Mitt Romney’s Inevitability Factor

Nothing is “inevitable in life,” how long we’re going to live or who is going to capture the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. The media and so called Republican establishment’s incessant castigation of conservative voters who dare not support Romney as “Anyone but Romney” is insulting and only serves to intensify these conservatives dislike and distrust of Romney more.

Since when are Republicans obligated to anoint Mitt Romney with the GOP presidential nomination? Conservative voters don’t owe Mitt Romney anything. Last time I looked, we live in a democracy where the people decide and vote for whom they believe is the best candidate. This notion perpetuated and peddled by the Republican elite, whoever they may be, that conservatives must get behind Romney because he’s the GOP’s most compelling candidate in the field is laughable. If Romney is great as a candidate why over the past eight months hasn’t he been able to electrify the conservative electorate and tie up this nomination?

I’ll tell you why because conservatives aren’t buying his act. They don’t trust him or his policy positions. Barely winning the Iowa caucus by a meager eight votes is nothing to pound one’s chest over, especially considering the money Romney spent lots of money in Iowa on ads. In fact, Romney’s win over Rick Santorum is a good example of his inability to captivate Republicans.

Romney won 25% of the vote the same amount he got in 2008, when he lost to Governor Mike Huckabee. Santorum did well in Iowa not just because of his support of traditional family values, which appealed to evangelical voters there, but because he’s a candidate whose convictions and passion are evident. When it comes to Romney many Republicans are dubious of his convictions. Not only has he moved to the left on issues like abortion, guns and Romneycare, but he’s robotic and voters never seem to get a sense of his true beliefs and he’s void of passion.  How can you engender confidence in your candidacy if voters’ question how you would govern? And Senator John McCain’s endorsement of Romney is like a bad omen. You can hear the “anyone but Romney” crowd chanting “from one loser to another.”

In an email to his supporters, Santorum described Romney as “bland, boring career politician, who will lose to Barack Obama.” I think Santorum could be right. Romney is like the persistence engine that could. He failed in 2008; has been campaigning since and Romney  has outraised his competitors with $32 million on hand in individual contributions compared to Ron Paul’s $12 million, Newt Gingrich’s nearly $3 million and Santorum’s $1 million. More good fortune for Romney, polls reveal he’s pulled ahead of a surging Santorum and declining Gingrich in South Carolina.

Perhaps Romney is on the road to his coronation as the GOP 2012 presidential nominee.  But if he’s going to the conservative knight who battles Obama, Romney better bring more than bland to the race. The up for grabs, all important independent voters , who are unhappy with Obama, need to see some conviction and yes charisma oozing from Romney otherwise they have little reason to abandon Obama, walk across the road and vote for the other side. Maybe this is the GOP’s grand design.

By pushing the safe bet, emotionless Romney as their guy, the establishments knows Romney won’t stir the pot, jeopardizing Congressional races, which would give GOP good chance of winning control of the Senate and keeping control of the House whether Romney wins or loses. Being the Republican Party’s inevitable candidate may not be such a great thing after all but only time and the voters will tell.

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16 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Inevitability Factor”

  1. Since Romney is a democrat in action, I think he might do well in the general. But what if if actually becomes president? Obama 2.0

  2. Todd Maraia says:

    Impressive post, the points you have made are thought provoking.

  3. Paul says:

    All I have to say is that bloggers are so quick to call Obama an “embarrassment” and “the worst president.” However, how many of you have taken time to look at the various acts and bills he has tried to enact? How many have paid attention to the countless filibusters the Republican Party instituted to stop the passing of any Democratic bills. This country keeps becoming a bipartisan split society; you all realize that if we don’t work together this country is going to fall apart TOGETHER, right? Even if you have money, you’re money won’t mean anything when the strength of the dollar is nil. Moreover, money these days is almost strictly electronic, and so you don’t even really have the money you think you do. All I mean is just stop hating everyone and think about working together. Otherwise we all burn.

  4. Kartman says:

    Willie is sure a positive person.

  5. Willie Lynch says:

    Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again, I here I go again. Just got back from occupying wall street. Also , I also had to let the pagans in my family celebrate their holidays. I doubt very seriously if you missed me (kartman!!!). Anyway, the smoke is beginning to clear and it looks like Romney “The Liar” will be representing the bigots and the rich now. He’s so happy. He’s been trying to buy the presidency for a long time now. I doubt very seriously if he’ll win. Everytime someone challenges him, he looks so timid like he’s about to pea in his pants. If Romney was put on a coin his face would be on both sides. He never seen a position he didn’t like. He reminds me of a man that peeks under women’s dresses then runs to the bathroom to play with himself. This man is a creep and a freak. He’s also a mormon and mormons believe that black people came from the devil. Some people of other races may believe the same thing. And these are the teachings of their founder Brigham Young who also is Steve Young’s (ex-49er) ancestor. Even though they try, they can’t separate themselves from Brigham Young’s teachings. The presidency to Romney is just an ornament for his family tree. He’s been trying to buy it for a long time. The problems with the republicans is that they have been attached to too many people that have lost their minds and are afraid of Like Newt “leroy” Gingrich who is nothing more than a country pimp. Ron Paul, your crazy uncle ( that boy has ties to the Klan). Michelle Bachman Turner Underdrive who looks like the wicked witch of the west and is always trying to quote something she has no understanding of. Rick Perry who makes Jethro Bodean look like a rocket scientist. Perry is dumber than George Bush. He thought IQ stood for insufficient qualifications (something he has plenty of). If Walter Lantz was still living he would have a whole new collections of luney toons. The economy is beginning to show good signs. Jos that had left the country is beginning to come back. I belive if unemployment drops to about 8% buy election time this would be a nightmare for the republicans because they have done everything in their power to prevent this from happening. They will surely be in trouble and the good guys will win.

  6. greg from usa says:

    I heard you mentioned on Rush! Good luck and good for you. Glad to see people like you with the heart to stand up for what we all know is right. Now if we could only get Cain

  7. Al says:

    That is 100% spot on and I could not agree more. If Romney does become the nominee he really needs to step up his game and generate some excitement. I personally will not be voting for him in the first round and if he is going get my vote in the presidential election he will have to select someone exciting as his running mate. What I mean by that is someone who would generate major buzz and bring the kind of electricity that Obama did in 2008. It would also help if the candidate brought the sense of creating history which Obama also did in 2008.

  8. ATLDre says:


    “otherwise they have little reason to abandon Obama, walk across the road and vote for the other side. Maybe this is the GOP’s grand design.”

    Little reason to not vote for Obama. Are you kidding me? Unemployment, debt, spending, regulation, lawlessness??? I could come up with more little reasons but I shouldn’t have to..

    Hey Jack, Dems took over Congress in 2007. Not coincidentally that is when things began to go left, I mean South. The do nothing Congress of Pelosi and Harry “I don’t do no stinkin budget” Ried are the real reason for our misery now. Trillion dollar annual deficits and record setting debt has all happened while Democrats have controlled at least 2/3 of the federal government.. going on 4 years and all you have is blame Bush…Kind of pathetic.

    Green jobs…It would be funny if it weren’t costing billions..

  9. Conservatives will support a moderate nominee,
    but moderates may not support a conservative nominee.

  10. Snow says:

    STFU on CNN let other people speak. ass.

  11. Jack says:

    @ Dan B

    Care to substantiate your 2-20 (look up the letters) comment. On what basis…….at least he didn’t act like sailors on shore leave, like the Republicans for the eight years of Bush. Talk about irresponsible. Worst President of all time……Johnson, Nixon. You have no credibility

  12. Kartman says:

    Where is Willie Lynch? Nobody has told me that they would like to kill me this year. I hope he responds soon. Happy New Year, Willie.

  13. Purple Pimpernel says:

    The Mormon Church leaders have long said (and have never recanted) that slavery and segregation of black people is ordained of God, and a curse due to their wickedness. Romney said he saw his father march with Martin Luther King, Jr., but then he backtracked and had to define what the meaning of “saw” is. It’s like questioning what the meaning of “is” is. Romney’s father was a devoted Mormon and upheld the Mormon racism. For more information about racism in the Mormon cult, see

    For an excellent discussion of Mormon policy on blackness, see this article written by Obery M. Hendricks, Jr., PhD:

  14. Dan B. says:

    yea kinda like your dear leader the community organizer in scams, He turned out to be the worst president of all time. My 15 year old Son would have done a better job than Barry the embarrasment.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I believe this is all by progressive, right-winged design.

  16. Bob Quasius says:

    Romney received only 50 more votes in the 2012 Iowa caucus than in 2008.

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