Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama’s Blackness Trumps His Failed Record


The Congressional Black Caucus was formed in 1971 to advocate on behalf of black Americans and hold lawmakers and the President of the United States accountable for policies adversely impacting blacks. The CBC is often referred to as the “conscience of the Congress.”

Considering the caucus’ history, it’s shocking CBC Chairman Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver admitted to the Root the CBC has been reluctant to criticize President Obama because he’s black. Never mind black unemployment under Obama for the past three years has been nearly double the national average and hit a record high of 16% in 2011. Black unemployment hasn’t been that high since 1984. I guess Cleaver also isn’t concerned black wealth has also plummeted under Obama. According to Pew Research Center, the average black family’s wealth is about $5,600 compared with $113,000 for whites

According to Cleaver, “pride” about the president’s blackness trumps any concerns over current 14% black unemployment for members of the CBC. Cleaver said “if we had a white president we’d be marching around the White House.”

As the CBC celebrates their annual Legislative Conference this week in DC,  it’s more than insulting that Rep. Cleaver can chuckle about the CBC giving Obama a pass on accountability for his failed agenda with blacks and all Americans.  Cleaver’s glib reaction is particularly disturbing when you consider in 1970 the Democratic Select Committee, which later became the CBC, was outraged by President Richard Nixon’s refusal to meet with them. Nixon’s snub appeared to be the impetus for group’s name change a year later.

In 1971, the CBC boycotted Nixon’s State of the Union because he refused to meet with them and  sent him a list of 60 policy recommendations, the link to which has been conspicuously removed from the CBC website.  At least a year ago or two ago it was there. Perhaps Cleaver removed it because he didn’t want people asking why the CBC isn’t treating Obama with the same outrage.

After all, Obama refused to meet with the CBC until a full year  in office even though 95% of blacks voted for him in 2008. That doesn’t seem to be the appropriate way to thank your most loyal voting bloc. Adding insult to injury, Obama spoke at last year’s CBC’s annual legislative conference and told blacks they were lazy and needed to look for jobs.

“Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin.”

Cleaver joked with the Root when asked what he would do if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency in 2008 and the jobless numbers for blacks were this bad.  “As much as I love Sen. Clinton I would have been all over her on 14 percent unemployment for African Americans. I would have said, “My sister, I love you, but this has got to go.”

Apparently being America’s first black president has its benefits. It means the raging high unemployment and diminished wealth for blacks under Obama’s presidency ain’t nothing  but a thing to members of the CBC. The conscience of the Congress seems to have lost its way and sold his soul down the river in the name of giving deference to a brother named Barack Obama.




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29 Responses to “Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama’s Blackness Trumps His Failed Record”

  1. andrew says:

    well, it’s nov 7. anything else?

  2. AAB says:

    I am a Hispanic/Latino/Mexican (whatever) and I feel sorry for Ms. Dash as I too have spent my adult life defending the fact that I am a Republican. Here is the reason I am a Republican
    In todays money, my Dad never made over $10 per hour
    Dad and Mom raised 8 kids
    We worked in the fields of West Texas and during the winter when there was no field work, Dad would drop several of us boys off at the local dump ground. We would pull metal cans out of the burning heap. At the end of the day, Dad would sell the cans for scrap = $15 average.
    When I was old enough to understand what the politicians were saying, I asked Dad why he was a Republican.
    “A Democrat will promise you the moon, give you five dollars and a pint of whiskey for your vote.”
    The Republican tells you to stand on your own feet and gives a rich man more money.
    The day after the election, if the Democrat got in, you wake up with a headache, broke and in the same place you were.
    If the Republican got in, the rich man uses the extra money to build a factory and I have a job for 10 years to feed you kids. And as a man, what is it to me if a rich man has more money.”
    I like that: Let the world crash against me as it may, I will stand on my own to feet. And, if I end up with nothing, do not take from others to make up for my failings. I have felt the West Texas sun burning down on me while I worked the fields, I am not afraid.

  3. AAB says:

    As for “womens rights”, 52 million abortions and counting, we need to have a serious discussion without all the screaming. This is 1/6th of our current population: no society can long survive depleting its own numbers at this rate. (There must be a better answer)

    Illegal’s? I am (whatever we are being called this year, Latino I think) from the Southwest. I grew up with people coming up and working a few months then going back to Mexico. Our policies have made it more rewarding to stay here after the job is over. Most of the illegals have no home to return to and the present program of deportation is dumping them in places where they have no home. Is it any wonder that they come back here? As with aborotion, we need to have a grown up conversation, every president since 1964 has said they will “fix” the problem and no one has.

  4. Charles Houston says:

    With black unemployment at over twenty percent in cities across America and the president not even bothering to stop in one inner city during his so called bus tour for jobs can anyone explain how the CBC can call themselves anything but lackey’s for this so called president of the people. The CBC like the NAACP have lost all credibility a long time ago.

  5. Dan says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I just saw you on Fox and Friends, and just want to add my support to your fight.

    It’s great to see that more and more blacks are putting down the democrat Kool-Aide, especially concerning obama, and seeing these phonies for the liars that they are.

    They are concerned with POWER and nothing else, and they will do and say ANYTHING, no matter how false, to demonize any opponent, or threat to that power.

    Stay strong and clear headed, and keep looking behind the “green curtain” to see the the dishonest hypocrites and lying socialists that now make up the democrat party.

    Take care.

  6. Roger Wray says:

    It is good to find a black person who does not support the immoral values that have been connected to the Africa-American community because of their political values.

    I am now listening to the democrats trying to justify what they have done in the past four years and it doesn’t matter if the have to lie or not. Now we have four Americans who were murdered in Libya and the administration denies that a request for additional protection when the entire intelligences community, videos and Libyan officials said that it was premeditated – all this after apologizing.

  7. wcinvest says:

    I am (mostly) white and certainly look 100% white. I had hoped he would do better but Obama has failed the inner cities. I live near — .25 of a mile — the inner city and have for 10+ years.

    The number 1 thing Obama could have done that would have gotten _lots_ of Republican support and _some_ Democratic support if Obama put some of his political capital on the line is literally blow up the public schools and start over with new public schools/charter schools/voucher system. Perhaps 75%+ of the problem in the so called black community and perhaps 50%+ of the problem in the so called white community is related to poor education.

    Public schools in largely white areas are often bad to mediocre with incompetent teachers protected because of tenure and troublemakers not thrown out of school quickly enough.

    In mostly black areas, the problem is even worse based upon what I have witnessed in Oakland, CA.

    Instead of looking out so that children of all races could get a better education like Obama himself got and Romney got, President Obama hasn’t been willing to really challenge a part of his base: the public teachers union.

    Steve Jobs was a Democrat but many years before he died, in a couple of different interviews, he said the way to fix public schools was to curtail the power of the teachers union. He basically made the point as the teachers unions have gotten much stronger over the last 40 years, the schools have gotten much worse.

    I also believe way too many white/hispanic teenage woman and an epidemic amount of black teenage woman are having kids when they are still kids. While some of these children can do well and beat the odss, the odds are so heavily stacked against them that the government should be discouraging this by not offering much __if any__ welfare for more then let’s say 1 kid before the age of 20.

    As for some of Karma’s points.
    1) The rules for medicaid are consistent across all races.
    2) Some non violent felony crimes such as non violent drug possession should be reclassified so that it doesn’t hurt someone as much trying to get a legitimate job. Frankly I think illegal drugs are _very stupid_ to take but many of them should be legalized to prevent all of the associated crime and violence. Still good parenting and much better education is the long term answer to this problem of too many black males in prision.
    3) In truth, Romney, Obama and any other leader can’t cure the ills of the white, hispanic or black communities on their own. All these communities have to start doing much better or the US will keep falling further behind Asia.
    4) In my honest opinion, the black community in the inner city more then any other group is being hurt by illegal immigration. It is making it tougher to get work and also driving down wages in many private sector jobs.

    If you look at things objectively, the group that is doing the best right now in America based upon their starting position is Asian Americans. Many of them started off extremely poor only a generation ago but they are the group that values an education the most by far and have many less children out of wedlock then whites, hispanics or blacks. They also save their money more then other groups.

    Romney improving the general economy could help out African Americans and everyone else quite a bit.

    And in the 1950’s when health care wasn’t a government monopoly, prices were _dramatically cheaper_. Obamacare or any system that doesn’t encourage doctors and patients to watch costs and shop for the best price is a disaster. It only leads to much higher prices and lots of fraud.

    Perhaps the government should be there to provide free catestrophic care for heart attacks, cancer etc. But once you have the government involved with routine medical care and even such stuff as treating a broken arm or the normal delivery of a baby, the price goes through the roof.

    The cost to deliver a baby even adjusted for inflation 40 years ago was dramatically cheaper then today. The government getting too involved and basically creating a monopoly has increased the priced dramatically.

    I also think _all illegal immigrants_ should be EXPELLED from the country. Legal Immigration in a controlled fashion is okay but illegal immigration should be considred a crime. If you every travel around Europe or advanced countries in Asia like Japan, those countries do not give free passes and citizenship/free education/health care to illegal immigrants. They treat illegal immigration as a very serious crime.

    These countries realize if they are easy on illegals, they will be overwhelming the resources of the country such as schools and hospitals. The Democrats are allowing illegal immigrants (mostly) from Mexico to drain the resources of the country and deny opportunities for other Americans.

    Legal immigration from Mexico or anywhere else of highly skilled and well educated people who create jobs is fine but when the US doesn’t have enough of a need for manufacturing jobs as in the past, illegal immigration of low skilled workers should be stopped.

    I have a strong feeling, if every illegal immigrant was deported from the country tommorow, within 1 month unemployment would go dramtically down in this country.

    Now I don’t blame a poor person from Mexico or anywhere else from wanting to go to the US. I blame the US government for not doing more to secure the borders and to treat illegal immigration like the crime it is.

  8. Karma says:

    As far as the economy, clearly the man for job is Obama. As far as social issues, it’s Romney. Romney says leave it to the states to decide who gets healthcare and who doesn’t. This I totally disagree with. Ms conservative black woman, why is it that a black man does not qualify for medicaid, unless he is disabled? People do not want to rely on government, but when all else fails…… Plus, why isn’t some of these small business that Romney talks about seldomly hires a black man. There was a commercial on tv just the other day showing how blacks are not being hired on jobs. O I forget, alot of the black men are incarcerated, and when let out of prison, it is so hard to get job, because of the felony charge. Sista, I feel you, but if Romney makes it, what do you really think this man will do for African Americans?

  9. Franklin says:

    I suppose the members of the congressional black cacus will have to have pride in obama’s “blackness”…..

    they sure as hell can’t take any pride in his debating skills….

    obama’s “blackness” got SHELLACKED!

    It’s time for them to take pride in voting for “Capableness”

  10. WalkerColt says:

    I can ask a dumb question? I’ve never found any meaning in melanin. Either I’ve dealt with good quality people or not. Institutional racism is dismantled. Yes, there’s a minority of white bigots left but there’s plenty of bigots with a darker shade of skin also. And I’ll admit that I went through the roof when Ronald Reagan talked about a “color-blind society”, but now that’s as close to being true as is humanly possible. So why do we need a Congressional Black Caucus?

  11. Retsof says:

    If you voted for Obama the last time to prove you were not a RACIST, then you really need to vote for someone else (Romney) this time to prove you are not STUPID! His performance has been a complete disaster.

  12. I think that Americans are very loyal people. We are loyal to our local politicians, sports teams and friends. This carries through in our own cultural identities as well. Democrats will never publicly endorse a Republican even if they dislike their candidate. We as people rationalize everything it would seem.
    A good example is when a blatantly wrong call gives our team the W. We don’t write letters or demand the win be over ruled. We are relieved it went our way and mutter a win is a win.
    Same thing here.

  13. Judy Martin says:

    What a bunch is crap. We all knew he was a liar the whole time. That’s why he is so arrogant, people are that stupid, they are actually afraid to ask this dick a straight forward question, even though he would lie again and again

  14. redgrlfan says:

    Comforting to see truth in reporting.

  15. Geo says:

    Why should color of a persons skin even enter into the equation we all live in the United States, therefore we are all Americans whether we are Democrats or Republicans correct? The basis of this election should not based on skin color or whether we are a Democrat or Republican but on the issues! The economic situation of this country is not very good . Mr Obama’s policies do not seem to be working. Will Mitt Romney’s policies be any better who knows? As Americans we all need to not vote based on emotions but with common sense and what issues we all face as Americans The economy and what we feel is the best direction for this Country.

  16. ron says:

    What is really bad about this President in my opinion

    His policies,race baiting and his numerous lies will make it very very very hard for another person of the black race to become President

  17. Franklin says:

    Voting because of skin color simply show you’re not yet responsible enough to make a responsible decision.

    With rights comes responsibility.

    Use your rights irresponsibly long enough and everyone will lose their rights.

  18. Joseph Chavis Jr. says:

    Obama did not and could not cause the decline of america. That was done by Bush, Cheney, Rice, even before them Prescott Bush who supported Hitler and Ronald Reagen and Bush’s daddy. If not for the eight years of Bill Clinton america would be bankrupt and jobless. Those folks gave tax breaks to move jobs offshore and businesses offshore.. In 1980 Ford Motor Company was losing so much money that IBM was allowed to purchase from ford 400,000,000 four hundred million in depreciation and cost and file it on IBMs corporate tax return and Ford used the money to build a plant in Mexico and IBM paid no taxes. That is an example to The Republican agenda selling america to highest bidder and getting jobs out of america. When you look around on the highway some of the largest Truckers in america are not there and there are fewer trucks hauling goods because they are no longer manufactured in america.. This decline started when Obama was still in college, not yet in Harvard. How sad that we dont know our enemy.

  19. andrew says:

    did you think being the 1st black president wouldn’t have benefits? (especially among the black community). one thing most af-ams recognize is when one of us attempts to play the i’m black, therefore i’m down card in order to validate their opinion, cause or whatever. it doesn’t work anymore. everyone has access to more information and points of view than they could process in a lifetime.
    pres obama, or mitt romney? i’d almost rather have george w. back as pres before romney. if you could show me a republican, an independent, a green party, or any other label candidate who in my opinion was the best person for the job, that person would get my vote – and support.
    please republicans get it together. you might want to start by dropping that us v. them attitude. cliche as it may be, we’re all in this together. there’s no getting around it, and unless you’re satisfied getting the crumbs left on the table, you might want to stop being the lapdogs of the 1%.
    obama’s not perfect, but he’s smart. i’ll take smart over privileged any day.

  20. Jeanniiie says:

    They have always counted folks by the color of the beautiful skin God ordained they should have to cover their bones and they have convinced them that they can use His choice for you for their personal honor and glory; not God’s, not yours. It’s long been time to stop them.

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  22. Noel says:

    Another good article.

    Black voters should heed this age-old wisdom; when there is a clash between logic and emotions, follow logic.

    The universe is ruled by laws that are immutable. To the extent that man-made laws mimic the immutable laws of reality and are true to the nature of man, is the extent to which they are successful in bringing about social order and prosperity. Case in point: The American Constitution.

    What separates scoundrels from noble and just men is the betrayal or not, of their professed convictions and objectives. It’s obvious to which group the CBC falls under. And of course their racist decision to turn a blind eye on this President, will result in further chaos and misery. Black people will suffer even more if this character is re-elected.

  23. the unit says:

    There is no “like” click here. But Michael Benjamin is spot on. If they would all just do their job… leave off the divisiveness, all of them. Advocate what you will. Just so it stops at my property line, house, door, and dead lock. My home is my castle…”jimmy” my dead lock, meet my Glock. You’re free everywhere else (within the law) as far as I’m concerned.

  24. Kartman says:

    Voting for Obama because is black, even tho he is a terrible president ,is insane but a lot of people will do just that.

  25. R. Sanchez says:

    I watched the discussion in C-Span regarding id requirement to vote. It is simply pathetic that other blacks paint blacks as people who cannot get an i.d. and yet can get food stamps, SSI and other gvt. benefits. Instead of fighting for corruption and fraud (among all voters in America) they should fight for every citizen to have an id to vote, same as we must have an id if a policeman catches us crossing the street and not using the pedrestrian crossing, or enrolling a kid in a school, etc. It is tragic that people of color are told time after time that they are so powerless that they can’t even get an id in a country where now that is required for practically every activity. Are these the people who want to help the poor and the people of color…or the people who need them to be powerless and not able to make a voting decision for themselves? Those who fought you with simply ‘anecdotal’ quotes (like the one man who lives 30 miles from the nearest place to get an id. — give me a break!) want to maintain a large segment of the population under they thumb and sphere of influence. Again…what a pathetic way to treat those who need more help. And what a way to deliver to the Democrats all the votes that may re-elect the same politicians who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to teach everyone to fish…
    Thanks for being there. Rev. S. is so transparent that is an embarrasement to everyone’s inteligence…We need to EDUCATE, INFORM AND HELP PEOPLE GET I.D. IF THEY DON’T HAVE IT. That will be a great service. Other than that is strictly keeping the grip and the power in the wrong hands, out of ignorance.

  26. raptureme says:

    Balladeer….they already did that in 2008

    Even black ‘preachers’ touted him knowing full well he was pro-abortion

    Unfortunately, with them, skin color trumps EVERYTHING!

    So, who are the racists again??

  27. Balladeer says:

    So a person could reasonably say Obama has cornered the racist vote since this line of thought means “vote for him because of his skin and his skin alone.”

  28. Rep. Cleaver fails to realize that responsible leadership requires criticism of those in leadership whether you support them or not. To do otherwise further deepens the partisan divide and, in the end, diminishes the black community.

    Hispanics, Asians, LGBTQ, Catholics,Tea Party movement, et. al., have all made their expectations and demands known to President Obama. President Obama has not asked Rep. Cleaver for the “brother discount.” If black leaders won’t hold him accountable who will? And why should Obama worry about the black vote, if we support without demands. Cleaver should do his job and represent or move on.

  29. the unit says:

    Democratic Select Committe(DSC) became CBC. CBC same acronym for Conservative Black Chick. Glad your acronym isn’t DSC…thinking of various names those who think like Cleaver might call you. Doesn’t require a lot of imagination either. But wouldn’t necessarily be bad, like maybe Determined Significant Commentator to the cause of liberty and freedom for all

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