Where’s the Outrage over the Black Family Breakdown?

Assistant Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a sociologist and later U.S. Senator wrote The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (the 1965 Moynihan Report) which focused on the deep roots of black poverty in America.

I’ve avoided writing about the Trayvon Martin situation because liberals assume I should have an opinion because I’m black and so was Trayvon. When something happens to a black person and it garners national news attention, the mainstream media trots out “the voices of black America.” This is offensive not only because the leftist mainstream media has appointed race baiters like NAACP, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Michael Dyson as our spokespeople but also because it assumes blacks are like children who need others think for them. White people don’t have white spokespeople speaking on their behalf and would never allow the mainstream media to dismiss their ability to think as individuals.

The murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin was tragic and needs to be thoroughly investigated. His killer George Zimmerman should be arrested and questioned along with eyewitnesses. Martin’s race could have been a motivation in Zimmerman pursuing and killing him but we don’t know. Racial profiling certainly exists; I’ve experienced it first hand and witnessed young black men dressed in suits or jeans trying to catch a cab in DC and be ignored.

Juan Williams Wall Street Journal article sums up what black activists are conveniently ignoring in their outrage over a single black teen’s death that “nationally, nearly half of all murder victims are black. And the overwhelming majority of those black people are killed by other black people.”   Instead of wearing hoodies and participating in what I call hollow racial protests, the NAACP, black Congressmen and concerned citizens need to be showing outrage at the cancer called the breakdown of the American black family. Since the 1960s the crumbling black family has led to more black men in prison, greater number of high school dropouts, suspensions, etc. Finally, the biggest problem is 70% of black children are born to unwed others.

Rep. Bobbie Rush and others shouldn’t be spending time wearing hoodies on the floor of the United States House of Representatives, reinforcing negative stereotypes of the thug life (drug dealers with pit bulls, jailhouse fashion, women described as bitches and hoes and illegitimate babies in town). Juan Williams notes Hollywood glamorizes these images in movies and music videos, which has “young black people internalize it as an authentic image of a proud black person.”

“There is no fashion, no thug attitude that should be an invitation to murder. But these are the real murderous forces surrounding the Martin death—and yet they never stir protests,” wrote Williams.

Blacks organizing protests around Trayvon’s death ignore the white elephant in the room the disintegration of the black family over the past almost 50 years which is responsible for driving the black race into economic decline. In his 1965 research paper The Negro Family: the Case for National Action, Daniel Patick Moynihan then Assistant Secretary of Labor revealed the breakdown down of the black family was contributing to higher black dropout and incarceration rates and lower wealth achievement compared to whites. Moynihan warned, “The white family has achieved a high degree of stability and is maintaining that stability.  By contrast, the family structure of lower class Negroes is highly unstable, and in many urban centers is approaching complete breakdown.”

Moynihan further noted there was an alarming trend in the number of black families headed by single women and the rise in illegitimate births among blacks. In 1964, 23.6% of black births were to unwed mothers today it’s 72%. Moynihan reminded us of what holds true today, when teenagers have children they are less likely to finish high school and climb the economic ladder.

The unemployment rate for black teens in 1965 was 29%, today it’s 40%. Since the days of Johnson, Democrat policies like welfare have only worsened the problem for blacks by rewarding black women with taxpayer dollars for raising fatherless children. Moynihan’s report it reads like it was written yesterday rather than nearly 50 years ago. “In a word, the tangle of pathology is tightening,” wrote Moynihan. Indeed it is. The destruction of the black family is where blacks should be firmly directing their outrage not in hoodie protests “full of sound and fury” and achieving nothing.

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30 Responses to “Where’s the Outrage over the Black Family Breakdown?”

  1. brownsugamama says:

    The black family continues to crumble because of the bad attitudes, criminal behavior, and deadly actions of black people. The beginning of the end of a good life happened during the civil rights movement. Before 1954, black people had pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and began building facilities on their own that catered to the needs of black people. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, libraries, grocery stores, clothing and shoe stores, even railroads. Black America was carving itself out a place in this world. When I watch old clips of black life, I’ amazed at how black-owned businesses lined both sides of the streets from block to block. Black women dressed very nice in decent length dresses/skirts and black men dressed in suits, tie, and shoes. They weren’t wearing designer labels, but they looked so elegant and respectable. Blacks supported and spent their money at black businesses. Then, Martin comes along and destroys everything blacks had worked so hard for years to accomplish.

    It started with the Rosa Parks incident. She refused to give up her seat to a white man. Yes, it was arrogant and disrespectful of him. You can even say racist. But, it was a problem that couldn’t be solved. It could’ve possibly meant that black people should’ve put their noses to the grindstone and built their own buses and run bus stations in their own sections of town. This idea isn’t so far-fetched as it sounds. I often wonder how it would have turned out if blacks had designed their own bus companies instead of conducting boycotts. Black people either walked to places like work or run errands, especially if they didn’t have a car. I see clips of life for blacks during the so-called civil rights movements and it looksmore dismal and bleak than it does in the 40’s and part of the 50’s. So, I gather nothing was gained during those years between the years between 1954-1968. Very difficult for blacks to admit that so-called movement was a failure.

  2. Excellent post,Thanks for your guide.

  3. T says:

    Great article! Someone had to say it, and I’m glad you did. I also agree with your comments Alex Leon. Speaking as a former Democrat who recently changed parties, we have a LOT of work to do to get through to those folks that have bought into the liberal lies/agenda.

    “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for life.”

  4. Chris Donnelly says:

    Even if we could remove firearms from the citizenry, we will not have changed the fact that we do not value human life. By prohibiting drugs and abortions we failed to get to the root of those problems, and regrettably the three are interrelated. We are wasting time politicking and not addressing their common causes. It is arrogant to try to legislate away the tide of complex social ills that have caused North America to remain awash in blood for so long. How have we forgotten King Canute?
    We are failing as a species at a behavioral level. Laws do nothing to prevent either real or fictionalized gun violence from being glamorized by ratings-driven media outlets. When we criminalize guns, drugs, or abortion, and then incarcerate members of our communities we drive the problem further underground and empower the state to participate in our personal lives. This is a mental health issue and we are collectively negligent if we shirk our personal responsibility by blaming guns and relying on the state. We should treat this contagion of violence by addressing its environmental causes. If you really want to fight violence, abortion, and addiction, the effort must go toward early intervention programs and free and anonymous walk-in 24/7 mental health crisis centers in every public or private hospital in the nation. This could be similar to the clinic model we used with HIV prevention, and it worked effectively to limit that pandemic. Vilifying AIDS patients and IV drug users did not. This is a mental health issue that we are aggravating with criminalization. More gun laws will further radicalize an already active subculture of extremists and secessionists. They won’t just use guns, for they have bombs and soon drones. This is a slow motion national disaster with international implications.
    Lawyers, the prison industrial complex, and black marketeers will benefit the most from increased gun legislation as they did with drugs. Prison corporations have grown rich off of addiction. How much more do they stand to gain from nonviolent gun owners or a new ban on abortion? The criminal justice system lost the war on drugs the same way they lost during Prohibition and the same way they will lose a war on guns. Our past tolerance of back alley abortion and transnational drug cartels should guide us before we allow the ATF and FBI to dictate more details of our personal lives. The concept of limiting gun rights is as shortsighted as putting armed guards in schools. When we relinquish any rights to the state we impair our ability to effectively challenge the growing global police state. Armed citizens are challenging Assad the way Mandela fought the power of apartheid. Guns gave Nicaraguan citizens the means to beat back the Somoza regime and the Contras.
    Gun violence, substance abuse, and abortion will continue to exist whether or not we seek criminalization. Mass violence unquestionably predates the firearm. We may be putting our politics or spiritual beliefs before principles and common sense in these debates, but take solace in how fortunate we are to have newly marginalized gun owners, pitiable drug users, and distressed pregnant mothers to collectively punish and blame for systemic problems in our nation. How greedy we are to expend resources on disenfranchising these valuable people. Logically, we should also work on outlawing religion because it causes violence like the Crusades and Islamic jihad. Since gun rights can be eroded, then so can free speech. People dump babies, numb themselves and kill each other because the primal extended family has been systematically attacked since the start of colonialism. The human race is sick and these are only a few symptoms. If you refuse to see it, you are sick. More laws will not heal us. Chicago has very tough gun laws, but lost 500 souls last year anyway.
    If you are you against abortion, don’t have one. Don’t like drugs? Don’t buy them. If you find firearms repugnant, don’t possess them. Do not try to limit other people’s right to choose; it consistently backfires. If one has the right to legal abortion, then one also has the right to have weapons, or to ease the pain of cancer. We cannot let criminals, corporations and the state be the only ones with access to effective quantities of armaments and ammunition. Organize against new gun laws because they keep the power elite strong. Fight against new gun laws, or prepare for an intifada in America.

  5. […] their outrage not in hoodie protests “full of sound and fury” and achieving nothing. http://conservativeblackchick.com/bl…ily-breakdown/ Beam me up Scottie, no intelligent life down here. Reply With […]

  6. Yoeshka says:

    Thanks for the good article; and what thoughtful comments. I believe Lisa Harris nailed the real problem in the Martin case.
    Clint: is Barack Obama not the first Black president?

  7. Alex Leon says:

    Isn’t it funny that the breakdown of the black family coincides with the black vote going mainly to the Democratic Party? The Democratic Party has done more to keep blacks under the yoke of dependency and whereby keeping them enslaved to their entitlement policies. This is disgusting and we have to find a way to educate the black community of the failures of the Democrats to do anything positive for them. We conservatives need to hold ourselves also accountable for this for not taking an active role in reversing this trend.

  8. Clint says:

    Why is this site called Conservative Black Chick? She is not black! Should be called Bi-Racial conservative Chick!

  9. Eric says:

    Great piece! It is so frustrating to me that most liberals, I think, really think they are helping the poor and minorities, when their policies are really causing the problem in the first place! The biggest poverty problem in America is unwed mothers! the biggest cause, in my opinion, is liberal welfare policies and their effects on behavior. Keep up the good work!

  10. ZOhar says:

    I am not a conservative, but a moderate. I have reservations about becoming a Republican because I can’t seem to get my civil rights under Republicans. I have had two extremely corrupt court cases in Oakland County MI. One was a class action in Oakland county circuit court with 15 litigants that a Republican judge destroyed. My 271 page deposition was reduced to 163 pages through corruption by attorneys and the judge. The second was a work comp case where a Republican white female judge just outright lied on me and I can prove it. This case has been in the appellate court over 3 years. She began by telling me I could not say what was said to me directly. She then insulted my husband, a black male, by sneeringly asking, “Sir, do you work.” Why wouldn’t he work, he has a degree and I am a Journeyman electrician and not affirmative action?
    These cases were against a major auto company. It made first page on our Detroit Free Press Aug. 23, 2001. The UAW failed to represent me. The UAW and the management protected the dysfunctional workers. The company was allowing employees to hang nooses, wear KKK garb, confederate flag attire, swastikas and other racially charged material. Jessie, Al, NAACP and others all ignored it. The company threatened to pull their monetary support. I wrote to all of them personally and have post office return receipt cards. They all ignored me. Their silence is why tragedies like Trayvon occur. Blacks have no one to fight for them. The above names do not speak for me. I guess we couldn’t generate enough publicity for them. The Republican Judges were bad but the Dems just suck up the Black vote while doing nothing to earn it. I will continue to follow you.

  11. John Adams says:

    One more qualification. MSNBC and The Huffington Post have started to trying to speak for all White folks. I’ve challenged so many premises by Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O’Donnel, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, MSNBC pundants Anthony Weiner, Bernie Sanders, etc., Arianna Huffington, and the entire ‘The Nation’ writers. Also, when young hippies who have taken on the dress of their aging parents, which is the White version of your hoody analogies, I get yelled at by the folks here, because they don’t like to be criticized about cleaning up their negative influences. Hispanics have to do the same work, and challenging to stop the drugs and thuggery in their communities. I defend Bill cosby, who tried to make a stand and add some advice to young people, and got blasted on MSNBC the other day, from Dyson. Sharpton actually prefaces Dyson’s words with he’s a professer, a reverand and has a PhD. Carol Swain also has a PhD, and she says some equally smart things as well. As she tried to do today on CNN’s AC360, but the other guest kept trying to talk over her. If I didn’t say, I’m a Dem. Supporting some of what Republicans are saying. Though I do have trouble with the progressive Left because they try to speak for all Dems.

  12. John Adams says:

    By the way, when I was a white cab driver, I purposely worked the African American areas. Getting old women to the super market and back was a joy. Despite a couple of robberies, I kept up the hopefully good service to my customers. I’m responding to the section in the story here, where cab drivers where passing by guys in suits. I would not have done that.

  13. John Adams says:

    As to the breakdown of the family, liberals will fry me for this, as an Obama Dem. With the more recent decisions by single working women, to have children without fathers, unbalanced parenting is being enabled. Sperm banks, or men used as an imtramural means to an end, has some very selfish strings attached to raiing kids. As much as I like smart women, and interacting with that smartness as equals, the new womanhood without a sense of committment to raising kids in a balanced environment, is scary. Sure, bad marriages due to violence, is not acceptable, and single mothers get my support. But pre-meditated single motherhood seems wrong. Especially since the kids will be automatic latch-key kids at some point, or raised by others, for a predominent part of the working day. When working men and women, like the Obamas, committ to taking turns in being there for their kids, with solid educational platforms, we see good well-rounded kids like the Obama girls.

  14. John Adams says:

    My Nicaraguan heritage wife, who was born in the U.S., had to deal with the racism in her immigrant parents. They came here for the opportunities, but not the various cultures. The father had to mix, during his plumbing job, and for awhile lived in a mainly white neighborhood. The parents made our marriage so difficult. Putting their daughter in the middle of a race war. The parents didn’t like that my wife married a white guy, and maintained that throughout. A divorce finally came, as my wife became ill from the pressure. Even though I had grown-up working in the Ca. lemon orchards with Mexicans, during the pre-Chavez, guest worker program, I seemed out of bounds for my wife’s parents. My ex-wife is now married to a Hispanic. I was babtised in an African American church, but I still feel that if I speak out for the Caucasian culture, I’m placed in the conservative group of Blacks, who the Democrat Left don’t like and call various type of names implying bigorty or ignorance (Dyson is good at that.) I’m a moderate for Obama, and I felt the need to defend him from the Progressive Left, including Black liberals, who tore into him from just after the election for not being progressive enough. On CNN tweets, while Don Lemon and Goldie Taylor tried to bring clarity to the Trayvon Martin case, got called, not Black enough, by Blacks. Don Lemon kept retweeting the hate tweets, and I felt bad for him for those from fellow Blacks. Last point, I’m watching Piers Morgan, and what Charles Blow just said, is mainly a good journalistic presentation. But, I’m living among White on White drug related crime, and it scares me. When I sense thuggery of any color, I get scared. I’m old and can’t defend myself. Within any color and the communities that have a lot of crime, people have the right to be scared. This cannot always be called racism, it’s just fear. Like some Blacks who call other Blacks, wrong for their places in life, people of one color cannot always contend that the fear of crime is a racist place in one’s heart. When a White kid comes towards me dressed in Goth gear, and I know that Goth music is often filled with hate talk towards various groups, I get scared. The sociology of that is very different from trying to imply that everything is racist, when it’s not. Mr. Blow was not implying that, but he got close. The feeling of seeing possible racism in a situation, people have a right to that as first glance, just as others have a right to feel fear, but it’s how we get to the next step. It’s 1% the situation, and 99% our individual reaction to it.

  15. John Adams says:

    On Roland Martin’s FB page, he Tweeted the following, which also gets posted on FB……..”Just passed Coon Dog Cemetery. Not saying a word! LOL #roadtrip”…….. Racoon Dog Cemetery, Roland. Learned not to joke anymore in useless or unhelpful ways, good. But still a passive aggressive try. This is why CL Bryant challenges you. Spike Lee got the blowback from a bad decision posting on Twitter. The far Left and far Right, both have their posting problems. But us Independents are caught in the middle, rooting for everyone to succeed, yet we hear the same old jokes and attempts at humor, which continues the divides. “Not Black enough, Hispanic is not a race, Hispanics can be White (Dyson,) Hispanics and Asians are playing the White game on Blacks (Tyler Perry FB page post.)” People of all cultures have those who hate. We must police those who abuse it, but not be victims of those who cannot be changed. I was drafted and forced to kill people, but I found the lessons within that, the business management of being an Infantry Sgt. I’m a ‘Caucasian’ babtised in an African american church in NH, and proud of it. Just so you know, my heritage in ancient British Isles, is that of fending-off the invasions of countries/empires of various races. My fore-fathers knew the brutality of people who wanted to rule us, and the insuing enslavement. The ancient Irish and Scottish did their best to maintain their cultures, though the ancient Scots language was changed to a Latin-based wordage. Black eyes and hair in Scottish people, from the Spanish and Latin part of what is now Europe. When Britian became the center of the invaders, and turned into their own culture of Kings and Queens – the colonization of the world began. Spain, Portugal and the British, would devastate Africa, the Americas, India, etc. Caucasians are not the root of all evil, some just share in the mess. God gives us the serenity and courage to change the things we can. It is important that we understand how to do that, and actually do it. Without name-calling and even in-fighting. I haven’t seen my parents in 40 years, because of the way they continue to think and talk. But I will also challenge those who cannot chip in and help to change the things we can – ourselves. Changing ourselves for the better, helps us all see more clearly, and heal. Most of our relatives came to America to get away from the wrongness of government rule, etc. We know how bad it got. The Irish fought an awful battle for a long long time, and we know their plight and immigration problems here. Those who had slaves here, are just plan wrong, and healing still needs to happen. But not at the expense of Hispanics, Muslims, Af-Am’s, Asians and Caucasians losing their cultural identities and the joy of celebating the healthy parts of those cultures in our different ways. In the 60s, I worked in the lemon filed with great Mexican farm workers. I later worked in the apple orchards with wonderful Jamacians. Life is hard, work is hard. Let’s not make it harder than is needs to be, with labels, name-calling and bad jokes. As I want a positive resolution for the Trayvon Martin case, a sweet boy, I also want the facts to be weighed. When Dyson tries to call Hispanics White, and conservative Blacks ‘bigots’ because they don’t agree with his sociology platform, something bad will happen for all of us. I’m a Caucasian, who here in northern Ca., who battles the decades-long legalize marijuana crowd, mostly White. They just do not get, that their enabling, kills families in Mexico, destroys families in America, and furthers a cycle of violence towards all young people everywhere. I was called a racist because I challenge liberal Ca Dem. Rep. Barbara Lee, a Black, for her legislation to legalize pot.

  16. Bill says:

    What about the role of LBJ’s War On Poverty leading to the destruction of the Black Family? Poor people (black & white) responded rationally (just as any Business) to the perverted incentives. When you throw money at bad behavior – you get more of it.

    To escape, what a teenager perceives as rules and restrictions, get pregnant and don’t marry the father. Then let ‘Daddy Government’ take care of you. And for the boy – you are off the hook with no consequences. All the other bad results follow a predictable path.

    The question is how do we turn this around? Don’t blame the individuals – blame the government policies that caused the Black Family Breakdown.

  17. Pussy says:

    your the reason nobody likes black people, please try harder

  18. Reaganite says:

    The last paragraph finally gets to the real problem. Democrat led Socialism. Begun in the twenties with the Income tax, and Social Security. Every time there is a crisis, real or invented. Progressives stand up and cry, we have to steal more money from you hard working Americans to give it to such and such group or cause or whatever. And you’re an evil racist or greedy bastard if you don’t agree. The so called “War on Poverty” redistributed trillions of dollars to both white and black poor people. And what changed, the number of poor actually increased. And now we have huge government run programs that we can’t afford. And can’t get rid of.
    Conservatism is not about giving a free lunch, it’s about learning how to make your own.

    As far as Trayvon Martin, don’t you think if there was’nt some compelling evidence that Zimmerman acted in self defence, he would have been charged by now. No one has the right to put there hands on you. And if you are in fear for your life, you have every right to defend yourself.

  19. steveb says:

    Trayvon is a tragic case but given the dynamics of this society, not unexpected. Cause and effect takes front in center from many angles in this case. It has to be give and take on all sides from my point of view and until there is a consensus within the black community…and action taken by responsible leaders….and until there is consensus within the white/Asian/Hispanic communities and action taken by responsible leaders…these sort of tragedies will only continue. By leaders I do not mean government because government leaders tend to exacerbate the problems…but rather civic, religious, parents….no one is not blameless here. We need to pull together, cut off the rhetoric, take inventory of the underlying problems/causes in general, create action plans..and follow-thru. Fact is the likes of Revs Jackson and Sharpton, Spike Lee, etc, etc…actually have a net negative effect on relations in general and are really no different than david duke in oh so many ways. Having a march or protest accomplishes little because it is all very short lived. Obama had a great opportunity but he blew it…he racializes and polarizes virtually everything instead of advocating excellence and responsibility. So that opportunity has passed and is to not return until Obama is out of office and no doubt whoever replaces him will most likely bungle it too.

  20. Lisa Harris says:


    I think it is true that the national dialogue about this killing misses the point. It is a fact that people, even young people, die everyday in heartbreaking circumstances. The murder of Trayvon Martin has a context and if we, as Americans, are to be honest about our history, a young man dead because of racial profiling is hurtful, wrong, and not new.

    However, if George Zimmerman had been arrested, there wouldn’t be anything to protest. This is why the “hoodie parade” is misleading. The killing is bad, but people get killed. It is the Sanford Police Department that is the problem and we should, as Americans, demand that local police do better by citizens. I think anger at another racially motivated killing is mixed up with the misdeeds of a police department – which in my view is much worse.

    Even with the unfocused anger, I don’t think the so-called breakdown of the black family deserves more of our emotional energy. Marriage decline and non traditional family structure is a very complex issue and I don’t think it can be rightly called the white elephant in the Trayvon Martin living room. The police in every community should serve and protect those communities, no matter how many of it’s households are headed by women, no matter how many of its children don’t have a father.

    If we are to truly discuss the decline of the family in black America, we have to understand it in the context of black experience in America. If our schools, our police, our neighborhood grocery stores, our jobs, our health, etc, are subpar, wouldn’t all of that be reflected in the family? Fixing the problem requires that we fix things that AFFECT families and stop blaming our children or our men or each other for a problem that we need to solve together.

  21. MrUniteUs says:

    Where’s the outrage over the breakdown of the White family.
    Millions of Whites are have children out of wedlock.

    Looks like Levi got another girl.


    Millions of Whites are on welfare, millions of Whites collect food stamps. Millions of White marriages ends up in divorce. The numbers have increases substantially since 1965

    But nary a word is said about them from conservatives, White or Black.

    Why not?

  22. Black P Stone says:

    You disgust me… .. Trayvon Murder has NOTHING TO DO with races or Political Movement, its all about unfair justice.

    Open your eye and stop sucking on conservate’s ass.

  23. Ken says:

    At Charles: I applaud your many positive suggestions and observations. Boycotting the main three White owned record companies is a good idea, but add to that list the many Black owned, independent record companies who also sell music that demeans Blacks and supports negative stereotypes, as well as boycotting the artists’ tours, merchandise, magazines and the other, often Black owned support infrastructure that perpetuates Black negativity. Protest the artists themselves!! The record companies are selling this music, but look a little deeper and you will realize that they are merely giving a voice and a forum to what many Blacks feel is the sound emotions and attitude of Black America. In addition, the current language of rap–where young men’s lives are expendable and their worth is measured by the size of their guns, their bank, their crew, their gold chains etc–and where women are bitches and hoes and taught that their place is on their knees–including–often times particularly venomously, White bitches and hoes–IS largely the parlance and chosen language of Blacks who are NOT rap artists–paradoxically many young Black women as well. How are you gonna change that?! Yes, it is perpetuated and hyped in rap music–but before it was incorporated in rap music, it was fairly prevalent in urban Black culture! That is why it became amplified and exploited in rap in the first place!

    We have to find a way to make young Black women realize that when you go out with your girlfriends, you are not going out with “yo’ bitches”. Young men need to realize that your girlfriend or wife is your loving partner, not “yo bitch.” Young men have to start to value the lives that they create and be their for them and realize the strength and pride involved in the support of family through hard work and maximizing opportunities. And finally, lift up and honor the many, many Black men and women who do live the good, honorable life every single day!

  24. Mike says:

    Nothing is new under the sun, I believe this quote was made in 1901.

    There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do do not want to lose their jobs.
    -Booker T Washington

  25. Well spoken my sister! The so called self appointed Black leaders are really looking for self gratification and not real solutions. We have to begin addressing the real problems and coming up with solutions to reverse the trends of the decline of the black race. These efforts begin at the root and thats the core family!

  26. Jennifer says:

    What about race baiters like Dana Loesch and Rush Limbaugh? What was your response when Rush was calling Barack Obama “the magic negro”? BTW, I am a conservative black woman. How will you feel if your teenage black son is pursued by a vigilante based on his skin color and shot dead in the street?

  27. Charles says:

    Capitalize Black and White when the words are used as proper nouns to refer to social groups. Do not use color words for other ethnic groups. The manual specifies that hyphens should not be used in multiword names such as Asian American or African American.


    Number 1 problem facing Black America is Black on Black disrespect.
    Solutions. Capitalize when you refer to Black Americans the same as you would for Jews, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and others.
    Lose the n-word and b word. Don’t accept it. Protest against the 3 non Black owned Record companies that mass produce and distribute 99% of that gangsta rap crap. Don’t buy it.
    Treat each other better and spend more money with each other.
    Work hard, and get good education. Do just that and WE will solve most of OUR the problems. Anything we can do to bring down unemployment will help more couples stay together get married and raise children.

    The fact is most people on welfare are not Black, and most Blacks are not on Welfare. There are millions of Caucasians on welfare but they are rarely discussed. Occasionally I’ll here Causcasians refer to them as White trash, or trailer trash. By ignoring them and only focusing on the Blacks, makes it racial issue. So instead of coming up with meaningful solutions it’s easier to say Look at those Blacks. One solutions make sure every American citizen that want to works, can find work, even it is a minimum wage job.

  28. SewistaRox says:

    Heard you with Bill Bennett this morning. As a conservative white chick teaching in Philadlephia, I must guard my tongue and temper my speech about the children and neighborhood in which I work. No child is left behind…I teach 2nd grade reading skills to 11 year olds. Imagine being 11 and only reading at best on the 3rd grade level. I am so glad to have been introduced to you today and will follow you on FB.
    I’m a quilter, thus my tag!!

  29. Charles says:

    Crystal heard you on Bill Bennett.
    I called in said I think Zimmerman should be arrested
    and the Stand your ground law. The lead homicide detective
    did not believe Zimmerman’s story and wanted to charge him with manslaughter the night of the shooting. State attorney general Norman Wolfinger, drove 50 miles that night to the police station, and blocked the arrest.

  30. Bryant says:

    I love how you write about things. I just heard you on Morning in America and just wanted to thank you for being a reasonable voice. I am also a black conservative and you are a bright light in a world of darkness.

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