Who’s the Fairest GOP Candidate in the Land?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest GOP candidate of the them all? This seems to be the daily battle being fought in the news media. By the looks of things, I’d say Gingrich is the fairest in the land.

 His lead in polls  may explain the Washington Post running multiple articles daily tearing down his candidacy despite the fact Republican voters favor Gingrich over Mitt Romney as their guy. The tearing down of Gingrich by the left wing media makes you wonder if this is a one big set for Republicans to lose in 2012 if Romney is our nominee.

(Washington Post’s December 14th edition ran these negative leaning articles on Newt: , A The disrupter, , Newt Gingrich commits a capital crime, Revisionist History,  blah, blah, blah!)

The reason why Gingrich is “surging” in the polls is he’s the last man standing in this race who conservatives believe can actually lead this country out of the morass it’s in and beat Barack Obama. In every single debate, Gingrich has proven he is up for the job of president. He conveys conviction, passion and fearlessness for the job whether talking about how he will reform entitlements like Social Security or tackle our thorny subjects like the Middle East, Iran or our so-called frienemies like Pakistan.

While Gingrich may speak forcefully at times on topics like the Palestinians supported terrorism against Israel and being an invented people, he has the guts to give voice to what many Americans are thinking. While conservatives may not agree 100% with everything Newt says, they are gravitating toward his candidacy because he exudes leadership something sorely lacking in Romney.

No matter how hard the so-called Republican establishment, including the likes of George Will  or conservative publications like the National Review anoints Romney as the GOP’s inevitable candidate, conservative voters are rejecting his candidacy. The trouble with Romney is he’s too busy trying to be the perfect candidate, as Wall Street Journal reporter Peggy Noonan described, that is passion for the job is failing to break through.

As far as Gingrich’s baggage is concerned, I don’t think his three marriages or consulting work with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae is troubling voters, who keep flocking to his candidacy because he’s a credible candidate. In contrast, few if any in the Republican establishment are talking about Romney’s baggage. Yes, Romney has baggage. Romney and his fellow Bain Capital alums made handsome profits bankrupting companies and killing jobs. Mr. Clean Mitt looks a lot like a rich guy, who thinks he’s owed the job of president because he comes from a political family and failed at nabbing the GOP nomination in 2008. Never mind his failed Senate bid against Ted Kennedy in 1994.

Many from the news media to Republican Party leaders love to wax on about Romney’s seemingly calm demeanor and moderate political position. As the battle wears on between Romney and Gingrich, Americans are beginning to see Mitt the Cool come unglued a little during recent debates. Perhaps as this contest draws out, Mitt will be forced to reveal his true self to Americans rather than his stage persona because Americans don’t need moderation, we need leadership.

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18 Responses to “Who’s the Fairest GOP Candidate in the Land?”

  1. “Who’s the Fairest GOP Candidate in the Land?”

    Newt Gingrich

    Based upon your message and track record you must fit the description to the letter of being the fairest and smartest candidate without respect to political party affiliation.


    You Tube: Newt Gingrich to Juan Williams: Americans Want Paychecks, Not Foodstamps Uploaded by ngingrich on Jan 16, 2012


    You Tube: Newt Gingrich slams Juan Williams for race baiting question in South Carolina debate-01.16.2012 uploaded by TheTeacheru on Jan 16, 2012

    What an Outstanding and Terrific Speech, Newt Gingrich


    Ceyseau & Inept Leaders (BO, CBC, NAACP)


    For decades no good poverty pimping jack leg black preachers have delivered entire church congregations of black voter support to the Democratic Party.

    In exchange for delivering the Black electorate vote to the Democratic Party to re-elect despots or misfits, jackleg black preachers receive gratuities, and the Black community receives nothing but further oppression and “Taxation without Competent Representation”.


    “The Black Underclass are at Odds with the Black Middleclass” such as Juan Williams and other unwarranted playing the race card individuals whose message misleads Blacks, the poor, inner-city residents, etc., etc.

    Less government is indeed better because the individual who works for it can….

    1. Pay for the health care plan of his, her, or their choice.

    2. Own rental property as opposed to being the predominate renter or being on a public financed “section 8” rental subsidy.

    3. Afford to send any sibling to private school, etc.

    4. Be better equipped to control their own destiny.

    5. Keep over intrusion of government out of the their lives.

    6. Send that treasonous Black middleclass “packing”, no good President Barack Obama, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas being two of the treasonous, and/or any outsiders whose influence conspires with the treasonous Black middleclass in no good “Black Code” law enforcement or other un-American, truly unethical, and illegal practices.

    7. Achieve the American Dream and compete on any level, with anyone, be it Caucasian, Korean, Hispanic, Affluent, etc., etc., etc.

    8. Etc.

    …..The typical contemporary elected Black leaders, and/or the typical no good Black middleclass are against this.

    By and large many of these individuals have derived their income by using the Black underclass in assorted no good government financed welfare, AFDC, Mental Health (Bull Crap), presenting or publishing falsehoods, conspiring with the perpetrators to further deny law abiding U.S. born Black people redress, promoting penal incarceration, fining, probation for and/or punishment of the innocent, breaking up law abiding Black families for ill-gained profit, etc., which has made Black people “fodder for the system”.

  2. JesusMOB says:

    Willie no one can argue with scripture and all I can say, is that I’m not just a hypocrite, that would be too kind. God knows me as far worst and while I may not have done everything in that 1st Corinthians list, I surely have done my share of sin. That’s what makes God’s grace so amazing. That he can take a guy as bad as I was and simply wash me clean with His word and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. Of course there are some who may see me and remember me as I was, but God who does the cleansing, sees the righteousness of His Son Jesus Christ. I’m not perfect Willie, but I know that even my sin today, doesn’t change my heart to love Him and it surely doesn’t change His love for me.

    As for Newt Gingrich and his past; I’ve heard a lot of political and business figures make “mistakes.” Newt is the only one that I’ve heard call it “sin.”

    Willie I hear what you’re saying on all of those high-profile pastors and leaders and I used to look at them so disparagingly also until Christ convicted me that, even though I hadn’t done their deeds, I was like them in my heart. Now when I see these men or women “fall from grace,” my first response is to pray for them. It is a heavy weight to fall in front of man, but it is more offensive to a believer to sin against his/her God.

    Good talking with you Willie. Oh and here’s what JesusMOB stands for: The Jesus Mission Is Our Business

  3. Kartman says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone especially Willie.

  4. Willie Lynch says:

    Now for the jesusmob. I find the so-called christians the most ignorant and hypocritical of all the religions. God has no part in any of you. You’re modern day Pharisees. If Jesus came tomorrow you would call him an imposter and crucify him all over again. God wasn’t in to kings and rulers. He appointed judges. Israel wanted kings like other nations even after he told them what kings would do to them. Jesus told his disciple to render God his and render Caesar his. He separated God’s kingdom from man’s kingdom (God’s Kingdom Is Perfect and man’s isn’t). The constitution also state the same. So how can you equate God’s kindom with man’s kingdom. There was no commandment to convert nations to christianity after israel refused christianity as a nation. but minister salvation to people of all nations. Its the people not the nations. I’m sick and tired of sickos like pat robinson and michele bachman making God look bad. All the time throwing abortions in people face like you all are the chosen ones (HA! HA!). The Holy Scriptures says nothing about abortions. I mean not evan remotely. I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you could show me the scripture that bans abortion. All these money grubbing false prophets that called themselves God’s ministers. Every week their getting busted for being pedifiles, sexual predators, and thieves. In the last 30 days 4 preachers and ministers have been arrested in my community and they all were from different churches. Since 1950, six thousand catholic preist have been accused of molestation and sexual battery. Ted Haggert, Eddie Long, and the list goes on. God has no part in most of you. when Christ returns he is coming for his church. Not a denominized church, not a church that has over 2000 denominations or divisions. When He looks at this garbage you call the church, he can’t do anything less than cry. Then you got the nerve to mention gingrich (the devils spawn). This shows where your heart truly is. I want to leave you with something that can help you become a christian.

    1 Corinthians 5:9-11

    King James Version (KJV)

    9I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:

    10Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.

    11But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

    He’s talking about the religious right. Heres one more:

    Ephesians 4:4-6

    King James Version (KJV)

    4There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

    5One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

    6One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

    I suggest you read all or Ehesians #4. It has your name on it. And as far as gringrich is concern, I looked at the poles today and “DOWN GOES GRINGRICH, DOWN GOES GRINGRICH, DOWN GOES GRINGRICH!!!

  5. Willie Lynch says:

    Mr or Ms kartman seems to think that black voters are voting for the wrong party. Follow this link and this should help perfect your understanding:


    Black People want nothing to do with repulicans. This is not rocket science. Everybody else is suppose to drink your coolaid. Don’t drink it yourself.
    No black person will vote republican, only negroes and coloered people. Trust me there is a difference.

  6. Jack says:

    @ JesusMOB

    And we look forward to having open and honest dialogues with people like you, not opportunists (hello Armstrong) and people who live nowhere near the Black community but duck out to throw rocks (Thomas Sowell etc). These people are disingenuous in their attempt to “help” the Black community, while having almost no contact with them.

  7. JesusMOB says:

    I just found this site because I saw Ms Wright on CNN and as I heard her exhorting Newt to “go negative” I wasn’t really sure if she was a conservative or not. I personally think that most Americans are tired of the back and forth that happens betweens liberals and conservatives that is only destructive in nature. I’m a black conservative dude and before the 2008 presidential election I tried to enter into constructive dialogue with a few of my black fraternity brothers but I spent the whole time trying to show them why I could have a different viewpoint and still be “OK.” Name-calling and personal attacks is what most Americans really hate. Lord knows there is enough good and bad to say about everyone, so why not stick with the good?

    That’s what I most like about Gingrich. He is the only one that has not gone negative and I, as an American concerned about solutionsfor our country, appreciate that. I’m a conservative and I think conservative solutions work best, but that doesn’t mean that liberals are dumb and stupid because they have differing viewpoints. I would love to have discourse on that level.

  8. Jack says:

    Show us the liberal policies of the past three years!! Of course it is comical to hear you talking about how you give more away than Willie makes….where did you pull that from? Oh and I can think very well for myself. Of couse, you still never explained how the media picked McCain. Maybe you should find Rocky Squirrel and shout out your favorite line……watch me as I pull a rabbit out of my hat

  9. Kartman says:

    Andrew. I am very concerned about our country. There a lot of people out there who think like Willie and Jack. The media constantly spews out left wing crap and a lot of people buy into it. In general the press love anybody who is a left winger especially Obama. Some folks can think for themselves and do not believe everything msnbc says. These folks will not support Obama. It’s the others that bother me. We cannot survive another four years of liberal policies and be the same country that we love.

  10. Jack says:

    @ Andrew

    Terrified of an undisciplined, egotistical blowhard. Okay, do me a favor and put the crack pipe down. I look forward to seeing what Newt “They Made Me Fly In the Back of Air Force One” Gingrich has to say. I especially look forward to how he is going to backpedal from his Poor Kids Comments and the George Wallace comments about the Own Wall Street protesters. But of course, we know, it was only rhetoric to juice up the “base”

  11. Andrew says:

    Obama in 2012 cause the first 4 years have been soooooo great!!!

    I love 9% unemployment…. it’s going up after the holidays when all the temp hires are let go.

    You people are so terrified of Gingrich because he’s going to DESTROY Odumbo in the debates….

    I look forward to them.

  12. Jack says:

    @ Kartman

    A question for you. How did the media “choose” John McCain? Why would they choose McCain over X? Who would you have wanted as your candidate and why didn’t they make it through the process? Why are you making lame excuses, rather than acknowledging no one wanted to waste their time on a failed campaign in the wake of the Bush debacle (aka presidency), plain and simple. Remember, Kartman, you have the power to get your candidate through the process. As a person who is opposed to narrow-mindedness and stupidity, I hope you push Michelle or Newt through to us in the rest o the electorate.

  13. Kartman says:

    You are a very fine citizen, Will. I wish you well.

  14. Willie Lynch says:

    Wah! Wah! Wah! When I last checked race was not a card. It was the identification of people based on their physical characteristics. You would be a carpetbagger. Giving would never be found in your vocabulary or philosophy. You are a republican and taking is what you do. thats why you don’t like regulations because it makes it harder for you to steal. Most of the people I’ve work for were republicans and they stole from their own businesses to get around paying taxes or just stealing for the sake of getting something free. Blaming other companies for shortages or filing fraudulent insurance claims or their taxes. It’s funny. There are about 34 million black people in this country and they don’t know whats good for them. Only people like you know whats good for them. 95% of them hate your guts and probably would kill you if they had the chance. But you’re smarter than 95% of the black people that vote against people like you. I don’t see Democrats trying to supress the black vote by changing the rules, I don’t see Democrats thats afraid to come to the black community and discuss politics in a black forum. george bush never talked to the Congressioal Black Caucus or the NAACP. I’m a lot older than you and have seen things you’ve only read about. You’re in over your head and thats not very high because you are a very low indvidual. You haven’t given anything to anybody. You couldn’t sell your rear end and make enough money to give to me. You’re lower than a snake’s belly like the rest of your kind.

  15. Kartman says:

    You and people who think like you are ruining this country. I don’t own a white hood but when nothing else works, play the race card. You are real sharp.

    By the way I do not have to eat dog food. I probably give more to the needy than you make.

  16. Willie Lynch says:

    Go hit your own crack pipe idiot. Just be careful not to set your pointed white hood on fire. And by the way whenever you come down off of whatever you’re on whether it be dope or dog food george bush was the worst president since herbert hoover another republican. So get you some real dope and stop smokin’ that “buhda dean”.

  17. Kartman says:

    Go hit the crack pipe again Willie. You have to be high to believe all the crap you write. Obama is the worst president in history and we should pray that the republicans don’t let the media pick our candidate this time. They picked McCain and are trying to push Romney.

  18. Willie Lynch says:

    Black chick! black chick! black chick! Once again I find you on Washington Watch. And once again you look stupid as hell. You must be a glutton for punishment. The only reason you’re on the show is to show the other black people what they shouldn’t aspire to be. They know you’re going to get flustered and bent out of shape and it works into their favor. I’ve seen you twice and both times you got loud, tried to talk over people, when the camera wasn’t on you, you could be heard mumbling something in the background. You represent your masters about as well as they represent themselves because these republican debates have truly been a circus and a circus sideshow. The whole republican presidential process have been a joke and everybody’s laughing. The late night shows can’t get enough. The only sad part is that somebody has to be just as stupid as they are to vote for them. It took Todd Harris to explain this when he was trying to separate the tea party from the rest of the republicans. He said that: the tea party isn’t made up of dumb rednecks (meaning that rednecks are typically dumb). but was educated. And they (rednecks) are dumb and stupid. I was in high school in the 60s in the south and they were in high school 21 yrs old. I was a senior at 16 and finished at 17. The educational level of america has dropped to about 25th worldwide.
    Not only did you get flustered on Washington Watch, you looked a little drunk. Do you drink? You may need help. And you just made Roland’s day. He stomped all over you and knew it. Did you see the glow in his eyes and the smile on his face?
    I got some sad news about Ol’ Singing Herman “Becky Becky” Cain. You know, he has another negro brother from a negro mother: Michael Steele. On MSNBC he said that the take down of Cain was an inside job of the republican party. How could you have missed that? Your own Michael Steele. He (cain) was just somebody to kick the dust for the Kock Bros. The republican party will never elect a black man for president. Ask “Becky Becky” how is his book sales doing now.
    Now! Lets get to newt. If they was satisfied with him, he would have been the front runner from the start. But by process of elimination you’re left with him or Romney. They both share a common thread. They’re both liars and everybody know it including you. Newt is a man that ran out on his wife while she was critically ill. Newt couldn’t clean my toilet and a lot of rebublicans hate him as well. Thats why he poles bad nationally.

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