My Rant on Raising Taxes on the Rich

This week a friend posed the following question to me and another conservative about President Obama’s tax assault on the so-called rich Americans in this country. Needless to say, it set my hair on fire and my following rant ensued. Please read the exchange below.

Question: This article summarizes why I do not ideologically side with Republicans. To me, it defies logic. I hope some of my republican FB friends will enlighten me on this one. Tax the poor, the elderly, and the middle class while allowing the richest American a free pass. Why?

Answer: 47% of Americans pay ZERO taxes, which “defies logic” to me as a small business owner, single woman who is taxed and TAXED to death because I have no children and stupidly decided to start my own business and pay all sorts of additional taxes at state and federal level because of that. Some weeks I have to work 7 days a week. It’s beyond logic and what our Founding Fathers intended that those who work more should pay more in taxes. This irrational policy heralded by Democrats is anathema to achieving the American Dream and don’t even get me started on the ESTATE TAX=DEATH TAX, which is nothing more than a money grab by government to redistribute wealth.

I’m certainly worse off than I was before Obama rode his hope and change horse into the White House. My earnings have declined under and I can’t hire subcontractors like I used to, which adds to the jobless rate+economic decline of this country. EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD PAY TAXES INCLUDING LOWER EARNERS, Yes the poor and so called middle class. When you have no skin in the game you think other Americans and the government will always be there to help you. Well the government is bankrupt. I have a real problem raising taxes on higher earners $250,000 and more, when these folks already pay 35% tax rate. (News flash: $250,00 may have been rich 50 years ago, but it is not RICH today.)

Nearly all small businesses (75%) file taxes on as sole proprietors, partnerships or LLCs and taxed at an individual rate. You raise their taxes to nearly 40% and see how fast the jobless rate climbs to 10%. About 80% of the US economy is fueled by small business so Obama trying engaging in a class warfare assault on the so called rich is stupid policy. Many economists will tell you that when you raise taxes on higher earners, tax revenue declines because there is no incentive for people and small businesses to work hard and earn more. They also find creative accounting ways to reduce their taxable income, reducing Uncle Sam’s take in revenue, and WILL SHED JOBS. At a time when unemployment is 9.2% and climbing, it’s real STUPID policy for Obama to give the GOP and the American people an ultimatum of tax increases in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. Republicans must call Obama’s bluff and let him look like the failure he is as president. In last year’s mid-term election, the American people voted against Obama’s policies and yet he still will not wake up to reality.

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6 Responses to “My Rant on Raising Taxes on the Rich”

  1. “At tonight’s Republican debate, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain was given the center seat. You can tell Cain was in the center because he was wearing one of those little plastic tables that protects the cheese.” –Jimmy Fallon

  2. John Wyatt says:

    “Many economists will tell you that when you raise taxes on higher earners, tax revenue declines because there is no incentive for people and small businesses to work hard and earn more.”

    Name these economists. I don’t think they exist.

    As if people will work hard when their tax rate is 35%, but give up when it is 38%. Whatever.

    Clinton raised taxes. He left office with a surplus.
    Bush lowered taxes on the rich. He left office with enormous debt.

  3. Bill Reed says:

    What I find so deeply disturbing in all this is your friend’s apparent mental incapacity, coupled with a complete lack of discretion in expressing it to you! He couldn’t figure any of this out on his own? He isn’t even dimly aware of just how stupid (sorry, I can’t think of a more accurate word) the question is? It’s scary that these people vote. If they didn’t I could perhaps be a little less panicked at our prospects. I am more and more convinced that modern Marxist “liberalism” is a co-dependent mental disorder. If he hadn’t confined most of his discourse to fellow cult members, he might have had a better conception of just how mindless his question was. No “liberal” is ever going to take the trouble to correct him. You’re doing God’s work!!!

  4. Ant says:

    Odd how all the “conservatives” on here have been brainwashed. More people need to pay taxes? How about nobody pays any taxes other than sales? What if we abolish the IRS? Bring ALL of our troops home from around the world & build a strong national defense HERE? Pardon every incarcerated non-violent drug offender? End the war on drugs? Cut off all foreign aid to everyone & let them take care of themselves? Protect our borders instead of Iraq’s & Afghanistan’s? End the Federal Reserve? Only 1 candidate would do all of this, let alone any of it. Congressman Ron Paul has the 30 year voting record to back up everything I just said. I know most so called “conservatives” are pro-war, not even realising they’re supporting an anti-christian doctrine of un-just war that is almost always based on lies. I know alot of you are anti-drugs. Um…Do you people even know our constitution? You can do what you want & say your prayers & live that life but someone else who wants to live different isn’t allowed? Ever heard of freedom? Drugs are easier to obtain by children while illegal, so I don’t need that excuse. Santorum- Anti-Muslim extremist. Bachman- Pro-Patriot Act. Rick Perry- Fake Tea Partier. Pawlenty- Liar. Herman Cain- Federal Reserve chairmen, Pro-Patriot Act. Gary Johnson- Pro-War. Palin- Idiot. Ron Paul- A guy who stuck to his guns his whole career, & NEVER took a vote based off of a party, but rather a philosophy. I challenge all true conservatives to watch “Ron Paul- What if” on youtube.

  5. Book says:

    I agree with Kartman, and funny- I just had this EXACT same conversation on facebook just a few hours ago! Some nut I don’t know commented on a mutual friend’s status that “evil corporations” were “refusing” to “create” new jobs.

    Yea, seriously. And that was his justification for taxing “the rich” more.

  6. Kartman says:

    I could not have possibly said it any better. You are a wise person in my view although liberals seem to disagree with our way of thinking. Everyone should pay taxes and earned income credit should be taken away from those who refuse to work.

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