It’s Time for Women to Reject Feminism and Kiss Peter Pan Goodbye

In an attempt to explain why a generation of women born in the 1960s and 1970s are finding themselves living lives of solitude, a male friend emailed me All the Single Ladies, thinking I’d buy into the writer’s load of crap. The 39 year old single woman spends an endless amount of ink trying to convince herself and single women everywhere they are happy living empowered lives of solitude, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

This article is depressing and full of denial. Thanks to the 1960s Feminist movement which spawned theory of patriarchy, hatred of all things male, and re-engineered traditional gender roles, American culture from academia to business world led  women could be all things to themselves: provider, wonder woman, and in some cases mothers without men in their lives. While some women may genuinely want to live alone, I believe most women, including the author, don’t want to live in solitude or be independent women.

Unfortunately, this post sexual feminist revolution compelled women to enter the work force with this mindset they should not only compete with men but act like them, out earn them and convince themselves they don’t need them. The grand result of this revolution waged by the likes of Gloria Steinem, Kate Millet, Chris Weedon, Bell Hooks and other horrid, male hating women is a generation of barren, single women because the gender roles have been thrown into chaos. Since 1976, the percentage of women in their early 40s who have not given birth has nearly doubled and marriage is on the decline. As Atlantic Kate Bolick wrote “Gloria Steinem said, in the 1970s, “We’re becoming the men we wanted to marry.” I doubt even she realized the prescience of her words.

What’s worse is liberals perpetuate this super woman, feminist fiction by attempting to slay traditional gender roles. Washington Post reporter Ruth Marcus mocked Ann Romney as “stay at home mother” while glorifying Michelle Obama as pinnacle of womanhood for “raising a family and pursuing a career.” If any political party is engaging in a war on women, it’s Democrats. Women are intelligent creatures who can decide for themselves if they want to stay at home, work, be pro life or pro choice; we don’t need Democrats trying to live our lives for us.

During my senior year of college at Georgetown University, I was forced to take a feminist criticism seminar as part of my Honors English major and hated it. I and other women in the class couldn’t understand why we were required to re-evaluate the great works of DH Lawrence, Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw and others as male demons who exploited women. Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth books like Madame Bovary and plays like Romeo& Juliet gave women a voice  reflective of the times in which they lived.

You can’t deconstruct these great literature and impose a twisted  patriarchal narrative upon them, sorry women aren’t stupid. We also had to read lots of lesbian feminist theory for the seminar, which was even more hateful of men but curiously weren’t assigned any theory written by women who denounced this feminist jihad on the arts and every other aspect of life.

Thanks to the feminist movement this rise of woman has emasculated men to “being deadbeats or players” and is well on its way to making traditional gender roles in relationships and marriages obsolete. Because women think they can do it all, men expect them to and this has turned many men into Peter Pans, who delay commitment, refuse to man up, and demand women go Dutch on dates.

A Time article Women, Money & Power glorified the new Pan trend of stay at home dads and female bread winners.  The writer notes “Danny graduated from the University of Michigan and took a job in finance, but he rebelled at the crushing hours. So in the mid-’90s, he left to become a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters.”  My first reaction was how pathetic and Danny needs to man up.

I would argue the majority of women don’t  like this role reversal and if they had guns held to their heads would admit it as much. Time writer Liza Mundy observed “One university vice president admitted that when she was dating, she took pains not to let men walk her to her car, for fear her BMW might make them feel inadequate.”

Women need to start making men feel inadequate and force them to act like men not boys again. In our quest for independence, women have made things far too easy and comfortable for men. Where women are failing is lying to ourselves about what we really want. This new paradigm where men depend upon women for economic stability is screwed up and doesn’t sound like female sexual freedom to me but a life of purgatory.

A male friend quipped recently during conversation on the topic “women make it too easy for men now and you don’t seem to have a need for us so why should we grow up.” The time has come for women who believe in traditional gender roles to give Peter Pan the heave hoe and tell him don’t come knocking again until you’re wearing your man shoes and pants. Don Draper of Mad Men certainly isn’t the perfect man but he knows what the definition of a man  is, a provider who protects the homestead, doesn’t shrink from his responsibility and when needed tells a woman “this is the way is going to be done.” Let the revolution of woman begin a new!


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36 Responses to “It’s Time for Women to Reject Feminism and Kiss Peter Pan Goodbye”

  1. ThSeriousTruth says:

    Career women have Destroyed many of us Good men.

  2. You are one right-on lady! Please see Feminism as a WMD at

  3. Ason says:

    Great article. Unfortunately, the battle is now multifaceted. Focusing only on men is not enough. Women need to shame their female counterparts into becoming good women. As long as many women think and act like feminists, the few good women won’t be seen by most men.
    Also, as long as women keep silence about the so-called family court thievery against men, many men will probably never get married. So, women need to fight to make the laws more equitable or to abolish alimony entirely.
    Thirdly, women need to start making themselves attractive again. A fat woman with hairy legs who goes everywhere in sweatpants is not attractive to men. If a man would have to man up to get one of those, most men won’t bother. In the same category is a woman who has slept around with every Tom, James and Harry. Which man would want to marry such a woman, or treat her with respect, seeing that she does not even respect herself?

  4. KL says:

    Nice article…until the very end how men should “man up” and women should make men feel inadequate…which showed that women can NEVER take accountability for repercussion and consequences their choices and actions. And the author’s reaction about a stay at home dad?

    Talk about the epitome of hypocrisy.

  5. guiat says:

    And what makes you believe that what you need/what/demand means anything anymore to men? we have walk out of the mild and know what? zero responsibilities is a nice place.
    “Man have to be like this….oh wait we don’t like them like this NOW they have to be like that” FU and your Gynocentric believes.
    I hope feminism keeps running for decades I hope they get even worst I hope marriage reaches zero and all women buy into fertility clinics.
    We men as slow but we adapt and we have move away from your “needs”

  6. Deadbeat says:

    CBF writes …

    “Women need to start making men feel inadequate and force them to act like men not boys again. In our quest for independence, women have made things far too easy and comfortable for men. Where women are failing is lying to ourselves about what we really want. This new paradigm where men depend upon women for economic stability is screwed up and doesn’t sound like female sexual freedom to me but a life of purgatory.”

    I think this is BAD advice. If women want men to “act like men” then making men feel inadequate is not the right approach and is totally counterproductive.

    Men are reactionary meaning that women need to start “acting like women” in order to get men to “act like men”. Unfortunately, at I previously stated, feminism has provided women with MATERIAL gain. Are women going to relinquish that gain? I doubt it.

    Divorce laws currently advantage women and I doubt that women “as a class” will want changes to divorce laws that reinstate fault and provide social balance. IMO women “as a class” likes the Marxist legal protection and alterations and would be going against their MATERIAL self interest to restore the family values of the past.

    Clearly the defeat of feminism starts with women. The only thing that men can do is to PROTECT THEMSELVES. Some men are beginning to date overseas women whose national culture has not been so debauched by cultural Marxism.

  7. Deadbeat says:

    The article “All the Single Ladies” sites Stephenie Coontz. What people have to understand is that people like Coontz, Steinem, and Betty Friedan, are Cultural Marxists. These Marxist write in deceptive manners to conceal their agenda. The aim of Cultural Marxism is debauchery of Christian/Western values.

    Take the time to learn about the Frankfurt School and why these Wiemar cretins really fled Germany. Don’t be afraid to learn these historical truths of that era despite the false history presented by both Liberal and Conservatives.

    Feminism was designed to attack Christian/Western culture and is grounded not only in Marxism but in homosexuality particularly Lesbianism.

    They’ve convinced women that acting like men is “liberating” and the sentiment in this article clearly shows that women have lost their femininity. In addition the lesbian aspect is where feminism gets its misandry.

    The problem with feminism has been the seduction of “freedom” and “equality” while being nothing more than empty rhetoric. It is going to be difficult to wrest away feminism because women have obtain real MATERIAL gain but at the awful price of losing their humanity in the bargain.

  8. Paul says:

    Ever notice how when feminists talk about feminism, they try to include other groups as a part of them such as African American women (feminists use them as a catalyst for arguing white MALE privilege), Atheists (to attack the so-called “religious patriarchy”) and lesbians (more women to recruit)?

  9. aleksandra says:

    This is a great article…the Feminist movement is to blame for why we women are in the situation we are in today.
    We have to be “Perfect” – working full time, taking care of the home and family, being both mother and father, and looking perfect at the same time!
    Meanwhile the men have been given a free ticket to disappear and slack off because we can “do everything” ourselves.
    That’s why the younger generation thinks its perfectly okay to slack off and live off of our daughters while they break their backs studying hard and working hard for the money!
    it is all about a equality and evolving and conservatism is totally out of rich at that point ,you have to be up to date , if man left you its just baecouse you are dump , left with 2 kids , think before you act, you know what would happen so why the hell you did that for ,it is a common sense , man alweys had a free ticket ,couse they are allowing themselves to , its their nature cockingness and woman were disrespected without a man , did you forgot?woman need a revolution, couse food you can buy, anyone can cook and you can have a nanny ,we are just not needed as a mother ,this is becouse you have more posibilities now in live, oh decisions ?evolve ladies evolve and organise your life flexibility , feminism is just a pill, you cant stick with old staff , while is outdated,got it and responsibility

  10. Erin says:

    The women right’s movement did wonderful things for women – including allowing me to pursue my lifelong dream of being a doctor. When my mother wished to follow that dream she was told that “as a woman you are not smart enough to be a physician.” Today, I have friends who are in the workforce and friends who are stay at home mothers. I could relate to your article on some levels because I certainly do not believe it is possible to do it all (family, house, work, etc) without help from a partner. I do believe both choices – whether to stay in the workforce or be a stay at home mother should be respected. However, I was very disappointed that although you seem to preach about giving up “man-hating” you did it yourself in this very article.

    “A Time article Women, Money & Power glorified the new Pan trend of stay at home dads and female bread winners. The writer notes “Danny graduated from the University of Michigan and took a job in finance, but he rebelled at the crushing hours. So in the mid-’90s, he left to become a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters.” My first reaction was how pathetic and Danny needs to man up.”

    You shouldn’t have a double standard. If you believe that women are smart enough to decide for themselves where they stand and what they wish to do then men should also have this choice. If a couple decides that it works better for the man to stay at home rather than the woman then so be it. It is the couple’s decision and it shouldn’t be called “pathetic”.

  11. Seriously says:

    there are just too many Very High Maintenance Women out there today to begin with, and they really think that they are God’s gift to men which many of them are so Very Pathetic as it is.

  12. jhan6120 says:

    “Because women think they can do it all, men expect them to and this has turned many men into Peter Pans, who delay commitment, refuse to man up, and demand women go Dutch on dates.”

    You need to chill with that. My manhood isn’t determined by whether or not I pay a woman’s bills. How about women ‘WOMANING’ up, eh? Women are all like ‘grrrllll power’ and what-not, but when the dinner check comes, all of a sudden they’re wilting flowers. It’s called HYPOCRISY. Equality means EQUALITY, not equality when it’s convenient for you. This kind of insufferabele Have Our Cake and Eat It Too mentality has made most ‘career’ women insufferable. If you’re earning as much as me, you’re paying your fair share. Period. Otherwise, find another sucker.

    This is the world you wanted, right? Well, you got it. That’s why I date hot waitresses instead of urban ‘career’ women. Enjoy your cats.

  13. deborah cowan says:

    I was born in Berkeley CA in 1947, live here, and graduated from UC in 1968. I’ve lived all over the world, am now retired from teaching, and work as an artist. I majored in Sociology.
    I agree with you about your overall opinion of feminism. What we need to see is that the reactionaries on the left and the reactionaries on the right conveniently feed into each other, and have been doing so for a long time. What we need to understand, is how the wielders of political energy manipulate and exploit, and are generally blind to themselves. The psychic destruction caused by drugs has been a handy tool. But where is all the upheaval ultimately leading, when the drive for control is based on illusion?
    An increasingly impoverished globe; for no other reason than Fear and Hubris. Thanks.

  14. Anita says:

    The thing that bothers me about modern-day feminists is that they claim to want gender equality but only when it conveniences them. Notice how they do not complain about the fact that women cannot legally be forced into motherhood because it is her choice. However where are the complaints from these same feminists about unfairl forcing unwanted fatherhood on men by forcing them to pay for 18 years of child support? They complain about women having to pay more for healthcare (that’s bc women take advantage of the system more, not bc of inherently sexist reasons) but where’s the complaint that men have to pay more for car insurance?

  15. This is a great article…the Feminist movement is to blame for why we women are in the situation we are in today.
    We have to be “Perfect” – working full time, taking care of the home and family, being both mother and father, and looking perfect at the same time!
    Meanwhile the men have been given a free ticket to disappear and slack off because we can “do everything” ourselves.
    That’s why the younger generation thinks its perfectly okay to slack off and live off of our daughters while they break their backs studying hard and working hard for the money!

  16. weazi says:

    I’m so tired of you women who appear on the surface to be tired of feminism for the right reasons, because of the harm it does to men, but then show that you really couldn’t care less about men, because you’ll find most of these articles littered with words and phrases like “man up” mixed in with other phrases that amount to nothing more than a pity party for women who are tired of living the life that men have been living for countless generations. You women disgust me, since you’ve taken and eaten everything this movement and government have given you for the last forty years, and now that you see your traditional benefits are about to be rejected in full by men across the board, you are going into panic mode. So, please. Save your breath. Men are done with this shit… you’re on your own ladies. And feminism should go away, but not for you women, but for men. We’re sick and tired of being spit on and we’re tired of sacrificing our money and effort for selfish women like the one who wrote this article. “Man up”? Fuck you.

    And one more thing. Men do not have commitment issues, that would be women who now have that problem. And why commit? They have access to all sorts of money, they know most men will shower them with gifts and money. The modern woman is nothing short of a prostitute, yet is one who doesn’t stand on a corner. So you can take your Peter Pan complex and shove it right up your ass. Men are ready to commit, all over this country in fact. It’s women who are the problem here. Women have created this mess, and now you ladies will be the one to reap what you sewed. Enjoy it, because you won’t see most us giving a shit here in the coming years.

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  18. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think that every stay-at-home dad has a Peter Pan complex. My brother has a part time job on the weekends, but stays at home with my three-year old niece during the week while my sister-in-law works and goes to school. Staying at home with a preschooler is hardly a life of leisure and he’s a great dad. Besides, what’s better? Shuffling the kid off to day care or having one stay home with her?

    However…as a 38 year old single woman who would really like to find a good guy, I’ve seen way too many Peter Pans. A lot of the single guys my age I’ve met are either divorced and going through their second adolescence or they never got out of their first. A friend of mine is 40 years old and still playing video games for eight hours a day when he’s not at work and his idea of “putting himself out there” is going to bars and hitting on bartenders. This friend says he wants to find a “nice girl” and yet he’s surrounded by “nice girls” he won’t give a second look to because they’re not young enough, pretty enough, or enough of whatever he thinks he’s entitled to. And feminism definitely hasn’t helped. Since the advent of The Pill and abortion on demand has made it so that people can avoid the consequences of casual sex and society has gotten more sexually “liberated”, why bother taking the time and energy to cultivate a relationship with a really quality woman when you can have an endless string of f*** buddies, live like a teenager, and not have to commit to anybody? I once knew a guy who said he wouldn’t get married because he didn’t want to stop “having fun”. Apparently living like a slob in a s***hole with another divorced guy, sleeping with endless women, and getting arrested for DUI was his definition of “having fun.” Well, everybody have fun tonight.

  19. Violet says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with stay at home fathers, as long as they’re putting in the same work and care as stay at home mothers. It can be a pretty big job when done right. Of course, if they’re using it as an excuse to sit on their butts all day, that’s a different story.
    The rest of the article I mostly agree with. Some people naturally don’t fit certain gender expectations–for example, I have a uterus but can’t handle being in the same room as a young child. (I’m thinking of adopting out my offspring if I ever make any.) But at the same time it’s very challenging to live in a society where one gender is supposed to fill every role at once and the other isn’t expected to do much of anything. I don’t think very many people, regardless of biology, are humanly capable of living several lives at the same time. May I please have just one life, preferably suited to my individual strengths and weaknesses?

  20. Jessica says:

    “Nobody has EVER treated the commander-in-chief with the level of hate and vitriol that Obama has received, NOBODY. The plain fact that everyone knows but only few will voice is that it all stems from the fact that Barack Obama, is black, PERIOD.”

    So… you were in a coma during the Bush Jr. administration, I take it?

  21. Sarah says:

    I honestly came here to try to understand more about your viewpoints, but this article makes it blatantly clear that I (and hopefully others) shouldn’t rely on you to be the voice of black conservatives. This was a hate-filled assault to reason that was simply WRONG on a number of fronts.

    Firstly, the point of the feminist revolution of the 60s was to lay bare the foundational gender inequalities that were inherent within the system of governance, law and the patriarchal subtexts within societal interactions. For example, there was a notion that a woman wasn’t fully a woman unless she became a mother. With this subtext, even if a woman wanted to pursue a career, she was considered less of a woman. Simply put, the kinds of notions that facilitate young women to be able to CHOOSE a lifestyle path on equal footing with men today were put into place in this wave of feminism.

    Secondly, the idea that feminists are ‘man-hating’ is hyperbolic and unfair. What feminists oppose is the undue influence of patriarchy over women. Those who have chosen to take this as an assault to the individuals who (through no reason of their own) wield this power over the women have taken this to mean that men (or whites in the case of the civil rights movement) are being degraded. In reality, it is the station of women who is being raised to meet that of men. Admittedly, men had to lose some unearned privileges, and compete with women as equals. Tough cookies.

    Thirdly, Democrats support women regardless of the career path they choose (homemaker is a career path). It is the Republican Party that is choosing where women belong, based on the idea that women should only be in the home. However, there are poorer women who cannot afford to stay at home, regardless of their wishes. Republicans would simply rather give tax cuts to ‘job creators’ than provide those women with affordable day care.

    Fourthly, if you can’t see the sexist undertones in historical English literature, God help you.

    I didn’t mean to write a novel in response to your article, but it was inflammatory and overtly sexist. I saw you on CNN and thought you must have had some valid points. I guess I will keep looking.

  22. Amused Black Man says:

    You know, I just find it tickling that Ms. Wrigt upbraids “liberals” for slaying “traditional gender roles.” by “glorifying Michelle Obama as pinnacle of womanhood for “raising a family and pursuing a career.”

    At last the vaunted evidence of the democrat’s “war on women” is laid bare!

    I wonder if Ms. Wright is doing the “stay at home mom” thing or is she pursuing a career like Michelle Obama?

    What a hypocrite.

  23. Steve Burns says:

    I’m hardly anti-feminist, but I’m tired of the depressing narrative we get about women being “forced” back into the home after WWII. I look in vain for a corrective to this on the web, only to come up trumps! What do you think? Do people think that 50s culture would have been what 70s culture became if only some malevolent souls weren’t manipulating everyone? Weren’t there any women who WANTED to be Housewives or Secretaries? Did America really take a dark turn into reactionism around 1948?

  24. WalkerColt says:

    Well, when I wrote my “screw you if you want it that bad” post hoping to bring out the man-haters, I was looking for a fight and I’m sooooo disappointed with the lukewarm response. I was a supporter of the original feminist agenda from 1961 with the exception of the Equal Rights Amendment because of the wording “regarless of sex”. To me I knew that was playing right into the Gay Rights Privileged Class agenda. But all the other legitimate goals were achieved. In 1980, the lesbian faction of N.O.W. took over the steering committe and policy analyst positions. The second agenda had nothing, zip, zero, nada, nichts in common with the tone of original feminism. They wanted to rewrite the dictionary to remove “sexism in language”. Wanting to replace the words “mommy” and “daddy” with a substitute like “congressone”. Another deep dark secret about feminism and politics that comes from the second agenda was the concept of Comparable Worth. Because men, on average, made more money than women, the agenda called for the federal government to step in and demand that secretaries be paid the same as truck drivers. Clarence Thomas was head of EEOC when Comparable Worth was brought to a head and he killed it as an unnecessary government intervention into the private market. Every women except for two who testified against him during the Senate hearings to confirm him as a Supreme Court justice, including Anita Hill, had been supporters of Comparable Worth. This is modern feminism. Bitter, hateful, politically charged and willing to committ character and career assassination. We are at each others throats for no other reason that we want to “win” and we have no appreciation for what we’re losing.
    For myself, I’ve always loved women and still do, but the politics of sex just tears me up. What was that line from the movie ‘Jerry MacQuire’? “Men are the enemy but I still love the enemy.” Something like that.
    If the love was up-front for both genders, we wouldn’t see the terrible destruction of our families and relationships. If the government wasn’t involved, we’d be able to make our own thing work better. I was faithfully married for 30 years before losing my true love. My advice, sincerely, forget this stupid crap and love someone while you’ve got the time. Today is the best day of your life. So, use it on someone you love. A day will come when you’ll regret not doing just that. You will be alone and it will not feel good.

  25. Interesting. I think this is a little one sided however. The responses in the comments section are telling. What if you’re not a “meek and gentle woman”? The problem with nurturing men is…? I do feel that the shift in men’s and women’s roles in american life has really been a difficult transition. Neither has gotten it completely right. Women still do a lot of the work around the house even while working a full-time job. I don’t believe that most women are man hating just because they look at the world from a feminist perspective. I also believe that men can man up, but there were men who didn’t man up before the feminist movement began. There have been dynamic woman who went to college only to get married and be forced not to use the education that their parents paid so dearly for. This is a nuanced argument and I’m kinda tired of us arguing over minutia and not the real substantive issues about why it’s hard to have one bread winner in the family. Most of us want the same basic things. Let’s at least agree on that.

  26. seekwellxprt says:

    I came to this site initially to rage against Crystal Wright for her right wing views and apparent lack of feelings for the plight faced by women and men everywhere. She just strikes me as someone that wishes she was a rich white woman. She seems to turn a blind eye to the vast majority of us and the struggle we face each and every day. After reading the responses here, I see that most of us are on the same page, reality.

    I also wanted to make certain facts plainly clear to everyone here…..I was married to a mormon woman that I had 3 children with, and therefore have first hand knowledge of their beliefs and practices. Ann Romney may SAY that it was her choice to be a stay at home mom, but the simple fact IS, the mormon church believes that the mother SHOULD stay at home. That’s a fact. They believe that women should stay at home and make babies. Don’t try to school me on this, I was there. Just as Hillary Rosen was taken out of context I want to be perfectly clear here. Does a stay at home mom work? Abso-freakin-lutely they do, without a doubt, but anyone that thinks even for a second that Ann Romney was at home scrubbing floors and toilets, doing the dishes, laundry, ironing, etc., you are absolutely kidding yourself and need to wake up. With all the maids and nannies the Romney’s had, Hillary Rosen was in fact telling the truth, Ann Romney HASN’T worked a day in her life. The Republicans like talking points, anything at all that they can get their voters to believe. Keep it short, and say it over and over again until the public starts to believe it too. Class warfare has been waged by the elite for generations. Before Bush took office the top 1% made 6% of the income in the US, and just a few years later, that same 1% was making 23% of the income. Look at the facts. When the auto industry was in turmoil, with GM and Chrysler going bankrupt, and Ford on the brink, at the same time, US sales for Rolls Royce was UP, 20%. That’s a fact, look it up. Here’s another fact for you to research…… 2004 the Obamas made a combined $4 Million+, of which they paid $1.125 million in taxes. in 2005, Cheney made almost $9 million of which he only paid $500,000 in taxes. Twice the income, half the taxes. Ladies and Gentlemen, that IS class warfare.

    As far as this so called “war on women”. The Republicans HAVE been waging a war on women. Men stuck in the past have been waging that war for thousands of years. Mitt Romney would LOVE to take us all back to the 50s. The 50s were a WONDEROUS time……..IF…….you’re a white man. Not so good if you were black, unless of course you fancy being hung. Not so good for gays, unless you LIKE being dragged to death behind a truck. Not so good for women, atleast not if you like to go outside for more than just a trip to the beauty salon. Santorum, on the other hand, would like to take us back to 1850. This is the war on women. It goes far beyond abortion and contraception rights. It’s about power, control, and the minds of small men, and if legislators would actually ACT on the constitutional seperation of church and state, a lot of these archaic beliefs would go away, as they should.

    Nobody has EVER treated the commander-in-chief with the level of hate and vitriol that Obama has received, NOBODY. The plain fact that everyone knows but only few will voice is that it all stems from the fact that Barack Obama, is black, PERIOD. If Obama wanted to enact legislation that would repeal Roe v Wade, or bring prayer to public schools, or whatever, the Republicans would stand up together to profoundly protest the very notion. If Obama would stand up and deny climate change the Republicans would jump to pass a bill to deal with it, just because it would be the opposite of what a black man in the white house wants. It’s ALWAYS been about race, but not one of them has the courage or the decency to come out and SAY it. Not even the birthers or the tea party. Take a look at both of those groups, tell me how many NON-WHITES you can count.

    Gonna close this off now before I get into health care, education, the environment, government regulations, etc., otherwise I’ll be here all day. For the record, I’m a single white man raising my children on my own and don’t have a racist bone in my body. It’s time for the right to grow up.

    Have a lovely day all,


  27. Byo says:

    Slightlty off-topic:
    Where were you-
    when we went to war in Iraq;
    when the medicare prescription drug benefit was instituted;
    when the Bush tax-cut was passed?
    All unpaid for, and added to the debt and deficit.

    Now you want to blame to currnt admin for all the debt?

  28. JazzFest says:

    So, the stay at home dad thing, this is bad because?…The man should be the breadwinner? It’s the woman’s role to nurture in the home? Please explain to me.

  29. Robert Larson says:

    Thank you for this. Not enough women are standing up for the men in our country to grow their balls back and be men. I for one can not stand a loud mouth bossy woman. As a real man I know that real men want meek and gentle women who will allow us to take good care of them.

  30. wombatty says:

    You make a lot of fair points, but women need to remove the plank from their own eyes before demanding that men remove the mote from theirs. Most women are just as immature as men.

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  32. WalkerColt says:

    Many years ago I was studying on the lost language and culture of Sumer and comparing it to the few references in the Old Testament. The sexual viewpoint of that ancient time was on the male rather than the female. All of the responsibility for procreation was dumped on the male. It was an agriculturally based model. The woman represented good earth and the man provided the seed, he tended the soil with care and love, and if he was successful, there would be excellent fruit (a healthy baby). The earth was not considered inert, nor was the woman ignored by any means, but the responsibility for success or failure was solely placed upon the one who “husbanded” the earth. Sumerian as a language died completely about the time the Revelation of St. John was written. It has no links to any language or culture. But imagine a world where the male is held accountable for all things and all failures are viewed as personal failures of him and him alone. If he fathered a child with or without the promise of marriage, that child had every right to claim the father’s name, a share of the inheritance, even the right to dowry and land use. As history progressed, the males placed greater and greater responsibility upon women and burdened women by degrees until… Today, modern feminism has freed the male from any responsibilities. I can deny my role as a husband, as a father, as a provider, as a protector, as a partner, as comforter, and any other traditional supportive figure. Women are my equals. I can treat them harshly as competitors. I can treat them as objects more so now than any generation previously. If I choose to submit non-violently to our judicial system and incarceration, I can rob you, rape you, sodomize you, addict you to drugs, brutalize you in any manner and society expects nothing from me except what the inept law will impose. Even while locked up in jail you must work and pay for my detention. On top of that, I’ll get out early for “good behavior” and do it all over again. I am free. Truly free. I can run amok as a beserker because you took all the responsibility from me and set it upon your own shoulders. All of my problems are now your problems. I get the gravy and you get the pain. Thanks. I love it when a plan comes together.

  33. Whit H says:

    I am not a conservative and I enjoy the benifits of the feminist movement as a single, 20 something with a career. I think that women need to think for themselves. Feminisim just gave women choices. If you want to be a stay at home mom, thats ypur choice. If you want a career and a family, thats okay too. It doesn’t have to be the same for every women.

    I will say that the negativaty from stay at home moms to working women, and visa versa, is not neccesary and comes from those women not beiing happy with their own life choices.

    I don’t think that Ann Romney is qualified to talk about the economy because she doesn’t live in the real world. She lives with her husband in a world with car elevators, where she only pays 15% taxes on millions of dollars. She has never had to make the decision to not work or live in povertyin

  34. lilly says:

    The feminist movement was NOT about hating men. The movement was about giving women the same rights as men and being respected by society just like men. We are not second class citizens and don’t need to be controlled by the men in our lives or churches.

    The feminist movement is on the rise again, because yes there is a “war on women” going on again by the republican party. We don’t need men telling us how to live our lives and what we can and can’t do with our bodies.

    Sorry no good men who do not take care of their families or don’t go to work or are not responsible human beings have nothing to do with the feminist movement. Don’t try to blame women for their short comings.

    As for Mrs. Romney, I think it is great for her that she was able to make the CHOICE to stay at home. This is not an option for the majority of women in this country. So, she doesn’t have a clue what it is like to have to earn a living and take care of children. Money has never been an issue for her.

    It is her husband who really doesn’t have a clue. He doesn’t seem to realize that not all women are as lucky as his wife. So while he is out there trying to create legislation about women’s rights and economic issues that will hurt working women he needs to step back and look at what he is doing. Trying to limit women’s access to birth control or abortion or equal pay is wrong. These are issues that are important to working women and he should not be out there trying to take away these rights.

    Maybe is his wife had to deal with any of these issues he would be a bit more compassionate in his thinking. Lastly, if Romney doesn’t want the public attacking his wife on this issue, he should stop having her campaign for him just to try and get votes from women.

    I am a college educated married woman with a brain of my own and I don’t need a husband to tell me how to go about my day. The 1950’s are over, although the republicans would love to take us back there again.

  35. antoine says:

    i consider myself a male feminist…same as the plight of black people is far from over…women are still persecuted and socially disadvantaged.
    i agree that many men have been allowed to continue being boys
    however saying that democrats are worse than republicans in this war on women is appalling and untrue.
    as the black conservative chick what is your position on women’s right to choose to have an abortion
    prolifers harass abortion worker clinic workers and intimidate young mothers…no one is doing the same thing to prolife supporters like attacking their church…
    how do you feel about your party’s approach to the trayvon martin incident being from virginia what is your stance on the various racist elements at the core (both values and individuals) in the republican party…
    finally as a feel like we should stop government ”invasion” in our life…but what about proposed laws to force women choosing to have an abortion to have their private areas forcefully probed by state law…please give an answer and don’t delete my comment…i am not trying to stir the pot like so many internet commenters (first time writer) i just saw your appearance on CNN and am curious why an educated african american woman would adopt these views…i mean low taxes fiscal conservatism is one thing but i would like to see where you truly stand

  36. Pam says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. My daughter is living with a man I refer to as D***the Slug, because he has never had a long term job. THis is a guy who lived with his mother until his 30s. He is a “Hip Hop Promotor,” which means he smokes weed and tweets a lot. She has a full time job, and works her butt off. But why should he grow up when he has such able enablers?

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