Gingrich/Cain 2012: GOP Dream Team

What about a Gingrich/Cain Republican presidential ticket for 2012? Lost in the news media’s obsessive and excessive analysis of the Perry/Romney feud and their poor performances during Fox News Channel’s GOP presidential debate was who the real winner was. Without question I think the one candidate who shined in his ability to communicate and offer solutions any American was Newt Gingrich. Gingrich’s performance in credibility and capability was nearly matched by Herman Cain, which got me thinking during the debate of a Gingrich/Cain ticket for president.

Admittedly, I was caught up in the rapture of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s candidacy from the start. But Perry’s disappointing performances, sophomoric responses and weak immigration policy, granting in state tuition to illegal immigrants in Texas among other things, has changed the landscape of the GOP race.

Many of you are thinking that’s a long shot but with Cain’s 37% win in Florida’s straw poll, I’m convinced they both are dark horses in the race. (Yes, I realize Herman Cain is black but I’m still calling him a dark horse, so get over your political correctness.)

In past debates, Newt proved he’s a deft communicator that doesn’t need a teleprompter (like Obama) to talk. During this week’s Florida tour de force, Newt didn’t disappoint either, proving as one person in my Twitter stream described that he “could mop up the floor in a debate with Obama” and he’s not afraid to lead. Gingrich articulates clearly how he would govern as president of the United States.

One of Newt’s best moments was when he answered how he would turn around the US economy. “Thirty-two years ago we were in the same place . . . A leader came along. He said when your brother in law is unemployed it’s a recession, when you’re unemployed it’s a depression. When Jimmy Carter is unemployed it’s a recovery. Nothing will turn America around more then election night when Barack Obama loses decisively!”

But one liners aside, Newt offered sound positions on nearly every issue from foreign policy to education. When faced with the question about extending costly unemployment benefits, Newt was wise in stating “people should not get money for doing nothing” and if Americans receive 99 weeks of unemployment training they should be required to participate in a jobs training program or some type of work for this money.

On dealing with the nation’s debt, Newt pointed to his experience as Speaker of the House in the 1990s when under his leadership the federal budget had a surplus. With respect to illegal immigration, Newt said we should have 100% control of our borders, mandate English as the official language and have a reliable E-verify program.

As president, Newt said he would end giving US aid to enemy states like Pakistan who shielded Bin Laden from the US for years before his capture and are a nuclear nation, declaring: “Our bureaucrats giving their bureaucrats money is a guaranteed step towards corruption . . . When you have countries vote against you in the United Nations consistently, you rally have to ask yourself why are you giving them anything.”

Regarding education reform, Gingrich agreed with most of the candidates the Education Department’s power needs to be radically reduced, even eliminated and proposed parents be able to receive Pell Grants at state level to choose where their kids go to school!

Based on what I’ve seen, Newt is looking like one of the most qualified candidate to be the GOP presidential nominee with Herman Cain coming in as a close second. Cain continues to put forth winning ideas for job creation, reducing the country’s debt and pulling the economy out of the toilet. Cain again talked about his-9-9-9 tax policy plan in the debate which proposes a 9% business flat tax, a 9% personal income tax and a 9% national sales tax. It would eliminate corporate, personal income, estate and capital gains taxes. “Unlike Governor Romney’s plan, my plan throws out the old one; he’s still hooked to the current tax code. That dog won’t hunt,” said Cain.

A defiant, plain spoken, passionate Cain also reminded Americans that Social Security was indeed broken and privatizing it with personal retirement accounts like Chile has done successfully over the past 30 years is a good solution. When asked which government agency he would eliminate, Cain said he would eliminate the “out of control” Environmental Protection Agency because “it has a regulation to regulate dust,” which becomes effective in January of 2012.

Besides out performing everyone else during the debate, Newt and Herman exuded the most passion for the job of President of the United States and offered sound solutions for pulling this country out of its economic malaise. Another tell tale sign, that a Gingrich/Cain ticket may be more than wishful thinking, is when the nine candidates were asked who they would pick as a running mate the majority voted for Gingrich or Cain. Governor Rick Perry couldn’t decide between the two “If you could take Herman Cain and mate him up with Newt Gingrich, I think you would have a couple of really interesting guys to work with.”

In the hypothetical game of naming a vice-presidential candidate, Cain said he “would play the game” and picked Speaker Gingrich. Gingrich coyly answered he “had no idea who he would pick as a vice- presidential nominee.” I think he’s got a good idea now. We’ll see what happens but in a GOP field of dreams Gingrich for President and Cain for VP look like a winning ticket.

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20 Responses to “Gingrich/Cain 2012: GOP Dream Team”

  1. Ken Sears says:

    Since when is there something in the United States Constitution that says two people from the same state can’t be Prez and VP? I don’t believe there’s anything of the sort there.

  2. Ken Sears says:

    I am now 100% for a ticket with these two men on it, in EITHER order (let the primaries figure that out). Both of these men would mop the floor with their opponents in the debates next fall. And together they would run a powerful administration. I firmly believe (or at least HOPE!) that if a G-C or C-G ticket won, then once they were Prez and VP they really would (at least, they’d BETTER!) work in close cooperation for the good of the country. I want a G-C/C-G administration to be the closest thing we’ve ever had to a joint presidency, and that is NOT a threat to our constitution. The consitution leaves tons of leeway for how the Prez and VP decide to share the duties; it’s just that the Prez has the final call.
    I wanted a ticket with Giuliani and Huckabee on it, but when any such possibility was clearly off the table, I went 100% for Cain and Gingrich.
    Like you, I too am frustrated with the media-driven “popular wisdom” that already has this thing belonging to Romney or, at the outside, Perry. But I am optimistic that Cain and Gingrich will continue systematically raising their profile where it really counts – in the hearts of the people who vote.
    I don’t live in Texas, but much of my family does, and I already knew from years of experience that a Perry candidacy was going to be a DISASTER. The man is simply not the brightest bulb in the utility closet. The firework-like launch and fizzle was so-o-o-o predictable to anybody who knew who Perry was. The people I know in Texas simply groaned when he announced.

  3. David says:

    To your idea of a Gingrich/Cain ticket I say YES!!!! I don’t love politicians but I think Cain could benefit from some political experience – 8 years as V.P.

    And to Ronald, I ask is the fundamentaly transformed America Obama is delivering the America you want? Open your eyes to what is taking place – he is now (once again) trying to go around congress to get what he wants. Ever learn why we have 3 branches of government?

  4. ronald says:

    I hope they get nominated also, so Obama can kick their butts. Cain the biggest joke in America and Newt the biggest Hypocrites. I guess this is the America you all want.

  5. TJ Pierce says:

    I woke up thinking the same thing: Gingrich/Cain. I could care less about the vaunted “baggage” of Newt; I want a guy who can govern and is quick on his feet. He would annihilate Obama in debates and, as president, know exactly which levers of power to pull in DC.

  6. Gertrudis says:

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  7. Kevin A. McClaran says:

    I think this a great teaming. I think Cain should be lead on the ticket, as for the Keyes post it didn’t work.

  8. CandyO says:

    A man who cheated on and dumped two wives and claimed that his patriotism caused him to commit adultery, and a man who claims that he can create jobs, but laid off thousands of employees when he was a corporate bigwig. Yes, that certainly is a dream team!

  9. Sirensong4 says:

    I referred to Alan Keyes as a dark horse candidate back in 2000 and got yelled at. It didn’t even occur to me that the term might be un-PC–he was literally an unknown with a lot of potential! :\

  10. flower lady says:

    Gingrich knows more about foreign policy than Cain, by Cain own admission… because I’ve always thought Gingrich is presidential material, mind and matter, I go for the G/C ticket…

  11. SeeingDouble says:

    I agree with Nancy: Cain/Gingrich 2012. (The man’s smart, but I don’t want a Pres. Gingrich. I think Cain’s brilliant AND a would be a better leader.)

  12. Kate says:

    Sorry for the typos, got a baby jiggling in my lap, hope you get the idea of what I meant!

  13. Kate says:

    I would love to see Cain/Gingrich, but since they are both from Georgia I hear that is a constitutional impossibility.

    I was looking at Perry, I think he failed to articulate in the debates and I think his stance on immigration in Texas and he made that clear that it was only Texas, was not problematic form a tenth amendment stance, much better than Romney who endorsed Obamacare and forced his citizens to buy insurance-unconstitutional.

    However after the last debate, I just liked Cain and the more he says the more I like him. He is smart, articulate, and appears to be exceptionally capable.

    I like him because I like him. I identify with him as an American, a conservative, and I share his values.

    I happen to be white. I see America in this man, the America I love. He has my vote.

  14. Marc says:

    I have been saying this for a long time and am glad to see others agree. The strongest ticket would be Gingrich/Cain. Newt is a political genius. As for Newt’s baggage, it is nothing compared to Obama’s if the truth were known.

  15. Me-me says:

    I have been thinking about this same ticket since the debate, as well. Glad to see there are others and some talk being generated. I’d be fine with a Cain/Gingrich ticket but do think that Gingrich/Cain is a stronger ticket. Gingrich brings a wider knowledge of geopolitics that is essential in today’s world.

    Leads the way for 8 years of Gingrich/Cain then 8 years of Cain/?.

  16. Janet says:

    I loved Cain from the start and Have always been a Gingrich fan – the man is brillant! I have been considering painting Gingrich/Cain on the back window of my car for a few weeks now !

  17. Kartman says:

    I was a Perry supporter from the beginning but no more. His stance on immigrants has changed my mind. Gingrich is the most intellegent candidate and would destroy BHO in a debate. I also like Cain. He has some great ideas and knows what businesses need from the government to be successful. That being stay out of the way. What a great ticket Gingrich/Cain would be.

  18. Tengo says:

    I’m with Nancy. Make it Cain/Gingrich and they get my vote.

  19. Teri says:

    I am thinking the exact same thing. Gingrich is articulate and experienced. Cain brings business sense and a clear plan. Win-win.

    I keep hearing that Gingrich has “too much baggage.” The bottom-line is that no candidate will be perfect. We need people who can go head-to-head with Obama and these two can do it.

  20. Nancy says:

    I almost agree. The only thing I would change is that the ticket would look like this: Cain/Gingrich.

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