Obama: Lost President, Desperate Candidate

 This is the worst of times for President Obama.  He’s a president on the ropes, up for re-election in the worst economy since the Great Depression with no  successes to run on and a Supreme Court who may rule this month his signature initiative Obamacare is unconstitutional.  And just when you think Obama can’t step into any more proverbial poop . . . well, he does.

With nothing left in his arsenal and desperate to save his job, Obama has resorted to pandering to black voters, whom he largely  has ignored during his presidency, and petty attacks on Mitt Romney. Obama is losing ground with black voters among the 95% of blacks who voted for him in 2008. Outraged over Obama’s support of gay marriage, the Coalition of African American Pastors said they would not support him in 2012.  A new poll found Romney would get 20% of the black vote in North Carolina if the election was held today. What does Obama do to keep blacks happy? He launches a slow jam radio ad  this week with a deep voiced black man urging blacks to show Obama “We’ve got your back.”

The ad is insulting on many levels.  Not only is it void of any message but the subtext is all Obama has to do is throw blacks an ad filled with R&B music and blacks will vote for him because he’s black. The ad is particularly repugnant when you take it’s words to heart. With black unemployment at 13.9% and in 2011 the jobless rate was at an historic high of 16%, the highest since 1984, black wealth plummeting compared to whites, more blacks plagued by foreclosures, it doesn’t look like America’s first black president “has your back.”

But Obama had even more laughable moves this week. Because Obama can’t give the American people a reason to re-elect him, other than his worn out 2009 excuse he needs four more years to get us out the of mess he inherited, he has turned his attention to personal attacks on Romney.

During a recent speech in Philadelphia, Obama said Republicans and Romney’s campaign message could be fit in a tweet: “Things aren’t as good as they should be and it’s Obama’s fault.” The inconvenient truth is Obama refuses to take responsibility for his presidency and the bad economy is a result of his failed policies and therefore his fault. Obama is full of excuses like the big bad Republicans. Reagan and Clinton managed to get things done with Congresses controlled by their opposing parties.

Democrats enjoyed a supreme majority during Obama’s first two years in office and what do they have to show for it? Zero economic growth, $16 trillion in debt, US debt downgrade, historic unemployment, $1 trillion plus deficits, etc.

Obama added in his Philadelphia rant, “They [Republicans] ran up the tab and are trying to pass off the bill to me.” No, Mr. President, you came into office and inherited $10 trillion in debt then ran the tab up yourself on a failed $800 billion stimulus, $80 billion in auto bailouts, $1.7 trillion Obamacare, and more.

Attending all those fundraisers, 160 to date, seems to be distracting Obama from his day job of running the country because it’s been “Junius Horribilis” for Obama, as described by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. The month looks a little like this: Walker victory, Bill Clinton’s support of Bain Capital (can we say Romney’s “stellar” performance at Bain) and extending all the Bush tax cuts, weak jobs report, national security leaks to reporters, Attorney General Holder mess, and the list goes on.

But after three and half years long years of sucking up to the Commander- in- Chief, the liberal news media finally seems to be ready to acknowledge Obama’s failures. As Milbank admitted, “In Washington, there is a creeping sense that the bottom has fallen out and there may be no second term.”  No, Dana many of us realized Hope & Change bottomed out a long time ago but we’re glad you’re gaining consciousness to this reality because Obama’s presidency can fit into one tweet with #characterstospare: Failure.

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13 Responses to “Obama: Lost President, Desperate Candidate”

  1. facts says:

    by the way “Bill in Colorado”… if you read about Crystal, I believe she is self-employed. She pays for her own vacations. Someone that hides behind unions is dillusional. Unions were created to make sure workers had safe environments and I’m sure the workers from that day would be ashamed by the way people try to hide behind unions to sit on their ass all day and wait for their bloated retirements.

  2. facts says:

    In reading these comments I would like to point out that both Republicans and Democrats have gotten us to the point that we are at now, and these “career politicans” have spent 50 years or more playing with our country and bringing it to the desparate place that it is now. It would take some basic educating on your own to study this and see what has been happening. You will not be educated by watching political shows on tv. With that said, I cannot understand why Democrats are so anti-tea party. I’m sure from being manipulated by tv programs. The tea party wants to put the government back in the hands of the people and take it from the good old boy politicians. Do you know that the tea party has worked to get some Democrats elected in some local elections? Again- you would have to educate yourself which may take more time than it does to be spoon fed by a television program.

  3. KEVIN says:

    – I agree with you when you say its wrong for people to expect you to be Democrat just because your “black”, But to be a Republican when its clear that if given the chance will have you relegated to servitude and sitting on the back of a bus is strange to me. Reihan Salam is another Republican who doesn’t see he’s a potential lawn jockey but when Al Sharpton commented “if you had civil rights voted on, I’d be sitting in the back of the bus and with a bad eye driver you’d be sitting next to me” (as dark as Reihan is) was CLASSIC. I don’t feel obligated to any party so I chose to be “Independent” and have my own point of view. – I don’t agree with EVERYTHING this President does. If I did I would be him. Republicans made their agenda clear when they said their agenda is to make sure this is a one term deal. They said NOTHING about working with the current administration correct the mess THEIR POLICIES clearly created. (if that means trowing this country over a cliff, so be it – If you don’t see that your deaf, dumb and blind – my opinion)
    – This Republican party is NOT the same party as Lincoln and MOST OF the bigots who were Democrats jumped ship when Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill. What today’s successful Black Republicans don’t seem to understand is THEY benefited from Brown vs Board of Ed. and other forms of Affirmative Action and don’t appreciate the help they were given to reach their goals. If they don’t see that they did then they’re D,D and B.
    Notes of contention:

    – “Fast and furious” is NOT O’Bama’s program its Bush’s and O’Bama shut it down.
    – Iran was NOT O’Bama’s war it was Bush’s and O’Bama shut it down.
    – O’Bama DID say if REPUBLICANS have a good idea he isn’t opposed to adopting it so why is ROMNEY-CARE a bad idea now?
    – Republicans say nothing was done on immigration until now, what was THE DREAM ACT?
    – Corporate profits are at an all time HIGH and corporate taxes are at an all time LOW – (The private sector isn’t doing fine it’s doing GREAT) Its the public sector that’s suffering and stalling the recovery (caused by REPUBLICANS)

    When ever a Republican speaks they should start or end their statement with “We caused this mess but…” or “…even though we caused this mess.” Then I can respect what ever they say.

  4. Missy says:

    I heard about you today listening to Sean Hannity. Thank you for your article, you are like a breath of fresh air. I know it takes courage in todays world to take a stand against our first Black President and you will be called all sorts of names. Keep the faith!

    And to Bill: Perhaps you need to be educated on how Republicans stood and fought for rights of black Americans. Here’s some education for you…..


    July 17, 1862
    Over unanimous Democrat opposition, Republican Congress passes Confiscation Act stating that slaves of the Confederacy “shall be forever free”

    January 31, 1865
    13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. House with unanimous Republican support, intense Democrat opposition

    April 8, 1865
    13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. Senate with 100% Republican support, 63% Democrat opposition

    November 22, 1865
    Republicans denounce Democrat legislature of Mississippi for enacting “black codes,” which institutionalized racial discrimination

    February 5, 1866
    U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (R-PA) introduces legislation, successfully opposed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson, to implement “40 acres and a mule” relief by distributing land to former slaves

    more at the URL…

  5. Linda says:


    Wow! I feel like I need to take a shower after reading your FICTION.

    You need to take some time out and take a history class.

  6. Ron Graham says:

    I don’t know what planet ‘Bill from Colorado’ is from, but when he says that ‘Obama is in the top ten when it comes to presidential intelligence and surely in the top ten as far as honesty goes’, it is painfully obvious that he doesn’t have a clue about the true nature of his ‘exalted one’. Obama is certainly at the top when it comes to craftiness, lying, distorting the facts and spending money that isn’t his to spend.
    How ANY thinking person can be blind to Obama’s willful disregard and complete contempt for the nation’s laws, the constitution and the well-being of MOST Americans is beyond me.
    Gee Bill, do you love it when Obama exhales too?

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  8. Bill says:

    Crystal Wright,
    after reading your article in the Washington post it would appear that you are educated but sadly missed inform. For example Obama is in the top ten when it comes to presidential intelligence and surely in the top ten as far as honesty goes.
    He has suffered and fought with ignorance from the first day he took office. The republican party in his first year held the second largest amount of filibuster in the nations history., with the effect being that every piece of legislation being watered down or completely defeated and to this day this trend continues. It is only through strength that he has gotten any bill to sign. Never before has any President faced such a thing as this, on every issue a group out to destroy what he propose with such intensity that they would rather destroy the country than to let him succeed.
    The tea party has shown that you can market a lie and stupidy hard enough and long enough that you can get people to jump on the band wagon and go against their own best interest. For example the Tea party is financed by the Koch brothers , the billionaires that got their money start from Fred Koch , who is one of the co-founders of the John Birch Society. Seee jbs.org and then click on about ,next click on significant figures and there you will see FredKoch. Since you are not informed of the current history you are living in , I am sure that you are not aware that the John Birch Society is the rich mans KKK. All the of the civil rights legislation in the 60’s and 70’s and as well the late fifties, they were and still are against. See the following copy and paste from Wikipedia .

    The society upholds an originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, which it identifies with fundamentalist Christian principles, seeks to limit governmental powers, and opposes wealth redistribution, and economic interventionism. It not only opposes the practices it terms collectivism, totalitarianism, and communism, but socialism and fascism as well, which it asserts is infiltrating US governmental administration. In a 1983 edition of Crossfire, Congressman Larry McDonald (D-Georgia), then its newly appointed president, characterized the society as belonging to the Old Right rather than the New Right.[10]
    The society opposed aspects of the 1960s civil rights movement because it claimed the movement had communists in important positions. In the latter half of 1965, the JBS produced a flyer titled “What’s Wrong With Civil Rights?,” which was used as a newspaper advertisement.[11][12] In the piece, one of the answers was: “For the civil rights movement in the United States, with all of its growing agitation and riots and bitterness, and insidious steps towards the appearance of a civil war, has not been infiltrated by the Communists, as you now frequently hear. It has been deliberately and almost wholly created by the Communists patiently building up to this present stage for more than forty years.”[13] The society opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, claiming it violated the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and overstepped individual states’ rights to enact laws regarding civil rights. The society opposes “one world government”, and has an immigration reduction view on immigration reform. It opposes the United Nations, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and other free trade agreements. They argue the U.S. Constitution has been devalued to favor of political and economic globalization, and that such alleged trend is not accidental. It cites the existence of the Security and Prosperity Partnership as evidence of a push towards a North American Union.[14] Stuart A. Wright has said that their political racism however was no different from both Republicans and Democratic politicians of the time.[15]
    The more you read about the jbs, you will began to see that they oppose unions and all civil rights and those include gays, women , black and all other issues that say people should be treated as equal. They oppose unions because it gives the working class a voice. So Crystal I am assuming that you are female judging by your name. There fore if you ever want to take a maternity leave and have your job when you get back. Well thank the unions for that. When you feel that you will not be discriminated against on the job and have enacted laws that says you are correct , again you can thank the unions., when you go on that paid vacation , that was brought about thanks to the unions. Yet you affiliated yourself with a group that feel you should not have those things. You are criticizing the one person and the group that is trying to keep those things for you. The depth of your misinformation Iam not sure of so allow me to explain that the main source of money for the government is taxation. So the more people working the more money the government has to send out to the states for project like roads and bridges and these working people spend in the community and that allows local business to hire more and not layout more. Yet you align yourself with a group that is attempting to prevent the President from getting more taxes from those who can afford it and then redistribute that money to the states to get people back to work. The president has done more to stop terrorist than the previous 4 administrations before him. He has maintained a working and good relationship with nearly all the nations of the earth but Pakistan and that is only because they hide the most wanted man in the world this country’s greatest enemy..
    It is clear that you are not in touch with the everyday black that felt the back lash when Obama first went into office from many whites who were saying that blacks were trying to take over the country and that he was going to get vengeance for blacks. So he worked like every President and not show a lot affiliation with any group and not let those ignorant and misinformed have fuel to feed their lies off and trying to keep a racial calm in this nation. Still you criticize him and say he has ignored blacks , no he has not. He maintained racial clam in this nation.
    Your inability to see that all blacks in this nation should support Obama because if he is made to fail then the racial ignorance will surface saying that a black is not mentally or intelligent enough to lead the country. That lie will spread to women , Hispanic , middle eastern , native Americans , Asian Americans . So those parents will not be able to look at that bright child in the future and say work hard and you can be what ever you want to be , even President.. If the special interest money is allowed to control the voting in this country then even that bright white kid parents will not be able to say it because only the puppets will be in office that has no brains or moral code to use , only their greed and want for power . So that bright white kid wont have a chance either.. if all the unions are destroyed then the working kid will never be the head of the company and his parents will not able to afford to help with his or her educations because without unions wages will go down.
    Bill in Colorado

  9. Davis says:

    Thank you for a great article. Consider yourself hugged. I am so happy to see the truth being told about this imposter of a president. Hopefully enough of his black followers will take the time to read the truth about him, as painful as it might be for some of them, and decide not to throw away thier vote in 2012 like they did in 2008. Keep up the good work, I am now a fan of yours.

  10. Lars says:

    It is a good post, then I notice just how discriminatory your blogroll is. Hypocrite much?

  11. Staticnoise says:

    Though I didn’t vote for him I remember the sense of pride I had in America for electing a black man as our President, there really was so much opportunity for him to heal parts of our culture. What a complete and utter disappointment. He has done nothing to make us proud in that regard. I will not be sorry to see him go.

  12. Pam says:

    Obama is the closest thing to a carpetbagger we’ve seen in a long time. He had his bag full of promises that he had no intentions (or the ability) of fulfilling them. He is nothing but a cheap politician in an expensive suit who has done nothing but harm EVERY ethnic group in this country.

  13. Annie says:

    The radio ad was indeed offensive and the height of pandering. Obama is an insult to the black community and I truly think that he does not care about the American people, no matter the skin tone. Thank you for an excellent article. I look forward to working together with all Americans to boot these grifters out of the WH.

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