Conservative Black Chick Joins HerExchange Roundtable

Please check out this lively discussion I was able to join in with several other women on the Her Exchange Roundtable. We delved into the topic of federal funding for public broadcasting and engaged in passionate debate over the always heated topic of diversity within the GOP.

It’s worth watching. .

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3 Responses to “Conservative Black Chick Joins HerExchange Roundtable”

  1. david says:

    I hate this argument that if we can cut defense spending by 500 MM then we shouldn’t cut funding for NPR as if 500MM is the end objective. We should cut everywhere we can and push any budget surplus to pay down debt.

  2. Paul says:

    I just added your blog to my blog roll…:-)

  3. Bob says:

    It’s amazing that someone can say with a straight facer that NPR news is “unfiltered” and without bias. Also, the very Idea that rural areas don’t have as many choices for the news is ludicrous. Go as far as you can from the city and you will see satellite dishes in front of every house and mobile home. There is a plethora of programming anywhere you want to live.

    This is the reason we can’t cut the budget–“there are other things to cut beside this” seems to be the mantra regardless of what’s on the table for consideration.

    Bob Roushar

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