Obama’s Budget Bomb, Worthy of Garbage Can

Here we go again with President Obama demanding one class of citizens pay more in taxes than everyone else to help pay for his Ponzi scheme called a 2013 budget  Through his irresponsible spending, Obama has added $5 trillion to our now $15.3 national debt in his three short years in office and had the nerve this week to tell Congress he wants them to pass a nearly $4 trillion budget for 2013.

Making it more outrageous, Obama wants to slap higher earners in the face with $1.5 trillion tax increases by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for this special class of citizens. Families making more than $250,000 would go from a 35% to 39.6% tax rate and individuals making more than $200,000 would go from paying 33% tax rate to 36%. Also included would be raising the death tax (estate tax, money that’s already been taxed.

Of course Obama would allow the Bush tax cuts for everyone else to remain in place. Obama’s logic that 10% of those Americans who pay 70% of ALL taxes, just “don’t pay their fair share,” is preposterous, especially when 50% of Americans pay zero taxes at all. I think higher earners should be paying less and others should either start paying and paying more.

In defense of extending the holiday for the payroll tax through the end of 2012, the White House tweeted, “Obama: First and foremost, that means Washington shouldn’t hike taxes on working Americans. #40dollars” I guess Obama doesn’t consider higher earners some of which are business owners, who create jobs, as part of “working Americans.” If he did, he wouldn’t think they are any more deserving of tax hikes than any other class.

Many people have forgotten Obama and Democrats included a whopping $569 billion in new taxes in Obamacare, which includes taxes on higher earners such as: higher Medicare payroll tax, tax on investment income, and a tax on Cadillac insurance plans, among others.

Apparently, Obama won’t be satisfied until he can tax nearly 100% of higher earners’ income, making them indentured servants to the federal government.

Obama’s relentless assault on higher earners is a particularly obstructionist move on his part because Republicans have repeatedly and firmly warned him any talks of tax hikes is a non-starter for working together. He has tried this wealth redistribution move many times over (Americans Jobs Act, payroll tax extension, Congressional deficit reduction committee, debt ceiling debate, 2010 government budget, etc.) to no avail.

Yet, this president persists in pushing his extremist, leftist ideology that believes “the rich” should pay for the gains of everyone else, which is about as un-American as you can get. No where in the US Constitution does it state one class of citizens should ride to prosperity on the backs of another class who are taxed to death for their success.

After racking up our debt to $15.3 trillion, there is no way Obama can tax his way out of this mess. Instead of coming up with a meaningful plan to shrink government to meet revenue, as Newt Gingrich has oft said, Obama wants to increase spending to try to catch up with an out-of control, unsustainable government.

Never mind Obama’s budget projects a deficit exceeding $1 trillion for 2013, the fourth straight year in a row the country is running a $1 trillion deficit. What makes this budget even more of a joke is it does nothing to address the unsustainable growth of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Once again the president ignored the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission, which Obama created by executive order in 2012, that recommended the critical need to reform our entitlement programs, as well as our tax code, among other things to bring down our soaring debt.

Even more grotesque is White House estimates that if Congress gives Obama $4trillion to spend, he’ll reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years. If you believe this, you believe pigs can fly. If government spending continues at this rate, cutting $4trillion over 10 years is like using a water gun to help quell a towering inferno.

You don’t need to read Obama’s budget tome in its entirety to know that unlike its title “An America Built to Last” this $3.8trillion budget is anything but built to last and should be called “An America Destined for Destruction.” The Simpson-Bowles report described our dire situation best:

“Our challenge is clear and inescapable: America cannot be great if we go broke. Our businesses will not be able to grow and create jobs, and our workers will not be able to compete successfully for the jobs of the future without a plan to get this crushing debt burden off our backs.”

But it seems Obama wants his legacy of hope & change to be dumping a pile of debt on America and being able to look back and say, after he’s finally voted out of office, “see that’s what I left behind.” The chapter on President Barack Obama won’t be a flattering one in the history books. Republicans are right to first denounce this fiscally irresponsible budget and then throw it in the trash can where it belongs.

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11 Responses to “Obama’s Budget Bomb, Worthy of Garbage Can”

  1. Franklin says:

    While obama does favor deadbeats, ne’er-do-wells. those that make irresponsible decisions.

    It’s not just obama. The entire U.S. government is set up to steal and destroy. The American government is stacked against Americans.

    Congress has no problem with sending Billions upon billions of U.S.taxpayer dollars to foreign countries…..just because they want it.

    But, will take the last penny from an American taxpayer. Garnish wages and penalize workers and those on Social Security in any way they can dream up.

    Now, those that spend more on various taxes and fees than they spend on food will be further penalized by obamacare…..and face jail if they will not bow down to King government.

    America’s government is the most deceitful, crooked, corrupt and criminal government on the planet.

  2. F Wilson says:

    Hey Black Chick Go look in the mirror….then go get a real job!!

  3. Wanda Allen says:

    ConservativeBlackChick.com, if you and the republicans have a better budget that doesn’t take the rights of people to be covered by health insurance, seniors/retirees to receive their SSI benefits, people to go college and not owe millions of dollars by the time they get through, and jobs for all the unemployed in America, and a way to final at last change the minimum wage laws so that they are consistent across America instead of state by state so that it will no longer be cost effective for large corporation and banks to do business with other countries all in the name of the GREED, well show me the budget. I hear all this talk, but no one has come up with a budget that will benefit all the people, and not the rich on the Republican side. Start a 3rd party if you are unhappy with what is going on, but don’t lay it at Pres Obama’s door. This is a chronic illness that started way before he took office. If you are going to be honest, neither party has been doing a good of working for the people. Also, we the people are not exempt from this either, because we have said nothing for years out loud, when we should have been speaking out and marching like other countries are doing. This was hand-writing on the wall. People you need to pull out your Bibles….oh, wait, we think that we don’t need God and that we can order our own destiny…WELL, what do we have here…When you take God out of the picture, you get HELL! All I am saying VOTE come Nov. 2012. Regardless, VOTE and encourage as many people as you can to vote, but at least be honest about the issues. By the way, how many of you that are Republicans are benefiting from the Tea Party and the Republican party politics…just how many of you are making over $250,000.00 dollars a year? God Bless You All!

  4. Scott Reeves says:

    Just found you after watching you on CNN.

    When is someone going to articulate that the GOP is just as interested in poor and disadvantaged people?

    The difference is that the GOP wants to enable people to join the prosperity club. It appears to me that the goal of the Democratic Party is to give donations to the disadvantaged, but do not assist them in becoming independent. The disadvantaged remain grateful, they remain dependent and they keep voting democratic.

    Republicans understand that to have success mean something, you must achieve it yourself. That means hard work and unfortunately, occasional failure.

    Thanks for the forum.


    add: race seems to be an issue here, but I submit that it is a false issue. My favorite quote of all time is from a black neighbor I had while in the Air Force in the late 60’s. The context was the very current conversation about enthusiastic integrationists. My neighbor, Don, said “My father just taught me to be a man.”

  5. Kate says:

    Remember, who ever controls the house and the senate sets the agenda. Bush signed bills that Pelosi (D) and Reid (D) pushed through congress and as a result, Democrats blame Bush for the mess, when really it was their own party who influenced the direction this country headed in during Bush’s second term. Obama has been in office long enough for dems to stop blaming Bush and the war blah, blah, blah.

    Oh, and for all those who say Republicans are the ones with all the money, first look at the top wage earners in the US, then identify who of them are dems and who are republicans. Some of your wealthiest in America are insanely liberal: Buffet, Gates, Jobs, and celebrities galore!!! Dems keep lying to blacks to get them to vote, but really they have done very little for the group as a whole besides keep them on welfare (to which there are more whites then blacks relying on it). It was the republicans that sought to free blacks from slavery. MLK was a republican. Obama has done NOTHING for African-Americans so get your head out of the clouds and stop supporting him just because he’s black. He has never been anything but an elitess who cannot relate to the majority of the black community.

    Keep your blogs clean and show some respect. There’s a way of communicating your opinion without resorting to profanity. It makes you come off ignorant.

  6. your lame says:

    Just saw you on CNN… do you have to be such a pushy shit talkin bitch? Seriously, listening to you bad mouth the prez, you just sound like another sour, “out of ammo” righty… makin shit up like “the unemployments GONNA go back up” nice try liar, is that the best you can do, make shit up cuz you have NOTHING??? … especially that pathetic last grasp there at the end, yelling at the camera as the your 15 second were up. How pathetic! And its clear your goin for Newt… can you honestly say you think that lying cheating, fat ass piece if shit is good this country… if so your more nutz than you look. DSP

  7. Wanda Allen says:


    I don’t know who Willie is? Thank you for reading my response to conservativeblackchick.com, though. Maybe the person’s photo you look at is not really the person with the website. That’s what Ron Paul was clamining about negative articles in his self-owned newsletter, or Mitt with his I am not affilated with the Superpacs putting out negative ads, etc. It is what it is. It seems to be the Republican Blacks are just as negative as they say the Democratic Blacks are, so what does that do for the racist White Republicans that read this blog just to see what Crystal is saying about her ethnic background. Let’s stop talking about one another and come a way to get it together so that we are a political organization to be reckoned with. Not being a part of a party that outrights show their disdain for not only Blacks, but Asians, Hispanics, and any other people that are not wealthy or White. Black people you will never be able to enter the inner sanctum, so create one for yourselves, and show/help other blacks how to achieve greatness. Let’s stop being divided amongst ourselves. That’s what it all about. We need to be able to disagree while moving forward to empowering our people. Someone empowered you. You (Crystal) didn’t do it by yourself! Oh yeah! Who is Willie? Actually, I don’t really care. Who are you Kartman> Are for Racial Equality, Are you for Economic Equality, Are you for Educational Equlity for all people in this country? Is that what you stand for? If so let that be who you are?
    No I’m not Willie, I am Wanda Allen, that believes that this country is great and can remain great by the diversity of its people and liberty and justice for all. Sorry that the forefathers didn’t word it so that it read for white people only, they wrote so that it read “ALL MEN”. Typo? Maybe! It works for all people who live and work in this country according to the laws of the land. As always God Bless You!

  8. Havlik says:

    A couple more things, Wanda. It is not right for corruption in any level of business or government. Whether it be the Koch Brothers or Washington spending trillions more than they actually have. Bush was fairly conservative in his 1st 4 years, but did create a mess that Obama continues. How is bailing out Big business, spending $$ that we don’t have, and refusing to reform unsustainable entitlements actually helping America? Both Bush and Obama have done it. They are both guilty; black & white. It is time for a change in the White House.

  9. Havlik says:

    Wow, Wanda. I am sure that ConservitiveBlackChic feels the love. With that logic, I am not surprised that the liberals have the black vote twisted around their pinkie fingers. There is no one that takes blacks more for granted than white liberals, the same ones that only a few generations ago, were voting against civil rights legislation against Republicans (Republicans who were finally victorious in their fight for the rights of ALL citizens). But the handouts and payoffs are more alluring than freedom to work hard and take responsibility, so the blacks would rather vote for liberals who stand for the rights of mothers to kill their babies, the shutting out of Christian expression in anything that is even remotely connected to the government, free handouts to the masses whether they choose to work or not, mandated health insurance rather than affordable healthcare at hospitals, awarding illegal immigrants rather than encouraging them to keep our laws, and recklessly spending the people’s money and all our children’s money, too. Are these Christian morals to be proud of, Wanda?

    I do not give Republicans a pass, either, they have often been part of the problem, rather than part of the solution to our country’s woes. That is why in the Republican primary right now there is such a battle going on. The battle is over Establishment, Big money Republicans and Conservatives who don’t care about who has the Big $$ in politics. We want consistent freedom & responsibility to be championed, not more fat cats trying to buy off the will of the American people. If us conservatives do not prevail, either in candidate or ideology, it may actually pave the way for a real 3rd party where ideas, not political games win the day.

  10. Kartman says:

    I think that Wanda Allen and Willie are the same person.

  11. Wanda Allen says:

    As usual you astound me. I really want to know what your real problem with Obama is? We have 8 years of Bush administration that part of the reason we are in the shape we are in, however, my question for you is…Is it ok for wealthy white people, like the Koch Brothers, Adleson, etc to continually take from working families. Is it ok for them to lie and say if they are taxed higher they cannot create jobs…..IS THAT OK! Is it ok for someone like Scott Walker to be governor of a state and try to destroy collective bargining which benefits all Americans but the wealth who create these imagnary jobs…These same wealthy people/corporations/banks that have outsource jobs to China, have sold American citizens mortgages to overseas investors all in the name of the mighty $. That’s ok, but Obama’s budge is gargabe worthy…Are you filled with self hate, or what. If you are so well off and so intelligent then why don’t you give back to the black community, why don’t you come up with ways that blacks can overcome socio/economic racism, because if you tell me that there is no racism by the white man then you are a liar, because at the end of the day that is why the Republican party which you are so proud to be a part of is fighting so hard to be rid of Obama, but they are trying to turn the country back to the days when the wealthiest could do whatever they wanted and the health and welfare of their workers. Salaries that didn’t help people to support their families, no safety protection on the job, long hours, having to buy their staples from the same company that they worked for at ridiculous prices. Aparently, that is what you want to go back to. Show me that the Republican party is a party based on diversity….Show me, stop telling me about Obama’s negativity and show me the positive in the Republican party, why you are so proud of being a part of this group of people that would strip everyone rights, include yours and leave their’s intact. At the end of the day they do not care about you, they use people like you and Herman Cain to further sterotype African Americans. At the end of the day God will have his say. HIS son, JESUS will come back for his people, and every evil deed that we have done in this physical body will have to be answered for. If we die in our sins we have been promised eternal damnation. The good thing with God is that you have a choice to accept him or not, not liie what the evangelic Christians and the Republican party are trying to do. Yet, if their daughters get pregnant, they can get abortions, they are going to talk to their daughters about birth control and make sure that they are protected, but for the rest of us women, we are on our own. Be honest about why you are ranting and raving against Obama, like some dog with rabies…I don’t believe it is about his politics. You want to talk about black democrats, but black republicans…you’re are being slapped back and forward in your face and still you continue to support the Republican party. They have called you everything but a child of God and really don’t care about your vote, would stop you from voting and living if they could, but you still don’t see it. Well maybe we should wait for the general election and the Republican white who are believers of fair play and equality for all will come out of the woodwork and vote. It’s called “Redistricting”. Well God bless you Miss Conservative Black Chick” or whoever you are!

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