War on Conservative Black Chick

The real war being waged by Democrats is the war to silence black conservatives like me. While I receive hostile emails and tweets daily from black liberals for my political viewpoint, I was more than shocked by the disgusting comments I received following my October 18, 2012 appearance BET’s Don’t Sleep and wanted to give readers a glimpse into Democrats world of hate! Warning: offensive language and behavior.

I’ve never participated in a political panel where one of the guests was so disrespectful as Vivica A. Fox. Sadly, the show’s host TJ Holmes allowed Fox to heckle me, call me “Boo,” point her finger at me and engage in antics worthy of a ten-year old.  A friend described Fox’s behavior as that of a belligerent drunk. Evidently, the actress thought she was showing up for a corner street fight rather than a mannered political discourse. I was the only person among the three panelists attempting to talk real facts about the 2012 presidential election.  It’s no wonder, Fox’s career has tanked in the past few years. The only screen her clownish, buffoonery belongs on is a chalk board one can wash clean of her ignorance.

Black Americans have been virtually ignored by President Obama and while all Americans have suffered under this president with chronic unemployment, diminished wealth, and an ever growing elusive American Dream, blacks have fared much worse. Thanks to Obama’s failed policies, black unemployment has been almost twice the national average for the past four years. More blacks have been impacted by foreclosures and according to the Pew Charitable Research, the average white family has 20 times more wealth at about $113,000 compared to the average black family’s wealth at about $5,600.

Obama has offered NO PLAN for what he would do differently in the next four years to change this trajectory not only for black Americans but all Americans. Instead of burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the president’s record of broken promises and failures, black Americans need to take a closer look at the candidates and see who’s promising what. Mitt Romney has a plan to create 12 million jobs, reform the tax code so Americans will have more money to spend and strengthen education through giving parents choices rather than protecting teachers unions.

Ignorance is bliss I guess for some.

Below are some some tweets I received in response to Fox’s abhorrent behavior and  of course the hate mail follows.

Dear Conservative Black “Chick”,

I witnessed your distasteful, argumentative, shrill, and bitchy performance on TJ Holmes “Don’t Sleep”,   and I must say that you give black Republicans an awful name. You were nasty, bitchy, condescending, and quite frankly, WAY  too loud for anyone to take you or your points seriously. Your SHRILL tone makes   women of all ethnicities,political affiliations, and socioeconomic  realities cringe at your horrid and wretched representation.   As a graduate of Tuskegee University, founded by Booker T. Washington, and an admirer of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and The Honorable elijah Muhammad’s political and economic philosophies for black empowerment, I am not opposed to a conservative stream of thought. Your trashy representation of the conservative viewpoint makes it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to sympathize with your  cause. You got irritated at Vivica A. Fox calling you “boo”, and yet YOU refer to YOURSELF as a Conservative Black  “CHICK”….

“Chick?”really, Miss Thing?  Seriously? What is this, Happy Days or Grease?

Chick is far more demeaning to a woman than “boo”….there were many of us that had a drastically different B-WORD to come to mind based on your Midol-worthy performance.   I guess you are trying to make a name for yourself by acting as much of a snotty bitch as you possibly can. It only works against your cause, however, so if you have plans beyond  a BET talk show, you may want tokeep it cute and chill the fuck out.  We  all know that you would be just the right complexion,  have just the right House Negro mentality to be in a Mitt  Romney  camp  as one of his mulatto “binder    Bitches”, but girl PLEASE control yourself in public. I was appalled at how unnecessarily nasty you were  to Vivica Fox, and how a potentially substantive debate got pushed  away because you were on your period. Good luck, “chick”…I will wait until you grow up from a “chick” to a “woman” before I take you seriously.

With tough love,

Brother Hassan


john burdix jburdix13@gmail.com
2:31 AM (15 hours ago)

to me

Why must YOU PEOPLE always twist the facts? I caught you on TJ and Missy, whether you call yourself black, pink, or any other color YOU’RE STILL DISG
USTING!!! How are you (CON’s) so misleading? Just by observ-
ing your countenance, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that your single (I really couldn’t imagine why) but to TJ’s point you really are an angry person with a whole lot of long, built up issues. After wat-
ching firsthand how you oper-
ate, I’m rather happy that you’re out there doing what you do because any rationally thinking independent, undec-
ided or swing voter isn’t going to pay you a bit of attention. I feel The saying “misery loves company” is so appropriate here because you belong to and deserve the rest of your tea party nuts. Since you insist on being so undesirably wicked and divisive, may you all happ-
ily burn in a living hell for by your actions every last one of you are full of the devil himself. So (PLEASE) keep up the good work by pulling back the mask to show the whole world just how sick you (RIGHT CON’s) are. That’s so any rational human being will know better and can treat you like the PLAGUE that you are.




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49 Responses to “War on Conservative Black Chick”

  1. oink oikn says:

    It’s customary for the left to bombard and confuse you with emotion like there’s something intrinsically wrong with you if you go against their ideas. Liberals tend to base things on emotion. Stupid people do that, (I’m not saying all libs are stupid but….) Liberals are also underhanded. They will use the fact that we’re black that there’s automatically something wrong with us for being conservative. This is subliminal bullying. Only people who don’t think objectively use *Chicago* mob violence. We have reasons for being conservative, just because one doesn’t agree, (or more likely don’t understand because of limited brain power) doesn’t give them the right to use underhanded, emotional tactics to shame us.

  2. Christian says:

    Hi Conservative Chick.

    Why would someone of your intelligence, beauty and education go on a show with an affirmative action baby like Vivica Fox. The woman has no talent and is one of the worst cases of giving a black opportunities in Hollywood.

    In any event, while I am not a Republican, I am a conservative. Living in DC it is so hard to meet conservative women like you. Any advice? Please don’t suggest the church. That’s a joke. Have you ever thought about doing a party or get together for conservative people, especially for conservative black men who want to meet conservative black women? If anyomne could make that a successs..it would be you.

    Stay strong and classy. As the word of God says “This too shall pass.”

    Hopefully Obama’s 4 years will go quick and the 47 % who take and never produce anything will see the error of their ways.

    Take care and may God continue to Bless you. 🙂

  3. A Storey says:

    I love how you put Vivica in her place and tried to educate those fools about how Obama really is. I wish so desperately that the black liberals of this country would rise above and against the stereo types they have created. If Herman Cain had run for president in 2008, maybe things would be different.

  4. Zee says:

    I don’t know why you (or even Alfonzo Rachel) even went on that show. It’s a bait and switch show MEANT to make black conservatives look silky, uninformed and ignorant. You won’t win being on there. Next time just turn down these shows. And if you go on a show, go on one with a history of allowing others to share their opinions in a non-hostile environment.

  5. WalkerColt says:

    Any human being who claims that he/she has THE TRUTH is trying to steal the throne of God! There is no human “truth” but that we continuously learn and pray and gather what wisdom we can. THE TRUTH cannot be had, for it rests secure in divinity alone.

  6. doug wristen says:

    Its time to take your head out of your ass, take off the blinders and admitt what really is going on, you know THE TRUTH!

  7. G.Arthur Graham says:

    Let me open thusly:
    As a Caucasian male Republican from a overwhelmingly liberal socioeconomic demographic, I can only begin to relate to the travails you endure as a young, African American, Woman Conservative.
    It is never easy to resist the peer pressure, to rise above the status quo.
    Yet you have done so, magnificently.
    My full respect and comraderie is yours.

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  9. conservativeblackchick says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I found them uplifting compared to the hate mail I receive. Sincerely, Crystal

  10. Thats BS says:

    feel free to re-submerse your head back into the sand from whence it came, and leave it there, where the other libs are. Stand aside and let us get things done

  11. Doshon Farad says:

    Hey,Crystal. Just dropping by. I love the site. Keep speaking your mind. Stay blessed.

  12. Ontario Canuck says:

    Hello Crystal,

    I just watched the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) Doc Zone documentary on “Anger in America” and saw your interview. I decide to review your blog and read some of your opinion pieces. They are well written. I must say there’s quite the ‘hornets nest’ down there over the US presidential campaign. There are a lot of issues but the one issue I clearly see is the fact that this election appears to be predicated on skin colour; blacks for Obama and whites for Romney. As a political science major and a member of the Conservative party (in Canada we have three), my analysis of all of this is that whoever wins they election will further exacerbate the anger regardless of the outcome. In an honours poli-sci class I had, we discussed the Tea Party and the angst within it. I had predicted an rancorous revolution was coming to America and, lo and behold, this documentary came into fruition will all of the ‘variables’ I discussed back then. It’s a pernicious time for the US; one that will bring much blood shed in the streets of America whoever wins. I believe things will get progressively worse because much damage has already been done. I find Obama to be a charlatan who masquerades as a narcissistic messiah mesmerizing the masses; with the exception of the Republican camp.

    In Canada we have socialised medicine, and it does work because we pay taxes into it so no one hits ‘rock bottom’ if they lose their job. There were cuts over the years so waiting times have increased in certain cities and lesser in others. Overall it does work but it’s not perfect; no system is but it’s available. We are our brothers’ keeper, so to speak, but to let your American counterpart suffer without affordable health care it is just as wrong. Your country is the only one is the industrialised world that doesn’t have it. To introduce it is not socialism but social care. One of the planks of the communist manifesto is free education and many US elementary and secondary school student study for free; the exception is private education. But again, things are in such disarray, social health care is the least of your worries.

    I also saw your interview on BET with the rude and outlandish behaviour by Ms. Fox. She would have never gotten away with that on Canadian TV; our debating can be vociferous and challenging but respectful. That said, I wish you well in your informative endeavours.

  13. ed says:

    Republicans don’t care about minorities!

  14. Sparkle says:

    My only question CBC is where do you get your numbers from from how white families have grown in household average and black families’ being at $5600?

    Do you think (or have you researched this as well) how it would have gone if someone else, regardless of race, partisanship, age, experience or gender, would have made it better?

    We were on this precipice, or headed there like a steam engine coming full force down an incline towards a cliff, before he took office. How do you account for that? What would you have done? (And I know this is so late, it’s like Thursday morning quarterbacking on the issues of 2008, but give it a shot.)

  15. WalkerColt says:

    You are a free American citizen with all the rights that God gave you. You have every right to your thoughts and … arrrrggggghhh! This just kills me about the liberals/socialists in America – THEY REALLY THINK THAT THEY OWN YOU!

    THEY DON’T OWN YOU OR ME OR ANYONE ELSE!!! I’m not going to agree with a hysterical nutso Democrat just because Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program bought off activists who happen to resemble me in some fashion, 50 years ago!

    No! I’m free. I’m going to figure it out myself. I don’t have to do “talking points” for anyone. I’m free!

  16. Jimmy says:

    Whigger Nigger,
    Get with the program caramelite, you ain’t white, never will be. You are obviously ignorant thinking that siding with the enemy(US Politics) legitimizes your grossly uninformed opinion. Check with the good Doctor Farrakhan for something that more closely approximates the Truth. Specifically, I would direct you to ” The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews” . God Forgive you and Bless your ignorance!


  17. Ron says:

    Monica if you’re not a black American with generations invested in this country then shut up

  18. Ron says:

    I watched the show and have to say you were just as obnoxious as Vivica. As a black man I would have been turned off by the lies from both sides. If you want brothers and sisters to really listen, try to not be so condescending like most CONS seem to be. If you even care about BROTHERS and sisters.

  19. Monica says:

    No, Vernon, you do not know what it means to loose a country to far leftists! I was not speaking of America,not yet.
    I have experienced 25 years of communist dictatorship, another 10 of post communism and fake liberty until I ‘ve got fed up and eventually emigrate from those place.
    After 23 years since the pretended fall of communism, the country is more divided and hopeless than ever.
    And yes, the people turn fiercely against each other.
    Before the arrival of communists, it used to be a wonderful place.
    I do not came here to argue,but to warn you to look outside the box.At Russia,Cuba , Venezuela and their leaders.Do their people have the right to speak openly their mind?
    Are they happy being totally owned by those horrible governments?
    If your capitalist investors are going to quickly quit for other options, are you ok with faking a job for a faked wage good for buying a rationalized item sometimes edible?
    It is very painful to see you going at war against each other because of this president.Meanwhile,those interested to ruin your country are happy you do not pay attention at economy and security…
    God Bless you all and America

  20. frozen1906 says:

    Okay, there are 2 things I would like to touch on. I did watch the segment, and will say that I did NOT agree with Vivica Fox’s behavior. In all honesty, I was thinking, “Man, she just set us back about 20 years.” The beauty of our nation is that we are all free to hold and express our political views. We should be able to do so in a civil manner. The individuals who are attacking you are WRONG. Flat out. Now, as for President Obama’s record as it relates to African Americans in our country. Let me say this: There has ALWAYS been a wealth/equity gap between the African American minority, and white Majority in our nation. It is quite obvious due to the fact that the majority profited from free labor for so long; And, had access to better opportunities up until about 50 years ago. The disparity in hiring/economic status did not begin under President Obama’s administration. Also, you have to look at job losses in the African American on the whole. I work in the Financial Services/Banking industry. Using my industry as an example, most of the time, Call Centers are directly impacted by layoffs (usually the first to go). Those jobs are usually the first to be outsourced, as well. So, when the company isn’t doing so well, Collections and Customer Service (which are usually predominately staffed by minorities) are the first to take a hit. Assuming this holds true for most industries (telecommunications, healthcare, etc), African Americans are seeing many of their jobs cut/shipped overseas. President Obama is not the CEO of companies. He can’t do much about these practices in our Capitalistic society (especially when the obstructionists in the Republican party are fighting him tooth-and-nail every step of the way in his effort to make meaningful reforms). But, to a larger point, President Obama is not solely the President of Black America. He is the President of ALL of America. He has to push for practices/policies that would benefit our nation on the whole. Conservative African Americans have to start thinking beyond the talking points that they hear on Faux news. We ALL have to think deeper. Personally, I watch all media outlets, and then do my own research on the web. I don’t like anyone telling what I should or should not think. I have conservative values on most topics; But, my spiritual beliefs (ex. belief in the “Will” brothers–Free, and Good) guide my political choices. I do not believe in abortion as a form of Birth Control (but, do not believe that I have the right to take away a woman’s free will/right to choose; Particuarly since God does not do that). I do believe homosexuality is a sin; But, last I checked, so is looking at a woman with an lustful eye, lying, eating too much food, getting drunk, fornication, etc. ALL sins are displeasing in God’s eyes. But, lucky for us, he sent his only begotten son to die on the cross for all of our sins (including homosexuality). Finally, I believe we have a moral obligation to care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves (the poor, sick, elderly, etc). We should not try to get over on these people. In my mind, the Republican party is in direct violation of all of the things that I stated above on so many issues. At any rate, I am straying off topic; But, I just wanted to say that you were treated unfairly; And, there are many of us who, although we do not share your political sentiments, feel like that was wrong (and, do not harbor any ill-will towards you for your views). You have the right to support the many faces of Willard if you so choose. ;o)

  21. Sorry I missed this…I’ll have to try and catch it somewhere so I can give a proper critique. I do have to say that it sounded like a recipe for disaster and the show hosts know it.
    If you want to present a proper discussion on political issues you need a qualified panel to discuss those issues.
    I’m guessing Ms. Fox does not have extensive knowledge in political issues.
    And Ignorance usually comes hand in hand with disrespect, loudness, and bad behavior in general.
    So, it’s a recipe for disaster…you’ll never have a decent, adult discussion with that.
    You deserve a better platform.
    It’s definitely hard being Black and Conservative in this Country.

  22. Vernon says:

    I know what you mean by losing a country to far leftists. George Weasle Bush is a prime example of a leftist. George Bush went so far left that he ran right into the far right wingers. I see why you are a conservative. Got anymore good ideas?

  23. Noel says:

    To Monica.
    Your comments above are appreciated.

    “Once you lose a country to far lefties, you will never get it back!”

    At least you warned them!

  24. Mellissa says:

    I love watching Don’t Sleep! However, Vivica and Crystal were both rude and disrespectful! It doesn’t matter what’s your political position because that can change, you will always be a black woman. Both women acted just like the stereotype. Brother Hassan did have a valid point on the “Chick” and “Boo” reference! No sympathy for Crystal or Vivica!

  25. George says:

    I first saw you on CNN i commenting on the Repub’s primaries. And I said to myself, this chick has the total package, great looks and a biting intellect that I hadn’t and still haven’t seen in any other female pundit anywhere. So keep up the good work my dear and don’t let these high school dropouts, probably part of the 47%, oooooh I just didn’t say that did I????…… get you down.

  26. Monica says:

    So true,Noel!
    I guess Vivica should visualize this: winter, very cold, blizzard, waiting in queue for three hours to buy a small, very small piece of butter-one is allowed, it’s getting late, you are freezing and the boots are wet-poor people boots,they tell you the butter is over, you have missed to get it exactly when your turn arrived…You should hurry up for reaching another crowd,waiting for bread, this time,maybe you’ll have more chance…
    If she is comfortable with this, she is qualified to go Cuba or Venezuela and let the normal nice Americans to have their opinions!

  27. Noel says:

    Didn’t see the show on BET, but what went on surely smells like a Jerry Springer Show. And the Jerry Springer show was included in one of Vivica Fox movies: GETTING PLAYED. She must like that kind of ‘Jerry Springer show’ type of confrontation.

    It sad to see black Americans being sold communism and eating it all up. The re-election of Obama does not bode well for black people. Come back and ask Vivica Fox and the rest; after 4 more years of Obama. They won’t know what to say. There won’t be any new FAD to move on to, like before. Obama will be their last fad. The poverty will keep on spreading.

  28. Nicole says:

    I really had hopes that this (Don’t Sleep) show would allow a balanced platform for the black conservative voice to be heard…I know, I know what was I thinking?! This show in particular was difficult to watch, from the time it the show began it was as though Crystal was under attack which is sad. I think it is ironic that Dems/liberals are always touting, “open your eyes”, “listen and pay attention” but they never follow their own advice, they only listen and pay attention to things that agree with.

    It is impossible to debate with people who do not argue facts but instead with feelings and half-truths. This is the primary reason I generally keep my political beliefs to myself. Crystal, I appreciate your attempt to bring in a different point of view to BET but I am sorry that it was lost on a crowd that does not embrace the equality and celebration of differences which they so adamantly proclaim.

  29. ES JAY says:

    Hello, I saw the show (Don’t Sleep) Just wish I had a chance to hear your views without you being interrupted.

  30. AD says:

    me not caring about the war may have sounded crass but Democrats and Repubs have been thrusting us into wars and they cost plenty of money which I do care about. I just feel like our govt wastes a lot of money and at this point all I can say is that I only care that I am not the one fighting in these senseless wars.


  31. AD says:

    You should send this to Vivica’s inbox or tweet her because I am not on any social media website. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/11/michelle-obama-tired-of-angry-black-woman-stereotype_n_1198786.html

    Vivica is misinformed like the rest of these zombies out here…I am so sad at how Black people continue to react off emotion and not with their brains. They act like there are no racist people in the Democratic Party. They think that their white friends get a pass because they are dating a black person or cause they know a few rap songs. Just sad. I remember getting a little stimulus check thanks to Bush. Yes he lied about the wmd. But I am not in the military so I don’t really care. My pay has been decreased and my share of benefits has gone up. I am not brainwashed and I am not going to follow the rest of these sheep just because we are all the same color. BCC I am in full support of you and I wish you continued success.

  32. Monica says:

    Crystal,for you and Stacey and all the Black people who are offended by far lefties these last weeks!
    Remember this one:”who is not with us is against us!”Communist methods,deh!
    They do not have conversations,civilized debates,they simply bully all those who desagree with their plan.
    As someone who lived more than half of my life a communist dictatorship, I kindly ask Mr John to look at this video on you tube, about the difference between the capitalist and communist lifestyle.
    It’s called “It’s a beautiful life!(with capitalism)”.Though there are just snippets from the whole misery’s life in communism, all this is real.I have lived all these kind of situations, for the first 25 years of my life.Once you lose a country to far lefties, you will never get it back!
    I do not care what color a president is.This one is, for sure, RED,and all the planet cares about where USA goes.
    And, by the way, the first Black President awaits to be elected somewhere, in the next future.Someone without friends who dance on the American Flag, someone who does not prise ‘g…mn America’pastors…Someone with normal friends, normal life, who lived in America and proud of a real ancestry of American Black.A normal, nice man or woman…If Romnesia means PATRIOTISM, that is so nice for far lefties that they just invented a new word.
    Crystal,please show them more of it!

  33. Find A Party says:

    White Hispanic, professional, straight male here – registered republican – whatever all that means. Not excited about either candidate. I think Romney is an out of touch, flip flopper who’s numbers don’t add up. I also feel we are in this mess because Bush was a dirty schemer.

    My biggest issue with Obama is that I feel he will never be hard enough of welfare. To me Obamacare is big mistake that will only serve to help further redistribute the wealth like other Social programs we can expect from him. I simply can’t sign up for that.

    I’d like to vote for the person that will get us out of the middle east and of Oil (foriegn and domestic) the fastest. I want to see EV cars dominate US roads in 10 years. I’m okay with drones to spy and kill bad guys. The government should not care or know who is married to who. Women should be able to abort within 3 months, but the Government should not mandate what employers pay for it. Less federal government, more state control. Less Welfare more work for handout programs.

    But all of this is politics and not why I came in here. 1. I’m so suprised that celebrity blacks will openly pressure other blacks to vote for Obama the way they do. Not to make generalization, but many blacks must feel the republican party is an extension of the KKK or something. Suprised the GOP does not use those polerizing Samuel L. Jackon type comments against Obama in some way. 2. Seen you on CNN a few times – You are so freakin hot! 🙂

  34. Cena says:

    I am not a republican I do vote democratic and I am an African American, I have to say I do admire the way Crystal handled herself on the show. I thought she was as professional as expected.
    I am very surprise by the way Vivica carried on, She embarrased herself and Im sure a lot of other people. We dont need to act that way to get a point across. She mentioned a time and place for everything and that was not the place to be angry. The pointing and head shaking was like a teenage argument over a boy. Im glad for Vivica this show was not seen on national tv, because a lot more people would loose respect for her. I am saying this to say we are all not that ignorant, thats one of the reasons why people think were voting for Obama because he is black, that is so not the case here I feel as if he is just the man for the job. Crystal did handle herself well on the show, but here on this blog the name calling is lowering her standards. May the best man win and remember God is always in control

  35. Benin says:


    Have you done your homework? You know what…Don’t even bother answering that. It’s obvious that you HAVE NOT done your homework.

    Perhaps before blindly making statements that you can’t back up you should learn the history behind the democratic party.

    Not just its founders, but even taking a look at some of the more recent pillars of the party (like Margaret Sanger) might be eye opening.

    Heck, for proof that you’ve got it twisted you need look no further than Joe “they tryin to put yall back in chains” Biden for that.

    It all boils down to this…by looking at politics through the lens of 60’s civil rights race politics you miss the whole point.

    This isn’t about race or even about rich vs poor. If you think it is then you’ve drank the cool aid my friend.

    It’s about liberty and freedom vs the tyranny of statism under the guise of compassionate collectivism.

    Get ur mind right and do it yesterday. I could go way harder but…I’ll hold back in hopes that my message supersedes my style.

  36. BN$Real says:

    Really??? I also watched the show on BET where you “claim” to have been attacked. You were on the defensive from the beginning. As soon as Vivica disagreed with you it was on. Black??? Vivica talking with her hands is not attacking you. The GOP has many solutions looking for a problem and you are one of them. You definitely were looking for some show to gain attention and I am sorry the TJ gave you a chance to appear as the victim. I feel sorry for you, Allen West, Ron, Clarence and the like. You are being used. When you realize it, you will probably be too embarrassed to admit. Virginia?? the confederacy cradle shaping your views? Your twisted mentality is really the way the GOP wants the Black man to think and fall in line. In the words of one other post YOU are full of it.

  37. the unit says:

    Well there is right and wrong. If left ain’t right it’s the other. Even Rudolf the Red Nosed Raindeer had foolish objectors, Christmas is coming, Joy to the World, starting Nov.6 when CNN calls the election, when? When Wolf wiffs his you know what, there about yesterday.

  38. Kartman says:

    We know that MSNBC will do some objective reporting. Keep up the good work Crystal.

  39. Greg says:

    I became familiar with Conservative Black Chick while watching CNN today (Saturday Oct 20, 2012). I am very independent in my political outlook and always try to find out what motivates an individual to choose a side in a dog fight. I spent weeks hanging out for lunch and after lunch walk with a work colleague to understand his views which he considered conservative yet were very liberal on most issues (church, abortion, family planning, gay rights) and came to the conclusion his vote against the current President was solely race motivated since his views locked step with the democrats, but he questioned the birth place of the President.

    Since I did not get to see Conservative Black Chick on BET, my question would be 1) What date did this blogging begin? 2) What is the political ideology of your parents? and 3) What would be the ideal age for a man/woman to get married?

  40. John says:

    I’m one of President Obama’s supporters. I think you and Stacey Dash are delusional. Hey people, take a look at who else supports Mitt Romney. I’m sure President Obama doesn’t have any white supremacists supporting him. So who is this women calling stupid. President Obama did not invent Black unemployment. This woman has Romnesia. Get informed, watch the story on Sensata by MSNBC. Then make your judgement between President Obama and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Lady, I don’t need Mitt Romney to give me a job. You are full of it. There are worst things I can say but will hold back for now.

  41. Nora says:

    These guys probably laugh at your stupid ass behind closed doors, much like he thinks about the 47%.

    They don’t give a damned about women much less black women!

  42. Jeff S. says:

    It was very hard to watch that segment. It appeared that the very moment you talked, there was going to be no listening and only a verbal ‘aim and shoot’. I appreciate that you stand stronly in the face of an overwhelming opposition.

    Though I did find funny was Tony’s opening ‘salvo’, “He’s a chameleon.” Really? Mitt Romney? Bill Clinton was a chameleon. Mitt can’t help but be Mitt. Interesting that what appears to be deperation brings out the ridiculous…

    Like Binders…


  43. dirtychai says:

    I’m a registered Independent and read your blog often. I was appalled by the way Vivica A. Fox treated you and the Don’t Sleep television audience. What could have been a thoughtful discussion on women’s issues turned into a rambling mess as soon as TJ opened with that stupid “binders full of women” comment.
    Although I have mixed feelings regarding many of your views, I love your blog because it proves that Black women can have a voice in ANY arena we choose. I disapprove of any Black American woman who acts that way unprovoked toward another sister. Seems like she was pounced to come at you from the jump. Not cool at all.

  44. Franklin says:

    Excerp from article:

    “I’ve never participated in a political panel where one of the guests was so disrespectful as Vivica A. Fox. Sadly, the show’s host TJ Holmes allowed Fox to heckle me, call me “Boo,” point her finger at me and engage in antics worthy of a ten-year old. A friend described Fox’s behavior as that of a belligerent drunk. Evidently, the actress thought she was showing up for a corner street fight rather than a mannered political discourse. I was the only person among the three panelists attempting to talk real facts about the 2012 presidential election. It’s no wonder, Fox’s career has tanked in the past few years. The only screen her clownish, buffoonery belongs on is a chalk board one can wash clean of her ignorance.”

    Change the venue and names…..you could be describing the V.P. debate with bidens rude childish clowning around while the nation looked on to hear a debate of issues facing America and American families.

    The dimocrats have been lead by obama’s rude, insulting, childish class clown method of presenting himself as the POTUS.

    I am now not only embarrassed for America….I am losing respect for an America that will not call out the POTUS on his childish immature behaviour.

    obama’s speeches have become nothing more than an amatuer attempt at doing stand up comedy.

    obama clearly has zero substance, zero plans, zero ideas, zero concern for the American people.

    His childish behaviour is nothing more than MOCKING the American people and the office of POTUS.

    It is a sad time in America…A sad time for the office of POTUS.

    It is sad to see the Black community go down the same path they fought so hard against…..

  45. Andy says:

    I have to admit something: I don’t watch BET. I used to, for the same reason I used to go to strip clubs. I think I gave up both for the same reason as well. But I did watch this episode of Don’t Sleep online when I saw some Twitter chatter about it. I expected to see a spirited political debate, with actress Vivica Fox representing the party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation and Conservative Black Chick representing the Republican Party. What I saw instead was Conservative Black Chick attempting to discuss her experiences overcoming ugly stereotypes attributed to black women, and Vivica Fox demonstrating said ugly stereotypes. I guess when Conservative Black Chick said, “angry black woman,” actress Vivica thought she had to play the part. I was a little embarrassed for her, to tell you the truth. Kudos to Conservative Black Chick for facing a hostile crowd with respect and dignity.

  46. ronnie says:

    So sorry you are getting these horrible emails/texts/tweets. I don’t understand why Liberals are so mean, but I want you to know they are mean to non-blacks as well. In fact, it seems like they are angry and uhappy across the board. I applaud you for your bravery, and I love reading your tweets. In America it’s supposed to be legal to speak your mind and vote for the candidate of choice. Apparently a lot of people disagree with that. You have my complete support and admiration.

  47. Lisa says:

    I am sick to death of people who, rather than debate or respectfully discuss issues, resort to hateful rants laced with profanity. I have absolutely no problem with people who don’t share my views. I do, however, take issue with those who think it is perfectly alright to verbally assault people who don’t think the same way they do. I have no doubt someone will comment on this and probably call me every filthy name that comes to mind. If you do, you will only serve to prove my point. I have plenty of liberal friends with whom I can discuss issues and never walk away feeling angry or hurt because these folks are mature adults with knowledge of the actual issues and an awareness of what is happening in America and around the world. we discuss issues knowing that none of us will ever “convert” the others but we always seem to find some common ground. These people don’t have to lower themselves to denigrating others to make themselves feel bigger. You only make yourself smaller when you stoop to such behavior. Unfortunately, we are a nation divided. We need to learn that neither side gets everything right. Only when we work together will we begin to heal our nation. Think about it. BTW…I have seen Crystal debate before and have found her to be knowledgeable and respectful. I’m not sure why she is constantly being attacked just for being conservative.

  48. Coleen says:

    I didnt see it as I never watch BET. I know you well enough to know you are a good person. You were trying to tell your part and with all the yelling it is real hard to get the point across. My mother used to let my sister yell until she took a breath then say are you finished yet and that would stop her in her tracks. Good job as I know you do your best. Never back down on your views. Each of us have the right to speak but not be yelled at. To have a good interview we all must be adults instead of just screaming all the time. I am sure she didnt give you time to even state your position. Please anyone check this website. It is important. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2309727/posts

  49. Kristine says:

    What the…? I really don’t think those Brother Hassan or that last commenter watched the same show I did. You were constantly drowned out by the harpie behavior of Vivica A. Fox. She complained about the stereotype of “angry black woman” and yet completely embraced it and perpetuated it by her behavior. Her hand gestures, her condescending attitude, her repeated interruptions. You were constantly talked over and at points it was almost impossible to hear what you were saying. Yet you continued to sit, and wait, patiently why the antics of the other guests kept on. I honestly had my jaw hanging open watching what was happening. I really have to give you immense kudos for putting up with what occurred.

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