Cain Slammed for Telling Perry ‘N-Word’ Not Cool in Modern World

Someone told me recently she liked reading my blog but it seemed like everything I wrote about was race. I guess I’m going to live up to that person’s perception today. Admittedly, I write from the perspective of a black woman, so I can’t help notice these type of stories. For the record the purpose of my blog is to educate people on politics, awaken black liberals to a new way of thinking and encourage people to vote based on issues not party.

I don’t intentionally sit down at the key board each week itching to write about the intersection of politics and race but it seems there is always a politically racial story staring and at times smacking me in the face. Like today, when the only black Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said it was “insulting” for Governor Rick Perry and his family to lease a hunting camp in Texas known as “Niggerhead.”

This racist word used to describe blacks is emblazoned on a rock prominently situated at a gated entrance to the camp. The Washington Post broke the story, detailing how the rock has been painted over, turned over but not removed since Perry’s father and later the Governor himself began leasing the spot in 1983.

Cain condemned Perry for being associated with such a word, saying on This Week:

“Since Gov. Perry has been going there for years to hunt, I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place. . . .Yes, it was painted over. But how long ago was it painted over? So I’m still saying that it is a sign of insensitivity.”

One would think conservatives, including those who call themselves Republicans like me and Tea Party Patriots, would be applauding Cain’s response. After all, many of these same conservatives have said they whole hearted support of Cain as a candidate has nothing to do with the color of his skin but his positions on ALL issues, one would assume they would be supportive of Cain’s position on racial equality and inclusion.

So, you can surmise I was surprised when people on my tweeter stream turned on Cain, blasting him for “using the race card.” Yes, these good PATRIOTS who supported Cain were now defending Perry’s complicit endorsement of the use of the N-word by not removing the ugly rock form the camp site.

One true patriot tweeted:

But the tweets below are worse and demonstrate conservative voters need to come to grips with the reality that we live in the 21st century where there is no place for the word nigger in the American discourse nor should it be associated with any presidential candidate who actually wants to win in 2012.

It truly boggles the mind how some conservatives can support Cain in one breath because he’s got winning solutions then dump their support for him and unfollow him in seconds because he stands up against racial hate. Apparently, talking about race as a conservative candidate is taboo. You can’t mention it PERIOD, even when it’s slapping you in your face.

Does the #GOP want to win in 2012 or become known as party of hate? Ask yourself and change that tune, please! This is exactly what the #GOP doesn’t need right now. It won’t endear voters to us in 2012. Excelsior Herman Cain!

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13 Responses to “Cain Slammed for Telling Perry ‘N-Word’ Not Cool in Modern World”

  1. Wanda says:

    Really, so it would be ok for one of the Republican candidates to call me Blacks the “n” word, use the “n” word in referencing Black Americans and if we stand up and say anything, we would be using the “race card”? So that means that you anything that the Republican candidates say to get the support of the Republican which we know is pretty racist it would be ok, and that as Black Americans we should sit back and take it? Do you mean that calling the President a “welfare” President in reference to Blacks is ok, when everyone knows that in this country that the majority of people on welfare are whites, including millionaires that have a way around the laws to get food stamps, and those checks that one of your candidates was talking about. When you talk abou a group of people being entitled the finger actuallys points back at you. For your party to be so religious, how many of you read that the “poor will be with you always…..” Unless, you kill off all the poor, which now includes people that were once “middle class” you’re not going to be rid of the poor and it is our responsibility to help the poor. Do you evangelical Christians really believe in heaven? Do you think that you are going to get there by your attitudes and your actions/words. Maybe we need to have a national discussion on whether you action believe in the God and the Bible. Ask yourselves if God would be pleased with you from reading the Word? Do we even represent what God is all about? Do you even get past the Old Testament to the New Testament? Do you use the same Bible that we are using? Where are your beliefs coming from? Are you really Evangelic Christians, why are you spreading so much hate division among the people of this country? You need to think about and maybe dwelve a little deeper into the Word. As alway have a wonderful and blessed day in the Lord!

  2. Jennifer says:

    “A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” – Proverbs 19:11

    That is a hard line to follow and only deep wisdom gets you there. It is not for one particular race but for all humankind. One thing I have truly admired about Mr. Cain is that he seems to stick to issues and tries not to mud sling at individuals. This gives him weight, credibility and glory. I am so impressed with what he has done with his life and his family legacy starting with his parents who were hard workers that made dreams a reality. This is leadership with substance. That said, it would have probably been better if Cain overlooked this. If the rock had been painted over and it wasn’t even owned by Perry and it happened in the past – move forward. That said, I didn’t see any major failing in the words that Cain used. He still is a man of tact. I don’t think an apology is owed but I do think that all classy candidates will abstain from personal attacks and hold fast to issues. That is good wisdom for all of us and hard to do. I am not as good at holding my tongue as Mr. Cain. He still has my support. I am looking forward to attending his rally in Bartlett, TN. tomorrow.

  3. flow says:

    Cain blinked…yes’am BOSS….me a good good ole boy, I stay out of trouble, read my book. I am not an angry black man, what for??? I made it….. I’sa good boy…..Herman Cain, man up and act like you have a pair. Jesus, stand up for something, how embarrassing your family must feel thinking they have a true man in their family that will stand up to truth and power, guess not…what a COWARD

  4. CandyO says:

    Why are you surprised? The rest of us knew that the minute Cain got “uppity,” the white Republicans he kisses up to would turn against him.

    Shawn is correct.

  5. shawn says:

    There are rules for black Republicans that THEY MUST FOLLOW.

    Rule #1.
    Never, ever, ever, ever mention race or racism, UNLESS it’s the racism of Blacks against whites.

    Rule #2.
    In cases of actual racism “pretend racism has never existed and is an imaginary construct of the liberal left in America”.

    Rule #3.
    If someone calls you a “n1gger” directly? First apologize to the person who referred to you as such and then refer to Rule #1.

  6. Dan says:

    “Yes, these good PATRIOTS who supported Cain were now defending Perry

  7. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for posting this article on your blog. White Repubs have got to divest themselves of this type of thought if they hope to appeal to all people – including people of color. Why didn’t Perry and family just bury the rock? or bulldoze it? or remove it? These are questions I’d like answered before I – a black Independent voter – cast a ballot for Perry. Black folks know of all the subtle ways the majority in this county have to talking about us… and quiet as it’s kept, the Democratic Establishment refer to Obama et. al. by this very same term amongst their friends!

  8. Jim Jensen says:

    I think Herman Cain may have reacted to quickly. Does he owe Rick Perry and apology? Perhaps. And then what?

    It’s ridiculous for the controversy to continue. Let it go.

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  10. Jim says:

    Just started reading your blog and it is refreshing. You have it correct and those twitter comments got it wrong. Mr. Cain showed class and restraint in his comments. I would like to see less sniping in this lead up to the nomination…..just providing talking points for the Liberals in the general election.

  11. Kirk says:

    This further shows how classy and smart Mr. Cain is. In order to appeal to a broader base, especially African Americans, GOP candidates need to adress and denounce racially tinged, inflammatory language and rhetoric. Mr. Cain showed tact, poise, and strength when he spoke about this issue; a key characteristic for a president to have. Of course during the primary season candidates try to weaken their opponents, and strengthen their positions to appeal to its own political base. It is a proverbial scrimmage, where players on the same side fight each other hard in practice, so that they may be better suited for game-day. The GOP needs to address these issues in their primaries, the attacks from the left and the media are going to be strong enough.

    As an African American Man, in his twenties, and aligned with the Democratic party, I have been very impressed by Herman Cain. He presents the conservative message in a very straightforward, unapologetic, however, caring way. With more candidates like Mr. Cain, more congressman like Rep. Col. Allen West (R. FL), that present the conservative message in a way that speaks to minorities, the GOP can be a formidable force with minority communities. By addressing issues that are important to minorities such as unemployment, family values and structure, and education, there will be an ultimate paradigm shift within the black community. Until then, you must water-down the racial ammunition that the left can use against you; even from your own party.

  12. Tengo says:

    I first heard about this story from a twit by @snarkandboobs “Cain’s race card playing is very disappointing, but not surprising; I’m sure he’s angling for Romney to pay off his campaign debt eventually”. I was pretty shocked and went to check out the Fox video and after watching it I don’t understand what the fuss is about. More than anything it seems like people who were just waiting for an excuse so they could turn on Cain. I hope to God that’s not true though. If so I am ready to just give up.

    That being said though, I would have rather he said something about waiting for more facts to come out since the original story had the feel of a midnight hit job on Perry.

    Overall this has done nothing to bump me off the Cain bandwagon. Hopefully he continues to surge and gets the chance to get his message out.

  13. GilbertJ says:

    I think the criticism against Herman is justified.
    My in-laws live in Charleston, WV, located in Kanawha County. There is a public park located there that goes by the name of Coonskin…took me by surprise, of course, but every time I visit with my wife and their granddaughter, we tend to visit the park from time to time.
    The Perry’s did not own the property. Perry’s family did attend functions at this piece of property. His father, when he held the lease in the 80’s painted over the rock. When Perry held a hunting lease (1997-2007) it was well after the name of the property was changed in 1991. Does that excuse the functions that he attended prior to the 1991 changed, not necessarily, depending on what was said by Perry during these excursions….otherwise, there is no scandal.
    Herman jumped the shark to gain political favor without substantial evidence of racism on Perry’s part. It’s part of the old liberal playbook.
    If Perry’s guilty, then so am I for going to Coonskin Park. What am I a traitor to the black community now?

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