 billion stimulus was supposed to build up our nation again. He like Romney pointed out America can’t be strong abroad if it’s fiscal house isn’t in order but in contrast to Romney’s plan to create 12 million jobs, Obama offered no plan.

Instead Obama sang the same tune, declaring America can reduce its deficit by asking the wealthy to pay more to fund more investments at home. Raising taxes and continuing to spend while making no cuts to government won’t reduce our $16 trillion debt.

Obama also said he wants “to hire more teachers in math and science.” Taking this all in like the older, wiser uncle, Romney simply responded, “we have to grow the economy and it’s not going to happen by just hiring teachers.” Or rather creating more union jobs. As he did successfully in the two previous debates, Romney reminded voters again of the obvious, Obama’s plan “hasn’t worked.”

Closing out the ball game, Romney ended with this. “I’m going to make sure that we get people off of food stamps, not by cutting the program, but by getting them good jobs,” he said. Romney promised to take responsibility as president and “work with” Americans “to get the country back. “

In Contrast, Obama closed with more of the same, government spending and debt but curiously added “I always listen to your voices.” This is ironic thing to say because Obama never listened to the American people.  In 2009, Americans wanted jobs but Obama gave us what he wanted Obamacare.

The problem with Obama is his narcissism gets in the way of him doing his job. The “rise of the oceans didn’t slow and our planet didn’t begin to heal,” as Obama arrogantly predicted his election would produce in his 2008 Democrat nomination victory speech. A fiscally conservative Democrat told me the day after the debate Obama blew a great opportunity being elected the first black President. After so much ego over the past four years, America needs humility of leadership. America needs Mitt Romney.

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45 Responses to “Who Sunk Our Foreign Policy? Last Face Off Between Obama and Romney”

  1. Ned says:

    I became anti GOP (Fearful of the unbelievable extremeness and ignorance of the rank and file) after watching the GOP convention four years ago when the delegates booed and hissed Gwen Eifle on the convention floor. I have become amazed how the rudeness ,racism,intolerance ,and general “disrespect”that just pours out at almost every GOP” get together!” (A whole convention of Rush Limbaughs)No wonder we can’t have consensus in government!!! As for myself, I would love to vote for any well informed “reasonable “conservative”who takes a “scientific’ approach to governing and is POLITE and WELL SPOKEN !!! At this moment there are precious few such choices available;and there seem to be no truthful, introspective, honest,brokers who call the GOP for what it has become.( W.F. Buckley please come back!!!) This is whyI was so hopeful reading Con. Blk. Chick. Polite, thoughtful,secular in politics, and looking for truth wherever it might lie. There is hope!!!I believe Con.Blk.Chic is right on when it comes to woman’s status.Is that really a “Political issue ???

  2. kevin mosss says:

    Repubs will NEVER win another prsidency, too bad. numbers not on our side

  3. Gregory Blocker says:

    It Shames me to see you in all your educated, successful Glory. Spreading you hatred for your own Race…without fully understanding where you came from..and what your people went thruogh to give you the opportunities you have today.
    Please Read About the Children who died in the Florida Reform School. Read the History and realize you stand on their graves


  4. Jo Ann Keeney says:

    I recently saw you in an interview on CSPAN. Honestly, I never heard of you before. You were very impressive and soo glad to see a black woman stand for all that is right, Republican.

    You echoed my thoughts. I too, voted for Obama first time around only because I liked his stance on the environment and between the two I thought he was the lesser of two evils. Second time around I was so wanting Mitt. For a while I wanted Newt but when it became obvious he had no chance I moved full force to Mitt. I tried so hard to convince people but people will do what they want to do no matter what you say and how incredibly clear it all seems.

    Democrats are just different. Until this past year I never had a knowing friend that was a Democrat. NOW my kids are! UGGH..

    Republicans need to get with the program. Creating a pathway to immigration would be huge for us. Immigrants fill in a very large gap in our working environment. Mostly they are hard workers and just believe so strongly they can make it they try triple time or more to make it work. Many Americans have gotten lazy and expecting to make high incomes just because they attended school and were born and raised here. Immigrants come here and will do ANYTHING for a living and live in any type of place with minimal necessities because it is far more than what they had from where they came from.

    I have so much respect and admiration for the immigrants and what they go through to get a chance to come here. I wish that Republicans would make immigration reform their platform. Also we need to lighten up on abortion. I am so pro-life but the cat is out of the bag and it is NOT going back in. Men need to stay out of a woman’s reproductive organs. I am totally against partial birth abortion unless it comes to the mother or the child then it should be the mother’s choice as to what to do.

    What you said about being alone for a woman was pretty amazing. I agree to some degree. However I have had the marriage and family. Now, post menopausal there are other issues that affect a woman that when it comes to having a man around you just want to kick them out of the house! UGH when I think of all of it so glad to turn on the TV and get on the computer and send an email drink a glass of wine and relish in the ever present peace and quietness of my aloneness. I am nearly 58 been there done all of that and just love my freedom and independence and will not compromise it. Been by myself for 26 years now and it just becomes a bad habit after a while.

    Just rambling at this point. Write back if you want. Add me to your blog for sure. Best wishes and hope you run for something in your future. Maybe Senator. Think about it!

    Ms JO Keeney

  5. Barbara says:

    I watched you last night. wow, I was just switching around channels and came on your interview with some man and I couldn’t believe how interesting you are. I thought to myself, I hope this gal runs for some office, she is on fire. I didn’t even get your name, but would love to hear more from you. Wrote down the web site so I could let you know how much I enjoyed hearing your good common sense to our problems.

    Keep it up!!!! Barbara Doran

  6. Cycle Cyndy says:

    Soooo much like me girl! Those of us who KNOW history and black History….KNOW…the Democraps will NEVER do anything for blacks and females…THEY NEVER HAVE. ANything done for either have ALWAYS been done by the GOP. To anyone reading this EDUCATE YOURSELVES…READ the HISTORY and WHO started the DEMO PARTY….save you some time from the giddy-up…their ultimate long-term plan: Make them believe WE are the right party for them….NEVER do anything to let them get ahead…and FINAL: Keep them in poverty…break down the family…and the final step…SELF EXTERMINATION! “They” have arrived. sic…”They will vote for us anyway!”

  7. rich says:

    i heard you last night on some show. it was broadcasted on cspam. i heard you say that 50% of black males are in prison becasue of wellware. i thought who is this? so i got up this morning to see. well, i am just breathless…..

    you are so mis-informed that is just mind blowing. 4.7 percent of all Black males in the United States were incarcerated (2007), but i realize that you are not really interested in providing the correct information. you much like the drug dealer on the corner, is just trying to survive.. BUT DONT THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT PEOPLE DONT SEE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE…………..

  8. Larry says:

    I never heard of you, and that ok, but I was watching you on cspan Q&A. I understand your belief, but your a woman, A black man goes to prison, for what ever reason, and you say 55%, do you have any idea on how many job out there that are hirring blk Men, and most job feel safe with blk women, during the rodney king mess I was ask to leave my job by the owner, at noon with pay, I had no reason why untill I heard the news on the radio. Now about blk family and marriage, blk women such as yourself, don’t want any blk man like in the past, they only want a man with a title prestiage and money, so I guess you will never get married. An single women with kids, there is no LAW on the books saying little girls can have sex at any age, but boys must be 18.

  9. Mark says:

    Hello Crystal, I have seen you today on C-Span today Sunday Dec, 9th and I was impressed with level of understanding. Keep it up!

  10. Blacks don’t want some type of payback from Obama. What we expect from any black politician is to get rid of racist laws. What we want is an end to looking at credit for employment. Its a form of racism. We want the military to stop excluding us from service(quotas on G.E.Ds and now felony records). The military is what alot of us need since we don’t have fathers and need the disipline that the military offers. I also think you are quite beautiful, try not to believe all blacks hate you. We need blacks in both parties. There is no one way to do anything. We just need to put america first.

  11. airus says:

    Obama if he do not talk about land reform for black so we can become independent….and leave the white welfare to the white European….we can build…we have live under this all our life….these people are terrorist….so fuk Obama he not x or king…..he is a half white man not a black man……we as blacks can be the only one to make this right….with out any white people in our governments…..we will clean up the drugs and the white European AIDS….and it comes from them not in labs…in there body

  12. airus says:

    you are lost about a lot of things…..democrats now was republican then…..and they change during the dixicrat election with storm Thurmond ….im from south Carolina….so I know the real wealth and power behind white people….mining system, apartheid “products” making in countries with colonial past…well we all had colonial past every countries in the world…..so talk about how to get land and do land reform talk about getting raw material so the black can be apart of a producing people and not a consuming people only….why we don’t have it because they took every thing during slavery. without the land we as blacks are still in a slave position “ok” they can not force it’ but without the proper land black are lost we can not grow food and build agriculture systems of all kinds, .. ..we are in a country without any power….and to have power you got to have land!!! “I hope it not that oral sex brainwash thing with you I know it is with a lot of black chicks”…. i’m a professional oral sex educator and I have been follow by white men for years now because my education is 10 time more then them….I keep moving but they call the white police and tell them that i’m there and they should!!!!

  13. I will make this statement. If Romney had you in his corner (a advisor), He would have won.

  14. So you voted for Baraak the first time for his race. I voted for Hilary because if this country could accept a woman in the lead. That meant that whites were maturing as a race. I voted for Baraak the second time like many blacks we voted for him because the republicans were becoming extremist. We also didn’t like the fact that repubs were telling us we were lazy and ignorant racist who voted for race only.

  15. Aubrey El says:

    I decided to look into your website after seeing excerpts of a discussion in which you participated on C-SPAN. Let me preface this conversation by the assertion that I have my own criticisms of the Obama domestic and foreign policy. Having said that–the President has done some thing that has exacerbated strategic position internationally but others that has greatly improved that same strategic position.

    First regarding the above posting–like many Republicans, your foreign and domestic policy talking points over simplify the facts behind the issues. I will not waste time on discussion of Romney’s candidacy because it was largely irrelevant before the election and is definitely so now.

    American military power: The American military is the most powerful and effective military machine in human history with the United States Navy being the crown jewel American ability to project power. This is due in large part to the investment in training and technology enjoyed by the American military. This superiority is especially important when integrated operations are considered. The bottom line is that we do not necessarily need more naval resources, we may need to replace outdated naval platforms. What is needed is a more efficient Department of Defense with special attention to that corporate welfare institution the defense contracting establishment.

    Foreign policy: The perpetual allegation by Republicans that so how the President went on some kind of Middle East Apology Tour is just plain nonsense. Anyone can go to C-SPAN’s archive to see that. At the heart of American foreign policy historically up to the time of the Obama administration has been an arrogance that has alienated much of the internationally community–especially during the Bush administration with its go it alone foreign policy in Iraq. As for the Iran, Israel and the Palestinians–I will paraphrase the words or Anwar Sadat when he said the Israel is the unruly child of the United States. This continues in large part with the acquiescence of the United States government and American media who continue to tolerate from the Israelis governments actions and tactics that we would, at a minimum, condemn from other governments. Specifically, violation of UN mandates, human rights violations as well as disproportionate military responses. I direct you attention to the Israeli-Lebanese war during the 2000’s as well as the 2008 Gaza war that was caused by the Israelis failure to comply with the terms of a negotiated cease fire agreement with Hamas.

    As for the Iranian efforts toward a nuclear weapon. I would like to direct you attention the fact that it has been the Israelis who nuclearized the Middle East. While I have no respect for the Iranian leadership, American historic interference with Iranian domestic policy from Operation Ajax in the 1950’s to support of Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran has brought American-Iranian relations to this point. This state of affairs in complicated by American insistence on ignoring this history as well as the double standard that tolerates Israelis noncompliance with international law regardless of Israel not being a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treat. It seem to be common knowledge amongst the international community that Israel has nuclear weapons, especially since the disclosures of Mordechai Vanunu in the 1980’s.

    Finally, from economic policy to the related matter of environmental policy to foreign and military policy, Republicans have lost what little credibility they had left. I would suggest more facts and science and less bulls*#t would be helpful to Republicans. I would like to direct you attention to the loss of Republican centrist as a symptom of whats wrong with the Republican party.

  16. brad says:

    crysta wright is so spot on about the liberals it is beautiful.

  17. James says:

    After listening to you being interviewed on Canadian radio this morning, and then checking out this blog, I can see that you are no different than all the other talking heads from both sides who perceive and interpret events in the most advantageous way possible for your own ends. I shake my head when I hear the phrase “fiscal conservative” as if the Bush years somehow magically didn’t take the US debt and deficit to record levels after inheriting a very healthy economy from the Clinton administration. But it is the myopic slanted media who are to blame, not the rush to policy which rewards the rich and further steps all over the poor, right? It is Obama who is to blame for becoming president just at the moment when your economy was in freefall, and jobs were being lost at an unprecedented rate. Now that the economy is beginning to recover, it must anger you that you didn’t get back in power now in order to take credit for the economy’s inevitable resurgence.

  18. Franklin says:


    Romney attacking obama?

    Have you heard any of the things obama has said about Romney?

    I suppose after obama says…..FORWARD!!…you are in such a swoon you don’t hear anything else.

    obama’a entire campaign has been to tear down, insult and criticize Romney. obama’s actions in this campaign has been so low class as to embarrass the office and position of POTUS.

    because that’s all obama has….he can’t run on his own failed record.

  19. Monica says:

    I just have to say….Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…
    When military doesn’t trust you and begin to put the retired army to openly criticize you, c’est fini, no commander in chief in sight, anymore!

  20. Monica says:

    I have just to say….Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…
    When military doesn’t trust you and begin to put the retired army to openly criticize you, c’est fini, no commander in chief in sight, anymore!

  21. Oh please, CBC! There’s no there “there” with “Sybil” Romney. He has no many personalities, he alone qualifies for a group insurance rate. But seriously, all Romney has done for two years is “attack” President Obama and he has recklessly suggested that we go to war against every country that won’t bend to America’s will.

    Mitt is clueless in foreign affairs as he is on economic policy. A capital gains tax cut is worthless to a middle class family whose home value has fallen, whose pension is worthless because Bain-like corporate raiders have sucked it dry, and whose coupon-clipping is limited to Wegman’s.

    Quit parroting the Romney-Ryan talking points and develop some critical analytical skills before ghosting your next blog post.

  22. Franklin says:

    On every issue. No matter which one it is.

    obama has sugar plums dancing in his head.

    Visions are nice and even necessary.

    But, you’ll never reach the point of your visions if you don’t take care of the present situations.

  23. WalkerColt says:

    I will admit my bias. Having served on a submarine in the U. S. Navy, I know that we need a minimum of 100 attack submarines to accomplish the missions assigned to the “Silent Service”. Last time I looked, we were down to 71, but you have subtract 12 ballistic missile subs and 4 guided missile subs. That means we’re operating a mere 55 attack submarines or about half the minimum number needed. When Romney made his “Foreign Policy” speech last month, he promised to build 3 subs a year. Currently, we are building one sub every other year. He earned my vote at that instant. I cannot tell you the missions or capabilities which make submarines so vital. All of what they taught me is still classified, but I can tell you that Obama doesn’t care about the issue. I will take my chances with Romney and hope he can keep that promise.

    PS. If you need a historical reference for how many submarines the United States needs, in WW2 we used 276 subs to destroy 55% of the Imperial Japanese fleet. Today we’re limping along with one-fifth that capability. You need more? Okay, in WW2, the Germans made over a thousand U-boats and still lost the Battle for the Atlantic. Do the math!

  24. Franklin says:

    Romney is not attempting to say the Navy needs more ships to fight another WW2 type naval war.

    obama is simply a jerk. working the crowd for laughs.

    This is a clear example if why he is unable to deal with anyone and get anything done with Congress.

    The damage he has done in his relations with Congress has brought the country to a stand-still.

    If re-elected America will waste another 4 years of time. It will not be any different going forward. obama has proven he is not capable of getting things done when he has to deal with others.

    And, whether obama likes it or not…..there are other people in America and other people in the operation of running America.

    obama would like to have America operate as a Dictatorship where he just issued orders and commandments…..

    It doesn’t work that way…..not yet anyway.

  25. Jeff S. says:

    Great post!

    What I did note, to be somewhat contradictory to many, is an Obama who actually understood some of the facts of international affairs.

    Sadly, he has no clear idea what to do with those facts. His instincts are simply not fit for a world where simply his presence is enough to stem the rise of oceans (as you reiterated).

    The international outlook is not such that Pollyanna is the right way to go. You can’t be America and have a strained military…Like it or not.

    If Obama thought ‘those things called aircraft carriers where planes take off and land on them’ floated about in solitude, he was mistaken.

    He knows we have ships, he just doesn’t know what we do with them. If he truly knew (or cared), making such a silly statement would have never occurred.

    His instincts raised in academic captivity have failed him.

  26. cavegirl says:

    Great article and Benin’s comments were great! I am a public school teacher, who feels as if my freedom of speech has totally been taken away from me. In addition, I do feel ridiculed about my faiths and values on just about every network on television, Benin. You are so correct in your comments.

    Keep speaking out!

    Someone has to…it has to be us…let’s keep our heads out of the sand.

    Loved the article.

  27. Franklin says:

    Romney took a different approach to the debate this time that took obama off his game of insults and childish comments.

    The problem with obama’s “horses and bayonets” immature comment is….

    While talking about Benghazi and how long it took to get any information…..he is trying to get people to believe our operations in that area are still using the pony express and carrier pigeons.

    obama is immature, even childish at times and has such problems with anyone disagreeing with him that he completely loses sight of the discussion and attacks the person disagreeing with silly school yard comments.

    No one that watched obama in these debates should have any problem understanding why he can not get anything done with congress.

    dealing with obama is like dealing with a 10 year old spoiled brat.

  28. Benin says:

    Great post, Crystal. I was happy that Romney made the point of connecting the strength of our foreign affairs to our domestic economy as well.

    @Rachel, very interesting points but I’ve got a question for you. Don’t you think its a little funny how liberals are the first to cry whenever someone uses facts and confidence to render a dem speechless, when the democrats are so quick to ridicule us over our faith and values?

    And if that weren’t enough you liberals even go as far as indoctrinating our impressionable young children through ultra liberal school curriculum and movies…

    Listen, if the president didn’t want to have his faults and inconsistencies pointed out he shouldn’t have entered politics.

  29. fearlessone says:

    Obama spews on all about quality education then REPEATLY LIES on National TV & now he curses & name calls on National TV. I As a mOM & A teacher -This is NOT an example anyone should accept from the leader of the free world!! How can we tell our kids to be honest & trustworthy, why characterm moral fiber and integrity count in this life and to be considerate and kind to others when they can see their President calling names, cursing and Lying (even to the PARENTS OF the slain seals in Bengazi!!) any time they turn on TV??? Do character & honeasty mean nothing to American voters? YES! they matter…we must get this imposter out

    Education happens every day in every way–not only during school hours I do NOT want this dishonest crook Obama to have ANY influence on My Kids he & MSM continue making it “OK” to exhibit this behavior! WATCH THE GLENN BECK SHOW… OBAMA IS A TRAITOR!

  30. WalkerColt says:

    I am not a Zionist. I do not believe in a “Chosen People” anymore than I could believe in a “Master Race”. Nations are established and kept by force of arms and good laws. Although I have no special affection for Israel, they have done the best of all the other nations of the Middle East and are an ally of the United States. You need no other reasons to support Israel. Barack Obama is an embarassment for me because he lacks this objective perspective and behaves as if the Islamic Republic of Iran has the same legitimacy as the nation of Israel. His thinking is dogmatic and ideologically rigid, and no President can afford to manage foreign affairs from blind, inflexible, preconstructed ideology. People will die in vain in your name. . . and they have.

  31. E J Thomas says:

    I wish Romney supporters would quit being deaf and blind. Romney is a capitalist, ignoring our Constitution – wants other to have a civil society while taking ours away. Why don’t people fact check what comes out of Romney/Ryan’s mouths. Ryan doesn’t support the working people, military, or first responders. And, you’re taking foreign policy from men who have no history of being in the military and think writing Mitt loves Ann in the sands of France compares. Romney’s budget doesn’t add up unless he takes away from the average people – the 98% that make less than $250,000 a year. But none of this seems to matter.

  32. Unknown says:

    I love your blog! I actually owe you an apology though… I thought all black folks had to vote for Obama or else :(…. Sorry to judge, but it’s getting ridiculous… I love black people, I love ALL people… I have two bi-racial children that I love with all my heart! BUT I see it plain as day and I’m tired of the “race” presidential race and not a politician race. I’ve said it all along Obama is NOT for black people he’s done the oposite and that is just what your other blog below stated. Please accept my apology sorry for being so narrow minded. Keep up the AMAZING work and staying classy.


    Not an Obama worshipper

  33. JAMES BRANTON says:

    I truly wish that Obama’s supporters would start looking at what he is on the inside instead of what he looks like on the outside. They might just realize what he actually stands for: “SOCIALISM”

  34. Michelle says:

    Watched you in CBC, you frighten me.

  35. BlackScorpio says:

    I love reading your blog and I love the “Battleship” game graphic. You’ve done a great job of succinctly stating what’s what. Bless you, gurl! (from a fellow black conservative female voter)

  36. Noel says:

    Enjoyed reading your article, you summed it up so well. Thanks.

    Should I really talk about him? Even talking about him elevates him. He’s not worth discussing anymore! But there he is in the spotlight, prancing around on tv in front of microphones scolding the country in his “You didn’t build that” speech. There he is whispering to the Russian President “After my election I have more flexibility.” There he is receiving a book from Chavez. There he is receiving a Nobel Peace Prize he didn’t earn. There he is, a sitting President, showing his birth certificate on tv. Talk about a weird presidency. And oh, Donald Trump hasn’t let up: he has offered him 5 million dollars to reveal his sealed academic records. Why are they sealed anyway? The drama continues.

    He once called Kanye West a jackass. Who is the jackass now?

  37. Irina Rudenko says:

    Poor Poor Rachel. I was born and raised in Anapa, Russia on the Black Sea. I am the first Russkie to come to the USA and arrived here in Florida in 2009. When you said that Mother Russia (Putin) was right that, ‘America should step back and look at its own human rights record’, everyone here in my house laughed out loud about your silliness and stupidity. Surely,you are not that ignorant. Or are you just mentally simplistic in your silly European Bourgeois. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU SPEAK. NO IDEA. Think Rachel and LEARN.

  38. Andrea B says:

    Personally, I wonder if a lot of people in Europe who were jealous of USA’s strength like Obama because he has brought America to its knees.
    As far as Romney talking about London Olympic security, I believe a lot of Americans were concerned about the last minute change in security at the London Olympics. Remember, we had to deal with the horrible attacks on 9/11 and had the Olympics at Salt Lake City shortly after, so there was great concern to make sure attacks would not happen at our Olympics, too. Romney was involved in Salt Lake Olympics, so he would have an idea what security changes could entail. I thought the response from the British was ridiculous if you take that into account. I was wondering, have the British forgotten about our history?! Their response seemed calloused.

  39. Monica says:

    Rachel,is it ‘the dignity and inner strength of Obama’ the cause of putting words like bu…..ht in the mouth of innocent kids?
    And is he really in the position to speak about rape because a crazy obscure conservative?
    Yeah, rape is murder, true. The Ambasador was raped and murdered and your guy was not able to take the 3am call.After that, he lied for two weeks all over the leftie shows that it was the video generating ‘spontaneous violence’.
    So, please, calling Crystal delusional is nor polite neither accurate.

  40. Pam says:

    The humility of leadership. That just about sums it up.Reagan had it. Romney has it. Both Carter and Clinton were arrogant asses thinking that they could make the world and the country (and the word “is”) over to their in their own image. But they can’t even touch Obama when it comes to ego. And that’s what history will remember him for.

  41. Jeff says:

    Someone needs to teach politicians to quit while they were ahead. The “horses and bayonets” was clever, but he kept going. The comments that followed were snotty and condescending.

  42. Rachel says:

    Interesting that you see Obama as a “bullying teenager”, when I see Romney as the bully who is very rude, charmless and aggressive in his approach to Obama. I appreciate that you have separate views and don’t judge you on being black and conservative. However I think you speak in a delusional way about Romney’s merits and fail to see the evident dignity and inner strength of Obama. Only he would be so dignified to respond in the way he did to Mitt’s accusation of an “apology tour”. he has the sensitivity for foreign diplomacy that clumsy Mitt totally lacks. As a European, I can appreciate Obama’s gift in that area. Obama is popular in UK and Europe in a way that other Us presidents have not been, which I think speaks volumes about his character and policies. The US is not infallible on human rights/foreign policy issues and Obama recognises this. Russia was right when it spoke out this week asking America to step back and take a look at its own human rights record.Obama may not have succeeded entirely but he at least endorses a process of healing from all the wars. I shudder to think what Romney would go out there and do, especially as he couldn’t even go to Europe without offending people! Truly, he is rather a laughing stock over there.

  43. Carl Bradley says:

    CW, Thanks for the very succinct and logically honest summary of the 3rd Debate Issues. Well Done !
    I am like you . . . I just want so badly for this country to have real leadership emanating from the Presidency (AND The Congress).
    For BHO, he has been on the learning curve for a long 4 years now and still is an inept leader. 4 years ago in my neighborhood, Obama yard signs were prolifically everywhere. . . . today, there are NONE !
    Again, thanks for rising above the ‘dirty game of politics’ with your wisdom.

  44. Jay says:

    It must be great to be you.

  45. rico says:

    You are a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for your “crystal”clear insights and analysis.

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