DL Hughley Says Herman Cain Good Candidate for Pancake Box Not President

Black comedian DL Hughley is at it again, making racist and incendiary comments about the Republican Party. Apparently, Herman Cain’s win of the GOP Florida straw poll was too much for the liberal minded Hughley to bear. On September 27, 2011, Hughley launched into a stream of demeaning, racially charged tweets about Cain on his twitter account @RealDLHughley, which his loyal followers responded to in kind.

You may remember Hughley’s fleeting CNN talk show was cancelled in 2009 because he said during an interview with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele “the Republican National Convention literally looks like Nazi Germany.” Hughley’s tirade against Cain may have gone unnoticed were it not for @blackrepublican tweeting about Hughley’s incendiary commentary.

“Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll by a lot! I loved Herman Cain when he played Mr. Gaines on a different World,” Hughley tweeted. This prompted other tweets by Hughley and his followers, implying Cain was an Uncle Tom and not REALLY black because he is a conservative, who doesn’t choose to believe in Democrat plantation policies of keeping blacks economically oppressed as a race.

Apparently, Hughley was too absorbed in his racist twitter banter to notice a recent Rasmussen poll which found in a hypothetical match up of Cain against Obama in 2012, Cain trailed Obama by only 5%, making it a dead heat.

Several tweets later, Hughley wrote

This enticed others to compare Cain to the “original Cream of Wheat” “Stepin Fetchit” and the “butler in Gone with the Wind” which all conjure up demeaning, racist caricatures used during the pre and post Civil War era to describe the “dutiful slave.”

The tweets made by Hughley and his followers grew increasingly more vulgar and insulting:

With one tweeting:

Another Hughley follower tweeted:

There are numerous problems with Hughley and his followers’ inappropriate jokes about Cain, the most shocking in the 21stcentury is that other blacks would go on such a vicious attack of another black man because he didn’t agree with their politics. Martin Luther King Jr. would be horrified because this isn’t the freedom he fought and died for. Even more surprising is Hughley hasn’t removed or denounced any of the tweets, particularly the one which makes an offensive reference to Sarah Palin.

What’s most shocking of all is the liberal news media hasn’t made one peep about it, not even written one little blurb. If the shoes were reversed and a white conservative comedian or radio host like Rush Limbaugh authored and incited such offensive commentary about Barack Obama or a black Democrat, the left wing news media and politicians would be outraged, demanding apology, firing and boycotts. But when a black comedian says racist things about a black Republican, he gets a free pass.

While the liberal establishment is busy protecting the double standard, their policies of are doing nothing to create jobs for the 16.7% of blacks and 45.6% of black teens who are unemployed. Instead of mocking Black conservative, maybe it’s time for black liberals to turn their attention to some new ideas because the Democrat hand of government isn’t helping blacks rise up but only keeping them enslaved and dependent on a promise that is never realized.

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9 Responses to “DL Hughley Says Herman Cain Good Candidate for Pancake Box Not President”

  1. ronald says:

    if there are people that follow Hitler, I’m sure there will be people follow Cain, Tea Party and Republican. At least Ron Paul makes better sense then Cain.

  2. Tony says:

    It is sad what so-called black “leaders” have done for blacks in todays world since Martin Luther King. A fascinating book by the black journalist Juan Williams-Enough-discusses what a disservice these “leaders” have done to blacks today. Bill Cosby was correct in criticizing the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and their ilk in not dealing with the real problems of blacks today-broken families-negative cultural icons (rap videos, etc.) drug addiction etc. Until a real black leader deals with the issues, there will be little progress. It sounds like Herman Cain may be that person.

  3. Chayal Boded says:

    I know who Herman Cain is–and hope to vote him into office in about 13 months–but who the hell is this hughley guy? And why should I care?

  4. Layson says:

    That’s just plain sickening behavior by Hughley and I’m glad you brought attention to it. Cain is twice the man that idiot Hughley is.

  5. Well said, Stephanie (September 30, 2011 at 1:57 pm).

    I hope Herman Cain gets the GOP nomination. And I hope more black Americans wake up and realize the shackles their Democrat massas have kept them locked up in all these years.

    Love this site! Adding it to my blogroll.

    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  6. poisontolibs says:

    You hit the nail on the head. The double standard exists so that very un-PC blacks like me get it in the neck every time we speak out publicly about anything that doesn’t glorify Plantation Liberalism and entitlement addiction. The perceived freedom they glory in is the same as that of the caged bird or goldfish in its bowl. Merely an illusion that can be readily seen by anyone who doesn’t buy in to self-deception and human venality.

  7. Wait, what? Herman Cain’s Black?! Oh, I didn’t notice, so busy was I admiring the man for his substance. Something Hughley lacks considerably.

    Be ready for a very nasty 2012. I like Cain and I hope to see him as the nominee for President.

  8. Lee says:

    Great article exposing very disturbing comments. The funny thing is, if you got the two of them in the room together, Herman Cain would roast him and send him in to the corner like a insolent school boy. I saw a clip of Herman in action on Youtube. Some liberal idiot try to call him out at a rally and Herman Cain verbally roasted him. That man looked so dumbstruck and ashamed. It was hilarious.

  9. Tengo says:

    I’m not black so I can’t comement on that aspect of it. But as far as group think goes this make perfect sense. The more stature Mr. Cain achieves the more he exposes the flaws in their beliefs.

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